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Hath he come now, in season, to know thee, 

Hath he seen, what a stranger forgets, 
All the graveyards of exiles below thee, 
O Land of Regrets." 

Sir A. Lvall 


Dr. B. S. BALIGA, B.A. (Hons.), Ph.D. (LomJ.) 
Curator, Madras Record Office 


19 4 6 



This revised edition of the List of Inscriptions on Tombs or Monuments in Madras 
is based primarily on the notes collected by the late Mr. J. J. Cotton, I.C.S., after the 
publication of the first edition in 1905. These notes were purchased by the Government 
of Madras from the executors of Mr. Cotton in 1928 and were entrusted to the late 
Mr. C. W. E. Cotton, c.i.e., I.C.S., for the purpose of bringing out a revised edition. On 
the death of Mr. C. W. E. Cotton in 1931, the work was entrusted to Mr. P. Macqueen, I.C.S., 
my predecessor in office. And when Mr. Macqueen left the office in 1935, the work devolved 
upon me. In this edition are incorporated not only the notes left by Mr. J. J. Cotton but 
also much useful information collected from various other sources like the old Asiatic 
Journals, the Madras Almanacs, the old Military and Civil Lists, the List of Marriages by 
H. Dodwell and the List of Danish Marriages by the Rev. K. Heiberg, etc. 

This edition is issued in two volumes. The first volume relates to the City of Madras, 
French India, Indian States and Fort Marlborough on the West Coast of Sumatra. The 
second volume relates to the districts of the Madras Presidency. At the end of each 
volume are printed an index to the names on the inscriptions and an index to the names 
occurring in the notes. As in the first edition, such of the inscriptions on monuments 
which are no longer in existence, but which are mentioned in Urquhart's " Oriental 
Obituary " (1809), have been printed within square brackets. It will be found that in a 
few cases under the column for inscriptions, certain particulars are printed within round 
brackets. This indicates that these particulars are not copies of inscriptions, but are 
only obituary notices collected by Mr. J. J. Cotton. 

I have to express my thanks to Lt.-Col. H. Bullock, I. A., a Member of the Indian 
Historical Records Commission, who kindly read through the form proofs of the first volume 
and made several valuable suggestions. My thanks are also due to Rev. K. Heiberg 
of the Danish Mission, Madras, and to the Rev. Father A. S. Colas, the Archbishop 
of Pondicherry, for furnishing information regarding certain inscriptions, and to 
Mr. E. Divien, m.a., of the Madras Christian College, for correcting the proof of the matter 
in French in Volume I. I must also express my indebtedness to Rao Sahib N. Kolu Nair, b.a., 
and Mr. V. J. George, b.a., dip. econ., the former and the present Assistant Curators and 
to Mr. D. S. Dharmaraj, dip. econ., Senior Assistant, and Mr. M. Natesan, b.a., of the 
Madras Record Office, for helping me in seeing the publication through the press. 

30th December 1943. 

Curator, Madras Record Office. 


This volume contains a select list of monumental inscriptions relating to Europeans 
buried in the Madras presidency. It includes all epitaphs of adults earlier than 1800 and 
such entries of later date as possess historical or local interest. Numerous translations 
from foreign languages have been added, and attention has been paid towards annotating 
the names of persons and places of importance. 

2. At the beginning of the last century an attempt to form a similar collection was 
made by William Urquhart of Madras in his " Oriental Obituary," printed at the Journal 
Press in 1809. This " Impartial Compilation," as it is termed on the title page, was 
originally projected in three volumes, but two only were published. An advertisement to 
the first number contains the announcement that " volume II is preparing and will be 
put to press so soon as paper can be procured, at present there being none in Madras which 
could possibly answer the purpose." It is believed that only two copies of this curious 
book survive, one in the library of the late Archbishop Goethals at Calcutta and the other 
in the private collection of Mr. Edward Wenger of the Bengal Secretariat, who has lent 
his copy for the purposes of the present work. The British Museum possesses only a copy 
of the first volume. Urquhart's precursor had been Asiaticus, whose " East Indian 
Chronologist " (1801) "from the commencement of the East India Trade by David 
and Solomon," and " Monumental Register " (1803) were printed at the Hircarrah Press, 
Calcutta, by Mr. Hawkesworth. Many of Asiaticus' gleanings were reproduced in 1815 in 
M. DeRozario's " Complete Monumental Register of epitaphs in or about Calcutta." 
Lastly in 1848 appeared the time-honoured " Bengal Obituary " of Messrs. Holmes & 
Co. of Cossitollah. This book was the product of a firm of undertakers, who traced the 
origin of monuments to the Deluge, " when the rainbow was made or selected as a stand- 
ing token," and encouraged the public to proper ideas of sepulture by the argument of 
the resurrection of the body. Since the appearance of this work, only occasional attempts 
have been made to preserve in print the crumbling memorials of European dead in India. 
In 1861 Mr. Augustus F. Bellasis of the Bombay Civil Service compiled a monograph on 
the old tombs at Surat, and in 1877 Mr. Leopold Ludovici, Editor of the " Ceylon 
Examiner," collected the Dutch inscriptions of that island into the Lapidarium Zeylandi- 
cum. Little was done in Madras till Mr. LeFanu in his " Salem Manual " (1883) set the 
example of registering the names of all Europeans who had found a last resting place 
in the cemeteries of his district. In 1880 facsimiles of the tombstones round St* Mary's 
Church, Fort St. George, were executed by the Survey department under the orders of the 
Duke of Buckingham, who was then Governor. This album was prepared for private 
circulation, and only two copies were left in Madras. Within the last few years a syste- 
matic recension of inscriptions from European graveyards throughout India has taken 
place at the instance of the Secretary of State, and lists have been published from every 
district in Madras. The present volume is a selection from those lists with additions and 
corrections. It is intended as a companion volume to the " List of Inscriptions on Tombs 
or Monuments in Bengal," edited by Mr. C. R. Wilson in 1896. 

3. The history of old Madras is in no small measure written upon its tombstones. 
Especially interesting are the memorials of the Company's earliest servants. They and 
their families lie buried in every coast town, and often a ruined cemetery is all that remains 
of a famous factory. Their Puritan names such as Ordonicus and Tryphena are land- 
marks which bind together successive generations. Like the Pilgrim Fathers, who colonised 
America, our stout-hearted forbears in the Land of Regrets were all of them trueborn 
Englishmen of credit and renown. Indeed, pioneering would seem to be the peculiar 
province of the Anglo-Saxon all the world over. The Scotchman follows at a later stage 
in the race. Our original Cape Merchants, Levant Traders and East India Venturers were 
typical sons of John Bull ; men of London, Bristol, Devon, and the Home Counties. As 
we travel down the centuries, there are associations with many names that have won 
recognition at home. A descendant of Cromwell in the person of John Russell was President 
at Fort WiUiam in the days of Queen Anne. Another, Nicholas Morse, ruled as Governor 
in Fort St. George almost at the same time that Milton's grandson, Caleb Clarke, was parish 
clerk of St. Mary's, Madraspatam. In the shadow of the towers of the High Court 
sleeps little David, the four-year old son of Elihu Yale. His father is remembered as the 
founder of an enlightened university and forgotten as the Governor of a benighted presi- 
dency. Every schoolboy knows that Thackeray was the son and grandson of Bengal 
Collectors ; but the tomb at Ootacamund of Sir Henry Davison, the Madras Chief Justice, 
to whom he dedicated the " Virginians, " is as unremembered as the grave of his uncle 

* This introduction was written by Mr. Cotton in 1905. 



Webb Thackeray at Cuddapah. Another grave interesting to lovers of literature is that 
of Charles Reade's civilian brother at Calicut, laid to rest beside Collector Conolly who was 
hacked to pieces by Moplas in 1855. This presidency can also claim a brother-in-law of 
Sir Walter Scott in Charles Carpenter, a former Commercial Resident of Salem ; while 
at St. Mark's Church, Bangalore, is a tablet to the poet's son and heir, a Colonel of Hus- 
sars, who perished on his voyage to the Cape, and another son sleeps in far-off Teheran. 
Trichinopoly has memories only for Heber, who, after three short years of India, died 
there in 1826 ; so that few visit its Fort Church, in the chancel of which reposes Rebecca 
Darke, a lady who has some claim on posterity as being the grand-mother of Julia, Lady 
Peel, wife of a Premier and mother of a Speaker of the House of Commons. In Madras 
the tombstone of Hugh Boyd, a reputed Junius, has entirely disappeared. There is no 
trace of any monument on the solitary G an jam coast to Alexander Maerabie, the devoted 
brother-in-law and adherent of Francis, an even better claimant to the authorship of 
44 Woodfall's letters." A son-in-law of de Quincey lies buried at Madras in the person of 
Colonel Baird Smith of the Bengal Engineers. Two of Addison's brothers, one a Governor 
of Madras, the other a free merchant, died at Fort St. George. It was the inheritance of 
the Governor's fortune that enabled the essayist to bring off his marriage with the Dowa- 
ger Countess of Warwick, the " Chloe " of Holland House with whom he had so long been 
in love. A son of Charles Dickens, for whom a cadetship had been procured on the Bengal 
establishment, finds a last resting place in Calcutta. His godfather, Walter Savage Landor, 
in England paid the tribute of verse to Rose Aylmei , who came out to her uncle, a Judge 
of the Supreme Court at Fort William, and died there in her twenty-first year " in the 
bloom of youth and in the possession of every accomplishment that could gladden or embel- 
lish life." The same writer in his " lines to Theodosia Garrow," the kinswoman of Anthony 
Trollope, celebrates a near relative of British Nabobs, of whom three repose in the cemetery 
beside the Cooum. Madras itself is not without a poet. In 1803 John Ley den, m.d., of 
St. Andrew's arrived on the Coromandel Coast as Assistant Surgeon and ended his life at 
Java in 1811, bewailed by Scott and Malcolm. Another well-remembered lament is that of 
Matthew Arnold over his brother in the Punjab Educational Service, the author of Oak- 
field or Fellowship in the East," who died at Gibraltar, on his journey home, and sleeps 
off his sorrows there beside 44 Lucknow " Kavanagh. South India has as many classic 
memories in her birth places as in her death places. Those who have read Lawrence Sterne 
and remember his heroine Eliza of the Sentimental Journey r , the pure and sprightly Eliza 
with all her refined tastes and elegant accomplishments, will marvel to call to mind that 
it was in no more magnificent city than Anjengo that Elizabeth Draper, nee Sclater, was 
born in 1744. Nineteen years passed and Tranquebar, the Queen of the Coromandel 
Coast, gave birth to Catherine Noel Werlee, cette rare et nonchalante beaute* indienne," 
destined to bewitch historical characters of high renown. Half a century later at Hydera- 
bad in the Deccan was born Kitty Kirkpatrick, the heroine of one romance and the 
offspring of another. Other names there are that have made history as well as literature. 
More than one mouldering monument testifies to the men of the coast army who fell 
fighting the battles of the Carnatic under Lawrence and Clive and Dalton and Draper. 
Our public highways are strewn with broken-down memorials to others who died on the 
march and made the roadside their resting place. Nor were all these heroes English- 
men. Upon Seringapatam tombstones may be read the foreign names of De Meuron's 
Regiment and its officers, names which have disappeared so long ago from the Army List 
that few of us know now a days that such a corps of Switzers ever formed part of our army 
during twenty most eventful years of India's Military history. Even in the paths of 
peace there are notabilities : the great and good Munro ; Governors Morse, Ward, Adam, 
Lords Pigot and Hobart ; Bishops Corrie, Dealtry and Caldwell ; missionaries like Swartz, 
Ziegenbalg, Noble and the Jesuit Beschi ; artists of the calibre of Colonel Swain Ward, 
Lieutenant Payne and the miniaturist Casselli ; surgeons like Anderson, Harris, Griffith 
and Pasley, worthy followers of the succession which began with Hamilton, Boughton 
and Holwell and has produced in our own day warriors such as Brydon and writers such 
as Busteed ; General Carnac, Clive's colleague at Plassey * whose wife's portrait by 
Reynolds adorns the Tate Gallery ; the DeMorgans, father and son ; Binny, Parry and 
DeMonte, founders of the three great merchant houses of Madras ; the Palmers and Rum- 
bolds of Hyderabad, and a host of others. The Civil Service is well represented by young 
Lushington, Heber's companion on his tour in Upper India ; by a Roebuck, uncle of the 
Sheffield reformer ; by F. W. Ellis, whose unassisted scholarship is so warmly praised by 
Burnell, the Prince of palseographists ; by Josiah Webbe ; by Rous Peter " the Pandyan 
and by a multitude of once potent civilian names. Then was the Augustan age of 
John Company ; and among its ruling families ran some of the bluest blood in the three 
kingdoms. Englishmen of birth were indeed no rare exceptions in India a hundred 
years ago. The most noteworthy feature in the Allahabad graveyard was a broken column 
over the resting place of a FitzClarence, brother of the Earl of Munster, and son of his 

* This is contradicted in the revised edition — vide notes under item 1325 on page 62 of Vol. II of the revised edition. 




Majesty King William the Fourth. An old Bengal Civil List counts no less than nine 
baronets and eleven younger sons of peers in its ranks. The annals of the Indian Civil 
Service have yet to be written : but to their chronicler the " Book of the Dead " is 
likely to prove a genealogical paper of more than ordinary importance. 

4. As the oldest European presidency, Madras is exceptionally rich in memorials 
of other Western nations than our own. The Portuguese entered India as far back as 
1498 with (as has been said) the sword in one hand and the crucifix in the other ; but their 
inscriptions are very few. If we except the epitaphs at Goa, San Thom6 and Cochin, no 
monuments to the contemporaries of Camoens are traceable. The Cochin slab, dated 
1524, recently disinterred near the new Port office, is apparently the oldest memento 
mori of this nation in the peninsula. The Luz tablet is older, but it commemorates, not 
a death, but the foundation of a Church to our Lady of Light , perhaps the Madre de 
Deos from whom the word Madras is sometimes fancifully derived. At Colombo in 1898 
an even more ancient stone was turned up near the old breakwater, bearing the Lusitanian 
arms and the date 1501. It seems probable that in India, as in Ceylon, Portuguese monu- 
ments were destroyed wholesale by the Dutch. There is the recorded testimony of an 
early Dutch writer Saar that those at Jaffna were broken into pieces by the sailors with 
sledge hammers. In the south of the peninsula, Mylapore Cathedral and the Franciscan 
Church at Cochin contain the best collections. For a long time a Cochin stone bearing 
the name tfc Vasco " was regarded as commemorating Vascoda Gama's death, which occurred 
there in 1524, until the slab was properly examined by the late Rev. A. F. Sealy of Erna- 
kulam College. But although the relics of their race maybe few, the influence of Portu- 
gal upon Southern India was very marked, and it has contributed to the speech of 
to-day words that are in hourly use from Calcutta to Peshawar. The boat call of converted 
fishermen on the cote de la Picherie is still " Javier, Javier," though the cry has been 
less romantically interpreted as a corruption of the Hindustani " Jahiye, Jahiye." At one 
time Portuguese threatened to become the lingua franca of the Malabar and Coromandel 
Coasts, and as late as 1776 we find the epitaph of Danish Maderup at Tranquebar composed 
in that tongue. This circumstance takes us back to a period when Tranquebar Mis- 
sionaries preached in a periwig in Portuguese, and read from their prayer books an 
" oracao por a illustrissima Companhia da India Oriental." The altar text in their little 
church is written in Portuguese and the next village on the road to Karikal is called 
" la grande Aldee," aldea being Portuguese for village. A favourite Quietorium of the 
" naturals de Madrastapatam " was at St. Thomas' Mount, where it is recorded that one 
lady wished to be buried on the steps leading to the summit, because there the devout 
passer-by might read her epitaph and in his charity pray for the peace of her soul. 

5. Mention of the Mount leads on to mention of the Madras Armenians, whose earliest 
inscriptions are found there. These merchants from Persia are a practically extinct 
colony now-a-days ; but their little cemeteries are a witness that they once had a share 
in the commerce of the settlement. They settled permanently at Madras in the year 1666, 
and from 1688 are found in the service of the Company, who, for reasons of economy, 
had issued orders that, instead of multiplying European agents in India, Asiatics should 
be employed. In Madras the most notable " Armeniorum fautor " is Coja Petrus Uscan, 
the builder of the Marmalong bridge in 1726, whose documents regarding the Uscan charity 
are still to be seen in the Saidapet Collector's office. He lies interred at Vepery and the 
superlatives on his epitaph testify to his numerous virtues. The church of his country- 
men in Armenian street, Black Town*, was erected in 1772 on the site of an old burial 
ground and replaced a demolished place of worship on the Esplanade which dated back 
to some sixty years earlier. Several of its pavement graves, such as the family vault of 
Shameer Sultan, are very remarkable. One slab within its recess bears the name of the 
Rev. Arratoon Shumavon, " by the grace of God a priest from Shiraz " and printer of the 
first known Armenian journal. In Fort St. George, at Masulipatam and Negapatam, are 
other slabs with metrical verses in Latin and the vernacular. The Armenians have 
ever been a purely commercial people in this country. They built no cities and carved 
out for themselves no empire ; but to England they have rendered services which 
deserve remembrance and are fitly chronicled in Mr. Mesrovb J. Seth's " History of 
the Armenians in India." Their most remarkable tombstone is set not in the East, 
but at St. Denis in the West. " Cy gist le tr&s noble et tres excellent Prince Lyon de 
Lusignan, quint roy latin du royaume d'Armenie qui rendit I'ame a Pieu a Paris le XXIX 
jourde Novembre l'an de grace MCCCXIIL" 

6. Of all the European powers that held sway in India, none more genuinely felt and 
observed the cnlfe chs morl* than the Dutch. In his famous essay on the Tombs in West- 
minster Abbey (Spectator, No. 26), Addison has remarked on this characteristic : and Pepys' 
Diaiy contains a similar comment. Their regal mausoleums at Suiat long ago attracted 
the attention of travellers like Dr. John Fryer (1682) and Ovington (1680) ; the latter 

* Now called George Town. 



of whom mentions a custom maintained by Dutchmen in his day oi celebrating convivial 
feasts over the tomb of a toper of facetious memory where, fc * remembering theii departed 
companion, they sometimes forgot themselves." Of their disused cemeteries in South 
India, the Pulicat graveyard, which has a well-preserved lychgate of 1656 flanked by two 
standing stone skeletons, is the most remarkable. Over one of its oldest graves may 
be seen inscribed the letters V.O.C. (Vereenigde Oostendische Compagnie), the familiar 
monogram of the Netherlands United East India Company. On another slab is a pictorial 
representation of the Fort of Castel Geldria, which Mr. Rea has reproduced in his volume 
of facsimiles. The Dutch stones here and elsewhere were elaborately carved by matselaars 
or masons, who graduated in their profession before coming out to India, and handed 
down much of their skill to Hindoo craftsmen. The only European relic at Cape Comorin 
is an imposing granite block to the perpetual honour of a faithful Dutch factor. At 
Porto Novo the bas-relief over the grave of Matthys Pfeiffer's wife gives a perfect picture 
of an eighteenth century piper playing on a recorder and dressed in a long-flapped coat 
with old fashioned stockings and shoes and armed with a rapier. Further north at 
Bunder is the figure of a bygone mynheer wearing a three-cornered hat of the kind in 
which Gulliver is usually represented, and closely resembling the famous European head 
in one of the upper niches of the Tan j ore temj)le. In Wolfendahl's Church at Colombo 
are the state tombs of deceased Governors of that island, ornamented with heraldic 
emblems of the highest degree of excellence. Pieces of quaintly sounding rhyme are 
often added ; and the structures themselves are more than emblematic of the words of 
the sculptors that they will endure to the " laaste opstaanding." 

7. After Dutch settlements it is proper to speak of French ; for the two nations 
lived close together. No trace can now be found of any tombs to the pioneers of French 
enterprise in India, though a broken Tamil tablet in the precinct of St. Mary's, Madras, 
records the name of a native Christian founder of the Pondich&y Company. Several 
of the English gravestones brought from the esplanade burial ground bear marks of the 
English cannon balls which helped to keep Lally out of Fort St. George in 1758. But the 
only extant memorial to a Frenchman of that period is Bussy's little known grave 
opposite Pondich6ry Cathedral. Of the captains courageous who later sought service 
in the armies of native princes, many died in India. Charles Babel, dit Zephyr, general 
to the forces of Basalat Jung, was buried at Guntoor in 1770 and has these letters 
commendatory over his headstone : " Cheri de Fortune et favori de Mars, La Victoire 
suivit partout ses etendards ; D'Hercule il egala les travaux et la gloire, Mais une mort 
trop cruelle a tromp6 notre espoir." A still more famous soldier of fortune is Raymond, 
the eponymous hero of the Nizam's Myseram (Monsieur Raymond) Regiment. He sleeps 
on a lonely eminence outside Hyderabad where the anniversary of his death is still cele- 
brated by Mahomedans. Further south at Udayagiri is the family vault of Eustache 
De Launoy, who drilled the defenders of the lines of Travancore and may well have been 
a relation of the Governor of the Bastille. Even Ramnad, at the very end of the peninsula, 
possesses the grave of Manuel Martinz, a condottiere like de Boigne from Savoy, whose 
kindly eccentricities in his old age are amusingly recorded in the military reminiscences 
of Colonel Welsh. And here and there, as at Tummeracode in the Palnad, are the scattered 
sepulchres of adventurers who have left no other memorials of themselves than that they 
died there. 

8. Cemeteries to-day are the only witness that there ever was a Danish East India 
Company. Tranquebar has become even more of a city of the dead than Serampore in 
Bengal ; and is famous solely for its missionaries. No less than seventeen of these Halle 
magisters lie buried in its graveyards, and pious hands annually repaint the letters on their 
tombs. There rests Ziegenbalg, the father of Protestant missions in India, who died in 
harness at the early age of 35. There Swartz began the career which ended at Tanjore 
in 1798. There it was that Rottler, Gericke and Kiernander laid the foundations of their 
reputation. In latter days, the seniors of the mission turned their attention to scientific 
research, and this brought them wide celebrity even in Europe. An even more eminent 
name than theirs in science is that of the Frenchman Jacquemont, who was cut off like 
Csoma de Koros in the land of his sojourning. The French Academy conveyed home his 
remains in 1881, thus exemplifying the motto over Claude Lorraine's tomb in the Church 
of Trinita dei Monti at Rome ; " La nation frangaise n'oublie pas ses enfants cel&bres, meme 
quand ils sont morts a r^tranger." At Tranquebar two celebrated laymen found their last 
home : Colonel Miihldorf, from whose veins the blood-royal of Denmark has flowed into 
several Madrassi families ; and Sundt, whose sister became the wife of Blucher's brother. 

9. The Hebrew cemetery in Mint street and the Beth-haim of the white Jews at Cochin 
preserve the epitaphs of another interesting community. America, which gave to India 
Ochterlony and Alexander Gardner, who lived for many years as a fighting Afghan chief, 
is represented in southern districts by a Bellary cotton-planter and a commandant of 



Oanjam pensioners; Italy, the mother-country of Avitabile, Ventura and the Filoses, 
by Constantine Beschi and Nicolao Manucci, though the latter's gravestone at San Thom6 
is wanting ; Greece by a seventeenth century Sindbad whose monument has found its 
way to the presidency Museum. Foreigners of every nationality occur in the old East 
India Company's service. In 1764, remarks Niebuhr (father of the historian), its army 
possessed Polish, Swiss, Dutch, and German officers. Among those buried in Madras are 
Count de Warren and Baron von Kutzleben ; while the Bengal Native Infantry once con- 
tained the name of Captain Georges Francis Grand, afterwards a Writer and the first 
husband of the future Princesse de Talleyrand. 

10. That " peculiar people," the Huguenots, sent no inconsiderable contribution to 
the ranks of South Indian notabilities. The Carnacs, Chardins, Torrianos, Trapauds, 
Mangins, Cauliers, Amsincks and DeVismes were all members of refugee families. Of 
these, the Carnacs became such a power in the country that according to a popular saying 
they were credited with being the origin of the name Carnatic. Lord Pigot had Huguenot 
blood in his veins through His mother Frances Godde, tirewoman to tne Queen, who is 
misspelt in the Baronetages as Goode. Another Governor of Fort St. George, Charles 
Smith, was the descendant of a Huguenot emigrant Lefevre, who took the name of Smith 

11. The literature of the tombstone may often be turned to capital account. Unlike 
the paper of the record-room, these massive slabs, with their thick lettering, are practically 
indestructible, if they but succeed in escaping the privy paw of the native dhoby. For 
example, the Pulicat inscriptions are first hand contemporary authority towards the yet 
unwritten history of the Netherlands Company. Many an exact merchant inscribed his 
pedigree on his gravestone ; and such statements of tact are important to genealogists. 
Some there are that have left more than a name behind them. Lawson's Bay, Vizaga- 
patam, perpetuates the memory of a " country captain " of local renown. Robert Sloper, 
who rests at Tranquebar among the missionaries, founded Sloper street, Cuddalore, and 
there his wife Kitoria reposes. One chief of a settlement " though without the wealth * 
of a Governor, was rich in the real worth of a man." Others, like Paul Benfield and * 
Mr. Snodgrass of Rambha, tasted more literally of the fruit of the pagoda tree. At Surat 
the Latin hexameters over Christopher Oxenden (1659), that most brotherly of brothers, 
tell us more of the factory life of our predecessors than many pages of history. " Do 
you ask, my masters, what is your profit and loss ? You have gained sorrow, he has lost 
his life, but per contra let him write * death to me is gain '." Often the cause of dying 
is described with old-fashioned quaintness. " 1793, August 14th," records Asiaticus, 

" Mrs. Agatha Andrews. She died of pure sensibility.' ' At Guntoor a young civilian fell a 
sacrifice " to the incautious use of castor-oil nuts." At Arnee two commanding officers 
departed this life " most suddenly " by reason of duels. At Negapatam lies a fond wife 
" whose soul, perfect in all earthly ordained virtue, departed at the early call of its guardian 
author for its next assigned function in his eternal Kingdom." At another place an emi- 
nent lady's " smile was the beam of benevolence, her heart the soul of sympathy, and the 
uniform complacency of her temper illumined her countenance with the blended ray of 
sensibility and virtue." Even in their epitaphs do our ancestors give us a taste of their 

12. In the following pages, notes have been added, wherever possible, for the informa- 
tion of the reader. A number of these are by Mr. H. E. A. Cotton. Assistance has also 
been obligingly rendered by (amongst others) Rev. H. Jensen ; Father van de Westelaken 
and Mr. R. Morris, Collector of Kistna ; Rev. A. M. Teixeira ; Mr. M. J. Seth ; and Mr. H. 
LeF^nu. The late Mr. A. T. Pringle, the Rev. Frank Penny and Mrs. Frank Penny have 
kindly read the proofs and made many valuable suggestions. The full names of officers, 
whose initials alone appear on their tombstones, have been traced, wherever possible^ 
from old Army Lists. The index has been prepared by Mr. E. Gaudoin and Mr. Coombes! 
Thanks are due to Mr. R. Hill and Mr. T. Fisher for the careful printing of the work. 




Madras — 

Compound of St. Mary's Church in Fort St. Goorgo 

St. Mary's Cemetery 

St. Mary's Church, Fort St. Goorgo 

Tablets in St. George's Cathedral 

St. George's Cathedral Cemetery 

Churchyard of St. Mathias, Vepery 

Tablots in St. Andrew's Church 

St. Andrew's Cemetery 

St. Thomas' Church, San Thome 

St. Mark's Church, Black Town * . . 

Roman Catholic Cathedral in Armenian Street 

Cathedral of San Thomo, Mylapore 

Church of San Rita, Seminary of Mylaporo 

The Luz Church 

Descancad Church, Adyar 

St. Patrick's Cemotery, Bodyguard Road . . 

Church of Our Lady of Assumption, North George 

Armenian Church in Armenian Stroet 

.Jewish Burial Ground in Mint Stroet 

Museum Compound, Pantheon Road 

The Manilla Trophy 

The Statue of Lord Cornwallis 
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Pondicherry, English Cemetery 
Do. French Cemetery 
Do. Church of Our Lady of Angels (Euro 
pean Parish) 

Notre Dame Dos Angos Cemetery 





140- 141 

141- 142 






Travancore State — 
Cape Comorin 
Udayagiri . . 1 . . 
Tre vand rum (Tiru v ananda p u ram ) 
Mysore State — 

Bangalore, Fort Cemetery 
Do. Trinity Church 
Do. St. Mark's Church 
Do. St. John's Cemetery 
Do. Agram Cemetery 
Seringapatam, Monument at the Lai Bagh 

Cauvery Junction 
(Jan jam 

Rana Khamba 
Garrison Cemetery 

Sira Fort 
Hyderabad State — 

Hyderabad Residency Cemetery 
Chudderghaut Cemetery 
Socunderabad Cemotery 
Residency Grounds 



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Page. Serial Whether in Inscription or Notes. Line, 


25 118 Paragraph 1 of notes .. ..3 burriad 

29 135 Do. 1 Batt ilion of th . . 

ii9 137 In column (3) under " name " . . . . 1 Anne Dufp 

34 164 Do. . . , . 1 Charle Lincoln . . 

38 190 Paragraph 1 of notes 2 2353 

57 301 Notes 2 Tranqueba 

61 322 Do 3 Lieutenan 

63 333 Do 4 Vicars John 

71 393 Do 1 according 

75 400 Paragraph 2 of notes . . . . 1 eve 

78 406 Inscrip tion and in column (3) under* 1 name". 1 Dury 

84 414 Paragraph 2 of notes . . . . . . 16 von Cochorn 

102 469 Inscription 6 to th Durbar . . 

102 470 Do. 18 jut 

104 477 Notes 11 Rev. Dan ie 

1 1 1 499 Inscription . . . . . . . . 6 untimoly 

117 533 Paragraph 1 of notes . . . . ..27 arches 

123 563 Notes 1 3r 

125 579 Inscription . . . . . . . . I Major-Genera . . 

125 579 Do 3 wor 

129 599 Paragraph 2 of notes .. ..2 1 

129 601 Paragraph 1 of notes - - 5 Judge on 

129 601 Do. 18 Movember 

131 617 Do. 3 notos 

] 36 639 Inscription . . . . 1 Duprey 

136 639 In column (3) under " name " 1 Duprey 

136 639 Notes 3 Duprey 

136 640 Do 5 buried at 

137 645 Notes preceding the inscription . . . . 6 D. E. Haviland 

143 682 Title preceding the inscription . . . . . . Black Town 

163 762 Paragraph 2 of the notes preceding the 3 peepu 


173 817 Paragraph 2 of the notes 3 Vinditien 

173 817 Do. 6 to .... 

175 833 Inscription . . . . . . . . 1 Chnacard 

177 866 Notes .. ..1 866 

179 894 Do 5 Guards .. 

181 896 Paragraph 2 of the notes 4 Indiain 

181 896 Paragraph 3 of the notes 1 p 

182 900 Do. 2 Pros per . . 

190 933 Paragraph 1 of the notes 15 Cemetry 

195 950 Inscription 1 To of 

196 954 Paragraph 2 of the notes 1 tho third 

197 962 Paragraph 1 of the notes 19 Henride 

197 962 Do. 26 Emmanuel 

Read the following items of inscriptions in round brackets : — 

102, 118, 120, 121, 151, 169, 184, 185, 197, 207, 208, 226, 240, 287, 312, 351-63, 
769, 770, 773-76, 784, 785, 788, 790, 968, 986, 1019 and 1031. 

Read the following items of inscriptions in square brackets : — 
247, 253, 294, 302, 327, 639, 791 and 824. 



Battalion of the 
Anne Duff 
Charles Lincoln 

Vicars, John 
according to 

van Cochorn 
to the Durbar 

Rev. Daniel 
arches of 
3 rd . 



1 | sic] 

Judge of 






buried in 

de Havilland 

George Town 


was married to 

Guards in 
India in 

Si 5 



To tho memory of 

the third 

Henri de 


355, 356, 516, 518, 623, 641, 

* Now ©ailed George Town* 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) W 

(Consecrated in 1680.) 

These tombstones were removed from a cemetery now occupied by the Lw Courts, once known as the 
Monument Esplanade. In 1782 they were temporarily removed from the compound of St. Mary's Churoh to 
be used as gun platforms at the time of Hyder Ali's invasion and were not replaced until 1807, by whioh 
time many had been broken and others had disappeared^ 

1 5th Aug. Elizabeth Baker. Memoriae *ienim dominao Elizabeths Bakjsk doraini Aaronia 
1552. Baker (Anglorum hisco locis negotiautium prmsidis) uxoritt 

diloctiHsimae, quae marito ad Indos [aavi] gauti, relicto solo 
pfatrio] wwo iungebat o[omite]m illumque proxime prom- 
[ontoriumj bonsa spoi spoi optimoa lnariuo partu be[abat], 
sed tandem post longas polagi minas, insalubreinque 
Iavaw aerom, quae Jiben* una passa est, trLstissiraum pro 
ocolis (pro quibus soils voluit) moric*ns rolinquobat Augusti 

The lower corner of the tombstone is worn away, and the missing 
letters are conjectured. It bears a coat of arms. Aaron 
Baker was the first President and Governor of Fort St. George. 
He arrived from Bantam by the Roebuck on September 1st, 
1652. From the original correspondence collection in the* India 
Office, 2274 and 2294, the Roebuck appears to have left England 
at tho end of 1051, quitting tho Isle of Wight on Docember 
30th and clearing the Land's End on January 1st, 1651-2. She 
passod tho Cape on April 22nd, 1662, came in sight of Java on 
June 17th, and anchored in Bantam Roads on June 26th. 
Having embarked Prosident Baker, she sailed again on the 
31st July, and reached Madras on September 1st, 1652. The 
date is confirmed by a letter from Bantam to Madras, dated 
February 15th, 1652-53 (O.C. No. 2284) whioh acknowledges 
the recoipt of a lotter from Fort St. George, dated September 
22nd, 1652, stating the safe arrival of the Roebuck on the 1st 
idem. In a subsequent letter from the President and Council 
at Surat to the Company, dated January 17th, 1652-53 (O.C. 
No. 2297) montion is made of Mrs. Baker's death during the 
voyage, but tho date of tho Roebuck's arrival is post-dated 
by one day. 44 Your ship Endeavour. . . came from Bantam 
with the Roebuck, on whom went President Bakor and his 
family to Fort St. George . . . The 2nd November from 
the coast were advised of the arrival of ships Roebuck and 
Bonetoe and that President Baker by the way from Bantam 
lost his wife, who died about ten days after they came from 
Bantam. They arrived at your fort the 2nd September.** 
The words of the epitaph suggest that Mrs. Baker died after 
childbirth. Her husband continued in office until 1655, 
when he was succeeded by H. Greenhill. " On the 20th January 
1655, Aaron Baker sailed for England in the ship Katherine 
relinquishing the Government to Greenhill. After his retire- 
ment he married Anne Cobham ... He survived his two 
sons, Thomas and Aaron, and died in 1683 at the age of seventy- 
three. He was buried at the parish church of Dunchideock, 
near Exeter, and the bulk of his property passed to a nephew, 
the Rev. Aaron Baker of Alphington." 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 






(2) (3 < 4 > 



HenJiy Greenhill. 

12th Mar. 

4 2f>th Oct, 

John Cornish 

Nathanikl Fox- 


The following inscription is taken from a white marble slab 
near the stairs leading to the gallery of St. Mary's Church, 
Fort St. George : — 

Viator, quieunquo os, siste, siste, inquara, pvululum necfrus- 
tra, si saltern Christ ianus os, morae pretium erit necnon 
lachrynne, cum iacero hie scias Henricum Greenhiix 
splendidae suae familiae splendorem maximum et Honora- 
bilis More itorum Anglorum Societatis Indiam Orientalem 
negotiantium Agentem imum et no mini secundum, cum 
per decennium summa cum sodulitate et spectata probitate 
functus est officio suo defunct us est anno Christ i MDCLvm 
aetatis suae XLV. Viator to haec non uesoiro laohrymam 
modo impertire et abi. 

Greenhill's epitaph is largely copied from Breton's Tomb at Surat. 

He had been Agent of Madras before it was raised to a Presidency 
under Baker in 1652. There is a document of that year signed 
** President Aaron Baker, Agent Henry Greenhill and William 
Gurney." Greonhill administered tho settlement until the 
1st September 1652, when Fort St. George replaced Bantam as 
the Company's eastern centre of Government, and President 
Baker arrived from Java and assumed charge. Groenhill 
remained at Madranpatam, retaining tho title of Agent through- 
out the period of Baker's rule. He was one of the first settlers 
in tho Fort and built a houRo of his own on the rivor bank 
known as Agent Greenhill's House. See Mrs. Frank Penny's 
Hiftory of Fort St. George, from which much of the infor- 
mation in the following notes has been borrowed. 

Here lieth John Cornish who departed this life the xii day 
of March in the yeare of Our Lord God 1664. [No age 

Here lyeth the body of Nathaniel Foxcroft, son of George 
Foxcroft, Agent and Governor in Fort St. George. He 
was borne into this world the 6th of September 1635 and 
translated into a better to the resurrection of the just, 
the 26th of October 1670, after he had finished his pilgri- 
mage on the earth 35 yea res having, alwaies exhibited all 
the honors due from a dear and dutifull son to his parents, 
and by his universal obliging and ingenious conversation 
obtained a good report and left a good name with all men. 
A good name is better then a precious oyntment and the 
day of death then the day of one's birth. Eccle. 7. 1 . The 
memory of ye just is blessed. Prov. 10. 7. The righte- 
ous shall bo in everlasting remembrance. Ps 112. 6. 

George Foxcroft was appointed Agent and Governor on the re- 
signation of Sir Edward Winter, and took over charge of the 
factory in June 1665. In the following September, he was 
forcibly deposed by Winter and kept in imprisonment, to- 
gether with his son Nathaniel, for three years. The Direct- 
ors, on receiving news of what had occurred, sent out Commis- 
sioners with a formidable armament of ships and instructions 
to blockade the Fort. But Winter yielded up peaceable pos- 
session. Foxcroft was released and reinstated on the 22nd 
August 1668, and remained in office until 1670, when he was 
relieved by Sir William Langhorne. His son, Nathaniel, died 
just as they were on the point of leaving India together. An 
investigation was held into the conduct of Sir Edward Winter, 
who was exonerated but ordered to return home on one of the 
Company's ships. Winter died in England in 1685 and is 
buried in St. Mary's Church, Battersea. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


5 9th Feb. Joh!N Auger . . [Here lieth the body of John Auger, who departed this life, 
1680. the 54th year of his age, on the Dth of February Anno Domini 

1679-80. J 

This is the oldest inscription preserved in TJrquhart's " Oriental 
Obituary " (1809) of thoso which have since disappeared. 
" John Augur, an antient man marryod to an English woman ; 
keepes a house of entertainment upon sufferance, having 
been long a souldior and no other way to live." Pub. cons. 
29th February 1675-6. 

6 28th May Joseph Hynmebs. The following inscription is taken from the pyramidical 

1680. monument on the north Esplanade : — Hero lyes interred 

the body of Joseph HynmeRs who served the Rt. Honblo 
English East India Company several years as second in coun- 
cil of Fort St. Goorge, in which station he departed this Ufo 
on the 28th of May 1(380. 

This tombstone and that of David Yale (No. 15) are in the High 
Court compound. 

Catherine, the widow of Joseph Hynmers, married on November 
4th, 1680 Elihu Yale (Governor of Fort St. George from 
July 25th, 1687, to October 23rd, 1692), of whom it is recorded 
on his tombstone in Wrexham churchyard (July 18th, 1721) 
that he was 44 born in America, in Europe bred, In Afric travel 'd 
and in Asia wed." By this marriage there was one son, who 
died an infant, and three daughters : the eldest married Dudley 
North of the family which later produced the famous Lord 
North and the present Earls of Guildford ; the second, Anne, 
married a younger son of the first Duke of Devonshire ; and 
the youngest, Ursula, died unmarried in 1721 a few days after 
her father at the family seat of her sister Lady Anne Cavendish 
in Bucks. The lino of direct descendants of Elihu Yale ter* 
minatod in 1829 with the death of his great grandson Dudley 
Long North, who had reached some distinction as a member 
of Parliament and a friend and companion of Dr. Johnson, and 
is therofore embalmed in the pages of Boswoll. Ho was the 
donor to Yale College of Enoch Zeeman's portrait of Governor 
Yale, painted in London 1717. 

7 14th Feb. Elizabeth Alford. Henry Alford's first wife Elizaboth died February 14th, J 682, 

1682. his second wife Elizabeth died August 15th, 1087, and his 

son Robert died 2nd September 1088, a year old. 

A fragment to tho memory of the first and second wives of Honry 
Alford. He married Elizabeth MelliHh November 10th, 1681 ; 
she died a year later ; and was buriod on February 15th, 1682. 
In February 1683 ho marriod Elizabeth Lott who diod in August 
1687 and was buriod on August 15, 1687. (Thomas Lott Ensign 
died September 17th, 1682). In 1688 he marriod a third wife, 
Elizaboth Breroton. Alford, who was a Company's servant, 
died in May 1692 and was buried in May 30, 1692. His widow 
marriod Mathow Empson the following year. Empson was 
in Council with Thomas Pitt, Governor from July 7th, 1698, 
to September 18th, 1709. M. Empson died January 8, 1708 
and his wife Elizabeth Empson died May 3, 1698. Pitt was 
succeeded by Gulston Addison, the brother of the Essayist 
who died at Madras in the following month (on the 17th October 
1709). No trace of his grave remains, nor of his brother's 
Lancelot Addison, fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, who 
came out with a licence to trade as a free merchant and was 
buried in the Fort Cemetery in August 1710. One Robert 
Alford was buried on September 2nd 1698. 

VOL. I — lA 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


8 6th Oct. Thomas Clarke . . Hie jacet Thomas. Clarke, fiJius Thoinae Clarke Angli, olim 

1683. piaefecti Anglicse societatis in eivitate Masulipatam : obiit 

sixto die Octobris ani salutis miilezimi sexcetiziini 
oetogezimi tertii. Requiescat in pace. 

6th October— " This evening Mr. Thomas Clarke who have served 
the Honble. Coma, many years departed this life." Pub. 
Consultations 1683. 

He was Portuguese interpreter to the company. The northwest 
Gato of Fort St. George at Madras was long known as " Tom 
Clarke's Gate." 

The slab is cracked, probably from tho effects of a cannon ball 
when tho Fort guns were turnod on the cemetery against the 
French. Another broken stone bears the date 1684 and this 
inscription: 4t Mense Mayo aetatis su» LXXXIII, alter vero 
anno salutis MDCLXXX1V Octobris XII aetatis sum LXXXV 
t ransactis in hoc Prosidio LII. Iiequiescant in pace." 

Clarke's widow was Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Hartley 
of Masulipatam and Aguida Pereyra, his wife. She married 
tho Venetian Nicolao Manucci, who died at Pondicherrv about 
1717 aged 74. Manucci lived at Madras from 1686 till 
his death. He had had a varied career as stowaway. 
Artillery captain to Prince Dara and physician. 

9 8th April Dorothy Lucas . . Here Jyeth interred the body of Dorothy Lucas, who do- 

J(i8i>. parted this Jifo the Nth day of April Anno Jb\8o, «j id near 

unto tin's lyeth also four of her children, viz., Catherine 
and Elizabeth, Avhieh she bore to her ft rnicr husband, Char- 
les Pro by ; and Anne and Thomas, the only children she 
bore to her last h us band, Thomas Lucas. 

Thomas Lucas came to Madras as a soldier in 1669, and was 
appointed writer by Langhom. He married tho widow of Charles 
Proby. He was a freeman from 1677 to 1681 when he went 
home. In 1683 he camo out to the Council and served four 
years, when he again became a freeman. He finally left 
India in 1688. H.D« Love's Vestiges of Old Madras vol. 1, 
p. 450, No. 2. 

At the proclamation of " our dread sovereign King " James II, 
August 13th, 1685, " a troop was commanded and led by the 
President (GyfFord), Mr. Thomas Lucas, Cornet, and the rear 
was brought up by Mr. Elihu Yale." Dorothy Lucas was the 
sister of Goorge Torriano (No. 114). She married first Charles 
Proby, the heir of Sir Peter Proby. Her son, William Proby 
came out to Madras in tho Company's service, was discharged 
and married Francos Gray (see No. 27). William Probv re- 
turned to England as heir to the Proby estates, taking two 
children with him, John and Editha. Editha married Sir 
John Osborne. John Proby became M.P. for Huntingdon. 
He married Jane, daughter of John, first Lord Gower, and had 
issue John, who became Baron Carysfort of Carysfort, Co. 
Wicklow. His son John Joshua was created Earl of Carysfort 
in 1789. 

10 23rd April Katherine Here lies interred ye body of Miss Kathbrink Scarlett, 

1685. Scarlett. daughter of Mr. John Scrrlett, Merct. in London, who 

departed this life, Aprill 23, Anno Domini lo'So, being ye 
seventieth year of her age. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 











3rd Mar. 

Diana Styleman. 


16th April Job Haines 



23rd Aug. 

10th Sept. 
J 687. 

Francis Marques. 

Samuel Wales 
and Family. 


25th Jan. 

David Yale 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Diana, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Styleman, who was born the 28th October 
Anuo Dom. 168*4, and dyed t he 3rd March 1685/6. 

It was to John Styleman, Secretary at the East India House, 
that Governor Pitt wrote in December 1704, " The Rotation 
Government in Bengal 'tis become the ridicule of all India, 
both Europeans and Natives." Katherine Scarlett was this 
little child's godmother. 

Here lies the body of Job, the sou of John Haines and Mary 
his wife, who wim b. rn the 30th of December 1685, and 
died (April 16th, 1687J. 

The stone is a fragment. Haines died at Fort St. David, and in 
1712 his estate was administered for the benefit of his 
children by Kobert Heriot, his son-in-law, who had married 
Elizabeth Hainos, Juno 29th, 1710. 

Sa [ie Sepulture] de Francysco Marques quo faksoo em 23 
de Agosto 1687. 

The Burial Register gives his name in full as Francis Rodrigues 
Marques, buried August 24th by R. Elliott. 

[Here lies interred the bodies of Father, Mother and Son, 
who all deceased Anno Domini 1687, viz., Samuel Wales, 
the son, died September 10 ; Mary Wales, the Mothor, 
died September 24 ; Samuel Wales, the Father, Merchant 
and Into Chief of M dfipollam, died October 3.] 

This tombstone is no longer extant. Urquhart mentions it, 
and mis-spells the name Wates. 

Hie jacot David filiuw Honorabilia Elihu Yale, Praesidentis 
et Cubernatoris Castelli St. Georgii et Ci vital is Madras- 
sisp, natns fuit 15 Maii 1684 et obiit 25 Januarii Anno 1687/8, 

'* From the pyramidical monument on the north Esplanade *\ 

Tho baptismal ontry in the registers runs " David, son of Elihu 
and Catherine Yale, baptized by Richard Elliott ; Robert 
Freeman and John Willcox, godfathers ; Katherine Nicks, 
godmother, born May 15th, 1G84." 

Another Latin epitaph at I ho Cape of Good Hope records the 
death there in 1712 of Charles Yalo, called son of the former 
Governor of Madras, and also of his mother, who for love of her 
only child had come from India to be buriod beside him. The 
mother was Mrs. Pavia, a Portuguese Jowess. Chas. Yale 
died 23 January 171 1/1 2 in 22nd year of ago : was born 1690. 

Yale's marriage at Madras is the first recorded in the Registers, 
" Elihu Yale and Catherino Hinmers, relict of Joseph Hinmers, 
were married by the Rev. Mr. Richard Portman, minister, 
given in marriage by the Right Worshipfull Stronsham Master 
Esq., Govr., Henry Oxeden and John Willcox, Bridemen; 
Cathorine Barker and Tryphona Ord, Bridomaids. Nov. 4th 

16 2nd April John Heatheield. [Here lieth interred the body of John Heathfjeld, who 
1688. died the 2nd of April, Anno Domini 1688, aged 43 years, 

5 months and 27 days]. 

Urquhart. He was a company's Surgeon, who afterwards took 
up trade at Masulipatam. His wife Margery, widow of Robert 
Fleetwood, Chief of that place, stood godmother to Job Char- 
nock's children. "Aug. 19th. 1689. Mary, Elisabeth and 
Katherine, daughters of Job Charnock, baptized by J. Evans; 
Francis Ellis, godfather ; Ann Soaton and Margery Heath* 
field, godmothers." Mary Charnock married Sir Charles Eyre, 
the first President of Fort William, and is buried beside her 
father in the Charnock mausoleum, Calcutta, February 19th, 
1696-7. Elizabeth married William Bowridge, and survived 








(2) (3) (*) 


in Calcutta till 1753. Her husband died in 1724. Katharine, 
the youngest, became the wife of Jonathan White, a Bengal 
factor, and died in childbirth, January 21st, 1700-01, aged 
19. She lies in the Charnock mausoleum and is there described 
as " Tov nanapirov Jobi Charnock filia natu minima, 1 * " annum 
agens unum de viginte." 

17 2nd May 


7th Feb. 

Robert Freeman. 


18th April 

Ann Muverkll. 

20 28th Doo. Barnard Midon . . 

21 26th Jan. Richard Browne. 

22 23rd April Elizabeth Gostlin. 

Cuius aniraa ex vita bene peracta per tranquillam mortem 
in coclum demigrans corpus apud terram hanc deposuit 
humaudum 2 May 1688. 

No name. This fragment must be the tombstone of one of the 
three persons, Ann Stileman, Samuel Burrell and Barbara 
Lucas, who died on that date. 

Here lieth interred the body of Robert Freeman, Merchant, 
sometime Chief of Mutchlepatam, and afterwards of Counoil 
in this place, in which situation he deceased, the 7th day of 
February 1688 [1689?] 

The present stone is a fragment. Urquhart records the epitaph 
in full. 

Freeman came out as writer in November 1667, married a daugh- 
ter of Robt. Fleetwood, Chief of Madapollara, in June 1673. 
His mother-in-law Margery was wife of John Heathfiold, Sur- 
geon. His three sisters-in-law were all widows on the date of 
his will. Probate was granted to his brother John Freeman 
of London merchant. He died of dropsy after a long and 
painful illness. 

Here lyeth the body of Ann, wife of Samuel Mbvekkll, who 
departed f his lite April 18th in childbirth with a daughter 
which was borne the 8th, baptized Mahy 12th, dyed, and 
was buryed the 1 3th, 1080. 

Samuel Moverell came out writer in 1675 and in 1679 was third 
of council at Fatna. Tho Movorolls woro rolatod to tho Bow- 
ridgos and tho Whites, into whose familios Job Charnook'a 
daughters married. Jonathan Whito in his will writes, 44 1 
give unto sister Elizabeth Bowridgo, hor daughter Elizabeth, 
and sister Elizabeth Movoroll each 50 rupees to buy them 
rintfs." John Meveroll appointed in 1687 married (first) 
Catherine Nicks on Oct. 17, 1693, (daughter of John Nicks) 
and secondly Elizabeth Stilgoe, nkt Stubhs, widow of Zachariah 
Stilgo, * a seafaring man ' of Madras on February, 9th, 1702. 
Zachariah Stilgoe was killed in the massacre at Morgui. 

Hie jacet Bernard i;s Midon, natione Germanus, Witsenbour- 
gensis, hac in civitate Madraspatarn matrimonio junotus 
cum D. Maria Hiqueira, obiit in pace omnibus ecolesiae 
catholics© munitus sa<;ramontis dio xxviii Decebris ani 
nalutis MDCLXXXIX. Orate pro eo. 

Here lyes interred ye body of Kiohard Browne, Esq., who 
served yo Rt. Honble Compy. many yeans Chiefe for their 
affaires in Vizagapatnam and departed this life the 26th of 
January Anno Domini 1690-1. 

[Here lios interred the body of Elizabeth Gostlin, wife of 
Captain Armiger Gostlin and sister to John Styleman, who 
departed this life April 23rd, A.D. 1691.] 

John Styleman was in Council in 1694. On February 28th, 
1688 he gave his sister in marriage to Armiger Gostlin, who 
in 1667 was commanding the Company's Ship James. Armiger 
Gostlin was commander of Loyal Captain in 1700. In 1702 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Captain Oostlin obtained permission to removo with his family 
to Masulipatam. On February 17th, 1702 he embarked for 
employ in Mr. J. Pitt's Service in China. Ho was captain of 
the Charlton in 1703. There was a Francis Goatling, a writer, 
among the Black Holo victims. Armigor Gostlin married 
secondly Lucy Morrow, May 3rd, 1692. His parents were 
Simon Gostlin and Mary Warner, nee Arminger. 

His son Styleman Gostlin, entertained as a writer, joined Raworth'a 
rebellion at Fort St. David in 1713. 

23 16th May Annb Sbaton . . Here lyeth intcrr'd the body of Annb, wife to Francis Sbaton, 

1691. Captn. of the granadiors of ye garrison, who having brought 

into ye world a daughter named Frances did herself in 9 
days after depart out of it, viz., on the 16 May, 1691, to the 
great regret of her surviving husband for the loss of so 
deserving a wife. With her lie also interr'd two of he* 
children, a son and a daughter, viz., Elihu and Frances, 
who deceased 3rd May 1691 and 7th May 1692. 

Coat of Arms with the Motto " Hazard yet forward." Seaton 
succeeded James Bett as Captain of the guard in 1692. He 
accompanied Charnock from Bengal. Ho married secondly 
in 1693, Hannah Mackrith (or Mackreath), who died in 1710. 
He was a turbulent character, and was suspended by Governor 
Thomas Pitt in 1704. He then turned against Pitt and started 
the famous story of the diamond, which led to Pitt's recall. 
Elihu Yale stood godfather to Seaton's son Elihu. 

24 1691 .. Lazarus Timothy. &>ar(rT&*u)&(§in>D Q^^ild^V iSlfbmrrgji P^e^ia 

U(rr]iQ^(^LDq<^i'G(j-y &r T jjo<sm&p^vnu$ (refits con&jpj gQion 
cfjfb <oT<o6i(&>rD j&noSluuu Qpir.<oSlumft inirjestsnnnGum .^eugp 
Q&wtoifTLiLj-eaifTf&fi) Qui) &\b &> rsGigppujt . 1 1 uSIgMQgv 

" Thaniappa Mudaliar, otherwise known as Lazarus Timothy, 
of the Agambadi mudali (VolJala) caste who was a Founder 
(?) of tho French East India Company in Pondicherry, died 
on the twenty-first day of Chittrai (month) of Promodhuta 
(Year) corresponding to the current year 1691 A.D. He 
lies interred in St. Andrew's Church, Chonnapatnam 
(Madras).' ' 

In 1675 Father Thomas do Poitiers built what in described as a 
magnificent church for the Capuchins in the Fort, dedicated to 
the Apostle St. Andrew. It was subsequently destroyed. 

26 23rd July Thomas Wavbll . . [Thomas Wavell, Esq., second in Council of this place, who 
1691. died July the 23rd, 1691, and lies here interred with David 

and Emma, two of his children.] 

John Pitt married Sarah Wavell as his second wife, August 
15th, 1692. The Registers give the name of the deceased as 
John Wavell. 

26 8th Nov. Anthony Williams. P.M.S. Here lies interr'd ye body of Capt. Anthony Williams, 
1691. a Britton. A person respected in his life for his true courage, 

honour and integrity. He dyed the 8th of November 1691. 

A sea captain. The Register Bays he was buried on the 8th Ooto- 
ber, so that the month given on the tomb is incorrect (see 
No. 95) 












Thomas Gray 

Oth Aug. 


28th Aug. 

Jambs Wheeler 


29th Mar. 




Peter De Torres. 

Here lies interred ye body of Mr. Thomas Gray, Juner, who 
served ye Rt. Honble Compy. some yeares in quaility of 
one of ye Worpl. Couneill in this place and departed this 
life Aug. Oth Anno Domi 1092, being the 23 yeare of his age. 

He married Frances English at the Mount, July 28th, 1690, 
John Evans being the minister, and Elihu Yale " father " to 
the bride. After his death his widow married William Proby 
Feb. 26, 1692-3 (see No- 9). 

[Here lieth interred the body of Mr. Jam as Wheeler, Mer- 
chant and one of the Councellors of this plaoe, who departed 
this life August the 28th, Anno Domini 1093, aged 37 years]. 

He was accidentally poisoned by surgeon Samuel Brown, (No. 31) 
who handed in the following letter to President Higginson : 
" Honorable Sir, I have murdered Mr. Whoolor, by giving him 
arsenic. Please to execute justice on me the malefactor, as 
I deserve." Wheeler's marriage to Tryphona Ord is one of 
the earliest recordod in the registers; "2 1st July 1681. 
Wm. Gyfford, Esq., Governor, Josiah Andrews, Vincent Sayon, 
bridomon, Elizabeth Mellish and Bridget Tronohfiold, bride-' 
maids." Ho married secondly Francos Kussell, December 
1st, 1687 ; his first wife and her little son OrdJnicus having 
died at Madapollam in 1682 (see No. 1721). 

Hero lyes intorrod yo body of Mr. Peter Larobj, Merchant, 
who having liv'd 39 years in India, departed this life March 
29th 1094 in the 70th yoar of his age. 

After trading at Masulipatam for a quartor of a century, he became 
an inhabitant of Madras. He marriod an English woman. He 
had a house in Middle Street. 

Hie jacet Petrus Dm Torres, natione Bolga ex civitato 
Homscot oriundus, hie obiit Augusti anno salutis 1094 
tttatis suae 03. Requiescat in pace. 

31 5th July Samuel Brown, Ann Here lyeth interr'd the body of Samuel Brown, who doparted 
1695, etc Foquet, Charles this lifo July 5th 1095, together with his father and mother 
Long. Samuel Brown and Ann, afterwards Foquet, deceased 

the former December 21st 1098, the latter September 1st 
1715 ; with them lyeth also interr'd the body of Charles 
son of Charles Long, by Elizabeth his wife, their sister 
and daughter. He dyed June tho 5th 1720. 

Charles Long a Scholar and Fellow of Christ Church Oxford • 
Chaplain of the Fort from 1713 to 1721, suspendod 
1719-20 by Collet for flatly refusing to go to Fort St. David 
He was eventually dismissed for private trading • returned t * 
England 1721. 

Samuel Brown was a surgeon who accidentally poisoned Mr. James 
Wheeler. He married Ann Bakor, Juno 28th, 1688. The 
collections of dried plants, which he sent home to England 
are described in the Philosophical Transactions of 1698 and 
1 703, and now form part of the herbarium of the British Museum 
In 1700 his widow married John Foquet, a Member of Counoil. 
Mrs. Long was the lady who as Elizabeth Brown brought 
an action for breach of promise against Captain Honry 
Cornwall, Commander of the Sherborne, in 1711, 

[P. M. S. Kioardus Elliott, theologus, Collegii Kegalis apud 
Cantabrigienses socius senior, et ecclosi® div» Marife in 
hao Madraspatam per septemdecom plus minus annos 
pastor fidelis, hano vitam pro meliore oommutavit decimo 


17th Oot. 

Richard Elliott. 











septimo Octobris die 1696. Momentote pr»positorum 
vestrorum qui vobis locuti sunt verbum Dei, quorum imita- 
mini fidem, contomplantos quis fuerit exitus oonversa- 
tionis ipsorum. Heb. 13, 7.] 

The tombstone has disappeared since Urquhart recorded it. 

Richard Elliott was appointed chaplain for Masulipataro. 
in 1077, and succooded Richard Portman at Fort St. Goorgo in 
1681. Here he remained till 1696 whon he died— tho fourth 
Chaplain to die at the Fort. He was educated at Eton and 
King's College Cambridge ; ho was electod King's scholar 1666, 
graduated B.A., and elected to a Fellowship in 1669 ; proceeded 
M.A. 1674 ; ordained 1675. Ho is said to have been born in 
London. He was unmarried and therefore remained a Follow 
of King's until his death. When the Company wrote to King's 
College to announce his death, the Secretary was [instructed 
to say that Mr. Elliott had been * the instrument of great good 
in his place.' In a lettor which ho wrote to tho Provost of 
King's in Feb. 1693-4 he mentions his brother in London. By 
will he bequeathed £1,500 together with all arrears of college 
dues at tho time of his death to the College for the purchase of 
advowsons. The bequest amounted to £1,681 13s lLd. 
Amongst the livings purchased was that of Groat Greenford, 
Middlesex, which was held for many years by Edward Terry 
an earlier Company's Chaplain. Richard Elliott and his 
benefaction are still duly commemorated on Founder's Day at 




22nd Nov. 

Battson Pearson. 

29th Deo. Charles Taintbr. 

3rd Oct. 

Robert Trench- 
field and Family. 


8th Jan. 

Mary Parham 

Here lyes interr'd the body of Battson "Pearson, who departed 
this life, the 22nd Novr. 1697. 

Ho was drowned and his body recovered at Covelong and brought 
to Madras for burial. 

Hero lyes interr'd the body of Charles Tainter, who departed 
life the 29th Decetnr. 1697. 

Sacrum memorise Roberti Trbnohpibld, mercatoris oiira 
melioris not®, qui post longam in his torris peregrinationem 
in hac ultima peregrinantium domo domum invenit tertio 
die Octobris 1699. Hie etiam iaoent ex liberis infantes duo 
viz. Thomas et Judith, qui suum obiorunt diem altera 25 
Octobris die alter 3 Novembris die 1696. 

The stono is now a fragment, but may be read in full in Urquhart. 
Trenehfield married a sister of the Rov. John Evans, the first 
chaplain in " the Bay," and afterwards Bishop of Bangor and 
of Meath in succession or as is more probable since 
Trenchfield's wife in tho Go vernment records is invariably called 
a castez (pure Portugoso), Evans married Trenchfield's sister 
Bridget who was in tho fort in 1680. It was probably this 
** buissy politick padre " who wrote his epitaph which resembles 
that over Job Charnock in Calcutta : qui quipostquam in solo 
non suo poregrinatus esset diu, re versus est domum sura a»terni- 
tatis 1692. Trenehfield is repeatedly mentioned by Hedges 
and was a member of his Council at Hooghly. Ho was with 
Charnock through the events of 1686-88. 

Here lies interred the body of Mary Parham, relict of the 
late Captain J n °. Parham, mariner, *and eldest daughter of 
Stephen Poirier, Esq., Governor of the Island of 8t. Helena, 
who departed this life the 8th day of January 170 h 

Sht was married November 10th f 1698. Her father Captain 
Poirier was Governor of St. Helena from 1697 to 1707 (tee 
Kd. 66). 

NOL. 1—2 









(2) (3) (4) 




20th Mar. 

25th April 
1701 and 
21st Doc. 

William Brooke. 

Jane and Samuel 

Here lies interred the body of Captain William Brookb 
departed this life March ye 20th 170 ?. 

A sea captain. Below the date is a figure of a coffin inscribed 
" Cap. W.B.ob. MCC." 

Here lies the mortall remaines of Jane Heaton, onoe the 
pious and beloved wife of Capt. Samuel Heaton, who dyed 
in childbirth, the 25th day of April 1701, annoque aetatis 
21. Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman 
that feareth the Lord she shall be praised. Proverbs 31. 30. 
Here also lieth interr'd the body of Capt. Samuel Heaton, 
who departed his life the 21st day of Dec. 1708, and in yo 
38th year of his ago. 


Samuel Heaton married (1) Jane Gibson, June 20th, 
Judith Paine, August 9th, 1704. 






18th May Dorothy Marshall. Hie jacet Dorothea, Thomab Marshall uxor dilectissima, 
1701. quce mortem obiit decimo octavo die Maii 1701 annoque 

aotatis decimo octavo. 

ThomaB Marshall married Dorothy Ward, October 20th, 1698. 

3rd Oct. Anne Stubs . . Here lies interred the body of Anne daughter of John Stubs, 
1701. of London, Merchant, who departed this life on the 3rd of 

October 1701, aged 16 years 11 months and 17 days. 

Thomas Stubs, merchant, oame out in 1683 and was associated 
with Ralph Ord in Sumatra. Ho married Barbary Hiller, 
March 31st, 1687, and died August 16th of that year. Elizabeth 
Stubs married Zachariah Stilgoe, April 27th, 1699, and an 
Elizabeth Stilgoe married John Meverell on February 9th, 
1702 (see No. 19). John Stubs "jeweller", died November 
7th, 1725. 

14th Dec. Francis Bett .. Here lyes interred the body of Francis Bett, Merch., who 
1701. departed this life the 14th day of December 1701. 

A Writer in the Company's service in 1685 at Masulipatam. 
Probably a brother of Ensign James Bett, an old and deserving 
officer and sufferer in the late troubles of Sir Edward Winter, 
who was made a Lieutenant from 1st November 1675 and who 
as Captain of the guard, died July 20th, 1692, " by the bite 
of a mad dog about two months before, and continued in his 
senses to the last minute." Richard Farmer married Ann 
Bett, November 9th, 1692, and Thomas Glover Elizabeth 
Bett, November 22nd, 1692. 

[Here lies interred the body of Frances Wrighte,] wife of 
Thomas Wrighte, Merchant and sometime third of Council 
in this place, who departed this life the 7th of February 
1703-4. Also one of her infant daughters named Frances, 
who was born May 8th 1700, and died the 22nd August 
in the same year. 

Thomas Wrighte came to India in 1684. He was brought into 
council with Styleman ten years later. He returned to England 
in 1706. He married (1) Frances Lightfoot, March 6th, 1696; 
and (2) January 6th, 1706, Mary Board, the daughter of Edward 
Fowlo, the Engineer and widow of John Board Junior. H© 
was a brother of Robert Wrighte (No. 53). 

0th Mar. Fbanois Ellis . . Here lyes interred the body of Francis Ellis, Esq., who 
1704. after he had served the Rt. Hon'ble Comp. for many years 

here and in Bengali, dyed second of Councill in this plaoe 
March the 6th 1703-4. 

7th Feb. Frances Wrighte. 

22 Aug. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (*) 


Job Charnock, Francis Ellis and .Jeremiah Peachie formed the 
first council of Calcutta in IBM. Ellis was onco dismissod by 
Agent Hodges for corrupt dealings, but reinstated by William 
Gyfford. At Charnock's death in 1692, he took charge of the 
Bengal settlement, but was found incompetent and replaced 
by Mr. (aftorwards Sir) Charlos Eyre, who lies buried at Kew. 

44 29th Mar, Richard Hudson. [Hero lies intarrod the body of Hiohard Hudson who departed 

1705, this life on the 29th of March 1705 in the 19th year of his 


Urquhart. The stono disappeared. 

45 7th July John Beard . . [In memory of John Beard, Esq., son of John Beard, Esq., 

1705. sometime Agent for the Right Honourable Company's 

affairs in Bengal, who after ho had served the same Honour- 
able Company in several stations for many years, was in 
the year 1700, advanced to bo their Presidont, the same 
year dignifiod with that title in Bengal. In the beginning 
of the year 1705 he romoved for the sake of his health to 
this place and departed this life [the 7th] July 1705], 

John Board the younger was twice Presidont of the Old Company, 
and superseded at the time of the Rotation Government. 

Governor Pitt and the Council, with all the inhabitants and 
a company of soldiers, accompanied the corpse to the burying 
place, when the soldiers fired three volleys and aftorwards 40 
groat guns wore discharged." Beard is called the brother of 
John Pitt, Consul at Mosul ipatam, perhaps through Pitt's 
first wifo Elizabeth Northey. The tombstone has disappeared. 
The following epitaph on a son of this Mr. Beard is one of those 
in St. John's churchyard, Calcutta : " Here lies the body of 
Charles Beard, who departed this life, the 30th Decomber 1747, 
aged 49 years. He was the son of John Beard, Esq., formerly 
Prosident of this place." 

46 14th Mar. Joseph Lister . . Hero lies interrod the body of Joseph Lister, Merchant, who 

1707. departed this life March the 14th 1706-1707 and in the 

38th yoar of his ago. 

He was made Free Merchant 1695 at his own request. On 13th 
March 1703-4 he married Jane Chardin, daughter of Daniel 
and Mary Chardin and niece of Sir John Chardin, who after his 
death married Charlos Boone and diod in childbirth (see No. 52). 
Jane Chardin was baptized 29th Nov. 1688. 

47 16th July Louisa Lewis . . In tuam memoriam Louisa Lewis dilecta nuper et p[ia] 

1707. coniux, cui puerperium necdum in medio heu ! nimium 

brevis y't® curriculo fatale extitit July 16, 1707, et in vos- 
tram itidem memoriam [dulces filiola>] Louisa et Lovisfa] 
quarum diem vel pr[imo] mano nox at[ra] perpetua obruit, 
hoc posui monumentum coniux et parens [Georoius Lewis] . 

Fragments in three pieces to the wife and children of Goorge 
Lewis, Chaplain. He married Lovise Poirier, July 14th, 1702. 
In 1714 he returned to England. 

48 4th Deo. John Barker and Here lies interred the body of John Barker, who departed 

1707. Family. ys life ye 4th of December 1707, also ye bodys of Robert, 

Mary, Francis, John, Francis, Timothy, Nathaniel, Anne 
and Benjamin his children, likewise ye bodys of Jao, and 
Francis, his grandchildren. 

Barker succeeded Ralph Ord as schoolmaster in 1682. His wifo 
was a Portuguese, Dominga Ribiera (No. 75). 

VOL. I— 2a 










10th May Thomas Wigmorb, 


Hero lyeth interr'd the body of Thomas Wigmorb, Merchant, 
who, after he had serv'd the Rt. Hon'ble Compa. in severall 
stations for 16 years, departed this life May the 10th, 1708 
and in ye 40th year of his age. 

Ho married Ann Maosfen, January 20th f 1700. 

60 1 5th May John and Deborah In memory of J ohn and Deborah Brabourn, son and daughter 

1708 and Brabourn. of John Brabourn, Esq., deceased ; who died infents, 

13th May Deborah on ye 15th May 1708 and John on ye 13th May 

1710. 1710, both in the fourth year of their age. 

Brabourn was Commodore of Anjengo, where he buried his first 
wifo Deborah in 1704 (see No. 2133). Governor Pitt praises 
his capacity at Anjengo in December 1704. He married secondly 
Ann Bright, June 26, 1705. In 1708-9 he was appointed 
Provisional Governor of Madras in case of the death or absence of 
Gulston AddiBon, brother of the Essayist. As a matter of 
fact, Mr. Edward Montague succeeded as Governor on Addison's 
death (October 17, 1709). Brabourn went to England in 


11th July 

Carolina Burnis- 
ton, John Ais- 
labib, John 


7th Sept. Daniel Chardin, 
1709 and Jane Boone. 
28th Nov. 


16th Oct. 

Robert Wrighte. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Carolina Burniston, relict of 
John Burniston, Esq., deceased, sometime Deputy Governor 
of ye Island, Bombay, who departed this life the 11th day of 
July 1708 ; also two of her grandsons, viz., Jo#n, son of 
Will. Aislabib, Esq., Generall of India, and J6hn, son of 
John Scattbrgood, of this place, Merchant, who both died 

Under Gayer, Waite and Aislabie — that is from 1694 to 1716 — 
Bombay Governors held the title of General. Aislabie was 
Governor from 1708 toJ1715 and', was succeeded by Boone. The 
duty of Generals was that of visiting other 'settlements to settle 
disputes and correct abuses. Streynsham Master and Sir John 
Goldnborough were visitors of this kind. The Bombay Governors 
had visitation powers along the West Coast. 

Here lyeth interred the body of Daniel Ohardin, Merchant, 
inhabitant of this place, native of France, who departed this 
life the 7th of September 1709, also Janb, his daughter, 
wifo to Ciias. Boone, who dyed in child bed the 28th Nov. 

Sir John Ohardin, the relobratod traveller, had threo brothers, 
Daniel, Antoine and Guillaume, born in 1649, 1650 and 1651 
respectively ; and a sister Charlotte, who married Jean de Laet 
and had issue. Mrs. Boone was the widow of Joseph Lister 
(No. 46) : she married June 5th 1709 Charles Boone, Governor 
of Bombay from 1716 to 1720. In 1719 Boone presented a bell 
to Bombay Cathedral, which is still in use. It bears the inscrip- 
tion. — 44 Laus Deo. In usum Eccles. Angl. Bomb. An. Dom. 
1719, Sine charitate facti sumus velut cos sonans." 

Here lyeth interr'd the Body of Mr. Robert Wrighte, Merchant, 
third son of Sir Nathan Wrighte, Knt. some time Lord 
Keeper of the great seal to his late Majesty William the 
Third and to Her present Majesty Anne, Queen of Great 
Brittain, etc., who departed this life the 16th day of October 

Governor Thomas Pitt's letter books Bay in January 1705-6 
"Mr. Wrighte is married to Mrs. Beard and the other Mr, 
Wrighte going to marry Mrs. Hart." On February 1st, 1706, 
Robert Wrighte married Elizabeth Hart and their son Nathaniel 







Kane. Inscription. 





was baptized in December 1707. Hib widow married William 
Jennings, June 24th, 1711, and died in childbirth in 1719. Sir 
Nathaniel Wrighte (1654-1721) was junior counsel for the 
Crown at the trial of the seven Bishops. He became King's 
Sergeant in 1696 and succeedod Lord Somers as Keeper of the 
Great Seal. By his wife Elizabeth Ashby ho had six sons and 
four daughters. Robert was tho 3rd son of Sir Nathan Wright 
by Elizabeth Ashby his wife. His wife was daughter of Sam and 
Elizabeth Hart. Two of his sons were factors in Madras : 
Robert and Thomas (see No. 42). 

9th Dec. Catherine Nicks [Here lyeth interred the body of Catherine Nicks, wife of 
1709. and Family. John Nicks, Merchant, some time of Council of this place, 

who departed this life the 9th of December 1709 : also 
fivo of her ohildren, John, Isabella, Sibella, Catharine and 

Her name is mixed up with Elihu Yale's. " Mrs. Nicks then lived 
with Mr. Yale at his garden-house, which she and Mrs. Pavia 
have and do frequent to the scandal of Christianity among the 
heathens.** She traded at Conimere on her own account, when 
her husband was ehief of that place ; and thoro are many 
pungent remarks in the Court's letters on her mercantile pro- 
pensities. Two daughters, Betty and Ursa, are mentioned as 
being in England in a lettor to hor Bister Mrs. Dionesia Tombs, 
February 24th, 1700. Another daughter Jane married, April 
23rd, 1702, Richard Cary, Merchant, who lies buried at Calcutta, 
November 15th, 1708. 

I fit, Feb. Hannah Seaton 


14th Mar. John Nicks, 

1711 and Anne Warre. 
27th Mar. 

Hannah Sbaton, wife of Captain Francis Seaton dyed 1st 
February 1709/10, aetat. 37. 
Heart, Vertue, Grace, center'd in one 
Adorn 'd ye dust that lyes below this stone, 
Now, who has strength t 'oppose ye Almighty's hand, 
None can against his deadly terrors stand, 
At length the Archer grim his arrow ehott, 
He seis'd from her what she from God had gott. 
Such moves our minds his greatness to adore, 
Even love his goodness and revere his pow'r. 
Above, her Soul with rapturous joys ascends 
To God ; in heaven her life with praises ends, 
On high with God this heavenly soul remains, 
No return thence till all is into flames. 

In 1710 Capt. Seaton was residing in Madras with two unmarried 
daughters, Mary and Hannah. 

Capt. Seaton whose daughter had married in 1706, Anthony 
Ettrick,was charged by Uovr. Pitt with villainous and scandalous 
reflections on him. 

[Here lieth interred the body of John Nicks, Merchant, some 
time of Council in this place, who departed thiB life the 14th 
March 1710-11, aetatis 62. Here also lieth interred Anne, 
daughter of John Nicrts, aforesaid, and wife of William 
Warre, Merchant and of Council of this place, who departed 
this life the 27th of March 171 1 in the 24th year of her age.] 

John Nicks went out to India in 1668. He married Catherine 
Barker, November 11th, 1680, and their marriage is the second 
recorded in the registers, Yale's being the first. They had 
nine daughters and one son born at the Fort ; the latter died 
December 6th, 1686. In his capacity as Secretary, Nicks 
accompanied Streynsham Master on bis second tour of inspection 
to Bengal in 1679. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 






(2) (3) (4) 


5th Mar. Charles Hopkins. M. S. Caroli Hopkins, qui vita defunctus est V to die Martis 



21st May 
1711 and 
17th Jan. 

MDCCXI anno aetatis 

LUItio piiij pietas posuit 

Edmund Ford 
John Lawrence. 

59 29th Aug. Martha Skinole 
1711. Sarah Skinole. 

23rd Aug. 

Here lyes interr'd the b >dy of Captain Edmund Ford, who 
departed ys life May ye 21st 1711, aged 39 years. Also ye 
body of Jno. Lawrence, who departed ys life Jan 1 *. 17th 
1720-1, aged 33 years. 

Ford married Elizabeth Lux, June 12th, 1700. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Ford died 30th September 1732. (F.S.D. Cons. 1732. p. 30). 
Lawronoe married Martha Owen, May 30th, 1717. Ho was an 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Martha Skingle with her 
daughter Sarah, of whom she dyed in child bed, the 29th 
August 1711, ®tat. 31. 

Her husband Richard Skinglo, a Factor in the Company's service, 
was at one time Govornor of Fort York in Sumatra. 


27th Aug. Robert and Char- Here lyeth interr'd the body of Robert Atkinson, who after 

1711 and 
22nd Dec. 

les Atkinson. 


12 th Jan. 

Maria Laclochb 

3rd Feb. 

Francis Cooke 


16th Feb. 
1712 and 
3rd Aug. 

Edward and Mar- 
gbrt Fleetwood. 

haveing served many years Gunner of this Garrison departed 
this life the 27th August 1711 in ye 47th year of his age. 
Here also is interred the body of Charles Atkinson, his son, 
who died on the 22nd day of December 1714, aged about 17 

He marriod Elizabeth Holt, May 18th 1693, and secondly Elizabeth 
Goodman August 5th, 1706. The Gunner was an officer. The 
Commandant of the Artillery was termed Chiof Gunner, the 
second officer was the Gunner, both being gentlemen. After 
them came the Quarter Gunner and the Gunroom crew. This 
quasi-naval organisation was abolished in 1748. 

Elisabeth Atkinson obiit April 14, 1702 and the second Elizabeth 
Atkinson Deo. 6, 1733. 

Aqui esta sepultada Maria Soares de Alvergaria filha de 
Antonio Soaros de Alvergaria e de Francesca Ribeira, natural 
de Madraspatnam, mulher que foi de Edward LaCloche a 
qual faleceo de idade de 40 annos e tres mezoa aos 12 do 
Janeiro de 1712, equem ler este epitalio peco por amor de 
Deos de rezar por minha alma hum Padre Nosso e huma Ave 

The crest of three bells and a knight's casque bear evident reference 
to the name LaCloohe. A Lopo Soaros d'Albergaria was 
Portuguese Viceroy of India in 1515. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Mr. Francis Cooke Merchant, 
who after having serv'd the Rt. Honble Comp ft . in the station 
of Assay Master ye space of 12 years departed this life the 
third of February 17^1 in the 39th year of his age. 

He was churchwarden in 1710. His brother-in-law Rev. William 
Anderson was chaplain of Fort William, 1706 to 1711. 

Hie sepultus est Edvardus Fleetwood, mercator probus et 
diligens, famili® grande decus columenque suae, qui natus 
quadraginta et quatuor annos xvi Februarii MDCC ^ 
evita disoessit, perenni cuius memori® coniunx subluctuosa 
hoc posuit monumentutn sub quo reponuntur etiam relli- 
qui® filiol® Margerl* Fleetwood, qu® nondum triennis 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 










Ill Augusti MDCCX1I naturae satisfecit. Disce viator 

The expresHion eoniunx subluetuosa finds a parallel in the " deplo- 
rable mother M of Englwh epitaphs. Mr. Fleetwood married 
Mary Caryl, March 20th, 1694, and their daughter Mary, bap. 
tized May 22nd, 1703, married, October 17th, 1724, Richard 
Ben yon, who afterwards became Governor of Madras (January 
23rd, 1735, to January 17th, 1744) and wag succeeded by 
Nicholas Morse (see No. 1 34). 


17th Mar. 
1712 and 
16th Jan, 

Thomas and 
Violante Plumb. 

In hoc delubro conduntur < ssa nautae peritiesinii et morcatoris 
seluli Thomae Plumb, qui postqua multa marina peregisset 
itinera, liberali beatus fortuna, in hao civitate niagistratus 
illuxit integorrimus. Jam vero portum attigit felicissimum 
unde reditum nemo oxoptat, thesaurum pretiosiorem in 
cselo reperturus. Hie etiam in Christo roquiescit uxor eius 
dilectissima Violantb, quae mariti famse familiaeque emolu- 
mento prudenter consuluit. Tile obiit 17 Mar. 1711-12 
annoque aetatis 50. 111a obiit 16 January 1713-14 annoque 
ratatis 42. 

Thomas Plumb married, August 3rd, 1697, Violante Tut tee 
(Casteez), a widow with an estate of her own, whose husband 
Edward had been murdered in Siam. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Thomas, son of Christopher 
and Floritntta Cradock, who departed this life on the 13th 
August 1712 in the 4th year of his age. 

Captain Cradock died in Calcutta, July 30th, 17r4, aged 33. He 
married Florentia Charleton 3rd April 1707. Their son Christo* 
pher was born in 1710 and on May 24th 1736 married Grace, 
daughter of Thomas Cooke. She died on May 1st, 1749, at 
Fort St. David, aged 29. Florentia Cradock re-married William 
Warre, March 1st, 1715. In 1735 Christopher Cradock command- 
ed the Hoyal George, one of the Company's ships. His 
daughter Florentia married in December 1754 Alexander Wyneh, 
Governor of Fort St. George from February 2nd, 1773, to 
Docembor 11th, 1775 (see No. 122). 

66 25th Oct. Lucy and Gabriel Here lyeth interr'd tho body of Lucy, daughter of Robert 

65 13th Aug. Thomas Cradock. 

1712 and 
4th July 




23rd Oct. 

Richard Smith 

8th Aug. Edward Bulkley. 

Fleetwood, formerly Chief of Metchlepatam and wife of 
Gabriel PomrER, Captain Commandant in Fort St George. 
She departed this life the 25th of October 1712, in the 48th 
year of her age. Here is also interr'd the body of Captain 
Gabriel Potrier, who departed this life the 4th day of 
July 1716, in the 46th year of his age, having served tho 
Hon'ble East India Company upwards of seventeen years in 
Military employs. 

Lucy Fleetwood who was the daughter of Robert and Margery 
Fleetwood was thrice married : (1) to John Field, (2) to George 
Croke, September 25th, 1689, and (3) to Gabriol Poirier, June 
8th, 1699 (see No. 36). Mary Poirier an infant died November 
26, 1700. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of Richard Smith, who departed 
this life the 23rd day of October Anno Domini 1712. 

"From his monument on the South Esplanade near the 
General Hospital 

Sacrum hoc Monumentum perenni Memorise Edwardi Bulk- 
ley Honorabili Anglorum Societat? medici feliciter experti 
et ipeaB tandem a Con si li is Qui cum Natures arcana diu 



Date. Name. Inscription. 

(1) (2) (3) <*) 


indagasset, laeto aniino ipsae satisfecit VIII 0 Augusti 
MDCCXIV 0 et Anno aetatis suae climacterico. Ne mireris 
Viator, quod in horto ubi animum perpoliebat, Corpus 
Suum Voluit reponi, boatam Sperans Resurrect ionem. 

Coat of arms with 3 bulls heads Knight's Casque and bull heads 

A heavy granite tomb surrounded by a railing on the Esplanade 
near the General Hospital. We read in Lockyer (Account of 
Trade in India, 1711), " The Hospital joins the New-House by 
the Water Gate to the northward, is a long building, and has 
a piazza with a paved court in front of it ; at one end of the 
court is the Plaifiter-room and at the other an apothecary's 
shop, where the medicines are prepared after the prescriptions of 
the ingenious Dr. B— y." He was fifth of council in 1711 
(see No. 106). 

He compiled the first list of Madras birds. 

69 6th May William Warri . . Hio jaoot Gulielmus Warrb arraiger, qui sub Honorabili 
1715, Anglorum Societate variis functus officiis, Madraspatnae 

tandem tertius a consiliis mortem oppetit vi Maii 
MDCCXV, natus circiter xxxv annos. Here lyeth 
William Warrb, Esq., who havoing served the Honour- 
able Company in sovorall stations, dyed (while he was 
third of Council in Fort St. George) on the 6th of May 1715, 
aged about 35 years. 

He is of the same family as the present Headmaster of Eton ( 1 905). 
He married (1) Ann Nicks 20th May 1704, and (2) Florentia Cra- 
dock 1st March 1715. 

. • Here lyeth interr'd the body of Joseph Smart, merchant, who 
(after having served the Rt. Hon'ble Company in severall 
stations many years) departed this life on the 13th of Decem- 
ber 1715, being then 5th in Council of Fort St. Ceorgo, and 
aged about 30 years. 

Probably a brother of Jonathan Smart, who died at Calcutta, 
September 4th, 1745, aged 48. Wood Smart, Factor, died June 
28th, 1733. 

71 27th July Hannah Lboo . . Here lyeth the body of Hannah Lego, the wife of John Logg, 

1717 # Esq., one of the Council, and Mayor of this place, who 

bemoaning the loss of his dear and faithf ull spouse, comforts 
himself with the hope that he shall follow her to a happy 
state. She dyed in child bed cn the 27th of July 1717 in the 
23rd year of her age. 

She was the daughter of Captain Francis Seaton by his second wife 
Hannah Mackrith, born July 1695 and married February 1st 
1713. Thomas Mackrith was at Hooghly with Charnock and 
Tronchfield in 1686. 

72 7th Feb. Elizabith Jennings Here lyeth interr'd the body of Elizabeth Jennings, wife of 

1719. William Jennings, Esq., second in Council of this plaoe, 

who dyed in childbed the 7th day of February 1718-9 in the 
30th year of her age,haveing left issue one son by her former 
husband Mr. Robert Wrighte, and two sons and two daugh- 
ters by said William Jennings, Esq. 

She was a Miss Hart. William Jennings married (1) Elizabeth 
Wrighte June 24th, 1711, and (2) Deborah Higginson in July 
26th, 1724. Mr. Robert Wrighte died October 16th, 1709 
(see No. 53). 

Mr. Jennings was appointed last in Council by the letter recalling 
Governor Pitt, 1709. 

70 13th Deo. Joseph Smart 







(2) (3) (4) 

73 8th Aug. PetbrLtjdbrSaban. Hero lyoth interred the body of Peter Luder Saban, who died 




8th Sept. 

Stephen Barry 

18th Sept. DoMrNOAS Barker. 


6th Jan. 

Franoisoa Melio- 





25 th April 

4th May 

6th May 
1720 and 
29th Oct. 

Joitn TtfRTON 

Henry Davy 

Thomas and Chris- 
topher RobsOn. 


26th Juno 
1720 and 
30th Sept. 

VOL. 1—3 

Mary and William 

the 8th of August 1719, aged 21 years. 

He is entered in the Burial Register as '* Peter Lubee, the Govern- 
or's servant." From January 1717 to January 1720 Joseph 
Collet was Covornor. A suburb beyond Royapuram is still called 
Kalatipettuh after him. 

Here lies interr'd the body of Stephen Barry, who dyed the 
8th day of September Anno Domini 1719, aged about 24 

He is entered in the Burial Register as Stephen Berry, merchant. 

Aqui esta sepultado o corpo de Domingas Ribeira, legitima 
filha de Antonio Ribeira, e Sobastiana Roiz, e viuva de 
Joao Barker, a qual faleceo aos 18 do Setembro de 1719 
annos : set at is 69. 

Her husband was schoolmaster and died December 4th, 1707, 
A Sebastiana Ribeira married J<,hn Cloudhervey, May 20th, 

Aqui esta sepultada Franoisoa Mblioque filha do Luis Melio- 
que e de Antonia Postanha Fialha, natural de Madrasta- 
patam molher que foy de Dom. Hyeronimo de hita, a qual 
falecoo do segundo parto de ydade de 17 annos aos 6 de 
Janeiro de 1720. Roquieseatin Paco. 

Don Joronimo do Ytta y JSalazar married M. Franoisoa Melique. 
Their daughter, Donna Cecilia, born at Madras in 1718 inherited 
2 houses (one in Whito Town and one in Black Town) from 
hor mother and married Francisco Antonia Figuoroa of Manila 
(Lovo II, 468). Don Jeronimo died at Pondichorry in 1751. 

Here lye th interred the body of JotfN Tcjrton, who after having 
served the Hon'ble Company for the space of nine years 
was at length preforr'd to be youngest of Council in this 
piaco, in which station he departed this life on the 25th 
day of April Anno Domini 1720, aged about 27 years. 

[Hero lies interred the body of Henry Davy, nephew to Owon 
Buckingham, Esq., who having sorved the Honourable 
Company about four years, departed this life May 4th, 1720, 
aged 25 years]. 

Urquhart. He was one of the Company's Writers. 

Here lyes interred ye body of Thomas Robson, Surgeon, who 
after having served ye Hoii'bJo Compy. as Cheif Surgeon 
of this plaoo upward of 11 years, departed ys life May ye 6th 
1720, aged 37 years. Also ye body of Christopher, son of 
Thos. and Diana Robson, born September ye 6th 1718, 
dy'd October ye 29th 1719. 

Ho Tuarried Diana Bridges, February 23rd, 1709, and in 1718 
received the estate of the late^Robert Bridges, who had married 
Diana Baggs, May 13th, 1603, Edward Bulkley standing 
" father." 

Here lyes interred ye body of Mary Griffin, wife of William 
Griffin, cooper of Madrass, who departed this life in child- 
birth ye 26th of June in ye 39th year of her age. A. Dom. 
1 7?A Also the body of William Griffin, cooper of Madrass 
who departed ys life Sept. 30th 1722, aged 42 years. 

Master Cooper was one of the lesser appointments, as also wio 
master carpenter and master brioklayer. 





MADRAS CITY — cont. 




(2) (3) (4) 


1st Nov, Anne Kbmeys . . [Here lieth the body of Annb Kemeys, sister to Captain 
1721. Reginald Kemeys, Commander of the Ship Monmouth on 

which she arrived here the 31st July 1721 and died the 1st 
of November following in the 22nd year of her age. Thalami 
expertem sine criraine vitam legit.] 

11th Sept. Elizabeth Hart 


16th Oct. 

John Matjbert 

[Here also lieth the body of Elizabeth Hart, wife of Samuel 
Hart, and mother-in-law to Robert Wrtghte, who departed 
this life the 1 1th September 171 1, in the 38th year of her age.] 

This tombstone lias disappeared, but tho inscription is given in 
Urquhart. Charles Boddam, senior, married 25th June 1716 
Mary Hart, doubtless a relation. 

Here lieth inter 'd tho body of John Maubert, Diamond 
merchant, aged about 37 yoars and departed this life the 
15th of October 1721. Ho liv'd in Madrass about eleven 
years with a perfect reputation and design 'd to England had 
he liv'd till January 1721-2. 

He resignod tho Company's service in 1715. At Cossimbazar in 
Bengal lies buried another diamond merchant Mr. Lyon Prager, 
May 12th, 1793. 


J 5th Dec. 

Francis Hastings. M.S. Fran. Hastings. 

84 9th Jan. William Smith 


13th Mar. John Turner 



16th May 

5th Mar. 
1723, 22nd 
1725 and 
1st Sept. 

Judith Smith 

Catesby Oadham, 

Richard English. 

No date. Hastings acted as Governor from January 18th, 1720, 
to October 15th, 1721, and was superseded by Nathaniel 
Klwick. Ho died December 15th, 1721, after having made 
good a Bum of 72,000 pagodas he owed to the Company. His 
estate was paid to his brother John Hastings of Gray *s Inn. 
He is said to have been the grandson of Sir Edward Hastings 
and Barbara Devereux, and the great grandson of Hastings , 
second Earl of Huntingdon. 

Hero lies ye body of William Smith, Surgeon who departed 
this life the 9th of January 1721-22 aged about 25 years. 

Here lies the body of John Turner, second son of Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth Turner; born the 13th day of March 1721-2 
and departed ys life the same day. 

Turner was in the Company's service. He married Elizabeth 
Farmer, July 9th, 1717. Their daughter Damaris died Septem- 
ber 22nd, 1722. 

[Here lieth interred the body of JltfDiTH Smith, daughter of 
Colonel John Pery of London, and wife of Captain Nathaniel 
Smith ; she died May 15, 1722, aged 28 years]. 

Here lyeth interr 'd the body of Catesby Oadham who departed 
this life the 5th of March 1722-3, when he was Fourth of 
Council, Mayor, and assay master of this place, in ye 36th 
year of his age. Also the body of Matthew Oadham, who 
departed this life June the 22nd 1725, in the 26th year of his 
age. With these lyes the body of Richard English, who 
dyed the 1st of September 1729, in the 27th year of his age, 

Catesby Oadham married Mary English, October 7th, 1717. 
English, who was in the Company's service, married Rebecca 
Fullagar 17th May 1729 (see No. 99). 

Their child Catesby Oadham died February 16, 1720. 









(2) (3) (4) 


Edwabd Bkooks. Here lyeth interr'd tho body of Ed wahJd Bbooks, who departed 
this life the 19th November in the 54th year of his age. A. 
Domini 1722. 

19th Nov, 


10th Mar. 

Alb xand eb Fuller - 




15th April 

3rd June 

Robert King 

Titus Oates. 


19th Deo. 

John Cotterell 

93 14th Mar. Frances Wendey. 


5th Fob. 

Anton y Ooyle De 

Under this stone lyeth the body of Captain Alexander 
Fullerton, born in Argyleshire, North Brittain, Anno. 
Dom. 1683, and sorv \1 the East India Company as Capt. of a 
compa. of foot soldiers from the year 1709, till ho departed 
this life March 10th A.D. 1723. 

Fullerton and Lieutonant James Roach commanded the successful 
expedition against Trivatore in 1717. (see No. 1364). 

Here lyoth intorr'd ye body of Robert Kino, third son of 
Robert King, Esq., of Blackberry-end, in the county of 
Hertford, who departed this life the 15th of April 1723, 
in the service of the Honble Coiupy., aged 20 years. 

Here lyeth interred tho body of Titus Oates, son of Samuel and 
Mary Oates of Yarmouth, who was sometime Pilote of 
Bengali River, he departed this life ye 3rd June 1723 in ye 
45 year of his age. 

Deaths at Calcutta 1719 Mar. 12. Christopher Oates infant i 

Ap. 2, SamueJ Oatos infant. 
There is notliing to connect this " Captain " Titus Oates with hi« 
not orious namesake. His grandson Captain Thomas Oates of tho 
Artillery marriod Ann Polling 4th September 1709. Thoinag 
and Elizabeth Pelling, her parents, are buried in Vepery church- 
yard. Captain Oates diod at Trichinopoly, July 10th, 1772, aged 
32 (see No. 2675). 

Here lyoth interred the body of John Cottbrell who departed 
this iife ye 19 December in the 52nd year of his age. A. 
Domini 1724. 

H.M. luctui sacrum et memoriae Fkanciso&j Wendby, quam 
plurimis animi cselcstis dotibus ornatam inter doolostes 
roeipi spe ramus. Obiit Prid. Id. Martii anno redemptionis 


liev. Thomas Wendey, tho second Chaplain of thut name, married 
Francos widow of Capt. James Johnson, October 18th, 1724. 
There was another James Wcndoy, Chaplain in 1698. 

Hie jacet Antonius Coyle De Barnaval, splendore natalium 
in Hibernia clarus, sod clarior acerrima catholica) religionis 
Profossione quam (pareutum a^rnmnis totiusquo familiad 
bom /rum iactura minimo attuntis) ad cxtnvrnum usque 
vitse scrvavititerum (divinofaventenumine) divitiis afiluens, 
pietatis antiqua) non immemor charitatis officiis aliisque 
virtu tibus enituit et sic fort una) bonis et gratia) cumulatus 
migravit ad dominum, cetatis sua), 50, Februarii 5, 


His wife was Antonia do Carvalho. Their son Francis married at 
Pondicherry, Novomber 17th, 1738, Marie Rose Vincens, aged 
16, t he eldest daughter of Madame Joanno Duplcix by her 
first husband Jacques Vincens " consoiller au consoil supgrieur, 
originaire de Montpollier." Barnwell's name occurs frequently 
in the records during the siege and capt ure of Madras by Labour* 
donnais in 1746, when both he and his wife wore taken prisoner!. 
Madame Vincens marriod Dupleix at Chandernagore, April 17th, 
1 741 . Two other daughters by her first husband, Anne Christina 
(born 1726) and Jeanne Susanne (born 1728), were married at 
Pondicherry on the same day, July 29th, 1743, to Jacques 

VOL. I — 3a 






(2) (3) (4) 


Duval d'Espremenil, afterwards commandant of Madras during 
tho French occupation and Francois Corneillo de SchonamiUe 
Governor of Dutch Bankybazar. (A Mr. Schonimelle from Pon- 
dichorry diod at Fort St. George, January 8th, 1722). Readers 
of Carlyle will remember the part played in the early days of the 
French Revolution by the son of this d'Espremenil. 

26th Mar. 

19th Aug. 

Richard Williams. 

Thomas Aubonb. 

15th April 
1725, etc. 

Joseph Powney, 
George Powney, 
James Powney, 
Maky Goodwin, 
Gboboe Heron, 
John Pownjy. 

7th Juno PldHARD Higgin- 
1726. son. 

Hero Jyeth interred the body of Captain Richard Williams, 
brother to Captain Anthony Williams, who depaited this life 
tho 26th day of March 1725 in tho 59th year of his ago. 
See No. 26. 

Hore lyeth tho body of Captain Thomas Axjbone, Commander 
of ye James and Mary, who departed this life the 19th day 
of August 1725, in the 49th year of his age. 

The shipwreck of tho bettor known Royal Jame* and Mary which 
gave its name to tho sand bank, occurred in 1694 — vide a letter to 
t ho Court, from Chuttanuttoo, dated Decembor 14th of that yoar ; 
'* Tho Royal James and Mary (James II and Mary of Modena) 
arrived in BallaHore Road from the Went Coast i.e., (Sumatra) in 
August, with 286 Behars and 415 lbs. of pepper, and redwood 
268 candy 16 maunds which she took in at Madrass ; but coming 
up the rivor of Hugley on the 24th of September she fell on a 
Band this side Tamboloe point, and was unfortunately lost, for 
she immediately ovorsott and broke her back, with the loss of 
four or five men's lives." 

The following inscriptions are taken from their vault on the 
north Esplanade : — 

Here lion interred the body of Joseph Powney, who departed 
thin life 15th April 1725, aged 2 years and 5 months ; likewise 
hiB eldest brother George Powney, who departed this life 
anno Pc mini 8th December 1732, aged 25 years and 5 
days ; likewise James Powney, born the 30th of June 1734 
and died the 6th of July following ; Here Heth interred 
tho body of Mary Goodwin, wife of Cornelius Goodwin 
and one of tho daughters of Captain John Powney, who 
departed this life the 10th November 1742, aged 23 years and 
7 months ; Hero lieth interred the body of Captain George 
Heron, born in July 1646, and departed this life the 2nd 
May 1727, in the 81st year of his age, then a sojourner in 
India 61 years : likewise the body of Captain John Powney 
10th September 1740, aged 57 years, at whose charge this 
tomb is erected. 

This monument is in the High Court enclosure. George Heron 
born in 1646 was appoint od pilot apprentice in 1668 with five 
others. Ho was the first to make a chart of the Hooghly river 
with instructions, and these tho Directors causod to be printed. 
The earliest British ship to go up the Hooghly was the Falcon in 
1679, commanded by Captain Stafford. John Powney, a sea 
captain, married George Heron's daughter Mary, February 15th, 
1706. Hickcy's " Gazette " records " Deaths at Madras. May 
the 7th, 1780, Mrs. Mary Powney, upwards of one hundred years 
of age, the relict of Captain Powney commanding a ship out of 
Madras, and the oldest resident there." Mrs. Powney had 
seventeen children, one of whom was Thomas Powney, C.S. , 
born 1721. Thomas Powney married Miss Catherine de la 
Metric in 1761, May 20. Captain Powney was descended from 
Richard Powney, of Old Windsor. 

Here lyeth interr'd the body of RidHARD Higginson, eon of 
Nathaniel Higginson, Esq., formerly Governor of Fort 
St. George. He dyed the 7th of June 1726 in the ?2nd year 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

fieria Date . Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


of his ago ; being then 7th in Council. He was a man 
greatly esteem'd for his integrity. 

Nathaniel Higginson, first Mayor of Madras and Governor (October 
23rd, 1C92, to July 7th, 1698) in supersession of Elihu Yale» 
married Elizabeth Richardson 31st May 1692, a few months 
before he became Governor. Peter Large (No. 29) officiated as 
" Father," and gave her away. 

99 10th May John Ftjllaoar .. Here lyoth interred the body of John Fullagar, who departed 
1727. this life May tho 10th, 1727, in the 27th year of his age. 

He was in tho Company's service and married Rebecca Floyer 
April 23rd 1724. His widow married Ricliard English, May 17th 
1729 (No. 87). 

100 1 31 h Dec. Thomas Tully . . [Here lieth interred the body of T&Omas Tully, who departed 
1727. this life the 13th day of December Anno 1727, in the 33rd 

year of his age.] 

The stone has disappeared. 

George Tullie a Junior MorcJiant and ft >rmor Registrar of the Mayor's 
Court, was a nephew of Thomas Tullie, Dean of Carlisle. He 
had several brothers of whom Capt. Timothy Tullie of the Hano* 
ver appears to have been one and Philip Tullie a Civil servant, 
another. Anne Tullie married Samuel Groenslate July 8, 1724. 

The Registers of February 12th, 1727-8, record : "The Revd, 
Mr. William Leeke being lately dead, about six o'clock thia 
evoning Captain Timothy Tullie and Mrs. Eleanor How went to 
the church and were married by the Rev. Mr. Benjamin Schult&e, 
a German minister, one of tho missionarys for propagating the- 
gospel. The worshipful George Morton Pitt, Esq., gave her.** 
Pitt, who was a distant cousin of Governor Thomas Pitt of 
diamond fame, was Governor from 1730 to 1735, 

Sarah How was a widow in 1 700. William How was a free merchant 
in 1700. He married Ann Hollier April 8, 1701. John Mitchell 
a soldier and school-master married his daughter in 1715 clandes- 
tinely (Love II- 164). 

Another George Tullie E.I.C. obiit November 8, 1724. 

101 31st Jan. Frakcis Rush Here lieth the body of Francis Rush, lato Ensign in the Hon'ble 

1730. Company's service who departed this life on the 31st of Janri 

in the 36th year of his age anno domini 1729-30. 

He married Mary Johnson, August 20th, 1722, and she married 
for her second husband John Holme January 4th, 1730. 

Thomas Consett died and was buried July 21st, 1730. 

He was the son of Henry Consett of York, gent., and was educated 
at Beverley Suhool. He was admitted to St. John's College, 
Cambridge in 1694, aged 17 ; and graduated B.A., in 1697. He 
was ordained at York — deacon 1698-99, priest 1702. Later on 
he was appointed Chaplain to the English community at Moscow, 
He returned to England in 1728, and took his M.A. degree. He 
arrived at Fort St. George at the end of 1729 and died there 
within a year. His child Elizabeth died on September 22, 1729. 
When Thomas Consett came as Chaplain to Fort St. George, he 
took with him a wife, three children and a maid servant. The 
widow, Catharina Consett was in Madras down to 1 744 or later. 

103 1730 . . Hovanjah . . . . This is the tomb of Hovanjan, son of Petrus of the family of 

Aintz. In thefyear of the Saviour 1730. (Translation from 
tho Armenian). 

102 21st July Thomas Consktt 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


104 2nd June Joseph Walsh . . Here lieth interred the body of Joseph Walsh, who departed 

1731. this life the 2nd day of June MDCCXXXI, aged 37 yoars. 

«« Secretary". Son of Enoch WaUh (a writer at Fort St. George in 
1688) and his wife Elizabeth Child who were married January 
11th, 1690. On December 28th, 1721 he married Elizabeth 
Maskolyno, and his daughter Elizabeth, born September 1731, 
married, May 7th, 1750, Joseph, the son of Randall and Anne 
Fowke. Their daughter Margaret marriod Sir John Benn, Bart. 
and became mother of the first Lord Ormathwaite. Enoch Walsh 
was in tho Company's servico at Bombay, but was removod from 
there for debt and inattention to the Company's affairs. In 
1702 ho fought a duel with Ralph Hartley, who was severely 

Joseph Walsh's widow Elizabeth Walsh was buried November 24, 
1734, another Elizabeth Walsh obiit March 5, 1694. 

105 22nd Oct. David Murray Horo lyoth interr'd the body of David Murray, late of Eden- 

1732. burgh in Scotland, who served the Hon. Company in the 

station of Chief Gunner of Fort St. George, in which station 
he dyed horo the 22nd of October in ye 45 year of his ago. 
Anno Domini 1732. 

The coat of arms boars the motto " in utrumque paratua." 

106 20th Apr. John Bulklby . . [Horo lieth interred the b >dy of John Bulklby, Esq., who 

1732. was in the service of the United East India Company and 

at his decease Major for tho Town of Madraspatnam. He 
dopartod this life the 20th of April Anno J )omini 1732, aged 
36 years]. 

107 , 13th Jan. John Carvalho . . Quae pauperutn tabernas regumque turres a>quo pede pulsat 

1733. impia mors, dilectum hunc deo et hominibus, cuius memoria 

in bonedictione est, impie sustulit Joannem scilicet 
Carvalho, viduarum et orphanorum dofensorein, pauperum 
patrem, amicorum solatium, famili^e decus. Diem obiit 
supremum Januarii 13 MDCCXXXIII. Pio lectori. 
Humana cuncta fumus, umbra, vanitas 1 Et sconae imago 
et verbo ut absolvam nihil. Extremum (Lector) hoote 
alloquor sBternum ut gaudeam tu approcare. 

Two of the last linos are iambics. Mrs. Carvalho died in Madras 4th 
June 1791. Her aged mother (Mrs. Holcombe) having paid the 
groat debt of nature, the daughter said she had lived enough. 
Mrs. Ilolcombe died at San Thome on Friday tho 13th March 
1 790. There are Carvalhos buried in the Moorghihatta Cathodral, 
Calcutta ; Anne St. Hilairo, born in Madras 14 ox patro nobili 
Gallo matroquo Angla oriunda," who married Alexander de 
Carvalho and died Octobor 28th, 1747, aged 30 ; and Jolin and 
Claud, sons of Antony Barnoval (No. 94) and Antonia Carvalho, 
who died infants in 1715. Tho Horatian quotation which begins 
this epitaph is also found at Calcutta on the tomb of 
Mr. John Ross, merchant, where an English version from 
- " Francis ' translation " is appended. 

Mr. Augustus Carvalho married Mariana De Monto November 6, 

108 3rd Aug. Anne and Randall Here lioth interr'd the body of Anne Fowke, who after haveing 
1734 and Fowke. lived with her husband Randall Fowke, near twenty one 
2nd Oct. years, with a character irreproachable, blameless and 
1745. unspotted ; departed this life on Satturday the 3rd of 

August 1734, aotat 50. Likewise the body of Randall 
Fowke, who departod this life the 2nd of October 1745 
aged 72 years, forty of which he spent in the East India 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Eerie 1 




(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Company's service, and many in Council at Fort St. Georg©, 
with the general character of an honest man. 

Fowko married Anne May, Docomber 21st, 1713. Their eon 
Joseph, born October 1716, married Elizabeth Walsh May 
7th, 1750. Her mother, Elizabeth Maskolyno, was aunt to 
Clivo's wife, whoso brother was a civil servant. Clivo's marriage 
entry runs : " Robert ("live, Esq., and Margaret Maskelyne, 
February 18th, 1753, by Mr. Fabricius." 

K an dull Fowko, who was * disci uarged from the Ciunroorn crew * 
in 1703, was appointed Factor in 1711, and a Councillor five 
years lator. 


5th Oct. 

Maria Mkndes 

110 1734 

Isaac Shabbiman. , 


2nd April 

Francis Rous 


281 h June 


Christiane lector oeulos et pium ammuni hue vertere ne 
graveris, defunct® animae. maximum facturus levamen. 
Maria Henriques, quara ob Emmanuele Henriques et 
Felij>pa Botelha progenitam Dominicoquo Mendes coniuga- 
tam Iafanapatam in lucum edidit lucis usura orbata hoc 
clauditur sub marmore. Obiit tertio nonas octobris 

Ano Dili MDCCXXX1V aitatis sua3 XXXIV. 

Domingo Mendes had a houso in York stroot, rented at one pa- 
goda in 1688. The coat of amis bears a curious picture of a 
church, probably St. Andrew's in the Fort, shortly afterwards 

Jn clara Cherimanoium stirpe quam ex Zacchara Rosaque 
patribus vitam duxit annos 39 natus hanc deo soluit hio 
jacens Isaac Aemenuw mercator ; qui vere pius, vere dea 
datus, labili fort una non captus, in coelo sibi fecit 1ocu1ob„ 
quo fur non appropriat neque tinea corrumpit, anno 1734. 
Lector quid cumulas argenti pondus et auri, Virtutes veraa 
accipe divitias ; Omnia cui vivunt ora me cernere regenu 

The use of the rare Latin word " labili " is noticeable. The 
Cherimani or Xeremani are tho famous Armenian family of 
Shahriman. They profess tho Catholiu faith " ex illustri 
Xerimunorum stirpe in Persia oriundi sed vera fide magis 
laudandi " as recorded on a Calcutta tombstone. In Julfa 
they built their own church and a Hammam known as Shah- 
riman's Ham main. A branch of the family is settled in Venice. 
The translation of the Armenian part of this epitaph is as 
follows " This is the tomb and resting place of one of noble 
birth ; his name is called Sahak, son of Khojah Zaehariah, 
who is of tho family of Shahriman of Julfa, and ho was 39 years 
of age when he delivered his soul to the Lord. In tho year 
1 1 84 of t he Armenian ora, 6th Daman." 

[Francis Rous] 

Is a brother of Sir William House, Chairman of the Directors 
in 1740; married Margaret Mansell on Feb. 10, 1732-3. 
She remarried Rev. Robert Wynch. 

Francis Rous who had long been a free merchant, appears to have 
joined tho service as ninth member of council. 

Intus reconduntur ossa Ioannis Goulding, Angli apud 
Londinenenses nati, qui artem arithmeticam, in qua fuit 
bene versatus, industria fere singular] negotiis eommerciali- 
bus feliciter applicavit, quern domtnus (Jeorgius Mortonu* 
Pitt, huius loci Prases, sagax ille meriti indagator sub 
nomine privati secretaii: ad ,>e advocavit ; cuius scientiam, 
diligentiam, integritatem, officio machinarum praefecti 
remuneravit, deinde relinquens rerum administrationem 
domino Ricardo Benyon successori bene merito servnm 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


bene nierentem recommendavit, qui gumma cura, labor© 
indefesso, fiduciam sibi commissam persolvit, adeo ut plus 
aliis quern sibi vixisse omnes qui ilium noverint confitebuntur 
et nesoientibus dona testamentaria aeque ao manu data idem 
testantur. In quibus grati animi indicia plane exhibuit, 
quippe qui liberalitatem exercuit, orga patroni amicos pari 
mens ura ac erga suos et magnara faeultatum partem aliis 
logans, reliquam dominis praedians, neenon divitiarum sub 
deo authoribus redonavit, const ituens illos testamenti 
exeou tores et lueredcs residuarios : obiit XXVIII die Junii 
anno salutis MDCCXXXVUI, aetatis XLII, cujus memori» 
G.M.P. et R.B. hoc monumentum posuere. 

The Burial Register simply doseribos him as gunner of the place, 
by which is meant commandant of the Fort artillery, but he 
had evidently made himself useful in othor rospocts to the two 
Governors mentioned in the inscription, George Morton Pitt 
(May 14th, 1730, to January 23rd, 1735) and Richard Benyon 
(January 23rd, 1735, to January 17th, 1744). 

Here lies the body of Ann Plumb, daughter of William and 
Ann Plumb who departed this life the 12th day of October 
1739, agod 12 years. Likewise the body of Henry Craw- 
ford, late of this place, Merchant, who dyod the 20th day 
of January 1741 [1742 ?] aged 53 years. 
Though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my 
flesh shall I see Uod. Job, chap. 19. V. 16. 

Crawford is entered in the Burial Kouister as a free merchant. 
He married Ann Plumb, May 13th, 1730. (Seo No. 64.) 

Here lyoth tho body of Georgia Torriano, Esq., late of Council 
of this place, who departed this life on the 16th day of May 
1741, aged 41 years. Also of Susanna Catharina his 
wife, who departed this lifo on tho 15th day of September 
following agod 37 years. 

George Torriano was the son of Nathaniel Torriano and his wife 
Elizaboth Renouf. He was the brother of Dorothy Lucas, 
Mrs. Charles Proby (No. 9). When supercargo, of the China 
ship Hertford, ho was admitted factor in 1719 "as being well 
skilled in both the French and Portuguese languages." He 
married Susanna Catharina de Dorpere, April 4th, 1725. 
Tho Richard Torriano, writer, among the Black Hole victims, 
must have been his son. Another of tho name, Charlos, was 
in tho Madras Artillery in 1756 ; and was probably related to 
the Bombay officer, Captain John Samuel Torriano, who suc- 
cessfully defended Onore against Tjppoo in 1783. Another 
Torriano, William Ilarcourt, was in the Madras Civil Service, 
1766 to hS07. His wife Lydia died at Nogapatam, October 
17th, 1795, aged 38 (No. 2511). 

115 6th June Edward Miohbll. In memory of Mr. Edward Miohell, son of Michellof 

1741. Chilteru in the county of Wilts, Esq r ., who after having 

served the Honble English East India Company upwards of 
nine years departed this life on the 6th day of June 1741 
in the 28th year of his age. This monument is erected 
in compliance with his last will by his Executors. 

Henry Chichely Michell Esq., a covenanted civilian of seven 
years' standing who filled tho post of Company's undertaker 
in 1784, married Miss Catherine Anne Finley Docernber 15, 
1785. He was married at Maddapolam by William Duff Com- 
mercial Resident. 
Mr. Thomas Mitchel Secretary to the East India Company died 
on February 1, 1731 

113 12th Oct. Ann Plumb, Henry 

1739 and Crawford. 
26th Jan. 

114 16th May Gborqh and Susan- 

and 15th na Torriano. 







(1) (2) (3) (4) 



10th Dec. 

Naroiza DaSylva. 


1st Jan. 

Eleanor Pye 


2nd Oct. 

James Feilde 


4th Sept. 

Noah Casamayor. 

120 17th Nov- Georqe Swynfen. 



Thomas Colefax. 


3rd J une 
and 11th 

Sophia and Harry 

Aqui esta sepultado o corpo de Naroiza Ignaoia Parao 
filhade Ioao Parao natural do Madrastapatam, mulher que 
foi de Francisco Toze DaSylva, a qual faloceo do Primero 
parto do idado do 14 annos aos 10 do Dozombres do 1742. 
Podo polio amor do Deus aos dovotos que ierem oto. hum 
Padre nosso o huma Avo Maria pop sua alma. 

Hero lyes the body of Eleanor Pyb relict of Capt. John Pye, 
who departed this life the 1st of January 1743, agod 48 

She was well born and was loft as a ward in trustoos. Sho wm 
a schoolmistress. Ann Pye hor daughter married Fobs West- 
cott, a merchant, May 3rd, 1743, and her jointure was ad- 
ministered by St. Mary's Vestry. Goorgo Wostcott, their 
son, died May 8th, 1809, aged 61 (see No. 306). 

Chaplain James Feilde. 

Born at Hertford in 1714 was educated at Westminister School* 
St. Peter's Cambridge; graduated B.A- in 1734 and M.A- 
1738. He died at Fort St. George October 2nd 1746 (hurried 

James Feild was appointed chaplain in 1743 and arrivod at Forb 
St. George in August 1743. 

Hero lyes interred the body of Noah Casamayor, who diod 
September tho 4th A.D. 1746, aged 45 yoars. 

He marriod, June 15th, 1736, Rebecca, daughter of Captain James 
Powney, and is entered in the Burial Register as factor and 
registrar of the Mayor's Court. His son Jamas Henry had a 
daughter Jane Amelia, who married Mr. (afterwards Sir) Henry 
Russell, Bart. % in Octobor 1808, and dying the same year, has 
a monument to her memory in the Fort Church (No. 405). 
Casamajor Road perpotuatos the family name in Madras. 

George Swynfen. 

Chaplain George Swynfen matriculated at Pembroke College 
Oxford in 1737 aged 19; he graduatod B.A. from Merton 
College Oxford 1741, and proceeded to M.A., 1746. He 
at Fort St. George of a rapid consumption in November 1750. 

Georgo Swynfen arrived on the 8th September 1749 at Fort St. 
David and began to draw pay from tliat date. In December 
1749 he went to Fort St. George. 

Thomas Colefax. 

Chaplain Thomas Colefax, educated at Shrewsbury School and St. 
John's Collogo, Cambridge, died at Fort St. Goorgo in August 
1752 having only arrived with his wifo in June. He was buried 
on 27th August 1752. His wifo was given a passage home 
in 1753. 

Hero lieth interred tho body of Sophia Wynoh, wife of Alexan- 
der Wynch, Esq., and one of tho daughters of Edward 
Croke, Esq., who departed this lifo the 3rd of June 1754, 
N.S., agod 25 years. Likewise the body of Harry Wynoh 
son of Alexander and Sophia Wynch, who departed this 
life the 11th of December 1754, agod one year and eight 

The second daughter of Edward Croke, Governor of Fort St. 
David, and sister of the well-known Begum Johnson (born 
April 10th, 1725, diod February 3rd, 1812), who lies buried in 
St. John's Churchyard, Calcutta, and was the great grand- 
mother, by her third husband, William Watts, of Lord Liver- 
pool, Prime Minister of England in 1812. Alexander Wynoh 








(2 (3) 






22nd July 

2nd July 



became Governor of Madras. He married for his second wife 
Florentia Cmdock December 30th, 1754. She died September 
9th, 1802, at Roydon Hall in England (see Nos. 65, 130 %nd 

Chaplain Robert Wynch married in 1739 Margaret (Mansell) 
widow of Francis Roue of the Co*b. service, brother to Sir William 
Rous. Wynch wont to Fort William in 1743 and died there in 
1748 without issue. Robert was related to George Wynch 
of the Co's. Bongal Service. His wife died in 1741. Francis 
Rous of council was buried April 2, 1738. 

In hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection here lyeth the body of 
Lucy Muriell, wife of Mr. Francis Muriel!, free merchant 
of Fort St. George. Sho died July 22nd 1755 in the 20th 
year of her age. 

John Palmer . . [Sacred to the memory of Mr. John Palmer, late a factor 
in the Company's Service, who by dint of industry, judici- 
ously applied, with a due regard to honour and justice, 
raised or rather created from nothing, a small fortune, 
greater part of which, by his own direction, has been applied 
since his death to the relief of the poor. He departed 
this life on the 2nd July 1761 in the 31st year of his age. 
His most intimate friends, whom ho made his executors, 
have erected this monument.] 

(Formerly knoufin as the English Burial Ground &n the Island.) 


14th May *Willum Rogers, 


20tb Sept. 

This stone is erected by a disconsolate family to the memory 
of Captain William Rogers of the Houghton Indiaman ; 
whose duty, love, and the integrity of whose heart from 
the parent, the wife, the brother, and the friend claims 
the just tribute of affliction ; steady in his private attach- 
ments, his affection was sincere and vehement ; a sense 
of honour as strict as man could boast ; in his understanding 
quick ; perfectly solid and most indefatigable in his friend- 
ship ; he was modest, mild, humane, affable and liberal ; 
beloved by all that ever knew him ; his loss is sincerely 
lamented ; to his family it is irreparable. He died at this 
settlement 14th May 1763 in the 32nd year of his age and 
lies here enter'd. 

Captain John Rogers married Miss Jane Merigin 1784, July 21. 

Barbara Dormond. Hie tumulus recondit ossa Barbarae dilectae coniugis Joh- 
annis Dormondii inter militares Anglorum copias centu- 
rionis, quae 19 annos nata anno Salvatoris nostri 1764 20 
Septembris die ex hac vita decessit. 

John Dormond married Barbara Scrimshaw, September 8th, 1761. 
[Capt. John Scrimsour (Scrimshaw) died on March 16, 1763.] 
T.I. Tanner (No. 1133) married Miss Frances May Dormond 
on June 29, 1778. 
John Dormond married Frances Turing November 1 3, 1 758. 


12th Oct. 

Frances Griffin. 

Frances, wife of Joto Griffin, mariner, aged 47 years. 
She performed the duties of daughter, wife and friend with 
applause and her life and death exemplified the sincere 

John Griffin was married to Frances Harris by Robert Palk (Chap- 
lain afterwards Governor from 1763 — 1767) on October 9th, 
1753. A Thomas Griffin , Commander of the Princess Mary % 
died at Trincomalee, September 11th, 1748, aged 48. Robert 

• John Rogers is the name given in Rev. C. H. Maiden's 4 List of Burials at Madras 











Palk 1717-1798 : formerly a naval chaplain who arrived at Fort 
St. David with Bosca wen's fleet in 1748. See Penny's Church 
in Madras pp. 674-5. He married on 7th February 1761 
Anne, daughter of Arthur Vansittart, by whom he had 3 
daughters and one son. His son Lawrence named after his 
old friend Col. Lawrence, was baptised at St. Mary's 6th March 
1766, his wife's name being given as Ann. Robert Palk died 
in May 1798. 

" After the Dismission of Mr. Fordyce, as we wore then without 
any Chaplain, wo thought proper to ontertain the Reverend 
Mr. Robert Palk who has been many years Chaplain to Mr. 
Boscawon, and was strenuously recommended by him.* P. 
to Eng. Vol. XVII, 2nd November 1749. 

Letter from H. Richards of Wadham October 15, 1902 : — Robert 
Palk was admitted as a Servitor to Wadham College Oxford 
April 12, 1736. Matriculated April 15 (Jil. gualteri P. de Ash- 
burton Dovon : plob. at 18) & took his B.A. degree October 
20, 1739. Gardinor refers to Gentleman's Mag. 68 page 445 
about his deacon's orders (Gardiner's Register of Wadham 
College). A daughter of his Martha Palk was buried in Madras 
September 1, 1763. 

128 25th April Charles Griffiths. M. S. Caroli Griffiths, aetatis 40. Huousque peregrinus, 
1768. hio domi. 

Coat of arms with the motto 44 Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis.'* 
Chaplain of Fort St. George from 1762. He was the son of 
Thomas Griffiths of Woolaston, North Hants, pleb. and matri- 
culated at Hertford College, Oxford, January 1744-5, aged 13. 

Charles Griffiths went to India as Chaplain of the 79th or Draper's 
Regiment. It was perhaps he who is referred to by Schwartas 
and Wm. Chambers in their correspondence (Pearson's Life 
of Schwartz, 2nd od. 1835, Vol. i f p. 211 ; Penny's Church in 
Madras, p. 675). 

Hio jacet corpus Hctgi Norton Wallbank, Artillori» Capita 
ani, viri honesti, militis probati, obiit 5 die Nbvembris 
1768, aetatis 33. 

Augustine Walbank married Helena Voy, June 13th, 1709. 
He died October 17, 1720 a Sergeant in Captain Sutherland's 

Here lioth the body of Edward Crokb, Esq., who departed 
this life on the 12th day of February 1769 ; also the body 
of his consort Mrs. Isabella A. Crokb, who departed 
this life on the 4th day of October 1780, aged 69 years, 
and at her request this monument is erected. 

Edward Croke or Crook married Isabella Beizor on Januarv 16th. 
1725/6. Ho was Governor of Fort St. David. Hickey'g 
"Gazette" October 14th, 1780, says "Mrs. Crook fell out of 
her window at her house in the Fort and broke her legs. It is 
thought she will not recover.** (The same letter from Madras 
conveys a list of the officers killed, wounded and taken in the 
last battle under Colonel Baillie with Hyder.) 

Mrs. Isabella Croke left a bequest of 150 star pagodas to the Ve« 
pery Mission (Taylor's History of the Vepery Mission p. 48). 

129 5th Nov. Hf/gh Norton 
1768. Wallbank. 


12th Feb. 
1769 and 
4th Oct. 

Edward and Isa- 
bella Crokb. 


13th Sept. 

Richard Libll 

vol. I — 4A 

To the memory of Mr. Richard Libll, at the age of 26, who 
died on September 13th, 1770. This monument was erected 
by his truly affectionate brother. 

He was chief mate of the Stqfford Indiaman. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 
















9th Feb. 

Samuel Ardley 

Here lies interred the body of Mrs. Frances Mary Munro, 
wife of Dr. Andrew Munro, aged 53 years, who departed 
this life on the 31st day of May Anno Domini 1771 in the 
53rd year of her age. 

Mother of Mis<* Katharine Munro baptised August 22nd, 1744, 
who married Captain James Kiikpatrick, March 14th, 1762, 
and died, January 27th, 1766, aged 22, at Bombay where there 
is a monument to her in the Cathedral. Sho was tho grand- 
mother of the 44 Kitty " Kiikpatrick of Carlylo's Reminiscences. 
Andrew Munro died at Madras, October 26th, 1757. (He 
had two daughters and a son ; Katherine, Margarette Aurora 
and Robert Duncan.) (Love-11 p. 459). His nephew, George 
Smith married his daughter, Margarotta Aurora Munro on 
January 14, 1769. Robert Duncan Munro his son married 
EhVaboth Ksthor Williamson on May 8, 1782. 

Samuel Ardley, Esq., agod 44 years, who served the East 
India Company 22 years, the last 12 of which as a Member 
of the Council of Fort St. George. He lived and died with 
the reputation of an honest man. 

Coat of Arms. Tho date of his arrival in India is 28 April, 1749. 
In 1754 ho was under the Land Customer and Register of the 
Choultry. In 1759 he was in Council. In 1761 ho was Land 
Customer, Military Storekeeper, Rentall General and Scavenger 
at Ma&ulipatam. When a Police Board was formed in 1770 
ho was one of the members of it. It was dissolved on 1st 
March 1771. Robert Alexander Ardley son of Samuel 
Ardley, of Madras, arm., matric. Oriel, 14 December 1791, aged 

134 28th May Nicholas Morse . . Herolieth the body of Nicholas Morse, Esq., once Governor 
1772. of Fort St. George, who departed this life on the 28th May 

1772, agod 72 years. 

Tho shield on his tomb is not a roal coat of arms, but a trade mark, 
such as merchants often used. The Morse family were cloth 
makers of Dedham in Kssex and had no arms. Nicholas 
Morse was the Covernor alluded to by Macaulay, who befriended 
Clive and gave him tho run of his library, thereby enabling him 
to acquire the only book learning he ever possessed. In 1746 
he surrendered Madras to La Bourdonnais, and was sent to 
Pondicherry where, according to the story, he and his council 
wore marched through tho stroots in triumphal procession. 
This capitulation is commemorated in more than one French 
pictorial print of the period : and the keys of Fort St. George 
were to be seen till recently at Pondicherry. Morse was the son 
of Nicholas Morse by his wife Jane Lloyd grand daughter of 
Henry Ireton and the great great grandson of Oliver Cromwell, 
through the Protector's daughter Bridget, who married Colonel 
Ireton. Bridget Iroton's grand daughter, Jano Lloyd, married 
a Morse and becamo the mother of Nicholas, Daniel and three 
daughters. Daniol came out to Fort St. George in 1731, but 
not as a servant of tho Company. He died October 6th, 1761. 
Nicholas arrived in India in 1718 and was married by Schultie 
to Jane Goddard on December 21st 1730. Mr. Charles Peers 
gave her away. Gentleman's Magazine, January 1780, p. 476 
records the death of Mrs. Morse relict of the late Governor of 
Fort St. George in tho East Indies, mother of the late lady of 
Charles Boddam, Esq.. of Bulls Cross, East India Director and of 
the widow of tho late Governor Vansittart. The daughter 
of Nicholas and Jane, Emilia married, June 1st, 1754, Henry 
Vansittart, Governor of Bengal, who was lo9t at Bea in the frigate 
Aurora in December 1769. She died in 1819. Their son 
Nicholas Vansittart born in 1766 became the first Lord Bexley 
in } 823, dying in 1861 at the age of 85. He married on July 
22, 1806, Catherine Isabella, daughter of 1st Lord Auskland, 



Serial Date, Nam©. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) W 


Another daughter Frances married on March 29, 1754, Charles 
Boddani, afterwards Member of Council, whose father was 
captain of a merchant vessel and became a free merchant. 
Charles Boddam, senior, marriod Mary Hart, June 25th, 1716. 
Nathaniel Middleton, Junior merchant, married on 26th 
October 1780 Anna Francos Morse. Mr. William Cator, Factor, 
marriod Miss Sara Morso on 4th November 1780 (See No. 1516). 

135 8th Nov. Thomas Madge .. Here lieth interred the body of Thomas Madge, Esq., late 

}773, Major in the Honourable Company's Service, who departed 

this life the 8th of November Anno Domini 1773, aged 
31 years. 

The stream that winds majestioc \t the plain, 
Adcrns the prospect end delights the swain ; 
If chance the Summer leaves its channel dry, 
The village mourns its absence with a sigh : 
Such sighs, alas !, with Anguish fraught prevail'd, 
When Life's warm stream in Madge's bosom fail'd, 
No more his course sh? 11 Friendship's eye pursue. 
No more be brighten 'd with the pleasing view ! 
Here Madge, thou slcep'st; where now unconquer 

Thy dai ing Spirit and thy Martial vein ? 
Ah I what avails that covetous of praise 
Thou twind'st the Scholar's with the Soldier's bays. 

Major Madge was in Command of the 12th Sepoy Battalion of til 
Madras Army. His relative, Captain E. H. Madge, of the 19th 
Foot commanded at Fort MaoDowall, Kandy (1803) and is 
mentioned in MacKarlane's 44 Indian Empire,'* Torment'* 
' Ceylon," Pridham's " Historical Sketch," Cordiner's 44 Des- 
cription of Ceylon/' and other works. The latter's sons, John 
and James, aro said to have given its name to Madge's Lane, 

In the Asiatic Annual Register for 1807 at page 203 is an account 
of the C. inC.'s (Frederick, Augustus Prince Regent), 13th 
January 1806 ; in the final orders on the Court martial held on 
Captain Madge in Colombo, H.M. does not consider him a fit 
person to bear H.M.'s Commission. The order is that he should 
retire from service, selling his commission at the regulated price. 

136 3rd July John Wood .. John Wood, Esq., lato a Lieutenant-Colonel in tho Honour- 

1774. able Company's Service, aged 48 years. 

There are verses on his tombstone by his wife, who was a Miss 
Elizabeth Owen married July 28th, 1762. Wood was tried by 
court-martial in 1769 for misappropriating stores and for faulty 
disposition of forces in tho field against Hydor, The decision wag 
sent home to the Directors, who ordered that he should be 
dismissed. Wood commanded the garrison at Trichinopoly 
and was a very distinguished soldier. 

Christian Frederick Swartz and William Chambers wero the exe- 
cute i-h of his estate. 

" Two of tho daughters one of whom was marriod to the 
Rev. Basil Wood died of a decline. The son who followed 
the profession of his gallant father is now a Lieut. General 
in the Army and still retains a pleasing remembrance of his 
venerable friend " (Pearson's Life of S waits, pp. 212, 305). 

137 27th Aug. Anne Dufp .. Here lieth the body of Mrs. Anne Duff, wife of Major P. Duff, 
1776. of Hit Honourable Company's Artilleiy on *he Bengal Estab- 

lishment . She died on the 27 th August 1 776, aged 26 years. 
Major-Genera 1 Patrick Duff retired from the Army in July 1799. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Data. Name. Inscription, 


(I) («) (3) <*> 


138 19th April Mary Burrowes . . Here lies tho body of Mrs. Mary Burrowes, wife of Captain 
1778. Thomas Burrowes, in the H.E.I.C.'s Service. She departed 

this life the 19th day of April 1778, aged 22 years and 
7 months. 

Thomas Burrowes entered the Cavalry as a cadet in 1766 and 
resigned in 1790. 

He married firstly Miss Mary Dawkes, April 2nd, 1777. Hi* 
second wife Sarah died at Tanjore, May 23rd, 1789 (see No. 2546). 

Another Misa Dawkes, Honora, married Capt. Philip Pittman on 
December 16, 1772. 

[To the memory of a faithful honest servant John Samll this 
stone was inscribed by his master who many years benefited 
by his service who admired his virtuous living and pays 
this grateful tribute to his remains. He died 1st Juno 
1780, aged 50 years.] 

John Small, Captain's Steward of tho HaUswll Indiaman wem 
buried on 2nd June 1780. 

140 14th June Ann Watson . . Here lieth the body of Ann Watson, daughter of the late 
1780. John Watson, Esq., Superintendent of the Honourable 

Company's Marine and Member of the Council of Bombay. 
She departed this life the 14th of June 1780, aged 19 years. 

Lt. Sam Watson married Eleanor Fielding at Calcutta, 1773, 
Octobor 7. 

In Hiokoy's " Gazette " under date Juno 19th, 1780, the Madras 
news writor states : " The weathor has been very bad here, 
since this month commenced and many persons have been seized 
with sudden spasms in various parts (as well as the extreames) 
and fevors which have carried them off at a short notice, viz., 
Messrs. Will. Angus, John Borton, Surgeon of Bencoolen, and 
Miss Ann Watson, both arrivod from Bengal " with a long list 
of other names. 

It is thought William Angus broke his heart owing to the infi- 
delity of his wife (Hickey : No. 32, Orig. letters from Madras). 
William Angus married Mary Frances V Allemande at Chingleput 
on September 25, 1777. Lieut. Jamos Stuart Hall married 
Mary Frances L* Allemande on July 17, 1780 at Ambore. 

One John Watson was married to Miss Anne Brydie at St. John's 
Cathedral, Calcutta (Asiatic Journal, January 1816). 

A Miss Ann Watson was married at Barrackpore on August 9, 
1817, to Liout. Vickors Jacob of the 3rd N.I. (Asiatic Journal 
February 1818). 

139 let June John Small 

141 20th Sept. Grizbll Mackenzie. Crizbll, wife of Daniel Mackenzie, aged 28 years. Too 

1780. soon her time was spent and gone, and left behind her babe 

and me to mourn. 

"Daniel Mackenzie punch housekeeper, from Kngland 1778." 
Daniel Mackonzie married Jane Class on April 29, 1782, at 
Ambore and Lyddy Sheperd on January 10, 1785 at Ambore. 

142 14th Nov. John Mackenzie John Mackenzie, son of Captain Lamont, 73rd Regiment, 

1780. Lamont. aged 11 months. 

143 27th Aug. Jambs Mackenzie. Here lies the body of Jambs Mackenzie, Esq., Major of H.M/s 

1781. 73rd Regiment of Foot, who fella victim to his Zealand ardour 

for the service of his country on the 27th of August 1781. 
Respected in his profession as a brave and gallant soldier, 
esteemed as a gentleman and deservedly respected by his 
friends and acquaintances. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


O) (2) (3) (4) 


144 23rd Sept. Gilbert and Susah This stone will not want power to melt or virtue to amend 

1781. Pasley. the heart. It marks the grave of the common friend of 

17th Feb. mankind. It records the memory of the skilful physician 

1782. Gilbert Pasley ; and Susan HanhAh, the only daughter 

of Gilbert and Hannah Pasley. Gilbert Pasley obiit 23rd 
Sept. 1781, eetatis 48. His daughter 17th Feb. 1782, aged 
5 months and 4 days. 

Gilbert Pasley married Miss Hannah Dashwood September 6th, 
1778. It was on his recommendation that Lord Pigot was 
moved from St. Thomas* Mount to Government House, 
Madras, shortly before his death in 1777. He was brother of 
Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley, Bart., and of Margaret, mother 
of Sir John Malcolm. Gilbert Pasley's sister Margaret married 
George Malcom, and it was to tho care of the Pasleys at Madras 
that her son the famous Sir John Malcolm was consigned when a 
cadet of 13 years old. His diminutive appearance on entering 
the service led one of the Directors at the time of his application 
to ask him 44 what would you do if you were to meet Hydor 
Ali T ** 44 Do," he replied, 44 why, Sir, I would out with my 
sword and cut off his head." This show of pluck was deemed 
sufficient and he was passed in spite of his youth. Sir John was 
one of sixtoen children, and it is a romarkablo occurrence that 
three brothers Sir John (1760-1833), Sir Pulteney (Admiral, 
1768-1838) and Sir Charles (Vice -Admiral, 1782-1851) were 
honoured on one and the same occasion with the dignity of 
Commander of tho Bath. Pasley 's widow married May 27th, 
1782, Thomas Elliot Ogilvio, C. S. 
Another George Pasley married at Poonamallee Anna Geo on 
February 28, 1796. He died on March 13, 1798. (He was a 
civil servant. He was in June 1794 * Coroner of Madraspatnaro). 
Mr. Robert Campbell was married to Miss Eliza Pasley at 
Itchapore on 2nd August 1798, by Thomas Snodgrass, Collector 
On 21st June 1816, at Marylebone Church, Charles Pasley of 
Gloucester Place, Portman Square, Major in tho service of the 
East India Company and late Charge d'Affaires at the Court of 
Persia married Mary, eldest daughter of Simon M'Tavish of 
Montreal in Canada and of Dunardry, North Britain (Asiatio 
Journal, July 1817). 

145 *27th Sept. William Roxburgh. William, son of Dr. W. Roxburgh, aged 4 months and 

1781. 20 days. 

This is a child of the famous Indian Botanist, to whoso memory 
stands a stone pillar in tho Calcutta Botanical Gardens with the 
following beautiful inscription from the pen of Bishop Heber : 
44 Quisquis ados, si locus suavitate mentem permulcet aut pie 
sentias de doo, habendus in honoro tui Roxbttrohius, horum 
hortorum olim praefectus, vir soientiae botanices laudo florens 
idemque amoenitatum agrestium summus artifex ; conservat 
cinerem patria, hie viget ingenium ; tu fave et perfruere. Posu- 
ere superstites, amici MDCCCXXII A.D." 

Maj.- General Burton in his Renuniscences of South India who 
was stationed with the 13th N.I. at Samulcottah in 1842 or 3 and 
lived in the house which had once belonged to Dr. Roxburgh 
states : 

" and the garden which was a very good one held many rare 
and valuable trees, fruit bearing as well as others. There 
was one thing on the premises which might had better 
been away — no other than the tomb of the Doctor's wife, 
which stood exactly opposite to the front floor and not 5 
yards away from it ! A strange and unpleasant crotchet 
of the Doctor to deposit the remains of his deceased spouse 
in such a place ! To remove the tomb (an oblong stone 
structure) would have shocked the prejudice of many of 
my neighbours ; I therefore did the next best thing, and 
trained a fine Rangoon creeper over the tomb which in a 
few months was completely hidden by the pink and white 
flowers of the fast growing plant." 

* Rev. G. H. Maiden's List of Burials at Madras gives 23rd September 1781 as the data of his burial. 


MADRAS CITY" — cont. 










1st Nov. 

Isabella Bridges. 



Jambs Watt 

13th Sept. 

13th Sept. 

18th Sept. Harriot Dent 

Isabella, daughter of Captain Thomas Bridges, aged 3 years 
and 4 months. 

Thomas Bridges entorod the service in 1770 and died in London, 
July 16th, 1823. He married, July 31st, 1777, Miss Polly Hill 
Freeman. A daughter Catherine died, January 31st, 1782 
at Madras, and another Maria, at Palamcottah, August 5th, 
1790 (see No. 2617). 

Here lies the body of Captain Jambs Watt, late Commander 
of His Majesty's ship Sultam, obiit 13th September 1782. 

Mary Dent 

Mrs. Mary Dent, aged 27 years and Harriot Dent, 
is erected by hor doplorod consort. 

The 2nd 



8th Oct. Charles Wood 

16th Fob. 



151 6th Sept. William 

1783. BRIGGB. 

Cotton Bowerbank Dent, sonior merchant, married firstly Mary 
Pelling, June 11th, 1772 (see No. 632) ; secondly, Miss Harriot 
Neale at Arcot on Octobor 16 1795, who died in child-birth, 
September 18th, 1796, aged 30; and thirdly Eliza Frances. 
He died lumself at Velloro, August 1 1th, 1817. His son Edward 
Dont, born 1775, was a private merchant in Madras ; and his 
grandson founded the celebrated firm of London gloveraakerg. 
John Dent (No. 486), whose tablet is in the cathedral, was of 
tho same family. 

•« Edward Dent, son to C. B. Dent, Esq., 1791, 
Thomas Dont, son to C. B. Dent, Esq., 1791." 

Here lies tho body of Captain Charles Wood, late Commander 
of His Majesty's Ship Worcester. Obiit 8th October 1782. 

Boyle Here lieth tho body of Lieut. Henry B. Sulivan, obiit 16th 
February 1783, anno aetatis 23. 

Brother of Sir Benjamin Sullivan, Company's attorney in 1777. 
(see No. 202). 

Bain- Chaplain William Bainbrigge died at Fort St. George on 6th 
September 1783 and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. 

He did not belong to any British or Irish University. He was a 
Chaplain in tho Royal Navy who happenod to be on duty with 
his ship in tho Madras roads when a Chaplain at the Fort was 
roquirod. He was appointed locally in July 1777. On Septem- 
ber 14, 1780 he was married by his colleague, the Rev. John 
Stanley, to Elizabeth Wellton. 

162 30th Sept. Peter Stoakes 


163 5th Nov. Joshua Smith 


164 6th May Alice Gumming 


156 29th May John Fairney 

In memory of Peter Stoakes, Esq., beloved Commander of 
the ship Kent, who died September 30th, 1783, aged 56 years. 

Here lieth the body of Captain Joshua Smith, who died 5th 
November 1783, aged 42 years. 

Here lies tho body of Mrs. Alice Gumming tho relict of David 
dimming, Esq., of Calcutta, who died 6th May 1784, aged 
24 years. 

Here lieth the body of J ohn Fairney, merchant, who departed 
this life the 29th May 1784, aged 28 years. And of Amelia 
his daughter, who died the 13th July 1797, aged 13 years, 
2 months and 16 days. 

John Fairney was Deputy Sheriff, under William Jackson in 
1779 ; the bailiffs being Thomas Clifford and Thomas Ives. 
Ho married Elizabeth Johnson, at Chingleput on June 4th, 












18th July * John Harrison 




31st Dec. 

7 th Feb. 

28th Feb. 

Mr. John Harrison, aged 73 years, born in the Kingdom of 
Ireland, county of Antrim, and parish of Killear, resided 
near thirty years at Madras. 

He married Miss Margery Croke, October 11th, 1756. A William 
Harrison had come out with Adlercron's Regiment. 
(H. D. Love's Vestige* of Old Madras, page 139, Vol. III.) 

Charles Thewles Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Charles Thbwlbs, who 
of the Artillery. departed this life on the 31st December 1784 in the 29th year 

of his age. 

He married Frances Churchill, September 5, 1784. 

Humphrey Harper. Lieut. Col. Humphrey Harper, having served the Company 
31 years, departed this life on the 7th of February 1785. 



Captain Alexander Patterson, of the Honorable Company's 
Service, in tho 56th year of his age. This stone, in com- 
memoration of his merit as a soldier and his virtues as a man, 
is here placed by his grateful and affectionate friend 
William Ross. 

William Ross married Elizaboth Miller, September 29, 
(See No. 2587.) 




28th April Elxb Dhormant 

30th April John Kennedy 


24th Mar. 

James Stringer 


4th June 

Hon. George Mac 

Elie Dhormant, Capitaino de la Roche le, age* de 36 ana* 
Mort le 28 d'Aril 1785. 

Here lioth the body of Lieut. Col. John Kennedy, late Com- 
mandant of the Honorable Company's Coast Artillery, aged 
55 years, who departed this life the 30th April 1785. 

Two of his children died at Trichinopoly in 1768 (No. 2670.) 

• Liout. John Hammond married Mihs Antoniotta Kennedy in 
October 23, 1786. 

One J. R. Kennedy married Miss Fitzgerald in Bengal. (Asiatic 
Journal, January 1816). 

Mr. James Stringer, aged 57, Superintendent of Pubiio 
Buildings, H.E.I.C.S., for 24 years. 

Near him is buried his son Lieutenant George Stringer, who died 
July 12th, 1804. aged 44. (He died in the Lunatic Asylum.) 
Jamos Stringer married Klisal Palmor at Chingleput ; April 25, 
1776. Stringer's Street, Georgetown, is named after Mr. James 
Stringer, who was appointed Master Bricklayer in 1763. He 
owned a house in Stringer's Street, Black Town, one of the 
thoroughfares laid out by Popham. In 1782 he complained of 
damage done by the King's troops to his house »n Vepery. In 
1809 four grants of land in Vepery were mado to James Stringer, 
Jun. t who died on 6 June, 1822. It is uncertain whether father 
or son gavo his name to Stringer's Street, Vepery. 

Mr. John Maclean married Miss Mary Penelope Stringer on Feb- 
ruary 1, 1788. Mr. Thomas Thomas married Miss Elizabeth 
Stringer on February 12, 1790, at Vepery. 

Sacred to the remains of the Honorable George Mackenzie, 
second son of the late Earl of Cromarty, Lieutenant-Colonel 
of His Majesty's 71st Regiment, Colonel in His Majesty's 
Army, and Commander of the Forces at the Wailajabad 
station, who departed this life the 4th June MDCCLXXX VII 
aged 46 years. In tribute to his much esteemed memory 
and great worth, the officers of the 71st Regiment, lamenting 


• William Harris >n is the nam© given by Rev. 0. H. Maiden in his List of Burials. 



ii umber. 













13th June 

*10th Aug. 

13th Oct. 

the loss of their gallant commander, and his nephew and 
nameson George Mackenzie, who has fought and bled by 
his side, have caused this monument to be erected. 

A tablet let into the chunam at the top of this monument bears the 
words " Battering Ships Destroyed, Gibraltar, September XIII, 
1774." George Mackenzie's mother was Isabella Gordon 
" Bonnie Bell Gordon/' the eldest daughter of Sir William 
Gordon, Bart., of Invergordon, Ross-shire. The expression 
" nameson " means that the younger George was so named 
after his uncle. The word occurs in Smollett's " Adventures 
of Sir Lancelot Greaves." The office of godfather does not exist 
in the Presbyterian Church. 

Colonel Alexander Mackenzie died at St. Heber, Jersey, July 13th, 
1831 : appointed Ensign in the 73rd now 71gt Foot in 1779 : 
served at siege of Gibraltar. After reduction of the 2nd Batta- 
lion, joined the 1st in the East Indies ; in 1787 was appointed 
Lieutenant in the 36th Rogiment and in 1797 Captain. Served 
in the East Indies 11 years. 

Charlb LrNCOiiN. Mr. Charles Lincoln died Juno the 13th 1787, aged 50 years. 
George Savage . . George Savage, Esq., aged 44 years. 

He wag in the Civil Service, and was writer in 1766, factor in 1771 
and ranked as Junior merchant in 1774. Ho was at homo in 
1776 but was again in India in 1780. He married Miss Mary 
Phillips, November 18th, 1773. 

Daniel Russbl 

31st Oct. Anna and Wbbkbs 

and 25th Popham. 

9th Oct. 

William Popham. 


22nd Mar. 

Sophia Bulman 

Daniel Russel, born January 1757, and died 13th October 
1787, aged 30 years, 8 months and 17 days. 

Writer in 1776. Factor in 1782. 

Here also are deposited the earthly remains of Anna Popham, 
wife of Stephen Popham, and daughter of Sir William Tho- 
mas, Bart., Her afflicted family were deprived of this amia- 
ble woman on the 25th day of December 1787, at the age 
of 37 years. 

Within this vault here lyeth the body of William Popham, 
son of Stephen Popham, Esq., Died 9th day of October 

1786, aged 6 years. Also tho body of Wbekes Popham, 
cousin of tho said S. Popham died the 31st day of October 

1787, ae. about 25 years. 

" Her pall was supported by 6 ladies who appeared to be deeply 
affected on the melancholy occasion." 

Hor husband Stephon'died on June 13th, 1795. Weekes Popham 
came out as midshipman on the Stormont commanded by 
Captain Curtis. Ho was accidentally left behind at Torbay, but 
followed in the Bridgwater, Captain Parker, and overtook tho 
Stormont at Canton. There he heard of the death of his 
brother, Captain John Popham of the Company's ship Anna and 
Amelia, and receiving a power of attorney to collect his 
brother's estate, proceeded to Madras where he died. John 
Goldingham, F.R.S., Astronomer at Madras, married a Louisa 
Mary Popham, April 20th, 1796 (see No. 2648). 

. This monument was erected in memory of an amiable woman 
and best of wives, Sophia Bulman, who departed this life the 
22nd of March 1788, aged 24 years and 6 months, by her 
affectionate and affected husband Job Bulman. 

Job Bulman, Surgeon, of Coix Lodge, Northumberland married, 
the 30th July 1783, at Vepery, Sophia Pelling whose parents 
are buried in Vepery Churchyard (Nos. 624 and 632). Job Bul- 
man was apothecary 28 November 1780. He was Surgeon in 
the service of Nabob Walajah. Their son Captain Thomas 
Bulman diod December 22nd, 1822, aged 40. 

• 10th August 1789 it the date given by Rev. C. H. Maiden in his List of Burials for George Ravage. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Mary Ann Long, wife of Capt. Long in the 13th Dragoon* who 
died at Bangaloro, July 1829 was tho daughter of John 
Bulman of Cox Lodge, Northumberland. 

169 23rd April Thomas Davis Thomas Da\is, Head Surgeon on the Madras Establishment. 

1788. Ho died in Madras on Thursday the 23rd April 1788 and was 

interred the following day. " The tears of all those who 
knew his virtues are his just epitaph." 

Thomas Davis married Eliza Clifton (widow) on Ootober 23, 1782. 

170 * 15th May Daniel Cameron. Mr. Daniel Cameron, aged 30 years. 


Mrs. Elizaboth Reynolds, formerly wife of Mr. Daniel Cameron 
departed this life, February 23rd, 1792, aged 34 years. 
Cameron was an Englishman. Ho camo out in 1781 and oponod 
a tavern in Black Town. Daniel Cameron married Elizabeth 
Daws at Ambore Aug. 1, 1782. George Reynolds married 
Elizaboth Cameron at Madras, August 17, 1789. 

171 30th May Angus Macintosh. Mr. Angus Macintosh, aged 38 years. 


Angus Macintosh was in Madeira a year, whence ho camo to 
Madras in July 1776. He called himself a clock and watch 
maker and kept a shop of Europe goods in partnership with 
John Leathain. He was a signatory to a lotter writton by the 
Black Town Militia and addressed to George Taswell, Esq., as 
Commander of that corps. See Hiokey's 44 Gazetto," Sep- 
tember 30th, 1780. Angus Macintosh marriod Charlotte Eliza 1 
Guest at Chingleput, December 22, 1781. 

172 3rd June Catherine Eidino- Here lieth interred the body of Miss Catherine Eidingtoun 

1788. toun. who departed this life, June the 3rd 1788, aged 16 years. 

Urquhart, volumo II, gives her name in two places, and adds that 
she was tho daughter of Colonel Edingtoun. Her father Captain 
James Eddington married Miss Anne Weller, February 15th, 
1771. He was one of those who helped to arrest Lord Pigot in 

Munro refers to Col. Eidingtoun with a regiment of Europeans 
and four battalions of Sepoys being arrived at the boundary of 
the Company's territories "on September 9th 1788 when Capt. 
Kennaway, extracted from the Nizam the surrender of the 
Circara " (Gleig Vol. I p. 71). 

A John Eddington who died 31 December 1813 married in 1765 
Catherine Munro who died February 1824. 

173 11th Aug. John Stuart John Stuart, Lieutenant of Cavalry and Fort Adjutant of 

1788. Fort St. George, aged 26 years. He lived admired for un- 

common virtues and talents and died regretted by all. 

Urquhart mentions him in both volumes, and states that ho wa« 
Barrack Master of Fort St. George and late Secretary to the 
Military Board. The funeral is fully described. M The Gover- 
nor's Body Guard with martial music and tho band, began the 
procession from Major Close's house. His horse was led before 
the coffin, which having passod the bridge near the Governor's 
Gardon, was taken out of tho palanqueen, and supported to the 
gravo by troopers of the guard. The pall was held by Colonel 
Capper, Captain James Campbell, of tho 19th Dragoons, Captain 
Gomond, Town-Major, Lieutenant Grant, Commander of the 
Body Guard, Captain Allan of tho Guides ; and Ensign Mark 
Wilks, a particular friend, was chief mourner." Throughout 
the whole of the lagt sad office reigned a solemn unanimity of 
silent sorrow. 

Major Geo. Hart married Miss Charlotte Ellerker on July 22, 
1792. Capt. Richard Gomonde, Town Major, marriod Susan- 
nah EUVrker on September 13, 1789. 

• lSth May 1781 is the date given in Rev. C. H. Maiden's List. 

VOL. I — 5A. 



Serial Date. Nome. Inscription, 


<1) (2) (3) (4) 

174 13th Feb. John Tbottobb Here lieth the body of Mr. John Tbottobe Stone, born in the 
1789. Stone. year 1760 and died 13th February 1789 in the 29th year of 

his age. 

Son of John Maxwell Stone (No. 1628.) Write r in 1779. 

175 3rd Mar. Joseph Ba*kbb [Joseph Baker, Esq., Collector of the Guntoor Circar.] 


Urquhart. He entered tho sorvice in 1771. 1771 Writer, 1776 
Factor and|Assistant at Masulipatam, 1780 Junior Merchant. 
He diod at Madras on Tuesday the 3rd March 1789. 

Joseph Baker Obiit Madras 1789 has a tablot in Chichester Cathe- 

44 In memory of Joseph Baker who having passed 18 years in the 
service of tho H.E.I.C.S. died suddenly at Madras at the age of 
34, March 3rd 1789 while his affectionate wife who had pre- 
viously returned to England was preparing to receive him in 
their native country. In the anguish of disappointment and 
grief she has raised this monument of her indelible regard 
for a Husband and a Father entitled to the purest veneration 
that departed worth can receive from domestic gratitude 
affection and regret." 

The monument is on wall with small a female figure of not very 
intelligible character. It is in close proximity to the statue of 
Huskisson. M. P., victim of first railway accident. 

176 * 25th April James Wooley Here lieth the body of James Wooley, Esq., who departed 
1789. this life 25th April 1789, aged 49 years. 

James Wooley arrived in 1772 in H.M.S. Squadron. Was Secretary 
to the Nabob till February 1780, when he was employed by 
Government to open a way via Suoz for packets. He was sent to 
the Sheriff of Mecca and to the different Beys in Egypt. He had 
an adventurous mission and was imprisoned for four months, 
only escaping with his life and the loss of all his effects. He 
eventually reached England and returned to India conveying 
packets from the Company at home to their servants in India. 
He intended trying the Egyptian possagc again in conjunction 
with Mr. Baldwin of Cairo, but death put an end to his useful 

Wooley was a free merchant who left a large bequest for a chari- 
tablo Fund for the children of distressed Europeans. Executors 
of will — John Balfour, Nathaniel E. Kindorsley, and Sir John 
Monzies. See Penny's " Church in Madras " pp. 399-400. In Vol. 
II, p. 400, it is stated that he lost his lifo in a duel at Pondi- 
cherry. See " Selections from Calcutta Gazette " by Seton 
Karr. ii, 212, 215. 

177 11th June David Whxison, [Captain David Willison of the First Battalion of Coast 
1789. Inspector of Stores Artillery.! 

at Vellore. 

He met his death by t he explosion during proof of a cannon on the 
Island. Urquhart, 

178 18th Juiy Fbancis Rolbston. [Captain Fbancis Roleston.] 

Urquhart. 44 An officer of distinguished activity and experience 
in command of the Irregular Cavalry during the late war." 
In the Nabob's service. He married Miss Anne Brown, January 
29th t 1778. 

There was an Arthur Rolliston in the cavalry. 

• 17th April 1789 ia the date of burial acoording to Rev. C. H. Maiden's List. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


0) (2) (3) (4) 


179 Sept. J 789. W. Sohlbgel [Lieut. W. Schlegel, of his Majesty's 14th Hanoverian 


Urquhart, who also prints a poom to his memory by W. I. C. 
Another Hanoverian Captain Schlutter died in March 1791 : and 
Captain D. A. Von Pentz of the 16th Electoral Regiment 
on November 28th, 1790, but there aro no monuments to their 

180 4th May Robert Milford . . [Robert Milfobd]. 


In 1786 it was proposed to appoint him Deputy Post Master* 
General but the Court of Directors disapproved of the proposal. 
In 1788 ho was ono of the Aldermen. Col. A Id well Taylor 
married Anne Charlotte Milford at Ellore, Novr. 6, 1794. 

181 11th Oct. George Whiteford. Lieut. George Whiteford, aged 26 years. Erected by the 
1790, officers then present of the Bengal Establishment in testi- 

mony of t heir esteem for his exemplary virtues. 

Urquhart gives the dato as Oct. II, 1791. Died Oct. 1791 in the 
Madras Roads (Dodwell and Miles. List of Officers of the 
Indian Army 1760-1837). 

[Captain James Hoddle.] 

Urquhart says : "He was formerly in the Nabob's service and 
afterwards in that, of the Company with his rank. He was 
the first officer taken by Hyder Ally, highly respected by him 
and permitted to be a prisoner at large. He was of essential 
service to the prisoners afterwards taken." 

182 22nd Oct. James Hoddle 

183 24th Oct. Charles Campbell. Lieut. Charles Campbell, of His Majesty's 74th Regiment 
1790. second son of Colonel Donald Campbell of Glensaddel, 

died the 24th Oct., 1790, aged 23 year*. A most amiable 
and elegant young man universally beloved in life and 
regretted in death. This stone is dedicated to his memory 
by his friend and relation Col. Charles Fraser. 

Colonel Charles Fraser died at Masulipatam, April 27th, 1795, 
aged 56 years. His father Thomas Fraser of Ardachie married 
in 1735 Charlotte, daughter of the Hon. Charles Campbell, 
third son of Archibald, ninth Earl of Argyll, who was beheaded 
in 1685 (see Nos. 1245, 1874 and 2315). Susanna De Morgan 
(see No. 1537) married, Juno 15th, 1750, Colonel Charles Camp- 
bell of Barbrock ; their eldest son Donald, born June J 751, 
married the eldest natural daughter of Lord Frederick Campbell. 

" The Oldest Register of the mission church I have seen was kept 
by Fabricius and it began in 1756. An oarly baptism was the 
child of a family immed Campbell, at which the author of 
a subsequently written journal of an overland visit to India 
was one of the Sponsors a circumstance which rested in my 
memory " Taylor, p. 67. 

184 27th Nov. M. J. H. Smith .. [Death at Madras, No vr. 27, 1790. Mr. M.J. H.Smith 

1790. lately appointed a writer on the Establishment.! 

185 March 1791. Schlutter [Captain Schxutter of his Majesty's 14th Hanoverian Regi- 

ment died at Madras, in the month of March 1791 .] 

186 * 21st June R. Issac Van Mei- [R. Issac Van Meirop, Esq., died 21st June 1791, aged 

1791. ROP. 33 years.] 

He was a writer in 1776, and a factor six years later. 

• Rev. C. H. Maiden gives 21st June 1790 as the date of hit burial. 













Tuesday, * Neil Campbell 
12th July 


30th July 

Fkancina Cornelia 


27th Oct. 

[Neil Campbell, Esq., of Duntroon, Deputy Muster Master 
General to His Majesty's Forces in India, Aide-de-Camp 
to His Highness the Nabob, and Sheriff of Madras.] 

He succeeded Mr. Benjamin Branfill (see No. 1145) as Sheriff 
and died after a long illnoss after holding the office for six 
months, being succeeded by Mr. Thomas Pearce (see No. 464). 
In his youth he served at the reduction of Havana. He was 
Shoriff also in 1 786. 

44 Noil Campbell, Muster Master General to the King's Troops, 
from England 1786 " E. I. Kalondar for 1791. 

Here lieth the body of Mrs. Francina Cornelia Amos who 
died in child-birth on the 30th day of July 1791, aged 22 
years and 6 months. She possessed in an eminent degree the 
virtues of a dutiful and affectionate wifo, a tender and 
compassionate mother, a humane and benevolent friend 
of the distressed, which rendered her death an irreparable 
loss to her surviving friends and acquaintance. Her husband 
Mr. James Amos Merchant in this colony has caused this 
stone to be placed as a memorial of her excellent virtues 
and in testimony of his sincere affection. 

Mr. James Amos married Cornelia Franceca Bontes on 27 August 
1786. On 15th March 1808 James Amos Esq., late of Madras 
was married to Mrs. (Miss?) Henry Chicely Michell of Teignmouth 
House, Devon. 

Madras Courier January 1, 1792. 44 Jas Amos proceeds to Europe 
and the business carried on as Michell Amos and Bowden will 
from this day be carried as Michell, Bowden and Stephens." 

44 Amos James Merchant from Bengal. Amos[. .] Merchant from 
England 1786, was brother to James. Bowden Lawrence was 
in 1777 in partnership with James Amos." 

Andrew Amos (1791-1860) Lawyer and Professor of law 
was born in 1791 in India where his father James Amos Russian 
merchant of Devonshire Square, London, who had travelled 
there, had married Cornelia Boute\ daughter of a Swiss General 
Officer in the Dutch Service. The family was Scotch and took 
its name in the time of the Covenanters. Andrew Amos 
was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge, of 
which he becamo a Fellow after graduating as 5th Wrangler in 
1813 (died 18th April 1860). He wrote ' Gems of Latin Poetry * 
1851, 4 Martial and the Moderns' 1858, ** The Great Oyer of 
Poisoning, " 1846. He married 1 August 1826, Margaret, daughter 
of Rev. William Lax, Lowndean Professor of Astronomy at 

Hugh Maxwell . . [Hugh Maxwell, Senior Merchant of the Madras Establish- 


He was 
1779 ; 
1782 : 
of the 

1773: writer, 1778: Factor; Company's surveyor in 
and Superintendent of the Company's grounds in 1781 ; 
Junior merchant ; 1790 : Senior merchant and manager 
Ganjam Havelly. 






Here lieth the body of Lieut. B. J. Forbes, 74th Regiment, 
died 12th Nov. 1791 anno setatis 19. 

He was killed in tho assault of Krishnagiri in the Salem district 
(see No. 2353). 

In Westminster Abbey : 

" To commemorate the early and similar fates of Benjamin John 
Forbes late lieutenant in His Majesty's 74th Regiment of Foot 
and Richard Gordon Forbee late Lieutenant in the 1st Regiment 
of Foot Guards. Tho oldost sons of Lieutenant General Gomon 

McNeil Campbell is the name given by Rev. C. H. Maiden. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 









Forbes of tho 79th Regiment of Foot and Margaret his 
wife Eldest daughter of the late Benjamin Sulivan of Dromeragh 
in the county of Cornwall. Both of whom fell in the service 
of their King and Country deeply regretted by their regiment* 
and the detachment of tho Army with which they served. 

The former at the assault of Krishnagherry in the East Indies, 
the 12th of November 1791 aged 19 years. Tho latter near 
Ackmaar in North Holland the 9th of September 1799 aged 
20 years. This monument no less a tribute of justice to exem- 
plary merit than a record of the tonderest parental sense of 
filial piety is erected and dedicated A.D. 1803.** 

191 5th Dec. Phinkas Macintosh (Captain Phineas Macintosh of the 7 1st Reg. and Lieut. 

1791. John Wallace. John Wallace of tho 74th Regiment.] 

At Bellary April 4, 1816, A. M. Kechivo, a Surgeon H.M.'s 69th 
Regiment was married to Miss M. Wallace 2nd daughter of 
tho late Charles Wallace of Woodnide. (Asiatic Journal, October 

192 Thursday, Thomas Hill . . Lieut. Thomas Htll of the Native Cavalry, aged 25 years. 

8th Dec. 

" On the bed of sickness he died a soldier.' * 

193 lttth Mar. Hugh Montgomery Lieut.-Col. Hucm Montgomery, aged 38 years. 


He entered tho Madras Army as Lieutenant on 3rd August 1770. 

194 8th June Henry Elwes 
1792. Secker. 

Henry Elwes Secker, aged 23 years. 

195 12th July Richard Whittall. Ensign Richard Whittall, aged 17 years. 


19th Aug. 

Joseph (.arrow 

107 24th Sept. Pierce Nixon 
1792. Hughes. 

Joseph Garrow, Esq., Senior merchant in the Service of the 
Company, in the 34th year of his age. 

Ho entered the service as writer in 1770. There were three other 
Garrows in the Civil Serviee : Edward, 1769 to 1799 ; Goorgo 
late lBt Judgo of the provincial court of appeal and circuit 
for the Houthom division 1 794 to 1 838, who died at Coorarnputty 
about 40 miles from Trichinopoly, 5th August J 838 ; William 
1796 to 1815, who died at Fort St. George on July 17th of that 
year, aged 33 yeaiu. His slab is at the bane of thiw monument 
Goorgo Garrow married Miss Eliza Jane Baker, September 
28, 1807, at Talygoaje, She gave birth to a daughter in 1816 
(Asiatic Journal, February 1816). Edward Garrow married 
Sophia Dawson at Cuddalore March 22, 1773. George Dawson 
married Isabella Charlton, October 1 7, 1761 . Miss Jano Dawson 
married Capt. John Bellingham September 30, 1766. The 
Garrows are connected in an interesting way with the family 
of Anthony Trollope. His elder brother Thomas Adolphu*, 
also an author, married in 1848 Theodosia, only daughter of 
Joseph Garrow (d. 1853), who was the son of one of these Garrows 
by a high caste native lady. Mrs. Trollope died at Florence 
in 1865. Her literary tastes are celebrated by Landor in his 
lines " to Theodosia Garrow " ; and it was at the Villino Trollope 
that George Elliot stayed as a guest in 1860 and set to work 
upon Romola in the following year. 

Lieut. Pierce Nixon Hughes of the Bengal Detachment 
died at Madras on Monday the 24th Sept. 1792. 


29th Sept. 

Robert Brown . . Lieut. Robert Brown , of the 73rd R*gt, , aged 22 years. 

He died at San Thomd. 


MADRAS CITY — cord. 






Inscription . 


(2) (3) 

Deo. Caroline Grben- Caroline, aged 19 years, wife of Mr. Joseph Grebnhill and 

hill. sister of Ensign Richard Whittail. 

She died at Madras of a consumption, on Monday the 171 h Decem- 
ber 1792. Mr. Joseph Greenhill was in the Civil Service from 
1781 to 1811 and died at Madras, Juno 18th, 1811, when 
Paymaster to the King's Troops. In 1795 he wan ono of the 
aldermen of the Mayor's Court. 

He married Miss Carolina Whittail, March 16, 1789. 

Another Joshua Whittail died at Calcutta, 23 January 1803, aged 
27 years. 

Another Miss Mary Whittail married Benjamin Branfill, C. 8. 
August 19, 1789 (see Nos. 1145 and 1807). 

200 30th June Sarah Kennedy . . Sarah, wife of E. Kennedy, 73rd Regt., aged 33 years. 

She was buried on 2nd July 1793. 


4th Sept. 

William Gordon. 

Here lieth the body of William Gordon, Esq., an Head 
Surgoon on this Establishment, who departed this life 
on the 4th September 1793, aged 55 years. 

He was buried on 5th September 1793. He was deemed 
capable of taking charge of a General Hospital. 


On March 16, 1816 at " Myrtle Grove." the residence of her son 
Edward Gordon and in the 60th year of her age, [Mrs. L. A. A. 
Gordon relict of William Gordon, Surgeon, died. (Asiatio 
Journal, October 1^1 d.) 

202 6th Oct. 

Philip Sullivan . , 


5th Nov. 
1801 and 
7th Sept. 

Sarah Tsacke 
William Isacke . . 
Philivpina Frk- 
derica isacke. 

Captain Philip Sullivan, commonly called 0* Sullivan 
More, as Chief of an ancient family of that name in Ireland. 
Aged 40 years. 

His father John whs older son of Philip O'Sullivan of Dromeragh 
Co., Cork, who died in 1737. John's brother Benjamin was 
father of Sir Benjamin Sullivan (1747-1810), Judge of the 
Supreme Court (1800-1809), who married Eliza, daughter of 
Admiral Sir Digby Dent, Kt. on May 17, 1790. Sir Benjamin's 
brother Richard Joseph (1752-1832) was Jn the Madras Civil 
Service (1770-1782), and created a Baronet in 1804 (see Nos. 
150 and 2811). 

Benjamin Sulivan married Miss Elizabeth Dent, May 17, 1790. 

Mrs. Sarah Isacke, obiit 5th November 1793 aged 52 years ; 
her son Major William Bazett Isacke, 7th June 1801 , aged 
41 years (who was Captain of the 2nd Battalion of Artillery 
and died at the Mount Cantonments, after a period of 22 
years active servico in the cause of his King, Country and 
Honourable employers) : his daughter Margaret, aged 
6 years, 24th April 1804 : Mrs. P. F. Isacke, widow of 
Major William Isacke of the Madras Artillery, aged 89 years 
and 6 months, died 7th September 1854. 

Lieut. F. Isacke of the Artillery died at Trincomalee, April 1800, 
Liout. William Basset (1st artillery) married Philippina Fredrica 
Pollick, Maroh 29, 1790, at Vepery. Ensign Arthur William 
Henry Bainbridgo married Miss Clarissa Isacke, Feb. 19, 1798. 
Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. Col. Isaok 26th regt. K.I. died at Canna- 
nore on 28th April 1 839. 



MADRAS CITY — coat. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


204 19th Oct. Hugh Boyd . . [Hugh Boyd, Master Attendant of Madras, aged 48 years.] 


" Mr. Boyd left an amiablo and accomplished widow and two 
promising and affectionate children to lament his loss.*' 
Lo 1 behold in robes of woe 
Genius, wit and loarning go : 
Genius sad no longer smiles, 
Wit distressed forgets his wileg 
Majestic learning in sober state moves. 
Hugh Boyd, the roputed Junius, was the seoond son of Alexander 
Maoauley of county Antrim and Miss Boyd of Ballycastie. 
He was born at Ballycastie in October 1746. Ho was a school- 
follow of Grattan and a protege of Flood. Left noarly destitute 
by the death of his father at an early age, he chose the law as 
his profession and went to London, whore ho became acquainted 
with Goldsmith, Garrick, Armstrong and the celebrated Mrs. 
Macauley. He was most familiar with Mr. Laughlin McLean, 
the accredited agent of Mahomed Ali, Nabob of Aroot, who 
instructed him in the details of the dispute botween his client 
and tho Company. Boyd then took up tho Nabob's causo in a 
series of lotters that appeared in Woodfall's "Public Advertiser " 
in 1777, and this led to his accompanying Lord Macartney, 
Governor of Madras to Madras, as Second Socretary in 1781. 
Beforo he left England the J unius controversy was at its hoight 
and his letters to Woodfall gave rise to a widely indulged opinion 
that ho was Junius. Pitt stated his strong belief in it, and 
recounted an incident of their having jointly reported an 
Irish debate whore Boyd's account of Colonel Barre's speech 
reminded him in spirit, point, and sarcasm so strongly of Junius 
that ho always retained the conviction that tho piece proceeded 
from no other pen. Boyd accompaniod Sir Edward Hughes' 
Expedition to Trinoomaloe and conducted a mission to tho King 
of Kandy. On his way back from Ceylon he was capturod by 
Suffrein's fleet and imprisoned at the Isle of Bourbon for sevoral 
months. After his liberation he lived for some time at Calcutta, 
but was recalled to Madras as Master Attendant in 1781* 
In 1792 ho started the "Madras Courier" and in the 
following year projected the "Indian Observer", a series of 
papers on morals and literature, and founded a weekly journal 
"Hiroarrah" (i.e., messenger) as a vehiclo for tho essays. In 
spite of his Mastor Attondantship, which brought him 200 star 
pagodas a month and tho profits of his literary work, Boyd 
became involved on aocount of his convivial habits and want 
of prudence. In 1794 he proposed to publish by subscription 
an account of his embassy to Kandy, and had actually begun 
the work when ho was carriod off by an attack of fever. His 
claims to a place in the History of English literature rest very 
much on the assumption, maintained by Almon and by George 
Chalmers, that he was tho veritable Junius. It is remarkable 
that he never contradicted this conjecture. Lotters reached him 
addressed " Junius Boyd, Esq.," and a oopy of Junius superbly 
bound was kopt upon his table, with its pagos filled with penoil 
marks and references to living names and characters. In 
1767 he married Miss Frances Morphy, and on the death of his 
maternal uncle assumed tho name of Boyd. His tombstone 
has now disappeared ; but Urquhart devotes five pages of prose 
and verse to his memory. 
There is an interesting article styled Hugh Boyd of Madras, the 

Reputed Junius in the Asiatic Journal of October 1834. 
Miss Maria Rosalie Boyd married on 9th Ootobor 1816, James 
Baillie Pender, Surgeon. (Asiatic Journal, July 1817). 

205 24th Dec. Olympia Elizabeth Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Olympia 

1794. Campbell. Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Captain Alexander Campbell, 

of H.M.'s 74th Regiment, and sister to Sir John Morshead, 
Bart, of Trenant Park in Cornwall, who died at Poonamallee 

VOL .1—6 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Dato. Name. Inscription, 


(i) (2) (3) (4) 


on the anniversary of hor birth aged 38 years, leaving a 
husband and live young children to lament their irreparable 
lost*. She bore her last illness with astonishing magnanimity, 
patience and resignation. kk Her loss is most sincerely 
felt by her friends in general and the 74th iw particular." 

Hor hu«band commanded the fourth division at the battle of 
Ta Invert* and was created n Baronet. He subsequently became 
Commander-in-Chief of tho Madras Army and died, Dec* mber 
11th, 1824. aged vide No. 413 in the List of Monuments 
at St. Mary's Church, Fort St. George. Mrs. Campbell's second 
daughter Isabella Charlotte married the celebrated Sir John 
Malcolm, O. C. U. Her two sons fell in battle, the eldost at 
Assaye and tho second at the battle of tho Pyrenees. The 
baronetcy was extended by special patent to tho son of her 
daughter Olympia by Alexander Cockbum, Banker, of tho fiim 
of Messrs. Harington & Co., Madras, who died at Trineomalo 
on June 8th, 1808, aged 41. An Olympia Cockburn died at 
Soringapatam, June 2nd, 1807. 

[Mrs. E. Elizabeth Capper departed this life, 3rd January 
1795, aged IS years and 7 months.] 

Frank Capper married Miss Elizabeth Kraser, November 23, 
1791. [Maiden gives the date of burial of one Elizabeth Capper 
as 30th January 1794]. 

[Lieut. Ralph of his Majesty's 73rd Regiment die d at Madras 
on the motility of the 20th January 1705.] 

Maiden gives tho date of burial of Ralph, Lieut. Benjamin «« 20th 
November 1795. 

[James Ramsay, Surgeon to tho Hon'ble Company? Third 
European J n fan try died at Madras on the morning of the 
28th January 1795.] 

Beneath this stone lies interred the body of Mr. John Hender- 
son, who departed this life the 2d day of February 1795, 
aged 33 years. 

41 Henderson, John, merchant from England 1789, formerly 
servant to Lord Macleod." 

Mrs. Grace Henderson, presumably hi* widow, died June 8th, 
1796, aged 34. 

210 J 3th June Stephen Popham. Also the body of the said Stephen Popham, late SoJieitor to 
1705* the Honourable East India Company at the Presidency of 


A man of rare talents and endowments. He died in the year 1 795. 

Tho date on his tombstone in St. Mary's Cemetery is the 13th 
June 1795, but his death is recorded in the consultation of tho 
previous day. (Love's Vestiges of Madras, III, p. 433). 

Tho Father of Popham 's Broadway. Popham's Broadway was 
laid out about 1782 by Stephen Popham, Company Solicitor, 
on marshy ground lying between Muthialpetta and Peddanaik- 
petta, which was granted him by Government for reclamation. 
(Love's Vestiges of Madras, III, p. 570). 

Mrs. Fay stayed with him in 1780 on her way to Bengal. Hickoy's 
14 Gazette "of July 29th, 1780, mentions that " Stephen Popham 
Esq., a member in tho Irish Parliament and a sworn attorney 
of the Hon'ble Mayor's Court at Madras is, we hear, appointed 
Private Secretary to Governor Whitchill." In 1780, Stephen 
Popham attorney from Ireland, with the Company's Permission 

206 3rd Jan. Elizabeth Capper. 

207 20th Jan. Lieut. Benjamin 
1795. Ralph 

M)K 28th Jan. James Ramsay . 

2ul* 2nd Feb. John Henderson. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 










from England 1780, lived in Mahratta Town. He died at 

Co njeo varum by a fall from a curricle. His wifo was tho daughter 
of Sir William Thomas, Bart., and diod on Chriatmas Day, 
nSl-vide an*c. No. 167. Uiquhart praises his exertions in 
extending tho cultivation of cotton at his southern farms, where 
heemployod daily no Iosb than 1,400 persons, and quotes those 
verses from tho ""Madras Courier" of November 14th, 

" Thus blades innumeroua grace the vernal store, 
Which scarco one blade — or foliage dock'd before; 
Thus diamonds, fore'd to quit their sandy beds, 
Proclaim tho path, which cultivat ion treads ; 
And swelling sails expand — Augusta's boast — 
And homeward waft NEW treasures of tho coast .'* 

Samuel Humphrys, Esq., was married to Miss Vopham at Bombay 
on May IS, 1800. At Kew December 22, 1818 aged 84, Mrs, 
Popham relict of the late Josoph Popham, Esq., father of Lieut . 
Gonl. and of Rear Admiral Sir Homo Popham died. 

211 llttli Oct. John Sharp . . [Mr. John Sharp, merchant; of this place.] 


(John Sharp shop-keeper 1791 diod on Monday night tho 19th 
October 1795). 

212 4th Nov. 

Andrew Ponton, Hie tumulus memoriae sacor oaf, Andrew Ponton, M. D., qui 
Doctor. propter animi integritutem indolisquo mansuetudineni suis 

familiaribusquo vixit chai ns, omnibusque fuit specf atissimus. 
Artern medendt perito fideliterque cxercontera iam iamque 
ad miinei-a merit a ovasurum, tridui morbus graviter ingruens 
intompestivo mersit funore. Tarn ebari iuvenis desidcrium 
efficit ut saltern inaui fungamur officio et haec suprema 
feramus dcfimeti virtutum memorise?, obiit 4 Novembris 1795 
abatis XXIX. 

213 8th Dee. Kliza Bosc Mrs. Eliza Bosc, aged 27 years (wife of Captain Paul Bose). 

1795 Deeply regretted by her husband and children. 

Eliza Bosc was born in 17G8. She must have been first rnarriod 
at the ago of 15. 

Miss Bellow married (I) Captain Robert Soouler, September 11th, 
1783, (2) Lieutenant Borc, December 26th, 1792. Lt. Paul 
Bohc married Miss Anna Wilkinson on February 14, 1797, 
Bosc was in command of a corps of Black Town Militia called 
tho " 2nd Madras Battalion," Ho was a cadot in 1783, Ensign 
Soptember 4, 1783, Lieut. August 21, 1790, Captain Doeomber 
10, 1799 and Major October 16, 1805. 

In Juno 13, 1808 he diod at Vellore when Major of tho 14th N.I. 
(seo Nos. 596 and 794). 

Captain Bertram of tho Pioneers married Mws Boso, 26th December 
1812, at Pondicherry. (Madras Almanac, 1813). 

Saered to the memory of Captain Alexander Foulis who 
departed this life on the 17th May 179b' aged 42 years. 
The officers of the Madras Establishment have erected this 
monument in testimony of their high respect for his talents 
and virtues and of their gratitude for benefits derived from 
his able and judicious conduct as a membor of tho Represen- 
tative Committee of the Company's officers during the years 
1794 and 1795 in which situation with a body sinking 

214 17th May Alexander Foulis. 

VOL. I — 6a 






MADRAS CITY — card. 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


under disease he nobly sacrificed every consideration to 
an ardent and uniform zeal in the cause of his brother 
officers. Restored and embellished by his brother Brigadier - 
Cenoral Foulis of the 1st Regiment of Light Cavahy in Dec, 

He was Agont of the Coast Army, and from 1794 to 1795 member 
of the Bepresentative Committee of the Company's officers. 

Munro writing to his brother from Wamlere 23rd May 1796 writes : 
" That place (he was on his way to the Cauvory) always brings 

my valuable friend Irving to my mind ; but I have just lost 

a friend to whom I was still more greatly attached than to him. 

Foulis died at Major Brown's near Madras, on the 17th. 

No man in the service was ever ho generally lamented.'* 

(Gleig's Life of Munro, Vol. 1, p. 189). 

215 17th June Henry Smith 

210 loth Feb. Eliza Mannen 

217 23rd Feb. Margaret Blyth. 

218 5th Mar. Henry Newcome. 


219 23rd Mar. Colly Lyon Lucas. 


220 22nd July James Munro 


20th Aug. 

Andrew Ross 

[Henry 8mith Esq., of the Civil Service, Hon of General 
Richard Smith.] 

He died at Madras early on Sunday morning the 17th of June 
1796. 17th July 1796 is the date given by Rev. C. H. Maiden 
in his List of Burials. 

He joined as writer on September 10, 1793, and was Assistant 
under the Secretary to the Board of Revenue in 1794. The 
stone has disappeared. 

Eliza, wife of Lieut. Charles Mannex, of the 71st Regt. and 
eldest daughter of Col. James Butler, formerly Commandant 
of Artillery on this Coast, aged 44 years. The tribute 
of an affectionate husband to depaited conjugal wortii. 

Colonel Butler died at Trichinopoly, November 17th, 1771, aged 
52 years, (see No. 2674). 

Lieut. Isaac Manoury (of the Artillery) married Miss Frances 
Butler, July 3, 1769. 

Here lieth the body of Mrs. Margaret Blyth, who departed 
this life on the 23rd Februaiy 1797, aged 34 years. 

T. Blytho was coach-maker in 1791. Mr. Thomas Blyth married 
Mrs. Margaret Gill December 14, 1792. Mr. Thomas Blyth 
married Miss Maria Smith, Maroh 27, 1798. 

Henry Newcome, Esq., Post Captain in the Royal Navy and 
Commander of his Majesty's ship flrphcut, aged 37 years. 

Colly Lyon Lucas, Esq., Chief Surgeon and a Member of the 
Medical Board, aged 66 years. 

A well-known Freemason. He married Miss Martha Lee f 
May 12th, 1776. He wae Surgoon Major in 1779, Senior Surgeon 
to the army in 1781 and Chief Surgeon of the Fort St. George 
Hospital in 1786. 

Sacred to the memory of James Munro, merchant of Madras, 
who departed this life on the 22nd of July 1797 aged 36 yeais. 
He was a dutiful sen, a sincere friend, and an honest man. 

To the memory of Andrew Ross, Esq., who died 20th August 
1797, aged 79 years, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace. 
He arrived at Madras in 1752 and was named an Alderman 
of the Mayor's Court in the original charter granted that 
year. An active and useful member of the community* 













1st Sept, 

Eleanor Nuthall. . 


27th Sept. 

George Hall 


7th April 


27th May 

he devoted his time with ting attention to public 
objects of utility and benevolence. 

The charter granted to tho East India Co. by George II on 8th 
January 1753 provides also for tho constitution of a corporation 
oalled the Mayor and Aldermen of Madraspatnam consisting of 
a Mayor and nine Aldermon. 

Andrew Ross was one of tho nine aldermen appointed then. Love, 
II, p. 439. 

In 1796 the Mayor of Madras was James Daly (No. 244), and tho 
Aldermen Andrew Ross, James Call (No, 235), John Mitford, 
Benjamin Roebuck (No. 2802), William Abbott, Alexander 
Oockburn, Joseph Greenhill (No. 199) and Richard Chaso. 
44 John Smith, Andrew Ross, and George Mackay have resigned 
their posts as Aldermen and Hugh Norris has been appointed 
to one of those vacancios." In 1774 Philip Francis, and his 
brother-in-law and Secretary Alexander Maorabio, on landing 
at Madras, visited Mr. Andrew Ross* house at 44 Mamolon." 

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Eleanor Nuthall, who died 
1st September 1797, aged 25 years ; also her infant son 
died November 28tb, 1796. 

John Alexander Nuthall died at Dharapuram (Nanjayapalayam 
village, Coimbatore) 17th July 1807 aged 7 months. 

Lieutenant Thomas Nuthall married Eleanor Bromley, September 
21st, 1795. He died a Colonel in London, July 28th, 1829. 

Sacred to tho memory of Lieut. -Col. George Hall, who 
departed this life on the 27th Soptember 1797, aged 47 years f 
of the Coast Artillery and Commissary-General of Stores. 
As a mark of their esteem for his worth and of their respect 
for his professional abilities the officers of the Corps of 
Artillery on the Madras Establishment have erected this 

There is an encomium upon him in Urquhart with a curious poem 
by a brother officer. The Poem begins : 
Farewell my Hall 
Th* Almighty waits 
Thy spirit to receive 

" He quitted the Sublunary State, sincerely regretted by all who 
had the pleasure of his acquaintance.*' He entered the 
Madras Artillery as Second Lieutenant in 1778. 

Frances, wife of Lieut.-Col. James Spens, of the 73rd Regt. 
Here in the same grave are deposited the remains of Mrs. 
Frances Spens and of her infant child Frances Spens. 
Tho child was born and died on the 3rd April 1798, the 
mother followed her on the 7th of the same month in the 
27th year of her age. 

Daughter of Sir John Stuart, Bart., of Allanton. 

Gibbon Charles Captain Gibbon Charles George Pitman, of the Honourable 
George Pitman. Company's Corps of Engineers, who to his too high sense of 
honour fell an early and sudden victim at the age of 24 years. 
He entered the Madras Engineers as Second Lieut, on May 26, 

1790 and was made Lieut, on May 3, 1793. 
Urquhart gives a curious detail " that the disorder which hastened 
on his dissolution is said to have been increased by an excessive 
sensibility, of which we lament the effect, though we cannot 
but revere the cause." His funeral was attended by General 
Ross, Colonel Gent and other officers of the Corps. He was 
the son of Captain Philip Pitman (No. 2775) and Honor*, his 
wife, baptized April 29th, 1775. 

Frances Spens 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 





(3) W> 


1 1th Aug 

Charles Oram 

Capt. Philip Pitman marriod Miss Honora Dawkes, Doc. 16, 1772. 
Honora Pitman his mother married on soeondos noees Mr. 
George Taswell Juno 13, 1776 and died on board the Hon'ble 
Company's Ship David Scott in the Straits of Macassor about 
the beginning of the year 1811 [the lady of George Taswoll, 
Esq., Lieut. -Col. of Madras Feneiblos and late Master Attendant 
at Madras J. Col. Forde on 22 Oct. 1761 gave a certificate to 
Lieut. Frederic Cabbe Pitman of his beliaviour in the Dutch 

22nd Juno Alexander Noble At Madras, Alexander Noble Brown, Assistant Surgeon. 
179S. Brown. 

Charles Oram, late Assistant Surgeon, aged 27 years. A man 
whoso social manners made happy the stranger under [lis 
roof and whose domestic virtues greatly endeared liini to 
his family and friends. 

He wan born the 20th day of Due. 17(H) and paid t he sad tribute 
of humanity on the 11th day of August 1798, mourned and 
regretted by all who knew him. 
He married Emily Campbell, January 24th, 1705. His widow 
married Dec. 26, 1700 Charles Walters, advocate and attorney 
who arrived in India in 1707. Love 111, p. 478. 

Thomas Peters, late a Captain in the Honourable Company's 
Service, aged 42 years. This being inscribed in token of 
the most grateful regard and esteem of his much beloved 
friend Chaamah. 

He entered the Madras Army as Ensign on Oct. 1, 1780 ; was made 
Lieutenant Apr. 17, 1786 and Captain, Juno 1, 1796. 

5th Sept. 

Thomas Peters 

17th Sept. Thomas Gordon 

3rd Oot. 

Charles Smart 

Sacred to the memory of Major Thomas Cordon of the Hon. 
Company's Service who died on the 17th day of September 
1708, a^ed 45 years. 

He entered the Mad run Army as Cadet in 1775; 2nd Lieutenant 
on Jan. 10, 1776, Lieutenant on Nov. 8, 1780, Captain on Dee. 
20,1789 and Major on .Line 1, 1706. 

To the memory of Charles Smart, died 3id Oct. 1798, aged 
43 years, after a service of upwards of 27 years. Lieut.- Col. 
in the Hon'ble K. 1. Co.'s service which he served honorably 
and actively for upwards of 27 years. 

The largest monument in the cemetery. Smart married Miss 
Sara Ann Barlow, September 4th, 1702, and Hugh Boyd, the 
reputed Junius (No. 204), was one of those who attested the 
marriage, his signature being still visible in the Registers. 
Mrs. Smart died at the Mount in 1819 (see No. 1397). 

He entered the Madras Army as Cadet in 1771 ; 2nd Lieut. Nov. 
14, 1772 ; Lieut, Nov. 14, 1778 ; Captain Dec. 23, 1783 ; Major 
June 1, 1796. 

In Berhampore Sept. 15, 1815, James Smart, Conductor of 
Ordnance died, aged 55 years, 30 of which ho spont in the 
Company's Service. He was very much esteemed by his large 
circle of friends. He left a widow and sovon children. (Asiatic 
Journal, June 1816). 

1st April Mary Anne Cassin. Miss Mary Anne Cassin aged 5 years. 

1 8th May Forbes Ross Mac- Forbes Ross Macdon ald , Esq . , aged 44 years, S uperintendent 
1799. DONALD. of the Prince of Wales Island (Penang). 

Ho was a Major in tho army. 










lnsu iption. 

31at May Robert Cakd 


. . Sacred to the memory of [Robert Card who departed this life, 
the 31st day of May 1799, aged 25 years (a man of great 
probity and conciliating manner*). 

Maiden give* his date of burial as 30th May 1799. Mr. John Card 
married Rebecca Griffiths May 12, 1791, Tn 1795 the firm was 
Hopo Card and Reynolds. 


27th June George Oumming. 


Sth July 

James Call 


9th July 

George Baker 


19th Aug. 

Cornish Gam bier. 

238 5th Nov. Thomas 
1799. Ware. 



3rd Feb. 

John Campbell 

George Gumming, Esq., aged 44 years, ono of the super- 
cargoes for the affairs of the Honourable East Company in 

Ho erected a monument at Calcutta to his uncle William dimming 
n.C.s., who diod there, October 11th, 1794. 

James Call. 

Writor in 1766, Factor in 1771, Junior Merchant in 1774, Senior 
Merchant and Provisional Member of Hoard of Rovenuo in 
1778 and Sea Customer in 1792, and at the time of his death 
Senior Alderman. He was Mayor four times. James Call applied 
in July 1799 for leave to go to the Capo and England for the 
benefit of his health, 4 after an uninterrupted residency of thirty 
five years in India' (Pub. Cons. . r )th July 1799.) Ho expired, 
howover, before ho could embark. Col. John Call who was 
member of Council in 17C8, and who was created a baronot in 
1791 is believed to be his brother (L. Ill, 137). Sir John Call 
died of apoplexy in London on 1 March 1801. In March 1772 
he married Philadelphia, third daughter of William Batty, 
M.D. Jewel ("all Sonior Merchant in 1782 was probably a member 
of the same family. 

[George Baker, fisq., aged 77 years.] 

Urquhart. Ho was tho first European Master Attendant at 
Madras, and improved the water-supply of Black Town and the 
Fort, for which the Company granted him an annuity of £500. 
44 Tho accuracy of his survey to the eastward has boon confirmed 
by subsequent navigators." 

Sacred to the memory of Cornish Gamhier, Esq., who died 
19th Aug. 1799, aged 37 years. Beloved and lamented in 

Ho was a writer in 1779, Senior Merchant in 1790 and in 1795, 
Sonior Morchant and Collector at Muglatore (Prinsep, p. 58.) 
44 Gambler's Gardens " in Adayar, Madras are so named aftor 
Sir E. J. Gambier, Chief Justice from 1842 to 1848. 

Thomas Stephen Ware of the Honourable Company's Civil 
Establishment on the Coast of Coromandel, who died in 
Fort St. George in tho 21st year of his age, 5th November 

1793 : Writer ; 1796 : Assistant under the Secretary to the Board 
of Revenue ; 1797 : Assistant under the Accountant to the 
Board of Revenue ; 1798 : Deputy Accountant to the Board of 
Revenue; 1799: Acting Persian Translator to the Board of 
Revenue (Prinsep). 

Captain John Campbell, aged 32 years, of tho 1st Battalion, 
Coast Artillery. 

He married Oct. 11, 1793, Hanna Maria Tanner, at Trichinopoly, 
daughter of Col. Tanner (No. 2689). His wife died on her pasaag© 
to England Oct. 1798. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 









6th January Robert 
1800. 805. 


11th April 


Hender- Robert Henderson died at Madras on Monday evening the* 
6th January 1800. 

" Shopkoepor 1789 Mr. Robert Henderson, a free merchant 
proposed to establish a public sale room for the convenience of 
merchants in 1790. His offer was rejected by Government on 
the ground that its acceptance would intorfere with the office 
of Register of the Sea Gate, held by a covenanted Civilian. He 
owned a house noar the Walajah Gate valued at 15,000 Star 
Pagodas. Love Vol. Ill, pages 371 and 511. 

Frances Tha.cka.ry Mrs. Frances Thackary, wife of Mr. Thomas Thackary, 

Surgeon in the Hon'ble E.I. Company's service, in the 24th 
year of her age. 

The date of her burial is 16 April 1800 according to Rov. Maiden's 
List. T. Thackary, 1800, Presidency General Hospital. 

242 24th April 


18th May 

Thomas Wallace. 

Henry Sewell 


24th May 

James Daly 

245 24th May Isaac De Meuron 
1800. De Rochat. 

246 27th May Jambs Rodgers 

Thomas Wallace, aged 25 years, of the Honourable Com- 
pany's Civil Service. 

Writer in 1790 ; 1791 : Assistant, under the Secretary in the Mili- 
tary Department ; 1792 : Assistant at Ganjam ; 1796 : Deputy 
Secretary in the Military Department. 

Henry Sewell, aged 39 years, late his Majesty's Naval 
officer at this Port, and an Alderman of this corporation ; 
Erocted by his afflicted widow. 

He married, June 5th, 1790, Miss Rebecca Chase, who died August 
24th, 1824. He joined his brother-in-law Thomas Chase, in 
establishing the firm of Chase, Chirmory and Sewoll, originally 
Chase Chinnery and Chase (1798) which failed in 1822 (see 
No*. 1712 and 1661). " Henry Sewell ; partner with Messrs. 
Chase merchants and agents 1790 " (1798 list). He was a Mayor 
of Madras and its dependencies prior to his death. Henry 
Sowoll diod on board the Daedalus. R. W. Bruce married 
Isabolla Sewoll March 15, 1806. 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. James Daly who died 24th May 
1800, aged 37 years. 

" Jas Daly writer in S. Co's office 1781, formorly lived with Mr. 
Maunsell". He came out to Madras via Bombay in August 
1783, and obtained employment in the public offices in Ganjam. 
In 1796 he was Mayor of Madras. He was an eminent 
merchant there. Matthew Daly morcliant 1778 came out a 
recruit in 1788 but obtained his discharge by hiring another 
man in his room. 

Captain De Meuron De Rochat of His Majesty's Regiment 
de Meuron departed this life 24th May 1800, aged 34 years. 
The strict honour, the marked integrity and the conciliating 
manners of Capt. Do Meuron had gained him the esteem and 
respect of all his brother officers and by whom his doath is 
most sincerely regretted. 

Paymaster of the Regiment de Meuron (see No. 959). His 
widow Susanna Isabella Odyk married November 5th 1801 
Captain J. G. Gardman, of the same Regiment. 

James Rodgers, Major in the Honourable Company's Service 
and Military Auditor-General in the Island of Ceylon, aged 
42 years, 21 of which ho served the E.I. Co. 

He was a Cadet in 1778, 2nd Lieut, on Apr. 16, 1779, Lieut, on 
13 Deer. 1783, Capt. on June 1, 1796, and Major on December 
10, 1799. 

Lieut. George Hodson married Miss Mary Rodgers, Feb. 13, 1777, 
He was invalided and died at Ganjam 21 Deo. 1800. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) , (3) (4) 


247 3rd August Jambs Rannie • . Sacred to the memory of Mr. Jambs Rannie, late merchant of 

1800. Madras, who departed this life at Sea, 3rd August 1800, 

aged 34. As ho loved beloved so he died regretted by all who 
had the pleasure of his acquaint ance. 

He died on the passage from Bengal on board the Highland Chief 
after a sevore illness of only six days. 

James Rannie of Madias married Mrs. Christian Pine, widow 
of late Mr. Pino of Calcutta on June 1 , 1 BOO. 

248 12th Feb. Georoe Andrew Mr. George Andrew Ram, aged 52 years, of the Honourable 

1801. Ram. Company's Civil Establishment. 

1767 Writer; 1774 Factor; 1776 Junior Merchant ; 1778 Senior 
Merchant ; 1791 Resident at Tanjore ; 1795 Collector of Gun- 
toor. Thero was a lengthy enquiry in 1791 in connection with 
charges brought against him by the Kaja of Tanjore. 

He was Coroner in the inquest on Lord Pigot. Ho was sworn 
into to the officos of Coroner " in tho open Court Mr. Joeias 
Duke then sitting as Chief of the Bench and Mr. Warren Hastings 
as second: The Jury were Geo. Smith, A. Ross, Geo. Baker, 
Thos. Pownoy, Thos. Polling, John Do Fries, Robt. Ewing, 
Geo. Taswell, Alex. Outhbert, Robt. Farquhar, Win. Parsons, 
John Turing good and lawful mon of Madratipatnam." Others 
not takon were W. J. Holland, Win. Glogloy, Win. Rohh, Konelm 

249 11th March William Roebuck. William Roebuck, a man of sincere philanthropy and striot 

IgO], probity, who was cut off on the 11th March 1801, aged 36, 

in the prime of his days, beloved by all to whom he was 
known. This tombstone is platted by his affectionate bro- 
ther Benjamin Roebuck. 

Benjamin Roebuck, who was in the Civil Service, died at Vizaga- 
patam, August 13th, 1809 (No. 2802). He built the Mint at 
Madras and tho public Docks at Coringa. He married on 28th 
June 1790 Catharine Taylor {n4e Maitland) widow of John 
Taylor and grand-daughter of Captain John De Morgan. Ano« 
ther brother Ehenozer died near EUoro, May 1807. The father 
of these three brothers was Dr. John Roebuck (1718-94), a well- 
known inventor and chemist in his day. Ebonozor was the 
father of 44 Tear 'em " Roebuck, M.P. (1801-79), the well-known 
Sheffield reformer, who was born at Madras. Ebenezer Roebuck 
was Master Attendant at Coringa and his wife, the politician's 
mother, was a daughter of Richard Tickoll, the brother-in-law 
and friend of Sheridan. 

250 5th June Robert Tithing . . Major Robert Turing, aged 41. Ho served his country and 

1801. the Hon'ble Company 22 years in the most distinguished 

manner, during which period he was present with tho Coast 
army at every battle and siege of importance. 

The Governor and the Officer Commanding tho army in chief 

attended his funeral. 
He was a Cadet in 1778 ; Second Lieut/on 24th April 1779 ; Lieut, 
on 9 May 1784 ; Captain on 1 June 1796, and Major on 17 Deo. 

As Major of Brigade ho was at Trincomalee Dec. 1795 — March 

Turing was Secretary to Government in the Military Depart- 
ment. Robert Turing (Surgeon) married Mary Taylor, nee 
De Morgan on June 14, 1755. A Captain James Turing died at 
Pennagaram, Salem district, July 23rd, 1793, and a Mr. John 
Turing, a Writer, son of Sir John Turing, Bart., at Vizagapatam, 
June 15th, 1809. Another Turing was severely wounded in 
Bailiie's defeat, 1780, and was subsequently killed in aetion. 

VOL, I—" 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serf*! I*". N«ne. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 

251 13th June William Syden- William Sydenham, Esq., aetat 49 years, Major-general in 
1801 ham. the H.E.I.C.S. His worth and merits in the public stations 

of life are recorded in a monument erected to his memory by 
the officers of the corps of Artillery at St. Thomas' Mount, 

He entered the army on Oct. 15, 1768, was a Lieut. -Colonel on 
July 22, 1786, Colonel on June 1, 1796 and died a Major-General 
and Commandant of Artillery in 1801. He has a monument at 
the Mount. Sydenham's road in Madras takes its name from him. 
He married as a Lieutenant Miss Amelia Prime, November 
23rd, 1776. His daughter Amelia died September 5th, 1782, 
aged ten days, when he was Town Major of Fort St. George. 
His second son Thomas, born 1780, an officer in the Madras 
army, was Assistant Private Secretary to Lord Momington in 
1799, Resident at Hyderabad 1806-10, charge d'affaires at 
Lisbon in 1811, appointed minister plenipotentiary at Lisbon 
on the conclusion of peaco, but diod ut Geneva, August 28th, 
1816 (see No. 995). 

Catharine Sydenham married John Woodbridge Hilton (Capt.) 
Oct. 10, 1798 (King's Officor). Lucy Dorothea Pye Sydenham 
married Tredway Clarke (Capt.), Feb. 12. 1795 (died a Gonoral 
1868). Sarah Sydenham married Robert Boll (Lt.) July 31» 
1787 (ho died a General 1844). 

^52 16th Oct. James Brodie .. James Brodie, Ksq., of the Honorable Company's Civil 
1801 Service on the Madras Establishment. 

Born 1769. Eldest son of James son of James Brodie of Brodie. 
N.B., and Lady Margaret Duff (who was burnt to death at 
Brodie House in 1786), the daughtor of William, 1st Earl of 
Fife, by Jean, daughter of Sir James Grant of Grant. History 
of the family destroyed in the burning of Brodie House claims 
to trace back 600 years. Tho deceased was drowned in the 
Adyar River noar his residence, Brodie Castle. D. Brodie 
escaped, being taken up at sea by a catamaran (Mrs. Penny on 
The Coromandel Coast, p. 70 tolls'that his wife had a dream that 
harm would happen to him.) He married December 11th, 
1790, Ann, daughter of Colonel Storey. She married secondly 
Sir Thomas Bowser. James Brodie left two sons and four 
daughters. One son, George, of the 3rd M.L.C., died in 1826. 
The four daughters married : Francis Whitworth Russell, 
B. C. S. (see No. 998) ; Edward Humphrey Woodcock (se# 
No. 1730) ; Captain Pattullo (No. 555) ; and Colonel Hugh 
Calveley Cotton (No. 1624). 44 Lieut. H. C. Cotton of the Engi- 
neers married on April 25, 1825, Louisa, youngest daughter of 
the late James Brodie, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service." On 
Jan. 27, 1825, Mrs. Margaret Brodie, eldest daughter of J, 
Brodie, Esq., formerly of the M.C.8. died at Bangalore. James* 
brother William Douglas Brodie, formerly British Consul in 
Spain, joined in July 1800 the firm of Tulloh, Brodie and Hally- 
burton who since 1795 acted as the Agents in India for collecting 
and transmitting to England all the claims of Nabob Wallajah's 
creditors. Mr. W. D. Brodie was engaged in investigating 
the claims of the Nabob's creditors. In 1811 he was appointed 
Register of Carnatic Debts and held this office till his death. 
He died at MadraB on 11th August 1826. Brodie Castle on the 
Adyar takes its name from the family. For sometime Sir 
Thomas Strange lived in it. In 1816, April 5, at Brodio Castle 
the lady of the Honourable Sir T. A. Strange, Chief Justice, 
gave birth to a daughter. 

Feb. 1802. John Gordon John Gordon Esq., Assistant Surgeon on the Madras Estab- 



MADRAS CITY — coni. 





7th April 






William Shibrbff. Lieut.-Col. Wiluam Shirreff, Commaudant of the Honbur- 

able Company's 7th Regiment of Native Cavalry, in the 
42nd year of his age. 

He spent 29 years as an officer of cavalry. He died in conse- 
quence of an accident when exercising his men. 


28th Juno Thomas Woodall. 



28th Nov. 

26th April 

James West 

Henry Soame 


6th Aug. 

Sir Paul 



31st August 

20th Oct. 


Here lie interred the bodies of Major Thomas Woodall of 
His Majesty's 12th Regiment who departed this life the 
28th Juno 1802, aged 30 years and Basil Woodall his son 
who died on the 8th October 1802. 

He married at Madras Miss Janet Cochrane on August 16, 1800. 

James West Esq., died 28th November 1802, aged 70 years. 

James West Lieutenant on half pay, 1777. Lieut. West left th© 
79th Regiment to become a free merchant. He married on 
April 21, 1761, Anne Innis, widow of Captain John Innis, aod 
daughter of John De Morgan. 

Sacred to the memory of Henry J.R. Soamb Esq., late a Lieut, 
in H.M. 25th Regiment of Lt. Dragoons, who departed this 
life on the 26th day of April in the year of our Lord 1803. 
(Rev. C H. Maiden gives in his list of Burials the date of burial of 
Lieut. H. J. R. Soaraee as April 21, 1803). 

Memorise sacrum Pauli Jodrell, militis, M.D., qui obiit 
sexto die Augusti, anno domini MDCCCIII et setatis sua 

Second son of Paul Jodrell, Solicitor-General to Frederick Prinoe 
of Wales, son of George II, and brother of Richard Paul Jodrell, 
M.P., f.k.s., the classical scholar and dramatist, created a 
Baronet, January 22nd, 1783. Sir Paul Jodrell was physician 
from 1788 to the Nabob of Arcot and married Jane, daughter 
of Sir Robert Bowicke, of Close House, Northumberland. Hi* 
daughter Paulina married, June 1804, Sir John Henry SeaU 
Bart., M.P., for Dartmouth and died April 17th, 1862. 

Hobbs In memory of William Hobbs Drake, Purser of the Honour- 
able Company's ship ' Sir Hugh Inglis 9 who departed 
this life 31st August 1803. 


Jean Pierre De 
Meuron Bullot. 


4th Mar. 

VOL I— 7 A 

Colonel J. P. De Meuron Bullot, aged 63 years. 

M Colonel Mouron, with his family and several other paasengors, 
embarked on the accommodation boat, for the purpose of 
proceeding to the Union, which lay in the roadB. They had 
nearly reached the last Burf, which was somewhat high, when 
the boat, as is supposed from the wind blowing at that period 
from the south, veered round and presenting her side to the 
wave, immediately filled and overset ; by which unfortunate 
circumstance we are concerned to add that Colonel Meuron, 
his daughter, a young lady of great worth and beauty, and 
Lieut. Holborn, of the 34th Regiment, were drowned. The 
body of the former only has been recovered and was interred 
with every honour suitable to the rank of the deceased.* ♦ 
Calcutta Gazette, November 10th, 1803. 

Thomas Rumbold Thomas Ritmbold Taylor, Esq., departed this life the 4tb 
Taylor. March 1804, aged 28 years. 

Captain of the Honourable Company's ship Glory. He wan 
killed in a duel by Major Davidson. (See Public Department 
Proceedings Sundries for 1804). William Davidson wan dis- 
missed, March 26, 1806, in England. 


MADRAS CITY — con\. 

&>ri*l Date. Name. Inscription. 

(1) (2) (3) (4) 


262 29th Mar. A. E. Stuabt . . Miss A. E. Stuabt, aged 33, daughter of his Excellency Lieut .. 

1804. General James Stuart, Commander-in-Chief of the Forces. 

This General Stuart is not to be confounded with the better known 
General of the same name (d. 1793), who arrested Lord Pigot 
in 1776, and was himself arrested and shipped to England by 
Lord Macartney in 1784. James Stuart (1741-1815) was the 
third son of John Stuart of Blairhall in Perthshire, by his wife 
Anne, daughter of Francis, Earl of Murray, and was born at 
Blairhall on 2 March 1741. In 1757 he entered the army and 
served in the American War of Independence. He attained the 
rank of Major in the 78th Foot, and arrived in India with his 
regiment in 1782 where he was appointed Lieut. -Col. on 14 Feb. 
He served at the sieges of Ouddalore and Seringapatam and 
became Commander-in-Chief of the Madras army in 1801. 
On 29 April 1802 he attained the rank of Lieu tenant -General 
and in the following year he took part in the Mahratta war, 
Major-General Wollosley being then under his orders. He 
returned to England in bad health in 1805 ; ho was promoted 
to the rank of General on 1 Jan. 1812 and died without issue 
in London on April 29th. 1815, at the age of 74. 
He was buried in a vault in St. James's Chapel, Hampstoad Road, 

Welsh says he was much liked by the Madras army and went 
by the familiar appellation of Old How. 

A biographical Hketch of General James Stuart is given in the 
Asiatic Journals of Sept. 1810 and Oct. 1819. 

263 14th April Nichol Mein .. Nichol Mein, Esq., a Member of the Medical Board at this 

1804 and Presidency, departed this life on the 14th of April 1804, 

19th Oct. aged 50 years. 


His relict Mary followed him to the grave on the 10th day of 
June 1818 agod 62 years. This amiable and virtuous woman 
bore her long trials and sufferings on the Earth with cheerful 
patience and pious resignation trusting in her God for deliver- 
ance at His appointed Hour. " Blessed are the Dead that die 
in the Lord.'* The exemplary life, benevolent heart, cheerful 
and affable disposition has endearod her to a wide circle of 
friends while her constant affection and kindness to her own 
Family called back their ever lasting love, reverence and 
gratitude. Beneath this stone also lie the remains of John, 
infant son of John Dighton and grandson of the above lady 
who died on the 19th Oct. 1811 aged 14 days. Lieut. John 
Dighton married Miss Sophia Smart, 8 Feb. 1790. Jan. 1804 
at Coringa A. Mein, Esq., died. 

264 23rd April James Iknes , . Sacred to the memory of Lieut.-Col. James Innes, of the 

1804. Honourable Company's Madras Establishment, and late 

Commandant of the 2nd Battalion of the 13th Regiment, 
Native Infantry. He died on the 23rd day of April 1804 
in the 47th year of his age. 

In 1753, Oct. 24, Anne De Morgan married Captain John Innes, 
who died on 29th Sept., 1760. James Innes was their son. 
James Innes entered the Madras Army as Second Lieut, on 
Feb. 5, 1777, was made Lieut. Dec. 10, 1780, Capt. Sept. 8, 
1793, Major Nov. 29, 1797 and Lieut.-Col., Dec. 10, 1799. He 
married a Miss Richards. Another son George Innes died at 
Chicacole of hill fever while serving in the Indian army (gee 
Nob. 1261 and 1270). 
Captain John Innes of the 14th N.I. died at Ryacottah March 21, 
1802. He was 2nd Lieut, on Oct. 23, 1782, Lieut. April 3, 
1790, and Captain on 22nd Oct. 1798. 
George Innes late of Madras died at London Feb. 18, 1802. 
Major Genl. James Innes Junior, 3rd son of late John Innes of 
Bath died Sept. 21, 1818 at Fort St. George. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4 ) 


265 3rd May Allan Grant .. Captain Allan Urant, aged 38 years. 

Of the 2nd Battalion, 18th Regiment, N.I., ami Town Major of 
Fort St. George, 

Ho was 2nd Lieut, on Oct. 19, 1781, Lieut, on Nov. 1, 1788, and 
Captain 18 Sept. 1798. (Brother of No. 13C9.) 

206 12th May Louisa Watts .. Horn lies the perishable part of Louisa Watts who departed 

1804. this life on the 12th May 1804 aged 29 years. This monu- 

mental stone is erected by her affectionate husband Edward 

207 29th May Peter Coulon . . Under this stone are deposited the remains of Mr. Peter 

1804. Coulon, a native of Clermont in the Province of Languedoc 

in France, who was for many years at the head of an eminent 
commercial establishment at Pondicherry, and latterly a 
Member of the House of Francis Lautour and Company at 
Madras. He was an able merchant and an honest man. 
Horn Anno Domini 1747 obiit May 29, 1804. 

Rev. Maiden gives 26th May 1804 as the date of his burial. 

His daughter Miss Amelia Coulon was married at Chandranagore 
to Peter Deveriune of the Finn of Messrs. Doveriune Freres 
on 15 June 1816. (Asiatic Journal, Doc. 1816.) 

Francis Lautour arrived at Madras in 1777 and establiwhed the 
mercantile house of Francis Lautour & Co. Having flourished 
for over a quarter of a century, the firm was joined in 1803 by 
George Arbuthnot. Love — III, p. 509, note 1. 

Francis Lautour came out in 1777 in the fleet commanded by Sir 
Robert Harland. He served on H.M. ships for many years 
and at the conclusion of the war remained in India. Ho com- 
menced business when acting under Admirals Harland and 
Vernon and was agent for H.M.'s two Hanoverian regiments. 
He was married in Government House to Ann Hordle on Feb- 
ruary 29th, 1780. Two of their sons died infants in 1781 and 
1783. On Lautour's retirement on January 1st, 1810, the firm 
of Messrs. Lautour & Co., was altered to the firm of Messrs. 
Arbuthnot, De Monte & Co. Ultimately it became known as 
Arbuthnot <fe Co. George Chalmers, Esq. ( Attorney -at-Law, 
Fort St. George) mamed Miss Elizabeth Lautour on May 16, 
1792. A James Lautour was in the Civil Service, 1806-1816. 
Joseph Lautour a Swiss came to Madras from England in 1777 
and acted as steward to John Whitehill, Esq. Love III* p. 138, 
note 3. 

208 28th June Kichard Leslie . . The Rev. Archdeacon Leslie, A. M., aged 58 years. 


Richard Leslie was bom in 1748. His father was James Leslie 
Bishop of Limerick. Ho matriculated at Wadham College, 
Oxford on 29 June 1765, but did not proceed to a degree. He 
was an Archdeacon long before there were Archdeacons in 
Madras. He was made Archdeacon of Aghadoe by his father on 
4th Oct. 1761). Later on he was appointed a Chaplain in the 
Royal Navy and happened to be in the neighbourhood of Fort 
St. George when a chaplain whs required there. The death of 
William Bainbrigge in 1783 made the vacancy which Leslie 
was invited to fill. (Penny's Church, p. 678.) He was Minister 
of Fort St. George for more than twenty years. He died of 
heat apoplexy. His parishioners erected a monument to his 
memory in the Fort Church. It is by Flaxman. Leslie was 
co-chaplain with the well-known Dr. Bell, founder of the moni- 
torial system of teaching in schools. Ho is described in Gardi- 
ner's Registers of Wadham College, Oxford, as Archdeacon of 
Aghadoe, deprived for non-residence in 1790. 

One Mr. Jos. Leslie was married at St. Mary's Church, Madras, 
to Miss Margaret Jones. (Asiatic Journal, June 1816.) 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 











26th August 

2-Uh Sep- 

5th Dec. 

John St. Paul 



25th May 

25th May 

Robjsrt Harvey 

John Urq^jhart 



17th July 

17 th Aug. 

27th Aug. 

9th Sept. 



Archibald Little. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Archibald Little, Surgeon 

on the Honourable Company's Establishment who 
departed this life August 26th, 1804. 

Rev. C.H. Maiden givei 26th September 1804 a* the date of his 

Isabella Matilda Isabella Matilda Hardyman, aged 21. 

She was the third daughter of Thomas and Sancta Hardyman 
She died at the house of Sir Benjamin Sullivan. Mr. Coates 
writer in the Company *e service married Miss Dolly Hardyman, 
at Calcutta on Dec. 19,1778. 

[John St. Paul, one of the Magistrates of Pondicherry.] 

J. Haig, c.s., married June 6th, 1814, Mary, the oldest daughter 
of F. St. Paul, Second Judge of Pondicherry (see No. 891). 
Mr. Peter St. Paul was Secretary to the Commissaries for the 
restoration of Madras, July 30th 1749. Tho Commissaries 
were Stringer Lawrence, Alex. Wynch and Fobs Westcott. 

[Robert Harvey, aged 51 years, Schoolmaster of the Military 
Male Orphan Asylum.] 

Urquhart. " The public aro indebted to him for compiling the 
Madras Almanac for upwards of 10 years before his death." 
He died at Eginoro on Sunday tho 25th May 1805 at the age of 
51 years. 

[Captain John Ukquhart, aged 27 years, late Commander of 
the ship St. George..] 

He died at Madras on Sunday tho 25th May 1805 at the age of 27 

Urquhart mentions that " among other vicissitudes of life he was 
captured three times arid carried to the Isle of France ; but his 
manly bosom over glowing with patriotic fire, he sought every 
opportunity, even in captivity, of being useful to his country ; 
and he was so fortunate as to render her a very essential service, 
by being the first person, who transmitted, at tho hazard of his 
life, to our Governor-General, a circumstantial account of the 
proceedings of the enemy, with a copy of the proclamation 
announcing the arrival of Tippoo Sultan's ambassadors on the 
island, and the requisition of raising volunteers for his service. 
On the receipt of this intelligence at Bengal, the measures of the 
Governor- General were promptly adopted to frustrate tho wicked 
intentions of our enemies ; and which terminated finally to the 
honor of our country, to the everlasting disgrace of the French 
and tho downfall of Tippoo. Captain Urquhart was well versed 
in polite literature, and many of his poetical effusions have occa- 
sionally adorned the public prints of this Presidency." 
One James Urquhart married Harriett Sarah 2nd daughter of Henry 
Thomas Williams, of Russei Square, London. (Asiatic Journal, 
January 1818.) 

Alexander Morrison, Surgeon, H.M. 34th Regiment of 
Foot in the 33rd year of his age. 

Here reposes the body of the late Mary db Mbueon, relict 
of the late Lieut.-Colonel de Meuron. She died at St. Thom6 
17th August 1805 aged 50 years, 

A Miss M. P. de Meuron was buried at the Pursewalkum cemetery r 
March 28th, 1 882, aged 81 years (see No. 962). 

To the memory of Allan Spottiswood or Spottebwood 

of the ship General Stuart who died 27th August, 1805. 
Sacred to the memory of John M'Intosh Esq., of Dalmarry, 
Commander of the Airly Castte, East Indiaman who died on 
the 9th September 1805 aged 37 years. 

Alexander Morri- 

Mary de Meuron. 

Allan Spottiswood. 
John M'Intosh 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (|) 


278 30th Aug. Gilbert Geddbs G. G. Richardson, aged 38 years on 30th August 1805. t 

1805* Richardson. would write thy eulogy, but my tears blind me. C.E.R. 

Gilbert George Richardson was a partner in Mio House of Colt, 
Baker, Hart & Co. In 1798 it was Colt Baker Day & Co. 
He married Catherine Elizaboth Scott, April 29th, 1 799. 

279 29th Oct Thomas Francis Rev. Thomas Francis Hartwell, Chaplain on the Bengal 

1805. Hartwell. Establishment, aged 27 years and 3 months. 

In vain would weeping Melancholy bind 

Around thy sacred urn the cypress shade, 
No gloom attend thy memory, for thy mind 

Reflects a radiance which can never fade. 
Our fond regret, our chasten 'd sorrow mourn ; 

For one so early lost, so amply fraught ; 
Whose smiles could lure the sinner to return, 

Alike by practice and by precept taught. 
But not from us ean flow the suffrage due ; 

A higher tribute shall thy worth proclaim, 
Religion will lament her loss in you 

And virtue celebrate her votary's name. 
Their's bo the record of thy passing day, 

Which, like the bud the ruthless storm had riv'n, 
Blent its bright promise with its quick decay 

At once our moral and our guide to heav'n. 
He died at the garden house of W, D. Brodie, Enq., now known aa 
Brodie Castle. 

280 4th Feb. Christopher Carl- Lieut-Col. the Honourable Christopher Carlton. 

1806. ton. 

Third son of the fiiHt Baron Dorchester, Guy Carleton and Lady 
Maria, the third daughter of Thomas, second Earl of Effingham, 
by whom he had nine sons and two daughters. He was Colonel 
of the 25th Dragoons and died on board the H.C.S. Devonshire. 
His son, Arthur, was the second Baron Dorchester. His 
youngest brother Richard's eldest son is the fourth Baron. 

281 10th Sept. George Houstone . . George Houstone, Esq., of this establishment aged 16 

1806. years. 

Rev. Maiden gives ltfth Sep. 1806 as the date of his burial. He 

was a young Writer. 

282 16th Sept. William Whitting- William Whittington aged 20 years. 

1806. ton. 

A young Writer. 

283 16th Jan. George Balmain. Sacred to the memory of George Balmain, Esq., of the 

1807. Madras Civil Service, who departed this life the 16th day 

of Jan. 1807. Sacred to the memory of John Balmain, Esq., 
of the Medical Establishment who departed this life on 
the 7th day of September 1811. 

George Balmain was writer, July 27, 1789 ; 1790, Assistant under 
the Secretary in the Military, Political and Secret Departments ; 
1 793, Assistant under the Collector of the Peishcush in the 
Southern Polygars ; 1796, Collector in the Mannargudy Districts 
of the Tanjore Country; 1 799, November 30, Collector at Pedda- 
pore, in the first Division of Masulipatam ; J 803, At Home ; 
1805 August 23, Returned to India. 
He died at Tripassore. Lieutenant Fletcher Norton Balmain of 
the Madras Cavalry married a daughter of Sir George Barlow 
October 28th, 1811. He was cadet in 1800 ; 2nd Lieut., Sep. 16, 

1801 ; Lieut., May 1, 1804; Oapt., Sept. 1, 1818. He retired 

Jan. 2, 1826. 

Miss Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of John Balmain, married 
John Benjamin at St. George's Church on 26th July 1817. 
(Asiatic Journal, Feb. 1818). 














18th April 

8th May 

John Daly 

Caroline Johns . 




16th Juno 

23rd Oct. 

25th Oct. 

1st Nov. 

5th Nov. 

Joice Shepherd 
David Fleming 

Michael Hughes . . 
Richard Fleming . . 

Walter Grant 




>lst Dec. 

13th Feb. 

7th April 

Henry Charles 

John Stevens 

Edward Collins 

Sacred to the Memory of John Daly, Esq., late of Madras 
who departed this life, April 18, 1807 at Chowringhee. 
This monument is erected by his widow Rachael Susanna, D. 

In hope of a blessed resurrection her© lies the body of Miss 
Caroline Johns, daughter of David Johns, who departed 
this life the 8th of May 1807, aged 15 years and 6 months. 
Snatched in her youth to soar in bliss above 
Where all is peace and harmony and love. 
Rev. H. Maiden givoj 7th May 1807 as the date of her burial. 

Mrs. Joice Shepherd. 

At Sea, on board H.M. Ship Oullodm, Dwid Fleming, Esq., 
Surgeon, died on 23 Oct. 1807. 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Michael Hughes, Conductor of 
Ordnance, obiit 25th of October 1807 aotatis 47 years. This 
monument was erected by his loving wife Clarinda Hughes. 
(Michael Hughos married Clarinda Thomas, July 14, 1798). 

Richard Fleming, aged 53 years. This memorial 
to the best of Fathers is erected by his afFoctionate daughter. 
A.D. 1808. 

Of the Bengal Civil Service . 

Mr. W. H. Fleming married Mias Jane Shobrooko ( Asiatic Journal, 
Jan. 1816). 

Walter Grant, Esq., Master in Equity on the Supreme 
Court of Judicature, Madras, aged 38 years. Erected by 
Sarah Grant his afflicted and disconsolate widow. 
His epitaph stands first in Urquhart's book. He married Mias 
Sarah Sowlc, May 2()th, 1804 ; Robert Onne, the attorney, who 
wan also his executor marrying hor sister Mary Sowlo, May 1st 
of the same year. Walter Grant ownod a houso next to the 
Exchange in the Fort.. It was sold away in 1808 by his executors 
Robert Onne and George Arbuthuot. 

To the memory of Mr. Henry Charles Gilmore, of Rungpore 
in Bengal, who departed this life on the 21st of Dec. 1807 
aged 22. 

Hero lieth the body of Mr. John Stevens who died on the 13th 
day of February 1808 aged 37 years. 

Shopkeeper. (Shopkeeper Mr. George Stevens died 2nd March 1812.) 

Major-General Edward Collins, aged 75 years, whose faithful 
service to his country for a period of upwards of 40 years 
of military duty in India has justly been acknowledged 
with public encomiums, and in equal testimony to the 
exalted merits of his private life, as a man of principle, 
probity and honor. This monument has been erected by 
his much lamented and disconsolate family. 

He entered the army on December 30, 1765; wa8 Lieut, on April 
29,1767; Captain October 15, 1 773; Lieut. Col. April 17, 1786 ; 
Colonel October 3, 1792 and Major-General, February 26, 1795. 
He died in hit* house at Vepery, where M General Collins' Road " 
preserves his memory. In 1801 the Chamber of Exeter, of 
which city he was a native, voted him their freedom. His 
daughter Louisa, who died October 25th, 1814, aged 21, is buried 
near him, as well as her daughter Cecilia, who married the Rev, 
E. Vaughan, Chaplain, afterwards second Archdeacon of Madras. 
She died November 8th, 1810, aged 27 (gee No. 319). Vaughan 
died in 1849 at Loddiswell House near Kinsbridge Devon. 













8th June 

18th Juno 


24tb Sept. 

Alexander Cook- To the memory of Alexander Cockburn, who departed this 
burn. life on the 8th of June 1808, aged 41 years. 

He was Alderman in 1798 and Mayor in 1799. 

T. A. Browne . . Sacred to the memory of Thomas Annesly Browne, aged 36 

years, who departed this life the 18th day of June 1808. 
He was a tender indulgent Husband, an affectionate Parent 
and a sincere friend. In testimony of her irreparable loss, 
the small tribute is offered by his surviving and deeply 
affectionate wife. 

John Graham . . Mr. Cadet John Graham, Junior, of Greigton, Fifeshire, North 

Britain, aged 17. This young gentleman had just reached 
the theatre of his intended services to his country, when 
ho was cut off by an ardent fever. 

297 30th Sept. 

298 29th Oct. 

299 16th Nov. 

William Wade 

Mary Anna Neale. 



300 26th Dec. 

George Wahab 


20th Feb. 

O. R. Moss 

Sacred to the memory of Lieut. William Wade H. M. 25th L. 
Dragoons, departed this life on the 30th September 1808, 
aged 21 years and 2 days. This monument was erected 
as a mark of osteem by his Friends and Brother officers 
of the Regiment. 

Sacred to the memory of Mary Anna Neale the infant 
daughter of Darnel Neale, Esq., and Eliza his wife, who to the 
great grief of her afflicted parents (by whom she was 
tenderly beloved) departed this life on the 29th October 
1808, at the early ago of 18 months and 4 days. 

Thomas Bowyer Hurdis, aged 37 years, a senior merchant 
in the service of the Honourable East India Company, and 
one of the Judges of the Sudder Court under the Presidency 
of Fort St. George. This monument of her irreparable 
loss is erected by his afflicted widow. 

Best known as Collector of Madura. His wife Catherine was lost 
on her passage to England in March 1809 in the Jane Duchess of 
Gordon, She was a Miss Thomas (see Nos. 2017 and 2091). 

Major-General Georoe Wahab, aged 55 years, 40 of which 
he passed in the service of his country. 

He entorod the Madras Army in 1 769, and served throughout the 
Mysore campaigns under Cornwallis. He was Cadet in 1769, 2nd 
Lieut, on Nov. 9, 1770, Lieut, on July 28, 1775, Captain, 
June 25, 1783, Major June 23, 1795, Lieut. Col. June 1, 1796 and 
Colonel, December 10, 1799. He married Miss Catherine Brooke, 
October 25th, 1776, who died at Palamcottah, November 26th 
1814 (see No. 2641). 

Miss Mary Wahab married Lieut. Michael at Masulipatam on May 
8, 1798. (Dodwell's List of Marriages.) 

On June 5, 1806, at Masulipatam, P. R. Cazalet, Esq., was married 
to Miss 0. Wahab, daughter of Col. Wahab. (Madras Almanac, 

Catherine 6th daughter of Major-Goneral Wahab was married to 
A. J. Drummond of the Civil Service at Tinnevelly on May 1, 
1817. (Asiatic Journal, November 1817.) 

Sacred to the memory of a darling son George Robert Moaa 
who departed this transitory life on the 20th February 
1809, aged 12 years 7 months and 8 days. This monument 
is erected by his very affeotionate father George Mow*, 

In 1786 list George Moss is entered as an apothecary : native and 
residence Tranent*** . 

VOL. 1—8 







Name. Inscription. 

(3) (4) 





16th Mar. 

Catherine Hurdis. 

William Hope and 


16th Mar. 

Euza, Rebecca, 
Martha, and 
Anne Griffiths. 


24th Mar. 

Charles Maxtone 


8th May George Westoott 

To perpetuate the memory of Mrs. Catherine Hurdis, widow 
of tho late T. B. Hurdis, Esq., of this establishment who 
was lost on her passage to England in March 1809. 

This cenotaph is erected in memory of Mr. William Hope, 
Merchant, his beloved wife Kezia Hope and their four 
daughters and only children Kezia, Ellen, Anne and Caroline, 
who all perished at sea in the H.C.S. Jane Duchess of Gordon 
on or about the 16th of March 1809. 

Mr. Hopo married Miss Kezia Wheeler, September 14th, 1798. 
Colonel James Welsh passed his first night at Madras " sleeping 
or rather struggling and rolling on tho top of a billiard table in 
Mr. Hope's hotel in the Fort, all the beds being pro-occupied. 
Mr. Hopo was a merchant and shopkeeper at Madras and few 
men have ever left India with a fairer character or a larger 
fortune : few men, even in more elevated situations, did half 
the good what this honest man did : since he was as liberal and 
kind-hearted, as he was modest and unassuming. He was a 
passenger in the fleet with General MaoDowall in 1809 when he 
perished in the gale which destroyed nearly a whole squadron 
off the Cape." 
" William Hopo, tavern keeper, from England, 1786." 
In 1798 the firm was Hope Card and Reynolds. 

Eliza, Rebecca, Martha and Anne Griffiths, the infant 
children of Richard Griffiths, merchant, and Eliza, his wife. 
Eliza born Sept. 30, 1801, diod Aug. 22, 1805. Martha born 
April 18, 1809, died 23rd of the same month. Mary Ann, 
born April 27th, and perished at sea on board the Jane 
Duchess of Gordon, 
Robert Weston Sergt. 34th Regt. married Mrs. Martha Griffiths 

widow on September 5, 1803. 
Griffiths Julius Caesar was partner with Mr. Willock from England 
1788. In 1817 the firm of Griffiths and Co. consisted of John 
Edward and Lewis L. T. 

Charles Maxtone, a Renior Merchant in the service of the 
Honourable East India Company, aged 56 years. 

Ho joined the service in 1769 and was Judge of tho Sudder Court 
at the time of his death. He married Miss Eliza Russol at 
Vizagapatam, April 2nd, 1783. Four of their daughters woro 
married to civilians : Caroline Maxtone to George Moore, Decern, 
ber 21, 1805 ; Leonora Charlotte to William Oliver Shakespear, 
January 8, 1810 ; Sophia M. (4th daughter) to Charles Fullerton, 
on July 12, 1815 at Madeira; Helen Jane youngest 
daughter to Ambrose Crawley, on December 6, 1822 at St. 
George's Church by the Rev. W. Thomas, Senior Chaplain, 
(see Nos. 554 and 2780). 

George Westoott, Esq., aged 61 years. 

George Westcott entered service as writer in 1764, was Factor and 
Assistant at Masulipatam in 1771, Junior merchant in 1774, 
Senior merchant and Paymaster at Ellore in 1776 and went home 
in 1790 but returned to India in 1801 and was made Senior 
Merchant and Member of the Board of Trade in 1801. He 
was son of Foss Westcott, who was in the Company's service 
from 1741-1756. His father was * 4 ninth in Council, store* 
keeper and scavenger " in 1748, and in the following year was 
one of the Commissaries appointed to receive back Fort St. 
George from the French ; the other two being Stringer Law* 
renoe, Major of Fort St. David, and Alexander Wynch (No, 
1 22). In 1 754 he was Resident at Ingeram. He married Ann Pye 
on May 3, 1743. George was married at Palamoottah on June 
3rd 1779, to Miss Ann Mirin by Swart*. Qis wife died in 1801 

Serial Date. Name, 





(1) (2) (3) (4) 


and is buried at Vepery. His son Captain George Westoott 
commanded a Company of tho 69th Regiment at Trichinopoly 
in 1807. Westoott'n road, Royapettah, bears their name. The 
late Bishop of Durham is tho descendant from Foss Westcott'g 
socond marriage with a lady of distinguished lineage. Richard 
Arthur Maitland, born in 1764 partner in the firm of Abbot 
and Maitland and a Justice of the Peace married in 1800 Miss 
Westcott, J. Rowley, Jim. marriod in 1800 Miss Maria 
Wostcott daughter of G. Westcott, C.S. (see No. 2545). 

307 15th July Hbnby Inman . • Henry Inman, Esq., a Captain in the Royal Navy, who died 

1809. in the 46th year of his age, from a coup de soleil, twelve 

days after his landing from the Clorinda frigate on 4th July 
1809, on which ship be came out to fulfil the duties of Naval 
Commissioner at Madras, an appointment made by the 
Lords of the Admiralty from their conviction of his capacity 
and integrity, and as some reward for the zeal and 
gallantry that had ever distinguished his professional servi- 
ces. " In him the gentlest manners were united in the firmest 

Urquhart says that he Herved at Copenhagen with Nelson. 

308 6th Aug. Jambs Andebson . . Memorise sacrum Jaoobi Anderson, m.d., viri optimi claris- 

1809. simi, et medici supremi in hac ora Coromandelensi ; ubi 

artem salutiferam per annos fere quinquaginta, tantamquo 
erga omnes benevolentiam exercuit, ut cui maxime semper 
in deliciis fuerit communem promo vere utilitatem, et quam 
plurimis prodesse, sui proprii commodi omnino immemori. 
Obiit VI Augusti MDCCCIX anno aatat. LXXII. Plaoide 
quiescas venerande vir, tuis desiderate, omnibus flebiUs, 
et dulce dum vixisti humanitatis decus ; qui raris ingenii 
dotibus animique benignitate rariore ardente pura et prorsus 
mirabili in eo per diuturnum vit® cursum oocupatus es ut 
generis humani commodo consuleres non tibi sod fcoti mundo 
te genitum credens. () moribus simplex candide suavissime, 
uilane dies unquam to nostris eximit animis ; hou quarvdo 
tibi invemirius parem. Siqua vita defunctos mortalia 
tant;unt benigne tuos respicias et infirmo ignoscas desiderio 
quod tui ohar» imagini inexplotum immoratur. In avunculi 
optimi gratam raemoriam, inque honorom vitre quaa bene- 
volentieo et beneficentise dedita erat et cuius cursum mira 
quadam admiratione per annos viginti quatuor contemplatua 
est, axlificium hoc, ubi ossa conduntur, reverentiaa simul 
et moeroris testimonium propriis sumptibus erigondum 
curavit Andreas Bbrry, M. D. 

Yes— long shall live his just renown 
The worthiest claimant of the civic crown, 
Shall live as long as future times can say 
How Mariarnma swept whole times away. 

This epitaph is quoted by Rozario alone. A bust of this gentle- 
roan placed over his tombstone covered by a patent magnifying 
glass has now disappeared. On the four corners of the dome 
the word Anderson appears in Tamil, Telugu, Hindustani and 
English characters. He died at his Garden House on 6th 
August 1809. Ho was Physician-General and his name is the 
most distinguished in all the medical annals of Fort St. George, 
His service commenced at the siege of Manilla. In 1771 he 
came down from Vellore to Madras as Presidency Surgeon 
and remained there till his death. He was Assistant Surgeon 
in 1766, Surgeon in 1771, Surgeon Major in 1780, Physician- 
General on 14 April 1786 and 1st member of the Medical Board 

VOL. I— 8A 


MADRAS ClTY^cont. 










309 8th Sept. 

Thomas Malcolm. 

310 7th Feb. 

J. W. Pepper 


19th Mar. 
1810 . 





19th April 

23rd April 

Isaac Paske 





9th May 

1st June 

18th Jury 


Mrs. Joanna John- 

J. Reilly 

in 1800. Anderson is said to have been of Swedish origin. 
He was an ardent advocate of vaccination and an enthusiastic 
botanist. He introduced the cultivation of silk into Madras, 
and paid attention to other plants of commercial value, such 
as the sugarcane, coffee plant, American cotton and European 
apple. He published a series of letters upon these topics in 
1781 (correspondence with Sir Joseph Banks) and also from 
1789 to 1796. His monument by Chantrey which was subs- 
cribed for by the officers of the Madras Medical department 
is in the Cathedral by the west doorway. 

He occupied a house afterwards owned by Sir Thomas Pycroft 
and now known as Pycroft's Gardens. 

He married Maria Rheta de La Mabonay on Feb. 8, 1766. His 
name is still preserved in the present Anderson's Bridge and 
Anderson Road. 

Thomas Malcolm, Esq., aged 38 years, brother of Brigadier 
General Malcolm of Madras Establishment. 

12th Sept. 1809 is the date of burial given in Rev. Maiden's List. 
Merchant and brother of Sir John Malcolm, by whom lie was 
married at Bimlipatam on September 29th, 1804, to Mips Frances 
Dean. A bungalow at Bimlipatam still goes by the name of 
" Malcolm Meda." 

Hero Ho the remains of John Wemyss Pepper, late merchant 
of Madras who departed this life the 7th day of February 
1810 aged 32 yearn. His amiable qualities through life 
endeared him to all who knew him and as a tribute of respect 
to the memory of such worth, this tomb is erected by his 
afflicted and disconsolate widow. 

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sophia Elizabeth Oliver born 
14th of Septembor 1790; died 10th March 1810 (the lady 
of Captain W. C. Oliver of the 1st Battalion (>th Regiment 
Native Infantry). 

William Charles Oliver was Cadet in 1798, Lieutenant on January 
1, 1800, Captain on September 21, 1804, Major on September 1, 
1818, Lieutenant Colonel on May 1, 1824 ami Colonel on August 
8, 1833. He died in England on February 11, 1835. 

Captain Isaac Paske 1st Battalion of Artillery died at Madras 
oa the 19th April 1810. 

Ho was a cadet in 1797, 2nd Lieutenant on 29th July 1798, Lieu- 
tenant on 12th December 1800 and Captain on 19th July 1809. 

Mrs. Ann Anderson, aged 33 years, relict of Charles Wallace 
Young, free-merchant and daughter of Dr. James Anderson, 
late Physician-General. The monument was erected by 
Andrew Berry, M. D., C. W. Young's cousin. 

Dr. Berry was chief mourner at Anderson's funeral and wrote 
his epitaph. C. W. Young died at Palamcottah, November 
2nd, 1800. He married Miss Anderson, July 1801, being then 
Master Attendant of Malacca (See No. 2634). 

Mrs. Joanna Johnson died the 9th May 1810. 

This monument sacred to the memory of Mr. John Reilly 
who departed this life on the 1st day of June 1810 aged 
48 years. Also the body of his Consort Mrs. J. Reilly who 
departed this life on the 18th day of July 1811, aged 38 

He married Miss Jane Biddell November 15, 1806. Rev. C. H, 
Maiden gives 17th July 1811 as the date of her burial. 






Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


316 30th June Robert Garden 

317 10th Sept. Charlotte White 


318 8th Nov. Francis Monisse 


Col. Robert Garden, of H.M.'s 89th Regiment and Comman- 
dant of Fort St. George, aged 48 yearn. 

Urquhart. " He served in Jamaica, St.. Domingo and St. Vin- 
cents, also at Gibraltar and in that ever memorable campaign 
of Egypt. The garrison band played the 104th Psalm to his 
place of interment." 
He left a mother, 5 Histers and a brother, to whom he left the whole 
of his property. " His last, corps was 2nd Battalion 44th 
Regiment of which the officers gave him a sword on leaving **, 
Jan. 1809. 

Sacred to the memory of Charlotte, wife of James White, 
Paymaster, His Majesty's 89th Regiment who departed 
this life September 10th, 1810, aged 28 years. 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Francis Monissk who departed 
this life the 8th Nov. 1810, aged 32 years and 20 days. He 
was a tender and affectionate husband, a kind and bene- 
volent brother. In testimony of his deplorable loss, this 
tomb is erected by his afflicted widow Margaret Monisae. 

310 Hth Nov. Cecilia Vaughan 

320 18th Jan. Maria Green 

321 18th Feb. S. A. Sheppard 


322 7th May P. B. Man 


Ho married Margaret Stuart, June 17, 1804. 
In the vault of this monument is deposited the body of Mns. 
(Cecilia) Vaughan, the eldest daughter of Major-General 
Collins and the beloved wife of the Rev. Edward Vaughan, 
Acting Senior Chaplain of Madras who departed this life 
November the 8th 1810, aged 27 years. I want abilities 
to raise a monument as matchless as her worth. 

Edward Vaughan was born in 1 7<>b\ He matriculated at St. 
Peter's College Cambridge in 1790, graduated H.A. in 1794, 
M.A. 1798. In the following year he was appointed a Chaplain 
by the Directors. He arrived at Madras in March 1800 and 
was despatched to Mnsulipatam which was then the head- 
quarters of the Northern Division of the Army. Vaughan 
was appointed Presidency Junior Chaplain from April 1805 
under Dr. Kerr. He remained at Fort St. George till St. George's 
Church was completed in 1814 when he became Chaplain of 
St. George. When Archdeacon Mousoley died in 1 8 1 9, he succeed- 
ed him as Second Archdeacon of Madras. He retained this office 
till 1828. When ho retired from the service he married Miss 
Collins, December 5th, 1805, and secondly Harriette widow 
of Grl. James Colebrooke, C. B. He had a son born on 28 Aug. 
1817. (Asiatic Journal, Feb. 1818). On retirement ho lived at 
Loddis Well House near Kingsbridge Devon and died in 
1849. He had three daughters all baptised at the Fort, (see 
No. 337). 

Sacred to the memory of Maria Green, the wife of Mr. John 
Green, Conductor of Ordnance, who died 18th January 1811 
aged 19 years and 10 months and of Thomas their infant 
son died 24th July 180H, aged 1 month and 22 days. 

John Groon Sergeant of Supernumeraries married Maria Palmer 
March 22, 1805. 

Here lyeth the body of Samuel Attwood Sheppard, 
Quartermaster H.M. 25th Light Dragoons who departed this 
life on the 18th of February 1811, aged 36 years. 
Sacred to the memory of Peter Bruels Man Captain in 
the Hon'ble Company's Service who departed this life the 
7th May 1811, aged 33. 

He died at San Thome. He was Captain in 16th Regiment 
Native Infantry at the time of his death. He entered the 
army In 1790 ; was 2nd Lieut. February 17, 1706, Lieutenan 
November 1, 1706, ahd Captain September 21, 1804, 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

8erial Date. Name. Ingoription. 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


323 26th Juno J. S. Smith . . Sacrod to the memory of John Stanley Smith Ensign M. E. 

1811. Regiment who departed this life on the 26th day of June 

1811, in the 26th year of his age. This tomb is erected by 
his brother officers of the military institution. 
He died at Halliburton's Gardens. Ho entered the army in 1807 
and was made Ensign on January 17, 1810. 

324 4th Aug. Lydia Haslewood Sacred to the memory of Lydia daughter of Lt. Col. J. Hasle- 

1811. wood who died on the 4th day of August 1811, aged 4 years. 

13th April Catherine 
1813. Haslewood. 

Her sister Catherine (second daughter of Lt. Col. Haslowood 
Commanding at that Station) died at Cuddalore 13th April 

Joseph Haslewood entered the army in 1790, 2nd Lieut, on July 
22, 1791, was Lieut. Dec. 11, 1793, Captain April 22, 1801, 
Major February 9, 1805 and Lieut. Col. October 21, 1809. He 
was invalided February 22, 1811. 

325 5th Sept. Charles Foote . . Charles Foote, Esq., Captain of H.M.'s ship the Piedmontese 

1811. aged 31 years. 

Ho landod his seamen at Quilon during the war with Travancore, 
1809, when tho Subsidiary Forces were commandod by Colonel 
(afterwards General Sk) Thomas Chalmers, the same officer 
who as a Lieutenant made tho gallant defence of Coimbatore 
in 1791 (see No. 2808). Ho was tho only surviving son of the 
late John Foote, Esq., Banker, London. 

326 29th Sept. William Dawson William Dawson, Captain of H.M.'s ship La Piedmontese, to 

1811. which command he had been appointed by the Board of Ad- 

miralty in reward for his brave and skilful conduct when First 
Lieut, of H.M.'s ship San Fiorenzo, in the three days' action 
off the coast of Ceyion, which terminated in the capture 
of the Piedmontese from the French, and in the fall of the 
San Ftore.nzo's gallant Captain, George Nicholas Hardinge 
on tho 8th day of March 1808. After the battle he went 
to England where he met the well-earned meed of praise 
and visited his father's house, Pudsey Dawson, Esq., of 
Liverpool. He returned to India with impaired health 
but unabated ardour for the service of his King and his 
country. To their loss and to the grief of all his acquain- 
tances he died at Madras on Sunday the 29th day of Septem- 
ber 1811, aged 28 years. A man remarkable no less for his 
coolness and intrepidity in the hour of danger than for 
gentleness and affection in the circle of his friends. By 
one of these this tomb has been erected, G. Arbuthnot. 

George Arbuthnot is tho founder of the great Madras firm which 
bore hie name. Bombay Cathedral contains a monument 
by Bacon to Captain Hardinge, younger brother of Lord Har- 
dinge. The inhabitants of Bombay presented a vase worth 300 
guineas to his father and a sword worth 100 guineas to Dawson 

327 3rd Oot. Elija Dalrymplb . . Sacred to the memory of Euja, daughter of Captain Dalrymple, 

1811. who departed this life the 3rd of October 1811, aged 8 years 

and 13 days. 

328 18th Oct. John Dighton . . John Diohton ohild died October 18, 1811. 


329 9th April John Halibueton . . Within this tomb are deposited the remains of Mr. John 

1812. Halibubton, eldest son of the late Colonel Haliburton, 

of the Hon. Company's Service. He died on the 9th day 
of April 1812 in the 25th year of his age. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 










21st April 

3rd Sept. 


5th Aug. 

John McDouall 


6th Aug. 


4th Oot. 


J. A. S. Williams . . Sacred to the memory of John Albxandbb Somerset Wil» 
liams, Esq., lato Deputy Kogistrar of the Supreme Court 
at Madras, who died on the 21st April A.l). 1812, aged 
32 years. 

James Locke . . Jamb's Locke, Lieutenant in the 3rd Regiment, Native Cavalry, 

on the establishment of Fort St. Goorge, son of Mr John 
Locke, Senior, Merchant, London, who died on board the 
Hon'ble Company's ship David Stott, John Locke, Esq., 
Junior, Commander, in Madras roads on the 3rd of Sep- 
tember 1812. 

John Locke, Esq., H.E. I.C.8., married Miss Margaret Frederic* 
Cullen on August 9, 1800. 

James Locke wiih Cadet in 1802 and Lieutenant on April 7, 1807. 

John McDouall of the Madras Civil Service, born 26 th 
Docomber 1773. This monument is reared as a, tribute of 
affection and esteem to his friend and brother by Sutherland 

Writer, August I, 1792; Assistant under the Secretary to the 
Board of Revenue and Assistant to the Accountant-General, 
1704 ; Paymaster to 1 lie expedition against Trincomalee, 1706 ; 
Paymaster to the expedition at Colombo, 1708; Colloctor of 
Colombo, 1700; out of employ, 1700 September 13; At home 
1802; Returned to India, 1800, December 21; Civil Auditor 
1800, March, 14; Dutch Translator to Government, August 
24, 1810. Lieutenant -Colonel Sutherland MacJ)ouall, Resi- 
dent in Travaneore, died at Madras. November 7th, 1820, aged 

Col. S. M'DoUall was the youngest son of the late John M'Douall, 
Est)., brothor of the late Earl of Dumfries. 

John Wallace, Esq., of the Civil Service of this establishment 
and (Second) Member of the Board of 'Revenue. 

Better known as first Collector of the united districts of Tanjore 
and Trichinopoly. He joined as writer on August 1, 1702, 
His daughter married William Hudleston, C.S. (see No. 1809). 
Charlotte Wallace married Vicars John on July 14, 1798. 

John Batlby . . John Batley, Esq., Secretary to Thoir Highnesses the Nabobs 

of the Carnatic, aged 55 years. 

He married on June 26th, 1 802, Anna Irwin, a relict of the late 
Capt. Irwin in the service of the deceased Nabob. Mrs. Irwin 
was a Mary Ann Peggy married to Thomas Irwin on 
October 14. 1786. The lattor was Persian Translator to the 
Nabob in Kalendar of 1801. 

John Wallace 

336 4th Feb. George Elliot . . Captain George Elliot, eldest son of the Right Honourable 
X815. Hugh Elliot, Governor of Fort St. George, aged 27 years 

and 5 months. 

His mother Margaret died March 1st, 1819, and is buried in St. 
Mary's. His brother Edward Francis became Chief Magistrate 
and Superintendent of Police of Madras. Elliot's Beach, Adyar 
is so called after him. The liighway connecting Cathedral 
Road with the Beach at Capper House is named Edward Elliot's 
Road. See Love Vol. Ill, p. fi64. Another brother, Admiral 
Sir Charles Elliot, k.o.b. (1801-1875), played an important part 
in the Chinese War of 1840. Their father, Hugh Elliot, Gover. 
nor of Madras from 1814 to 1820, was the younger brother of the 
first Earl of Minto, Governor-General of India from 1807*1813 
He died in 1830 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) : > 


336 7th Nov. Philip L. Heydingbr P. L., Esq., late Private Secretary to the Right 

1815. Hon'ble Hugh Elliot, Governor of Madras, aged 42 years. 

The Asiatic Journal, July 1816, gives November 17, 1815, as the 
date of his death, and ways that he died in the Government 

Rev. C- H. Maiden's List of Burials gives however 8th 
November 1815 as tho date of his burial. 

337 18th Jan. Jambs Colbbrook . . Colonel James Colbbbook, aged 43 years. 


The Asiatic Journal, July 1816, says that ho died on 18th November 
1815, agod 42 years in Madras, and that he was then in the 10th 
Regiment, Native Infantry and was Doputy Judge -Advocate. 
Hov. C. H. Maiden givos 18th January 1816 as the date of his 
burial and therefore 18th Jan. 1816 is tho correct date. At 
Brodie Castlo the lady of Liout.-Col. Colebrook gave birth to a 
daughter who died soon afterwards. (Asiatic Journal* 
January 1816). 

Ho was Cadet in 1790, Lieutenant on April, 1793, Captain on May 
7, 1800, Major, April 8, 1808 and Lieutenant Colonel on Janu- 
ary r>, 1814. 

His widow married Rev. E. Vaughan, November 1 8th, 1816. 

338 30th Sept. Frederick White. Rev. Frederick White, M. A., late of Trinity College, Cam- 

1816. bridge, agod 24 years. 

Chaplain to the Flagship on this station. 

He was born in 1783, being the son of Robert White of Cambridge. 
Ho matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1800; gra- 
duated B.A. 1805, M.A., 1808. He was the last of the six 
Chaplains appointed to Madras in 1816. 

339 27th Nov. John De Morgan . . [On board the Honourable Company's ship Larkins two days 

1816. after passing the Capo, Lieut. -Colonel 1)e Morgan of this 


This item from the obituary column of the " Madras Almanac " 
may conveniently lind place here : " John De Morgan, natus 
December 1772, was stationed when Captain of the 22nd M.I. 
at Madura, where his son, tho celebrated mathematician, was 
born, 27th June 1806. His paronts were Captain Augustus 
Do Morgan, killed at the siege of Pondicherry in 1778, at the age 
of 39 : and Christina, who died at Ganjam, 25th June 1774, 
aged 20. Augustus' father, Johannes, centurio anglicanus, 
was born in 1684 and died November 1760 at Pulicat. A Sara 
De Morgan, aged 30, described as the wife of Captain De 
Morgan is buried at Cuddalore with her infant daughter. August 
1720. She was a Miss Des Pommare and married her husband, 
who is said to havo risen from the ranks, September 2nd, 
1717. He married secondly a Mrs. Tivill. The mother of the 
mathematician was Miss Elizabeth Dodson, a daughter of John 
Dodson, of the Custom House, and granddaughter of James 
Dodson, F.R.S., well known for his work on the " Anti-Loga- 
rithmic Canon " (see Nos. 1270, 1537 and 1627). 

They (John de Morgan and Elizabeth Dodson) were married at 
Colombo on August 4, 1798. (Dodwell's List of Marriages, p. 46). 

340 17th Feb. William Stratton William Stratton uundas Light, late an attorney in the 

1817. Dun das Light. Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras, aged 39 years 

10 months and 5 days. 

A Miss Hester Eleanora Light sailed with Mrs. Eliza Draper on 
board the Indiaman Earl of Chatham which left Deal April 3rd, 
1767. She was married at Madras on January 19th, 1768, to 
George Stratton, afterwards Governor of Madras, who was sus- 
pended (1777) and succeeded by Stephen Whitehill, Eliza 
Draper's uncle. George Stratton arrived in India as Writer on 
June 17, 1751 ; was in 1768 Member of Council of the Gover- 
nor; was Governor from 23rd August 1776 to 31st August 1777. 
W.S.D. Light was born that same year and was the son of 
William and Lucretia Light (No. 2600). His brother Sir 
Henry Light, k.c.b., was Governor of Guiana, 1838-48. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) f (4) 


W.S.D. Light married Henrietta, daughter and hoir of the Che- 
valier de Luderg. Colonel Alexander Whalley Light, his eon» 
baptised by the missionary at Trichinopoly, wag in the 25th 
Regiment and married in 1805 Jane Smart, who was descended 
from the Smarts of Trewhitt and the Alders of Alnwick. A 
Francis Lipht was Governor of Prince of Wales Island in 1794. 
and his daughter married Major James Welsh (see Nos. 2600 and 

Cf, In St. George's Cathedral Cemetery William infant son of 
George Stratton, Councillor of the Presidency and Anne hit 
wife bom 8 Jan. 1»22, died 28 May, 1823. 

341 27th Feb. William Lewis . . Lieut^Colonel W. Lewis of tho Madras Cavalry, aged 45 years. 


He was a Cadet in 1789; Lieut, on November 1, 1798, Captain 
on May 1, 1804; Major on March 6, 1806 and Lieut. -Col. on 
September 13, 1813. 

He died at the Garden house of Major Vans Agnew, Deputy Adju- 
tant-Genoral, afterwards Director of the E.I. Company. 

On November 20, 1815, at the House of her brother-in-law, Lieut. 
Col. Lewifc, Commanding at Arcot, the lady of Lieut. John 
WillowR, 25th Regiment, N.I. gave birth to a daughter (Asiatic 
Journal : July 1816). 

342 13th Aug. James Gordon Lieutenant James Gordon Brunton of the 25th Light Dra- 

1817. Brunton. goons. 

343 18th Oct. John Pater Lieut.-General John Pater, aged 66 years. 


A very good natured but enormously fat man of tho Cavalry. 

The founder of Patter's Gardens and Patter's Road. He erected 
a monument to Miss Arabella Robinson at Masulipatam, 
November 6th, 1809 (No. 1842). 

He was Captain on April 22, 1784, Major on November 19, 1790 ; 
Lieut. -Col. on December 31, 1796 ; Col. on January 1, 179* and 
Major-General on January 1, 1805. He retired on the Off 
reckoning Fund, May 13, 1813. 

344 15th Nov. John Chinnery . . John Chinnery, Esq., of the Honourable East India Com- 

1817. pany's Civil Service, aged 40 years. 

Brother of George Chinnery, the paintor, who lived in Calcutta 
for more than twenty years and died at Macao in 1850. He 
married Miss Mary Peyton, January 19th, 1797. His infant 
son died at Madras 15 January 1800. 
George Chinnery, an artist was son of William Chinnery of Cud- 
dalore, Madras (who owned tho Chinnery Factory at Cudda- 
lore). John Chinnery was his brother. On May 27, 1797 his 
sister Frances Hughos married at Mangicupang, Cuddalore, 
John Duncan Surgeon who died at Madras, April 10, 1819 
aetat 58. George Chinnery was born in January 1774 and 
married in April 1799 Marianna Vigne. They had two children 
Matilda born October 1800 who married James Cowley Brown 
and John Eustace Chinnery born September 1801 and died 
unmarried at Berhampore June 1822. The Chinnerys travel- 
ling home in 1805 in the Marquis WeUesley were Mrs. John 
Chinnery, and her daughters Elizabeth and Matilda, her sister- 
in-law Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Duncan's two children Master W. 
Duncan and Miss E. Duncan. They proceeded home from 

He went to Madras in 1802, proceeding to Calcutta in 1807 and to 
Macao in 1825 where he remained till his death in 1852. He 
died of apoplexy. Though born in London he is described in 
old family papers as son of William Chinnery of Cuddalore, 
Madras and there are still extant some pencil and sepia sketches 
by George Chinnery of buildings with the titles " Our Factory 
at Cuddalore " and the M Chinnery Factory " the flags being the 
same in each. 

VOL. 1—9 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 









10th Apr. 

19th May 

John Duncan 


John Chinnery brother of the artist and son of William Chinnery 
entered the East India Company's service in 1789 : in 1793 
was appointed assistant under the Resident at Cuddalore and in 
1796 Depty Commercial Resident. 

Captain William Peyton who was cadet in 1806, Lieut, on June 
15, 1810, and Captain on August 31, 1822 died at Masulipatam 
on November 12, 1823. 

Advertisement in old Indian Newspapers : Colombo : Regiment 
money for distribution to Regiments who were at Colombo in 
February 1796 — Apply to Messrs. Chase Chinnery and Mac- 
dowols, Madras, 23rd March 1802. 

. . In his 58fch year and 36th of his service, as 3rd Member of the 
Medical Board. 

William MoTago- William Mo Taggart, Esq., of the firm of Arbuthnot, D'Monte, 
AJftT. MoTaggart and Company, aged 50 years. 

He was in 1802 in the West Indies— William McTaggart (A. A. R. 
July 1802). 

He married Anno Tyndall, April 16th, 1812, who gave birth te> 
a daughter on 19th August 1815. (Asiatic Journal : January 
1816). There is a tablet in the Cathedral to their son William 
who died at sea. March 15th, 1850. See No. 490. 

A William McTaggart was Marshall of the Vice Admiralty Court, 

347 23rd Nov. William Sombr. W. S. Mitchell, M. D., Naturalist and Botanist, Madras 
1819. villb Mitchell. Establishment, aged 34 years. 

348 5th Aug. Francis Torrens. 


lGth Aug. 

Richard Jbbb 

Lieut.-Genoral Francis Torrens, aged 72 years, after an 
uninterrupted residence in this country of 51 years. 

John Torrens married Sophie on August 25, 1797 at Masulipatam. 
See No. 2660. 

Francis Torrens entered the army as cadet in 1769, was mad© 
Lieut, on Septembor 10, 1776, Capt. on November 2, 1783, 
Major 1794. Lieut. -Col. on June, 1796, Col. on June 17, 1800, 
Major-Genoral on April 26, 1808 and Lieut. -General on June 4, 

Richard Jebb, LL.D., aged 38 years, Provincial Grand Master 
under tht constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England. 
Erected by the masonic body on the coast of Coromandel. 
In memo nam Ricardi Jebb, LL.D., Mag^stri summi 
provincialis hocce monumentum statuendum curavit 
sodalitas masonica in ora Coromandelensi auspiciis principis 
societatis Anglican® constitute, testimonium ut ne deesset 
venerationis quae virum egregium sociumque artis masonio» 
peritissimum rospexerit, obiit Aug XVI, MDCCGXX, annum 
agens XXXVIII. 

Advocate of the High Court. His uncle John, a writer, perished 
in the Black Hole. J oshua Jebb, his grandfather, was Alderman 
of Chesterfield and died 1797 in his hundredth year. The coats 
of arms on this tomb are admirably carved by John Law, archi- 
tect of St. Matthias Church, Vepery. 

On 10th October 1812, died at Madras, Marianne Jobb the lady of 
Richard Jebb, LL.D. Samuel Jebb, Doctor of Physics, for- 
merly of Stratford near Bow, Essex, died on 9th March 1772. 
About 1727 he married a relative of Mrs. Dillingham and left 
several children, one of whom was the physician Sir Richard 
Jebb, whose portrait, Zoffany painted. 














30th Aug. 

5th Oct. 

1st Jan. 

5th Jan. 

4th Mar. 

William Land 

R. H. Stuart 

Jambs Chalmkrs. 

Miss B. HlTNTBR 

John Best 


11th March 

9th June 

26th Sept. 

Robert Stevenson. 

P. Crawford 

William Urquhart. 



10th Nov, 

11th Sept. 

Adam Tate 


Diana Christenau. Mrs 

William Lane lato Steward Honourable East India Company's 
Service, born 6th May 1763, died 30th August 1820. 

Napioi-R* Gardens, Chotput was owned by Mr. W. Lane, before it 
piuBi'd into the hands of Col. J. Napior. 

At Madras, Mr. Robert Hunter Stuart, Assistant Garrison 
Surgeon, eldest son of the late Mr. Archibald Stuart, Surgeon, 

James Chalmers of tho Honourable East India Company's 
service and Civil Surgeon at Palamcottah. 

Miss B. Hun'ter, daughter of the late Mr. James Hunter, 
Merchant, Edinburgh. 

John Best, Commissary of Stores in the East India Company's 
Madras Service, who died at Vepery, 4th March 1821, aged 
56 years. During a military career of 30 years, by his bra- 
very and integrity he acquired the friendship and esteom 
of several distinguished Generals, the approbation of the 
Government, and the rank and situation which he obtained 
in the army. In grateful remembrance of his virtues and 
affection his widow caused the monument to be erected. 
He was servant to Lord Harris, when tho latter was Secretary to 
Sir W. Meadows, Governor of Madras ; and wont by tho name 
of tho " Best of Johns. " He led tho forlorn hope at tho 
storming of Seringapatani, and in reward for his gallantry wag 
offered a Comminsion, which ho refused and asked very wisely 
to be mado Commissary of Stores. 
John Best married Sarah Edmonds at Vepery on January 10, 1795. 
She died at Kilpauk on 4th July 1844, aged 73 years. 

At Madras of Cholera Mr. Robert Sthvensoic a native of 

P. Crawford, Esq., M. D., son of the late Major Crawford 
of Newfield Ayrshire. 

Here lieth the body of William Urquhart, projector and 
original proprietor of the Commercial Circulator Press, 
the beloved husband of Elizabeth, affectionate father of 
William Gilbort and Robert William Urquhart, who after 
an illness of 5 months, borne with Christian fortitude, 
departed this life the 26th September 1821, aged 51 years. 
Compiler of the " Oriental Obituary/' (1809), mentioned in the 

introduction. He died at Black Town (now called George Town, 

Madras). Ho married Mias Harriet Bowley, June 13th, 1801. 

Thomas Bewley married Elizabeth Jacobs (native of India) on 

"Oocomber 15, 1781. 

Adam Tatb Gibbons, formerly a Captain in H.M.'s 10th and 
51st Regiments, and latterly a merchant of Madras. 

He marriod, March 2nd, 1805, Eliza, daughter of Lieutenant- 
Colonel Dubois. 

Diana C. J. Christenau, wife of Mr. Christenau, Master 
of tho Garrison Band at Fort St. George, aged 26 years and 
16 days. 

Henry Christenau died on June 17, 1820, at Madras. 
Christenau was a private in the Regiment de Meuron and is said 
to have been the soldier who killed Tippoo Sultan. Lord 
Valentia, however, after describing shortly his visit to Colone ) 
de Meuron at Seringapatam in 1804, where he dined with the 

VOL. I— »A 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial. Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


officers of the Regiment wrote : 44 It is still unknown who gave 
the fatal wound to the Sultaun. The invaluable string of pearla 
which he wore round his nock was the prize of the soldier, but 
it has never been produced or traced. He had been many- 
years collecting this, always taking off an inferior pearl where 
he could purchase one of more value.** 

360 18th Nov. Patrick Hay . . Captain Patrick Hay, 73rd Regiment A.D.C. to the Right 

1827. Honourable S. R. Lushington, Governor of Fort St. George. 

One G. Hay of the Houso of Messrs. Hunter, Hay died March 18, 
1817. (Asiatic Journal, Docember 1817.) 

361 4th Jan. Thomas Mainwar- Thomas Mainwaring, Midshipman of H.M.'s ship Java, son 

1829. inq. of Sir Harry Mainwaring, Bart, of Peover Hall in Cheshire, 

aged 21 years. 

Nephew of Lord Combermere. He died on board H. M. Ship 
Java, in Madras Roads. 

362 12th Nov. Jambs Leith . . Major General James Leith, aged 66 years, Judge Advocate. 

1829. General of the Madras Army for nearly 30 years. 

He entered the army as cadet in 1781, was Lieut, on August 21 
1790, Captain on December 26, 1798, Major on September 21 
1804, Lieut.-Col. on June 30, 1808, Col. on June 4, 1814, and 
Major-General on May 27, 1825. 

In February 1798 the office of Judge Advocate- General, which up 
to that time had almost invariably been filled by one of the 
Civil Secretaries to Government, was conferred on a military 
officer, Captain James Leith. 

363 8th Sept. Samuel Peach Samuel Peax&i Bout^lower of the Civil Service, aged 53 

1830. Boutfloweb. years. Erected by a friend. 

Maiden gives 9th September as the date of his burial. 
He married Miss Elizabeth Peyton, October 4th, 1 804. 
Samuel Boutflower was writer in 1796, Assistant Judge at Canara 
in 1810 and out of the service in 1823. 

364 23rd July Sib John Gobdon, Major Sir John Gordon, Bart,, H.M.'s 13th Light Dragoons, 

1835. Bart aged 57 years. 

He commanded the Bolarum division of the Hyderabad contin- 
gent. On September 2nd, 1815, ho married Miss Margaret 
Erskine Campbell. 

365 26th Nov. Mark Moore . . Mark Moore of the Madras Civil Service, aged 23 years. 


Writer 1831. Assistant at Salem 1834. He died at the Madras 

366 8th Mar. Elizabeth Susanna Elizabeth Susanna, wife of W. K. White, Esq., Surgeon, 

1838. White. H.M.'s 16th Lancers, Acting Deputy Inspector- General of 

Hospitals, H.M.'s Forcos, and daughter of the late Major- 
General Charles Collins Campbell, Commander of the Forces 
at Newfoundland, aged 30 years. 

Charles Collins Campbell was married four times, once to Harriet 
daughter of Major Fraser of the Indian Army (No. 1 874). His 
parents were Colonel Charles Campbell of Barbreck, and 
Susannah, daughter of John De Morgan (No. 1637), who* were 
married Juno 15th, 1750 (see No. 183). 

367 17th Aug. E. D. Lloyd Smy- Lieut.-Col. Edward D. Lloyd Smythe, 7th Regiment, L.C., 

1839. the. aged 56 years. This monument is erected by European 

and Native officers of the 5th, by officers of the 7th and 8th 
Regiments of Light Cavalry and also by many private 

At Cheltenham, St. Mary's Church, June 14, 1831, Captain M.W. 
Carmiohael Smyth, Madras Light Cavalry married Marianne 
Henry, youngest daughter of the late Alderman Hutton of 















30th Jan. 

MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


Thomas Grebntrbe. Ensign Thomas Grbentrbe of the Madras Infantry, son of 

Thomas Greontree, Esq., Member of Council at St. Helena, 
aged 25 years and 6 months. 

Lieut.-Col. Thomas Greentreo, died at Cheltenham. At Chelten- 
ham, Lt.-Col. Greentreo, H.E.I.C.S., married Jane E. 
Maria, eldest daughter of late Sir John, k.o.b. 

10th June 

11th Sept. 

4th Sept. 

27th Mar. 

18th Aug. 

28th Jan. 

28th Oct. 

29th Nov. 

15th Sept. 

Jambs Allan 

Jambs Xnverarity. 

14th Sept. 

Lieut. Jambs Allan, H.M.'s 57th Regiment, son of Major- 
General James Allan, o.b., aged 23 yoars. 
See No. 1748. 

Lieutenant James InVkrarity, Madras Engineers, son of 
James Invorarity, of Rose Mount. Forfarshire, aged 27 

Samuel Crozibr Samuel Crozier Roe, M. D,, Deputy Inspector-General of 
Rob. Hospitals, who after faithfully serving his country 43 years 

and 3 months in the Peninsula, Walcheren, Ionian Isles and 
India, and having obtained tho War Medal with 10 clasps, 
died aged 63 years. 

William Thompson. 

H. L. A. Ellis 

William Dallas 

Peter Whannell. 

William Thompson, Esq., M.D., Surgeon of H.M.'s 94th 
Regiment, who after having served with the highest pro- 
fessional distinction for 42 years in the Peninsula, Cape, 
and India, died as Acting Deputy Inspector-General of H.M 'g 
Hospitals at Madras, aged 64 years. 

Henry Louis Augustus Ellis, 1st Bengal L.C., 2nd-in- 
Command of the Governor's Body Guard, A.D.C. to the 

Sacred to the memory of Lieut. William Dallas, Madras 
Horse Artillery, eldest son of William Dallas, Esq., of London, 
born 25th February 1830, died 28th January 1853. 
He died at sea off Madras. 

Colonel Peter Whannell, Madras Army, aged 76 years and 
3 months. 

He had a son born on 23rd July 1816. (Asiatic Journal, February 

There is a Whannell's Road in Egmore. 

George Munro George Munro Askell Story, a good Mason and true Past 
Askell Story. Master of Lodge Universal Charity, aged 46 years. 

Richard West . . Lieut -General Richard WesI 1 , Colonel, 42nd Regiment, 

Native Infantry, aged 80 years and 26 days. Erooted by 
an affectionate daughter . 

He married Mips Cottle. His parents were Captain James West, 
A.D.C. to General Draper, who married in 1751 Anne De Mot* 
gan, widow of John Innes (see No. 264). 

John William M. Captain J. W. M. Hay, H.M.'s 70th Regiment, eldest son of 
Hay. Sir Adam Hay, Bart., Military Secretary to the Right 

Hon'ble Lord Harris, Governor of Madras, aged 33 years 
and 7 months. 

Sir Adam Hay was seventh baronet of Haystown, Peeblosshire, 
N. B. His daughter Dorothea married the Earl of Chesterfield. 
Sir Adam Hay presented the organ which had belonged to hit 
son to St. Mary's in the Fort to replace the one given by John 
Smith in 1760. His coat-of«arme is on it. 







MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (*) 


Dec. 1857 
to Mar. 

J. Bermtnoham, 
W. Bryan, 
G. Martin, 
W. Stubbing, 
R. Offord, 
T, Edwards, 
E. Garland, 
J. Smith. 


1st April 

381 5th April 


382 24th Sept. 


383 5th Aug. 

384 17th Feb. 

386 13th Deo. 

To the memory of the undermentioned Sergeants, H.M.'s 43rd 
Regiment, Monmouthshire Light Infantry, who died of 
sickness and fatigue on the ovor-memorable march of the 
Madras column, commanded by Major-Genoral Sir G. C. 
Whitlock, K.C.B., from Madras to Bangalore as far as Calpee 
on the Jumna and during the suppression of the Bengal 
Mutiny and Robollion in Central India, viz., Sergeants 
J. Bermingham, at Dichoopully ; W. Bryan, Bisseram- 
gungh ; G. Martin, Banda ; W. Stubbing, Kirwoe ; R. 
Offord, Calpee ; Colour Sergeant T. Edwards, Nagode ; 
E. Garland, Taldangha ; J. Smith, at sea. This monument 
has been erocted by their brother Sergeants as a token of 
their esteem and rogard. 

Richard William Captain Richard William Raikes, 1st Regiment, Light 
Raikks. Cavalry, Commandant, His Excellency the Governor's Body 

Guard and Major Commandant of tho Madras Volunteer 
Cavalry Guard, son of the Rev. Henry RaLkes, Chancellor of 
Chester, who was suddenly cut off by a fall from his horse, 
aged 43 years. Erocted by his widow. 

There is a monument to his memory in tho Fort Church 
(No. 440). He wrote a history of the Madras Body Guard. His 
son married a daughter of William Cotton Oswell, M.C.S., 
explorer and companion of Livingstone, who was a son of 
William Oswell and Emily (1789-1848), sistor of John Cotton, 
C.S., Chairman of tho Board of Diroctors in 1843. 

James Athtl Gun- Major James Athil Gunthorpe of the Madras Artillery, aged 
thorpe. 46 years. 

George Alexander Major George Alexander TuLL0CH,33rd Regiment, M. I, 
Tullooh. aged 49 years and 8 months. 

His father Captain Alexander Tulloch married Miss Waliab, August 
10th, 1808. 

. William Blunt, Senior, Bengal Civil Service, aged 81 years. 

Tho throe holders of tho short-livod offico of Governor of Agra were 
Sir Charles Metcalfe, November 1834 ; Mr. W. Blunt, March 
4th, 1835 ; Mr. A. Ross, December 1st, 1835. 

The date of his rank as writer in Bengal Civil Service is November 1, 

F. A. Lawford, Lieutenant of Bengal Infantry and of Hodson's 
Horse and of Probyn's Horse, born at Bangalore 26th Maroh 
1832, died at sea 17th February 1861, buried at the Cape of 
Good Hope. He served at the capture of Lucknow and 

His father Edward Lawford of the Madras Engineers married 
Diana Louisa, daughter of Rev. R. Smyth, December 19th, 1828. 
She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery on 3rd December 1858, 

Richard BairD Smith, C.B., Colonel, Bengal Engineers, A.D.C. 
to the Queen, aged 42 years. Born December 1818. 

Colonel Baird Smith's wife was Florence de Quincey, the second 
daughter of the celebrated writer. They were married in 1856 
at tho Cathedral, Calcutta. Died 1907. There is a monument 
to his memory in St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta. He died in 
Madras roads on board the Candia. Served at Aliwal, Sobraon, 
1846, Chillianwala, Gujerat, 1848 and at Delhi in the Mutiny, 
where he engineered the attack. See Mrs. Penny's On th* 
Coromandel Coast, pp. 39 to 43. 

William Blunt 

Frederick Alex- 
ander Lawford. 




MADRAS CITY — cont. 










30th Oct. 


William Fobbes 





30th June 

26th Aug. 

16th Sept. 

19th Oct. 

John Augustine 

Theodore Emiuus 

James Erskine Rus- 

John William 


23rd Dec. 

Frederick Harry 



13th July 

4th Nov. 

Joseph Evans Arm 


William Forbes Cotton, Lieutenant, 4th Regiment, M.N.I., 
son of Lieut.-General William Cotton, Madras Army, aged 
26 years. 

William Cotton, Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, 10th Regiment, N.I., 
married, Decombor 2()th, 1823, Nancy, eldest daughter of L. H. 
Stirling, second Commissioner of the Court of Requests. On 
11th April 1810 Richard Thomas Cotton of 1st Battalion, 
25th N. I. died at Gooty. He was Cadet in 1804 and Lieut, on 
January 1, 1807. 

Captain John Augustine Palliser, 76th Regiment, aged 29 

He has a monument in St. Mary's, on which he is described as of 
Castlemaidon, County Kildaro. 

Theodore Emilius Gahagan, Captain R.E., aged 35 years. 

Son of Thomas Gahagan, C.S., 1804-33, who died at Chittoor, 
December 28th, 1833 (No. 1155). He was Captain, Royal Madras 

J. E. Russell, Midshipman Octavia, son of Admiral Russell of 
Mantside, Ayrshire. 

Rear Admiral John Russell died March 1869. 

J. W. Sherman, late Physician-General, Madras Army, aged 
71 years. 

He married, December 5th, 1829, Agnes, daughter of Lieutenant* 
Colonel Taynton. A Mr. Bozaloel Sherman 44 Chyrurgoon " 
died August 25th, 1679. He arrived on August 7, 1676, as 
8urgeon on a salary of £30. His wife named Margaret married 
Richard Broreton on February 28, 1681/2. 

F. H. Hope, Captain H. M. Royal Regiment, A.D.C. to His 
Excellency Lord Napier, K.T., aged 34 years, accidentally 
drowned in the river Adyar. 

Frederick Hope born 1832, married on 4th January 1860 Anna 
Maria Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Major General Henry Chas. 
Gosling, Madras Army. HiB father was Frederic Major General 
in the army (born 1st March 1799) who married Eliza a daughter 
of Major Goneral James Cockbum. At Uphill, Major William 
Godloy, Hon. E. I. Co.'s Service (Madras) married Mary Anne 
oldest daughter of Henry Hope, Esq., of Wells on July 5, 1831, 
Colonel Templo and two Misses Mclvor perished in the same acci- 
dent (see No. 512). On one of the walls of the Roman Catholic 
Chapel in Royapettah, there is a marble tablot in memory of 
the two young ladies, the inscription of which runs as follows : — 
In affectionate memory of Eliza Mary Mclver, aged 22 years, 
and Cathorine Mary Mclver, aged 19 yoars, only daughters of 
John Maclver, who, along with Colonel John Tomple and Captain 
Frederick Harry Hope were drowned while boating on the 
Adyar on tho evening of tho 23rd December 1866. ' Lovely and 
comely in their life even in Death they wore not divided.* II 
Kings 1, 23. Requieacat in pace. 

Joseph Evans Armstrong, Esq., b.a. (Cambridge), Sub- 
Collector of the Madras Civil Service, born at Manchester, 
2nd Fobruary 1836, died at Madras, aged 31 years and a half. 
The date of his commencement of service is 10 August 1860 and 
the date of his arrival is 12th November 1860. 

Wallace Lieut. Col. C. W. Young, C.B., Retired List, Madras Army 
aged 68 years. 

See No. 2634. 5th Novr. 1869 is the date of burial aooording 
Rev. G. H. Maiden's List. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) > 


394 20th Sept. Philip Dassie Philip Dassie HoRNE.Lieut.-Colonel, Madras Artillery. 

1875. Hornb. 

395 27th Feb. Charles William Charles William Blunt, eldest son of the late William 

1883. Blunt. Blunt, B.C.S. , Governor of Agra, aged 60 years. 

William Blunt, Senior (No. 383) was the third son of Sir C. W. 
Blunt, Bart, B. C. 8., who died at Pulta Soptomber 29th, 1802, 
aged 71. On May 20th, 1795, two of his sisters were married 
on the same day 14 from Lady Shore's garden-house," Lydia 
(d. 1851) to Sir Alexander Seton, Bart, B. C. S. (d. 1811), and 
Anna Maria (d. 1798) to the Hon. Charles Andrew Bruce (d. 
1810), Governor of Prince of Wales* Island and brother of Lord 
Elgin. William Blunt married, January 23rd, 1822, Eliza, 
daughter of Goneral Goddard Richards. His oldest son (No. 395) 
servod in Burma. The second son Sir Will iam Bl tint, the seventh 
baronot, was in tho B. C. S., 1846-75, and succeeded his cousin 
in the title in 1890. 


396 11th May George LordPigot. "In memoriam." 

A granite slab bearing this inscription was placed by order of the 
Duke of Buckingham over a gravo and lead-encased coffin dis- 
covered in 1875 while digging the tomb of Lord Hobart in the 
ohurch. The coffin is supposed to be that of Lord Pigot, who 
died while a prisoner in the hands of his Council. The vestry 
records prove that permission was given to bury his body in the 
church. He had been confined under care of Major (afterwards 
Genoral) Mathew Homo, R.A., at St. Thomas' Mount, probably 
in the Moss House, and was brought to Madras for ohango of air. 
George Pigot joined the service as writer in 1736. Whon serving 
at Fort St. David, he was sent with Clive to Trichinopoly in 
charge of a convoy, and both narrowly, escaped capture. He 
succeeded Thomas Saunders as Govornor in 1755 and success- 
fully defendod the city against Lally. In 1763 he retired upon a 
fortune of 40 lacs, and purchased an Irish peerage. He was 
persuaded by tho Directors to return to Madras as Governor for 
the second time in 1775 and found himself at varianco with his 
Council over tho reinstatement of the Tanjoro Rajah. The 
notorious Paul Benfiold, who later on in his caroor, is croditod 
witli having returned nine members to Parliament, demanded 
settlement of a claim of 23 lacs, which by a majority of seven to 
five the Council decided to be valid. Pigot thereupon suspended 
first t wo and then four more of his Councillors and ordered the 
arrest of Sir Robert Fletcher, Commander-in-Chief. The 
opposition immediately Assumed the Government and Pigot was 
arrestod by Colonel James Stuart on the 24th April 1776. He 
died in confinement tho following May. He was owner of the 
celebrated Pigot diamond, of which there is a model in the 
British Museum. This stone was sold in 1 819 for £30,000 to AH 
Pasha, who when mortally wounded by Reshid Pasha (February 
5th, 1^22) had it crushed to powder in his presence. There is a 
curious picturo of Lord Pigot, signed by G. Wiilison, 1777, in the 
Durbar room of the Tanjore Palace. Fame is blowing a trumpet, 
which she holds with one hand, while she supports in the other 
a portrait of Pigot. Below her is a mourning female. On the 
pedestal which supports the oval frame of the portrait is inscri- 
bed, " Siege of Madras raised February 17th, 1759. Died Miy 
Jlth, 1777." 

Born on 4th March 1719, the eldest son of Richard Pigot of West- 
minster by his wife Frances, George Pigot joined the East India 
Company's Civil Servi ce at the age of 1 7 and arrived at Madras in 
July 1737. His securities were his two brothers, Robert And 
Hugh Pigot who entered the army And nAvy respectively. The 
former rose to be General And the latter Admiral. There was 
Also a Captain Charles Pigot who was commander of the Dolphin. 


Serial Date. Name, 


(1) (2) (») 


397 23rd Sept. Sib John Bubgoyne, 
1785. Bart. 

398 7th Mar. Joseph Moobhowse. 

Vol. i—IO 


CITY — cant. 


FORT ST. GEORGE — cont. 

Goorge Pigot appears to have been in 1740 a clerk to the vestry 
of St. Mary's Parish in addition to being a merchant in Com- 
pany's service. The duty of the vestry clerk was to record the 
minutes of the vostry meetings, to draft the letters, to keep a 
record of all receipts and payments of money and to balance 
the accounts monthly, (pp. 534-5 of Tho Church in Madras, 
by Rev. Frank Penny.) 
Pigot was unmarried. On his death tho Irish barony became 
extinct, whilo the baronetcy devolved upon Ins brother Robert 
Pigot. Ho loft several natural children among others (1) 
Sophia Pigot who married on 14th March 1776, the Hon. Edw, 
Monckton of Somorford, Staffordshire, and died on 1st January 
1834, (2) Richard Pigot (1774-1868) General in the Army and 
Colonel of tho 4th Dragoon Guards, (3) Sir Hugh Pigot, k.o.b. 
(1775-1857), admiral of the White and (4) Loonara, who married 
17th October 1 777 Claud Russol, member of the Madras Council. 
To tho memory of her and her husband there is a tabiot in 
Marylebone Church. 

In memory of Major-General Sir John Bijkuoyjne, Bart., 
Colonel of His Majesty's 23rd Regiment of Light Dragoons, 
who died September 23rd 1785, aged 45 years. 

Seventh baronet and cousin of Sir John Burgoyne, k.o.b., drama- 
tist and General, who Hurrendorod in 1777 at Saratoga. In 1781 
he was commissioned to raise a regiment of light dragoons for 
service in India, the first European cavalry sent out to that 
country. This corps, originally known as the 23rd Light 
Dragoons, was formed out of drafts from other regiments. 
Standards, now in possession of tho 1 9th Hussars, were presonted 
to it by George III, and early in 1 782 it embarked on board the 
East India fleet under convoy of Admiral Sir R. Bickerton, and 
landed at Madras towards tho ond of the yoar. Under its 
clianged name of the 1 9th Light Dragoons it subsequently won 
great renown on Indian battlofields. Colonel Floyd, father-in- 
law of Lady (Robort) Peel, was its most celebrated commander 
(soo No. 2698). In September 1783 when General Stuart was 
dismissed from service for systematic disobedience of orders, 
Major-General Sir John Burgoyne, who was the next Senior 
Officer was appointed to command the King's forces but he 
declined to recognise Stuart's disposition and Colonel Ross 
Lang was appointed to the command of tho army, Burgoyne, 
refusing to obey Ross Lang, was arrestod and subsequently 
tried for mutiny, a crime of which ho was honourably acquitted 
(Love III— 242). 

By order of the Court of Direotors of the East India Company 
to commemorate the distinguished Services of the late 
Joseph Moorhouse, Esqr., Lieutenant Colonel of the Coast 
Artillery, who was killed at the Attack of the Pettah Gate 
of Bangalore on the seventh day of March Anno Domini 

Three Elegies " one very beautiful and appropriate " by 
Mr. W. Liniey of the Civil Service and two others : also 
anecdote of siege of Palghatcherry : 

" and Bangalore forbid oblivious gloom 
To rest oo his inviolable grave." 
The body had lain in Freemasonic Hall since it was moved from 

•* The body was deposited in the gallery close to the spot where 
Sir Eyre Coote was buried '* — tho patron of his rising fame. 
The funeral party was commanded by Lt. Col. Collins composed 
of H.M.'s 14th Regiment of Hanoverians and the 22nd Batta- 
lion of Coast Infantry. 
The Hanoverians and Coast Artillery marched with Drums and 
pipes muffled. Major Hall, Col. Frazer, Col. Capper, Major 
Tutt, Major Maude, Col. D' Wangeahaur carried the body atten- 
ded by Sir Charles Oakley, Mr. Petrie, Mr. Huddlestone, General 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(J) (2) (3) (4) 


Mnsgrave, the ' Grand Lodge of Madras with their Jewels \ the 
Chief mourners, Pall bearers and members of the Grand Lodge 
weiring black silk scarves and Hat Bands. Forty -seven minute 
guns corresponding with the age of the deceased were fired. 
Party of 100 Hanoverians umler Major De Spangenberg fired 
3 rounds. Cortege entered Foil by Wallajah Gate. Chaplains 
were Millingchamp Senior, Archdeacon Leslie and Dr. Bell. 
Calcutta Gazette, Thursday May 27th 1784: Private letters 
from Madras mention that the Cavalry at Arnee had mutinied 
but that Captaiu Moorehead (sic) and forty artillery having 
boldly rescued the guns under a heavy lire from the mutineers, 
there was no doubt of their being goon reduced into submission. 
The Nabob's troop* are taken into tho Company's Sorvice. 
The European Officers come in the youngest of their rank. 
Moorhoimo is Baid to have risen from the ranks, and had greatly 
distinguished himself at the siege of Carangooly (January 1781), 
at the battle of Porto Novo (July 1781) and at the siege of 
Cuddalore (June 1785). His services were so highly thought of 
by tho Madras Government that, on receipt of the news of his 
death, tho following General Order was published, March 22nd, 
1791 : — -"Government having received advice of the death of 
Lieu tenant -Colonel Joseph Moorhouse, who was killed in the 
assault of the Pettah at Bangalore on the 7th instant, it has been 
resolved as a testimony of respect to the memory of an officer 
who has served the Company many years with zeal, spirit and 
ability, that his remains, with the permission of the ministers 
and churchwardens, be publicly interred in the Church of Fort 
St. George, at the Company's expense, and a marble tablet fixed 
over his grave with a suitable inscription in commemoration of 
his merits." The monument was executed in England by C. 
Peart London (ram of battering ram). It is of white marble 
and represents Britannia sea ted on a lion, crowning a medallion 
head of Moorhouse with laurel. His death at the storming of 
Bangalore forms the subject of a picture by Robert Homo. 
" Colonel Moorhouse, beyond comparison the most valuable 
officer in tho army received 2 wounds the last of which proved 
mortal and put an end to his life in half an hour." Munro Vol. 
1. p. 110, Gleig's Life. Moorhouse wasmarriodon October 31st, 
1785, at St. Mary's Church to Augusta, second and youngest 
daughter of the Kev. Andre Boisdaune. His age at the time of 
death was 47. His widow became the 2nd wife of Lord Audley 
who died 24th August 1818 at Sundridge Lodge in Wiltshire, 
aged 60 and was preceded by his only son Hon. John Tuchet. 

Saored to tho memory of Margaretta Baroness Hobart, 
and her infant Hon John Hobart, whose remains are here 
deposited in the same grave. The doom of the affectionate 
mother was irrevocably fixed, when her child expired, and 
having struggled for a few months on account of those, whom 
She has left to deplore her loss, She departed this life on the 
7th of August 1796, in the 41st year of her age. 

Lord Hobart, who gave his name to Hobart Town, Tasmania, was 
Governor of Madras from 1794 to 1798. Ho married on January 
4th, 1792, Margaretta, daughter and co-hoiross of Edmund 
Bourke, Esq., of Urrey, and widow of Thomas Adderley, of 
Innishannon, County Cork. Their daughter became the wife of 
the first Earl of Uipon. On March 30, 1796, Captain Allan Hyde 
Gardner afterwards second Lord Gardner married Margaret 
daughter of Thomas Adderley of Innishannon County Cork by 
Margaret tlaughter of Edmund Bourke of Urrey. She divorced 
him and married secondly Henry Judis. In 1799 Lord Hobart 
married secondly Eleanor Eden, daughter of the first Lord 
Auckland. Her sister, the Hon. Emily Eden, wrote the well, 
known Letters " Up the Country " and gave her name to the 
Eden Gardens at Calcutta. Lord Hobart's portrait is in the 
drawing room of Government House, Madras. 

:i99 7th Aug. Margarbtta Baro- 
1790. nbss Hobart and 

John Hobart. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Dote. Name. Inscription, 

number. ... 
(1) (2) (3) (*) 


For a sketch of Lord Hobart's life see also Dictionary of National 
Biography and Asiatic Journal, January 1817. 

400 13th Feb. Frederick Chris- Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Frederick Christiah 
j^gg tian Swartz. Swartz, whoso life was one continued offort to imitate the 

example of his Blessed Master, Employed as a Protestant 
missionary from the Government of Denmark, and in the 
same character by the Society in England for the Promotion 
of Christian Knowledge, he, during a period of fifty years, 
" went about doing good," manifesting in respect to himself 
the most entire abstraction from temporal views, but embrac- 
ing every opportunity of promoting both the temporal and 
eternal welfare of others. In him religion appeared not 
with a gloomy aspect, or forbidding mien, but with a graceful 
form and placid dignity. Among the many fruits of Ids 
indefatigable labours was the erection of the church at 
Tanjore. The savings from a small salary were, for many 
years, devoted to the pious work and the remainder of the 
expense supplied by individuals at his solicitation. The 
Christian seminaries at Ramanadpiiram and in the Tinne- 
velly province were established by him. Beloved and honored 
by Europeans, he was, if possibles held in still deeper rever- 
ence by the natives of this country of every degree and every 
sect, and their unbounded confidence in his integrity and 
truth was on many occasions rendered highly beneficial to 
the public service. The poor and the injured looked up to 
him as an unfailing friend and advocate. The great and 
powerful concurred in yielding him the highest homage 
ever paid in this quarter of the globe to European virtue. 
The late Hyder Ally Cawn, in the midst of a bloody and 
vindictive war with the Carnatic, sent orders to his officers 
" to permit the Venerable Father Swartz to pass unmolested 
and show him respect and kindness, for he is a holy man 
and means no harm to my Government." The late Tuljajee, 
Rajah of Tanjore, when on his death-bed desired to entrust 
to his protecting care his adopted son Serfojee, the present 
Rajah , with the administration of all the affairs of his country. 
On a spot of ground granted to him by the same Prince, 
two miles east of Tanjore, he built a house for his residence 
and made it an orphan asylum. Here the last 20 years of 
his life were spent in the education and religious instruction 
of children, particularly those of indigent parents, whom he 
gratuitously maintained and instructed. And here on the 
13th of February 1798, surrounded by his infant flock and 
in the presence of several of his disconsolate brethren, 
entreating them to continue to make religion the first object 
of their care and imploring with his last breath the Divine 
blessing on their labours, he closed his truly Christian career 
in the 72nd year of his age. The East India Company, 
anxious to perpetuate the memory of such transcendent 
worth, and gratefully sensible of the public benefits which 
resulted from its influence, caused this monument to be 
erected. Ann. Dom. 1807. 

The monument was erected by J. Bacon, Junior Sculptor, London 
1806. Go ye into all the world and preaeh the gospel to every 
creature— Mark Ch. XVI— Verso 18. 
Swartz was one of the moHt devoted missionaries India has eve 
geen. C. F. Schwartz was a native of Son nen berg in Brandon 
burg ; graduate at Halle ; arrived 1750 ; went to Trichinopoly 

Vol. i— 10a 



Serial Date Name Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


17C2 ; to Tanjore 1778 where he died, A monument by Flax- 
man at Tanjore represents Rajah Serfojee holding the dying 
man's hand and receiving his blessing. Below are the following 
linos composed by the Rajah himself. They are the first attempt 
at English versification by a Hindoo prince (see No. 2548) : — 
" Firm wast thou, humble and wiso, 
Honest, pure, free from disguise ; 
Father of orphans, the widow's support, 
Comfort in sorrow of every sort. 
To the benighted, dispenser of light, 
Doing and pointing to that which is right, 
Blessing to princes, to people, to me ; 
May I, my father, be worthy of theo ; 
Wisheth and prayeth thy Serfojee." 
Serfojee died on the 8th March 1832 in his fifty-fourth year. 
" Gericke and most of the missionaries usually termed Swartz " our 
good and venerable father.'* In 1793 he paid his last visit to 
Madras, left it on 20th Septembor 1793. He seldom spoke 
of Madras but as Sodom and Gomorah." (Taylor, p. 77). 
Swartz was successively Chaplain, Vakeel, guardian, envoy and 
political commissioner. Flout me who may, I will maintain that 
he was not the model of a good missionary. He was a great and 
good man, born for great things and singularly made use of in 
Providence to accomplish them. (Taylor, p. 25). 
lor a sketch of his life and works see Asiatic Journal of July 1834. 

401 2nd Oct. Chbistian William Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Christian William 
18037" " ~ Gerickb. Geeicke. Destined to labour in a peculiar vineyard (that 

of the conversion of the natives of office) he fulfilled his 
sacred office with primitive simplicity and purity. Worthy 
associate of the Venerable Swartz, like him, he toiled thro* 
life with sedulous but temperate zeal, to plant in every 
accessible soil the pure spirit of Christianity. Pagans, 
uninstructed Christians, and especially their children, were 
the object of his unceasing labours of faith and love. He 
was called to receive the eternal reward of his patient and 
unweariod course of usefulness, in the year of our Lord 
1803, aged 62 years. 

The monument is by Flaxman and represents Gericke teaching. 
The monument is a neat unpretending work by Flaxman. It 
represents a minister addressing a native in a pensive attitude 
from an open book, and the word * believe ' is above. Three 
children of different height are looking up to the speaker. The 
inscription is beneath and the whole in white marble. It is in 
the north west corner of the building and ceases to be in the 
proper place. 

He was a native of Colberg in Pomerania ; graduated at Halle ; 
arrived 1767 ; joined Huttemanat Cuddalore 1767 ; succeeded 
Fabricius at Madras 1788. He died at Vellore, October 2nd, 
1803, and is buried in the family vault at Vepery. He left 
1,600 pagodas besides valuable house property to the S. P. C. K. 
His daughter Dorothea Sophia married John Hunter, and died 
May 22nd, 1796, in her 20th year (No. 629). Gericke says in 
his will : " My greatest troubles have occurred during the last 
seven years. My daughter Dorothea Sophia Hunter died aged 20, 
and my son Captain George Frederick aged 30 " (at Ongole, 
May 16th, 1801). Gericke's wife was a Miss Sophia Hutteman 
who died 12th July 1807 (see No. 1627). 

Swartz called him a sincere Christian and a Nathaniel in whom there 
is no guile. Swartz and Gericke were in a minor sort of way Lu« 
ther and Melanothon. As a preacher in various languages perhaps 
none in the country exceeded him. He went up the country 
on hie travels as he used, once a year, at a considerable expense 
to himself, to diffuse the knowledge of the gospel of Christ and 



Serial Date, Name. Inscription, 


<>) (2) (3) (4) 


Have his follow creatures and whilo thus serving his Creator the 
King of Terrors seized him and without h groan translated 
him to a happy otomity. Ho died on the road a short distance 
from Vellore in tho 38th year of his missionary life and 62nd 
year of his age. Soon after his rotum from the South he liad 
been attacked with fover of which ho recovered. He was taken 
with a bowel complaint which he thought might be removed by 
change of air. But returning from Rayacottah to Vollore, his 
disorder increased, rendering him unable to proceed. 

402 28th June Richabd Leslie. Tho Reverend Archdeacon Riohabd Leslie, m.a., departed 

1804. this life on the 28th day of June 1804, aged 58 years. His 

remains are intorred in the burial ground of the parish and 
this monument is erected by the unanimous voice of the 
parishioners of Madras as a token of respect to his memory. 
Ho discharged the office of a minister in Fort St. (George for 
more than twenty years with fidelity and correctness and 
during the whole period enjoyed the confidence and esteem 
of the community at large. His gentleness of manners, his 
modesty and humility were exemplary, and his whole 
deportment such as became the character of a true minister 
of the Gospel of Christ. 
See No. 268. 

The monument is by Flaxman. Tt was sent out from England 
by the express order of the Vestry of Madras. Piety is exhibited 
by a femalo figure with the Holy Biblo in her hand which she 
is attentively studying under which is the inscription. Hie 
father was James Leslie Bishop of Limerick and created him 
Archdeacon of Aghadoe in tho diocese of Ardfert on 4th October 
1769. He matriculated at Wadham College, Oxford, in 1765 but 
did not proceed to a degree. 

403 9th Nov. Josuh Webbe .. To the memory of Josiah Webbe, Esquire, for many years 

1804. Chief Secretary to the Government of Madras, and afterwards 

Resident at tho Court of Scindia, whore he died the 9th of 
November 1804, aged 37 years. His mind by nature, firm, 
lofty, energetic, was formed by classical study to a tone of 
independence and patriotism not unworthy of the best 
days of Greece and Rome. Disdaining the little arts of 
private influence or vulgar popularity, and erect in conscious 
integrity, he rested his claims to public honours on public 
merit. An extensive knowledge of the Eastern languages 
forwarded his rise to stations of high trust, where his ambi- 
tion was fired to exalt the honour and interests of his country. 
But in the midst of a career thus useful and distinguished, 
preferring the public weal to personal safety, he fell a martyr 
to an ungenial climate in the prime of life, beloved with 
fervour by his friends, particularly lamented by the Govern- 
ors of India, admired and regretted by all. To his publio 
and private virtues this monument is dedicated by his 

A fine monument by Flaxman representing an officer, a civil 
servant, a Mahomedan and a Hindu mourning over a portrait 
medallion of the deceased. At the base is a recumbent tiger. 
"Sree" Webbe was the one of most famous "politicals" 
Madras has produced. He entered the service as writer on July 
26, 1783 and for several years filled the office of Chief Secretary. 
* A statesman, a scholar and a friend \ 

In 1803 he was Resident at Mysore, and in 1804, Resident at the 
Court of Scindia. He died at Hussangabad on the banks of the 
Nerbudda. The well-known Purnaiya, Dewan of Mysore, 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(t) (2) (3) (4) 


erected a monument to Webbo at Soringapatam 50 foet high, 
which is locally known as the Rana-Khambha or War Pillar, 
from having been the seone of a skirmish between two bodies 
of European troops in the mutiny of the Company's army in 
1809 (No. 955). 

404 8th Aug. Elizabeth Gwillim. Elizabeths pia coniux Hknrici Owillim, Eq., Aur. vixit 

1807. annos XLIV menses VIII. H. S. E. MDCOCVII. 

Lady Cwdlim died August 8th, J 807. Her husband Sir Henry 
Gwillim, Kt.. was the first Puisne Judge of Madras, 1800-1808, 
and died September 12th, 1837. ^ 

Henry Gwillim hum of .John of Hereford, (lent : eh. eh. 1776, 
aged 10: barr. Middle Temple- 1787: Knight 1801. 

405 29th Dec. Jane Amelia Subter jacet Jana Amelia Russell, coniux dilecta Henrici 

1808. Russell. Russell, armigeri, filia, hand minus dilecta Jacobi Henrici 

Casamaijor, armigeri, nata XX Augusti MDCCJLXXXIX, 
nupta XX Octobris MDCCCVIlf, cheu ! mortua XXIX 
Decembris MDCCCVIII. In memory of Jane Amelia, wife of 
Henry Russell, and second (laughter of J. H. Casamaijor, 
who was born August 20th, 1789, married October 20th, 
1808, and died December 29th, 1808. 

And now, Lord, what wait I for ? 

My hope is in Thee. 
Could I, dear Saint, to this cold Stone impart 
Each deep Impression on thy Husband's Heart : 
Could I in Language to my Sorrow just 
Record this last Sad Tribute to thy Dust : 
E'en Strangers then, who read the faithful Line, 
Should pause in solemn Silence at thy Shrine ; 
Should mourn with me my late espoused Bride, 
Untimely severd from her Russell's side, 
In Joy's first Dawn, in early Beauty's Bloom, 
Torn from the nuptial Altar to the Tomb, 
Then should they see thee, lovely in thy Youth, 
Serene in Virtue, dignified in Truth, 
Firm without Rashness, gentle without Fear, 
Sedate tho' cheerful, polish'd yet sincere. 
So wise, so soft : so gay, yet so resign'd. 
So fair in Person and so pure in Mind. 
Should here contemplate with admiring Eye. 
A Model how to live ; alas ! and how to die. 

Tho monument is by .James Hacon, Junior Sculptor, London and 
represents a death-bed scene. J. H. Casamaijor, Member of 
Council, was the eldest hou of Noah Casamaijor and Rebecca, 
daughter of Captain John Fowney (No. 97) and was born 
January 3rd, 1740. His second daughter married Mr. (after- 
wards Sir) Henry Russell, of tho Bengal Civil Service, oldest son 
of Sir Henry Russell, Bart, Chief Justice of Bengal, tho uncle of 
Rose Aylmer, who died at his house in Russell Street, Calcutta. 
Of Sir Henry Russell (1783-1852), second baronet, who was 
Resident of Hyderabad in 1810, Lord YVbllesley said that he was 
tho most promising young man ho knew. He married secondly 
at Hyderabad on 13 November 1810 Marie Clotilde, daughter 
of Baron Mottot, Seigneur de la Motte efc de la Fontaine 
in Picardy (see No. 907). 

406 6th Mar. William O'Brien His Excelloncy William O'Brien Duby Esq., Vice-Admiral 

1811. Duby. of the Blue and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's ships 

and vessels in the East Indies. 

Funeral took place at St. Mary's Church on Thursday evening the 
7th March 1811 (Service by Rev. Mr. Vaughan, Senior Chaplain 
and Rev. Mr. MouaWvt. Public Consultation, dated 8th March 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) < 4 > 


407 25th Aug. Geohob Gilbert Oeorge Gilbert Keble, departed this life on the 25th day 

1811. Keble. of August 1811, aged 36 years. A circle of affectionate 

friends have caused this monument to be erected to his 

Th« monument is by J. Bacon, Junior, and represent* a figure of 
Charity with two children. Keble entered the service in 1794, 
ho wan tor some time Secretary to Government and died at 
Cuddalore while Postmaster-General. On 1st January, 1796, 
he was AHsistant under the Secretary in the "Public, Commercial 
and Revenue Depart merits. Tn 1798 he was Senior Assistant 
under the Superintendent of the Export Warehouse. On June 
12, 1798, ho was Head Assistant in the Public Department and 
Kreneh Translator. On November 7, 1801, ho was Secretary 
to Government in the Public and Commercial Department. 
On 4th Mar. 1809 lie was appointed Sub -Treasurer aud Post- 
master-General. Hie monument bears masonic emblems. 
Mr. John Petrio (Senior) merchant married at Calcutta, 
Novembor 11, 1794, Miss Anne Keble. 

408 18th April Sir Barry Close, This monument was erected by the Honourable East India 

1813. Bart. Company to the memory of Major-Gonoral Sir Barry 

Close, Bart, in testimony of their gratitude for his ardent 
zeal, and entire devotion to their service, equally manifested 
in the application of high Military attainments, and of 
profound political knowledge. His character derived its 
brightest honors from that union of conciliation and firmness, 
which after contributing to terminate a successful war, was 
eminently displayed in diffusing the blessings of peace over 
a numerous native population, who without being subject 
to British rule, felt the protecting influence of British 
counsels in the mild administration of authority which 
succeeded the usurpation of Mysore. He departed this 
life April the 18th 1813, aged 56 years. 

Closo entered the Indian Army in 1771. At the final siege of 
Seringapatam ho was Adjutant- General to General Harris, 
who stated in despatches that his successes were chiefly to be 
attributed to him. He was Resident at Mysore till 1801, being 
then transferred to Pooua, where he concluded with the Peishwa 
the treaty of Bassein, the ultimate consequence of which was the 
destruction of the Mahratta power. He retired in 1811. Mount- 
stuart Elphinstone wrote of him, ** I doubt whether such an 
assembly of manly virtues remains behind him. A strong, erect 
and bandy frame, a clear head and vigorous understanding, 
fixed principles, unshaken courage, contempt for pomp and 
pleasure, entire devotion to the publio service, formed the 
character of Sir Barry Close-a character one would rather think 
imagined in ancient Rome that mot within our own ago and 
nation." Close was an intimate friend of Wilks, who dedicated 
his history of Mysore to him and there describes him as " having 
mastered the logic, the ethics and the metaphysics of Greece 
through the medium of the Arabic and Persian languages/* The 
town of Closepett in Mysore was so called in honour of him. 
There is an engraving of this monument in NeilTs 44 History 
of the First Madras European Regiment," page 404. It is by 
Flaxman and the finest monument in the church. He was made 
Lieut, on October 2, 1778, Capt. December 18, 1783, Major June 
1, 1796, Lieut.-Col. December 21, 1797, Col. on August 24, 1803, 
and Major-General on July 25, 1810. When Lieutenant ho was 
Aide-de-Camp to General Stuart. 

409 25th Dec. Sir Samuel Hood. Near this place are buried the remains of Vioe Admiral Sir 

1814. Samuel Hood, Knight of the Bath and Commander-in- 
Chief of his Britannic Majesty's ships in the East Indies, an 
officer of distinguished merit, whose great public services 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

•Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


will live for ever in the annals of his country, but in the 
affectionate memory of his friends were lost in the recollec- 
tion of his private virtues. 

Cousin of Lord Hood and younger brother of Captain Alexander 
Hood, R. N., who fell in action between the Mars and the French 
seventy-four Hercule off the Bee du Kaz, April 2lst, 1798. 
In Butleigh Church, Somerset, is a very long and not too felici- 
tous epitaph upon the three Hood brothers by Southoy, whose 
brother Thomas, a midshipman on board the Mars had been 
severely wounded in the engagement. In 1831 a column 130 
feet high was erected on a hill near Butleigh to the momory of 
Sir Samuel Hood. The linos of Southey which refer to him are — 

" One brother yet 

Survived with Koppel and with Rodney train'd 
In battles, with the Lord of Nile appro vod, 
Ere in command ho worthily upheld 
Old England's high prerogative*. In the east, 
The west, the Baltic and the Midland Seas, 
Yea, wheresoever hostile fleets have plough'd 
The ensanguined deep, his thunders have been heard, 
His flag in brave defiance hath boon seen ; 
And bravest enemies at Sir Samuel's name 
Felt fatal presage in their inmost heart, 
Of unavertible defeat forodoom'd* 
Thus in the path of glory ho rode? on, 
Victorious alway, adding praiso to praiso ; 
Till full of honours not of years, beneath 
The venom of the infected clime ho sank 
On CoromandeVs coast, completing there 
His service, only when his life was spent." 
Lady Hood was a daughter of Lord Seaforth. In August 1811 
Sir Walter Scott sent out by her a long letter of introduction to 
his brother-in-law Charles Carpenter, then Commercial Resident 
at Cuddalore (No. 2315). 

410 26th Nov. Charles Robert Charles Robert Ross of the Madras Civil Servico departed 
1816. Ross. this life on tho 26th of November 1816, at the early age of 

thirty-threo years. " But wisdom is the grey hair unto 
men and an unspotted life is old age." Ho filled his station 
with dignity and honor, yet, humbly exercised himself 
" to have alway a conscience void of offence toward 
God, and toward men," charitable, benevolent, frank 
and generous, Ms breast glowed with universal philan- 
thropy. He was a dutiful son, an affectionate brother, a 
sincere friend : an unspeakable kindness flowed from his 
heart, regulated his actions, and inspired reciprocal good- 
will. In his public and private affairs, integrity was his 
guide, and while he did justice to his employers, ho protooted 
and supported tho fellow- creatures committed to his charge. 
The natives of the Kurpah Collectorate will long cherish 
his memory and mourn his loss. Deservedly distinguished 
by his suporiors, he advanced rapidly on the road to prefer- 
ment, but, in the midst of health and in the bloom of life, 
he was called to a better world. A consistent Christian, it 
is humbly hoped he is gone to receive the reward promised by 
the Redeemer to his faithful servants. This monument 
is erected by a friend, to whom the remembrance of his 
virtues will ever be dear and sacred. 

The monument is by J. Bacon. It bears masonic symbols and 
the pelican representation of self-sacrifice. Boss, Zillah 
Collector third son of General Patrick Ross died at Masulipatam 
at the house of G. £. Russell, the Collector. He entered the 
service in 180C> and was for six years Collector of Cuddapah. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) W ) 


He was in 1800 writer, in 1804 Register of the Southern Division 
of Arcot, in 1805 Sub-Collector in the Southern Division of Arcot, 
in 1808 Head Assistant to the Collector in Arcot, and in 1810 
Collector of Cuddapah. Tho old spelling Kurpah still survives 
in the expression " Kurpah indigo." Goorge Edward Russell, 
whose mother was a daughter of Lord Pigot, acted as Governor 
of Madras in 1837 and he died on 20th October 1863. (see Nos. 
1906, 1908). 

411 18th May Thomas Davies To record the loss of Lieutenant Thomas Davies who fell at 
1818. John William the siege of Mallegaon in Candeish on the 18th of May 1818; 

Nattes. and of Lieutenant John William Nattes, killed at the 

same siege eleven days afterwards, this monument was 
erected by their brother officers of the Madras Engineers. 
The first of these bravo men intrepid and indefatigable, had 
displayed on this as on former occasions at Mauritius and at 
Naugpoor, a courage which no peril could abate, while he 
evinced great judgment and resource in difficulty and danger. 
The latter of tenderer growth succeeding to the same 
department, has testified the samo zeal for the service, and 
had obtained the admiration of those who witnessed in him 
professional acquirements and early maturing talents with a 
coolness and resolution that would have honoured age and 

Tho monument is by Bacon and roprosents tho siege of Mallegaon . 
Captain Kennedy, 17th Native Infantry, and Lieutenant 
Wilkinson and Ensign Eagar, 13th Native Infantry, were killed 
on the same occasion. On 29th October 1818 died at Malligaum 
near the Camp in Kandeish Lieut. James Anderson M. E. R. 
eldest son of the late Rev. John Anderson, minister. 

To the memory of Margaret, wife of the Right Hon. Hugh 
Elliot, Governor of Madras. She died March 1st 1819. 
Bishop Middleton arrived on his second visitation from Calcutta 
to Madras on 27th February, " the very evening Mrs. Elliot 
the Governour's lady died". 44 A Corpulent Cheerful very 
influential lady." " It is out of my province to add 
moro The Bishop officiated at the funeral the following 
evening. (Taylor, p. 182.) The date given by Taylor seems 
to be a mistake. The date of death given in the Madras 
Almanac is 1st Mar.; and Rev. Maiden's List of burials 
givos the date of burial as 2nd March 1819. She was a Miss 
Jones and his second wife. A description of her funeral is given 
in the Asiatic Journal of September 1819, 
The Right Hon'ble Hugh Elliot, the younger brother of the first 
Earl of Minto, Governor-General of India, was the second son 
of Sir Gilbert Elliot, third Baronet. Among other children of 
Sir Gilbert's was Eleanor who married, in 1776, William 
first Lord Auckland and was the mother of George second Lord 
Auckland, who was Governor-General of India (1836-1841). 
Mr. Hugh Elliot entered the diplomatic service in early life. 
He soon attained the rank of a Privy Councillor. He was appoint- 
ed Governor of Madras in 1814, the year after the brother's 
retirement, in succession to Sir George Barlow. Mr. Elliot 
was married twice. Firstly to a foreign lady, Charlotte, widow 
of M. von Krauth, from whom he obtained a divorce in 1793 ; 
and secondly to Miss Margaret Jones. She died in Madras. 
By his first wife Mr. Elliot had one daughter, Isabella, who 
married Mr. George Payne, in 1810 and died in 1826. By his 
second wife he had six sons and three daughters. The sons 
were (1) Henry, who entered the Army and died in 1842 ; (2) 
Edward Francis, a former Chief Magistrate of Police, Madras, 
who was a terror to the rowdies of his time. In the early 
thirties he brought to book three notorious burglars and saw 

412 1st Mar. Margaret Elliot. 

VOL. I — 11 


MADRAS CITY — emit. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (i) (3) (4) 


them hanged. Tradition gives their names as Bava Sahib, Dasari 
Munian and Rottikara Venkatachalam. The road from tho 
Mount Road to the Beach, between the Cathedral and Capper 
House, is called after this gentleman, " Edward Elliot's Road." 
Mr. Edward Elliot retired in 1856, and died in 1866 ; (3) Gilbert, 
Dean of Bristol, died in 1891 ; (4) Charles, K. C. B. was Admiral 
and some time Governor of St. Helena ; he died in 1 875 ; 
(5) Hugh Maximilian, was a Captain in the 17th Lancers, and 
died in 1826 ; and (6) Thomas Frederick, K. O. m. O., was one 
time Under Secretary of State for the Colonies. And the 
daughters wero (1) Emma, who married Sir Thomas Hislop, 
G. o. b., Commander in Chief of Madras in 1823 ; they had an 
only daughter, Emma Eleanor Elizabeth who married William 
Hugh, 3rd Earl of Minto, in 1844, and was mother of the Viceroy, 
Earl of Minto; this Lady died in 1882; (2) Harriet Agnes 
married Admiral Sir J. H. Plumridge in 1835 and died in 1845 ; 
and Caroline married General Sir W. F. Forster, K. H., and died 
in 1878. "Elliot's Beach," on the south side of tho Adyar 
River is so named, not from Mr. Hugh Elliot, the Governor 
of Madras, but from Mr, (afterwards Sir) Walter Elliot, who 
was a prominent member of the Madras Government, during 
the Administration of Lord Harris (1854-59). Sir Walter 
belonged to the same stock and was probably descended from 
Gilbert Elliot of Stobs, the common ancestor of the Elliots of 
Minto and of General George Elliot, Baron Heathfiold, t he gallant 
defender of Gibraltar against tho united fleets and armies of 
France and Spain. Sir Walter wrote on a vast range of subjects, 
archaeology, natural history and numismatics, and was in 
correspondence with the celebrated Charles Darwin. The 
Amravathi marbles in the British Museum were presented to 
that institution by Sir Walter. He died in 1877. 
The Countess of Minto, the distinguished recipient of the Kaisar- 
i-Hind Medal, in recognition of her charity and benevolence 
towards suffering humanity, comes from a fine stock. She is the 
grand-daughter of Charles second Earl Grey, who was first Lord 
of the Treasury (1830-34) during tho first Administration of 
King William TV. Lord Macaulay, writing in 1840, refers to 
this eminent statesman, in the following words. " But those 
who, within the last ten years, have listened with delight, till tho 
morning sun shone on the tapestries of the House of Lords, to 
the lofty and animated eloquence of Charles Earl Grey, are able 
to form some estimate of tho powers of a race of men, among 
whom lie was not the foremost." 

413 11th Dec. Sib Alexander Hero are deposited the remains of General Sir Alexander 
1824. Campbell, Bart. Campbell, Bart, and K.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of the 

Madras Army. Died 11th December 1824, aged 64 years. 
Also of Olympia his first wife, daughter of Sir John Mors- 
head, Bart of Trenant Park, Cornwall, who died 24th Decem- 
ber 1794, aged 38 years. The tablet was erected by their 
grandsons, Sir Alexander Cockburn Campbell, Bart., and 
Lieut.-General George Alexander Malcolm, C.B. 

He entered the British Army as early as the year 177G. He was 
appointed an ensign in the Royals, and was promoted to the 
rank of lieutenant in the same eorps, 25th December 1778. 
In the month of April 1780, he obtained a company in the 97th 
Regiment of Foot, and served in that corps at the celebrated 
siege of Gibraltar, in 1782. He was soon afterwards placed 
upon half-pay ; but in December 1787 he was attachod to the 
74th regiment. He became major by brevet in 1794, and 
obtained a majority in the before-named regiment in the suc- 
oeeding year. Soon after he had risen to the rank of lieut. 
colonel (4th December 1795), he accompanied the 74th to India, 
and rendered himself very conspicuous in the Mysore war, and 
at the capture of Seringapatam in 1799. One exploit which he 



Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


performed upon this occasion, and which created groat confusion 
in the Sultan's army, was an attack upon a circular work, from 
winch he dislodged the enemy with great gallantry, pursuing 
them across the bridge of communication, and entoring the 
island with the fugitives. Ue came upon the right of the 
Sultan's entrenched camp, where he bayoneted some of the 
enemy in their tents, and spiked several guns. 

He attained the rank of colonel in the army in Septembor 1803 ; 
and when the present Duke of Wellington commenced his cam- 
paigns in Spain, Col. Campbell servod in his army with the rank 
of brigadier-general. 

In the arduous conflicts which attended the commencement of 
that war, so gloriously terminated, Brigadier Campbell groatly 
distinguished himself ; but particularly at the severo and well 
contested battle of Talavera, 27th July 1809. 

Upon that occasion he was posted in a commanding spot of ground 
between the two armies. When the enemy had been defeated 
on other points, he commenced a desperate attack upon General 
Campbell's position. Tho result is best expressed in the concise 
but flattering words of the Duke of Wellington : " This attack 
was most successfully repulsed by Brig. Gen. A. Campbell, 
who took the enemy's cannon ; and I was highly satisfied with 
the manner in which this part of the position was defended." 

In tho gonoral ordors published at home soon after this action 
his Majesty, in communicating his approbation of the conduct 
of the several general and other officers at the battle of Talavera, 
observed that the instances of their previous gallantry had 
not escaped him ; and a comment upon this remark subse- 
quently appeared in a list of the names of officers, to whom a 
modal was awarded for their distinguished services at Roleia, 
Vimiera, Corunna, and Talavera, among which we find that of 
Brigadier General Campbell. 

In December 1809, Col. Campbell obtained the colonelcy of the 
York Light Infantry Volunteers; and in July 1810, he was 
advanced to tho rank of major general. 

At the actions of Cazal Nova and Foy d' Aronce, in March 1811, 
Major Gen. Campbell found new opportunities of distinguishing 
himself; and his name is montionod in the despatches of the 
commander of the combined army with commendation. 

Next year he was appointed to tho commander-in-chief of the 
forces at the island of Mauritius ; and was made lieut.-general 
in Juno 1814. He returned to England in 1819 ; and was 
appointed, in tho latter end of 1820, to the post of commander- 
in-chief of the army at the Presidency of Fort St. George, with 
the rank of full general in the East-Indies. 

In November 1824, General Campbell suffered an attack of apop- 
lexy ; he partially recovered, and great hopes were entertained 
that ho would be enabled to overcomo the effects of it ; but a 
further attack terminated his life on the 11th December, in 
the sixty -fifth year of his ago. 

Every testimony of respect towards his memory was manifested 
by the Government and the army. At the funeral, which took 
place in the ensuing day, the governor and members of council 
at Fort St. George officiated as pall-bearers ; minute-guns were 
fired from tho fort-battery ; and nearly the whole of the gentle* 
men of the socioty of the presidency joined the procession, 
which was accompanied by a vast conoourse of natives. 

The Government General Orders, dated the 1 1th day of Decem- 
ber, contained the following tribute to the memory of the 
deceased general : 

" With much grief the Hon. the Governor in Council announces 
to the army the demise of His Exo- General Sir Alexander 
Campbell, Bart, k. o. b. Commander-in-Chief at this 











25th July 

H. H. Pepper, 
Edmund Coney, 


J. C. Stedman, 
T. J. Adams. 

Presidency, which took place this morning at eight o'clock 
a.m. Sir A. Campbell's close connexion with the army 
of Fort St. George, and his cordial attachment to it, which 
had aubsisted for a period of thirty years, were confirmed by 
his share in some of its most honourable achievements, and 
completed by the high station which he filled at the termi- 
nation of his distinguished career." 
General Campbell was a Baronet, and a Knight Commander of the 
Moat Honourable Military Order of the Bath. He was twice 
married : first to Miss Morshoad, sister of Sir John Morshead, 
Bart., of Tronant Park, Cornwall, by whom ho had two sons 
(both of whom fell in action) and three daughters. The eldest 
daughter Olympia married Alexander Cockburn, Esq., of Madras 
and perished at sea. The second daughter Charlotte married 
Major General Sir John Malcolm, G. 0. H., of Hyde Hall, Saw- 
bridgeworth. The youngeat married Lieut. Col. Macdonald 
Kinneir. Sir Alexander's second wife, was a daughter of the 
late Kev. Thomas Pemberton, and by her he had a daughter. 
The baronetcy descended by special provision to the issue of his 
daughters successively. (Asiatic Journal : June 1825.) 

To Lt.-Col. Hkkcules Henry Pepper, 34th Light Infantry, 
who died at Fort St. George, 25th July 1820, aged 42, dis- 
tinguished on various occasions by a rare onergy of character 
and ardent zeal and devoted gallantry. These qualities 
ho particularly displayed whilst commanding a brigade of 
the Madras Army in Pegu in the Burmese war. And to 
Lt.-Col. Conry, 3rd Lt. Infantry, Captain Cursham, 1st 
Eur. Regt., Captain Stedman, 34th Lt. Infantry, Lieut. 
Adams, 8th Lt. Infantry, who animated with the same 
spirit and emulating the example of their intrepid leader 
were killed at Setong in January 1826. This monument 
is raised by several of their friends in the Coast Army. 

The monument was made by Mr. George Clarke of Covent Garden 
a young artist of great merit. The monument is a military figuro 
larger than life in the uniform of the Light Infantry of the 
Madras army, with a cloak thrown loosely over the shoulder. 
(Asiatic Journal : Aug. 1830.) 
Captain John Cambridge Stedman of 34th Regiment, Chicacole 
Light Infantry, commanding centre column of attack, and 
Captain Cursham were killed at the capture of the Setong 
stockade (midway between Shewgun and Martaban) on the 
Uth January 1826. "The fire from the enemy was most 
heavy and destructive and the obstacles to be surmounted by 
our troops were of no common kind ; every man having been 
up to his neck in water while crossing the creek." Colonel 
Conry and Lieutenant Adams were killed on the 7th in a preli- 
minary attack which failed. Colonel Pepper was slightly 
wounded and died in Madras six months afterwards. Thig 
monument is a statue of him by G. Clarke, *' the Birmingham 
Chantrey." Stedman was son of Lieutenant-Colonel John 
Gabriel Stedman (1744-97), author of the well-known work on 
Surinam, who married firstly Joanna, a native of Surinam and 
secondly Adriana Louisa, daughter of Adrian Wiertz von 
Cochorn, grand-daughter of General Baron Wiertz Van Cochorn, 
the celebrated military engineer. John Stedman's daughter by 
his second wife Sophia Charlotte married John Cotton, C.S. 
October 10th, 1807, at Negapatam, and their son Captain 
J. S. Cotton died at Chittoor, October 17th, 1843 (No. 1157). 
Of 25 officers present, 2 were killed and 5 wounded, one danger- 
ously shot. Our gallant leader Capt. Cursham fell outside the 
stockade shot through the heart by a musket ball. 
" The two officers killed were Captains Cursham and Stedman 
both Commanding columns. I must not omit to mention that 
both the columns did their work admirably throughout especially 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


the centro one commanded by Mr. Stedman and led by the 
light company of the 1st Madras Europeans. They were 
obstinately opposed but being ably and clogoly supported by 
the 34th light infantry bore all down before them. There wan 
a very abrupt ascent to climb and up which to drag the ladder. 
On reaching the summit Stedman fell piorced by a dozen ballet 
having received the contents of overloaded swivel in Iub breast. 
To this command i believe must be ceded the honour of first 
entering Sittong, Lt. Chambors of the 1st M. K. K. gallantly 
leading the way." On Sept. 11, 1809 at Negapa tarn, the lady 
of J. Cotton, Esq., gave birth to a daughter. Mrs. William 
Stedman died July 1806 in Bombay. 

415 Gth July Sir Thomas Mraito, Near this stone are deposited the remains of Major-General 
1827. Bart, Sik Thomas Munro, Bart., k.c.b., Governor of the Presi- 

dency of Fort St. George, who after 47 years of distinguished 
civil and military services, seven of which he passed at the 
head of that Government under which he first served as a 
cadet, was suddenly called from his labours on the 6th of 
July 1827 at a moment "when," in the language of the 
Honorable Court of Directors, "he was on the point of 
returning to his native land in the enjoyment of well-earned 
honors from his Sovereign and from the Company, having 
recently manifested a new proof of his zeal and devotion in 
retaining charge of the Government of Madras after he had 
intimated his wish to retire therefrom and at a period when 
the political stato of India rendered the discharge of the 
duties of that high and honorable station "peculiarly 
arduous and important." Aetat. 65. Sir Thomas Munro 
was from the earliest period of Ms career remarkable 
amongst other men. All those who were associated with 
him at the commencement of his service, many of whom 
have since become illustrious in the annals of India and of 
their country, yielded to him with common consent that 
pre-eminence which belonged to the ascendency of his 
character. The rosources of his mind rose superior to 
every emergency of civil government or military enterprise 
and he united to these great qualities an unpretending 
modesty (that exalted sign of innate worth) which courted 
no applause and which would have obstructed his advance- 
ment had not Ms transcendent merits in the cabinet and 
in the field forced him into public notice and elevated him 
to the highest office of this Presidency. 

Of him Canning said " Europe never produced a more accom- 
plished statesman nor India, so fertile in heroes, a more skilful 
soldier." Ho died of cholora at Patticondah, near Gooty, when 
making a farewell tour through the Ceded Districts on the eve 
of his retirement from the Government. His remains were 
brought to Madras in 1831 and re-interred in St. Mary's 
Churoh, Fort St. George on 21st April 1831. There is an 
equestrian statue of him by Chantrey on the Island, and a 
portrait by Sir Martin Archer Shee in the Banqueting Hall. 
For an account of the Sepoy g * Salute to this etatue, See H. 
Hervey's * Ten years in India' III. p. 257. He married Jane, 
daughter of Richard Campbell, of Craigie, county Ayrshire, 
whose picture by Lawrence hangs in the drawing room of 
Government House. Munro's father was a Glasgow merchant 
trading to Virginia. His nephew John Collins Munro, Sub- 
Collector of the Southern Mahratta Doab, was killed together 
with St. John Thackeray, Principal Collector, at the reduction 
of Kittoor, October 23rd, 1824 (see No. 1661). 
Munro Bridge, Chetput, was named after Sir Thomas Munro, 
during whose Governorship it was built. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


416* 9th Sept. Michael Harris . . Sacred to the iriemory of Michael John Harris, Lioutenant- 
1830. Colonel of the European Regiment, and Town Major of 

Madras ; he departed this lifo greatly respected and lamented 
on the 9th day of September 1830, aged 42 years. His 
remains ait) deposited in a vault in this church. 

He enterod the army as a cadet in 1803, was a Lieut., on Sep. 
21, 1804, Captain on Sep. 1, 1818, Major on May 6, 1824, 
Lieut.-Col. on Jan. 22, 1830. 

The office of Town Major was created in 1755 and abolished in 
1 860, when the command of the Fort Garrison was given up by 
Sir Charloa Trovelyan, tho Governor, to Sir Patrick Grant, the 

417 17th Mar. Robert Scott Sacred to the memory of Captain Robert Scott Wilson, of 

1832. Wilson. the 21st Regiment, Madras Infantry, who died at sea on 

board the Sesostris on his passago to the Cape of Good Hope 
on the 17th of March 1832. This monument is erected by 
his afflicted and disconsolate widow, C. A. Wilson. Affec- 
tion weeps ! Heaven rejoices ! 

Ho entered the army as a cadet in 1805, was made Lieut, on 
April 6, 1810 and Captain on Apr. 10, 1824. 

He married December 19th, 1825, Catherine Alexia, fourth daugh- 
ter of John Ewart, of Nowington, Edinburgh. He was thon 
Fort Adjutant, Madras 

418 3rd April Charles Mill .. To the memory of Lioutenant-Colonel Charles Mill, his 

1834. Majesty's 55th Regiment, killed on the 3rd of April 1834, 

whilst gallantly leading on his Regiment to the attack 
against the stockade of Somarpett, in the territory of His 
Highness the Rajah of Coorg. Eminently distinguished as 
a soldier through a period of nearly 40 years, he served with 
the British Army during its most eventful epochs : and his 
example of courage and gallantry inspired his follower's on 
all occasions with that bravery and fortitude so conspicuous 
at the assult in which he fell. In private life he was univer- 
sally esteemed. Devoted to the interests of his regiment 
and the happiness of those who served under him, his 
memory will long be cherished with sentiments of the 
highest respect, and his premature death continue a source 
of tho deopest regret to all, more particularly lus brother 
officers who have in him lost a brave leader and a kind friend, 
and who have erected this tablet in tribute to his worth 
Aetat. 54. 

See No. 1309. 

419 1834-1837. William Wilson, Sacred to the memory of Captain William Wilson, Captain 

William Pedder, William Pedder, Captain Aretas Sutherland Young, 
Aretas Suther- Brevet Captain Christopher Dexter, Brevet Captain 
land Young, James Boyton, Brevet Captain William Barber Fairt- 
Christopher lough, Ensign Samuel Higgins Johnson, of Her Majesty's 

Dexter, James 63rd Regiment, who departed this life whilst the Regiment 
Boyton, William was stationed at Fort St. George from 1834 to 1837. The 
Barber Fairt- officers of the Corps, to evince their sincere regret and 
LOUGH) Samuel sorrow for the loss of their brother officers, and to perpetu- 
Higgins Johnson. ate the memory of friends for whom living they entertained 
so high a respect have erected this tablet as a lasting memo- 
rial to departed worth and friendship. 






3rd May 

MADRAS CITY — cord. 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


Anne Lilly Sacred to the memory of Anne Lilly Nicholls wife of Henry 
Nicholls. James Nicholls of the 25th Regiment, N.l. She was born 

Deo. 15th 1817, and died May 3rd 1837. 

Youngest daughter of the late Captain David Inverarity. (See 

Henry James Nicholls entered the army in 1 826 as Cadet, was 
Lieut, on Sept. 15, 1832. 


13th May 

T. H. S. Conway. 

422 10th Aug. Catherine 

1839. Prendergast. 


19th Jan. 

Sir Samuel Ford 

" The Soldier s Friend." Conway, Adjutant-General, obiit 
13th May 1837. Erected by the Army and the Public. 
Colombo, Malavilly, Seringapatam, Asseerghur, Gawilghur 
Argaum, Mahidpore. 

(Coat of Arms). 

A large marble effigy by Turnout h. Brigadier-General Thomas 
Henry Somerset Conway, C.B., joined the Army in 1793, and 
served in numerous campaigns. When on his way to take 
command of the Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, he was seized 
with cholera and died at Nakarikallu near Guntoor in the 
Kistna district. His epitaph thero gives his ago as 58. Conway 
is callod the " Soldier's Friend " because he waH the first to 
build them permanent barracks. His daughter Anne married 
Lieutenant-Colonel M. Poole and died at Vizianagaram in 1851 
(see Nos. 431, 1672 and 1827.) 

His wife Anne Jemima died at Madras 27 June 1834 aetatis 37 

Cathedral Cemetery. 
For a sketch of his services see Asiatic Journal, May 1818. 

Sacred to the memory of Catherine Jane, wife of Guy 
Lushinoton Prendergast, Esq., of the Madras Civil 
Service, and daughter of James Annesley, Esq., Madras 
Medical establishment, born the 31st of July 1811, died the 
10th of August 1839. 
A marble monument by J. H. Foley. Mr. Prendergast was in the 
Civil Service from 1827 to 1858. He was entertained as writer 
on 11th Aug. 1827. In 1857. ho was Accountant-General and 
Member of the Mint Committee. In 1859 he was dismissed the 
service 3rd Sept. in India. His wife's father James Annesley 
married Miss Catherine Oliver, March 14th, 1809, at Secundera- 
bad. He was knighted and died at Florence, Deer. 14, 1847. 
He was a F.R.8. (See No. 2260). 
On July 7, 1828 at Negapatam, Thos. Prendergast Esq., Civil 
Service 2nd son of Lt. Col. Prendergast, Military Auditor- 
Goneral, married Caroline Lucy, youngest daughter of the late 
Martin Dairy mple Esq,, of Fordol. 

Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-General Sir S. F. Whit- 
tingham, k.c.b. and k.o.h., Colonel H.M. 71st Highland 
Light Infantry, and Commander-in-Chief of the Madras 
Army, who departed this life on the 19th January 1841, 
aged 66. 

8ir Samuel Ford Whittingham, familiarly known as "Samford'* 
by his friends, sorved in America and in the Peninsula under 
Wellington, by whom he was placed in charge of the Spanish 
troops. As a boy he had learnt Spanish while acting as a 
commercial traveller in Spain on behalf of his brother-in-law's 
firm : and in 1810 he married a Spanish lady of noble family at 
Gibraltar. His services to Spain were recognized by his appoint* 
inent as a Major-General in the Spanish army ; and at a later 
period the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Ferdinand was 
conferred upon him. In 1819 he was appointed Lieutenant- 
Governor of Dominica, and in 1822 came as Quartermaster 
General to India, where he was present at the siege and capture 
of Bhurtpore on January 13th, 1826. For his services during 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 








424 2 1st Oct. William Elphin 



24th April Gleadowe 
1842. NELL. 



28th Dec. 

Edward Archdall 


14th Mar. Godfrey Webster 
1843. Whistler. 

the campaign he was made a Knight Commandor of the Bath 
and received the thanks of the House of Commons. In 1833 
he became Military Secretary to Lord William Bentinck, 
returning to England with him on his retirement from the 
Governor-Generalship in 1835. While in England, he challenged 
Sir William Napier to a duel on account of the slur he consi- 
dered Napier had cast upon the Spanish troops in his History 
of the War in the Peninsula " ; but the quarrel was amicably 
settled. In 1836 he was appointed to command the forces in 
the Windward and Leeward Islands ; and throe yoars later, in 
September 1839, he was offered and accepted tho Command - 
in-Chief at Madras. He arrived on August 1st, 1840, and died 
suddenly in the following January. 

To the memory of William Elphinstone Monteith, son of 
Colonel Monteith, Madras Engineers, and Maria his wife. 
Born at Madras 15th October 1835, died at Bangalore 21st 
October 1841. 

Colonel W. Monteith was a Knight of tho Persian order of the 
Lion and Sun. 

He was a Cadet in 1806, Liout. Mar. 18, 1809, Capt. May 2, 1817, 
Liout.-Col. on Novr. 4, 1826, Brevet Captain June 18, 1831. 

Captain Gleadowe O'Connell, 31 yearn Commissary of 
Ordnance in the Arsenal of Fort St. George, born at Granard, 
County Longford, Ireland, 20th Oct. 1779 ; after an uninter- 
rupted service of 45 years, died at Negapatam 24th April 
1842, aged 63, earnestly deserving to fulfil every duty as a 
Christian and a soldier he lived respected and beloved. 
Feelings of affection, regard and gratitudo have dictated 
the erection of this tablet in commemoration of his many 
virtues by friends of every grade. 

There is a monument to his memory in Tuckor's church, Broad- 

Ho had a daughter born on 23 Feb. 1817. (Asiatic Journal, Sept. 

Gleadowe O'Connel, aged 18 years and 5 months, Ireland, Killar- 
ney, labourer arrived at Madias by tho Osterley Oct. 1798, 
re-onlisted Hyderabad Sept. 1808 for 5 years, was appointed 
a Conductor of Ordnance 4 Sept. 1804, promoted to Public 
Service 8th Sept. 1809. 

March 21, 1838, at St. Mary's Church, Fort St. George, by the 
Rov. Geo. Wonahon, m.a., Benjamin Cardozo, Esq., was married 
to Bridget Margaret, 2d daughtor of Captain G. O'Connel, 
c.e.v.b., Commissary of Ordnance. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Archdall MoCurdy, of the 27th 
Regiment N. I., died on the 28th of December 1842, at 
Russellkondah. His brother officers have caused this 
tablet to be erected to his memory, a record of their affection 
and esteem. 

He entered the army as Cadet in 1817, was Lieut, on 4th June 

1818 and Captain on 8th Sept. 1826. 
8eeNos. 1696 and 2722. 

Sacred to the memory of Major Godfrey Webster Whistler, 
commanding the 19th Regiment M.N. I., who died of cholera 
at Paulghautchery, on the 14th of March 1843, in the 42nd 
year of his age. In token of esteem and regard, for this 
warm hearted man, a few friends have erected this tablet 
to his memory. 
There is also a monument at Falghat. 

He entered the army in 1818 as Cadet, was Lieut, on 13th June 

1819 and Capt. on 17th June 1829. 


MADRAS CITY — coht. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (*) (3) (4) 


428 14th May W. B. McAlpin . . To the memory of Captain W. B. McAlpin, late Paymaster 

1840. of H.M. 94th Regiment, who died at sea on the 14th May 

1846 ; aged 48 years. Deeply regretted by his brother 
officers, who erect this tablet as a tribute of the affectionate 
regard they entertained for him. 

429 9th July Cowper Rochfort. Captain and Brevet Major Cowper Rochfort, 27th Regiment 

1847. N.I., died at tho Cape of Good Hope, 9th July 1847. His 

brother officers have caused this tablet to be erected to his 

43<> 7th Nov. Sir John Doveton. Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant General Sir John Dove- 
1847. ton, g.c.b., of the Honorable East India Company's Service 

who departed this life on the 7th November A.D. 1847 
aged 77 years in the hope of a blessed immortality. 

Of tho many Anglo-Indian Families closely connected wifch the 
city of Madras, the Doveton family is one of the most well 
known. This is partly duo to the magnificent style in which 
Sir John Dovoton, the Commander-in-Chief, lived, and partly 
to the association of his name with the Doveton College. Born 
in 1770. the son of Mr. Frederick Doveton, a merchant of 
London, John Doveton arrived in India in 1783, when only 
13 years of age. He was present at most of the important 
actions that wero fought during tho wars of the eighteenth 
century in Southorn India. Ho assisted Colonel Wellesley in 
the pursuit of the notorious brigand, Dhoondia Waugh, for 
which he received the Colonel's thanks. Another pursuit in 
which he distinguished himself was that of the Peishwa, Baji 
Kao, in 1818 which led to his surrender. This march produced 
a profound impression at the time. 44 The long and close 
pursuit," wrote Sir Thomas Munro, " by the Force under 
Brigadier General Doveton, was the immediate cause of the 
breaking up of his (the Peishwa 'a) army. He was not allowed 
time to rout or to feed his horses.'* Baji Rao was heard to say 
to his Minister something more than that : — 44 As for General 
Smith " (who had been pursuing his defoat at Ashtee in 1817), 
*' I don't care about him. I tan turn him and drop him when- 
ever I please ; but as for that little fellow, General Doveton, he 
keeps so close to me that I can scarce call a halt my own." The 
last great military service Doveton rendered was in the taking 
of the hill fortress of Assirghur, in 1819 in which he was assisted 
by Sir John Malcolm. Doveton being the senior of the two, 
settled the plan of attack, which was completely successful. 
For this he received the thanks of the Governor-General, who 
requested him to accept his " warmest thanks for the vigour, 
spirit, skill and judgment of his operations," to which His 
Excellency mainly attributed hie rapid success. He also 
received the thanks of tho Commander-iii-Chiof of Madras and 
of both Houses of Parliament. He was created a C.B. on the 
14th October 1818, and a K.C.B. on the 26th November, 1819. 
On the 12th August of the latter year, he was promoted Major- 
General, but resigned the Command of the Hyderabad Contin- 
gent, which he was instrumental in raising, and returned to 
Madras in the following year, when the Governor-General 
issued a most flattering General Order to tho troops of the 
throe Presidencies. In 1821, Doveton was placed in Command 
of the Ceded Districts, and not long afterwards commanded the 
Centre Division of the Madras Army, with Cuddalore as his 
Headquarters. The Judge's bungalow at the latter Station is 
still known after him, and was built by him about 1825. Be- 
tween 1832 and 1852, he occupied what are now the Tindivanam 
Sub-Collector's office and bungalow, which latter he built. 
From January to March, 1820, he acted as Commander-in-Chief 
of Madras, pending the arrival of Sir George Walker. He 
resigned his Command in 1829, but early in 1837 he was pro- 
moted Lieutenant -General, and on the 10th March following 
created a G.C.B. After his retirement, he lived in that fine 

VOL. 1—12 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


building in Nungambaukam, which is now known after him 
as Dove ton House, and was the residence of Sir Ralph Benson. 
It is said to have been built by Mr. Benjamin Roebuck ,a former 
Madras Civilian and uncle of the great Parliamentarian. Many 
of the older Indians in and around Egmore still remember the 
magnificent style in which the General lived here. He lived, 
it is said, the life of a Brahmin, though he received European 
visitors and was President of tho Madras Club for two succes- 
sive yoars (1834-1835). He had a complete establishment 
including an Apothocary, in his own house and several Brahmin 
families lived in tho grounds, and all the children born in it 
bore, and their descendants of to-day still bear, Dove ton as a 
suffix to their Hindu names. He whs a highly charitable man, 
and when ho died, on the 7th November, 1847, his house wai 
tilled with all classes of .Indians, and the funeral procession, it 
has boon remarked, was swelled to unmanageable proportions 
by thorn. It was attended by the leading citizens of Madras ; 
including the Marquis of Tweeddale, the Governor and Com- 
mander in Chief. Ho was buried in St. Mary's Church, Fort 
St. George, between Sir Alexander Campbell, and Sir 1 homes 
Munro, and the inscription on his tomb-stone is a simple one, 
recording nothing more than his age and date of death. The 
major portion of his property he left to his Brahmin Steward, 
who had accompanied him in all his wanderings, and whose 
many descendants still retain the prenomen of Doveton. 

A cousin of Sir John, usually styled 44 Senior " was the other Sir 
John Doveton, tho son of Sir William Webber Doveton, who is 
described in old Madras Almanacs as " Junior." He was born 
about 1783, and joined the East India Company's Military 
Service in 1798. Ho became A.D.C. to the Marquis of Wollesley, 
while Governor-General of India, and saw service in the cam- 
paign of 1799-1803 against tho Mahrattas, as also in that of 
1817. In 1833, he commanded a Division in the Nizam's 
Contingent- — raisod by his cousin- — and was created a K.C.B. 
in 1838, and a General in 1854. He died on the 23rd September, 
1857. Sir John (Senior) had a brother in the Madras Military 
Service. This was Sir Michael Doveton, who entered the 7th 
Madras Cavalry, through his brother's influence. While a Major, 
he distinguished himself greatly in the earlier stages of the 
pursuit of the Peishwa by Brigadier-General Smith. Ho also 
took a prominent part in the cavalry combat at Ashtoo on the 
20th May 1818, in which Gokla was killed, with immense loss, 
and was thanked in the Orders of the day. He successively 
became C.B. and K.C.B. and retired to England, where he died, 
Another brothor of Sir John (Senior) was Sir William Doveton 
a Governor of St. Helena when it was a possession of the East 
India Company. 

Sir Michael Doveton's natural son was John Doveton, the name- 
father of the Doveton Colleges of Madias and Calcutta. So 
little is known of this member of tho family t hat it is necessary 
to set down a few details about him. He was educated at the 
44 Egmore School", tho old name of tho Military Male Orphan 
Asylum, which was established in 1789 in the old Egmoro 
Redoubt by Dr. Andrew Boll, of whom a fine picture is given 
by Sir Charles Lawson in his *' Memories of Madras.'* When 
he grow up he, through the influonce of his uncle (Sir John, 
14 Senior"), who had evinced a kindly interest in his early 
training and education, entered, in 1817, the Berar Brigade and 
rose to be a Captain. He commanded a squadron of 
Horse in the reduction of Chanda, the ancient Capital of 
Nagpur, in April 1818. About August of the same year he 
garrisoned the Nagpur country evacuated by his uncle just 
before the battle of Assirghur. An unfortunate circumstance 
soon afterwards led to his resigning the Nizam's Servioe. 



Serial Date. Name, 


(1) (*) (3) 


CITY— cont. 


FORT ST. GEORGE — cont. 

His economical habits allowed him to save a little money 
in the Nizam's Service, which was augmented by 
a subsequent legacy left to him by Sir John 
(Senior). After resigning office he returned to Madras 
and lived a quiet and retired life. Mr. Peter Carstairs, a Eura- 
sian gentleman of exemplary character, induced him (as hi» 
business manager) to divide his fortune between Madras and 
Calcutta for the support of Eurasian education. This advice 
was folio wod, and John, after appointing as his executors Mr. 
Carstairs and Mr. Byrne of Calcutta, with whom he had corres- 
ponded for sorao time, left India and '* distinguished himself 
in London by his penurious habits on the one hand and his 
ultra-radicalism in Indian matters on the other.** He died on 
the 15th October, 1854, and his bequest of about £50,000 became 
at once available for equal division between the Calcutta Ori- 
ental Academy (now called the Doveton College), and '* a similar 
institution on tho Coast of Coromandel," to be established within 
two years of his decease, failing which the moiety was to lapse 
to the Calcutta institution. On the 5th May, 1864, the Madras 
Parental Academic Institution and Doveton College was 
founded, and in March, 1855, the Captain's endowment was 
increased by Us. 1,25,000 subscribed by the publio for a Protes- 
tant College and the name of the institution was changed to 
tho " Madras Doveton Institution and Protestant College 
John Doveton had two brothers, Henry Bazott and Edward 
both of whom died young. The former was a Captain in the 
4th Regiment Light Cavalry, and was buried at Wallajahbad ; 
and the latter was A.D.C. to his uncle Sir John (" Senior ") 
and died in Calcutta on the 10th April 1823, aged 22. Both of 
theso figure in this " List of Tombs *\ with John Holroyd 
Doveton, who rose to be Colonel of Madras Cavalry, and later 
British Consul at Pondicherry, where he lies buried. 
The Officer in charge of Tipoo's sons when they were hostages in 
1792 was Captain Gabriel Doveton, another nephew of Sir 
John (Senior). He was also the person who conducted the boys 
back to Tippu, who received them in his camp at Devanhalli. 
An exceedingly interesting account of the interview that Tippu 
granted to him at tho time is to be found in Wilk's " History 
of Mysore " while a contemporary description of it may be read 
in tho pagos of that old Madras paper, the Hircarrah. Tho 
hostages woro sont back on the 26th February, 1793, and the 
Hircarrah gave the following account of their ceremonial recep- 
tion by Tippu : — 
" There was nothing pompous or magnificent about the tent, not 
even a single omamont in it ; notwithstanding thoro was some- 
thing charming and agrooable in the plain and noat aspect it 
woro. The Sultan sat in the centre, betwoon tho pillars of the 
tent, reclining a little, with his right eido on a very low muenad 
or cushion, covered with red velvet, embroidered with gold. 
His seat was not much above the level of the floor, covored like 
the cushion. At his right hand lay his sword with an enamelled 
hilt, and in a red volvot scabbard. The Princes 8 at at a little 
distance behind him on his right. His principal ministers and 
officers ranged in two lines, fronting each other; Captain 
Doveton, to whom the Sultan was very attentive, on the right ; 
and Gholam Ally, in his silver chair, very near him on the same 
side. Tho two Princes mado a very interesting appearance t 
elegantly and neatly dressed. The Sultan's dress was perfectly 
plain, without jowols, or any ornament. He wore a deep red 
turban, of the same form worn by the Princes ; his gown of plain 
muslin, and a dagger in his girdle. All his great men were in 
the same style of dress ; and no reserve or timidity among 
them, but all perfectly at their ease and cheerful." 

The presents given to the Princes in Madras before i/hoir depar- 
ture wore many and varied. One of these, given by Sir Charles 
Oakley, the Governor, was " a very complete and comprehen- 
sive philosophical apparatus, procured from the Rev. Dr. Bell, 

VOL. I— 12a 


MADRAS CITY — cowl. 










15th May Annb Jemima 
1851. * Poole. 


12th Nov. 

John William 


8th Dec. 

Malcolm McNeill. 

who sent also tho person hitherto employed by him in the 
management and use of it." Two very elegant pocket books 
from Lady Oakley were, wo are told, received with particular 
pleasure by the young Princes. The Nawab's present included 
two palankeens, finished in tho most costly manner and of the 
finest workmanship. This palankeen was taken at the fall of 
Seringapatam and bocame part of tho prize money. This ^amo 
Officer — Captain Gabriel Doveton- — was deputed by Lord 
Cornwall^ to interviow Tippu on the eve of tho last Mysore 
War, and it was he whom Tippu wanted to be despatched to 
him, i4 slightly attended or unattended." 
Near Rayacotra in Salem district may be *een Dove ton's wcll^ 
close to the mausoleum built by Major Glover. Doveton 
House, Nungambaukam, othorwiBO known as Commander-in- 
Chief's House, where the Gaekwar of Baroda was confined (seo 
No. 1471), belongod to him and was naned after him. In the 
Dictionary of National Biography he is said to have bet n bom 
in 1768. 

Sacred to the memory of Anne Jemima Clarissa, third 
daughter of Colonel T. H. S. Conway, o.b., the beloved wife 
of Lieut. -Colonel M. Poole, of the 5th Regiment N.I., 
Commanding Vizianagram, at which station she died on 
15th May J 851 ; aged 34 years, J J months. 

She was born on 14, June 1816. (Asiatic Journal: Feb. 1817). 
Her mother Anne Jemima Conway died June 27th, 1834, aged 47. 

Sho was the daughter of Colonel James Oliver and married in 

March 1, 1807 General Conway, who died May 1 837 (see No. 421). 
Mathew Poole was entertained in the army as C«d< i i n 1820, was 

Lieut, on June 20, 1822. Captain on May 27, 1834 and Lieut, 

Col. on 22 Mar. 1849. 

To the memory of John Willtam Rundall, Lieutenant and 
Brevet Captain of tho Madras Engineers, and Commandant 
of the Sappers and Miners, who died on foreign service at 
Prome, on the 12th of November 1852, aged 49 years. 
This tablet is erected by the Corps of Engineers in testi- 
mony of their sorrow for the loss of a brother officer, whose 
many excellencies as a man, a soldier and a Christian, 
endeared him to his friends and commanded the admiration 
and respect of all who knew him. 
A fine marble monumont by R. Walker, Bath, with a medallion 
portrait of Rundall. At the base of the wlab are the worda, 
"Coorg," "Burma/' "China." 
He was entertained in the army io 1830 as Cadet. He was made 

Brevet Captain on 1 1 June 1 845. 
Lieut. Charles Rundall, Head assistant in tho Department of 
Military Auditor-General, married Miss Henrietta Bell Ou 
June 3, 1809. Ho diod a Lieut. -Col., and Deputy Auditor 
General in 1 83 1 , July 12. He gave his name to RundalPs Road, 

Sacred to the memory of Malcolm McNeill Colonel of the 
Madras Light Cavalry, who died at Rangoon, December 8th 
1852, aged 52, from the effects of a coup-de-soleil, sustained 
while commanding the 2nd brigade of Madras troops at the 
capture of Pegu. His numerous friends and brother officers, 
desirous to mark their respect and esteem for his gallantry 
and worth, have caused this monument to be erected. 
A fine marble monument by Edward Richardson, representing an 
officer of the Madras Cavalry contemplating a column inscribed 
"Rangoon, Pegu. To Brigadier Malcolm McNeill, Madras 
Army, 1852." 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 





(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Capt. Malcolm McNeill married Mix* Mary Moor on Sept. 28, 1816. 

(Asiatic Journal : July 1817). 
Ho entered tho Cavalry as Cadet in 1819, was Lieut, on Sept. 4, 

1821, Captain on Sept. 12, 1827. H? was made Lieut. Col. on 

March 15, 1851. 

434 19th Mar. James Marriott Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant James Marriott Taylor, 

1853. Taylor. 9th Regiment, N.I., acting interpreter to Her Majesty's 51 Mt 

K.O.L.I., who was killed on 19th March 1853, whilst gal- 
lantly leading a company of tho 51st to the assault of a 
stockade in the Donibeu district of Pegu. The officers of 
the King s Own Light Infantry erected this tablet to mark 
their sense of his worth and gallantry. 

He joined tho army in 1842, was Lieut, on 31«t Jan. 1846. 

435 8th June Walter Posthumxjs Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Walter Posthitis 



436 1854-56 

T. H. 

C. W. 




15th Sept. 

Jambs Richardson. 

Powell, d.c.l., of Worcester College, Oxford, who for 
many years faithfully ministered within these walls as 
garrison chaplain of Fort St. George. His untiring and 
uncompromising energy as a pastor, his plain and manly 
character and his affectionate disposition won for him tho 
esteem and love of all classes of the community. Tho scope 
of his preaching and living is well expressed in words which 
he inscribed in his will " wretched by sin, dead in trespasses, 
being saved by grace, justified by faith, I have peace with 
God, through our Lord Jesus Christ." He fell asleep on 
the 8th of June 1853, aged 48 years. 

Formerly Headmaster of Clitheroe Grammar School. 

Son of the Rev. Walter Powell of Brornsgrove, in the county of 
Worcester, Cler. Worcester, 15 June 1824, aged 18, Scholar 
1824—36; B.A 1828; M.A. 1831,B.C.L, andD.C.L.. 1836. 

Sacred to the memory of tho undermentioned officers ol the 
36th Madras Native Infantry, who died during the service 
of that Corps in Burma, Captain Alfred Joyce, who died 
at Sittang on the 14th June 1856, Lieut. T. H. V. Shortland 
Adjutant of the Regiment lost in the Sittang river on the 
24th April 1854, Lieut. S. Jervis, lost in the transport 
4 Lady Nugent " about the 10th May 1854, Ensign C. W. J. 
Drake, died on the passage to Europe, on the 27th May 
1856, Assistant Surgeon James Macdonald died en route to 
Calcutta on the 4th November 1854. This tablet has been 
erected as a mark of respect and esteem by the brother 
officers of their Corps. 
See No. 672. 

Alfred Joyce entered the army in 1842, was Lieut, in 1844 and 
Capt. in 1853. T.H.V. Shortland entered the army i n 1844 
and was Lieut, in 1846. S. Jervis entered the army i n 1848 and 
was Liout in 1852. C. W. J. Drake entered the army in 1851 
and was Ensign in 1852. James Macdonald M. D., joined 
service in 1851. 

Sacred to the memory of Lieut. -Colonel James Richardson, 
formerly of the 2nd Madras European Light Infantry, who 
died at Penang on the 15tb day of September 1856. Beloved 
and esteemed by all ranks, this tablet has been erected by 
the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of hi 8 
Regiment, in testimony of their admiration of his high 
qualities at» an officer and their deep regret at his death. 
He entered the army as Cadet in 1820, was Lieut, on November 
23, 1822 and Captain on April 27, 1829. He was Lieut. Col, 
on 15 November 1853. 







21st May 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


W. H. Atkinson 


23rd Nov. 

C. Scott 


1st April 

Richard William 


2nd Aug. Sir Henry George 
I860, Ward. 



19th Mar. 

5th Mar. 

Charles Salmon. 

Percival Fenwick. 

Sacrod to tho memory of Lieut. -Colonel W. H. Atkinson, late 
of tho Madras Engineers and Colonel in the Madras Army. 
The chango of climato required by a service of 32 years 
having been deferred till too late a season, he sank under 
the intense heat of the Red Sea, and died within a few 
days after his retirement, whilst on his passage to England 
on the 21st May 1858, being in the 53rd year of his age. 
The officers of Colonel Atkinson's late Corps have placed 
this tablet to the memory of their brother officer. 

William Henry Atkinson joined the service in 1825 find was 
made Captain on 2 September 1830. 

In memory of Captain C. Scott, late of the Corps of Madras 
Engineers and Field Engineer to Sir Hope Grant's column. 
This able and gallant officer, who had in a few months 
obtained the public official approbation of General Sir 
James Outram, G. C. B., Genoral Sir Hope Grant, G. C. B., 
and Brigadier Horsford, C. B., for his conduct in several 
affairs with the rebels in Upper India, during the years 1857 
and 1858, fell mortally wounded at the attack on the fort of 
Kohlee upon the 23rd day of November 1858, and in tho 
30th year of his age. His brother officers have erected this 
tablet as a mark of thoir respect for his memory. 

Sacred to the memory of Captain Richard William 
Raikbs of the 1st Regiment Light Cavalry, Commanding the 
Honorable the Governor's Body Guard and Major Com- 
mandant of the Madras Volunteer Cavalry Guard, who 
doparted this life on 1st April 1859, aged 43 years. This 
tablet is erected to their lato Commandant by the Volunteer 
Cavalry Guard and the officers, non-commissioned officers 
and men of the Honorable the Governor's Body Guard as a 
token of their esteem and respect. 

Ho lies buried in St. Mary's Cemetery (see No. 380). 

Beneath are interred the re mains of His Excellency Sir Henry 
George Ward, Kt., K.C.M.G., Governor of Madras, who 
died at Madras on the 2nd of August 1860. 

Son of Robert Ward, M.P., and novolist. He was born in 1797 
and served as Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands 
and Governor of Ceylon. In June 1860 he succeeded Sir 
Charles Trevelyan as Governor of Madras, but was struck down 
by cholera within a few weeks at the age of 63. A statuo stands 
in his honour at Kandy. His widow, a daughter of Sir John 
Swinburne, whom he married in 1824, survived him till 1882. 
Henry Constantine Evelyn Ward, C.I.E., J.P., late Colonel, I.S.C., 
Youogest son of the late Sir Henry George Ward, K.C.M.G., 
died on the 22nd December, 1907 atPachmarhi, Beading, in his 
71st year. 

In affectionate memory of Ensign Charles Salmon, of Her 
Majesty's 43rd, Light Infantry, who died at Fort St. George, 
March 19th, 1861, in the 24th year of his age and rests in 
St. Mary's burial ground. 

Sacred to the memory of Lieut. -Colonel Percival Fenwick, 
Her Majesty's 69th Regiment, who died at Fort St. George, 
Madras, on the 5th March 1863. Deeply regretted by his 
brother officors, who have erected this tablet as a mark of 
their respect and regard. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


444 30th June John Augustine Sacred to the memory of John Augustine Paluser, of 

1864. Palliser. Castlemaiden, County of Kildare, Captain in H.M.'s 76th 

Regiment, who died in Fort St. George on the 30th of June 
1864 in the 30th year of his age. 

445 17th Sept. Walter Malcolm Secred to the memory of Lieutenant Walter Malc olm 

1867. Roberts. Roberts, of the Corps of Royal (Madras) Engineers, who was 

drowned in the Godavery on the 17th September 1867, 
aged 29 years. This tablet was put up by his brother 

446 26th July Anne McCleverty. In memory of Anne McGildowney, wife of Lieutenant 

1868. General W. A. McCleverty, Commander-in-Chief of the 

Madras Army. She died at Ootacamund, 26th July 1868, 
aged 46 years. Faith, Hope and Charity. 

General McCleverty was Commander-in-Chief from 1867 to 1871. 

447 22nd May William Nathan Sacred to the memory of Surgeon William Nathan Chipper- 

1873. Chipperfield. field, Indian Medical Department, who died at Madras on 

the 22nd May 1873, aged 51 years. This tablet is erected 
by a few friends as a mark of their respect and esteem. 
1855 is the year of his appointment. 

448 27th April Vere Henry Lord Sacred to the memory of His Excellency the Right Hon' bio 

1875. Hobart. Vere Henry Lord Hobart, Governor of Madras, who 

died at Madras on the 27th April 1875, aged 56 years. 
Fort is vir sapiensque. " The wisdom that is from above is 
first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be intreated, 
full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without 
hypocrisy." James III, 17. *' If ye know that he is right- 
eous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is 
born of Him." 1, John II, 29. " Where I am, there shall 
also my servant be." John XII, 26. 

[On the south pilaster of the chancel arch is another monu- 

This monument has been erected at the public expense in 
sorrowful and affectionate remembrance of Vere Henry Lord 
Hobart, Governor and President in Council, Fort St. 
George, who died at Madras 27th April 1875. During an 
administration of nearly three years he was remarkable 
for his laborious life, his warm sympathy for all classes and 
his zeal for the moral and material progress of the Presi- 
dency. His sudden death was lamented as a general 

A life-size bust by M. Noble, of which there is a replica in the 
Senate House. Lord Hobart, born in 1818, was son of the sixth 
Earl of Buckinghamshire and elder brother of Admiral Hobart 
Pasha (1822-86). Ho became Private Secretary to Sir George 
Grey in 1854, but resigned his post in order to be free to oppose 
the continuance of the Crimean War. Subsequently he was 
Director-General of the Ottoman Bank, and in February 1872 
was appointed Governor of Madras, whore he died of typhoid 
fever three years later. Ho exerted himself especially in the 
promotion of eduoation. On August 4th, 1858, he married 
Mary Catherine, daughter of Dr. Thomas Carr, Bishop of 

449 16th Jan. Geo. Phillip Brd- Colonel Geo. Phillip Brudbnbll Shbrabd, Judge Advocate- 

1880. dbnbll Shbrabd. General, Madras Army. Died at Madras 16th January 1880. 

This tablet is erected by the Commander-in-Chief and the 
army staff in memory of a brother officer. 








Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 



14th May 

18th May 

Henry Harris. 

Ambrose Awdry. 


8th Jan. Patrick Montgo- 
1880. MERIE. 



17th June* 

James Law Ltrsu- 
inuton Morant. 


20 th Oct. 

Sir Herbert Tay- 
lor Macpherson. 

To the memory of Conductor Henry Moore Harris, of the 
Madras Ordnance Department, who died at Rangoon, on the 
14th May 1885, aged f>0 years. Erected as a tribute of 
esteem to his memory by his comrades. 

In memory of Ambrose Awdry, Major, R.E., son of Sir 
John Wither Awdry, Chief Justice of Bombay, born 28th 
April 1844, died at Ootaeanumd 18th May 1885, while 
private Secretary to the Governor of Madras. This memo- 
rial is erected by his brother officers serving in the Madras 
Presidency with which he was for twelve years connected 
in token of their esteem. 

Private Secretary to Mr. Grant Duff. He was killed by a fall from 
his horao. 

Tn memory of Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Montgomerie, 
Royal Engineers, born 20th October 1837, died at Vizaga- 
patam 8th .Jan. 1880. He joined the Corps of Madras 
Engineers in 1850, and passed the whole of his service in the 
Madras Presidency. This memorial is erected by his brother 
officers in token of their esteem. 

In memory of James Law Lushington Morant, Lieut. 
Colonel Royal Engineers. Born 17th November 1839, diod 
at Melbourne Australia 17th June 1880. He joinod the 
Corps of Madras Engineers in 1859 and passed the whole 
of his service in the Bombay and Madras Presidencies. 
This memorial is erected by his brother officers in token of 
their esteem. 

In memorium Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Taylor 
Macpherson, K.C.B., K.C.S.I., V.C., Commander-in-Chief 
of tho Army of Madras, ob. Oct. 20, A.D. 1886, JEt. 59. 
He died near Prome, on the Irrawaddy, of fever contracted 
through exposure in Upper Burma while commanding tho 
Forces in the field during the Third Burmese War. His 
remains lie in the cemetery at Rangoon. A most able leader 
in the field, in quarter? do voted to the welfare of Iris men 
he was beloved and respected by all. This tablet is placed 
here to mark his too brief command of the Madras Army, 
and the regretful sense of their loss by his friends in this 

Sir Herbert Macpherson had only been appointed to tho chief 
comma rid in Madras in the preceding August in succession to 
Sir Frederick Roberta. He entered the Army in 1845 as an 
ensign in the 78th Highlanders <Ro88-shire Buffs) and won the 
V.C. at the relief of Lucknow. On the transfer of tho Com- 
pany's rule to the crown, he was one of the first to join the 
Bengal Staff corps. During the Afghan War of 1878-79, he 
commanded a brigade and received the K.C.B. In 1882 he 
commanded the contingent of Indian troops despatched to 
Egypt by the Red Sea, was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir 
and was made a K.C.S.I. He married in 1859 Maria, daughter 
of Lieutenant-Generai J. Eckford, C.B., of the Indian Army. 
His successor as Commander-in-Chief in Madras was Sir Charles 
G. Arbuthnot, K.C.B. The Macpherson memorial is a very 
handsome enamelled brass by Hart. 

Maria Elizabeth Henrietta, widow of Sir Herbert Macpherson 
died at Hampton Court Palace, on the 2nd January 1906. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


455 18th April Lionel Lanolby. In momoriam Lionel Lanolby, Major Royal Engineers, aged 
1890. 40 yoars, who died at Kollur, Tiruvur taluk in the Kistna 

district on the 18th April 1890, from injuries received in an 
encountor with a tigor. This brass is erected by his brother 
officers, serving in the Madras Presidency, as a token of their 
esteem and respect. 

Eldest son of General Sir O. C. Langley, K.C.B. 
Tomb in Bezwada graveyard. His sister married some one in 
G.I.P. Railway. 

156 Gth Oct. William Henry To the memory of William Hbnry Coaker, Liout.-Colonel 
1892. Coaker. R.E., Consulting Engineer for Railways to the Government 

of Madras, born 4th August 1844, died 6th October 1892. 
This tablet is erected by some of his friends, officers of the 
Corps of Engineers, and of the Madras and South Indian 
Railway Companies, in token of their appreciation of the 
sterling qualities which mado him rospected and loved by 
all whose privilege it was to enjoy his friendship. 

457 8th April J. H. Spring Bran- In memory of Liout.-Colonel J. H. Spring Branson, late 
1897. . . son. Commandant Madras Artillery Volunteers, 44 the Duke's 

Own." died 8th April 1897, aged 56 years. Erected by the 
officers, N.C. officers and men of tho Corps in tokon of their 
regard and esteem. 

Advocate -Go neral of Madras. 


Sir James Lillyman Caldwell (died Juno 28, 1868) planned St. George's Cathedral, his design being oxocuted by 
Major de Havilland. Rev. W. Taylor calls this in his * Memoir of tho first centenary of tho Earliest Protestant Mission at 
Madras' (p. 130) tho new Church on Choultry Plain : it was consecrated on 4th January 1816 by Bishop Middleton who 
thought tho new Church handsomer than anyone in England. It was termed St. George's Church. 

458 Gth Aug. Jambs Anderson. Jacobus Anderson, Scoto-Brittannus, m.d., in his oris prima- 
1809. Hub per annos L optime meritus per annos XXV summos 

in arte sua honores occupavit et suavissima morum simpli- 
citate ornavit ; lucrum spcinons bene voles semper et 
indefessus benefaciendo non aegris modo sed oppressis 
omnibusque infelicibus certissimum porfugium ; noc minus 
public® utilitatis ad extremum vitae halitum studiosus. 
Obiit vi die Augusti, A.D., MDCCCIX, aetatis ansa LXXII. 
Summi meritissimi viri memoriam venerati et nobile 
exemplum posteris commendare aventes hanc imaginem 
communibus sumptibus posuerunt omnes medici in his 
regionibus merentes anno post ejus obitum xi. This 
monument waa erected by the Medical officers of this estab- 
lishment to the memory of Dr. James Anderson who filled 
for many years the situation of Physician-General, as a 
tribute of their respect and attachment. 

Monument by Chan trey. The figure is wonderfully life -like and 

natural. Several fingers of the right hand are missing. (See 

No. 308). 

" In zealous Anderson we soe oonjoined 
To skill profound a preserving mind. 
Son of the Swede I" 

(From Poems in 3 parts. Literary characteristic* of the most 
distinguished members of the Asiatic Sooiety, 1709, 3rd Ed.) 

VOL. 1—13 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


459 31st Aug. John Mouslby . . Hoc marmore viri venerandi Johannis Motjsley, S.T.P., 
18i9. Collogii Balliolensis olim socii primi Archidiaconi Madra- 

sonsis memoriam servandam voluit suamque piotatem tra- 
dendam posteris coetus Christ ianorum Madrasensiuna. Is 
fuit oris vultusquo habitus ea sermonis et gestus vorecundia 
quae divinius quiddam et vere christianum pr© se ferebat 
eruditio varia in Uteris sacris sane magna in orientalibus 
summa ad vitam umbratilom natura comparatus ad negotia 
tamen nec segnis neo inhabilis judicium sanum exquisitum 
perspicax mens constans rectique tenax Ecclesifie anglican© 
si quis alius fidus alumnus cujus jura et auctoritatem ea 
sustinuit comitate et prudontia ut apud invidos invidiam 
non conflarit faventcs acriore studio devinxerit lethali 
ingravescente morbo summis doloribus afiVtus nihil se pati 
profossus osl nisi quod juvante deo saluti conduceret setor- 
nae animan Christo reddidit die 31 Augusti, anno Redemp- 
toris MDCCCXIX, a>t. 48. 

A sculptured figure of Faith loaning over a cross, by Flaxman. 
The charter Act of 1S13, which gave an episcopate to Calcutta, 
provided an Archdeacon for Madras as well as for Bombay. 
John Mousley was the son of John Mousley of Boewell in the 
county of Warwick. Born 1771, Matriculated at Trinity Col- 
lege, Oxford, 26th January 1793 ; graduated, B.A., 1800; M.A., 
1802; Fellow of Balliol, 1802—16; B.D. and D.D. (by decree) 
28 May 1818. Ho was appointed Chaplain in 1810 ; served with 
the Arcot brigade in 1811 and officiated as Junior Presidency 
Chaplain at St. Mary's, Fort St, George. In 1812 he became 
the 1st Archdeaoou of Madras. 

There is a tribute to his memory in tho Asiatic Journal of March 
1820 and it is stated in it, that at a mooting of gentlemen who 
knew him well, held on 24 September 1819, with Sir John 
Newbolt in the chair it was resolved that a monument be created 
to commemorate tho public and private virtues of Dr. Mougely. 
A Committoo was appointed to complete this design and sub- 
scription opened for receiving sums of not less than 30 nor more 
than 600 rupees. Tho Asiatic Journal of June 1 820 records that 
another meeting was held on Saturday November 20, when it 
was reported that tho subscriptions amounted to 3115 rupees. 
The Committee resolved that 500 rupees should bo appropriated 
to tho erection of a plain granite tombstone and pedestal 
over tho grave. It was also resolved that application should be 
immediately made to John Flaxman, R.A., to furnish the 
Committee with two or three designs of Mural Monument to be 
plaood in St. George's Church. The tablet was to be graced by 
a Latin inscription from the pen of the Bishop of Calcutta. 

4<;0 21st Mar. Ferdinand db Sacred to tho memory of Ferdinand db Mierre, Esq., of the 
1821. Mierre. Madras Civil Service, who departed this life at Bombay on 

the XXI of March MDCCCXXI, aged XXIV yoars and V 

Pause horo and think ; a monitory rhime 
Demands one moment of thy fleeting time ; 
Consult life's silent clock, thy bounding vein ; 
Sooms it to say — ' ' health here has long to reign ?" 
Hast thou the vigour of thy youth? an eye 
That beams delight ? a heart untaught to sigh ? 
Yet fear ; Youth, oft times healthful, and at ease, 
Anticipates a day it never soes ; 


MADRAS CITY — coiit. 





Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 




22nd July 

18th July 

William Montagu 
Douglas Home. 

Charles Har- 



25th July 



And many a tomb like Ferdinand's, aloud 
Exclaims, 44 prepare thee for an oarthly shroud/ 


Writer in 1812. He was employed in Bombay in 1819 in the 
late Peishwa's dominions. The linos are from Cowper's inscrip- 
tion for tho tomb of Mr. T. A. Hamilton at Now Port Pognell* 
In 181 7 he wag Second Assistant to the Collector and Magistrate 
of Bollary, in 1818 he was Head Assistant to tho Collector and 
Assistant to the Magistrate of Cuddapah. 

To the memory of Lieutenant the Honourable William 
Montagu Douglas Home, of H.M.'s 41st Regiment, second 
son of tho Earl of Home. He was born on the 22nd 
November 1800. 
His mother was daughter of tho third Duke of Buccleuch. 

Sacred to the memory of Charles Harwood Higginson, 
Esq., Senior Judge of tho Court of Appoal and Circuit for tho 
Southern Division of this Presidency, who departed thip 
life at Trichinopoly, aged XL years. Impressed with a 
deep sense of duty to his Creator, ho discharged it in the true 
spirit of Christianity with meekness and humility. A pious 
and dutiful son, an attached and affectionate husband, a 
kind and generous master, a warm and sincere friend ; these 
were his virtues in private life; in the discharge of his public 
duties he evinced a sound judgment, diligent and unwearied 
attention, a just but merciful consideration of the merit* 
and demerits of those whom it was his duty to judge, pure 
and incorruptible integrity. His surviving friends have 
raised this monument in testimony of their love, esteem 
and respect for one of tho best of men. 

Ho joinod the service as writer in 1799. Tho monument by C.H. 
Smith Bhows the shiold, sword and scales of Justice and an open 
Copy of Manu 44 on Laws." He married, April 17th, 1806, Miss 
Frances Wostcott. She died at Negapatam on 5th April 
1822. (No. 2533). 

Sacred to the momory of the late John William Freese, 
Esq. Colonel commanding the Madras Artillery, in which 
corps he served with fidelity and honour for the space of 
39 years. He departed this life at sea on board the H.C.S. 
" Duke of York " on the XXVth July MDCCCXXIV, M. 
L1V years. This tablet is inscribed to hi* memory by his 
afflicted family. 

A most perfect little tablet showing in tho sculpture all the insignia 

of the old Madras Artillery. 
He married Miss Mary Stuart, on August 11th, 1800 at Poona- 


He had a son born at St. Thomas Mount on 24th Oct. 1816 (Asiatic 
Journal, June 1817) and a daughter born on 14th Nov. 1817 
(Asiatic Journal, July 1818). 

He joined the army as cadet in 1785, was Lieut, on Aug. 11, 1792, 
Captain on Mar. 1, 1800, Major on Sep. 21, 1804, Lieut.-Col. on 
July 19, 1809 and Col. on May 1, 1821. 

One George Freese was cadet in 1826 and Lieut. Sept. 14, 1831. 
He died on board " Bolton u on Feb. 24, 1836. 

A Charles Robert Freese who was cadet 1826 and ensign March 28, 
1828, died at Cannanore on Dec. 9, 1829. (Dodwell and Miles.) 

One Arthur Freese of the Madras Civil Service, who joined as 
writer in 1821 and after holding several posts, became Collector, 
resigned the service on 30 June 1862 and died in England on 
3 Jan. 1882. (Prinaep's List of Civil Servants.) 

VOL. I— 13A 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


464 14th Aug. William Parry . . In memory of William Parry, Esquire, who died at Porto 

1824. Novo on the 14th of August 1824 aged 56 years. In him 

were happily united those qualities which elevate and 
adorn the human character, whether in the exercise of 
liberal and enlightened principles or in the practice of the 
social virtues, to which his urbanity and extensive attain- 
ments gave a grace and attraction beyond the ordinary 
reach of men. During a residence of 37 years in Madras 
his unblemished reputation had justly obtained for 
him the respect esteem and veneration of all classes of the 
community, and alike endeared him .to the native and 
European inhabitants. His loss is irreparably felt and 
unfeignedly deplored. His remains are interred in the 
missionary church at Cuddalore. 

A figure by W. Baily, R. A., of a native of India mourning against 
a pillar inscribed with the words, " nihil humani ab illo alionum." 
Mr. Parry was the founder of the house of Parry <fe Co., originally 
Parry, Jones & Co. Ho came out as a free merchant in 1788, 
and founded the Company in 1795. Ho married April 28th, 
1794, Mary, nte West, widow of Thomas Pearce, M. C. S. A 
George Parry, M. C. 8., second son of Thomas Parry, Esq., of 
Banstead in Surrey, died at Calcutta, August 10th, 1801, aged 
29. Edward Parry Junior merchant married in Calcutta Miss 
Amelia Vansittart in March 21, 1774. 

465 1824-1825. Andrew French. Sacred to the memory of Captain Andrew French, Captain 

John Spottiswoode John Spottiswoode Trotter, Captain Thomas Howell, 
Trotter. Captain John Randall, Lieutenant Phillip Cook, and 

Thomas Howell. John Cochrane, Esq., m.d., of the 16th Regiment, Native 

John Randall. Infantry. The former was killed on the 29th March in the 

Phillip Cook. attack on the fortified heights of Arracan, the others fell 

John Cochrane. victims to the fever which in 1824 and 1825 proved so fatal 

to His Majesty's and the Honourable Company's Troops, 
employed during the war against the Burmese. This slab 
has been erected by their brother-officers in testimony of 
their esteem and regard. 

Bas relief of a battlefield by Sievier, London. 

Captain Andrew French joined the Army in 1803 as Cadet, was 
mado Lieut, on Sop. 21, 1804 and Captain on Jan. 25, 1818. 
John Spottiswoode Trotter joined the army in 1803, was Lieut, 
on Sep. 21, 1804, Capt. on Mar. 14, 1822 and died Aug. 18, 1824 
at Rangoon. Thomas Howell was Cadet in 1807, Lieut, on Aug. 
13, 1812 and Capt. on May 1, 1824. He died on Aug. 9, 1825 
on board the " India man " in Arracan River. John Randall 
was Cadet in 1817 and Lieut, on Oct, 2, 1818. He died July 20, 
1825, at Mahatee. Philip Cook was Cadet in 1819 and Lieut, 
on April 7, 1820. He died on Fob. 19, 1825 at Chittagong. 
John Cochrane, M.D., arrived in India on 8th May 1822. 

John Randall bachelor married in Calcutta Leonard Bretton 
widow on Apr. 3, 1763. 

406 3rd April Reginald Heber. M. S. viri admodum reverendi et in Christo patris Reginald 
1826, Heber, S. T. P. Episcopi Calcuttensis qui ab ipsa statim 

adolescentia ingonii fama humanitatis cultu omnigenfioque 
doctrinse laude ornatissimus se suaque deo humillime con- 
secravit in sanctissimum episcopatus ordinem adscriptus 
ecclesiro apud indos anglicanco infantiam usque ad vit© 
jacturam aluit fovit sustentavit admirabili ingenii candore 
suavissima morum simplicitate divinaque animi benevo- 
lentia adeo omnes sibi devinxerat ut ecclesia univer*a 


MADRAS CITY — cant. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) («) (3) <*> 


patrem ethnici patronum carisaimum desiderarent subita 
morte praereptus juxta urbcni Trichinopolim mortales 
exuvias deposuit aprilis die in anno salutis MDCCCXXVI, 
setatis xliii, episcopatus in. Madrasenses non solum 
Christiani sed et ethnici principes magnates pauperes ad 
hoe marmor extruenduni uno consensu adfuerunt. 

Heber's last public act was to confirm Indian Christians in the 
Fort Church at Trichinopoly. He is here represented by 
Chantrey in the attitude of laying on of hands. Southey's od« 
on a Portrait of Hober contains a passage which might have 
been written as a description of this monument. 

" Native believers wept for thankfulness, 

When on their hoads he laid his hallowing hands ; 

And if the saints in bliss 

Be cognizant of aught that passeth here, 

It was a joy for Schwartz 

To look from Paradise that hour 

Upon his earthly flock." 

See No. 2738. 

467 5th June John Hart Jollib. Sacred to the memory of John Hart Jollie, Esq., who died at 

1829. Cuddalore, 5th June 1829, a>t. 33 ; to record whoso premature 

and sudden dissolution in a distant clime, this tablet has 
been erected by his surviving father and brothers. 
Son of James Jollie, writer to the Signet. 

468 9th June Jane Ktnderslby. To the memory of Jane the beloved wife of Nathaniel 
1 831, William Kindersley, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service, who 

died at Ootacamund 9th June 1831 , aged 26. The universal 
prepossession excited by her gentle benevolent and cheerful 
demeanour ripened into love and esteem ; as it was found to 
spring from christian charity, christian humility and that 
peace which the world cannot give. Strict integrity and 
singleness of heart marked her words and actions. Her 
warm affections and exquisite sensibility were controlled 
by sound sense. To be beloved, her only wish, was neces- 
sary to her existence. The removal of this amiable being 
wa* as sudden as it was premature. But in the remem- 
brance of her unaffected piety and purity of heart, she has 
left to her husband the consolatory reflection that though 
unexpected, she was not unprepared to attend the awfiil 

Mr. Natlianiel William Kindersley was Writer in 1814 and was 
second momber of the Board of Revenue in 1843. In 1844 he 
proceeded on furlough and resigned the service on 1st June. 
He died in England on 3rd December 1844. 

Mr. Kindersley was the son of Nathaniel Edward Kindersley, 
m, o. s., 1779-1805. He married Miss Jane Cairness Elliott, 
July 30th, 1825. On the Bame slab is inscribed a memorial to 
Emma, wife of John Robert Kindersley, M. o. 8., born October 
9th, 1832, died July 6th, 1875 (see No. 2602). 

Nathaniel E. Kindersley married at Jagemaikporam Mrs. Hannah 
Wasey (widow) on July 3, 1786. Rev. H. L. Loring A. M. 
Fellow of St. Mary Magdalene College Oxford and Archdeacon 
of Calcutta married at St. George's Church, Henrietta Louis* 
Aurora, third daughter of N. E. Kindersley, Esq., late of the 
Madras Civil Establishment on 19th May 1816. 








Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


20th May 

John Mack 


12th Sept. 

James Stephen 

Sacred to the memory of John Maok, Esq., Assistant Surgeon 
on the Madras Establishment. His rare professional merits 
and private virtuos soon raised him to tho honourable and 
responsible offices which he held at tho time of his lamented 
death of SurgreDn to the Governor's Body Guard and Physi- 
cian to th Durbar of his Highness the Nabob of the Carnatio. 
Obiit A.D. 1832, an. aetat 35. A few of his sorrowing and 
admiring frierds hpve joined in raising this inadequate 
memorial of his virtues. 
The figuro in relief on the tablet represents Hygeia, the goddess 
of health, and daughter of jEsculapius, offering an oblation to 
a fiorpent which with head erect drinks from the cup she holds 
in her hand. 

Sacred to the memory of James Stephen Lushington, Esq., of 
the Bengal Civil Service, who died at the early age of 28 
years second or of the Right Honourable S. R. Lushington, 
M.P., late Governor of Madras, and of Arme Elizabeth, 
eldesl daughter of George Lord Harris, late Governor of 
Madras. Distinguished on his first arrival in India by 
superior talents and acquirements and passing with rapid 
success through his studies in the College of Fort William , 
he gave early promise of that intellectual and moral worth 
which is recordod with admiring friendship by the piouf 
and accomplished Heber and which hr short but brilliant 
career in this Presidency devoh.pod and matured as tho 
Private Secretary of the Governor. H acquired by his 
impartial courtesy tho esteem of every branch of the public 
service, while his many virtuos and endearing quflitie? 
secured the approbation and realized the hopes of his affec- 
tionate and bereaved father. This monument is erected 
by the society which he adorned as a ju t tribute to his 
deported excellence. 
A rmo marble statue of a young man by Flaxman, and tho most 
noticoable monument in the Cathedral. Lushington died at 
Laulpet near Arcot aftor a lingering illness. His father Stephen 
Rumbold Lushington was Governor of Madras (1827-1835) and 
had previously been in the Civil Service (1790-1807). He 
served as Privato Socretary to General Harris, whose daughter 
he married December 9th, 1797, and whoso life he wrote in 
3840. Ho represented Rye and Canterbury in Parliament and 
died in 1868, aged 92. Ho was a cousin of Henry Lushington, 
of the Bengal Civil Service who owod his escape from death in 
tho Black Hole to tho " refreshing draughts " lie drow from 
Holwell's shirt sleoves. Henry Lushington was afterwards 
Olive's Secretary, and in that capacity was the author of the 
Loll Copaedpe, tho famous duplicate treaty in red ink, at the 
foot nf which Admiral Watson's signature was forged by order 
of Cbve, for the deception of Omichund. When Watson wag 
told of the forgery on his death bed, he is reported to have 
replied that, as there was so much iniquity among men, he 
did not wish to remain any longer among them. Henry 
Lushington fell in the Patna massaoro of October 1763. 
Lushington (Charles) na. 1785, ob. 1866. Third son of Stephen 
Lushington, first baronet of the name. Mr. Lushington received 
a writership in 1800. His service was chiefly spent in the 
secretariat. On his return to England he stood for Ashburton; 
and sat on the liberal benches in the reformed parliament, 
afterwards he was member for Westminster. He was the 
author of some treatises on church politics, and his first wife 
{n4* Gascoyne) wrote a narrative of her journey from Caloutta 
to Europe, by way ">f Egypt, in 1827-28 (London, 1829). 


MADRAS CITY — cant. 

Date. Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3) (4) 


2nd Nov. Amelia Boileat; . , Sacred to the memory of Amelia, the beloved wife of Captain 
1 833. C. L. Boileau of Her Majesty's Rifle Brigade and only child 

of Lieutenant-Goneral the Bight Honourable Sir Frederick 
Adam, k.c.b., Governor of Madras ; she died ct Bangalore 
after a few days' illness. Aged 21 years. 

Sir F. Adam (1781-1853), Governor of Madras, 1832-3, commanded 
" Adam's Brigade " at Waterloo. He was the fourth son of the 
Right Hon. William Adam, of Blair Adam m.p., lord lieutenant 
of Kinross and a most eminent Orator and Scotch Judge. He 
fell dead suddenly on 17 Aug. 1853 at the Greenwich railway 
station. His first wife was a Miss Amelia Thompson. On June 
23rd, 1820, he married at Corpi Signora Diamantina Pallatiano 
(see No. 2293). 

5th Nov, Mary Orr . . Sacrod to the memory of Mary, the belovod wife of John Orr, 
1833. Esq., Madras Civil Service, who died at sea Nov. 5th', 

1833, aged 28 years. 

Mr. Orr was for many years Collector of Salem, where his exertions 
in planting avenues of trees along the public roads are still 
gratefully remembered. Ho joined the service as writer in 
1815 and was Accountant-General and member of the Mint Com- 
mittee before he resigned the service on 30th April 1845. He 
married, September 19th, 1829, Mary, third daughter of George 
Lys of Madras, and widow of Lieutonant H. M. Elliot, third 
son of the Governor of Madras (see No. 335). 
In Calcutta, Oct. 27, 1777 Mr. John Laird Surgeon in the Hofible 
Company's Service married Miss Elizabeth Orp. I n Madras, 
Dec. 7, 1802, Lieut. Col. Alexander Orr, Quartermaster General, 
married Miss Mary Ann Sydenham. 

12th Deo. Neville Somer- Viro optimo integerrimo parentibus consanguineis, amicis, 
1833. ville Cameron. soeiis dilectissimo, de patrifi, bene merito Canaraa primum 

deinde Madura in hac regione orientali praafecto Neville 
Somerville Cameron, morte heu ! immature surrepto non 
uxor sed desponsata virgo non vidua tamotsi viduata nimis 
P.C. flons fidens sperans. Vixit Annos XLI, obiit A.D. 

Mr. Cameron died at the Cape of Good Hope. He entered the 
service as writer in 1813. In 1833 ho was Principal Collector 
and Magistrate of Madura. 

3rd Feb. Eliza Maclean . . Sacrod to the memory of Eliza Maclean, daughter of Major 
1836. Hovenden, of Hemingford, in the county of Huntingdon, 

and wife of Lieut. -Colonel Thomas Maclean, of the Indian 
Army, gifted with every attractive grace, which rendered 
her the charm of society and endeared to many friends by 
the higher qualities of mind and feeling, those endowments 
and a sincerely christian spirit, were all united in her to 
fix the unbounded love of her husband, the reverence and 
affection of her familj . With these virtues to strengthen 
the frailness of mortality, she passed through this tran- 
sitory world. With tho faith of a Christian awakening 
the hope of eternal life, she resigned her scul to heaver., 
on 3rd February 1 836, in tho 49th year of her age. 

She died at Ootacamund. Maclean was Resident at Tanjore. 
A Rev. Walter Hovenden, b. d., formerly a Major in the army and 
subsequently Chaplain and Secretary to the Bengal Military 
Orphan Institution, died at the Sandheads, September 30th, 
1832, aged 49. He was the son of Colonel Hovenden, of the 
same family as the celebrated historian, Roger de Hovenden 
who lived in the reign of Henry II (1154-89). ' 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


475 2nd Aug, Thomas Sbwell Sacred to the memory of Captain Thomas Sbwell, of the 50th 
1836. Regiment of the M. N. 1., and Deputy Secretary to the 

Military Board, who after a short but honourable career 
in the indefatigable duty of his duty, fell a victim to the 
climate of Goomsoor, at Garadah, 2nd August 1836, aged 
32 years. Thin tablet has been erected by a few of his most 
intimate friends who esteemed and admired the many 
amiable and manly qualities which adorned his character. 
47(5 2nd Sept. William Garrard This simple tablet rocordeth the namos of an affectionate 
and 2nd William Garrard husband and of a dutiful son, Lieutenant Colonel 

Oot. 1836. William Garrard and Lieutenant William Garrard, 

late of tho Madras Engineers, who diod at the Neilgherry 
Hills, tho former aged 56, the latter aged 26 Colonel 
Garrard, through a course of 40 years, gallantly, zealously 
and with fidelity sorvod his king and country and rose to 
tho honourable station of Chief Engineer, but while thus 
discharging tho duties thereof, tho Almighty Ruler of events 
was pleased to change his earthly abode frr a better 
mansion. His virtuous son was emulating tho father's 
bright example as n faithful servant when his dsys were 
likewise numbered. The afflicted widowed mother finds 
relief in this brief record. 

Lieut.,-Col. William Garrard joined service in 1796, was Lieut, on 
Jan. 1, 1803, Captain on Sep. 26, 1811 and Lieut. -Col. on April 1, 
1825. He was made Brevet Colonel on Deo. 1, 1829. 

477 5th Feb. Danibl Corrtb . . Sacred to the memory of tho Right Reverend Daniel Corrie, 
1837, LL.D. consecrated at Lambeth, 14th June 1835, first Bishop 

of Madras. " God forbid that I should glory save in the 
Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is cru- 
cified unto me, and I unto the world." With these words 
this faithful servant of Christ entered on his ministratiors 
at Calcutta ir 1806 as a Chaplain of the Honourable East 
India Company and from thence he preached hie first sermon 
at Madras as Bishop of that See. By the Grace of the Holy 
Ghost, his fight increasingly shown before men, as a preacher 
of Salvation by faith in Christ, both to his countrymen 
and to the natives ; as a translator of the Scriptures and the 
Liturgy into the Persian and Hindustani tongues; as a leader 
of missionary designs and operations ; as a founder of chur- 
ches and schools ; and as a promoter of all other measures 
fitted under the divine blessing to bring the heathen to the 
knowledge of Christ and to hasten His kingdom. Having 
thus served his generation by the will of God, he fell asleep 
in Jesus, 5th Fobruary 1837, in the 60th year of his age. 
This monument was erected to his memory by the inhabi- 
tants of Madras. 

A life-size figure by Weekes. The Bishop is represented in his 
robes and with an open Bible in one hand, resting the other 
upon the shoulder of a youthful native enquirer. He is beat 
known as Archdeacon of Calcutta, during Heber's episcopate 
having only held the office of Bishop eighteen months. He 
was installed Archdeacon on 25 Oot. 1823. His name will be 
handed down to posterity in the Madras Presidency in connec- 
tion with Bishop Corrie 's grammar school, which he founded 
and still bears his name ; the oldest purely educational institu- 
tion in the city. On October 24, 1835, he arrived in Madras. 
On 21 Deer. 1836, at Madras, the lady of the Rt. Rev. Dame 
Corrie LL.D., died. * 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name, Inscription, 


(I) (2) (3) (4) 


478 18th Nov. Anne Chamier .. Sacred to the memory of Anne Antoinette Evelina, 
1837. tho beloved wife of Henry Chamier, Esq., Chief Secretary 

to the Government of Fort St. George. Her conduct, 
her kindness, her benevolerce, received their due acknowU 
edgement from mourners, the most sincere and numerous, 
European and nativo, that ever attended to honour female 
virtue at the grave. Bom October 12th, 1798, departed 
this lifo at Madras, November 18th, 1837. 

A marble monument by Sibson, London. Mr. Cliamior died in 
England, February 4tb, 1867. Ho married at St. George's 
choultry Plain 17th, April 1816, Evelina, daughter of J. W. 
Thursby, C. 8. (No. 1997). 
A daughter was born to him on 7th Feb. 1817 at Pondichorry 

(Asiatic Journal, 8opt. 1817). 
Tho tomb in the cemetery ha« the following inscription — Anne 
Antoinette Evolina wife of Henry Chamiicr, Esq., Chiof 
Secretary of the Government of Fort St. George, born 12th 
Oetober 1798, departed this life 18th November 1837. 
One George FitzWilliam Chamier of the Civil Service died Jan. 
22nd, 1816, aged 23 years in Bombay (Asiatic Journal : July 

479 18th May John Maitland Sacred to the memory of Captain John Maitland Ross 

1839. Ross. oth Regiment N. I., who departed this life on the ISth 

May 1839, aged 30 yoars. His widow has erected 
this well deserved tribute to the memory of a kind and 
affectionate husband. 

He joined tho Army in 1819, was Lieut, on June 13, 1819 and 
Captain on Doc. io, 1832. 

480 31st July Thomas Maclean. Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Maclean 

1840. of the Madras Army, late Resident at the Court of Tra van- 
core, who died at Coimbatore on tho 31st July 1840 in the 
59th year of his age, after a long and painful illness borne 
with much submission and terminated in a calm but settled 
hope of a glorious resurrection in Jesus Christ. The value 
of his services as a public officer and the manly, genorous 
and attractive qualities of his moral character were well 
known and extremely appreciated, while tho retiring sim- 
plicity of his religious feelings was his peculiar characteristic 
as a Christian. This tablet is erected by his children in 
token of their love to the memory of a most tender and 
indulgent father and of thoir gratitude for the devotion 
with which for their sakes he sacrificed his health, and as it 
ultimately proved, his life, by an uninterrupted residence in 
India of more than 37 years. His remains are interred at 
Ootacamund, in the same grave with those of his beloved 
wife, whom he lost after a happy union of 30 years, and 
whom he mourned with a sorrow which time only rendered 
more touching and sincere. 

The monumont by Donman, of 83, Regent Stroot, London, repre- 
sents a spreading Travancoro palm. 

481 12th April James Driver and Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel James Drbver, 

and 21st James Forsyth. of the 6th Regiment, Madras Infantry, who died from the 
July effects of a coup de soleil whilst gallantly leading his regi- 

1842. ment at the storming of the fortress of Chinkeang-foo in 

China, aged 43 years, and was buried on its ramparts. 
Also to the memory of Lieutenant and Adjutant James 
Forsyth of the same regiment, who died of cholera on the 

VOL. 1—14 



Seiial Date. Name, Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


expedition to China on board the Honourable Company's 
Transport Walmer Castle at sea, 12th April 1842, aged 
31 years. As a token of esteem and regard this tablet is 
erected by their brother-officers. 
James Drevcr entered the army as oadot in 1817, was Lieut, on 
Dot. 14, 1818, Captain on Deer. 5, 1826 and Major on Aug. 6, 
1835. James Forsyth entered the army in 1826 as cadei and 
was Lieut, on Sep. 12, 1834. 
One Reverend N. Forsyth died at Chandranagoro on Feb. 14, 
1816. Ho arrived in India in 1792 and during the last several 
years of his life Chinsurah was the scene of his labours. (Asiatic 
Journal, Oct. 1816). 

482 20th Sept. Sir John David This marble tablet is dedicated by his eldest son to the memory 

1843. Norton. of the Honourablo Sir John David Norton, Kt. t who was 

appointed Her Majesty's Puisno Justice at Madras, 1841, 
and who died and was buried at sea in the 56th year of his 
age, after having won universal respect and esteem during 
his brief tenure of office. He was a man exemplary in 
every relation of life, a lover of all that is good and beautiful 
and true. His last words were witness to the purity of his 
life — " God's will be done, I have nothing to fear." 

Father of John Bruoe Norton, whoso portrait hangs in Patche- 
appah's Hall, and who was Advocate -General of Madras from 
1863 to 1871. Ho died at sea on hoard the Castle Kden. 

483 23rd Sept. Susanna Maria In memory of Susanna Maria the beloved and honoured wife 

1843. Challon. of Lieut.-Col. T. B. Challon, Judge Advocate -General of 

the army who died 23rd September 1843, aged 21 years 
and 5 months. Under tho influence of her excellent under- 
standing and unparalleled sweetness of temper and disposi- 
tion, domestic life became a stall of rare felicity. 

Thomas Burnard Chalon entered the army as cadet in 1819 and 
was Lieutenant on February 23, 1822. 

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Moore Lane, Esq., Surgeon 
and Oculist to the East India Company, on the Madras 
establishment, Physician to His Highness the Nawab and 
Private Secretary to the Most Noble the Marquis of Twee- 
dale, K. T. and C.B., Governor of Fort St. George. He 
was suddenly called to his rest in the midst of his useful 
and honourable labours on 26th September 1844, aged 47 
years. This tablet is erected as a memorial of affection and 
respect for a beloved friend, who being dead yet speaketh 
both in the example of his life and the blessed testimony 
he has left of the ground of his faith and hope. 

Portrait medallion of tho deceased by J. Turnouth. Ho married, 
July 7th, 1824 Eliza, daughter of W. Thompson, m.d., of 
Wexford, Ireland, while he was the Superintendent of the eye 

Sacred to the memory of John Dent, Esq., Civil Servant and 
Provisional Member of Council of this Presidency. He died 
at Calcutta in the 50th year of his age. Lamented in his 
Publio capacity as one who in the course of 30 years' un- 
interrupted service had gained the complete confidence and 
respeot of those officially connected with him and the dis- 
tinguished approbation of both tho Home and Indian 
Governments. In private life by his amiable and generous 
disposition, his overflowing kindness, his untiring zeal for 

484 26th Sept. Thomas Moore 
1844. Lane. 

485 17th Jan. John Dent 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


the good of all classes and his high integrity of oharaoter he 
won the hearts of all who knew him. This monument is 
ere c tod by the numerous Europoan and Native frionds to 
whom he was thus endeared, in testimony of their affection 
and esteem and as a memorial of his publio and private 

Tho monument by Wookos shows Mr. Dont at work with his 
moonnhee. Ho entcrod the wrvico in 1812 and is buried in 
Circular Road Cemetery, Calcutta. On October 6th, 1816, 
he rrarriod Emily Jano, daughter of G. G. Rickottn, Registrar 
of tho Supremo Court (kooNos. 148 and 647). Ho had a daughter 
born on Sept. 1 l t 1817. (Asiatic Journal, March 1818). Dont'a 
Gardens, Poodoopauk belonged to him and was called after him. 

48ft 9th Feb. William Griffith. Sacred to the memory of William Griffith, Esq., f.l.s., 
1845. Madras Medical Service, born at Ham in the county of 

Surrey, March 1810. He had attained to the highest 
eminence in the scientific world and was one of the most 
distinguished Botanists of tho age. Ho acquired his knowl- 
edge by personal investigation in the different provinces 
of British India, and in tho neighbouring kingdoms from 
tho banks of the Helmund and Oxus to tho Straits of 
Malacca, where in tho capacity of Civil Assistant Surgeon 
he died in the 35th year of his age and the 13th yoar of his 
public service in India. His early death is deeply deplored 
by numerous private friends, and his loss to the cause of 
science elicitod a public and emphatic expression of regret 
from the Governor-General of India. This tablet is erected 
as an humble tribute to his memory by a few of his medical 
brethren of the Madras Service. 

Mr. Griffith was tho first European to penotrate from Assam into 
Burma. Tn 1838-39 he accompanied tho army which marched 
iron; Sind through Quetta and Kandahar to Ghazni and Cabul. 
His collections number as many as 9,000 species, which is by 
far tho largest number ever obtained by individual exertions. 
Thoro is a monument to him in tho Botanical Gardens at 
Calcutta and a tablet in tho great theatro of tho Medical College 
horo. He came to India on 24th Sept. 1832. 

487 21st Dec. George Broadfoot. Sacred to the memory of Major George Broadfoot, C. B., 
1845. 34th Madras Light Infantry, of Kirkwall in the Orkney**, 

and of London. His valour, foresight and science mainly 
contributed to the success of the glorious defence of Jellala- 
bad, and in tho ensuing AfFghan Campaign, he with his 
brave Corps of Mountain Sappers acquired enduring renown. 
His diplomatic and military services as Commissioner of 
the Tenasserim Provinces and as Governor- General's Agent 
on the North-West Frontior at a most important crisis of 
our Indian Empire called forth the eloquent eulogy of Sir 
H. Hardinge, that "he was as brave as ho was ah)* and 
second to none in all the groat qualities of an accomplished 
officer." He fell at the battle of Ferozshahar in his 39th 
year, acting as aide-de-camp to the Govemor*Ge*neraI. 
" Though severely wounded, he continued heroically to 
lead and animate the troops in the assault until mortally 
wounded in the Sikh camp at the moment of victory," the 
last of three brothers who died for their country on the 

TOt. I— 14A 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


battlefields of Asia. Raised by public subscription through- 
out the Presidency of Madras. 

Tho career of the Battye brothers forms a splendid parallel to the 
earner of the Broadfoots. This monument is in the vestibule 
and shows the deceased recumbent in full military drops, watched 
by two sepoys resting on their arms reversed. It is a fin© 
specimen of Richardson's work. Broadfoot's life was written 
in 1888 by his brother Major William Broadfoot. 

On 4th Sept. 1906 Captain Broadfoot one of tho sons of Major 
George Broadfoot died at Rangoon. By his death one of tho 
last of the old hands who joined the frrawaddy Flotilla Company 
in its early days was removed. He was actively employed in 
tho Irrawaddy Flotilla Co. He did good work in advance of 
General Prendergast's Force in 1885 in Mandalay, and 
possessed a knowledge of the Irrawaddy River that was 
probably unsurpassed by any one. 

488 10th Feb. Sir Robert Henry Sacrod to the memory of Major-General Sir Robert Henry 
1846. Dick. Dick, k.c.b., k.c.h., of Tullymet, N.B., one of the heroes 

of the Peninsular war, who after distinguished services in 
H.M.'s 42nd Regiment Royal Highlanders, which regiment 
he brought out of action at Quatre Bras, closed a long and 
brilliant military career on the memorable field of Sobraon. 
Raised in grateful admiration by the public of the Presidency 
of Madras, where, for some time, he held tho Chief Military 

Over tho inscription is a 42nd Highlander in full uniform resting 
against a pedestal, on which is inscribed the battleroll of the 
regiment — Maida, Egypt, Alexandria, Rosotta, Busaco, Torres 
Vedras, Fozd'aronge, Fuentes de Onoro, Badagoz, Salamanca, 
Fort St. Mieh»l, Portugal, Quatre Bra*, Waterloo, Sobraon, fon 
the other sid^ — Edw. Richardson Set. London 1850]. For his 
gallantry at Waterloo, Dick was made Lieutenant-Colonel of 
the 42nd Highlanders, and his appointment was ordered to 
date from the day of the battle. 

There is a copy of the inscription at the Church of Tullymet, 
Perthshire in Humbley's Memoirs of a Cavalry officer (p. 50). 

Neill dedicated his " Historical Rocord of the H.E.I. Co.s First 
European Regiment (1843) By a Staff Officer." To Major- 
Goneral Sir Robert Henry Dick, k.c.b., k.c.h., Ac, Commander 
in Chief of the Forces in the Presidency of Fort St. George. 
This record of the Services of the oldest Regiment in tho Army 
is most respectfully dedicated by his very faithful servant, tho 

Dick was born in India about 1785. There is a romantic story 
told of his parents' marriage to tho effeet that, when Henry 
Dundas and Edmund Burke were staying at Dunkeld with the 
Duke of Atholl, they accidentally met, while out walking, a 
farmer's daughter, who gave then, refreshments, and, on learn- 
ing who they were, begged them to help a poor doctor William 
Dick, to whom she was betrothed but who was too poor to marry. 
Dundas gave the doctor an appointment as Assistant Surgeon 
in the East India Company's service, whereupon ho married 
and wont to India and made a largo fortune, with which ho 
purchased on his retirement the estate of Tullimet in Perth- 
shire. He went to India in 1781 and retired in 1802. 

Robert Dick, tho son of this fortunate doctor entered the army 
as an ensign in the 75th regiment on 22nd Nov. 1800 and was 
promoted Lieut, into the 62nd on 27th June 1802 and Captain 
into the 78th, or Rossshiro Buffc, on 17 April 1804. 







21st May 

Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


Charlotte Annb 
Beaumont Sbrle. 


15th Mar. 
and 27th 

William McTag- 

Charlotte McTag- 



5th Oct. 

Samuel Best 

492 4th Aug. Charles Morgan 
1852. Elliot. 


16th May 

John Johnston. 
Henry Daly. 
E. J. Bamford, 
M. Simpson. 
T. P. King. 

Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Anne Beaumont, the 
beloved wife of William Ambrose Serle, Esq., who died 
21st May 1846, aged 22 years. 

Serlo was Registrar of tho Supremo Court, ami married a daughter 
of Major-Oene ral Fearon, c.b. Her sisters married Mr. (after* 
wards Sir) A. J. Arbuthnot, c.s., and Sir Ralph Palmer, Chief 
Justice of Madras, from 1825 to 1S35. 

Sacred to the memory of William MoTaogart, of the firm of 
Arbuthnot & Co., Madras (only son of tho late William 
McTaggart, of the above firm), who died at sea, on his 
voyage back from Egypt to Madras, March 15th, 1850, in 
his 37th year ; and of Charlotte, his wife, third daughter 
of the late William Kaynsford Taylor, of the Madras Civil 
Service, who also died at sea, on her passage home to 
England, April 27th 1850, in her 29th year. "The sea 
gave up tho dead, which were in it." Rev. XX, 13. Erected 
by tho only son and two sisters of tho abovenamod William 

Soo No. 346. 

On 15 October 1838., at St. George's Cathedral by tho Ven. Arch* 
deacon H. Harper, m.a.. William Mactaggart of tho firm of 
Messrs. Arbuthnot and Co. was married to Ch-irlotto, third 
daughter of Wm. R. Taylor Esq., M.C.S. 

To the memory of Captain Samuel Best, of the Madras 
Engineers, who died at Chittoor on the 5th October 1851 of 
jungle fever contracted during a few hours passed in the 
Yailegherry Hills, aged 43. This tablet has boon erected 
by a few of his more intimate friends to record the esteem 
in which he was held for his many amiable personal qualities 
and the general respect felt for his great intellectual capacity 
and high professional talents. 

Captain Best, F.R.s., was the first to carry out a compr<>he\sivo 
scheme of roads fo.' th«» Madras Presidency. 

Sacred to the memory of Captain Charles Morgan Elliot, 
of the Madras Engineers, who died at Masulipatam on the 
4th of August 1852 aged 40 years 3 months and 7 days. 
This tablet has been erected by the Corps of Engineers, 
as a mark of respect for a brother officer, distinguished in 
public life by rare professional talent, and endeared to his 
friends by excellence of heart and an amiable disposition. 

Ho was a brother of Sir Henry Elliot, k.c.b. (1808 — 1853), Lord 
Hardinge's Foreign Secretary and author of tho " History of 
India as told by its own Historians." From 1840 to 1849 he 
wa-» employed in the Magnetic Survey of the Indian Archi- 
pelago. He wn3 a F.R.S. 

Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel John Johnston, 
Lieutenant and Adjutant Henry Daly, Lieutenant E. J. 
Bamford, Assistant Surgeon M. Simpson all of the 25th 
Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, and Lieutenant and 
Acting Quartermaster King, of the 50th Regiment, Madras 
Native Infantry, lost at sea while on their voyage to -Rangoon 
with the headquarters of the regiment on board the transport 
Lady Nugent. 

John Johnston entered the army in 1820 as Cadet, was Lieut, on 
Nov. 2, 1824 and Captain on Mar. 14, 1830. 


MADRAS ClTY-oont. 







9th Sept. W. T. Cardalb 

495 11th Sept. Henry Valentine 
1855. Conolly. 


Also to the memory of Lieutenant W. T. Cardalb, 25th 
Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, who died at Madras of 
fever contracted on the Arrakan Hills. The officers of the 
corps, to evince their sincere regret and sorrow for the loss 
of their brother officers, have erected this tablet. 
Sacred to the memory of Henry Valentine Conolly, Esq., 
of the Madras Civil Service, Collector and Magistrate of 
Malabar, and Provisional Member of Council, who, after 
nearly 12 years devoted to the improvement of the province 
committed to his charge, foil by the hands of a band of 
fanatics on the 11th September, aged 49 years. His friends, 
desirous of commemorating his services and Christian 
virtues, have erected this tablet and founded the scholar- 
ships which bear his name. 

Ho was murdorod at Calicut by a party of Mopluhs who rushod 
into tho verandah of his houso and hackod him to pieces in the 
presence of his wife. Ho was the son of Valentine Conolly, 
a Madras Surgeon, who sent all his six sons to India. He 
joined the Civil Service as writer on May 19, 1824. Three of 
his brothers perished in Afghanistan wilhin a year of each other : 
Captain Edward Barry Conolly, 7th Bengal Cavalry, killed in 
action at Knhistan, September 28th, 1842; Captain Arthur, 
tho celebrated traveller, who wont on a mission to Bokhara in 
August 1840, and was beheaded in prison with Colonel Stod- 
dart ; and Captain John Balfour, who foil at the capture ot Cabul 
in July 1842. 

Edward Barry Conolly joined tho Bengal Cavalry in 1824 and was 
made Lieut, on May 25, 182/5. Arthur Conolly joined tho 
Bengal Cavalry in 1823 and was Lieut, on 13 May 1825. John 
Balfour Conolly joined the Bengal army as Cadet in 1833. 

To the memory of Ralph Horsley, of the Madras Civil 
Service, who was cut off by the hand of an unknown assassin 
at Bellary, on the night of tho 4th July in the 26th year 
of his age. This tablet has been erected by several of his 
college friends. 

He was mysteriously murdered in what is tho present whist room 
of the Bellary Club. His brother William Dowdoswell Horsley, 
C.S. (1855 83), who was staying with him at the time, gavo 
its name to the hill station Horsey Konda in Cuddapah district 
(see No. 1315). 
Ho joined the service as writer in 1851. 

497 25th Feb. Christopher Biden. To the honored memory of Captain Christopher Biden, 

H. C. S., for 19 yoars Master Attendant of Madras. This 
tablet is raised by the public to record the universal respect 
which his faithful discharge of duty, his untiring beneficence 
and his guileless and kindly heart won from every class of 
the community. Obiit 25th Feb. 1858, aged 68. 

The '* Biden Home for destitute seamen " on the North Beach 
at Rayapuram, was founded and endowed by him. It is now 
used for another purpose. 

In memory of Clarence Harry, only son of Lieutenant- 
Colonel H. Colbeck, Senior Magistrate of Police, He was 
a Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 3rd Madras European Regi- 
ment, was mortally wounded in action at Banda, and died 
on the 20th April 1858, aged 22 years. Also of Emma, wife 
of Lioutonant'Colonel H. Colbeck and mother of the above. 
She was born on the 31st May 1806 and died at Bangalore 
on 16th July 1859. 

Henry Colbeck entered the army in 1824 and was Lieut, on Aug. 
1, 1831. 


4th July 

Ralph Horsley 



20th April 
1858 and 
16th July 

Clarence Colbeck. 
Emma Colbeck. 







1st Dec. 


28th Sept. 


1859 to 





24th Sept. 

5th Mar. 




Adolphine Eliza 

Kalph W. H. Ley- 


29th Nov. 

14th June 

Francis Octavius 

Henry James 

James Nicholas. 
Frederick Harris. 
William Rouse 


Emma Muixje 

Jane Carmichael. 

William Ambrose 

Thomas Dealtry. 




Sacred to tho memory of Adolphine Eliza Macleod, tho 
beloved wife of William Arbuthnot, Esq., who died on 
the first day of December 1858, aged 19 years and 5 months. 
It matters little at what hour of day 
The righteous falls asleep ; death cannot come 
To her untimoly who is fit to die. 
Tho less of this cold world, more of heaven 
The briefer life the earlier immortality. 

She whs tho second daughter of E. Leoot, French Consul at 

Sacred to the memory of Captain Ralph W. H. Lbycester, 
H.M. 19th Madras N.I., Paymaster, Vizagapatam, who 
departed this life on the 28th September 1859, after an 
honourable career of 26 years service, aged 43 years. 

Mr. Ralph LoyccstoT, b.c.s., married Miss Charlotte- Lushington 

on Nov. 22, 1762, at Calcutta. 
Ono William Loyrostor Senior Judge of the Courts of Suddor 
Diwany and Nizamut Adawlot died on 24 May 1831, after a 
residence of forty years in India. (Asiatic Journal: Nov. 

Sacred to tho memory of Captain Francis Octavius Barrow, 
Sub-Assistant Commissary-General, died in London, aged 
31 years. Major Henry James Nicholas, Assistant 
Commissary-General, died at Madras, 8th January 1861, 
aged 55 years. Major James Nicholas, Deputy Assistant 
Commissary-General, diod at Brussels, 13th January 1863, 
aged 3 ( J years. Major Frederick Harris, Assistant 
Commissary-General, died at Madras, 4th February 1863, 
aged 41 years. Major William Rouse Newlyn, Assistant 
Commissary-General, died at Kamptoo, 15th July 1863, 
aged 40 years. This tablet is erected by the officers of the 
Commissariat Department as a mark of regard and esteem. 

In memory of Emma Christian, the beloved wife of John 
William Mudgk, m.d., Madras Medical Service, who died 
at Aden while on her passage to England on the 29th Novem- 
ber 1859, aetat 32. 

This tablet is inscribed by a sorrowing husband and three 
young children to the memory of Jane Theophila. the loving 
and beloved wife of Davtu Fremantle Carmichael, a civil 
servant of this place. She died on the 14th June 1860 in 
the 26th year of her age. 
Mr. Carmichael was Mombor of Council, 1883-86, and diod in 1903. 

William Ambrose Serle, Registrar of H.M.'s Supreme Court 
and a Captain in the Madras Volunteer Guards who died at 
Madras on the 24th September 1860 This tomb was 
erected by the Officers and mombers of the Regiment. 

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Dealtry, D. D., Lord Bishop 
of this Diocese, who laboured faithfully in the service of the 
Gospel in India. He was appointed a Chaplain on the 
Bengal establishment in the year 1829, and subsequently 
held the office of Archdeacon of Calcutta for 14 years. He 
entered into rest in the 66th year of his ago and 12th of hi« 
Episcopate. This monument is erected by friends in India 
in testimony of the esteem and veneration which an earnest 











501* 22nd Juno 

Catherine Lushino 


30th July 


1st Dec. 


and dovoted piety combined with a disposition naturally 
kind and generous secured to him from all classes in this- 

Tho Bishop is depicted in tho act of performing tho rite of ordina- 
tion. All tho figures i ri the group are bond fiie likeness and 
the names of the clergy represented (Rev. F. G. Lugard, Rov. 
Dr. Murphy and Archdeacon Doaltry, his son) are engraved 
at tho side of thn monument. The sculptor's name is Joseph- 

He was the third Bishop of Madras. His son Thomas Dealtry 
served as Domestic Chaplain to his father from 1850 to 1858, 
then he did parochial work at Bangalore till 1861, when he wag 
appointed Archdeacon and returned to Madras. He retired 
in 1871 and became Rector of Swillington, near Lcod*. 1872-78 
and Vicar of Maidstono 1878-83 in which latter year ho died. 
On 18 March 1852 at Egmore, Lucy Cecilia Jane, daughter, 
and the evening of the same day Lucy He ah <y, wife of the 
Rev. T. Dealtry, died. 

Sacred to the memory of Catherine, relict of Charles May 
Lushington, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service. Born 11th 
Oetober 1795, died at Calcutta 22nd June 1861. This tablet 
has been erected by her children as a token of their grateful 
affection to a beloved mother. 

Mr. Lushington was a Member of Council in 1838 and died in 
England. March 8th, 1844. He joined service as a writer in 
1 801. He married a Mt^s Ansell. His sons Franklyn and James 
Law Lushington were both Madras civilians. His daughter 
Mary married her cousin Thomas Davits Lushington, M.C.S.. 
February 7th, 1850. 
Franklyn Lushington joined service as a writer in 1838 and was 
Accouiitant-(jciieral, Madras in 1873, when he resigned. 

Sacred to the memory of Major Francis Winurave Pinkney* 
O.B., of the Madras Staff Corps and Commissioner of Jhansie, 
who died at Jhansie. He was a most gallant soldier and able 
administrator, a most affectionate brother, and beloved and 
respected by all who knew him. This tribute of affection 
has been placed to his memory by his attached sister and her 

Auxilio Dei. In memory of William Ambrose Morehead,. 
eldest son of Rev. Robert Morehead, d.d. He entered tho 
Madras Civil Service in 1825, was Member of Council for 
five years, twice officiated as Governor of the Presidency and 
retired 29th October 1802, died in Edinburgh, 1st December 
1863, aged 58 years. 

His portrait is in the Banqueting Hall. He acted as Governor 
after the recall of Sir Charleg Trevt lyan and again after tho 
death of his successor, Sir Henry Ward. On January 12th, 
1830. he married at Chingleput Catherine, second daughter of 
John Magrath of Kilkenny. 

Francis Winorave 

William Ambrose 


29th April 
1864 and 
1st May 

Robert Coke Glo- 
ver, Frederick 
Guy Eaton 

Sacred to the memory of Robert Coke Glover, Captain in 
H.M/s 43rd Light Infantry, who was killed on the 29th April 
1864 while gallantly leading an assault on the Gate Pah near 
Tauranga, New Zealand. Also of Frederick Guy Eaton 
Glover, brother of the above and Lieutenant in the same 
regiment, who was mortally wounded in the same action 
while endeavouring to save the life of his brother, and 
died 1st May 1864. They were lovely and pleasant in their 
lives and in their death they were not divided. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 









24th Aug. 

Henry Linton 


3rd Dec. 

John Impbtt 


23rd Dec. 

John Temple 


24th Sept. 




1st Mar. 

George Frederick 

In memory of Henry Linton, Esq., b.a., of the Madras 
Civil Service, who died while holding the appointment of 
Under Secretary to Government on the 24th August 1866, 
aged 28. This tablet is erected by his friends throughout 
the Presidency. 

First son of Henry of Diddington, Huntingdon; matriculated at 
Wadham on 1 8th March 1859 at the ago of 18. Graduated B.A. in 

Sacred to the memory of Colonel John Impett. He served at 
Waterloo at the age of 15 and died Sheriff of Madras in the 
68th year of his age. This tablet is erected by his many 
friends to whom he had long endeared himself by his urba- 
nity, kindliness and simplicity of his character. 

A complimentary dinner was given to him at Madras in 1865 
in celebrat ion of the fiftieth anniversary of Waterloo. 

In memory of Captain and Brevet Lieut-Colonel John Temple 
of the 12th Madras Native Infantry, President of the Board of 
Municipal Commissioners foi the town of Madras, and 
Superintendent of Stamps, who was accidentally drowned 
in the Adyar river on the 23rd December 1 866, aged 43 
years. This tablet is erected by his numerous friends in 

Son of Major Octavius Temple, Governor of Sierra Leone, and 
brother of the late Archbishop of Canterbury (1821-1902) 
Dr. Frederick Temple who, it is singular, died on the same day 
of the month in 1902 as his brother in 1866, i.e., 23rd December 
or two days beforo Christmas Day, the archbishop having 
survived the brother by 36 years. Col. Tomplo was also Honor- 
ary Seoretary of the Madras Club. Colonel Temple, Captain 
Hop^, A.D.O. to Lord Napior, and two Misses Mclver wore 
drowned by tho upsetting of a boat opposite " Brodie Caatle ** 
which was at tho time tho residence of Mr. John Molver. Mr. 
Harry Scudamoro Bostock, Acting Agent of the P. and O. 
Company, was the sole survivor of tho accident. But he never 
really got over the shock. Two years afterwards ho was ship- 
ped from Bombay very ill and he diod two days after landing 
at Southampton before reaching tho home of his three sisters 
and brother H. L. Bostock. 

Mr. John Mclver wag Secretary and Manager of the Bank of Madras 
(now Imperial Bank). He was a most genial, cheery Scotch- 
man, much given to hospitality and a favourite with all sorts 
and conditions of men. His brother A lick the P. and O. Agent 
then, also lived with him. Mr. John never quite recovered 
from the shock of this catastrophe and he retired from the 
Bank a few years afterwards. His son Sir Lewis Mclver, M.P., 
was in the Madras Civil Service from 1868. 

Sacred to the memory of Charles Harison Dbuby, Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel, 27th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry, 
Controller of Military Accounts and Commandant of the 
Madras Volunteer Guards. He served with distinction as 
Brigade -Major of the Madras Column in the suppression 
of the Bengal Sepoy Rebellion and was severely wounded 
in action at Cawnpore in 1857. Beloved in his private and 
honoured in his public life, he died at the age of 49, sincerely 

Geoboe Fbederick Pater, born August 6th, 1844, died at 
Rangoon March 1st 1874, on board the steamship Baghdad, 
aged 29 years. An amiable disposition and gentle mangers 
rendered him an universal favourite. He waB cut off in the 

VOL. 1—15 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


prime of life after enduring a long and painful illness with 
that fortitude and self-denying patience which characterized 
all his actions. This memorial is placed here by a small 
circle of his person**! friends. 
515 20th Feb. Frederick William Brigadier-General Frederick William Jebb, Half Pay, 67th 
1880. Jebb. Foot, and Adjutant-General, Madras Army, died at Madras, 

Tins tablet is erected by the Commander-in-Chief and the 
Army Staff in memory of one who in his official and private 
life won the esteem and affection of all who knew him. 
616 18th Mar. Thomas Key Guth- In affectionate memory of Colonel Thomas Key Guthrie, 
1891. rie. Inspector-General of Police, Madras Presidency, born at 

Fletcherfield, Forfarshire, 30th August 1837, died at 
Clayton, Fife, 18th March 1891. Erected by his friends 
and brother-officers. 

He arrived in Jn<iia on 11th July 1855 as an ensign in the army. 
He joined tho Police Dept. an an Awd-. Supt. on 3rd Doer. 1862 
and was Inspector-General, Madras, in Septr. 1883. 

517 23rd June Norman Robert In memory of Norman Robert Pogson, c.i.b., f.r.a.s., 

1891. Pogson. Government Astronomer at Madras for 30 years, born at 

Nottingham on the 23rd March 1829, died at Madras on the 
23rd June 1891 . By his valuable contributions to Astronomy 
and by his discoveries and observations of stellar phenomena, 
especially of minor planets and variable stars, he earned an 
enduring name. 

Mr. PogHOn was a most distinguished astronomer. He discovered 
twenty new variable stars and ten new minor planets — four at 
Oxford and six at Madras. He came to Madras in 1861 having 
been appointed Government astronomer at Madras. His 
first wife whom ho married in 1849 at the early age of twenty, 
was Elizabeth Ambrose, who died in I860, having 
a large family. On 25th Oct. 1883, he married Edith Louisa 
Stopford, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Sibley 
of the 64th Regt. and by her had three ehildren, one of whom 
died in infancy. He was assisted in his work for some years 
past by a daughter only less talented than himself, 
Miss Isis Pogson. 

51 8 28th Aug. Robert Caldwell. Bacred to the memory of the Right Revd. Robert Caldwell, 

1891. D.D., l.l.d., Fellow of the University of Madras ; who for 

53 years devoted his eminent talents to the furtherance of 
the Gospel, and the building up of Christ's Church among the 
Tamil people in Tinnevelly ; the last 14 of those years as 
Assistant Bishop to the Bishop of Madras, excelling as a 
scholar and philologist, intimately acquainted with the Tamil 
people, their history, language, religion, and customs, bring- 
ing honour thereby to the missionary's calling, and strength- 
ening the cause of missions in the church at home ; 
but all his attainments and fame did not divert him from his 
great purpose and the simplicity of the missionary life. 
He continued to be an earnest, sympathizing, vigilant 
watcher of souls. By his apostolic labours and example, 
he trained many native agents, brought thousands of heathen 
into the church of Christ, raised the character and status not 
of the Christians only, but also of those without the church 
and won their attachment and reverence. He was born near 
Belfast, of Scotch parents on the 7th May 1814, and died at 
Kodaikanal on the 28th- August 1891. His body rests 
beneath the chancel of Holy Trinity Church, which he 
built at Idaiyangudi, Tinnevelly. 









. Inscription. 


519 loth Aug. 

520 22nd Sept. 

Thomas Arthur 

Herbert Frederic 

521 25th Nov. 

Herbert William 

522 8th Nov. 

Edward Yerbury 

523 7th June 

James Grose 

524 15th July 

Robert Henry 

He was a graduate of Glasgow University before ho offered hi* 
services to thr London Missionary Society in 1838, at the ago 
of twenty-four. He worked under this sooiety for two years 
in Madras and then came under the attractive influence of 
Bishop Spencer. He was ordained deacon in 1841 and priest 
in 1842 by the Bishop and sent to Idaiyangudi. In 1877 he 
was consecrated Assistant Bishop. He was created an LL.D. 
by his own University, and an honorary D.D. by the University 
of Durham. 

He married Eliza, eldest daughter of the Rev. C. Mault, April 
3rd, 1844. (See No. 2667.) 

In memory of Thomas Arthur Taylor, who died on the 15th 
of August 1893. This tablet is erected by the Freemasons 
of Madras, as a mark of affection and esteem. 

Sacred to the memory of Herbert Frederic Clogstoun, 
O.s.i. , Member of the Board of Revenue and the Legislative 
Council of the Governor-General of India, who died on the 
22nd September 1895, aged 50 years. This tablet is erected 
in affectionate remembrance by his numerous friends. 
" E'en as he trod that day to God, so walked he from his 
birth, In simpleness and gentleness and honour and 
clean mirth.'* 

These lines are taken from the dedication of Mr. Kipling's " Barrack 
Room Ballads." Mr. Clogstoun joined the service in 1864 
and was, at the timo of his death, First Member of the Board 
of Revenue. He was educated at Christ's Hospital, passed 
I.C.S. in 1863. 

Sacred to the memory of Herbert William Foster of the 
Indian Civil Service (Madras), born February 2nd, 1862, died 
November 25th 1895, while returning from leave in England. 
He served in India for about 1 2 years. This tablet is ereoted 
to his memory by some of his numerous friends. 

He joined the servioe on 7th Sept. 1882. 

He was the 2nd son of Edwin, of Melling, near Liverpool ; Gentle- 
man Balliol College 1880, at the age of 18. He was educated 
at the Liverpool Institute and Balliol College, Oxford. He 
passed the I.C.S. in 1880. 

Tn memory of Captain Edward Yerbury Watson, I.S.C., 
Commissariat Transport Department, Madras, killed at 
Maidan on the 8th November 1897, whilst serving as Brigade 
Commissariat Officer, 1st Brigade, 2nd division, Tirah 
Expeditionary Force, aged 33 years. Erected by his brother 
officers as a mark of friendship and esteem. 

In memory of James Grose, C.I.E., of the Indian Civil Service 
born 5th January 1839, died 7th June 1898. After serving 
for nearly 38 years with ability and distinction in the Madras 
Presidency and winning universal confidence and esteem, he 
died while member of Council at Ootacamund, regretted by 
all who knew him. This memorial was erected by the 
members of his service in token of their respect for his 
character and of their affection for his memory. 

Mr. Grose was appointed Member of Council in 1894, and was 
Second Member at the time of his death. 

He wae educated at St. John's College, Cambridge. 

In memory of Robert Henry Walker, merchant of Madras, 
born 13th January 1871, died 15th July 1899. This tablet 
is erected to his memory by his friends. 

vol. i— 15a 










525 1899 

C. F. MaoCabtie . 

526 22nd May W. W. Elwes 

527 25th Mar. Frederick Gell 

528 5th Apr. It eddy Branson 


529 17th June R. W. D'e. Ashe 



25th Dec 

Lady Aylinq 


18th Feb. 

H. B. Stone 

In memory of Charles Falkner MacCabtie,c.i.e., killed in 
action in South Africa, 1899. This tablet is erected by Lord 
Wenlock to whom while Governor of Madras he rendered 
true and loyal service. 

To the glory of God and in pious memory of William Weston 
Elwes, m.a., Cambridge, Archdeacon of Madras, 1893 to 
1900, Ordained deacon 1867 and priest 1868 by the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. Chaplain on H.M. Eccl. Establish- 
ment, October 20, 1870. Entered into rest at Ootacamund, 
May 22, 1901. 

Rev. W. W. Elwes, m.a. (Trinitv College, Cambridge), born on 
25th September 1844, joined the service on 20th October 1870. 

To the glory of God and in memory of the Right Rev. Fre- 
derick Cell, d.d., Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, 
Bishop of Madras, 1861-1899. Died at Coonoor, March 25, 
1902, aged 81 years. 

" A good Steward of the manifold grace of God." For 38 years 
he administered this diocese and fostered the growth of the 
Church of Christ in South India in a spirit of wisdom, faith- 
fulness and devotion. IT it* gentleness, earnestness and 
christian charity won for him the deep respect and affection 
among all classes and peoples in this Presideney. 

He was born on September 24, 1820. He was nominated as Lord 
Bishop of Madras on 16th May 1861 ; consecrated at Lambeth 
on 29th June 1861 ; arrived at th*> Presidency, 25th November 
1861; installed 27th November 1861. He was acting Metro • 
politan Bishop from 16th March 1876 to 7th February 1877. 

Sacred to the memory of Reddy Branson Trustee of this 
Cathedral from 1891-1903, who died April 5th 1903, aged 
59. ' Well done thou good and faithful servant.' 

To the glory of God and in memory of Robert William 
D'Estcourt Ashe, who after 16 years' faithful and loyal 
service was killed by the hand of a political assassin when 
acting as Collector and District Magistrate of Tinnevelly on 
17th June 1911. This tablet was erected by his brother 

R.W.D'E. Ashe (Royal University of [reland and University of 
Dublin) joined the service, on 8th November 1896 and arrived 
in India on 4th December 1 895. 

In loving memory of Emmine Aylino who died on Christmas 
Day, 1912. " Whosoever loveth is born of God." 

The Hon'ble Sir Justice William Bock Ay ling, Kt. (Magdalene 
College, Cambridge), was born on 30th Aug. 1867, joined 
the Civil Service on 18th Oct. 1888 and arrived in India on 
30th Jan. 1889. 

In memory of Lieut. Henry Bbassington Stone, K. E. (T) 
born at Kumbakonam 11th November 1890. Killed in 
action near Ypres, 18th February 1915. Buried on the 
reverse slope of Hill 60 " Ante diem pebiit sed miles sed 


532 22nd Feb. H. 0. D. Harding. 

Sacred to the memory of Herbert Olive Denman Harding 
who on February 22nd, 1916, waa wantonly murdered on 
the steps of his court at Trichinopoly in the thirtieth year of 


MADRAS ClTY—cord. 

Serial D«t«. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) W 


his service. His monument is erected by his brother officers of 
the Indian Civil Service. 

Tho mural tablet is placed in situ on the plinth of the penultimate 
south- west pillar in the nave of St. George *s Cathedral. The 
tablet, the work of Mostrs. Jones and Willis, of Birmingham, 
London and Liverpool, boars the raised inscription on white 
Sicilian marble, in an elaborately curved frame of alabaster 
with a beading of green Connemara marble. 

H.O.D. Harding (Balliol College, Oxford) joined tho service. 
J 4th September 1886, and arrived on 8th December 1886. Ho 
was first Assistant Collector of Coimbatoro. He became District 
and Sessions Judge, South Canara, on 1st April 1903 and re- 
mained in the judicial lino till hia death. 


033 14th Mar. Elizabeth De Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Major T. F. de Havilland 
1818. Havilland. of Engineers, and daughter of T. de Sausniarez of Guernsey, 

Esq., Attorney -General in that Island, died at the early age 
of 35 years. She is gone to her God whom she served with 
zeal and sincerity leaving an afflicted husband and four 
children to mourn her loss and to emulate her example ; her 
enlightened mind was an ornament to society in which she 
stood highly respected, and, in the social duties of wife, 
mother, daughter, sister and friend, she shone with superior 
virtue. These virtues emanated from a warm and affection- 
ate heart and were confirmed in true piety - to charity ever 
disposed, the deserving were never sent empty away. 
The Almighty Disposer of events bade purity and virtue lead 
the way, the name of tins recorded worth here sought repose 
ere the cemetery was completed, and the afflicted husband 
who was forming it for public use submitted with 
pious revcrenoe to the inscrutable ways of Providence which 
thus made him her protector in death as in life. She stands 
first in the awful book and gives a date to the register. 

Fiott do Havilland was a distinguished civil engineer and architect. 
He was Civil Engineer and Architect to the Madras Government, 
between 1814 and 1825. Hn was, perhaps, the most original 
man of his timo. He belonged to the Island of Guernsey, where 
he was born on April 10th. 1775, being tho son of Sir Peter do 
Havilland, and came out to India at a Cadet in 1793 and in the 
name year wa<* appointed Ensign to the Madras Engineers. 
In 1799 ho took part in the War against Tippu, which ended 
in tho restoration of the now ruling Dynasty of Mysore. He 
married Miss Elizabeth de Saumarez in 1808. (One of his 
children, a daughter, wan born at Chittoor in Nov. 25, 1815 — 
Asiatic Journal, July 1816.) He returned home in 1812, but 
came to Madras as Civil Engineer and Architect of the Pre si- 
dency in 1814, in which position he continued till he left India 
for good in 1825. During a holiday at Guernsey in 1812, he 
built the Jeybourg Barracks. On his return to Madias he 
constructed .several public works of importance, the sea wall 
of Madras, highly commended by Sir Thomas Munro, then 
Governor of Madras ; the St. Andrew s Church (or Kirk), which 
was designed and built by him, was begun in 1818 (on the site 
of the old Ellis Cutcherry) and finishod about 1 821 , 41 remarkabl e 
for its beauty, both as to exterior and interior " ; the St. 
Andrew's Bridge closo by the Church and tho Mount Road. He 
also built the St. George's Cathedral in 1816 and widened the 
Walajah Bridge in 1820. He had a son born on 22nd June 1817 
(Asiatic Journal, Jan. 1818). In 1808 while at Seringapatam 
he proposed to bridge the Cauvery by Ave brick arches 
110 feet tpsn with a rise of only 11 feet. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 








534 12tli Oct. 

535 20th May 

536 17tli July 

537 14th Sept. 

538 18th Sept. 


This proposal having been received with incredulity, he built 
an experimental arch in accordance with his design in his garden 
at Sf ringapatam. It is still known as do Havilland's arch and 
a curious feature of it is that a man by leaping on the crown 
or keystone can cause the whole structure to oscillate. 
He appears to have lived in the building which existed in 
the site of the present Madras Record office. He called hi» 
house '* Egmore Retreat " and a retreat it must have been 
then when the S.l.R. (Jo., had not yet come into existence 
in this neighbourhood. It U not known if ho built it 
himself. It is certain however that he owned it and lived 
in it up to 1819. wh*>n he advertised its sale in the Madras 
Courier. It is also fairly certain that his wife Mrs. De Havilland 
died in it. He was made Lieut-Col. in 1824. He died at Guern- 
sey, February 23rd t 1866. 
P. Walker . . Col. Patrick Walker 5th Regiment Light Cavalry who died 

this life at Sorpoor near Bassein on 12th October 1817 from 
whence his remains were removed and interred here. Aged 
50 years. (John Law. Sc. 1826). 

Patrick Walker joined the Cavalry as cadet in 1780, was Lieutenant 
on January 7, 1792, Captain on September 4, 1799, Major 
on May 1. 1804, Lieutenant Colonel on May 23, 1807 and Brevet 
Colonel on June 4, 1814. 

G. A. Kelly .. Sacred to the memory of Major George A. Kelly of the 1st 

Battalion 2nd Regiment Native Infantry departed this life 
on the 29th May 1818. Aged 45 years. 

Georgo Robt. Abraham Kelly joined the army as Cadet in 1790„ 
was Lieut, on February 22, 1793, Captain on May 19, 1S03 and 
Major on April 13, 1813. 

E. Coxe . . . . Beneath this stone are deposited the Remains of Edward 

Coxe Esquire of the Madras Civil Service. By his friends 
who were acquainted with the uprightness and benevolence 
of his character, he was esteemed in life and lamented in 
Death. He died on the 17th July 1818. Aged 41 years. 
" My defence is of God which saveth the upright heart." 

Edward Coxe joined the Company as Writer in 1796. He died 
at Fort St . George. 

S. Green . . . . In memory of Captain Samuel Green of the 6th Regiment 

Native Infantry on this Establishment. He was honoured in 
las profession, beloved in his friendship, an affectionate and 
duteous son, a humble and devout Christian. He died in 
peace on the 14th September 1818 in the 32nd year of his 

Green, Samuel was cadet in 1802, Lieut, on January 19, 1804 
and Captain on June 13, 1816. 
Patrick George To the Memory of Patrick George Blair Major of Artillery 
Blair. of the Establishment of Fort St. George who died on the 

18th Sept. 1819 and whose remains lie interred at Edilabad 
on the route from Nagpoor to Hyderabad. This Cenotaph 
has been erected by his friends in testimony of their high 
esteem and regard [On the Side in Caps. Major George 
Patrick Blair). 

Madras Almanac gives 16th August 1819 as the date of his death 
near Aidelabad. 

He married Mia* Jane Baillie on 22nd March 1806 who gave 
birth to a son in 1815 at St. Thomas Mount (Asiatic Journal, 
Jan. 1816). She died at Cannanore on 9th Sept. 1816. 

Gdorge Urc, Esq., Surgeon to the Residency was married at Hydera- 
bad in 1798 to Miss Harriet Blair, youngest daughter of lata 
Dr. Blair Prebendary of Westminster. 


MADRAS CITY — conl. 

Serial Data. N«"e. Jimcription. 


(!) (2) (3) < 4 > 


539 8th Oct. Richard Yeldham. Richard Yeldham, Esq., late Treasurer arcl Secretary to the 

jg2o Government Bank, aged '68 years. This monument waa 

erected by his friends in India as a last tribute of their 
affectionate regard. 

Ho gavo his name to Yeldham's Road, Toynampet which wag 
laid out before 1816. Ho was a free merchant. Ho was the 
last of a long lino of Mayors of Madras in 1801. In 1797, ho 
was Sheriff of Madras and was also an Alderman. In 1803 
ho was a Commissioner for the Recovery of Small Debts and 
Muster Master of tho King's Troop*, and in 181 1 was Treasurer 
of tho Government Bank. He acquired one and a half acreB 
of ground in TYvnampot in 1796 and built the residence now 
called Luz House. 

540 12th May Samuel Dalrymple. The remains of Lieutenant- Colonel 8am vel Dalrymple, C. B., 


of the Madras Artillery, are interred here. The memory 
of his worth is inscribed on a cenotaph erected by his brother* 
officers at the Artillery Cantonment at St. Thomas' 
Mount, in testimony of their sense of his public services 
and private virtues. 

The Cenotaph stands on the East Corner of the Parade Ground, 
St. Thomas Mount. " Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Dalrymple, 
who died 12th May 1821. This Cenotaph has boon erected 
by his brother officers in commemoration of his valuable* service 
and the esteem in which he was held both in his public character 
and as a member of the Regiment of Artillery in which he wag 
universally respected and beloved." His age is there given 
as 49 years. Ho was married to Miss Margaret Hall by Captain 
James A. Kirkpatrick in camp at Hyderabad, June 18th, 1801. 
On January 3, 1809, on board tho extra Ship Anne, at Sea, 
the Lady of Major Samuel Dalrymple of the Madras Artillery, 
gave birth to a son and on 4th January, tho next day, shj died 
on board tho same ship, at sea. On January 7, 1 805, at Hydera- 
bad, the lady of Capt. Dalrymple gavo birth to a daughter. 
On Novr. 4, 1809 Lieut. Thomas Sampson of H.M. 59th Regiment 

married Miss Martha Dalrymple. 
At his uncle's quarters in Fort William, Doc. 19, 1815, How 
Dalrymple son of Kirby Dalrymple died. (Asiatic Journal, 
Aug. 1816). 

James Dalrymple was of Nunraw, a scat in the parish of Garvald 
7 miles south of East Linton. Ho was a man of extravagant 
tastes, ran through his fortune and was obliged to run through 
his narrowed Estate. Kirkby, Samuel's elder brother was in 
tho 74th Highlanders and How in a Scotch Regiment. All 
three brothers were present at the siege of Soringapatam in 
1799. At home tho toast then was " Hero's to Kirby, How and 
Sam and may thoy take Soringapatam." One of tho family 
traditions was that Kirkby was the gigantic Highlander (he stood 
6 feet 7 inches) who out down Tippoo Saib at tho Gateway as 
represented in the well known picture of the assault. Tho 
sword, which Kirby is supposed to have taken from Tippoo, 
was in the possession of Major General W. D. Tompson, C. B., 
left to him by his grand uncle. 

541 30th Aug. Sir George Cooper. The Hon'ble Sir George Cooper, Kt., Senior Puisne Judge 

jg2j of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras, aged 44 


In 1816 ho succeeded Sir Anthony Buller, who was transferred 
to Bengal. 

542 19th Nov. Sir Samuel Toller. Sir Samuel Toller, Kt., late Advocate-General of this Presi- 

Ig21 dency, aged 57 years. This monument is erected by hi* 

disconsolate family with many tears. 

Thomas Gellibrand. son-in-law of Sir 8amuel Toller, died* 
26th June 1 824, aged 31 yean. 


MADRAS CITY — cant. 

8erial Date. Name. Inscription, 


()) (2) <3> (4) 


Of his throe daughters, the eldest married the Rev. W. Malkin, 
Madras Chaplain, January 1st, 1817 ; the second married Thomas 
Gellibrand, Sheriff of Madras, August 17th, 1818; tho third, 
Harriot, married, February 19th, 1825, General Sir George 
Whitlock, K. C. B., who died at Exmouth, January 31st 1867. 

543 14th Dec William Harino- William Harington, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service, aged 

1821. ton. 54. 

See Nos. 1183, 1593 and 2302. He married Miss Ann Collet 
November 10th, 1793. He joined tho service in 1783 as writer. 
In 1790 he was Secretary to the Board of Revenue and in 1796 
Junior Member of it. In 1815, he was Postmaster-General and 
in. 1818 Collec tor of Govt. Sea Customs. 

Anno, the eldest daughtor of William Harington, was married to 
Robert Waller Poe, solicitor to the Supreme Government of 
Bengal at St. Marys Church Aug. 12, 1817. (Asiatic Journal, 
February 1818). 

(544 10th Aug. Henry Harris . . Henry Harris, M. D., First Member of the Medical Board, 

1822. who was taken from this life in the 64th year of his age. 

His superior abilities, his almost unequalled skill, and extreme 
kindness and humanity in his professional capacity are too 
well known to need any eulogium here. This humble tribute 
is erected by his afflicted wife who can ever cease to lament 
the irreparable loss herself and children have sustained or to 
remember his many virtues and good qualities and whoso 
greatest consolation is the hope of being re-united in another 
and better world. 

He was admitted locally to the Madras establishment in 1785 as 
Assistant Surgeon. His portrait hangs in tho Examination 
room of the Medical College. He was thrice married: (I) 
October 11th, 1786, "from the house of Francis Lind, C,S. " 
to Miss Jane Charlos, who died at Masulipatam December 
22nd, 1800 ; (2) Juno 1805 to Mrs. Mary BaddeJey, who died 
at Qui Ion, March ftth, 1807 ; (3) May 20th, 1811, to Mrs. Jane 
Brown nee Ay liner at St. Mary's Church. Harris was a great 
linguist and an authority on the Hindi spoken in the Decoan. 
The tc Harris MSS." (now in the Tndia Office) are frequently 
quoted in Shakespear's " Dictionary of Hindustani." His 
eldest son Charles Lind HarriB, born November 20th, 1787, 
entered the Bengal Artillery and died in London January 30th 
1871, leaving a son Lieutenant -General Charles Shuter Harris, 
who is tho father of H. N. Harris (Deputy Inspector-General, 
Bengal Police), E.B. Harris, B.C.S., and Colonel G. A. Harris, 

Emma Jane the eldest daughter of Doctor Henry Harris was 
married on 4 September 1815 to Capt. Hugh Scott, Military 
Sec rotary to the Commander-in-Chief. (Asiatic Journal, Feb- 
ruary 1816). 

545 14th Aug. Edward Uhthoff. In memory of Edward Uhthoff, Esq., of the Honourable 

1822. Company's Civil Service on this Establishment died on the 

14th August 1822 aged 28 years. 

Ho joined the service as writer in 1812. In 1819 he became 

Junior Deputy Secretary to the Board of Revenue. 
One H, A. Uhthoff of the Quarter-Master General's Depart- 
ment, married Mrs. Susanna Herbert on 13 July 1816. (Asiatic 
Journal, February 1817). 

546 23rd Aug. Ross Lano . . In the 61st year of his age Major General Ross Lang, Command- 

1822. ing the Troops in the Ceded Districts died. 

He entered the army as Cadet in 1777, was Lieutenant on January 
17, 1782, Captain, August 6, 1794, Major on October 12, 1798, 
Lieutenant Colonel on June 17, 1800, Colonel on July 25, 1810 










28th Dec. 

Henry Hodgson 





Sep. Thomas Fraser 

24th May 

28th May 


31st May 
and 22nd 


and Major Gone ml on June 4, 1813. He married Mies Amelia 
Pelling on December 3, 1792. His father Colonel Ross Lang 
who became Commander-in-Chief after General Stuart's deporta- 
tion married on March 15, 1773 Mrs. Ann Oats, Widow of Cap- 
tain Thomas Oats and daughter of Mr. Thomas Pelling. 

Henry Hodgson, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, aged 43 

Fine coat of arms with motto Semper Constans. 
He joined the Bengal civil service as writer on October 9, 1797. 
On February 17, 1818 he became Third Comnr. at Fort St. 
George and Acting Judge, Provincial Court of Appeal, Calcutta. 
On January 29. 1819, ho was 2nd Comnr. for Carnatic Claims. 
Ho died at Fort St. George. 
Henry Hodgson married at St. George's church, Madras on 
February 14, 1822, Cecil Mary youngest daughter of Rev. 
Thomas Pemborton of Trumpington, in the county of Cam- 

Thomas Fraser Collector and Magistrate of Nellore died 1st 
September 1823 aged 53 at Madras. 

He joined the Civil Service as Writer in 1794. 

Catherine, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Miles, of His Majesty's 
89th Regiment, C.B., K.L.S., daughter and co-heiress of the 
Ven. Dr. Falconer, Dean of Litchfield, aged 44 years. 
Arms. Sola Virtus arnica. 

Edward Wood, Esq., aged 46 years, second son of Edward 
Wood, Esq., of Littleton, Middlesex and Chief Socretary 
to the Government of Forb St. George. This monumont 
is erected by his brother Henry Wood, Esq. 

He died of cftolera. He married Miss Mary ICillay at Negapatam 

October 1st, 1808. 
He jo/nod the service as writer in 1800. 

Henry wood M.C-S. (1832-1865), died 10th October 1893 in England- 
He married on January 5, 1 844, at Rajabmundry at the house of 
F. Copleston Emily Kindersloy, 3rd daughter of Charles 
Kayos, Esq., Bran Regard Jersey. The priest wag Rev. 
F. G. Lugard. 

Sir Willingham Franklin, Kt. one of the Justices of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras and formerly fellow 
of Oriel College, Oxford, aged 44 years. Also of Dame 
Catherine Elizabeth Franklin his widow who died Sep- 
tember 22, 1824, aged 30 years. 

Brother of Sir John Franklin. He was oducated at Westminster 
and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Gentleman, Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford, 31st March 1797 ; aged 17: Scholar 
1796; B.A.. 1800 ; Fellow Oriel College 1801-1819 ; Barrister, 
Inner Temple 1807. He died of cholera. His father was 
Willingham Franklin, of Spilsby, Lincolnshire. 

Catherine Miles. 

Edward Wood 

Sir Willingham 
Franklin, Dame 
Catherine Frank 


2nd June 

John Binny 

John Binny, aged 55 years. 

This is the well-known " Deaf " Binny, founder of the house 
of Binny and Company, which originally went by the name of 
Binny and Dennison. He was at one time a Surgeon in the 
Company's Service. About 1797 John Binny entered the Nawab's 
service. He commanded the Nabob's vessel. He was Sheriff 
in 1801. Binny 's Road, the short thoroughfare connecting the 
Mount Road with Commander-in Chief's Bridge takes its nam* 
from Mr. John Binny, whose residence afterwards became the 
Imperial Hotel. The site is now occupied by the premises of 
Messrs. Spencer and Company and the Connemara Hotel. 

Charles Binny was Captain of Ship Success Gall6y. He arrived 
in 1769 ; in 1778 he came out as Secretary to Sir Thomas 
Rumbold when Governor of Madras ; was afterwards Secretary to 
the Nawab Walajah from 1779 or earlier to 1792 (love, IH-561). 

VOL. I— 1* 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 











7th Sept, 

17th Sept. 

(3) <*> 


Carey Lalandk . . Erected to the memory of Lieut. -General Carey Lalandk, of 
the Hon' bio Company's service, who died at Madias on tho 
7th day of September 1824. 
(John Law, Sculptor, 1826). 

Ho f-ntorocl tho Madras Army in 1769 as Cadet, was Lieut, on 
September 21, 1776, Captain on November 2, 1783, Major 
on March 1, J 794, Lieut.. Colonel on June 1, 1796, Colonel on 
June 17, 1800, Major-General on April 25, 1808 and Lieut.- 
Genorul on Juno 4, 1813. 

Charles Fullerton. Charles Fullerton, Esq., of the Civil Service, aged 40 years. 

Ho married at Madura .July 12th, 1815, Sophia, fourth daughter 
of Chnrles Maxtone, C. S. (No. 305). Ho had a son on 14th 
October 1817. (Asiatic Journal, May 1818.) 

Charles Fullerton was writer in 1804 and became in 1816 Judge of 
Chingloput Zilluh. 

21st Sept. 

Archibald Erskine 

2 1st Jan. 

15th Feb. 

Andrew Scott 

W. Ravenshaw 



10th April 

10th July 

Anna Louisa Wal- 

John Noble 

Captain Archibald Erskine Pattullo, of the 1th Regiment, 
Madras Cavalry, commarding the Hon'ble tho Governor's 
Body Guard. 

Ho married at St. George's Church, Isabella, daughter of James 
Brodie, C. S., December 18th, 1820. James Brodjo was the 
eldest son of J. Brodie of Brodie, N. Britain. 

On October 9, 1827 at Singapore John Pattullo, H. E., I.C.S., 
married Hiirnrfc eldest daughter of Dr. James Hare of Calcutta. 

Andrew Scott, of the Madras Civil Service, aged 72 years, 
of which period he faithfully served his Honorable employers 
52 years. 

He joined the service as Writer in 1773. See No. 2285. 

Sacred to the Memory of Captain W. Ravenshaw of the 
Madras Engineers, Born 5th January 1781. Joined his 
Corps 17th February 1797. Died 15th February 1825. 
Having served in India without intermission nearly twenty- 
eight years he was a skilful and zealous officer, an affectionate 
relative, a warm friend and a benevolent man. 

The East India Directory givos 5th January 1825 a» the date of 
his death (on board the Company's ship Astell). 

This tomb covers the Earthly remains of Anna Louisa Walker 
dearly beloved and ever to l>e lamented daughter of General 
Sir George Townshend Walker Commander in Chief 
who on the 10th April 1827 expired in the firm faith that 
her Redeemer loveth. 
Nat. 1779. Ob. XVI July 1827, aet. 48. Here rest tho earthly 
remains of Lieutenant -Colonel John Noble, C. B., founder 
of the Corps of Horse Artillery on the Madias Establishment, 
distinguished by all that adorns the soldier, tho citizen and 
tho Christian, the ardour of a chivalrous spirit temjwred by 
sound judgment and sustained by a just confidence in his 
own resources, generous and warm affections regulated by 
strict integrity and the crown of his other virtues, unaffected 
and humble piety. After a brilliant career of military 
service he returned from the short enjoyment of his well- 
earned honours in his native land to lay his ashes in this 
theatre of his former glory. 

There used to be a portrait of Colonel Noble in the Artillery Mobb 
House at the Mount, representing him in the uniform of the 
Corps which he founded and commanded. He ontered the 
sorvice as Lieutenant Fireworker, January 8th, 1790, and died 
*m hoard the Roxburgh Cattle in Madras roads. 


Serial Date, 


Name. Inscription. 

(I) (2) O) (4) 

660 "1st Aug William Read, Lieutenant-Colonel William Read, Deputy Quartermaster- 
" 1827 and Elizabeth Steel. General of the King's Troops, Madras, aged 45 years. Hoio 
10th Apr also ar0 deposited the mortal remains of his daughter Eltza- 

1849 ' betii Margaret, the dearly beloved wife of Brigadier- 

General S. W. Steel, C. B., commanding the Ceded Districts 
Division of the Madras Army, who died of spasmodic 
cholera at Palsamoodrum on the route to Bellary on 15th 
February 1849, aged 41. Her remains having been brought 
to Madras were buried in this her father's grave on 10th 
April 1841). Truly amiable and affectionate in all the relations 
of life, she was a thorough Christian in faith and practice, 
admired and respected by all to whom she was known, 
and adored by her dependents. She was the pride of her 
devoted husband s heart, the ornament of his home, and the 
light of his life. 

L. J. St. Goorge Steele, eocond son of Liout. Colonel Steele, 2nd 
Battalion, 2nd Kegimer.t died at Vizagapatam on September 18, 
1817. (Asiatic Journal, March 1S18). 
Wm. Read born 1780, was tho son of John born May 29, 1754 at 
Kin« St. London, and baptised at St. Jamea Westminster died 
at Woolwich January 22, 1852. John was the son of John Read 
of King St. and Tawhre Mercer married February 16, 1752 
at Mr. Keilty new Chapel Mayfair. 
Lieutonant-General Sir Scudamoro Steel, K. C. B., was born in 
1789 and died in 1865. 

561 2nd July Ebbnbzer Brown. Ebenezer Brown, M. D., Inspector of Hospitals and Prin- 

1828 oipal Modical Officer of the King's Troops in the Madras 

Presidency. Erected by the officers of the Department. 

Of Brandram, "Perthshire. 

562 27th Aug. Sydenham Chaelbs Sacred to tho memory of Sydenham Charles Clarke, Esq., 

1828. Clarke. Mardas Civil Service, obit August 27th 1828, sat. XXIX 


Edward PeSena Sculptor 1828. 

Son of Lieutenant-General Tredway Clarke, Madras Artillery. 
S. C. Clarke joined the Civil Service as Writer in 1818. Tredway 
Clarke joined the Artillery in 1779 as Cadet, was Lieut. on October 
12, 1781, Captain on July 22, 1788, Major on June 14, 1801, 
Lieut.-Colonel on October 16, 1801, Colonel on July 25, 1810, 
Major-General on June 4, 1813, Lieut.-General on May 27, 1825. 
He married Miss Lucy Dorothea Pyo Sydenham on 12th 
February 1795. 

563 29th Sept. Harriet Dalmahoy. Harriet, wife of James Dalmahoy, Esq., Assistant Surgeon, 

182 g # and daughter of the Rev. Dr. Laurio, Ayrshire ; she was born 

25th September 1802. The tombstone has been so sullied 
by untruth that it is now a poor memorial of those we mourn ; 
she, whose body reposes here, was a humble believer in 
Christ, simple and affectionate in disposition, and of an 
excellent understanding. Her memory is very dear to her 
husband and friends, and their love and respect to it are her 
best monument. 

James Dalmahoy married at Madras July 28, 1828, Harriet, 3r 

daughter of Rev. Dr. Archibald Laurie, Minister of Loudoun. 


564 Sth Oct. HbnbyBybnb Henry Byrne, Esq., Barrister-at-Law and Master of the 

1330, Supreme Court at Madras. 

In September 1818 he was appointed to the bench of the Supreme 
Court, Ceylon (Asiatic Journal, March 181°). 

VOL. I — 18a 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


He was father of Rev. H. Barnes Byrne Ftilow of Quoen'a College, 
Oxford, 1851-63, also of George Grey Byrne, of Oriel and Inner 
Temple and of Rev. John Rice Byrne, Inspector of Schools. 
Miss Ann Byrne was married to Mr. G. A. Sheppard in Bengal. 
(Asiatic Journal, January 1816.) 

565 1 1th June Christopher Anstey Christopher Anstey Thompson, aged 31 , of the Hon'ble E.I.C. 

1831. Thompson. Civil Service and Principal Collector of Nellore, second 

son of George Nesbitt Thompson, of Penton Lodge, in the 
county of Hants. 

G. N. Thompson was junior advocate to the Company and Private 
Socrotary to Warron Hastings in 1783. He joined the service as 
Writor in 1816. (See No. 636.) 

Francis Archibald Savage, of the Civil Service, aged 56 

Ho joined as writer end Under Searcher of the Sea Gate in 1790. 

Sacred to the memory of Catherine EuJza the infant daughter 
of G.J. Morris, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, born 1st December 
1831, died 4th November 1832. 

J. Hall Sculptor. 

Georgo James Morris joinod the Bengal Civil Service on April 30 f 
1817 and was Sessions Judgo of Behar in 1832. 

568 IMh Oct. John Monckton John Monjckton Coombs, Lieutenant-Colonel, of the 10th 
1SS3. Coombs. Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, and Commandant of 

the Cantonment at Pallavaram, who after an honourable 
career of 33 years in the Indian Army, during which he was 
frequently employed on the general staff and confidentially 
under General McDowell, Commander-in-Cheif, and the 
Honorable W. Petrie, Governor of Prince of Wales' Island, 
was mortally wounded, at the cantonmont of Pallavaram 
while returning from ball practice with his brigade by a 
Havildar of the 5th Regiment, who infuriated by passion 
and blinded by intoxicating drugs, mistook the person of his 
intended victim and aiming at the lifo of another, sacrificed 
that of his best friend and protector. The assassin atoned 
to the laws for his atrocious crime ; but what can compensate 
the loss of a fond husband and indulgent father to his 
bereaved family, of an esteemed comrade to his companions 
in arms, of a talented gentleman to the socio ty he graced, 
and of an accomplished officer to the Government which 
he served with fidelity and zeal ? 

The murder is described in Bevan's " Thirty Years in India," 
Vol. 1, page 147. and in A. Hon ey's " Ten years in India," Vol. 
1, page 121. 

Brigadier Coombs had had a narrow escape in the Vellore Mutiny, 
boing then adjutant of the Regiment which mutinied ; he was 
concealed under a large wash tub (Hervoy, vol. 1, p. 152). He 
joined the Madras Army in 1799 as Cadet, was Lieut, on December 
15, 1800, Captain on March 5, 1808, Major on April 1, 1819 and 
Lieut. Colonel on May 1, 1824. 

Sacred to the memory of Richard William Maitland of 
Patrichie in the county of Aberdeen in Scotland who departed 
this life at Madras on the 23rd day of November 1833 in the 
70th year of his age and after a residence in the country 
of upwards of 40 years during which though he met with 
many vicissitudes he retained at all times the highest 
regard, respect, esteem and friendship of ail who had the 

566 23rd June Francis Archibald 

1831. Savage. 

567 4th Nov. Catherine Eliza 

1832. Morris. 

5G9 23rd Nov Richard William 
1833. Maitland. 




MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Datt. Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3) (4) 





1st Mar. John Mitchell 

17th April John Hanbury . 

15th May Sir Andrew Mc- 

1834. Dow ell. 


8th June John Goolden 

19th June James Martin 

1834. Jollie. 

18th Oct. George Peter 

1834. Tyler. 




21st May Henry White 

12th Juno Phillips Cosby .. 

3rd Aug. Edward Fauquier. 

3rd Dec. Sir George Elder. 

Pleasure of his acquaintance and of none more than his 
friends by whom in token of regret at his loss this monument 
is erected to his memory. 

R. H. Maitland married in Madras Miss Westcott in 1800. 

Sacred to the memory of John Mitchell, Esq., of the Madra* 
Civil Service, who departod this life on the 1st March 
1834 aged 24 years. 

He joined tho service as Writer in 1829. 

To the memory of John Hanbury, Esq., of the Madras Civil 
Service, who died at this Presidency on the 17th April 1834, 
aged 45 years, sincerely regretted by numerous friends. 

Sir Andrew McDowell, K.C.B., late Major-General in the 
Honourable Company's Service on the Madras Establish- 
ment, aged 72 years. 

He entered tho Army in 1783; served at Malavilly (1792) and 
Seringapatarn (1799) ; and at tho battle of Mahidpore (1817) 
commanded a brigade undfr Sir T. H i»lop, Commander-in-Chief 
of the Madras Army. Ho took leavo of the Coast Army in 
G.O.C.C. 28 January 1809 in an extraordinarily worded order 
given in Neill's services of the Madras European Regiment, page 

Sacred to the memory of Ensign John Goolden who died 
at Madras on the 8th June 1834 aged 19 years. 

In memory of James Martin Jollte who died at Madras on 
the 19th June 1834, aged 34 years. 

George Peter Tyler, late of the Civil Service, aged 75 years. 

Brothor of Admiral Sir Charles Tylor, (i.C.B. He joined aa 
writer in 1777 and from 1791 to 1822 served in Bengal. In 1830 
he was Cashier of the Government Bank. Two of his sons 
William Hardinge and Edward Francis entered the B.CS. as 
writer on April 30, 1827. 

George Tyler. — Time of arrival 13 Juno 1778, Commencement 
of Rank 14th June 1777 ; Station at arrival — Writer, Mercal 
Station; (1800) Senior merchant in Bengal. He married Mrs. 
Moscrop at Calcutta November 1806. 

A Henry Tyler, Accountant in the Bank of Bengal, married 
Miss Jane Elizabeth Anderson at St. John's Cathedral, Calcutta, 
on May 17, 1816. (Asiatic Journal, February 1817.) 

Major Henry White, of the 7th Regiment, Native Infantry, 
and Deputy Military Secretary to Government, aged 45 

Ho joined the Army as Cadet in lSOtf, was Lieut, on February 28, 
1810 and Captain on May 1, 1824. 

Under this tomb are deposited the remains of Captain Phillips 
Cosby of His Majesty's Service, son of Lt. General Sir 
Henry Cosby ob fc . June 12th 1836. 

Edward Fauquier, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, aged 
56 years. 

First Commissioner for liquidating the Tanjore debt. He died at 

He joined the Bengal Civil Service as Writer on November 1, 1798, 
Wm, Fauquier, Esq., one of tho Directors of tho South Sea 
Company died on September 10, 1788. 

Underneath are deposited the remains of Major- Genera 
Sir George Elder, K.C.B., who after a long career of dig. 
tlnguiehed service as a soldier in various parts of the wo r 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 






I inscription. 

(3) (4) 


580 21st Dec. Elizabeth Corbie. 

581 5th Fob. Daniel Corrib 

682 1st Nov. Henry Peach 
1837. Kbiohly. 

683 18th May John William 
1838. Dare. 

lost his life by accident at Madras, on the 3rd December 
1836, aged 57 years. Law and Co., Sc. 

Commanding the Mysore, divinion of the Army. He was kil'ed 
by his horse running him violently against a troe on tho Mount 

Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Corrie, First Bishop of Madras ; 
she was married to him while Chaplain at Agra, 16th Novem- 
ber 1812 ; she departed in the Lord on 21st Dec. 1836. 
Aged 47 years. 

M They were lovely and pleasant in their live a and in thnir death 

they were not divided." 
Cornw wen married at St. John's Calcutta by the Rev. Thomas 


The Right lie vo rend Father in Christ, Daniel Corrie, LL.D., 
First Bishop of Madras, formerly Archdeacon of Calcutta 
and Chaplain on the Bengal establishment. Ho entered on 
the work of the ministry in India, 21st September 1806 
on his Episcopal duties in this Piocese, 28th October 1835, 
and followed his beloved wife to his eternal rest. Agod 
59 years. 

Mrs. Corrie was a Miss Myors. William Myers, born July 12th, 
1758, died at Calcutta, January 19th, 1817, and lies buried near 
Emily Corrie, an infant, who died in 1815. 

Major Henry Peach Keiohly of Tdlicot, in Warwickshire, 
Judge Advocate-General of the Madras Army, aged 45 

Only son of Jamos Keighly. B.C.S., by his wife Sarah Peach. His 
daughter Sarah married, May 11th, 1858, Lucius, Master of 
Falkland, son of the tenth Viscount Falkland, Governor of 
Bombay, 1848 to 1853. Mr. James English Keighloy, Senior 
merchant B.C.S., first married Miss Mary Higgins 1777, May 17. 

Captain Honry Edmund Poach was a Bengal Military Officer : 
died May 3, 1833. He joined the army as Cadet in 1801. 

Joseph Poach Esq., Coll. in tho Co's, service, married on 
Jan. 22, 1770 at Calcutta, Applica Wilts. He died at Monghyr 
in July 1770. 

Tho Asiatic Journal of July 1817 records that one Lieut. Koighley 
of the 3rd Madras Cavalry was taken on his way from Hyderabad 
by u band of Pindarees ** who burnt the unfortunate officer in 
his cot to which he was confined by illness and from which 
he was unable to rise. Thoy executed the horrid barbarity by 
placing uneler him bags stooped in oil." 

In memory of John William Dare, who died at Madraa 
on the 18th May 1838 aged 57 years. 

Senior partnor of the firm of Messrs. Parry, Dare & Co. whose 
placo of business is still known to coachmen as "Dart House", 

Ho was born in 1781. He arrived from Bombay in 1810, became 
partner in the house of Parry & Dare and member of the 
Committefc of the Madras Jnsuranco Co. Dare's Gardens, 
Kilpauk, belonged to him in 1822. He was "head assistant 
to the navy Victualling Contractor", 1817. 

Mrs. Melian Dare first married a Mr. Dare. They were ship- 
wrecked and Dare drowned off the Coromandol Coast and Mrs. 
Hastings then Mme. Uhthoff took Mrs. Dare under her protection 
6, Oct. 1776, while Hastings stood Godfather when infant 
for Hastings Dare (Cadet 1794, Col. 1821, dieel in England 
September 22, 1836). 

Mrs. Hastings arranged a match for her with Captain Samuol 
Showers on November 13, 1779. Three sons were born one of 
whom was also named Hastings. Col. Showers had a pension 
but refused his wife a share in it, since she had left him of her 



Serial Date, 





584 5th Aug. 

585 24th Oct. 

( 3 ) (4 ) 


own accord. Captain Charles Lionel Showors was killed 15th 
April 1815 at the storm of MaUwn (a Utirka strong-hold in Nepal) 
agod 35. Monument in St. John's Church, Calcutta. The 
Company granted her a pension of 170 a year to date 
from the day of her boii'm death. 

Nathaniel Webb. Nathaniel Webb H.C.C.S. died 5th August 1838 aged 75 
years and 15 days having served the Madras Govern- 
ment for a consecutive period of 59 years and 3 months. 

Ho joined the service in 1778 as writer. 

Mary Patterson. 

586 2nd Mar. 

587 8th July 

588 20th July 



Edmund Culling 
Hey wood. 




2nd Fob. 

Kenneth Macaulay. 


17th Dec. 

James Cuddy 


26th Sept. Thomas 
1844. Lane, 


Mary Patterson, widow of the late Lieut. -Colonel John 
Patterson, of the Hon* bio Company's Madras Army, who died 
on the 24th Octobor 1838, agod 105 years. This monument 
is erected by Captain Commandant Frederick Pigou Patter- 
son, of His Highness the Nizam's Army, her only surviving 

Another centenarian, lies buried at Samulcotta in tho person of 
Mrs. Christiana Berg, a^od 101 yoarw, who died April 29th, 1806. 

James Henry Frith, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Madras 
Artillery and Companion of the Order of the Bath, aged 52 
years. This monument is erected by his only child and 
her husband in grateful and affoctionato regard to his 
memory and many virtues. 

Edmund Culltng Hey wood, Esq., Madras Civil Service, 
aged 21 years. 

He joined the sf rvico as writer in 1838. 

Ashmead William Pruen, Esq., late Coroner of Madras, aged 
24 years. He was destined for the medical profession, but 
his health gave way under the prosecution of his studies in 
London and Paris and compelled him to seek a warmer 
climate. The change, however, was ineffectual and he ex- 
pired about two years after his arrival in this country, in 
which he had lived long enough to gain tho good- will, 
esteem and affection of all who knew him. 

The office of Corontr of Madras was abolished in 1888, Mr. E. 
Norton being tho last holder of the post. Mr. Pruen wa« one of 
the f arlioHt Secretaries of the Madras Club, founded in 1831, of 
which Hervoy says in his vol. Ill, p. 1 10 of "Ton years in Indie/* 
** thcro is nothing to ofiual in it in tho whole of India. 1 ' 

Kenneth Macaulay, Esq., First Member of the Madias 
Medical Board, who. after nearly 40 years' service in India, 
departed this life, aged LXI. 

Cousin of Lord Macaulay. Ho married August 23rd, 1813, Ade- 
laido, daughter of John and Marianne Hall. Their daughter 
Seliria married J. W. Cherry, C.S. (No. 601), January 13th 

James Cuddy, Esq., First Member of the Medical Board, 
agod 57 years. This monument is erected by a few of his 
more intimate friends in testimony of the high estimation 
in which his public character as a Medical officer and his 
privato worth as a member of society, were hold during 
a protracted service of nearly 37 years in India. 

Thomas Moore Lane, Esq., Surgeon and Oculist to Honour- 
able East India (Company on the Medical establishment, 
Physician to His Highness the Nawab and Private Secre- 
tary to the Most Noble the Marquis of Tweeddalk, K.T.anrJ 







Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 


592 17th Mar. Thomas Jambs 
1845. wolfbrstan 

593 24th Aug. Charles Turton 

1846. Kaye. 

594 24th Feb. Murray Pattison 

1849. Daniell. 

595 4th Jan. Arthur Brooke . . 


596 4th Aug. Emma Sladen 

5th April Ramsay Sladen . . 

597 24th July Leonard CoorER 

598 19th Nov. Francisco Marques 
1852. DeSouza Lisboa. 

599 5th Mar. Thomas Dealtry. 

C.B., Governor of Fort St. George. He was suddenly called 
to his rest in the midst of his useful and honourable labours. 
Aged 47 years. 

Thomas Jambs Wolferstan Thomas, Esq., late of the Civil 
Service, aged 40 years. 

He married Miss Ann Coultman, third daughter of Major Coultman 
of H.M. 53d. Regiment of Foot, Decomber 28th, 1830, wha 
died at Vizagapatam August 21st, 1841, aged 31. Ho joined 
the servico as writer in 1824, and in 1844 was Subordinate Judge 
in Madura. 

Charles Turton Kaye, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service, 
aged 33 years. 

He joined the servico as writer in 1831. 

Murray Pattison Daniell of the Madras Civil Servioe> 
aged 38 years. 

He joined the service as writer in 1832. 

Arthur Brooke, of the Civil Service, aged 75 years. 

He joined the service as writer in 1793. A son was bom to him 
on April 2, 1816. (Asiatic Journal, October 1816.) 

One William Augustus Brooke was in the Civil Service of Bengal 
and was at the time of his death, the Agent to the Governor - 
Gonoral at Benares. He died on 10th February 1834 at a very- 
advanced age. (Asiatic Journal, February 1834.) 

Sacred to the memory of Emma Sladen wife of Ramsay 
Sladen, Esq., late Physician General of Madras who died 
at Madras 4th of August 1850 aged 44. Also to the memory 
of Ramsay Sladen, Esquire, Physician General, Madras 
Retired List, who died at Madras, 5th April 1861, aged 79. 
Requiescant in Pace. J. Furlong Set. 

Tho dato of hi.s arrival in India is 29 December 1806. He married 
October 1st, 1822, Emma, second daughter of tho late Major. 
Paul Boso (soo Nos 213 and 794). 

Leonard Cooper, Esq., Solicitor and late Sheriff of Madras, 
aged 46 years 4 months and 14 days. This tomb is erected a* 
a tribute of deep sympathy by his afflicted widow and 

He married a Russian lady, Maria Smirnoff, eldest daughter of 
Chevalier do Smirnoff, who was Consul -General attached to the 
Court of Hussia in Holland on September 18th, 1828. 

Francisco Marques DeSouza Lisboa, second son of the 
Chevalier Joze Marques Lisboa, ex-Envoy-Extraordinary and 
Minister Plenipotentiary of His Majesty the Emperor of 
Brazil to Her Britannic Majesty and of Dona Johanna 
Marques DeSouza Lisboa. He was born at Brussels on 
21st September 1834, belonged to the Imperial Navy of Brazil 
and was admitted as a Midshipman into the Royal Navy of 
England where he served with honour and distinction from 
the 1st June 1848 until his death. 

He died from an accident on board H.M. ship Hastings. 

The Right Rev, Thomas Dealtry, d.d., of St. Catharine's 
Hall, Cambridge, third Bishop of Madras. Having laboured 
in India with singular fidelity and unsparing devotion for 
more than 30 years first as Chaplain in the H E.C.S. and 



MADRAS CITY — cone. 

Date. Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3) (4) 


600 4th April Dering Williams. 

601 4th Dec. John William 
1866. Cherry. 

602 2nd Feb. Aeneas Ranald 
1867. MoDonbll. 

603 13th Nov. Frederick Beres- 
1868. ford Molony. 

6J4 15th Oct. David Fenn 

Archdeacon of Calcutta, and subsequently as Bishop of the 
Diocese, he entered into rest in the midst of his work, in 
tho 66th year of his age, and the twelfth of his Episcopate. 
The handsome monument is by Durham. 
Lucy Headley, daughter of Rev. Thomas Dealtry, m.a., and wife 
of John Bagshaw, M.P., of Dovercourt died 1 March 1852, 
aged 29. 

In memory of Derino Williams, Madras Civil Service born 6th 
March 1835 died 4th April 1866. This tablet is erected in 
affectionate remembrance by his widow. The spirit shall 
return unto God who gave it. Ecclesiastious XII — 7th Verse. 

fn fond memory of John William Cherry, Esqre., Madras 
Civil Service, who died at Madras on the 4th December 1866, 
aged 40. 

Judge of Ootacamund and father of J. W. Cherry, late of the 
Forest Department. He married January 13th, 1841, Selina# 
only daughter of Dr. Keimeth Maeaulay (No. 589), cousin of 
Lord Maeaulay. He was the only H on of O. F. Cherry ( 1 788- 1 827), 
who died Judge on Combaoonam, and grandson of John Hector 
Cherry (1763-1803), who died Member of Council, Bombay, 
J. H. Cherry's brother, George Frederick Cherry (1761-99), was 
Lord Cornwallis' Persian Secretary, and went in 1792 on a mission 
to Soringapatam, whore he painted a portrait of Tippoo Sultan, 
which he presented to the Sultan's mother and which now hang* 
in the Finance Committee room of the India office. Its amia- 
ble and accomplished " painter was murdered at Benares, where 
he was aoting as Governor- General's Agent, by Wazir Ali, 
January 14th, 1799. Alexander Inglis Cherry, the youngest son 
of J. H. Cherry, entered the D.C.S. in 1824 and died January 
26th, I860, at the Cape in his cousin Colonel Peter Cherry's house. 
Another John Hector Cherry was in the Bombay C.S. (1813-24) 
and died at Ahmedabad, Movember 25th, 1824 (see Nos. 1053 and 

For Wazir Ali see Sleeman's Rambles and Recollections II, 123 
and in the note the quotation from Thompson's History of 
India, Chapter XVII. He was despatched with Captain Conway 
and Mr. Evans " a native of Bengal.'* Asiatic Annual Register 
for 1799, pages 75-77. 

Aeneas Ranald MoDonbll, M.C.S., aged 42 years. 

There is a public obelisk to his memory in the cantonment oi 
Trichinopoly. His father, also named ^Eneas, was a Madras 
civilian, 1807-38, and Private Secretary to Sir Thomas Munro 
(See No. 2727.) Helen, daughter of A. R. MoDonell and Juliana 
Charlotte, his wife, died 26th October 1829, aged 1 year, 10 
months and 15 days- 

Frederick Beresford Molony, of the Civil Service, aged 
35 years. 

He built the present Sub-Collector's house at Madanapalle on the 
site of a thatched bungalow erected by Sir Thomas Munro, and 
buried his little daughter there in 1862. 

The Rev. David Fenn, m.a., of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
son of the late Rev. Joseph Fenn, Minister of Blackheath 
Park Church, England, born at Cottayam, 29th June 1826. 
For 26 years a missionary of the Church Missionary Society, 
17 years itinerant in North Tinnevelly, in Ceylon and around 

VOL. 1—17 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 








(3) <*) 


605 10th April GEORGE Hardinge. 

£06 12th July William Soott 
1883. Drrver. 

007 25th Jan. Ceorgb Warlow. 

<H)8 12th June T. K. Rogers 

309 13th Aug. John Franklin 
1884. Gbll. 

610 22nd Mar. Sir Verb Hbnry 
1885. Levinge, Bart. 

Madras, and the last 9, Secretary of the Madras Corresponding 

He graduated B.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge, in double 
honours -Senior Optime and second class Classics — in 1849. He 
was ordained deacon in 1849, and priest in 1850, by the Bishop 
of London. He wa<* Curate of St. Paul's Co vent Garden, from 
1849 till 1852, when he went to Madras. He was a fellow of 
Madras University. 

Form Hostel connected with the Madras Christian College, was 
erected as a memorial of him soon after his death. 

His father Joseph Fenn was born in 1790 in the county of Norfolk, 
was ordained at Norwich 1816 to the Curacy of Pakefield ; 
went to Cottayam in 1817, retired in 1826; became Vicar of 
Blackhoath, and was olocted in 1837 an Hon. Life Governor of 
the C.M.S. ; died in 1878. 

In loving memory of my dear husband George Hardinge, 
m.a., m.i.c.e., Resident Engineer of the Madras Railway 
Company, born in Dublin, 20th January 1831. Amavimus, 
Amamus, Arnabimus. 

William Scott Drever, c.s.i., Colonel, Madras Staff Corps 
who for 1(> years held the office of Commissioner cf Police, 
Madras, born 22nd July 1830. This monument was erected 
by his brother -officers and friends. 

Thore is a fountain to his memory in Police Commissioner's road, 
Madras. He arrived in India as an Ensign on 29th Sept-ember 
1847. He became Superintendent of Police, N. Kanara 
on 7th May 1859 and remained in that department till his 

George Warlow, Priest, Archdeacon of Madras, aged 47. 
" Faithful unto death. " Erected by his wife and son. 

He was born on 19th March 1836, graduated M.A. from St. John's 
College, Cambridge. He joined the service in 1863. 

T. K. Rogers, m.b., f.r.o.s., Surgeon, Madras Medical Service, 
Chemical Examiner to Government and Professor of Chemis- 
try, Madras Medical College, aged 33 years and 8 months. 
Erected by some of his brother-officers. 

Thomas King Rogers bom on 29th October 1850, joined the 
service as Surgeon in 1877. 

John Franklin Cell, m.a., aged 33. Erected by his affec- 
tionate pupils, the minor Zemindars of Ramnad and Gunta- 
manayakanur in grateful remembrance of his devotion to their 

Nephew of Dr. Frederick Gell, Bishop of Madras, 1861-99 and 
son of John Philip Gell, Rector of St. John's Notting Hill 
and Brixted, Sussex, sou of Philip Gell, Curate in charge of 
Matlock. J. P. Gell married Eleanor, only daughter of Sir 
J. Franklin (see Life of Bishop Gell, page 168). Miss Gell's 
house is now probably Woodlands. 

Sir Verb Henry Levinge, Bart., of Knock Drin, Co., West- 
meath, Ireland and Pamban House, Kodaikanal, aged 66. 
He was in the Civil Service from 1839 to 1867, and succeeded to 
the Baronetcy after his retirement. He was the promoter of 
Kodaikanal sanitarium. " He settled in 1867 at Kodaikanal 
and lived at Pamban House till within a few weeks of his death. 
To him are due nearly all the improvements which this Settle- 
ment possesses.*' 

In memory of Sir Vere Henry Levinge, Bart., Baronet of Knock* 
drin Castle, Westmeath, Ireland, and formerly of the Madras 
Civil Service. Bora 28th November 1819 Died at Madras 





Date . Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3) (4) 


611 25th Feb. Patrick O'Sulli- 

1887. van. 

612 26th June George William 

1891. Fawcbtt. 

613 26th Sept. Edward Sidney 
1891. Laffan. 

614 11th Nov. George McWat- 
1891. TERS. 

615 1st Mar. Arthur Burrell 

1892. Ord. 

616 7th Aug. Alfred Thomas 

1895. Pitt. 

617 14th Feb. Marmaduke Alkx- 

1896. ander Lawson. 

618 17th Dec. Elsie Pringle .. 

619 16th April Alfred John Coop- 
1899. er Oakley. 

620 let Jan. Arthur Torrens 
1904. Prinole. 

22nd March 1 885. This monument is erected by a few of their 
friends at a mark of their admiration and esteem. He bore 
without abuse the grand old name of Gentleman. 
[Monument at Kody above Cooker's walk on the ridge between 
Jaffna House and the American Mission Church. An Irish 
Cross in gray granite.] 

Patrick O'Sullivan aged 53 yearn. 

Advocate-General . 

George William Fawcett of the Civil Service, born June 
28th, 1852. 

Acting Collector of Trichinopoly, where there is a tablet in 
St. John's Church to his memory. He was educated at Kings- 
town School. He joined the service in 1874. 

Edward Hidney Laffan, Madras Civil Service, aged 34 years. 

Brother of the He v. R. S. de Courcy Laffan, late Principal of 
Cheltenham College He waB educated at Wimbledon School 
(as was Sir James WeHtland). He joined the service in 1876. 

George McWatters, M.C.S., born 1841. 

He died suddenly of heart (aneurysm) while Collector of Madras. 

A native of County Down. Educated at Newry Collegiate School 
and Queen's College, Belfast, both a classic and a Mathemati- 
cian (Hon. M.A.) 2nd in classics to Jimmy Westland- -Collector 
of Malabar and Salem. His sons one Commanding 81st Pio- 
neers, 3rd Mcwaters, I.C. 8. ; another in 24th Punjabis. 
Daughter married Findlay Shirras, Director of Statistics (3rd 
son born, East Hill, Calicut, others at Erode and Cojmbatora). 

In loving memory of Arthur Burrell Ord, Madras Civil 
Service, aged 21. 

Alfred Thomas Pitt, M.C.S., aged 20 yearn. 

A. T. Pitt (Christ's College, Cambridge) joined the service in 1889, 

Marmaduke Alexander Lawson, son of the Rev. J. Lawson 
of Seton Carew, Government Botanist, born 1840. 

Mr. Lawson had been Sherardian Piofessor of Botany at Oxford* 
1868-83. He was incorporated at Magdalen College, Oxford, 
from Trinity College, Cambridge (See the notos preceding 
No. 2256). 

He was born 20th January 1840. He arrived at Madras on 5th 
February 1883. 

In loving memory of Elsie, a brave white houI, the dear wife of 
Captain J. W. Pringle, R.E., and daughter of Sir John 
Kirk, G.C.M.G., aged 2« years. 

"Go, thou, white in thy soul to fill a throne of innocence and 
sanctity in heaven.** — Ford. 

Alfred John Cooper Oakley, only son of John Jeffries Oak- 
ley, London, aged 44 years. 

Registrar of the Madras University. 

Arthur Torrens Pringle, aged 51 years. Beloved by all 
who knew him. 

Mr. Pringle, who was for many years Assistant Secretary to the 
Madras Government, achieved a great reputation as a researcher 
and republisher of its old records. All the pages of the last 
edition of this work passed under his eye, and the author is 
indebted to him for much kindly assistance, always most un« 
grudgingly rendered. 

VOL. I— »17a 


MADRAS CITY — eont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


021 Oth Dec. John Samuel John Samuel Heaney, J.C.S. Died at Madras Deoeinber 

1908. Heaney. 6th, 1908, aged 38. Erected by his personal friends. 

J. S. Heaney (Royal University of Ireland and Trinity College, 
Dublin) joined the service in 1895. 


022 16th Jan. Petrus Uscan De Elatus Jama in auras interque nubila caput condens, hie ingres- 

1751. Coja Poous. sus solo jacet discordium conciliator, jurgiorumque placator, 

Armeniorum fautor coluiuenquo firmum, indigentium prsBsi- 
dium fervidumque tutamen, in publica damna detrinxentaque 
resarciendo impendiosus , largusque refector in divina, 
aedesque sacras propagando haud perparco strenuus inipensor 
Petrus Uscan de Coja Pogus, Armenus, cuius cor Julfce, 
annos natus 70, e vita cecessit 15 Januarii 1751. 

Pogose is the Armenian for Paul. Khojah is a corruption of the 
Persian Khwajoh," signifying a man of distinction. Petrus 
was the son of Khojah Woskan or Uscan and a grandson of 
Khojah Pogope of Julfa. Ho was tho most notable Ai-menian 
of his day in Madras and is said to have boon at one time a 
Member of Council. In 1725 he built the Marmalong Bridge 
and in 1726 placed steps fiom the foot to the summit of St. 
Thomas* Mount. The concluding words of his epitaph " cuius 
cor Julfra " refer to the bringing of his heart in a golden casket 
from Madras to be buried at Julfa in Ispahan. An oil-painting 
of the Khojah was executed at Madras in 1737 and is now in 
All Saviour's Catherdal at Julfa. Upon it is painted a heart, 
with the following distich : — 

'* My heart longs for home, where, should I be unable toJfco, 
I desire that, when my last day comes, my heart be sent 
to my native land, so that I, Petrus Uscan, ['may have 
a grave there. " 

Uscan was a Catholic and had bought the ground wheie he lies 
buried and built a chapel upon it to our Lady of Miracles, 
making the Capuchin father Severini his executor. Aft-er his 
death the Madras Government put the 8.P.C.K. missionaries 
in possession of the Church and premises. 

In 1787 the Mission owned : — 

** The Church at Vepery near Madras. The Mission House and 
a Garden belonging to it. A burying ground adjoining to the 
garden. Two apartments for the Portuguese and English 
Schoolmasters. A burying ground in the Black Town of 
Madras. A small house near the Mission Garden, the legacy 
of Mrs. Bonwyn : and a small piece of paddy field." (The 
Garden then extended over what is termed Church Street, 
including the locality of houses on its southern side). Taylor 
page 54. 

The paddy fields were resumed by Government and Gericke 
was put off with free postage and a bit of ground near Korka 
pettah, (the Washerman's gate), since resumed as being on 
the esplanade. 

The place on which the new Church was built (in 1816) was a 
garden of plantain trees. Not a trace of the old buildings 
remains save at the north-east corner of the premises in the 
form of outhouses (p. 133). 

The first missionaries had acquired land on the western boun- 
dary of the Fort Esplanade. The property there was da 
maged or destroyed by the French under LaBourdonnais. 
The Government, at the instance of Admiral Boscawen, gave 
to the Missionary the confiscated ground and Church, and 
houses in lieu of the damaged property or that required for 
the Esplanade* It has been made a question if it was given 
to the Mission or to the Missionary. The reply evidently 
is, it was given to the Missionary for the use of the mission 
(p. 143). Pohle and KohlhofT (16th November 1817 letter) 
never were missionaries at Madras and they had no power to 



Serial Date, 

(1) (2) 







623 1761 

Raron Hkidemauz. 

624 4th Oct, 

Elizabeth Pelling. 

625 24th Mar. 

626 18th May 

Albert Homoet 



627 16th Aug. 

628 24th Jan. 

Mary Jeremiah 

John Philip FABRI- 

transfer land or buildings after Pcezold's death. Even the 
title deeds of the house and ground bought by Ger i eke and 
bequeathed to the mission at the death of his wife do not 
appear to have been presorved. It is even doubtful if written 
documents were originally obtained. 

Baron Hkidemauz a (ierman Captain whom Kohlhoff had 
visited at Seringham in 1757, gave ordeis to his hussars to 
protect the missionaries at Cuddalore in 1758. This pious 
officer about 2 years afterwards quitted the French Service 
and retired to the Mission where he died in 1761. 

To the memory of Elizabeth Pelling, who died at YVopery 
near Madras, the 4th of October 1776, aged 46 years. 

Thomas Pelung. 
She was endowed with a meek and pious mind, 
And was benevolent, compassionate and kind 
Towards her neighbours, and in her most lovely care 
For her dear family did no attention spare. 
She lov'd the House of Cod and was a virtuous wife, 
To poor and sick she was a mother in her life. 
Deceased wife 
In hope of life 
And bliss eternal, thou art here interred, 
Sleep in this dust 
Till all the just 
To heaven'ly crown and joy shall be preferr'd. 
Thomas Pelling's father Thomas married Mary Cobb, September 
4th, 1721-1722. A Richard Cobbo was chaplain of Bombay jn 
1718, and has the merit of raising subscriptions to build Bombay 
cathedral. His son was chaplain to Admiral Watson in 1757. 
Thomas Polling died November 24th, 1798 (see No. 632). 

Hier under legd begraven den weledelen Hcer Albertus Homo- 
et van Amsterdam oud. 48 jaaren en 8 maanden in leeven 
oppercoopman en opperhooft van Trinconomale on Oosten- 
berg overleeden den 24 Ma 1782. 

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Stringer, wife of James 
Stringer, who departed this life on the 18th May 1783, aged 
29 years. 

James Stringer died March 24th, 1787, aged 57 (No. 162). 
James Stringer married Elisal Palmer at Chingleput April 25, 

1776. Mr. John Macleanjmarried Miss Mary Penelope Stringer 

on February 1, 1788. 

Hero lyes in hope of a joyful resurrection the body of Mary, 
daughter of John Jeremiah, died August 16th, 1787, in 
the 32nd year of her age. 

Jeremiah's Road, Vepery, is said to be so called after a promi- 
nent lawyer of the name. 

[John Philip Fabrioius]. 

Native of Frankfort on the Maine : graduate of Halle. 

He was a Royal Danish missionary employed by S.P.C.K, and 
landed in 1740 at Tranquebar from which place he proceeded to 
Madras in 1742. During the French occupation he retired to 
Pulicat with the children of his boarding school, and after 1749 
was presented by Admiral Bosoawen with a new church house at 
Vepery in place of the one he had lost. On February 18th, 1753, 
Fabrioius celebrated the marriage of Robert Clive with Margaret 
Maskelyne sister of Edmund Maskelyne, who was in 1746 a writer 
on the Madras establishment but who volunteered for military 
service and ranked as Lieutenant in 1751. He was a well-know 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 








22nd May 


15th April 


18th May 

(3) (4) 


Tamil hymn writer, and in 1795 Gerickc reports that he had 
brought out at the Mission Press a new edition of " the late 
Mr. Fabrioius' excellent book of Malabar Hymns " Hia latter 
years were embittered by debt. The tombstone has disappeared 
(see No. 2786). 

From Mr. Gericke's ** Catalogue mortu or um in Congregation© 
Lusitanaet Angliea," I had occasion, some years ago, at the 
roquost cf the late Rev. F. Spring to make an extract of whioh, 
this is a copy. 

44 1791- -January 24th. The Rov. Mr. John Philip Fabric ins, 
English missionary at Vepery, aged 81 years." By consequence 
he was born in 1710. There is a slab over his remains in the 
Vepery Churchyard, (page 66 -Taylor). 

Dorothea Sophia In memory of Dorothea Sophia Hunter, who was a dutiful 
Hunter. daughter, a good wife, a devout Christian and became a 

happy mother, but departed this life thirteen days after the 
birth of her infant son John William Hunter, on the 22nd 
May 1796, aged 19 years 1 month and 10 days. 

" The sineerest friend, the tenderes t mother and tho most affec- 
tionate wife : to the distressed and unfortunate, a kind and 
liberal benefactress. Tn tostimony of her excellence, and his 
irreparable loss, her disconsolate husband has erected this 
monument." (Urquhart, Vol. 1, p. 97). 

She was a daughter of the Rev. Mr. Oericke who married John 
Hunter on July 24, 1794. John Hunter was a partner in the 
firm of Hunter and Hay (see No. 401). 

The firm of Hunter Hay & Co. had an affinity with the Vepery 
Mission for many years. William Simpson was a rolation of 
Mr. John Hunter who lived near the mission. John Hunter 
was the 1st Cashior of the Carnatic Bank, the first joint stock 
Bank founded in Madras in 1788. He was afterwards about 
1795 Secretary of the British Bank and one of its Directors. He 
arrived at Madras as a free merchant in 1787. In 1796, he 
received a grant of an acre of land in Vepery and in 1803 was 
head of the firm of Hunter and Hay whose offices were in Fort 
St. George. Hunter's Road, Vepery is named after him. His 
house was called Hunter House in that road, a building long 
since demolished. Mr. William Hunter was married to Miss 
Adelaide Desjardins on 11th September 1815. 

Elizabeth Brei- Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Breithaupt, who 
thaupt. departed this life the 15th April 1797, aged 25 years. 

Conjecturably the wife of Christopher Breithaupt of the firm of 
Parry, Pugh and Breithaupt, who died at Vepery, June 10th, 
1822, aged 61. In 1798 he was joint Collector and Surveyor of 
Mad rn spat nam with William Cockell, and gave his name to 
Breithaupt 's Road, Vepery. Cockell of the firm of Stephens and 
Cockell was Sheriff of Madras and died at sea, March 1800. 
Christopher Breithaupt married Elizabeth Dieurstodt at Pulioat 
on January 15, 1788. He was a Conductor of Ordnance in 177T 
and resigned in 1799. 
Gerick's register commenced with October 1788 and the first 
baptism recorded in it is that of Eliza, daughter of Mr. Christo- 
pher Breithaupt (Taylor, page 63). Rev. Mr. John Christian 
Breithaupt, the Danish missionary died 1 7th November 1782 
after a short but violent illness (Taylor, p. 49). 

John Storey . . Here lieth interr d the body of the late Mr. John Storey, a 
true British subject, who departed this life, the 18th of 
May 1798, aged 57 years. 

He landed in Madras in August 1767 and served the Company as 
sepoy -serjeant for many years. He procured his discharge by 
finding a European substitute, and became farrier to the Com- 
pany's horses. He resided at St. Thomas' Mount, wb«re he dealt 
in horses and kept a livery stable. 





MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Name. Inscription. 



24th Nov, 

Thomas Pelling . . 


2nd June Anne Wbstcott . . 

634 23rd Juno Thomas Barret 


6th Oot. 

Susanna Franck 

1798 List has " John Storey horse dealer 1767 He married 
Magdalena Peters at Amboro on November 5, 1781. 

John Storey hold a licence for the " New Inn in the Black Town " 
prior to 1794 and subsequent years. 

Here lies interred, near Ins beloved wife, the body of THOMAS 
Pelling, Esq., who died on the 24th of November 1708, 
aged 75 years and 3 months. The happy father of a nume- 
rous offspring, whom he loft in prosjwrity and plenty, to the 
fourth generation. 

Partner in the firm of Pelling, DeFriea & Co., and one of the exe- 
cutors of Adrian Fourbeck. Thomas Pelling married Mary 
Cobb on September 4, 1722. He was Di me's Amanuensis. His 
eldest daughter Elizabeth married Captain Thomas Gibson, 
on July 10, 1766 and died at Calcutta, May 19th, 1801, aged 52. 
Captain Gibson died also at Calcutta, November 24th, 1772, 
aged 32. Cotton Boworbank Dent, of the Civil Service, married 
another daughter Mary, June 1 1th, 1772 (see No. 148). Captain 
Thonias Oats of the Artillery married on September 4th, 1769 
Miss Ann Pelling, who aftor his death married Colonel Ross 
Lang, March 15th, 1773. 

Mr. Thomas Palk married Miss Catherine Pelling on January 30, 
1777. Mr. Job Bulman married Miss Sophia Pelling on July 30, 
1783 at Vepery. James Johnstone Esq., married Miss Sarah 
Pelling on July 23, 1792. Lieutenant Ross Lang married 
Miss Amelia Polling' on December 3, 1792. In 1803 Mr. John 
Tisbury married Miss A. Pelling and Mr. Benjamin Pratt married 
Miss Victorimha Pelling. 

Sacred to the memory of Anne, wifo of Gborub Wbstoott, 
Esq., of the Civil Servieo of this Presidency, who died 2nd 
June 1801, aged 37 years. 

Her husband died at Madras, May 8th, 1809 (No. 306). 

To the memory of Thomas Barret, Esq., late a Colonel in the 
service of and Secretary to Kis Highness the Nabob of the 
Camatic, who departed this life on the 23rd June 1802 
aged 47 years. 

Near him are buried his wife, who died June 25th 1824, aged 
43 ; and his sister, Mrs. Anne Simpson, who died July 9th, 
1824, aged 59. On the latter*** tombstone are inscribed verses 
by Henry Chapman and Thomas Barret. In 1800 Umdat-ul- 
Umrah conferred on Colonel Barret an Altamgha Jagir of 41 
villages in South Arcot, which was resumed by Government in 

" Mr. Barrett is of the lowest tribe of native Portuguezo equally 
destitute of education, manners and knowledge " (Report of 
Messrs. Webbe and Close dated 15th July 1801 : Asiatic Annual 
Registor 1807 p. 98 on death of Nabob Omdut-ul-Umrah). 
Samuel Barrett married on July 20, 1766 at Calcutta, Mary de 
Rosana, James Barrett married on November 1 1, 1797 Catherine 

Mrs. Susanna Franck, aged 25 years and 6 months. She was 
a young woman of the most engaging mannors. 

Probably wifo of Anthony Frederick Franck, founder of the 
auctioneer's firm of Franek & Co.; who succeeded in 1799 to tht 
business of Wright, Hurst and Branson. He marriod Johanna 
Hope on September 29, 1762. He was a shop-keeper who 
arrived from Colombo, 1765. 

James Franck Shop-keeper marriod Susanna Frances Hathaway 
at Vepery on June 4, 1800. Anton Fred Franck married (1) 
Anna Petronella Goethart on November 1, 1772 at Vellore, (2) 
Susanna Wright on June 23, 1777 at Chingleput. 








(m 17th April 

637 8th Deo. 

638 12th May 

Mary Gillon 


639 23rd Oct. 

640 6th April 

641 18th July 

642 19th June 

(3) <4) 


Gborob Thompson. Sacred to the memory of George Thompson, Esq., of tho 

Honorable Company's service, who departed this life April 
the 17th, 1804, aged 46 years and 5 months. 

Writer in 1776 and Resident at Negapatam, 1800 and Revenue 
assistant under the Resident at Nagore. A George Thompson, 
presumably his son, married Miss Eliza Fr&nok, May 1805. His 
daughter E. Thompson married B. J. D. Vanderwall at Nega- 
patam on Jan. 5, 1800. 
Lieut. J. Cunningham, of 89th Foot married Miss Petronolla 

Adriana Thompson on May 1, 1813. 
A George Thompson, Senior merchant on the Bengal Civil 
Establishment of the H. E.I.C. diod 1st October 1807 on board 
tho Hon'ble Co.'s Ship Union at Saugar Roads, aged 46. (see 
No. 565.) 

In memory of esteemed worth this vault haH been erected on the 
remains of Mrs. Mary Gillon who departed this life on the 
8th December 1806, aged 31 years, by her most affectionate 
husband William GilJon who purchased this ground from 
the Mission at Vepery. 
Anderson Here lieth the body of John Anderson King, the infant 
son of John King, Surgeon in the Hon. Compy.'s service, who 
was born on the 10th October 1805 and died at Vipery 
12th of May 1807. This piece of ground was paid for by 
Mrs. H. G. King. 

John King (Surgeon) married at Palamcottah Miss Harriet Camp- 
boll on May 5, 1796. He was dismissed by court martial 
about 1803. 

Mis. Lucy Dupery widow of Henry Duprey Esq., late an 
attorney of the Honourable the Mayor's Court of the Presi- 

She diod at Madras on the 23rd Ootober 1807 and her remains 
were interred at her family Vault on the following day at the 
Vepery burial ground. Henry Duprey married Lucy Hoj>e on 
February 10. 1774 at Vellore. 

Sacred to the memory of Christina, wife of John Frederick 
Zscherpel, aged 35 years. She fell asleep in the Lord 
6th April 1808. Impressed by the most lively sense of the 
distinguished and most amiable talents, which endeared 
the wife, mother and friend, ho with a trembling hand 
of true affection inscribes this stone to her virtues. Mora 
in nomine Jesu est semita ad vitam aeternam. 

Her husband died July 18th, 1819. He was at one time band* 
master to a Hanoverian regiment stationed at Triohinopoly. 
Zscherpel and Christian Pohle (No. 2718), the successor of 
Sohwarz, married sisters, the daughters of Vincent, a German 
bandmaster. Mrs. Pohle is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery. 
At Pursowauk Mr. J. F. Zscherpel, Conductor of Ordnance. 

Lucy Duprey 

Christina Zscher- 

J. F. Zscherpel 

Charity Waless. 
. Mary Thaokbr. 

Jno. Fred*. Zscherpel aet. 19, height 5:9: Germany, Weimar, 
15th Hanoverians, Musician, arrived in Madras August 1788; 
appointed 29 December 1802, re-enlisted May 1806 for 5 years. 

Mrs. Charity Waless, aged 40 years. Erected by her niece 
Mrs. Mary Thacker, who died 15th November 1841, aged 

There is Thaokor'g Road in Vepery, probably named after this 
family. A Mr. James Thacker, conductor of Ordnance married 
Miss M. Read, February 1810. James Thacker aetat 25, height 
5' 10* England, Leicester, Labourer, arrived in Madras, June 
1809, appointed 21st January 1809, resigned 27 September 
1811. He was a shopkeeper and died December 27th, 1817, 
aged 32. He was " writer to Messrs. Graves and Gray n , 1817* 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 







(3) (4) 


643 21st Mar. Elizabeth 

1825. Barnfield. 


24th Jan. 

John Rottler 

Within this vault lie interred the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Barnfield, wife of William Barnfield, Esq., late of Calcutta, 
merchant, who died on board the " Circassian" a few hours 
after leaving the roads on the morning of the 21st March 
1825, aged 57 years. While indulging in the pleasing 
anticipations of spending her last days in the company of 
her relatives and friends, a period was put to her earthly 
career by violent spasms. How vain and easily destroyed 
are all the pleasures we promise ourselves in this world I 

Mrs. Ann Barnfield obiit 2nd Dooombor 1804 aet. 29 years (now 
burial ground, Calcutta) 

Rev. John Rottler, d.d., aged 86 years and 7 months and 
Clara Elizabeth his wife who departed this life 27th Sep- 
tember 1827, aged 74 years and 4 months. 

Rottler was an eminent botanist as well as divine. He was 
greater still as a linguist, grammarian and translator. He 
resided in India sixty years, partly at Tranquebar and partly 
(1803-36) at Madras. Ho was a native and graduate of Stras- 
burg and on April 27th, 1788, married at Cochin tho widow of 
a Dutch sea captain, named Schaak. He arrived at Tranquebar 
in 1776; went to Madras 1803; was employed by the S.P.G. 
and subsequently by the S.P.C.K. 1817. Ho died of paralysis. 
(Asiatic Journal, Dec. 1832). Rottler*s Lane adjoins the Vepery 
Church and contains a bungalow still known as " Rottler s 
House. " 

Rottler's diploma in Natural Philosophy was granted to Dr. John 
of Tranquobar and himself in common. It was issuod under 
tho imperial authority of Leopold 1st, by Christian Daniel 
Schrebor, President of the imperial academy of natural curio- 
sities and is dated at Erlanger, the 30th April 1795. Dr. Rottler 
was low in stature and of delicato make. A very pretty dos* 
oription of Swartz's garden was written by him and first appearod 
in Jaenicke's life. Dr. Claudius Buohannan, who saw him at 
Tranquebar mentioned him as a good man of retiring dispOHition 
and 4 * deficient in enorgy " (Taylor's Memoir, etc., p. 111-112.) 

Rov. Charles William Paezold died on the 4th Novomber 1817 
aged 53 J years, and his remains were interred tho following day, 
in the burial ground, adjoining the church by tho Rev. Dr. 
Rottlor (W. Taylor's Memoir of the First Centenary of the 
Earliest Protestant Mission at Madras, p. 133). His executors 
were Messrs. S. F. Zscherpel and John Heal (p. 134). Mr. 
Paezold lived in the Mission House (Gtericke s bequeathed 
one) and Dr. Rottler tenanted another house at tho back of 
tho Vepery Church (to tho northern end to the mission com- 
pound as I understand it) which is not now in being (Taylor's 
Memoir, etc, p. 114). 


[The foundation stone of St. Andrew's Church, Madras, was laid on the 7th April 1818. On the 1st September 1815, a publie 
notification was circulated in Madras that the East India Co. had resolved to build a Scottish Church in the Presidency 
town for the benefit of the Scottish employees and to establish there a Scottish Chaplaincy. The Rev. Dr. Allon.who was 
to be the first Chaplain, had already arrived in Madras, with authority from the Assembly in Scotland to form a con- 
gregation* The site which St. Andrew's Church now occupies was purchased for Rs. 18, 849 and the work of building 
the Church was put in the hands of Major D. E. Haviland of tho Enamours, who had already built St.Georgo's Cathedral. 
The Church was built at a cost of about Rs. 2,00,000 and tho finished building was dedicated in 1821.] 


5th Dec. 

VOL. 1—18 

Jambs Walker 

Lieutenant-Colonel James Walker, 3rd Regiment, Madras 
Light Infantry, who was killed when leading a column of 
Madras Troops to the storm of the Burmese intrenched 
lines near Rangoon. Thus fell in the moment of victory 
at the age of 42, a man whose name is recorded in the annals 
of his country as " One of India's best and bravest soldiers." 


MADRAS CITY — cent. 

Serial Date. Name. Ingcription. 


(1) (2) (3) W 


Erected by the officers of the regiment and a few other 

military friends. 

Ho entered tho army in 1799 as cadet and was Lieut, on 15 December 
1800, Captain on March 18, 1809, Major on January 31, 1821, 
and Liout. Col. on March 1, 1824. He married at Berhampore 
Mies Catherine Soan on 24 March 1817 (Asiatic Journal, 
December 1817). 

646 16th June John Wylib .. John Wylie, M. D., Companion of the Most Honourable 
1852. Order of the Bath, formerly Physician-General of the Presi- 

dency of Madras, and for many years an Elder of this Church. 
The benevolence, uprightness and simplicity of his natural 
character were enhanced and sanctified by the benign 
influences of Christian faith ; and to the exercise of the 
humane and peaceful duties of the physician, he added 
tho high endurance and intrepidity of the soldier, signally 
evinced by the gallantry of his conduct in the heroic and 
memorable conflict of Corygaum. After a life of exemplary 
usefulness in the service of his country, publicly honored 
and privately beloved, he died at Ardean in Scotland, in 
the 63rd year of his age. His fellow-countrymen desiring 
to testify their sense of his worth have erected this monument. 
Capt. D. Bruce, Assistant Commissary General, Bengal Army, 
married at Nagporo on 29th July 1824, Margaret, fifth daughter 
of the Rev. Dr. A. Duncan of Ratho, Midlothian. At tho same 
timo and same place John Wylie married July 29th, 1824, 
Susan, sixth daughter of Rev. Dr. A. Duncan, of Ratho, 
Midlothian. Wylie was one of tho heroes of Corygaum. The 
date of his arrival in Madras is 5th September 1813 by H. C. 
Ship Union. His mother died in London on 25th March 1821^ 
Thomas Wylie, Esq., Surgeon in tho service of the Hon. E. I. Co. 
at Madras died on November 5, 1818 at Padulla, Ceylon. He 
married at St. Mary's Church, April 17th, 1815, Helen, second 
daughter of T. Allan of Lonehead, near Edinburgh. At Ellich- 
pore, Mrs. Jane Ogilvie, wife of Capt. Duncan Ogilvie, 2nd 
Madras Native Infantry and daughter of tho Rev. Dr. A. Duncan 
of Ratho died on 6th April 1821. 

647 11th July Geobgb Adams . . George Adams Esq., late Physician-General, Madras Estab- 

1852 lishment, who died in England on the 11th July 1852, 

aged 71 years, and whose mortal remains were deposited 
in the chapel of the Kensal Green Cemetery. This tablet is 
erected as a tribute of esteem and regard by grateful 

He married, June 1st, 1824, Mary, daughter of G. G. Ricketts, late 
Registrar of the Supreme Court, Madras, at the Residency, 
Nagporo. One sister, Anne, (third daughter) (No. 2530) 
married Edward Sm alley, C.S. on 2 February 1816 at St. 
George's Church, Madras ; another, Emily Jane (fourth daughter ) 
married John Dent, C. S. (No. 485) on October 5, 1816 at St. 
George's Church and the youngest Louisa marriod, March 16th 
1 823, Captain Bayloy, Assistant to the Resident of Nagpore. 

648 6th Dec. WaltebCook Lieutenant Walter Cook, 22nd Regimont, Madras Native 

1852. Infantry, Sub-Assistant Commissary-General in the Army 

at Ava,who fell mortally wounded in the assault on Pegue, 
and died at Rangoon in the 29th year of his age. One, who 
as a youthful soldier, gave high promise of future distinction ; 
and who as a gentleman and Christian justly endeared 
himself to all who knew him. This tablet is erected by a 
few of his more intimate friends. 

He joined the Madras army as Cadet in 1833 and wag Lieut, 
on October 30, 1836. 


MADRAS CITY — eont. 










28th Oct. 

Robert Gordon 


7th April 

Francis Dudgeon. 




18th Jan. 

14th May 

19th April 


John Hill 


Thomas MoGoun 



11th July 

13th July 

William Maorab 

James Jollib 

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Gordon, 37th Grenadiers, Adju- 
tant-General of the Madras Army, who died suddenly at 
Madras on the 28th October 1853, in the prime of life, after 
a brief tenure of his high offico in the 45th year of his age. 
This monument is erected by his numerous friends in this 
Presidency in testimony of their esteem, and as a memorial 
of the ability, integrity and usefulness of his public career, 
of his amiable disposition, his warm-hearted but unosten- 
tatious benevolence and of the Christian simplicity and 
purity of his private life. 

Ho joined the Madras army as Cadet in 1825 and was Lieut, on 
Juno 17, 1826. 

The 37th N. I. was raised to the rank of a Grenadier Regiment 
for its gallantry in China, 1841. 

Colonel Francis Dudgeon, Madras Army, who died on his 
passage to England at St. Helena, 7th April 1860, in his 
57th year. This tablet is erected as a mark of esteem and 
respect by the officers of Her Majesty's 44th Regiment, 
Madras Native Infantry, in which corps he passed the whole 
period of his service. 

Ho joined the Madras Army in 1820, was Lieut, on October 21, 
1824 and Brevet Capt. on Feb* 13, 1836. 

Rov. Robert Kerr Hamilton, m.a. born at Glasgow, 30th 
June 1810, ordained Minister of Salton in the Presbytery of 
Haddington, 10th April 1834, Chaplain and Senior Chaplain 
on this establishment from 24th January 1840 to 11th 
August 1858, diod at Edinburgh, 18th January 1865. 

Colonel John Hill, Madras Staff Corps, Commissary- General 
of the Army, who died at the Cape of Good Hope, 14th May 
1866. This tablet is erected by the officers of his department 
in token of their esteem and regard. 

He entered the Madras Army as Cadet in 1820, was Li^ut. on May 
8, 1824, and Brevet Captain on February 13, 1836. 

Major-General Thomas MoGoun, of the Madras Army, who 
died at Marseilles, on his way to England, in the 62nd year of 
his age, after an almost uninterrupted service in India df 
42 years. He served with his Regiment (6th Madras Native 
Infantry) in Goomsur in 1837, and was present with it at the 
storming of Chin Kiang Foo and other engagements in 
the Chinese war of 1841-42. His services were especially 
conspicuous in tho Judge -Advocate and Military Finance 
Departments, in the former for 20 yeais and in the latter 
(specially appointed Controller by the Government) from 
1860, until his death. 

Thomas MoGoun joined the Madras Army as Cadet in 1825 and 

was Lieut, on April 29, 1831. 
His wife Mary Elizabeth MoGoun died in 1867 and has a fine 
monument to her memory in St. Andrew's, Bangalore. 
Surgeon-Major W. Macrae, m. b., Indian Medioal Service, 
Madras, who diod at Yercaud on the 11th July 1885. This 
tablet has been placed here as a token of esteem and regard 
by some of his friends and brother-officers. 
Tho date of his commission is 1st April 1807. 
Rev. James Jollie, Senior Chaplain, Church of Scotland 
and Chaplain of St. Andrew's Churoh, Madras, who died 
at Madras in the 45th year of his age. Respected as a man, 
honored as a Christian minister and beloved as a friend. 
Ho waa bora on 7th April 1844. He joined service as Assist- 
ant Chaplain on 15th Oct. 1874. 

VOL. I— 18a 






656 10th Nov. 

657 1st Oct. 

658 3rd Nov. 


659 15th Dec. 


660 6th Nov. 

661 22nd Jan. 

William Touch 

George Vanburgh. 

Margaret Bell 

Daniel MoIver 

662 1st Feb. 


Name. Inscription. 
(3) W 

(Opened in 1852.) 

Lieutenant William Touch, 2nd Regiment, Madras Native 



John D. Morrison. 

Henry Shepherd. 

Infantry, Assistant Adjutant-General of the Madras Army, 
aged 34 years. 

George V. Cumming, Esq., m.d., Acting Inspector-General 
of Hospitals, Fort St. George, aged 54 years. 

Superintending Surgeon. 

Margaret Affleck Thomson, wife of Rev. Aug. Clifford 
Bell, m.a., Chaplain, St. Andrew's Church, aged 27 years. 

Daniel MoIver Murray, Tea Planter of Darjeeling, aged 
4S years. This stone has been erected by his planter and 
other friends in the Darjeeling district. 

Henry Hugh Yarde, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Cudda- 
pah Division, aged 56 years and 10 months. 

He was born on 14th January 1828. He joined service on 15th 
November 1851 and retired from service on 1st December 1882. 

Rev. John D. Morrison, m.a., Joint Chaplain, St. Andrew's 
Church, aged 36 yoars. Erected by members of the Church 
of Scotland in Madras and Bangalore as a memorial of a 
devoted and much esteemed minister. 

Rev. John D. Morrison, m.a., (Glasgow) was born in 1848. 

Henry Shepherd, Sub-Agent in Calcutta of the Chartered 
Bank of India, Australia and China, born at Aberdeen, 
Scotland, 24th November 1850, died at Madras on his way 
home invalided. 


7th May 

Thomas Ottley 


2ftth Jan. Coghill Glen- 
1889. dower Ottley. 


let Feb. 

David Emanuel 

Thomas Ottley, Assistant District Superintendent of Police, 
Myingyan District, Upper Burma, youngest son of Major- 
General Ottley, died at Yetagyo, Myingyan District, Upper 
Burma, aged 32 yoars. 

On 9 April 1836 at Trichy. by the Rev. H. Deane, A. M., William 
Henry Bayley Civil Service was married to Henrietta, 3rd 
daughter of W. Young Ottley, Esq., of Devon8hire street, 

Coghill Glendower Ottley, Major-General, aged 84 years. 
He entered the service of the Honourable East India Com- 
pany in 1821 and retired in 1860. He died after 68 years' 
residence in India. 

A well-known resident of Vellore (see No. 1116). He joined the 
Madras Army as Cadet in 1820 and wag made Lieut, on May 
1, 1824. 

David Emanuel Starkenburgh White, Founder and 
Life-President of the Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Asso- 
ciation of Southern India, Madras, aged 56 years 1 month 
and 16 days. He died at his residence, Moore's gardens, 
Nungumbaukum . 

fEardley Norton'* father married a Miss White). 












16th Aug. 

Edmond Nemours 



28th Oct. John Hay 

Edmond Nemours Prudhomme. For 20 years Officer, 
Bank of Madras, aged 50 years and 9 months. 

Rev. John Hay, d.d., m. a., born at Stuartfield, near Aber- 
deen, 23rd April 1812. Who for 52 years laboured as a 
Missionary to the Tolugu people and as Chief Reviser of 
the new version of the Telugu Bible. 

22nd Jan. Elizabeth Hen- Elizabeth Henriette Wilhelmine Oesinoer, n6e Eyma, 
1893. riette Wilhel- epouse ot mere excellente. Quo Dieu lui rende tout le 

mine Oesinoer. bien, qu'elle a fait sur la terre. 


[On Docembor 10, 1842, the Church named after tho apostle and tho burial ground woro consecrated by Bishop Spenocr of 

669 16th Oct. Stamford Watson. Lieutenant Stamford Watson, 4th Light Cavalry, died 16th 
1844. October. 1844. 


25th Aug. 

Robert Carver 

671 25th Mar. Alexander Bain. 


672 23rd April T. Henry Vincent 

1854. Shortland. 

673 26th Oct. Samuel Greenway 

1856. Lowden Jenkins. 

674 3rd July William Montague 

1859. Johnston. 

675 June 1860. William Sydney 


676 11th July Harry Jambs 

1860. Grant Gordon. 

Rev. Robert Carver, Missionary, S.P.G., F.P., aged 57 years. 

Robert Oarvor born in England in 1788 went to Ceylon in 1815 in 
connection with the Wesleyan Missionary Society. He worked 
in tho island till 1824, when having lost hit* young wife at Jaffna, 
ho sought chango of sceno and wont to Madras. Ho workod at 
St. Thome employed by tho S.P.C.K. till 1836 when under 
Wesleyan Mission Society ho was transferred elsewhere. But 
he worked at San Thomo again under the S.P.G. from 1841- 1845. 
He was ordained deacon and priest in 1842 by Bishop Spencer. 
He died of a brain fover, tho result of sun-stroko and was buried 
under the altar of St. Thomas* Church. Bishop Spencer wrote 
of him in his journal ns " one of the most devoted servants, I 
hesitate not to say, of tho Lord Jesus Christ in tnis diocese." 
The inscription on the tablet in the Church was written by the 
Bishop himself. It runs as follows : — 
* Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Robert Carver, Missionary 
of th« S.P.G. and late Minister of this parish, who departed 
this life at St. Thome on August 25, 1846, aged 57 years, 
after thirty years of devoted work in India. Blessed are 
the dead which die in the Lord \ 

Alexander Bain, Esq., aged .31 years, Barmter-at-law. 

Erected by his brother, Thomas Bain, Esq., of Madras. 
T. Henry Vincent Shortland, Lieutenant and Adjutant, 
36th Regiment, M. N. I, second son of tho Ven'ble Arch- 
deacon Shortland, lost in a hurricane on the 23rd April 

(See No. 436). His mother Estelle Shortland died at Vizaga- 
patam, August 16, 1838. 

Samuel Greenway Lowden Jenkins, gentleman, Solicitor 
and Attorney of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Madras, 
aged 45 years. 

Captain William Montague Johnston, aged 43 years. 

18th N. I. in 1856. 
William Sydney Wright, Secretary, Madras Female Orphan 

Harry James Grant Gordon, Lieutenant in the Madras 
Engineers, aged 24 years 9 months and 29 days. He was 
born on the 13th October 1836 and was accidentally drowned 
in Talien Whan bay, in tho north of China. His four years 
of Indian service included the Persian War of 1856, 57 and 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


the campaign of 1857, 58 in Central India : his untimely 
death at the outset of another campaign caused deep grief 
to all who knew him. 

677 4th Oct. Mars Morphett . . Captain Mars Morphett, H. M.'s 57th Regiment of Foot, 

1800. aged 08 years. Captain Morphett entered the British 

Army in the year 1812 as a volunteer in the 2nd Battalion 
of the 53rd Regiment, then on service in the Peninsula, 
where he was tliree times wounded. After more than 30 
years of honourable and zealous service, in the course of 
which he several times fought and bled in his country's 
cause, he left the army and held the office of Deputy Post- 
master-(icneral of Madras, of which town he was also once 
High Sheriff. A few years since, compelled by loss of sight, 
lie retired from public life and passed the remainder of his 
days surrounded by his family, of which he was ever the 
honoured and beloved head. 

Mars Morphett was Sheriff of Madras in 1847. Ho married Vida, 
oldest daughter of tho Rov. C. Pohlo, April 4th, 1818 at Trichi- 
nopoly (No. 2718). On 11 August 1838 Limit. P. A. S. Powya, 
4th Regt. N. I. was married at Cannanoro (by tho Rev. J. C. 
Street b.a.) to Mary Ann Charlotte, oldest daughter of Captain 
Morphett, H. M. 57th Regt. 

678 16th Jan. Mark William Mark Wtlltam Carr, aged 37 years, Major, Madras Army, lost 

1871. Carr. at sea off Rutnagherry, in the wreck of the General Ouiram. 

He was appointed to tho Police on 1st May 1860 and was at the 
time of his death Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Madras. 

679 29th July Joseph Gork Ryves. Captain Joseph Core Ryves.,R.E., aged 40 years. 


An officer who had much to do with the development of irrigation 

in the Kistna Delta. 
Ho was a Superintending Knginoer in tho Department of the 

Public Works of the Madras Presidency at tho time of his death. 

680 25th Oct. William Hastings Lieutenant William Hastings Sim, 43rd Light Infantry, 

1875. Sim. aged 24 years, son of J. D. Sim, Esq., o.s.i., Madras Civil 

Service, who died at Cannanore, East Indies. 

J. D. Sim married Harriet, daughter of Major-General J. S. 
Frasor, February 6, 1840 (see No. 2410). 

681 14th Jan. Elizabeth Lodwiok Elizabeth, wife of R. W. Lodwick, Esq., H.M. Bombay C.S. 

1877. who died at Dunmore House, Madras. 

Inscription over tomb in Cathedral Cemetery: Sacred to the 
memory of Eliza Freer the beloved wife of R. W. Lodwick, 
Esqr., H. M.'s Bombay o.s. who died at Dunmore House, 
Madras, January 14, 1877. This tablet is erected by her 
husband to whom for 24 years she was ovor a most true and 
devoted wife Safe in tho arms of Jesus. 

R. W. Lodwick, Bo. C.S., Accountant -General of Madras, was son 
of General Peter Lodwick (1783-1873), Second son of John 
Lodwick, Esq., of Shoebury, Esbox. 

Peter Lodwick was Resident at Satara and hero of Lodwick Point 
at Mahabaleshwar whore his son erocted a monument to him in 
1874 (Murray's Guide to Bombay : 1881 Edition, page 202). 
He entered tho Bombay Army as a Cadet in 1799 and died at 
Bagnlros de Bigorre, France, on August 28, 1873, aged 90. 
General Lodwick was the first discoverer of Mahabaleshwar as a 
hill station and he had turned it to account as a Sanitarium. 
It was in 1824, that he was quartered at Satara when he under* 
took the difficult and dangerous task of walking alone and un- 
armed through the dense jungle to Mahabaleshwar. He got 
through safely, but his dog was killed by a panther on the 
second day. Lodwick Point, a fine spur on the hills near the 
town is named after him and a monument has been erected to 
his memory. 











15th April 


[The Church was consecrated in February 1804.] 
Richard Hall Rov. Richard Hall Kerr, d.d., Senior Chaplain on the 



28th Nov. 

Morgan Davis 


29th Sept. Frederic 
1837. Darrah. 




30th April 
and 13th 

14th June 

Thomas and Sarah 

William Hickey 

Establishment of Fort St. George ; Founder of St. Mark's 
Church in Black Town, Madras ; Superintendent of the 
Male Orphan Asylum, Egmore. In the 40th year of his age. 
Tho monument in the church bears a lengthy inscription. Ur- 
quhart devotes fivo pages of encomium to him.which are reprinted 
in Rozario. Ho married, August 19, 1794, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Alexander Falconar, c.s. Three of their children Alexander, 
Lydia and William Lewis died in 1800 and are buried in St. 
Mary's Cemetery. Another son Claudius Augustus entered the 
Madras Cavalry and died January 1, 1836 at Madras. 
On March 28, 1827 at Hyderabad Capt. Geo. Kerr, Commanding 
the Nizam's 3rd Regiment of Cavalry married Margaret, 
daughter of Campbell Mackintosh of Dalmigaire. 
He wus instrumental in building St. Mark's Church ; sotting up the 
Government Press at the Male Asylum and establishing 
the charitable Committee for the relief of the poor (the origin 
of the Friend-in-need Society). 
The following inscription is from Urquhart,Vol. l,p.87: ' Sacrod to 
the memory of a beloved child Alexander Kerr, who departed 
this life on tho 18th of June 1800 aged 4 years and 6 months 
and to the memory of Lydia and William Lewis their infants.* 
Lydia died in January 1799. 

Rev. Morgan Davis, a.m., Junior Chaplain of Madras Presi- 
dency, died at the Cape of Good Hope, aged 48 years. 

Ho was bom in 1774 and appointed Chaplain in 1810. On his 
arrival in Madras he was placed in charge of St. Mark's, George 
Town, which has a tablet to his memory erected by his pari- 

" Mr. Davis had been a very successful man. Ho was of tho class 
of ' Moral preacher ', had good talents with a firm and steady 
mind." (Taylor's Memoir, etc, p. 123). 

Rov. Frederic James Darrah, m.a., Chaplain of this district 
and of the Female Asylum ; Secretary to the Madra* Dio- 
cesan Committee of the Society for the Propagation of the 
Gospel ; President of the Philanthropic Association and 
Patron of the Black Town Male and Female Orphan Asylum. 
Died of cholera. Buried in St. Mary's Burial-ground. 
His wife Harriet died of cholera on the 25th September 1837. 

Ho was an Irish clergyman. He was appointed Chaplain in 1826; 
after working at Vizagapatam and Secunderabad for seven 
years, he became Chaplain of St. Mark's, George Town in ) 833. 
The parishioners erected a tablet to his memory in St. Mark's 
Church. In his will he provided for hiB mother Ann Darrah, 
his sister Elizabeth Shanklin, and his two children. 

Rev. Thomas Halls, a.B., Assistant Chaplain of this District, 
aged 27 years. Sarah, his wife, died on the 13th Juno 1847. 

Thomas Halls was born in 1820. He graduated B.A., from Caius 
College, Cambridge, in 1844 and was appointed in 1846 as 
Chaplain to St. Mark's, George Town. 

Rev. William Hickey, Missionary, s.P.a,, died at Dindigul, 
aged 62 years. 

Domestic missionary chaplain to Bishop Deal try. He was born 
in India, and educated at Bishop's College, Calcutta. He was 
ordained deacon in 1837 and priest in 1839, by the Bishop of 
Madras. He worked in the diocese from 1837 to 1862 when 
he was pensioned. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


[Cathedral Church of St. Mary of Angola.] 

The French Capuchin mission of Madras was founded in 1642 under the sanction of Pope Urban VIII by the well-known Father 
Bphraim. When the friars built their Armenian stroot church in 1675, they inscribed the date 1642 over tho gatos as a 
public record of thoir first establishment in Madras, and on a later occasion (1721) when tho church was repaired and the 
gates widonod, the date was retained. The earliest Capuchins in the city wore Ephraim do Nevors, Zenon do Baugd, Cosine 
de Giers, Jacques do Bourges, Esprit de Tours, Laurent d'AngouK-me, Michel Ange de Bourges, Ren6 d'AngoiuVmo and 
Thomas de Poitiers. The last named built in 1675 the church of St. Andrew within tho Fort, which was confiscated and 
destroyed aftor Lally's Biego (see No. 24). "On 11th May 1687 died Padre Zenono, one of the old French Padres 
aged 85 years, onterred in the Church n (Love II-Page 46). An interesting account of Father Ephraim will be found 
in Ta vernier. Father Ephraim came from Auxerre in the northern part of the province of Burgundy, on the banks of the 
Youne and was a brother of M. de Chatean Les Bois, Counsellor of the Parliament of Paris. In 1694 died Father 
Ephraim after no less than fifty-two years of arduous and self-sacrificing service in Madras. In 1700 the Council 
dealt with a petition received from ' Padres Michad Anjo, Jacques, Espirito and Ri nato * regarding the recent 
discontinuance of certain small doles from Government which for many years were issued. Padro Michiel Angelus 
died about tho beginning of 1708 and Padre Renatus succeeded him. When Friar Paolino das Bartolomeo went to 
Madraspatam in 1776-7 ho stayed in the Church of St. Andrea in Ospigis doi Cappucuin where woro Padro Bonaventura 
of Fuligno, P. Medard of Alsaco and P. Marcello Allopion and 15 other friars. 

687 lltli Nov. Francis . . , . Aqui esta sepultado o corpo de Francisco Mudu Naiker de 
1751. nacao Cabaret, natural da Madrasta pm do idade de 50 

annos e 7 Inezes, o qual falleoeo aos 11 de Novcmbro do 
1751. Pesso por amor de Dies quern Ler este cpitafio de 
rezar por minha alma hum Padre Nosso e hua Ave Maria 

'•Muthu Nayakar, son of Babu Nayakar, of the Kavarais of 
Madras, departed this life on tho 29th day of Alpisi [or the 11th 
of November] of the yoar 1751, aged over 50 years. Offer an 
' Our Father ' and a • Hail Mary * for the repose of his soul.'* 
(Translation from the Tamil.) This inscription is inserted as 
being th« oldest in the church. The Kavarais are tho same 
caste as the Balijas. 

688 7th June Hovan John . . To the memory of Hovan John, son of David Khan, Arme- 
1764. man, aged 61) years. 

Qg9 . . Kavork David . . To the memory of Kavork, son of David of Ispahan, Persia. 

590 . . Nazaar Maali . . To the memory of Nazaar, son of Khoja Maali of Ispahan, 


Kavork is the Armenian for George. These inscriptions are on 
one stone, which is in an out-house. 

691 22nd Feb. Adrian Fourbeck. Here lyeth the body of Mr. Adrian Fourbeck, a merchant 
1783. of this oity of Madraspatnam, aged 71 years. 

Born in the East in 1 712, he became in due course a member of the 
Gunroom Crew at Fort St. George. In 1740, when ' a hundred* 
fanam man ' he was reported ' disabled, and Superannuated ' 
on a monthly pension of Pags. 1 — 14 — 0. He then turned his 
attention to Mercantile pursuits, and in 1741 wo find him, in 
company with Samuel Troutback, bidding for remnants of the 
Company's velvets and broad cloth. Becoming, like Trout« 
back, a successful merchant, he left a legacy to build a bridgo on 
the Mount Road across the Surplus channel of the Long Tank 
near Saidapett. 

Half way to the Mount outside the Collector of Chingleput's 
residence at Lushington's Gardens is a monument with four 
inscriptions in English, Tamil, Persian and Latin commemora- 
ting Fourbeck 's philanthrophy in building a bridge. " This 
Bridge erected as a public benefit from a legacy bestowed by 
Mr. Adrian Fourbeck, a merchant of Madras, is a monument 
useful as lasting of the good citizen's munificient liberality. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


^ It was erected by his executors, Thomas Polling, a merchant of 

1785, J. de Fries, and V. Bodkin a merchant of 1785 (who died 
May 1800) from the plan and under the direction of Lieut-Col. 
Patrick Ross, Chief Engineer, in the year of Our Lord 1786, 
Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell, Knight of the most 
Hon'ble Order of tho Bath, being then Governor of Fort St. 
George." " Huno pontem publico commotio proBpicieng 
assignatis ex testimonio pecuniis fieri mantiavit Adrianus 
Fourbeck de civitate MadraHpatnam mnnicipalis olim et mer« 
cator. Rite fieri focorunt testament i eius cura tores Thomas 
Pelling, Johannes do Fries, et Petrus Bodkin, ichnographiam 
suppoditanto atque opus pro peritia sua ordinante Patricio 
Rohh rei maehinali apud arcem Sancti Georgii prceposito A.D. 
MDCCLXXXVI, Archibaldo Campbell prsenobilis ordinis Halnei 
consociata milite ot oopiarum Britannicarurn subprsefeeto hisce 
provinciis auspicato pnesidente." The bridge referred to is a 
small one over the Adyar, and not the Marmalong bridge as 
stated in Murray's " Handbook to the Madras Presidency " 
(1879). The Marmalong Bridge dates from 1 726 and was erected 
by Fetrus Uscan as can be seen by tho superscription upon it 
" hunc pontem edificari iussit pro bono publico Coja Petrus 
Uscan natione Armeni anno salutis MDCCXXVI." Hodges' 
Travels in India, p. 8 (speaking of 1780*1) ."I mado however 
among others a drawing of Marmalong Bridgo which is a very 
modern work built as I am informed at the private expense of 
an Armenian Merchant. It is over a small river that runs 
near tho Mount and falls into tho sea at a little distance before 
tho village of St. Thoina, 4 miles to tho southward of Madras. 
Tho church and the dwelling houses of a few Portugueze families 
yet remain hero." " The houses on choultry plain are many 
of them beautiful pieces of architecture the apartments spaci- 
ous and magnificent I know not that I ever felt more delight 
than in going on a visit to a family on choultry plain soon 
after my arrival at Madras, in the Cool of the evening after a 
very hot day." Frequent passage of Gun carriages over it 
had worn away part of tho stone pavement, 1785. Uscan 's 
Marmalong Bridgo. — -Love III-294. Sir Archibald Campbell, 
Govornor from 1786 to 1789, has a resting-place in Poets' Corner 
Westminster Abbey. His relict Johanna Maria (Mary) died at 
Madras July 1800 after a short and painful illness. Patrick 
Ross became M.P. for Horsham in 1802 and died August 24, 
1804 (See No. 1908). 

692 19th July Humphry William Here lies interred the body of Humphry William Lewcook, 

1792. Lbwoook son of William and Elizabeth Lewoock, aged 25 years aad 

23 days, in whose memory this stone was placed by his 
muoh regretted parents. 

Mr. Lewoock died February 1802. Humphrey Lewoock, Sergoant 
of tho Mayor's Court, died May 12th 1764. 

Humphrey Lewcock married Hannah Withinbrook on May 1 5, 
1705. Hannah Lewcock married Humphrey Dorrington on 
February 6, 1723-4. 

693 23rd Feb. Joseph Gutllaume Joseph Gutjllaume Antoinb Troyer fils de Mr. Antoine Troyer 

1811. Antoine Troyer. et de dame Anne Dejean Troyer n6 le 23 Fovrier 1811 et 

mort a Page de 20 jours* 

Mr. Troyer was an inhabitant of Pondichorry. 

A Captain Anthony Troyer was Military Secretary to Lord William 
Bentinck, Governor-General in 1828. 

[Lt.-Col. Obiit in or about 1865, entored 12th Regiment as Ensign 
1 March 1803. Exohangod into 4th Ceylon Regiment 15 June 
1813, was placed on half pay 25 June 1815]. 

VOL. 1—19 



Date. Name. Inscription, 

(2) (3) (4) 

694 29th April Elizabeth Peyton. Sacred to tho memory of Elizabeth iteYTON, aged 21 years 5 




695 28th Feb. 

Paulus Petrus. 


20th April Samuel Mucartish 
1816. Moorat. 


4 th May 

Comtesse Marie 
Adelaide Dayot 


21st Sept. 

Edward Alfred 
Emile Moorat. 


14th Dec. 

Etiennb Marie 

months and 14 days. Erected by her afflicted and discon- 
solate husband Wynne Peyton. 

W. Peyton, Surgeon, 22nd Regiment married Eliza, youngest 
daughter of the late J. Robertson, on 3rd Juno 1809 at Bellary. 
He died October 10th 1848. 

His jacet Paulus Petrus Jolcianus, qui die 28 Pebruarii 
decessit, Anno Domini 1814. 

A lengthy inscription in Armenian precedes. 

Sacred to the memory of Samuel Mucartish Moorat, 
Esquire, a much respected member of the Armenian com- 
munity, who departed this life at Madras 20th of April 1816. 
By integrity and urbanity in public dealing, by hospitality 
and benevolence in private life, by exemplary conduct both 
on moments of difficulty and those of prosperity, and by 
numerous acts of beneficence to the necessitous, he became 
beloved by all who knew him. (n token of conjugal and 
filial affection, his monument is erected by his sorrowing 

A fine monument of Italian marble in the Moorat Chapel. Mr. 
Moorat was the wealthiest Armenian of his day. " Reputedly 
a groat Miser, and the richest individual in Madras " (Taylor, 
p. 235). He left charitable benefactions known as tho 
Moorat fund. His wife Anna Raphael died July 28th, 1828, 
aged T>7. On February Uth 171)1, he married Miss Rnphaol, 
daughter of Edward Raphael Esqr. 

Sacred to the memory of Madame la Comtesse Marie Adelaide 
Dayot Beadle, Chauvincsse du Chapitro Royal de Sainte 
Anne a Munich, tho lady of Captain Samuel Beadle of the 
Hon'blc Company's ship Surrey, aged 23 years and 0 months. 
This stono is inscrilxxl with affection and grief by her dis- 
consolate husband Samuel Beadle. 

0 ma Fille ! 6toit ce pour to reneontrer ici, que ton 
malbeureux pere accouroit de si loin. Que do vortus 
enscvelies dans sa torn be ! Que de felicities detruites 
dans sa famille ! O mon Dieu ! Vous qui connoissiez la 
purete de son coeur, daignez la reunir, dans votre sein 
paternel , a son enfant, a ma vertueuse femme, et a 
mon fils. — Amen. 

On May 4, 1816, the Countess Mario Adelaide Dayot, Chanoi- 
negso Honoraim du Chapitro Royal Do Santo Anne a Munich, 
lady of Captain S. Beadle, H. C., Ship Surrey died. 

She had a daughter born on 22, April 1816. (Asiatic Journal, 
December 1816). 

Ici repose Edouard Alfred Emile Moorat, ne* a Paris le 5 
Juin 1821, et mort le 21 Septembre 1822. Dors en paix, 
tendre victime et laisses nous les larmes ! Tu parus k peine 
sur la terre, et ton ame trop belle et trop pure, repoussa 
la coupe d'amertume que le monde t'offroit. Ainsi ton 
Sauveur " ayant goute* du breuvage amer qu'on lui pre- 
sentoit, ne voulut point en boire." — Matt. XXVII. 34. 

Ici reposent sous la meme pierre Etienne Marie Reneaux, 
ne* a Pondicherry, dececl a Madras, le 14 Decembre 1823, 
et Marie Cammiadb, son epouse, d6c<Sde* a Madras, en 1847. 
Of the same family as the well-known merchant Aim6 Cammeade, 
whose name survives in Cammiade's Gardens, Nungumbaukum. 
He built the Salt Kotaurs. 








(2) ' (3) (4) 


He amassed a fortune in the Salt Trade and devisod the system j C 
depositing Government Money and obtaining salt on 6 months 
credit. His grand father was an officer Jc»oph Cammiado in 
the Nizam's service, a native of Nantes, originally a bombardier 
on a cruiser, who deserted at Masulipatam. 


10th Oct. 

Edward Samuel 

701 13th July Elizabeth 

Within this chapel lie interred the remains of Edward Sam- 
uel Moorat, Esq., eldest son of the late Samuel Mookartish 
Moorat, Esq., born 28th September 1793. His brother 
John Samuel Moorat, as a tribute of affection, inscribed this 
tablet to his memory.— R.l.P- 

Edward Moorat lived in the house known as the Old College. 
Moorat 'a Gardens were lately the office of the Director of Publio 
Instruction. They were purchased by Government for 
Ka. 90,000 in 1827, and on March 17, 1830 Mr. Moorat parted 
with the Pantheon fi.r Ks. 28,000 which is tho nucleus of the 
spreading block of buildings that now make up the Madras 
Museum. Umda 13agh, Poodoopauk also belonged to him. 
It was occupied by tho Begum of the last titular Nawab of the 
Oarnatic. The brothers Moorat married in 1813 two sisters, the 
daughters of Mr. J. S. White of Pondicherry. 

Mrs. Edward Moorat gave birth to a son and heir (Asiatic Journal, 
February 1816). 

John Samuel Moorat, Esq., of Buswill Park near Edmonton, 
Middlesex and of Gloucester Square, Hyde Park W., was the 
younger son of the Samuel Moorat of Madras by Anne daughter 
of Edward Kaphiel of Madras. Ho was born 1796 and married 
Marie Dolphine, the second daughter of Joseph White of Pondi- 
cherry on June 14, 1813. Edward Samuel White married 
Miss Maria Virginia White, tho eldest daughter of Joseph White 
of Pondicherry on May 13, 1813. At St. Georgos Church, 
Madras on January 27, 1817, Captain John May no of tho Hon. 
Company's Ship Batavia married Mrs. T. E. White widow of 
Captain John White, Commissary General on tho establish- 
ment, daughter of the late Chevalier do gronier do Eonclaro 
and the then lady Chalmers (See No. 2808). Dr. John Douglas 
White gave his name to White's Road (Doctor White's Garden, 
in Poodoopauk). He obtained a grant of land in Poodoopauk 
in 1809 (Love iii-573). Ho built the house which forms the 
nucleus of the Madras Club. 

Erected by T. Chaverymootoo Moodelliar to tho memory of lug 
dear child Elizabeth, god daughter of the venerable and 
illustrious Abb6 Dubois, who departed this life on the 13th 
July 1839, aged 27 years, leaving her affectionate husband 
P. Suryahootarnaroya Moodelliar with 5 children and 
numerous affectionate relatives to lament her loss. 

Tho connexion of the Abbe" Dubois with this family may perhaps 
oxplain the pregonco of his portrait in the Conncmara Library, 
where he is pain tod as a white Brahmin from the West, wearing 
a flowing turban and holding in one hand the seven knotted 
bamboo staff that tradition assigns to every Hindoo pilgrim. 
In the presbytery of his former church at Soringapatam was 
preserved till quite recently the block of wood upon which this 
turban was daily rolled. Joan Antoine Dubois was born at 
Saint Remeze in 1765, ordained in the diocese of Viviers in 1792 
and left France for Pondicherry in the same year. He quitted 
India on January 15th, 1823, and died at Paris in 1848. His 
relations with the family of the deceasod were very intimate 
as may be judged from the following letter : — 

" Mon cher Chaverymootoo, J' ai recu votre lettre du 12, 
et je suis bion sensible k votre souvenir* Je nesais sur quel 
fondement s*appuyont los personnes qui soutionnent que 
la religion chr6tienne proscrit la distinction des castes • 

VOL. I— 19a 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Je n' ai jamais vu des preuvos de cotto assertion vague. J'atou- 
jours 6t6 persuade que la religion chre^tienno s'accomodait 
a tous les usages et institutions civiles dos pays on eile 
s'introduisait; or la distinction des castes m'a toujours 
pam une institution puroment civilo dans son origine, corrumpuo 
dans la suite par des fables absurdes. Cette distinction des 
castes m'a paru le chef d'oouvre de la legislation indienne. 
C'est elle qui a conserve parmi les Indians, les sciences, los arts 
et la civilisation, et qui les a preserves d'un 6tat de barbarie. 
Bans la distinction des castes ces pouples ne seraiont pas plus 
avances dans la civilisation quo lours vnisins los Malais 
et les autres nations d'Afrique et d'Ameiiquo qui vivent sous 
la memo latitude. Cotto distinction des castes a tant d'avant- 
agos qu'elle a oxiste chez la plupart (les anoions pouples tels 
que les Egyptions, les Israelites, etc., ot qu'elle oxiste encoro 
parmi les Indions, les Arabes, les Tartares, et quant bien 
ra^me la religion ohr^tienno deviondrait la dominanto dans 
ces pays cy, je pense qu'il serait do Tinteret de cos pouples de 
conservor, toujours la distinction des castes. Lorsque vous 
trouvorcz une occasion favorable, faites moi lo plaisir do 
presenter rnes compliments respectueux au Colonel Symons, 
God bless you all. Yours truly, J. A. Dubois, Pondicherry, 
16th July 1814." 

702 23rd Jan. JOHN Fennblly .. Orate pro annua reverendissimi et jllustrissimi Joannis 
1868. Fenhelly, Epi. Castorien. Eccl. Madrasten Vic. Aplici. 

natus die xvii JNovemb. 1805 apud Moyne dioccsis Cassi- 
liensis, in Uibernia, Thurlesiao litoris humanioribus inst-i- 
tutus demum Maimtia) disciplinis philosopbicis et tlieolo- 
giis omnium sex annos incubuit ; ibique ordini 
saeerdotali jam adsei rptus ceconomia* academic al administra- 
tioni est propositus. Quod qnidem munus postquam plures 
annos summa fide industriaqne obiisset, jam pietate doctrina 
zelo rerumque gerendarum peritia conspicuns tandem die 

xx Aprilis 1841, Epus Castorien. renuntiatus est vices- 
quo ss. D. N. Grcgorii Papas xvi in Eecl. Madraster ger- 
endas aceepit Madraspatanum die xiii Jan. 1842 : feliciter 
adveetus ibidem muniis pastoralibus operibusque religionis 
atque benevolentia? indesinenter deditus vineam .Domini 
Annos xxiv indefessus exeoluit. Anno I860, mandato 
Apostolieo eoncedens, ccotui illi Episcoportun frequentis- 
simo Roma? adfuit quo Martyres Japonenses in sanctorum 
album relati sunt. Finito eoneilio Hiberniam post tot annos 
l&eto animo rovixit, ast mem or officii zeloque animarum 
continue incitatus domo suisque festinanter salutatis ad 
gregem sibi conjunct issimam redire proi>eravit. Vix tamen 
Madraspatanum redux, infausto morbo arreptus mortem 
immaturam sed pretiosara apud Deum obiit die xxiii Jan. 
1868. In memoriam optimi pastoris patris dilectissimi 
lapidem hune clerus populusque Madrasten. moerentes 
posuerunt A.D. 1869.— R.I.P. 

Bora at Castle Town in the diocese of Cashel Bishop of Castoria 
in Dasdania (Mysieum Orientale). 

This epitaph was written by Dr. Charles Russell, President of 
Maynooth College and uncle of Lord Russell of Killowen. 
Queen Victoria said of Dr. Russell that he was the politest 
man she had ever met. 

7(>3 8rd May Stbphsk Orate pro anima reverendissimi et illustrissimi Stbpham 

1880. Fbnnhllv. Fhnnblly, Epis. Thermopylen Eccles. Madrasten Vio. 

Apostolioi, natus die xxvi Deoembris 1816, apud Moyne, 


MADBAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


diocesis Cassiliensis in Hibernia obiit die tertia Mail 1880. 
In memoriam optimi et dileotissimi patris hoc monumentum 
olerus populusquo Madraston. mcerentos eroxorunt A. P. 
1881.— R.LP. 

Tho Fenuollys were brothers and natives of Oashel in Tipporary, 
and had been professors nt Maynooth College before common - 
<'ing their missionary labours in India. A nephew wub appoint- 
ed (1901) Coadjutor-Bishop to Archbishop Croko (of Cashel) 
with right of succession. The portrait of John was painted by 
Simon Fonseca, and that of Stephen by John Fonseca l>otter 
known as a delineator of horses. Both pictures hang in tho 
Archbishop's House in Armenian Street, togother with tho 
portraits of Dr. O'Connor, first Irish Bishop of Madras, and of 
Dr. Patrick Joseph Cartw, his coadjutor Bishop of Philadelphia 
in lsauria (Asia Minor), who was subsequently transferred to 
Calcutta arid died there, in the same Hall is a large oil-paint- 
ing of St. Patrick, in tho act of destroying the statue of Dagon 
and replacing it by an image of the Virgin Mary. Jn tho fore- 
ground a snake- bitten child is held up to bo healed by tho 
Apostlo of Treland beneath whose feet the serpents mid reptiles 
of the country aro fleeing in confusion. The artist of this 
remarkable picture was an Italian lay brother, employed as 
gardener in tho mother house of tho Oblntos of Mary imma- 
culate near Milan. Tho society has a mission, in Burmah, and 
a curious story is told of a brother once arriving in Madras and 
recognising himself as having stood when a boy as model for 
the crozier holder to St. Patrick in this very picture. 

704 J 4th Aug. Michael Gould . . Of your oharity pray for tho soul of tho Into Michael (Uajld, 
]88<S. Esq., ll.d., Barrister-at-Law, Adtninistrator-(ionoral of 

Madras, agod 48 j^ears. 

Mr. Gould was a well-known member of Madras Society. He left 
considerable benefactions to tho Roman Catholic community, 
and his likeness hangs in the Archbishop's Bouse. 

He joined service as acting clerk of tho Crown and Crown Proso- 
cutor on 1st March 1871. 









[ u San T 
India, it was 
and the old c 

705 68 A.D. 






3rd Sept. 

707 1 593 

(3) (4) 


home a largo village situated on the sea-shore, 4 miles below Madras. When the Portuguese were powerful in 
a plaee of considerable consequence : no traces of its former masters now remain, but five or six desolate churches 
nsign staff 4 nodding o'er the beach'.] 

Saint Thomas . . Hie spoctabili referente veteri traditiono corpus est humatum 

B. Thomae Apostolt, qui cum diceretur Didymus et unus 
esset de duodecim, lanco transfix us in vicinia vitam pro 
tide offudit Magistri, A.D. OS. Tn quorum fidom Honricus 
primus instauratae (A.D. 1K86) diocesoos Episcopus Molia- 
poreusis, cum ocolesiam vctustam hie existontem amplian- 
dam ab imis fundamentis do novo erigendam curasset, 
opere fclicitor eompieto tabellam banc eonficioridam man- 
davit et ipso hie locavit 1S96. 

The tradition is that St. Thomas was marl vied at. the Mount, 
which boars his name, and buried at Mylapore. This memorial 
tablet was fixed by Morisignor Henry lieod da Silva in the centre 
of the new Cathedral over the crypt which is said to mark the 
sito of the grave. 

Ruivas de Aqui iaz Rujvah dr Sequeira, natural do Cuimarais, faiecoo 

Sequeira. aos 3 do Netembro do 1557 anos. 

Guimaraes is a town near Kraga, and the birthplace in 1094 of 
Alfonso I, lirst king of Portugal, and founder of the Braganza 

Guimavaons in Portugal is said to be the birth-place in 304 of San 
Danmsa Papa whose day in the Calendar is 11th Dee. He 
was the 30th Pope (Not is Virgilio Vescovo 1*7 Nova San Nap 
Oloone. Confessorie Martere 15 Aug. 305 Irish.) 

Juror Pereira Sopultura do Jorge Pe reira de Chaos o do sous ordeiros> 
Chaos. natural do Arifana, e de Soitsa Frritas 1593 ano. 

Arifana is a village near Porto. E de sens ordeiros "And of his 
heirs,"' a common clause in the older epitaphs. 

Sopultura de Andre Cardoso Maria Barbuda sua molher 
a que ds pordoo a qual faloeoo a 7 de Dozombro de 897. 

A quern deus perdoe '* a qui Dieu pardonno." 

las aqui Cota Martin ho com sua molher Marta Toscana 
o sou filho Diouo M. IZ. 

The occurrence of the title Coja on this epitaph is of interest. 
Among Europeans the appellation is one generally given to 
Armenians, as Coja Fetrus Uscan. 

Maria de Nesta calhota segura livre do corentes e mares abaxo dosta 

Linhares. pedra dura iaz Maria de Ltnhares. 

" In this safe creek free from seas and currents rests beneath this 
hard stone Maria de Linhares/' She may have been drowned 
at sea. 

Esta morada ho de Antonio Pentbado ho natural do Cochin. 

7th Doc. 

XVI Cen- 


Andre Cardoso 
Maria Barbuda. 

Coja Martinho 
Marta Toscana. 



Pedro Dias da 

Rosa, Isabel de 



Antonio da Cunha 

Litis da Mota . . 

Sopultura do Pedro Dias da Rosa e de sua molhor Isabel 
de Paiva e do sens erdeiros, naturals de Ariosa e de Barselos. 

Barcellos is a town in the province of Minho, of which tho capital 
is Braga. At the foot of this slab are tho words " Pagou 8 
Pardaos " signifying that the deceased paid for his interment. 
Possibly this Dona Paiva may be connected with Madam 
Hieronyma Paiva or Pa via the Portuguese Jewess, whose name is 
associated with Elihu Yale's (see No. 762). 

Aqui iaz Antonio da Cunha Soares, P.C 80 F. 

Sepultura de Luis da Mota e seus ordeiros, natural de Santa- 
rem 1603. 

Santarem is a town on the Tagus near Lisbon and was once the 
seat of the Court. 


a umber. 





MADRAS CITY — cont. 




17th Feb, 



(3) (4) 


Antonio Dabreu. 
Simon Kibeiro . . 


718 1035 



Salvadore de 
Co is. 


22nd Aug. Thkrkzia da Stlva 
1095. Barozo, 

Mendes Pereira. 

W)S . . Ioao Lopez de 
Faria, Anna da 
Cunha Teixera. 

24th Nov. Gaspar Affonso. 


23rd July Ionaoio Fbrretoa 
1728. db Souza. 

25th [sic] Joseph Pinheiro. 
Mar. 1744. 

Aqui iaz Antonio Dabreu natural de Carahein, o qual faleceo 
e 17 de Feveroiro na ora de 005 e de sous erdeiros. 

Casa da Dom Simao Ribeiro faleoeo 1006. 

Aqui jaz Mestre Ioam de Vidabua, natural de Paris. Pagou 8 

Compare a similar epitaph at Cochin, "Mestre do Capela da So, 
1634." He may have been the choirmaster. Ho paid 8 pardaos 
for his tomb, the pardao being an Indian coin worth throe tos- 
tooiis and three vintens, i.e., about 12 annas. The curious will 
find a long note on pardao in the Supplement to Yule and Bur- 
noil's 11 Hobson-Jobson." The word pardao is a 
corruption of the Sanscrit prutap " splendour, majesty," and 
was no doubt taken from the legend on some of the coins to 
whieli the rame was applied, e.g., that of the Rajah of Ikkeri in 
Canara, Sri Pratapa Ki ishnaraya. 

Quo foi desta oidado e toda a costa da Pesearia faleceo na era 
de 1035 anos. 

Fragment to the memory of a poi son of importance on the Tinnc- 
velly Pearl Fishery Coast, the scene of the missionary labours 
of St. Francis Xavier. Lucena's life of Xavier (1600) says: 
" There are in the seas of the East throe principal mines when* 
they fish pearls. The third is between the Isle of Ceilon and 
Capo Comory and on this account the coast which runs from 
the said Cape to the shoals <>f Kamanancor and Mamir is called 
in part, Pesearia." Mr. J. H . Boyle, of the Madras Civil Service, 
wrote au interesting account of the Paravars of la Pechorio in 
the kl Calcutta Review " for 1874, Nu. CXV. 

Esta sepultura o de Salvadore de Co is o do sous erdeiros na 
ora de 042. 

Esta sepultura he de Tjierezia da Stlva Barozo, filha de 
Ioao Ferretra da Silva o da Fran a Pacheca, natural 
da eidade de Coehim, e do Francisco Mendes Pereira, 
sou marido, e do sens erdeiros, faleoeo aos 22 de Agosto 

Aqui iaz Ioao Lopez db Faria natural de Beleni, nos arri- 
baldes da Lisboa, filho legitimo do Pedro Lopez e de 
Leonora de Faria, e de sua molher Anna da Cunha 
Teixera e de sous erdeiros. Anno de 1008. 

Belem, formerly called Restello, is the port from which Yasco da 
Gama set sail for India. Da Gama, Camoens and Charles IPs 
Queen Catherine of Braganza lie buried there. The name 
Belem is the same as Bethlehem. 

Sepultura do illustrissimo Sen bor T). Gaspar Affonso da 
Companha de Jesus, quarto bispo de Mailapor, foi sagrado 
aos 2 de Agosto de 1093, falleceo aos 24 de Novembro de 

The name of Dom Gaspar occurs frequently in records with 
reference to his correspondence with the Government of Fort 
St. George over the jurisdiction of his see. There is another 
tomb-stone of an earlier Bishop next to this slab, but the writing 
is effaced. 

Sepultura de Ignacio Fbrrbira db Souza, natural de Mad- 
rasta, benfeitor desta Se, faleceo em 23 de Julho de 1728. 

Joseph soc. Jesu Episeopus Mailapurensis eonsecratus die 
XXIV Martii 1726 supremum diem cxplevit die XV Martii 

Dom Jose* Pinheiro succeeded Bishop Manoel Sanches Golao 
a secular, and died at the advanced age of 74. 







22nd Hept. 



(3) (4) 





19th Nov. 

Eleanor Jackson. 


10th April Elizabeth Smith. 

Sepultura do Exec Hen tissimo e Rovorendissimo Scnhor D. 
Ere Antonio da Encarnacao Relligioso de Santo Augus- 
tinho, sagrouce Bispo de Meliapor om o convonto de Nossa 
Senhora da Graea de Goa aos 22 de Janeiro de 1747, tomou 
posse do Bispado aos 14 de Mayo de 1750, o faleeeo aos 22 
de Septembro de 1752. 

Tomou posse do Bispado 44 Took possession of tho Bishopric. 1 * 
Sagrouce " Was consecrated." 

Hie jaeet corpus Ioannae Eleanorae Jackson quae decimo 
nono die Novembris annoque Christi rnillesimo septengen- 
tesimo sexagesjmo primo et sua3 ajtatis vicesimo tertio 
animnm efllavit, duabus filiis relictis jSophift vicesimo sexto 
die Aprilis nata anno domini rnillesimo septin^entesiino 
quinquagosimo septnno, Eleanonlque septimo die Soprombris 
anno millesinio soptingeutesimo sexagesimo jirinio m?ta, 
cliarissinne bemgnissiiuseouo mat ris mortem dolere ; Samu- 
ELiet Johannae Hepburn fuit filia, Roberto Jackson nav; s 
gubernatori in (ommercio Horiorubilis Georirii 1'iirot armi- 
geri gubernatorisqiie sancti Goorgii eastelli, uxori fuit. 

Here lieth the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Smtth, wifo of Charles 
Smith, Esq., in the service of the Honorable Company at 
Fcrt St. George and one of the daughters of Mr. Francisco 
and Mrs. Maria Carvallio, who departed this life the JOth 
of April 1705, aged 22 years, 10 months and 23 days. 

She was buried <v in the Cathedral churrh of St. Thome. 1 " Charles 
Smith, who was writer in 1753, bocamo member of Council in 
1774, and acted ns Govornor of Fort St. Goorgo from Novem- 
ber 8th, 1780 to June 22nd, 1781. His ancestor was a Hugue- 
not emigrant of the name of Lefevre, who took the name of 
Smith (Faber). Charles Smith's brother Culling Smith was 
a writer on the Bengal Establishment in the year of the Black 
Hole, but was away from Calcutta at the time. Ho was created 
a Baronet- in 1802 and became the maternal grandfather of 
Hugh Culling Eardley Guilders (see No. 2295). The parents 
of Charles and Culling Smith were Thomas Smith, a London 
merchant, and Culling, sister and co-heiress of John Homo, 
Governor of Bombay from September 1734 to April 1730. 
Charles Smith married first Elizabeth Curved ho on February 
10, 1762 and secondly Miss Frances Law on Sept. 2, 1772. 
Mrs. Maria Carvalho died at Madras, June 4th, 1791, aged 78, 
and her mother Mrs. Holcomb on tho 13th March of the same 
year at tho age of 94. Charles Floyer, meml>er of Council, in 
1776, married a Catherine de Carvalho, July 27th, 1761. Mr. 
Hugh Grant married at Calcutta Dec. 27, 1 761 Mary Carvallio 
(who died Oct. 21, 1769). Two Misses Carvalho wore among 
the refugees at Fulta. 

728 28th Dbo. Gabriel Marotto. Aqui jaz sepultado o eorpo de Gabriel Marotto, filho de 
1779. senhor Marotto, Stanisloge Garmorens, e nacao Armenio 

nacido em Manilha, porem nao dizesperados, porque elles 
sempre comformados as ordem do ceo piedozo. Camin- 
hantes que is to ledes, so te rogo a Deos por mim hum 
Padre Nosso e Ave Maria. Faleeeo Gabriel Marotto no 
28 de Dezembro anno 1779, idade 47 annos em Madrasta, 

Porem, etc. 44 But who did not despair, because he always 
conformed to the will of pious Heaven.'* 



Serial Date. Name, Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


729 4th Nov. Bernardo db Sopultura do Excelentissimo e Reverendissimo Sonhor Dom 

1780. San Cabtano. Frb Bernardo db Santo Cabtano relligioso eremite de 

Santo Agostinho, Bispo de Maliapur, faleceo aos quatro do 
Novombro de 1780. 

730 20th Mar. Joaquim Grbgorio, Aqui jaz Joaquim Gregorio, o qual falocoo aos 20 de Marco 

1790 and Daniel De Fries. de 1790, tendo de idade 77 annos. Tambem foi aqui sopul« 
7th Mar. tado Daniel De Fries, seo neto, filho de Lewis e Ckar- 

1800. lottb De Fries, faleceo aos 7 do Marco 1800 de 2 annos 

setto mezes o 12 dias de idado. 

731 20th Mar. Michael Joannes Hie jacot Michael Joannes Baboom vera fide clarus, in doo 
1793. Baboom. optimo spe clarior, suis enira eleemosinis dives factus, 

exteris suisque riota cliaritate clarissimus, clero plebique 
quot ot quanta dodit, tot et tanta suae reliquit bona familiae, 
anno aetatis suae 56 pie obiit Madras die 20 Martii 1793. 
Tarn bono parenti hoc posuit monumentum eius nepos 
Daniel Raphael Baboom. 

D. R. Baboom died at Constantinople January 21st, 1821, aged 
48. Maroar Johannes Baboom died Sept. 27, 1810, aged 80, 
apparently at Madras (A.A.R.). 

Hie jacot Excellent issimus ao Reverendissimus Dotninus 
Emmanuel a Jesu Maria Joseph ordinis Eremitarum 
S. Augustini qui electus Episcopus Meliaporensis die 29 
Januarii anni 1787 et consecratus die 13 Aprilis anni 1788 
obiit die 13 Januarii anni 1800, 52 aetatis anno nondum 
expleto. Requioscat in pace. 

"A detachment of the Madras Militia accompanied the solemn 

procession to the grave " (Courier of 16 — 1 — 1800). 
Don Bernardo di S. Gaetano, an Augustinian friar was succeeded 
by D. Emanuel di Goon (born at Ck>a) in 1787. He was Bishop 
at the tune of the visit of Frao Paolino Da S. Bartolomoo (1776). 

732 13th Jan. Emmanuel a Jesu 
1800. Maria Joseph. 

733 2nd Jan. Sir Antonio Here lieth the remains of Sir Antonio Constanoio Dias, 

1855. Constancio Dias. Knight of the Portuguese order of Christ, a native of Colva 

in the province of Salcette, in the settlement of Goa. He 
married first the widow of John de Monte, Esq., and after 
her death Miss M. E. R. Cardozo. He departed this life on 
the 2nd of January 1855. This tablet is erected by his 
surviving relict, who begs the prayers of the faithful for the 
repose of his soul — R.I.P. 

John de Monte of the firm of Arbuthnot, de Monte A Co., died 
at Covelong May 0th, 1821, aged 56. He lived in what is now 
the Adyar Club. His wife was a Miss Bilderbeok (see No. 1480). 

VOL. 1—20 


MADRAS CITY — eont. 






734 1729 

735 1740 

(3) (4) 

(These two inscriptions are built into the wall facing the road.) 

Armenian Insorip- An Armenian inscription which is translated : "In memory 
tion. of the Armenian nation. In the year of the Saviour 1729." 

The history of this inscription has not been traced ; it is 
in memory not of any individual, but of the Armenian 
nation and must have marked a fact of more than usual 

Frb Gaspar Dos Esta igreja se acabou nova sendo vigario della Frd Gaspar 
Kris. Dos Rbis, natural de S. Thom6, no anno 1740. 

"This church was finished anew in the year 1740, the Vicar of 
it being Friar Gaspar do* Roih , a native of San Thome." 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 








(Fo nded in 1516.) 

736 1516 

Foundation Stone 
of the Luz Church 


31st Mar. 
• 1637. 

Maria de Souza 
Pimbntel, Vasco 


Maria de Castro. 


9th Aug. 

Paulo db Sa 


26th May 

Fre Pedro de Atougia religioso obsorvanto do 8. Franoisoo 
edificou osta igreja de Nossa Sonhora da Luz em 1516. 

An ancient looking black stone) in one of the outer walk, coni- 
momornt ing tho building of the church in 1516, by a Franciscan 
friar. Tho tradition goes that when the Portuguese first arrived 
on this const, they woro uncertain where to establish themselves ; 
but at length saw a light which thoy regarded ats a divine intima- 
tion. On nettling, they built a church on tne site of the mani- 
festation and callod it Luz, that s the Light. This stone is 
the oldest European inscription in India. 

Esta sepultura he do Dona Marta Arabella molhor quo foi 
de Miguel de Souza Pimbntel, aonde e* sepultado seu filho 
Vasco Fernandez de Pimentel, qui faleceo em 31 de 
Marco do 1637 annos o sua neta dona Maria m Castro. 

Neta means grand-daughter. Thoro is in tho Franciscan church 
at Cochin a tombstone to tho memory of Vasco Fernandez 
Pimentel Governor of Cochin from 1564 to 1567. From the 
occurrence of tho name Vasco upon that inscription, it was » for a 
long time regarded as recording Vasco da Gama*s death, which 
ocourrod at Cochin on Christmas day, 1524. A De Castro was 
Portuguese Viceroy of India in 1604 and another in 1662. 

Sepultura do Padre Paulo de Sa natural do Goa faleoeo aos 9 
de Agosto 1715. 

In February 1694 Fro Raymundo do Morvais of Mylaporo advised 
Govomor Higginson that this Paulo do Sa had boon appointed 
vicar of Cuddalore. The English Govornor answered him, 
as follows : — " I acknowledge your civility in giving me notice 
of your determination, but I admire at your usurpation of an 
authority which did not belong to your predecessor, nor to 
yourself and successors, viz., to appoint vicars in any place 
under tho English Government. You have made a wrong 
account, and if you would reckon right, must begin again. In 
this case I ought to deal plainly with you, that no foreign Epis- 
copal authority can be admitted within the limits of our juris- 
diction, and that you are not Govomor or Bishop of Cuddalore 
no more than of Madras. But as your reverence is Bishop 
or Governor of Moliapore, I congratulate your accession to that 
authority, and dosiro and embrace your friendly and neigh- 
bourly correspondence ; in pursuance of which I acquaint 
your reverence that I have determined to permit Padre Guliolmus 
a Valle, of tho order of the Thoatines to reside at Cuddalore 
in the room of Padre Don John Do Clerici deceased. I am 
your friend and servant Nathaniol Higginson." 

Christina Barrbto Lector christiane, hie paullulum morare, ubi deous omne morta- 

lium moratur, et sub hoe marmore iaoere scias dominam 
Chrlstinam Rodriguez, Madrastee oriundam, domini 
Ludovici Mbdeiros Barreto Lusitani uxorem dilectam, 
qufiB longa et gravissima infirmitate exhausta, omnibus 
invict® patientiee exemplp dedito, animam Salvatori suo ad 
Patrem redeunti reddidit die scilicet XXVI Maii 
MDCCXXVTII flDtatis susb XXXVIII. Verumtamen universa 
vanitas omnia homo vivens. 

In 1796 two members of the Barretto family from Bombay, 
Louis and Joseph, helped to rebuild the Portuguese Church 
in Moorgihatta Street, Calcutta. Both brothers lie buried 
there ; Louis, born September 21st, 1745, died September 
3rd, 1806, and Joseph, bom January 1756, died September 
25th, 1824. Their family is bile that came very early to Asia. 
A Manuel Tellez Barretto- was Captain on board the fleet which 
Admiral Lopez Suarez brought to India in 1505. Francis 
Barretto, nineteenth Governor of Portuguese India, died at Goa 
in 1558. Antonio Monez Barretto, who died in 1576, was 
twenty-second Governor. Another of the name was nominated 
Patriarch of Ethiopia. Mr. Luis do Medeiro Barreto of Madras 

VOL. I— 20a 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


was a prominent merchant and lent Nicholas Morse and the 
Council of Fort St. George 15,000 pagodas at 8 per cent interest 
on the 18th July 1745. His will is still extant: from which 
we learn that his executors were Francis Carvalho, Father 
Sovorini, his wife Antonia Carvalho de Modeiro and Francis 
Barnewall, the Ma<lras civil servant, who married a daughter 
of Madame Dupleix by her first husband (see No. 94). 

740 30th June Frances de Fries. Mrs. Frances db Fries, mother of John de Fries Senior Esq., 

1788. who departed this life on the 30th June 1788. 

741 19th Oct. John de Fries . . Sacred to the memory of John de Fries, Esquire, 

1796. who on the 19th of October 1796, closed a valuable life, 

spent in the service of humanity, piety and virtue, at the 
age of 62 years, 7 months and 6 days. He was in every 
situation of life, as the husband of an affectionate wife, as 
the parent of an amiable family, as the liberal benefactor of 
the poor and as a merchant of integrity and opulence, at 
once rospectable and exemplary. The consolations which 
such a life imparted brightened the hour of his death and gave 
assurance of eternal bliss, the sure reward of justice faith and 

Aqui Jas Joao de Fries que faleceo aos 19 de Oitubro 1796, 
deposis de ter empregado a sua preeiosa vida em actoa 
dehumanidade, piodade e vertude, na idade de 62 annos, 7 
mezes e 6 dias. Foi em toda a situacao da sua vida espozo 
amante, verdadeiro pay di sua amavel f am ilia, liberal 
bembeito dos pobres, e exemplar na vertude, paciencia. 
No coinercio se cornduzio em toda integridate e opulencia, 
respeito e vista de todo o publico em geral, na ultima 
infermidate com todo o sucego e desengana, entregou a sua 
alma a seu creador para ser contado entre os justos. 

' John de Fries was one of the three executors of Adrian Fourbeck. 

He had twelve children, of whom Henry the eldest died at 
Calcutta, November 29th, 1770, aged 15 years. The following 
is the inscription on tho tombstone in the Church of the Virgin 
Mary of Rosary, Calcutta •* Here lieth the body of Henry de 
Fries, the first born (of 12 children) of John Be Fries and of 
Theodora his wife of the town of Madras : he departed this life 
on the 29th of November 1770, aged 15 years, 5 months and 
15 days." 

One H. De Fries was married to Miss De Vienne on 10 Feb. 
1817. (Asiatic Journal, Sept. 1817). 

742 10th Mar. Marie Julie db SacrS k la memoire de Maris Jttxje Adelaide db Fries, 

1811 Fries. epouse de John de Fries, Esq., deoedee Je 10 Mars 1811. 

EUe mourut apres une maladie longue et cruelle agee seul- 
ement de 29 ans, mere de quatre enfans dont trois restent 
pour la regretter to u jours. 

743 19th Feb. Theodora db Fries Theodora de Fries relict of the late John de Fries, Esq., who 

1812. departed this life on the 19th February 1812 in the 84th year 

of her age. Her sons have caused this monument to be 
consecrated in memory of her exalted virtues and an exam- 
ple for imitation. 

A fine marble monument by J. Bacon, Junior. 
The lady of Lewis de Fries died in her 56th year on March 6, 1816. 
(Asiatic Journal, Oct. 1816). 

744 4th Nov. Frances Maria Frances Maria Angelo, born 9th April 1824, died 4th Novem- 

1824. Angelo. ber 1824, the lovely infant daughter of Anthony Edward 

Angelo, of the Madras Civil Service, and Mary Theodora, his 

A. B. Angelo wag a writer in 1815 and served as Judge till 1848 
when he resigned the service. He died July 28th, 1855. He 
married firstly the only daughter of Lewis de Fries an eminent 


MADRAS CITY — cent. 

Serial Date, Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (*) 


Portuguese merchant of Madron. She died at BeJlary, May 9th, 
1834, and he married secondly Miss Eliza Law Frazer, March 
Oth, 1836. Mr. Lewis Fries married in October 1794 Miss 
Gregory 'a very amiable and accomplished young lady* at the 
Portuguese Church. On April 5, 1808, the infant (laughter 
of Lewis de Fries, died. Angelo was a grandson of tho famous 
fencing master Domenico Angelo Malevolti Tremamondo 
(1716-1802), whose oldest son Henry Angelo (1760-1839) had 
a son also named Honry (1780-1852), who was fencing master 
at Haileybury from 1806 to 1816. On Feb. 10, 1817, Honry De 
Fries married Miss de Vionne. On Oct. 31, 1815 at the Cathedral 
of St. Thome\ Henry Do Vienne married Mrs. Stockdalo, relict 
of the late T. R. Stockdale, Esq. On Jan. 1, 1822 Theodora 
Jane, oldest daughter of Thomas De Fries Esq., died aged 
19 years. 

745 12th July Adrian de Fries. Adrian db Fries, senior member of the firm of Adrian de 
]g27. Fries and Co., who departed this life at Pondicherry on 

the 12th day of July 1827, aged 69 years one month and 
eight days. The rolicks of this highly revered parent were 
removed from Pondicherry and reinterred hore on the 22nd 
day of June 1829, in conformity to his dying request made 
to his bereaved children. 

Among Mercantile firms in Madras in 1790 the names noticed 
among others are Messrs. Polling and De Fries. In 1795, 
the style of it was Adrian and John De Fries and in 1799, it 
was Adrian, Jolin and Lewis De Fries. Adrian De Fries was 
one of the * Inhabitants of Madraspatnam ' in 1791. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 





(1) (2) (3) (4) 

DESCAN<?AO church, adyar. 

Deecancao means " Rest," as in the Portuguese phrase " Doscange em Paz " which is the equivalent of Requiescat in Pace, 
The Tamil name of this church is Yellpatha Mada Covil " the church of our Lady who gives rest to the weary " and indicates 
that it was the habit of the Portuguese on their way from San Thome* to the Great and Little Mounts to repose hero awhile. 


12th Feb. 
1688 and 
31st May 

Mariana db Souza, 
Iozb da Silva. 


17th Jan. 

Cosmo Lc*v Reco 

Aqui jaz D. Mariana De Souza moJher Q foi di Diogo Froes 
De eqes Sabzae, eceo e 12 de Feveo de 1688, ed Ioze filha 
Madra, molher Q foi de Mattheus Garvalo Da Slva 
faeleceo em 31 de Maio de 1696, a bas natraes de Ma Der 
Ae Sat R Thq as legitinias de Cosmo Comaraed Scholas- 
Tioa De Sa Aefv Fvdes esta. 
Aqui jaz Cosmo Lov Reco Madera, natural de via da Coitm 
reino do Algarive, fmo legitimo de Fernad Martins de 
Siquiera o D. Maria Db Vera, foi caza do da Premeira vez 
na cidide de Negapatani Com. d Monica Peirira E Sedo 
cazado da segun da vez C6 D.E. Scho lastica De Souza 
fudara D esta igrea e falceo e 17 Db Janeiro de 1703. 
[on right near altar]. 

Foi cazado da primoira vez 11 was married the first time". 

[Service is held once a year on July 2nd festival of St. Mary and St. Elizabeth 
under rlev. Pais of Luz. Formerly Service once a month.] 









21st Aug. 

29th Deo. 



(3) (4) 

Richard Grace . 

Simon Fonsbca 

Riohard Grace, Lieutenant Her Majesty's 43rd Light Infantry, 
and second son of Sir William Grace, Baronet of Boley, 
Queen's County, Ireland, aged 26 years and 2 months. 
Erected by his wife Frances Grace. 

Simon Fonsbca, Artist, aged 64 years. 

Fonseoa painted a portrait of J. J. Cotton, Madras, April 1842. 
See No. 703. 

750 17th Feb. Charles Edward Charles Edward Henry, Madras Civil Service, aged 27 
1892. Henry. years. Erected by his brother officers. 









(2) (3) (4) 

(Founded in 1640. Restored 1857.) 

16th Aug. 

Elizabeth Leal 


16th Aug. 
1760, etc. 

Elizabeth Leal, 
Alexander, Eli- 
zabeth and 
Aurora Piellow. 


20th Mar. 

Joannes Sinan 

Peternilha Ferdinandes, natural de Paieacato^ 

consorte de Manoel Leal, que passou desta tomporal vida* 
para aeterna, de idade de 30 annos 9 mezes,a qual faliecoo aos 
16 de Agosto 1760. Por charidade os benignos pios e oharita- 
tios ho sirvao de commemorar a defunta com hum Padre 
Nos8o e huma Ave Maria. 

The upper part of the inscription, which names the parents of the 
deceased, is missing, the slab having been used as a doorstep 
for the presbytery. A Constancia Leal, infant daughter of Philip 
and Amio Loal, is buried in the Armenian cemetery at Tejgaon, 
noar Dacca, in Bengal. Mrs. Michaela Leal diod at Madras, 
Jan. 15, 1800 aet. 73 (Madras Courier for 15 1-1800). In Bengal 
May 180H, Mr. Samuel Jones married Miss Philadelphia 

Here lies deposited the remains of Elizabeth Maria, wife of 
Manoel Leal, who departed this life on the 16th day of 
August A.D. 1760, aged 30 years and 9 months. Sacred to 
the memories of Alexander and Elizabeth, the son and 
daughter of Francis Piellow, the former diod 12th June 
A.D. 1825, aged 25 years, the latter 9th September A.D. 1828, 
aged 25 years. Here lies deposited the remains of Elizabeth, 
the only and beloved daughter of John and AuroraPiellow, 
aged 11 years and 6 months, who departed this lifr on Satur- 
day the 3rd day of February A.D. 1838. Also here lies 
deposited the remains of Aurora, the affectionate wife of 
John Piellow, died on Monday 10th July 1843, aged 33 
years, 1 month and 7 days. 

29 Nov. 1845 at George Town Mr. Francis Piellow died aged 80 

years, 9 months, and 13 days. 
3 Oct. 1846 at George Town Mrs. Mary Leal died, aged 48 years 
and 2 months. Dr. Rottler had a Mr. Piellow to help him 
as Amanuensis. 

Aqui jaz Joannes Sinan, mercador de nagao Armenia, 
natural de Julfa, no Royno de Persia, o qual falleceo em esta 
cidade de Madras patnao, aos vinte do mez de Marco no anno 
do Senhor de mil sette centos e sossonta sette, da ydade de 
o ncoenta sette annos. Descance em paz. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 







(3) (4) 

The bulk of the information in the notes below has been supplied by Mr. Mesrovb J. Seth 
of Calcutta, author of the " History of the Armenians in India." Tho Armenians entered India in the wake of the Moghul 
emperors. Some of the epitaphs in the old cemetery of Agra go back to the age of Akbar. 

Erected in 1712, rebuilt in 1772. 





11th Juno 

7th July 

6th Sopt. 

13 th June 

Anna Shambbr 

Elbazab Shambbb. 

Isabella Box 

Shambbb Sxjltan. 


16th Nov. 

Sabquis Satub 

vol. 1—21 

This room (Soneak) was erected in 1765 to the memory of tho 
pious lady Anna, wife of Shambbb, aged 41 years. (Trans- 

In this tomb is interred the noteworthy Elbazab Shambbb, 
an Armonian,who was born at Madras whore ho departed to 
life oternal at tho age of 29, on the 7th day of July 1757 
[sic]. (Translation). 

Hie jacet the body of Isabella, tho wife of John Charles 
Wilkins Box, Esq., agod 18 years, 9 months and 10 days. 
" J. C. VV. Box formerly writer to Mr. Porcher, from England 
1783, now in gaol." E. I. Kalendar for 1791. 

Hero lies interred tho body of tho noble Shambbb Soolthano 
mean, an Armenian, who was born at New Julfa on the 4th 
November 1723 and died hero at Madras on Saturday the 13th 
day of June 1797, aged 74 years. (Translation). 

The site of tho present Armenian Church, formerly a burial ground 
was granted by him in 1772. His wife, Axiom, had boon buried 
there in 1765 in the family vault. There existed at one time 
in Madras an oil-painting of Agah Sharaeer Sultan, dressed 
in Armenian costume, and in the national head gear with the 
following articles arranged bofore him : a pair of scissors, a 
yard measure ; a pair of scales with small weights for weighing 
precious stones, and an ink pot and quill. This was adopted 
as the crest of the Shameer family, and is carved on all their 
tombstonoa. Ho had throe sons, Jacob, who died at Malacca 
on 7th July 1774 aet. 29 (See Bland's Historical Tombstones 
of Malacca), Johanness, who died at Madras in 1834, aged 77, 
and Eleazar (No. 755), who died in 1787. His youngest daughter 
Mrs. Aratoon Jacob died at Madras on Sunday the 30th January 
1796 and at the age of 46 years. Arrathoon Jacob <lied on 18th 
April 1804, aged 67 years and 16 days. Mrs. Anna Seth of the 
Armenian Nation died on 4th March 1806, aged 48 years at 
George town.Lieut. David Chambers, H. M. 8th Regt., married 
Hosanna Arathoon on 17th Feb. 1814. 

Coja Nazar Jacob Jan an inhabitant of Madras since 1702, who is 
mentioned in 1740 as the owner of a house in Charles Street 
died leaving his estato to Coja Sultan David, father of Shawmier 
Sultan. Sultan David's house in Charles Street, which was 
doubtloss the building owned by Jacob Jan is an historic edi- 
fice. As tho Admiralty house it eventually became the town 
residonco of the Governor of Madras and the scene of many 
public entertainments. It is now the office of the Account-ant 
General. It passed on to Shawmier after the death of his father 
Caja Sultan David. Richard Prince while Deputy Governor 
of Madras lived in it. Robert Clive also lived in it afterwards 
as a tenant. The house was ultimately acquired by the Com- 

Sabquis Satub do Agavoliis vir prudentia pietato ao rootitu- 
dine praBolarus requiescit in Domino die decima sexta 
Novembris MDCCCXXI. 

Partner in the late firm of Lys, Satur and De Monte, dissolved 
January 1st, 1810. Satoor Sarfcies was a patron of Armenian 
learning and opened a printing press at Madras for the publica- 
tion of books in the vernacular. Mr. Thomas Twining in his 
" Travels in India " describes a visit paid to his establishment 
on August 4th, 1792. His daughter Catherine Sarquis married 
Mr. John Stephens on September 6th, 1800, and their daughter 
Mary J. Stephens married Simon Maoartoom, February 12th, 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


1820. A Sarkies de Agavally died at Calcutta, February 7th p 
1736, agod 48. 

Robert Burn married Susanna Satoor at Chingleput, Deo. 30 , 

769 9th Feb. Abbatoon Shctma- Tbb Abkatoon Shumavon, aged 74 years. 
1824. von. 

The Kev. Arratoon Shumavon (or Simeon), a native of Shiraz, 
published in 1794 whon incumbent of the Armenian Church 
at Madras the first known Armenian newspaper, under the 
namo of the " Azzdarar " or Intel ligonoer, which lastod for 
oighteon months. Its centonary was celobrated in 1894 by 
Armenian journalists throughout the world, and in the same 
year the Mekhitharist religious society at Vienna published a 
life and portrait of the father of Armenian journalism. Tt 
was at the monastery of this order on the island of St. Lazare 
near Venice, that Byron studied Armenian in 1816 and wrote 
to Mr. Murray, 4< I find the language (which is twin, the liberal 
and tho vulgar) difficult, but not invincible ; at least I hope 
not. I shall go on. I found it nocossary to twist my mind 
round some sovoror study, and this, as being tho hardost T could 
devise here, will bo a file for tho serpent." Tho quill pen and 
the inkstand used by tho poet are still preserved in the 
monastery, and may bo seen in " Byron's Room " where he 

There is a statuo of Byron in tho adjoining gardens of the Zappeion 
at Athens, which takes its name from the two brothers Zappa, 
who gave the building for the purpose of holding exhibitions of 
Greek industries. Byron lived a stone's throw. The Franciscan 
convent whence he wrote ** I am living with a friar (a capuchin 
of course), a frier (a bandy-legged Turkish cook), two albanian 
savages, and a Dragoman " has long disappeared. Us site is 
an irregular open space surrounding the monument of Lysicrates, 
a structure which figures in manuals of Greek art as the earliest 
examplo of Corinthian. It is columnar and about six foot in 
diameter, with no means of access and isolated, so that t he story 
that it Horved as a study would seem at first sight to be a myth. 
It is explained, however, by the fact that the monument was 
encrusted in an angle of the convent, where it formed a sort 
of alcove and was used as a book closet. Dodwell who was 
there before Byron, has an engraving showing tho arrangement 
in his "Classical Tour." It whs a handy retreat, and there is 
little doubt that in it Byron wrote at least, '* The Curse of 
Minerva " which he dated 14 Capuchin Convent, Athens, 
March 17, 1811." The scene of the depredations of the 
"Pictishpeer " overhangs the spot. Lord Elgin in all probability 
saved those marbles for posterity, notwithstanding many a 
statue went into the lime kiln in those days. 

760 21st May Cobamsbbmee Mrs. Cobamsbbmee Leembruggen who died at Nogapatam. 

1833. LbbmsbuguBIT. This cenotaph was erected by the Madras Armenian Orphans' 

fund in gratitude of her unparalleled benevolence towards it. 

She was born in 1778 at Surat, which at one time contained an 
influential colony of Armenians and where her husband was 
a Dutch factor. She left 40,000 rupees to the Armenian poor 
in Calcutta and has a monument in the Church of St. Nazareth 
of that place on which her Christian namo is given as Hrip- 
simah, after a celebrated Armenian martyr. 

She was the wifo of Robortus Henricuw Leembruggen, born 1769, 
son of Henricus Leembruggen of Leyden (chief of the cinnamon, 

761 28th April Cjltchathoob .. Abchibpiscopos Catchathoob, delegate from the See of 

1835. Etohmeatzeen, aged 60 years. 

The monastery of Etchmiatzin, tho Vatican of Armenia and the 
seat of its spiritual head the CathoUcos, was built during the 
reign of King Tiridates in tho early part of the fourth century 
A.D. at Valarehapat in the vicinity of Mount Ararat. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Namo. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


The cemetery is at the Momorial Hall end of Mint Stroot. Urquhart nails it the Hebrew burying ground at Hoghill. His 

ourioua name has not survived, but thoro is a Hogtown (Pig village) in tho Eurasian quarter of Vellore. A large spreading 

tree in this cemetery has caught hold of what is an apparent gravestone and lifted it bodily in the air. At Agra is a similar 
Phenomenon of a 44 skyod tombstone." 

In the Cantonment cemetery at Agra, among the quiet graves may be witnessed to-day the last act in Nature's grim 
outrage on the dead. In that hallowod spot whore hearts have bowed in prayer, a giant poopul tree spreading its roots with 
unrelenting force has, after a hundred years, exhumed all that remains of the unknown sleeper. The story of Agra's great peepu 
tree and its captive is told in Capt. Koblo's interesting poem, 44 A Wondrous Tree from which the following is quoted:—- 

44 Beside a woman's sculptured tomb had grown 
A stately palm, that drooped high o'er the stone, 
Its plume-like crost, as though by grief distraught, 
Meanwhile, its stem a peepu 1 seod had caught, 
Which, germinating, fragile tendrils bred, 
That crept to earth, took root, gained strength, and spread 
There, nourished well, they throve, waxed tough entwined, 
Climbed, coalesced, contorted, coiled, combined, 
Suppressed the palm till flow of sap was stopped, 
And, reft of life, its branches— strangled — droppod ! 
Anon, a peepul treo's huge trunk there etood, 
Of cording, curving, convoluting wood, 
With boughs and foliage ranged wide o'erhead ; 
Whoso girth, enlarging as the seasons sped, 
Transgressod the hallowed tomb's encircling zone, 
Until it touched and even graspod the stone. 
Then Lo ! the tree — strange innate force applied — 
Knfolded in its embrace the sculptures wide, 
And marvellously raisod both plinth and them 
To where thoy gleam forth now, high in the stem 1 *' 

* • * • 

762 17th Sept. Jaqubs db Paiva . . A. S. Do Beinventurado Baraon Jaques de Paiva, falesoo em 

1687. 10 de Tesri 5548, anno A crisao do inundo, Correspondoo : 

a. 17 : Setembro 1687. 

James Paiva or Pavia " a Hebrew diamond Merchant of Madras ** 
is mentioned as 44 married " in a list of freemon living in Fort 
St. George 1686. His widow kept house for Elihu Yale during 
tho latter years of his Governorship (1687 to 1692). Madam 
Hioronima Pavia is always called a Portuguese Jewoss. She 
lies buried at the Cape of Good Hope, bosido her child Charles 
Yale, stylod son of the former Governor of Madras, and it is 
recorded on her tombstone that the mother came from India 
to be buried by her little one's side, anno 1712. (Pennant's 
4 Tour in Wales ' 1 . 40 1 ). The inscription • * as copied by the 
Dutch Governor Loten is as follows : — 44 Hie iacet in tumulo 
Carolus Yale, Alius Domini Yale, quondam Gubernator Madrass 
— apatami© recnon Joronimw de Paibia, iuvenis admodum inc- 
lytus virtute et etiam elegana, unigonitus sua) matris et sui patria 
films unions. Vivens ab omnibus amatus, nunc mortuus dep- 
loratus ; natus fuit in Madrassapatamias et hie obiit Janry. 
Vicesimo tertio, anno »tatis su» vicesimo seoundo annoque 

Domini 17 ^ Sepulta etiam est hie mater eius Joronima 

de Paibia, qu» pro amore sui fllii reliquit Indiam, ut cum illo 
hie iaceret." Elihu Yale occupied with this lady and Mrs. Nicks 
one of the old houses which may still be seen on the bank of the 
Cooum between Government House and the General Hospital. 
The houses stand back from the little frequented road whioh 
runs through Napier park and along the side of the river to 
Chintadripet Bridge. There are remains of stone and, brick 
work which show that the gardens were once very extensive 
(see Nog. 15 and 712). Jaques de Paiva, L. Domingo and De 
Porte, 44 Hebrew merchants/ ' wore among the Aldermen of 
Madras in 1688. 

763 10th May Isaao Abbndana Here lies the body of Isaac Abbndana Sabdo of Madras, 

1709. Sabdo. Hebrew merohant, who died the 10th of May anno 1709, 

in the 49th year of his age. (Coat of Arms.) 

Abendana is referred to as a well known diamond merohant by 
Governor Pitt in a letter dated January 28, 1702-3 (Dalton'f 
Pitt p. 274.) 

VOL. I— 21 A 








(3) (4) 



5th June Abraham 
1745. mons. 



11th May 

Solomon Franco . . 

lie is said to bo a Dutch Jew. He was a diamond merchant ot 

Abendana <liod, appointing Thomas Pitt trustee for his estate. 
The Governor who was about to leave India, declined the trust 
and as Mrs. Abendana was illiterate, four persons wore nomi- 
nated, two by her and two by the councils to go through the 
deceased merchant's papers . (Love IT, p. 7 and note 2.). 

Mr. Abendana' s widow is roforrod to in the following general 
letter of Governor Harrison and Council to the Court of Direc- 
tors, dated September 16th, 1713 : " The design of creating 
a charity school or schools at this place is a very noble one, 
and worthy of the Honourable Society for Promoting Chris- 
tian Knowledge. We will not only bo ready to adjust them 
with the power you have given us, but also with our purses ; 
and tlo not doubt many of our inhabitants will do the same, 
if tho persons they send out are of tompors and qualifications 
fit for tho undertaking. But we hope they will bo English 
and not foreigners. Tho Danish missionaries havo not wanted 
for our assistance on all occasions, though we must still continue 
of opinion that they spend a groat deal of tho Society's money 
to little or no purpose ; and though there may be some good 
men among thorn there is one very turbulent person, of whose 
principles you may please to judge by his contriving the escape 
of Mr. Abondana's widow from her creditors here to Tranquebar 
and marrying her though a Jew to a Christian by the way." 
Tho turbulent missionary was probably J. G. B6vingh, whose 
acts and whose books troubled Fenger a great deal in writing 
his History of tho Tranquebar Mission. 

Here lieth the body of Abraham Salomons. His diligence, 
industry, honesty and punctuality in all his dealings justly 
gained him the reputation of a good merchant ; his courtesy 
and benevolence to all degrees of mankind made him to be 
both beloved and respected. After a course of xix 
years residenco in this place, he departed this life on the 
v June of tho year mdooxlv of the Christian ./Era. David 
and Solomon Salomons in public testimony and regard to 
the memory of their deceased brother caused this monument 
to be erected. 

The name of tho Salomons' firm crops up in tho correspondence 
of the Nabob of Arcot. Solomon Solomons arrived in the 
Grantham 1739. Had free merchant's indenture. *' Eph- 
raim Isaac lato a free merchant at Fort St. George complains 
of severe and illegal treatment received from Pigot and prays 
that Pigot may be ordered home in order that he may be sued 
in the English Courts. Pigot is to reply by the first convey- 
ance " — Company's Despatch to Pigot March 3, 1759. 

The body of Mr. Solomon Franco, a native of Leghorn, and 
an eminent Hobrew merchant of Madras, lies under this 
stone. He died on the 18th of the month Yiar, A.M. 5523 
(or the 11th May 1763). 
Several lines in Hebrew precede. 

Solomon Franco arrived in tho Princess of Wales 17th January 
1742. Had free Merchant's indentures. A Franco died at Luck- 
now July 1, 1799. Garden Houses of Solomon Franco and 
Walsh were marked in maps of 1 755 (map of 1 755 for Pedda- 
naiques Petta). The small Portuguese Church near Franco's 
Garden (mentioned in tho siege of 14 Madras 1758 ") is probably 
that of the virgin in Portuguese Church Street, whioh, like the 
Cathedral in Armenian Street, bears on its portals the mis- 
leading figures 1642. Solomon Franco's house in the Fort 
to be used for a Hospital (Mr. Call's Report on Defence Mea- 
sures). Coral was consigned to Fort St. George in 1725 on the' 
Lynn by the rive firms : — Abraham Mendes, Abraham Franks, 
Moses Julian, Abraham and Jacob Franco, and John Baptista 
Mayer. The principal merchants in Madras were Marcus 
Moses, Abraham Solomons and Aaron Franks. 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


766 16'h May Joannes Evoade Keital 'Iwawns . . . Const antinus qui con- 

1727. Constantinus. summatus in brevi explevit tompora multa, oriundus ex 

Graocia natus in Armenia obiit xvi May aetatis suao ui. 
Grati animi laboris opus monumentum hoc posuit frater 
eius Gborqius Constantinus Christianus anno domini 


This slab was found at Messrs. Arbuthnot's Coment Works, Peram- 
bore, and is now in the Museum Gardens. The inscription is 
most difficult to decipher, and several linos are not rea<lable. 
The stone stanols in two pieces, the upper portion containing 
the Grook words. Its intorost lies in tho fact of its being the 
only Greek tombstone found in South India. It is conside- 
rably moro ancient than any of the Grook monuments in Cal- 
cutta. Tho oldest epitaph there written in Greek dates from 
1777, August 5th , and eommomorates Alexander Argery, of 
Phillipopolis, the Arabic interpreter of Cudbert Thornhill, 
who built a church for his countrymen in gratitude for his safe 
rot urn from so many voyages. Another Greek monument of 
1820 is to be found at JBonares with theue words : " The stranger 
Demetrius Galanus the Athenian to the stranger Peter Foderoll, 
tho Russian." Galanus died May 3rd, 1833, and is buried in 

Another Greek monumont of 1828 at Delhi, 16 August 1828 : 
Michael Keryack. " Sacred to tho memory of Michael Ker- 
yack ' shopkeeper in Delhie who departed this life on the 16tn 
day of August 1828. Born in Vienna of Greek parentage. 
Aged about 10 years, eroctod by his friond Manuel AthannV' 
(Graves in old cemetery by Post office, Delhi). 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


767 6th Oot. Monument to Britannia Viotrix. The omperial trophies of the success of 
1762. Ghnbjral Dhapbr the British arms at Manilha are erected by an order of 

and Admiral Council in honour of the bravery of the land and sea forces 
Cornish. on that expedition under the command of Brigadier General 

Draper and Kear Admiral Cornish. Manilha taken by 
storm October vi, mdcclxii. 

This stone originally stood in tho Arsenal, whoro a number of 
trophies wore arranged round it in a semicircle. It is now 
in tho compound of the Madras Museum. Sir William Draper 
(1721-1787) oroctod a cenotaph on Clifton Downs near his 
house to tho memory of the officers of his Regiment who fell 
in the Carnatie and in Manilla. As several members of Draper's 
regiment lie buried in South Indian graveyards, tho inscription 
nmls place here. The monument consists of a raisod tomb 
supporting a largo vase surmounted by a funnrel urn. On the 
Hide of the vase are the following Latin verses which do credit 
to their author, who was an Etonian and a Fellow of King's 
College, Cambridge 

" Sisto gradum, si qure est Britonum tibi cura, viator, 
Siste gradum ; vacuo rocolas inscripta sepulcro 
Tristia fata virgin, quos bellictis ardor Koum 
Proh dolor !, baud unquam mdituros misit in orbem, 
Noc tibi sit lugoro pudor, si forte tuorum 
Nomina sola leges, sed cum torraquo marique 
Envictos heroum animus et facta revolvas, 
Si Patri® to tangat amor, si fama Britannum, 
Parce triumphales laorymis aapergere lauros. 
Quin si Asii» penetrare sinus, atque ultima Gangis 
Pandore claustra pares, Indosquo laeessere bcllo, 
"Ex his virtutom discas verumque laborom, 

Fortunam ex aliis." 
And beneath on a tablet : " Sacred to the memory of those depart- 
ed warriors of the 79th Regiment, by whose valour, discipline 
and perseverance, the French land forces in Asia were first 
withstood and repulsed ; the commerce of Great Britain preser- 
ved ; her settlements rescued from impending destruction. The 
memorable defence of Madras, tho decisive battle of Wandewash, 
twelve strong and important fortresses, three superb capitals, 
Aroot, Pondicherry, Manilla, and tho Philippino Islands, are 
lasting monuments of their military glory. Their generous 
treatment of a vanquished enemy exhibits an illustrious example 
of true fortitude and moderation, worthy of being transmitted 
to latest posterity, that future generations may know humanity 
is the characteristic of British conquerors." The sides of the 
table are inscribed with the names of the officers of the 79th 
Regiment, who fell in Asia : '* Field officers. Major Chol- 
mondeley killed at Wandewash 22 January 1760. [He assu- 
med command of the army after Lawrence's departure 1759 
and pending the arrival of Coote], C. Brereton, J. More (buried 
at Gyretty near Chandornagore, 26th January 1785) ; Cap- 
tains Knutall, Stewart, Wingfield, Delaval, Chisholm (buried 
at Cuddalore, 14th July 1761), Cheshyre, Upheld, Strahan, 
Muir, Mooro ; Lieutenants. Whaley, Major George Browne 
(buried at Pullalore, North Arcot, 27th August 1781), Hop- 
kins, Robinson, T. Browne, LoGrand, Winchelsea, Roston, 
Campbell, Fryer, Turner, Richbell, Bouchier, Busteod, Hard- 
wicke; Ensigns. Collins, Vaslotte, LaToor, Horler, MacMahon* 
Surgeons. Smith, Atherton." At tho ends of the tomb in small 
oval tables are these words : " Siege of Madras raised, Fobruary 
17th 1759; Conjeveram taken by storm, April 13th 1759; 
Battle of Wandewash gained, January 22nd 1760 ; Arcot reco- 
vered, Fobruary 10th 1760; Corical taken, April 6th 1760; 
the lines of Pondicherry stormed, September 10th 1760; Pon- 
dioherry surrendered, January 16th 1761 ; Manilla taken by 
storm, October 6th." (See 44 Asiatic Annual Register " for 1799 
pago 198: Urquhart, volume 1 at the end.); at Condore 7th 
December 1757 killed Capt. Joseph Adnett; wounded, Donnell 
and Capts. Johnstone, Mcguire, Lieut Moranwick. 
" An attack of fever gave Draper so utter a disgust to the 
country that he would stay here no longer. His departure 
is much regretted.'* (Pigot, July 28, 1759)- 


MADRAS CITY — cont. 

Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


768 Oot. 1805. LORD CoBNWALLIS. The Statue of Lord Cornwallis was inside the Fort St. George 

till 1906 when it was docidod to remove it to a more appro- 
priate place owing to the destructive effects of the sea air 
and red dust. It was nt first decided by Government that the 
statue should remain in its former position as Mr. Gajjar, a well 
known Bombay scientist, to whose caro the work of repair 
was entrusted, assured them that it would be weatherproof 
after the surface of the marble had been renovated. But 
even after renovation it was found that the sta air was again 
attacking it and that the surface was decaying owing to ex- 
posure to rain. The Government after mature consideration 
transferred the statue from its position in the Fort to one end 
of tho largo and spacious reading room of the Connemara 
Public Library in tho compound of the Madras Museum. The 
marble floor on which the circular pedestal of the statue is 
placed, stands on a strong brick foundation. The height of the 
pedostal is about 5$ foot, and it has four panels, ono of which 
bears the following inscription : — • 

" The statue is erected by a general vote at the joint expen- 
diture of the principal inhabitants of Madras, and of the 
Civil and Military servants of tho East India Company belong- 
ing to tho Presidency of Fort St. George as a gratoful testi- 
mony of the high sense they entertained of the conduct and 
actions of the most noble Marquis Cornwallis during the 
time he held the high officos of the Governor- General and the 
Commander-in-Chief of all the Forces in India." 

Tho other panels contain an illustrated history of Lord CornwalhVs 
connection with the Mysore War. 

The statue was the work of the sculptor Thomas Banks of 
London, in 1799 and is about 9 feet high- 

About the Mausoleum and Altar Tomb erected over the remains 
of Lord Cornwallis on the left bonks of the Ganges a little above 
Ghazeopore in the Benares district, information is given in 
Asiatic Journal of May 1X24. 






20th Sep. 





John Menington . 

770 1st Nov. Henry William 
1800. Ramsay. 


23rd Doc. 

Thomas Parr 


7 th Jan. 

Charles Murray. 


26th Doc. 




4th Sop. 

Alexander Elliot. 

776 April 1802. 



776 24th Nov. Straohak 

John Menington Esq. died at Bencoolen on the 20th 
September 1789. 

Henry William Ramsay, Assistant Surgeon on Medical 
Est. died at Penang about tho end of the yoar 1806. 
(Nov. 1, 1806). " His dispositions were excellent." 

Thomas Park Resident and Representative of the Hon. East 
India Company at their settlement of Fort Marlborough or 
Bencoolen, fell in the circumstances of poculiar savage 
atrocity under the misguided and barbarous fury of a band 
of assassins, in tho night of the 23rd of December A.D. 
1807 in tho 39th year of his ago (Erected by the Supreme 
Government of British India). 

(Tho Right Honble Gilbert Lord Minto, Governor-General has 
ordered that this marble be erected to his memory). 

Ho joined the Bengal Civil Service as Writer on August 7, 1783 
and was Resident at Fort Marlborough from April 1, 1805. 

Charles Murray died 7th Jan. 1808 aotat 21 " his bravery 
arrested the Sanguinary process of the band of assassins 
on the night of the 22nd Deo. 1807 when Thos. Parr Esq. 
Resident at Bencoolen and Representative of Government 
fell by their misguidod fury. His humane care preserved 
tho life of tho widow of his friend, woundod in courageous 
efforts to shield her husband from tho daggers of the 
assassins" . (Two monuments. One erected by Minto 
Governor General in Council, the other by the widow). 

A writer and assistant on the Establishment of Residency of Fort 

Hon'ble Charles Andrew Bruce died at Prince of Wale* 
Island 26 Doc. 1810, aged 42. Governor of Prince of Wales 

He joined tho Bengal Civil Service August 7, 1783 and rose to the 
rank of Third Judge of tho Provincial Court of Appeal, Moo- 
shedabad in 1809. From January 24, 1810 he was Governor 
of Prince of Wales Island. 

Alexander Elliot, brother to Sir Gilbert Elliot Bart. Am- 
bassador at Court of Berar (Moodajoo Rajah) 4th Sep. 1779 
seized of a bilious fovor and inflammation of liver. Letter 
written by George Farquhar gave account of death dated 
on tho bank of a nullah 7 Coss to Eastward of Serunagur 
9 Sep. These advices were received at Caloutta 5th October 

In the service of tho Mahratta Chieftain Holkar — A gentleman 
of very distinguished abilities and author of " Observations 
on the manners and Customs of the Mahrattas." He was 
killed in an attack on a mud fort ; during the attack a musket 
ball took him in the right temple and put an instantaneous 
end to his existence in the month of April 1802. 

Lt.Col.STRAcHAN of 2nd M. C. died at Adjunta 24th Nov. 1805. 

Note. — Items 774 to 776 evidently belong to Berar. 











(Soe du Puy letter : De Launay, p. 234). 

Pondicherry and Chandernagore restored 4th December 1816. 
Kar ikal 1 4 January 1817. 
Yanam 2 April 1817. 

Mahe 22 February 1818, with difficulty because, as says Capt. Fraser, it was the army of Tippoo that previously occupied 

It is curious that the same Renault de St. Germain who made so gallant a defence of Chandernagore afterwards in 1760 
surrendered Karikal after so feeble a defence or resistance that Lally the French Commander in Chief said he deserved death 
and he actually was tried and cashiered. (Crawford : History of Hughli Dt.). 

Pondicherry : " Little or nothing of the fortifications of this once famous place is now visible ; and a small remnant of brick- 
work, on which stands a flagstaff, something like the portion of a tower is all that tho traveller sees in any way resembling a 
military wall." (Hervey II— Page 279). 

[Jambs Ramsay, Esq., Surgeon in the H.C.'a Servioe, who died 
10th Jan. 1775 as sincerely regretted as he died beloved 
and esteemed. This monument is erected as a humble 
tribute to departed worth.] 

,Urquhart who takes tho inscription from a monument In the 

Moodeliar Pettah. 
He was surgeon to the Hon'ble Com. 3rd Infantry. 
Another James Ramsay died at Madras 28th Jan. 1775. 


10th Jan. 

James Ramsay 

77-4 Mar. 171)2. Joseph Batch 

779 25th Nov. 


780 7th Deo. 


John Forbes 

Elizabeth Paris. 


1st June 

782 5th June 


783 21st Sept. 


John Roth 

Robert Mbnzibs. 

E. Ferguson 

[Ensign Batch of the 6th Coast Battalion.] 

Urquhart : " HiH funeral was attended by the heads of different 
corps, as well as many French officers who were then at that 
place. Major Du Plena Ls conducted the solemnity with marked 
attention and delicate propriety.'* 
The bier was borne by Gronadiers with 4 French officers as Pall 
bearers : Conducted by a party of 100 men under the command 
of Captain Thevenant, accompanied by tho Town Mayor Mons« 
de Maisonneuvu, almost every officer in the English garrison 
and the English gentlemen then in Pondicherry to the gate 
of the Fort where it was met by Mons. Lo Cher Dkesne Governor, 
Moils. Moutet, Vatendant, Lieut. Cols. Du Plossis and D'Egpinas, 
Captain do Joyenao, Commandant of artillery and other gentle- 
men of tho Gov. Sects. Platoons were fired over the body and 
it was delivered to an escort stationed to accompany it to the 
Factory House, Cuddaloro, from whence it was interred 
with every mark of military attention. 

[Captain John Forbes of His Majesty's 71st Regiment.] 

Urquhart, Vol. II, p. 179 * after a most painful and tedious illness/ 

[Mrs. M. Elizabeth M. Paris, late wife of Lieut. Paris, aged 
31 years. She was a good wife and a fond mother.] 
Urquhart, Vol. I, p. 104. (At the burying ground of Pondicherry). 
Jolm Paris remarried at Cuddalore 23rd May 1793 Leonora 
Gertruda, born Priens, widow of Erok Wm. Mellin. At Calcutta, 
Deo. 1801, E. A. Paris, Esq., Surgeon of the Hon. Company's 
Ship SwcUloto married Miss Sophia Crabby. Lieut. John Paris 
died at Negspatam, 3rd Sept. 1797. 

[Lieut. John Roth of the H.E.I. C.'s Servioe, aged 35 years.] 

Urquhart, Vol. I, p. 113. 

[Lieut. Robert Menzies of the H.E.I.C.'s Service, aged 20 
years 2 months and 18 days.] 
Urquhart, Vol. I, p. 70. 

[Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson, aged 40 yf are.] 

vol. 1—22 









(3) <4) 


784 14th June 


785 March 


786 14th Oct. 


Capt. Tillart 

T. Pollard 

William Whitlie. 

787 21st Jan. 

David Mudie 

788 23rd July 


789 12th Nov. 


790 Dec. 1809. 

791 27th April 


Squire Lboky 

John Spknoe 

J. Gestin . . 
Mrs. English 

792 19th May 

793 4th and 
5th May 

Ellis John Fatio. 

Mary and Harriet 
Sophia Turnour. 

794 29th Sept. 



AtChinsurah Capt. Tillart late of the French Garrison at 

At Pondicherry Mr. T. Pollard, Invalid Surgeon on the 

Madras Establishment. 
[Captain William Whitlie of H.M.s 12th Foot, aged 36 

years. He was a gallant and meritorious officer. A man 

of honour, sense and probity. A warm friend and an 

affectionate husband.] 
At the Moodeliar Pettah. 

At Chittoor April 21, 1809 Mro. Whitlie, relict of the late Major 
Whitlie died. Miss Koso D'Erff married Capt. Whitlie on 17th 
July 1797. At Pondicherry 8th Doc. 1800, Capt. Joshua Alvier 
of H.C.'fi Service married Miss Adelaido D'Erff second daughter 
of Do Chevalier D'Erff. Ho died Nov. 14, 1804 at sea. 

[D. Mudie, Esq. Surgeon in the service of the Honorable 
East India Company.] 

Urquhart, Vol. I, p. 194. At the Mudaliar Pettah. 
In 1800 ho was prisoner of the French at Mauritius. 
Cf. Holzberg's certificate. 

At Pondicherry, Captain Squire Lecky, H.M. 25th L.D. 

[Cygit John" S pence, Lieutenant au regiment du Roi a 
Colombo, mort a Pondiehorry le 12 Novembro 1807 age* de 
44 ans.] 

At the Moodoliar Pettah. 

Ho was a Scotchman and removed from important posts in Ceylon 
owing to misconduct. 

At Pondiehorry J. Gestin Esq. 

Mrs. English widow of the late Lt. Col. John English diod at 
Pondicherry on the 27th April 1811, at the early ago of 
29 years after a lingering illness of several months. *' Her 
loss will 1x5 ever mourned by her aged father and sisters 
and a numerous circle of Friends and Relations." 
(Urquhart, Vol. Ill, p. 209.) 

Cornet Ellis John Fatio of the 1st Regt. of Native Cavalry 
who lost his life by a melancholy accident at this place, 
aged 21 years. Sincerely regretted by his brother officers 
by whom this tomb was eroctod as a token of their regard. 

Mary daughter of the Hon. George Turnour and Emily his 
wife, born March 25th 1803 ; and Harriet Sophia born 
Oct. 7th 1812 and died May 5th 1813. 

Turnour was once an officer in the 19th Foot (see No. 812). 
" Turnour is sharp and needy with a French wife and a beau- 
jxre and a belle mere in his house, and of whose delicacy I have 
a (no?) great opinion." Welleslcy MS. Brit. Mus. 13864-7. 
Aug. 1799. 

Louise AimIse Lestarche, wife of Ramsay Sladen, Esq., of 
H.C.'s Medical Establishment, aged 18 years 9 months and 
2 days. Also their infant son Chas. Wro. Sladen who died 
the 10th Dec. 181(5 aged 2 mths. and 21 days. 

See No. 596. By hie second wife a Miss Bosc, Mr. Sladen became 
fathor of Colonel Sir Edward Bosc Sladen, knighted for distin- 
guished services in Burma. 
Hamsay Sladen, Surgeon, married Miss Louisa Aime Lestarche 
5 June 1815. He became a member of the Medical Board 19 
December 1841. Retired 18 Dec. 1846 and died 5th April 







8th Oct. 


Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 

J. A. Casimire 


23rd May 

P. F. De Casselli. 



9th Sept. 

G. T. Ness 

28th Nov. Caroline 
1818. SON. 


799 10th March Caroline Arbuth- 
1819. not. 


18th Sept. 

Charles Hawkey. 

James Alexander Casimire, son of the lato Charles Casimire, 
Esq., physician in the service of the H.E.I.C.S., on tho 
Madras establishment, obiit 8 Oct. 181ft aged 38 years. 

Probably brother of Samuel Lockhart who died at Madras April 
23, 1797. Charles Casamire came out as servant to Dr. Boswal, 
Company's apothocary. Mrs. Catherine Lockhart died 21 Jan. 

Ho married Miss Harriett Ferguson, July 24th, 1799. His father 
married Ann Lockhart, September 22nd, 1774. Mr. Anthony 
Simoons marriod Miss Mary Casimire Septomber 27, 1794. 

At Tiagar 19 June 1799 Lieut. B. Foster married Miss M. Ferguson. 
At Tiagar, 26 Nov. 1798 Mr. J. Shaw Conductor of Stores 
married MiHs Ferguson eldest daughter of the Commanding 

Cigit Paul Frederick De Casselli, ne* a Bale en 1775, 
capitaine au regiment Suisse De Meuron, enlev6 a sa famille 
et a ses amis, le 23 Mai 1817. 

He died in the 42nd year of his age. 

He married November 25th, 1805, at Mysore Mile Potronille do 
Meuron (see Nos. 893 and 1586). In almanacs of later date 
he is described as a miniature painter. Mr. James Wathen, 
who visited Madras in 1811, spells the name Corsellis and says 
ho lived at " Persewackam." " His price for miniatures was 
40 guineas and he had as much employment as he desired." 

Lieut. G. T. Ness, H. M. XXX Regt., agod XXIV years. 
Erected by his disconsolate widowed mother. 

Sacred to the memory of Miss Caroline Thompson daughter 
of the lato Skoffington Thompson Esq., of Rathkenny in 
the county of Meath, Ireland. Obiit 28 Novembris 1818. 
Oh ! Ye who knew yet pitied not her fate, 
Blush but pass on, your tears are now too late, 
If worth neglected ever claim your tear, 
Wander no further, stranger, drop it hero. 

This monument is erected by her affectionate friend Robert 

Sacred to tho memory of Mrs. Caroline Arbuthnot, who 
departed this life on the 10th of March 1819 aged 22 years 
and 6 months. This monument is erected as a tribute to 
the memory of departed worth by her disconsolate husband, 
Capt. J. R. Arbuthnot of the country service. I want 
woids to speak her praise. 

On 13th May 1815 Capt. J. R. Arbuthnot marriod Caroline 3rd 
daughter of Oeo. Powney Esq., of Orosvenor Square, London. 

Charles Hawkey, Esq., Captain R.N. aged 32 years. 
Erected by his widow and four children. 

Commander of H.M.S. Barracoutta. Ho married, August 9th, 
1813, Sapphora Pater daughter of General Pater (No. 343). 

801 21st May Christina Mac ally. Christina Paulina widow of tho late Col. Andrew Macally 

1822. of the H.E.I.C.S. 

See No. 1346. 

802 3rd Dec. Marie Desir£e Marie DesirUe SauvagAre Turner, aged 35. 

1823. Turner. 

Wife of Captain Alexander Turner, commanding the depot at 
Cuddalore, who died at Madras, March 5th, 1832. 

VOL, I— 22a 










3rd June 




1 st May 

6th June Charles 
1829. BBOK. 

(3) (4) 


Alexander Turner of the 3d Kegt. N.I. married Mian Maria Desiree 
Sawagere of Pondicherry, 21 July 1810; witnesses Joseph 
White Esq., Major M. Cosby, Philippe Baron de Penmark de 
Mainville, Capt. Thiveni. 

Cf. Sept. 1 1, 1809 at Hyderabad by Capt. T. Sydenham, Resident ; 
Charlos Haig Elliott an officer Commanding a brigade of infantry 
in tho service of H. H. tho Nizam was married to Miss Thoresia 
Sauvagoro of Pondicherry. 

Rose Marie Petronillo de la Sauvaj6re nee Bertha (let) died 1st 
Dec. 1834 aged 73. 

db Messir Pierre Adrien Le Roux de Touffreville, cheva- 
lier de l'ordre royal et militairo de St. Louis et de la legion 
d'honneur, marechal des camps et armees du roi. Dans la 
79ieme annee d6 son age. 

His widow Marie Octavie died June 4th, 1828. Their daughter 
married Major Brice (No. 2038). 

Cornot J. L. Moilliet, H.M. 13th Light Dragoons, aged 26 
years. Erected by his brothers. 

The family originally camo from Milan, where tho name was 

Bilder- Charles Bilderbeck, Esq., aged 24 years and 4 months. 


J. L. Moilliet 

4th March 

Janette Durrand. 

807 7th Aug. Nicholas 
1831. Bergeon. 


808 30th Aug. Augustus and 
and 6th Sept. Marir Seguin. 


21st Feb. 



M0 19th Oct. Eliza Shelley 

£11 8 Aug. 1835. William Black .. 

Erected by his surviving sister and brothers Mary Bilderbeck, 
Emmanuel Bilderbeck, Joseph John. 

Mrs. Janette Durrand who departed this life the 4th day of 
March 1831 aged 61 years. 

By her sister-in-law Anna Vincent. 

Nicholas Francois Jules de Bergeon, capitaine d'infan- 
terie au service de sa majeste britannique. 

Late on tho half pay of the Regiment de Meuron. He married 
(1) Jacoba Elizabeth Vansohsten, April 27th, 1805 ; (2) Dorothea 
Elizabeth Lonstor, September 7th, 1816; (3) Mario Antoinette 
Evin, November 1821. 
Nicholas Julie de Bergeon had a wife named Jacquelina Eliza- 
beth : their daughter was baptized at Pondy. 30 April 1814. 

Augustus Seguin, Esq., aged 72 years, and Marie Fran- 
coisr his relict, aged 62 years, having survived her husband 
only nine days. For a period of 46 years they were united 
by the strongest ties of affection. 

A. Seguin was appointed deputy postmaster at Negapatam in 
March 1806. 

Ici repose Henri Francois Smith, Colonel, Compagnon du 
Bain, qui a e*te 40 ans au service do V honorable compagnie 
des Indes, distingu6 par differentes marques d* approbation 
de ses chefs, et che>i dans la vie privee comme le suporieur 
le plus doux et le mSilleur des maris, et surtout ce qui vaut 
mieux devant Dieu, le plus humble dee chr£tiens ; age* de 55 

He married, January 1812, Miss Heloise Maissin, who died in 

Eliza wife of Lieut. W. Shelley of 20th Regiment, Native 
Infantry, aged 29 years. 

Captain William Black the beloved husband of Ellen Legoux 
born in the county of Forfar in Scot land aged 46 years. 










20th Aug. 

(3) (4) 


Hon. Emilie Turn- Dame Marie Kmilte De Bausset veuve do 1' honorable 
our. George Tumour, a 1'ago do 68 ans. 

The Hon. George Tumour, third son of the lirst Earl Winterton, 
died at Jaffnapatam, April 19th, 1810, aged 51. Ho married 
a niece of the Cardinal Due do Bausset (see No. 909). Their 
son Oeorge Tumour entered the Ceylon Civil Servico and became 
a distinguished Pali scholar. In 1837 he translated the Maha- 
wanso. Ho died at Naplos, April 10th, 1843, aged 44. 
(See No. 793). 

Maria Catherine de Bausset nee le 13 avril 17. 
dee le 13 Oet. 1827 epouse tie Pierre Joseph do B. 




9th July 

3rd Oct. 

19th June 

Eliza Ellis 

John Holroyd 




24th July 

Raoul Guy Richard 



25th Nov. 


26th Sept. 


26th Mar. 

Eliza, the infant daughter of George and Adeline Ellis. 

Another child Adeline Virginie, born at Blois France June 28, 

1852 died at Cuddaloro Doc. 31st 1858. 
George Henry Ellis, c.s., married, October 2nd, 1841, the < laughter 
of Isidor Delasalle of Pondicherry (No. 806). 

John Holroyd Doveton, Colonel of Midras Cavalry, H.B.M. 
Consul, Pondicherry, aged 50 years. 

Ho married a Miss Pauline Law de Clapernon (see No. 899). 

William Joshua Cosby born 12th May 1812, son of Lieut. - 
Colonel Montagu Cosby and grandson of Lieut. -General 
Sir Henry Cosby, H.E.l.C. Omnes una manet uox et 
calcanda simul via Lethe. 

See No. 1235. His mother died February 21st, 1833. 
At Calcutta, May 1802 Captain Montague Cosby married Miss 
Anne Reynaud, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Reynuud, 
formerly a member of the grand council of Pondicherry. 

In loving memory of Major Raoul Guy Richard de Vismes, 
J Oth Bombay Light Infantry and H.B.M. \s Consul at 
Pondicherry and Karikal, the beloved youngest son of the 
late Theobald Raoul Guillaumo do Vismes de Ponthieu. 
Aged 37 years. This stone has been erected by his sorrowing 
wife and mother and sisters. 

The family of de Vismes descends from a branch of the sovereign 
house of Ponthieu, which was of the blood royal of France. 
Benjamin de Vismes (b. March 5th, 1730), a captain in the 
army, distinguished himself as a volunteer under Lord Olive 
in India. 

E. M. Cornet . . Etienne Mathurin Cornet, conseiller au conseil superiour. 

Repeatedly mentioned in Ranga Pi Hay's diary. 

On 28 Feb. 1826 at Vepory Venditien Comet Esq., of Madras 
Merchant and agent died. On 23rd July 1828 the relict of Vendi- 
tion Cornet died at Madras. 18 July 1825 at St. Thome Vinditien 
Cornet Esq., married Mrs. Mary Borien Festing widow of the 
late Lieut. John Q. Festing of Madras Establishment. At Pondi- 
cherry on May 24, 1800, Captain Delirta to Mile. Cornet. 

Cy git Marie Loudea nee i Brest le 10 Avrii 1723, veuve en 
premieres noces do Francois Nicholas Grosselle conseiller 
au conseil de Chandemagor, en secondes de Jean White 
capitaine et armateur, et en troisi^mes de Jean Durmont, 
resident pour la nation francoise a Tranquebar et Nega- 
patam, decedee le 26 September 1785 a 9 heures du soir. 

Marie Cornet . . Marie Francoise Guerre, veuve du Sieur Etienne Mathurin 

Cornet agee de 60 ans. Ce monument est du a la piet6 
filiale du sieur Jacques Cornet, son fils aine\ 

Marie Jeanne 








8th April 

lnt Mar. 

4th April 


Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 







Maris Leouem 



12th Nov. 

12th Novr. 

A. J. Lerridk 

AndrH Reynaud. 


17th Aug. Anne Desmarets. 

31st Oct. Marie Keruzie 


30th April Louis and Marie 

1799 and Bayet. 
3rd Dec. 



21st Oct, 

Joseph Hamilton 

13th June John 



21 at Jan. 

V. G. M. Blin 

Dan io Catherine Jeanne Augustine De St. Paul Spouse 
do Mossire Claude Alexandre do Chaugy, ecuyer ; ageo de 
19 ans 7 mo is 18 jours. 

GenevtAve Marie Ancjes, du Sieur Brousse de la 
Bordo, fillo de M<*e Collin, n6e lo 10 Aout 1768. 

Cy git Marie Anne Cachard, do Louis Loguera, 
nee le 12 Novombro 1752, d6c&16e lo 4 Avril 1792, unde 

John Cachard Jeweller from Pondicherry 1785. "\ 
Gabriel Cachard Jewellor 1786. J 

From E. I. 
Kalondar for 

At Madras 29 Juno 1803 Mr. John Skyeg married Miaa Anna 
Eleanora Cachart. Joan and Piorro Cachard were made execu- 
tors of Pore [ . . J (Launay, p. 438). They afterwardu became 

Cy git Antoine Joseph Lerride" Chevalier do l'lnde royal et 
militaire de saint Louis ancien capitaine de Burlot et de 
port dc Pondicherry, decode le 12 Novorabre 1794 dans la 
65e annee de son ago. 

Cy git Andre" Keynaud ancien Lieutenant do Polico, ct 
consoiller au Conseil Superieur de Pondichery Decode le 12 
Novembre 1794, a^e do 51 ans. 

[Urquhart, Vol. U, pa^o 234.] (see No. 81. r >) 

On 29 Aug. 1814 at Pondicherry Madam Anne Kovenguen Key- 
naud, widow of the Jato Andre Keynaud, Lt. General of Police 
and member of the former Superior Conseil JSuperiour at 
Pondicherry died. At Calcutta June 1802 Capt. Montague 
Cosby married Miss Ami Keynaud eldest daughter of the late 
Andrew Keynaud formerly a member of the grand Council at 

Damo Anne James, veuve Desmarets. 

Marie Rose Dppuy, veuve Durhono, epouse do Francois 

On 19th Oet. 1807, at Cuddalore, Captain Menase Lopas Fereira 

11th Regiment X.I. to Miss Marie Du Rhone. 
[Mrs. Lucy Dupuy wifo of Henry Dupuy Esq., died 1807, Oct. 


At Batavia, on HI May 1815 James Dupuy Deputy Secretary to 
the Java Government married Miss Johanna Elizabeth Van 
Grolls. (Asiatic Journal, April 1816.) 

Francois Michel Lop is Bayet, eonseiller a la cour royale 
de Pondichery, ne on cetto villo, le 3 Docembre et Marie 
TherAse sou 6pouso d6ie\3ee le 30 Avril. 

Tombeau de la famille Bayet 1799-1801. 

Ici repose Joseph Hamilton Hall ne lo 20 Oct. 1798 d6o6d6 
le 21 Octobre 1799 et son neveu John Arthur Macleod ne 
le 20 Qbre 1824 decode le 13 Juin 1827 Gloria Patrick. 

Venditien Gpillaume Makie Blin, ecuyer, sieur do Grin- 
court, commissaire de Taneienne compagnie dos Indes et 
contr61eur de la marine. a Arras le 19 Juin 1734. 

Rk Le Vendition Blin n6 a Pondicherry le 17 Janvier 1777 decide* 
a Calcutta le 22 Fevrier 1811. 



Da to. 





18th Dec. 

(3) (4) 

Tho Asiatic Annual Register has in its Bengal occurrences for 
Nov. 1807 (p. 15 *• A miraculous KscapeJ") an account of a mir- 
aculous escape of Mr. Do L'Etang and his brother-in-law Mr. Win 
from being drowned in a tank between Chowringhe and Russa- 
pugla their phonton being upset by a drive of bullocks with 
empty jacks and Mubbar's. De Lelang was brought up insonaibU 
but brought to life at Mrs. Uvidales 1 . 15 or 10 yours ago a 
similar accident occurred to Mr. Myers then Accountant General 
who was thrown into the tank with his carriage. 

His (Blin's) daughter Therese married the Chevalier Antoine de 
L'Etang (1757-1840), who had boon a page of Marie Antoinette 
and wont out to Pondicherry to escapo a Lettre de cachet. After 
tho surrender of Pondicherry tho Chevalier removed to Ghazi- 
pur, whero ho died Doeember 18th, 1840. His daughters all 
married in India. One, Adeline (died at soa November 11th, 
1845, aged 52) became the wife of James Pattle, b.c.8., and their 
daughter Julia Margaret married Charles Hay Cameron, Macau- 
lay's collaborator in the Penal Code. 

J. Pattle Esq., married Miss Do L'Etang Feb. 1811. 

Charlotte Gallyot. Charlotte KiviAre, opouso du siotir J.M.C. Gallyot. 

Doubtless a relation of Samuel Riviere, Surgeon, who died at 
Pondicherry, October 24th, 1816, and his wife Mrs. L. C. Riviere 
at Ramnad, June 30th, 1818. Samuel James Riviere married 
at Cuddaloro July 6, 1804. He was invalidod 8th Aug. 1816. 


27th Sept. 







23rd Nov. 

3rd Oct. 

26th Jan. 

24th Mar. 

Francis Kbmy 
Tegard Mar- 


Marie Charlotte 
Chancard P^trus. 

Francois Magoun- 
nban Deolamay. 

EugAne Pbrnon . . 

Madl£e Marie Jean nee Adelo do Lafaye n6o lo 6 Juin 1790 
6 3.h. du matin fille de Joan Louis do Lafaye et do Char- 
lotto Thomaso Tardivol d6c6dee le 27 Septembro 1804 
A 9 h. du soir agee do 14 ans 7 m. ot 2 j. 

14 miirs 1789 mme do JJeylie de Korjean and de Lepino wer* 
nominated deputies. Monnoron replaced do Kerjean. (De 
Launay, pp. lf>f>-6). 

Riot« in 1790 by Marquis do Culant when 7 meneurs were expelled 
on board the B ion venue. 

Sept. 1790, Pilavoino, Petit, Durand, La Morandioro, DuchiHoau, 
I,aboull6e & Herv6. By deereo of national AsKombly 24 March 
1792 they were allowed to return to Pondicherry. Herv6 died 
in Paris. 

1791— Coulon, Mairo ; Lagrenee, president : Brulon, Secretaire; 
Cairay, fonctionnaire greffier (presented a memoire on popu* 
lation of Pondichory and Karikal and their aldees in 1791 
(p. 488). 

1792 — CommiKsaires dans Plnde Dumorier and Loscallier (before 
Revolution ordoimateur at St. Domingo and Guiana) : after- 
wards Baron of the Empire and prefet raaritimo de Gone*, 
(p. 161.) 

3 April 1 793— Plant ing of a Tree of Liberty at Pondicherry. 

Francis Kemy Tegard Marchand Lieut.-Col. ingenieur Ag6 
de 50 ans. 

Cy git Anne Marie Charlotte Chnacard Spouse du Sieur 
Pogos Potrus negotiant Armenien nee le 17 Juillet 1790, 
decedee le 3 Octobre 1806 Unde profundis. 

Cy git Francois Magounneau Deolamay natif de St. R6my 

en Ponto £ge" de 78 ans. 

Torobeau de famiile. 
EugAnb Pernon, capitaine du port, &ge* de 43 ana. Ne* k 

Lyone, fils de Jean Pernon et de Marie Marguerite. 






















25th Aug. 

29th Nov. 

30th Nov. 

12th Feb. 

6th April 

23rd Oct. 

27th Nov. 


7th Fob. 

19th May 

22nd Sept. 

13th Fob. 

(3) (4) 

29th Juno 

9th July 

Henri Delarche. 

Francoise Du Per- 
ron Maissel. 

Vital Duprat 

Marie Josephine 

W. B. Seguin 

Marie Jeaune 

Marie Charlotte 

Marie Konohez . . 

Nicolas Marcilly. 

Simon La Foroue. 

Baron Penmarch 
De Mainville. 

Joseph Pochont 

Cecilia Grant 

22nd Fob. M. A. Francois 

1814. Filatriau. 
8th Jan. 1815. Francoise Gossin 

1st Sep. 

10 Nov. 

Julie Adelaide 
Louis [Aocaner?]. 

Joseph Bernard 

See No. 1243. His widow n6e DuRhono married E. W. Fallowflekt 
sometime member of council at Madras. 

Henri Alexandre Delarche coasoillor honoraire et chevalier 
de l'ordre do St. Michel, ne a Pondichery le 17 Janvier 

On March 8th, 1790, " M. M. Delarche fils, Kerjean et Beylie eont 
nommes a Pondichery commisnaireH aux etatw g6n6ranx & 

Francoise Catherine Marie Georgette Du Perron, fille 
du chevalier (Georges Auband du Perron (it de Dame Louise 
Arniande Dolasalle Marihaure, epouse du sieur Louis 
Augusto Maissel, capitaine et chevalier de St. Louis. Agee 
de 28 ans. 

See No. 2028. 

Vital Duprat n6 au mont d 'Agennois le 25 Nov. 1744 deoed 
le 25 Aout. 1809. 

Marie Josephine Violette nee le 19 Dec. 1779 dec$dee le 29 
Nov. 1809. 

William Blackburne Seguin aged 8£ months. Died the 
30th of 9bre. 1811. 

Marie Jeaune veuve Dubrie morto le 12 Fevrier 1812 agee 
de 36 ans. 

Marie Charlotte Guerre n6e le ler aout 1809 decedeo le 6 

Avril 1812. 
Marie Konohez agee de 70 ans. 

Cy git aussi M. Nicolas Antoine Marcilly son gendre ancien 
greffier en chef do Pondichery niort le 27 9bre 1812 age d» 
47 ans. Lucille Marcilly. 

Cy git Simon La Forgue de st Gandin ekjascoigne age do 66 
ans dec6do le 7 Fevrier 1813. Sa fille Thomasia nee le 8 
Juin 1788 et decree le 7 Fevrier 1800. 

Gilles Philippe Penmarch De Mainville, chef de brigade, 
ne a Pondichery le 11 Avril 1741. 

Col. the Baron Penmark de Mainville, his father was one of Dup- 
loix's officers. Dowagar Madamo de Mainville died September 
23rd, 1810, aged 87. 

D. (). M. Joseph Pochont, chirugien, aide major des hopitaux 
militaires franc -us, age de 58 ans, natif de Grenoble. 
See Nos. 1586 and 1718. 

Sacrod to the memory of Cecilia the infant daughter of Fran- 
cis Alexander Grant (C. S.) who departed this life the 13 
Feb. 1814 aged 2 years and 2 months. 

M. A. Francois Filatriau age de 63 ans d6c6de" le 22 Fevrier 

1814 Priez pour lui. 
Francoise Gossin epouse de Cesaire Gambui, nee lo 3 Dec. 

(C. Gambui born at Marseille 1759 ; died 1834). 

Julie Adelaide miffart epouse de Louis [Aocaner?] ne£ le 
8 Sept. 1787. 

Joseph Bernard Boucher ne* a Mah6 le 10 Avril 1773 et mort 
en cette ville le 10 Nov. 1815 [Denier en but de 1 'autre 







(3) (4) 


181&-1901. Famille Cornet . , 

24th April Theodore 
1817. Angelina 

10th June 

1819 and 
5th Septr. 

27th June 

22nd July 

29th Doer. 

1820 and 
20th July 

25th April 

Gaspar Pierre 
Lemay Atys 

Marie Francois 

Jean Alouer 

Marie Adelaide 

Julie Bourrilhon. 

19th May 

1st Mar. 

13th Dec. 

31st Jan. 

9th Aug. 

24th Sept . 

13th Jan. 

Charles Fause 


J. C. Taillard 

Marie Caroline 

Adelaide d' 


Jean Louis de 

Marie Louise De 

13th July Isidor Delasalle. 

21st May 
and 17th 

VOL. 1—23 

Henri and Louisje 
Mariettb de 

Ci git Barthelemy Cornet d6c6de le 16 Juin 1816. Charles 
Cornet decedS le 15 Deoembre 1871, Emile Cornet n6 le 6 
Mars 1885 decede 31 Aout 1885, Jb Cornet deoedS le 4 
Aout 1901. 

Ci git Theodore Angeline Faure nee" le 10 Oot. 1815 et 
decree le 24 avril 1817. 

Epitaphe de Gaspar Pierre Lemay ne* a St. Malo En Bre- 
tagne le 22 xbre 1764 mort a P. le 10 Juin 1819 et de Ben 
Fils cheri [Atys ?] Lemay ne* le 6 7bre 1805 mort noye* le 
5 7bre 1819. 

Dame Marie Franooisb [Aohoni ?] veuve du feu sieur Charles 
Fause d'Entremont nee le 17 Juin 1848 et dececlee le 27 Juin 
1822 [sic] agee de 84 ans. 

Jean Alouer n6 a Narbonne prov. de Languedoo le 26 Mars 
1746 [Par con file ?] 

Bugitte Marie Adelaide Brigault epouse du Capitaine J. Hec- 
quet Agee de 49-11-29. 

Julie Bourrilhon, Agee le 4 ans 6 mois, unique enfant d'une 
infortunee m6re. Vous qui avez aspire" aux douceurs de la 
maternity, si vous avez perdu votre seui enfant, vous con- 
naitrez l'infortune de la mere de Julie. Un de profundis. 
A. Mme Elizabeth Bourrilhon died at Chandernagore, March 2nd 
1887, aged 100. Two other centenarians of French India died 
in 1804. M. Pierre Sice at Pondicherry, May 20th, aged 101, 
and M. deCruz, Chandernagore, November 3rd aged 112. 
Bernard Bourrilhon n^gociant Natif de Corum d£c6de" le IS 
Janvier 1818 &g6 de 72 ans. 

Charles Fause d'Entremont fils negociant n$ k P. le 15 Nor. 

Auguste Chappatte i)6 le 16 Fev. 1821 etdeoSde* le premier 
mars suivant. 

J. 0. Taillard, mort le 13 Dec. 1822 &g6 de 37 ans II fut bon 
mari bon pere et bon [ami] 

Ci git Marie Caroline Raphael Schiavonto epouse do m. 
Jean Houbert ree k monopole6 royaume de Naples le 28 
Sept. 1773 et d. le 31 Jan. 1823. 

[Digioitreles?] Maries de Dame Adelaide Spouse du sieur J. H 
Fause [d'Dieliemont?] noe Fkle 2 mai 1824 et d. le 9 Aout. 
1824 [amerement regrette?]. 

Jean Louis de Lafase natif de la Chante* sur Loire en Niver- 
nois ag6 de 75 ans. 

Marie Louise veuve De Lornaes nee a Nantes, Ag£e de 76 

I. S. Delasalle, conseiller k la cour royale de Pondichery. 

See Nos. 866 and 2002. 

Henri Paul Mariette de Chambery, conseiller k la oour 
royale de Pondichery, ig6 de 75 ans. Son Spouse Louise 
Armande Delasalle Marihaure le suivit de pros, morte 
agee* de 60 ans, le 17 Septembre 1825. 










Date. Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3> (4) 


25th Nov. Achell* Honors 
1825. Guryot. 

5th Dec. 

L. S. De Maison- 


15th March Evelina 

[81C] 1826. ROMADIER. 

3rd May Marie Broucke . . 

29th March Aurore de Rozario 

873 12th June Mother of Cecilia 

1827. and David. 

874 13th Oct. De Bausset. 


875 26th Nov. Auguste Faciollb. 


876 3rd July J. M. Guidamour. 


877 29th Nov. David Boutel 

1828. Rose Boutel. 
fith Doc. 1857. 

i <f 4th June Paul Douzou 

879 9th Feb. Jean deWarren 

880 13th Feb. Pierre Parisot 

Aohelle Honor* Guryot do Lonchoy, ecuySr CommaisBaire. 
do m de premiere classe Spouse de Jeaver d* Espinaul. 

Louis Simonet De Maisonneuve, Lieut. -Colonel d' infan- 
te rio, chevalier do Tordre royal. 

Evelina Romadier nee le 15 mare 1824 d. le 26 Xbro 1826. 
Marie Brouoke neo ft dececiee le 3 mai 1826. 
Ici repose Aurore de Rozario. 

Monument elove" par Cecilia et C6\6m\ Guenevier David a la 
m^moiro de leur tendre mere d. le 12 Juin 1827. 

Veuve dE Bausset. 

See No. 909. 

Augusts Faciolle n£le 9 Dec. 1826 repose ici de puis le 26 
Nov. 1827. 

J. M. Guidamour nee [Paris?] d. le 3 Juillet 1828 age* de 47 
ans et 6 mo is. 

David Boutel d. le 29 9bre 1828. Rose son epouse d. le 5 
lObre 1857. 

Paul Douzou ancion Chirurgien en Chef do Farmed de le l'lnde 
et do hopital l'do P. n6 a montclar Tan 1749, dScSde* le 4 Juin 

Jean Baptistb de Warren, Lieut. -Colonel, chevalier de St. 
Louis et de la legion d'honneur, ne le 21 7bre 1769. 

Formerly an officer of Dillon's Irish Brigade in the French Service. 
He then emigrated to England and served in the 33rd Regiment 
under Sir Arthur Wellesley, and on retirement became Judge of 
the Royal Court at Pond i cherry. 

He died at the age of 60. In the literary and scientific world, Col. 
Warren was well-known. He was a member of prominent lite- 
rary Societies of Europe and Asia, and enjoyed the esteem, 
and friendship of the Scientists of France and England 
(Asiatic Journal, Aug. 1830). 

He married March 6th, 1809, Anne Lorenza Marcilly, who died 
November 26th, 1830. Warren's son Edward, an officer in the 
55th Regiment, wrote an interesting book called " L'lnde 
Anglaise " (1843) and many articles in the Revue dee Deum 

At Pond i cherry December 27, 1812 the lady of Capt. Warren, 
H.M. 96th Regiment gave birth to a daughter. Captain Adolphe 
Mottet of H.H. the Nizam's service married 26 November 
1829 at Pondicherry, Elizabeth second daughter of Lieut.-Col. 
John Warren of that place [Cf. at Cuddalore Capt. J. J&. 
Chauvel, 15th N.I. married Anna Henrietta Zilie only daughter 
of Capt. M. De Bergin on the half pay of H.M. Service December 

Maris Pierre Parisot. dec&te le 13 Fevrier 1830. 






















10th April 

5th June 

13th Oct. 

6th May 

22nd May 

26th May 

20th Aug. 

7th Sep. 

(3) (4) 


Anne Emily, a daughter of the Hon. C. Tumour, married Pierre 
Pari sot, at Cuddaiore, January 20th, 1817. The deceased was 
partner in the firm of Parisot et Cie. 

Jean Elie Lalano Bonnaire, tre\sorier des e^abliasemente 
francais dans Tlndo le 16 8bre 1790. 

Francois Marie Macloirb Dbhibay Sacajoo Capitaine i 

Charles Vicomte db Salabebry. 
See No. 1969. 

Jean Elie Lalang 
Bonn aire. 

Francois Marie 
Dbhibay Sacajoo. 

Charles Vicomte 
de Salaberry. 

Henri Laoesse . . 

Jean Baptiste 
Carlez Parson. 

Marie Henriette 

Henri Laoesse a Tage de 47 ans. 

Jean Baptiste Carlez Parson fils aine\ 

Sous cotte colonne repose Marie Hbnribttb de Coloma 
veuve du feu sieur Ambroiso Jonet de la Tuiliena ancien 
Capitaine des Vaisseaux de la majesty. 

Jeanne Hecquet. . Jeanne Hbcquet. 

Thomas Toussaint 

11th May Charles Edouard 
1833. de Uielt. 

3rd Sep. 

12th Nov. 

1st Jan. 

22nd June 

Adolphe Cobon 

Marie St. Paul 

Thomas Toussaint Lafoyna [enleve a peine" a son 5o lustre 
a ses auteurs?] 

Charles Edouard de Uielt, lieut de vaisseau Chev de 
Tordre royal etde St. Louis Ne a Tile Maurice le 25 Janv. 
1778 (By Ardour Son). 

Adolphe Cobon Capt. de marine marchande n6 i l'lsle de 

Francisque Joseph. 

Petronillk De- 



30th April 

Dame Marie Mounier, Spouse de Francois St. Paul, conseiller 
a la cour royale de Pondichery, agee de 60 ans 3 mois. 
See No. 271. 

Moe monumentum Francisque Joseph, M. T., monues urbam- 
tate erja egeus munificentre ac in negot us peabi late exemie 
praestanh Xiahio pamo dri Jan a D MDCCXXV aetatis 
moe quenquajesimo kaendo udira filu que araare plente. 

Dame Petronille Demeuron veuve do P. F. Caselli de Fresne 
et en 2ne manage de J. Dayot, intendant general des 
etablissements francais dans Tlnde, nee le 7 Mai 1789. 
Daughter of Col. H. D. DeMeuron (No. 962). Her second husband 
Dayot died March 20th, 1821, at Chandernagore and left her in 
reduced circumstances. The French Government having re- 
fusod her a pension on the ground that both her father and her 
first husband had been officers in the British service, she peti- 
tioned the Directors of the H.E.I.C. who in 1825 granted her a 
compassionate allowance of Rs. 70 a month. 

Louise de Gachtbr Dame Louise de Gachter, nee a Ferrare le 30 avril 1824. 

Adjutant Jean Jacques de Gachter of the Regiment de Meuron 
married Mile Louise de Meuron, March 1806. This is probably 
a daughter. Gachter in later years served as A.D.C. to General 
Baird at the bombardment of Copenhagen and eventually rose 
to the Colonelcy of the Fourth Regiment of Swiss Guards 
Paris, dying at Yverdon in 1840. 

VOL. I — 23a 










D.O.M. Sub Invocatione Dominae Angelorum. 

(D.O.M. Deo Optimo Maximo). 

Cetto eglise concue et b&tie sous I 'administration tie MM. Lalande do Calan, A. Bedier et Verninao St. Maur Gouverneura 
fut commonoee en mai 1851 et terminee en mars 1855, troisieme anneo du Regne de Napoleon III dapres les plans et sous 
1 direction de Mr. Louis Guerre, Ingenieur colonial. 

In the Garden,— Statue of Jeanne D'Arc : — Cette statuo don dr M. F. Gaudart a ete benite par sa grandeur Mongeigneu 
Morel, archeveque de Pondichery assiate du Rev. Pere Borey cure de la paroiaae, en presence de M.L. Gorbinis, ofncier de la 
Legion d'honneur, gouverneur de l'Inde francaise, M.H. Gaebele chevalier de la Legion d'honneur, Maire de la ville, des 
fonotionaires et des paroissiens le 14 Fevrier 1920. 


14th June 

Hyacinthe Marie 

894(b) 25th Feb. 

Marie Louise 

De Ci git Hyacinthe Marie De Lalande de Calan capitaine de 
Frigate, chevalier de la Legion d'honneur, gouverneur des 
6tablissements francais dans l'Inde dec6d6 a Pondichery le 
14 juin 1850 a 1'age de 48 ana le 18° mois de son administ- 

Pertransivit Benefaciendo. 
Act. Ap. 10.38. 

De Ci git aux pieds do son Pere Marie Louise Hyacinthe De 
Lalande do Calan dec&leo d Pondichery le 25 Fevrier 1851 
a 1'age de 6 ans. 

Dominus Dedit Dominus abstulit Sit nomen Domini Bene- 

Job- 1-21. 




8erial Date. Name. inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


895 6th May Jbannb Boyellbau. Ici repose Dame Jeanne Julienne Michel Artur, epouse 

1781. Jeanne Lefau- d' Andre Boyelleau, d6cedee le 6 May MDCCLXXXI, 

cheur. dans la 72iemo annee do son age, avee Dlle. Jeanne Marie 

Joseph Lefaij cheur sa petito fille, et filleulo niorte le 21 
Avril prec6dant, a l'age do 15 ans, 20 heurcs, Vous qui ljsez 
Cecy priez Dieu pour le repos do lours amos Requiem icter- 
nam dona eis Domine. 

896 7th Jan. Charles Marquis Cygit Charles Joseph Marquis de Bussy et de Castel- 

1785. de Bussy. lenou, lieutenant general, commandant des troupes de terre 

et do mer de tous les etablissemens francais au dela (hi Cap 
do Bonne Esperance, gouverneur des etablissemens francais 
de rinde, decode X Pondichery le 7 Janvier MDCCLXXXV. 

Bom at Bucy near Soiasons in 1718. He lost his father at mi eai Jy 
age and inheriting nothing but his pedigroe came out to the 
Ue de France at tho time that Labour donnais was Governor, 
and formed ono of his expedition to India in 1746. When 
Labourdonnais returned to Europe, Bussy remained behind an 
an officer of Dupleix'sai my. He accompanied MuzafTer Jung to 
tho Deocan in his disastrous expedition against the insurgent 
Afghan Chiefs in which the latter was killed. After his death 
he procured the appointment of Sal a bat Jung to tho vacant 
throne of the Nizam and practically made of him a Fiench pre- 
fect. His handful of Europeans soon became the nucleus of 
a powerful army. Such ascendancy aroused many enemies. 
During his absence in January 1753 at the coast recruiting his 
health, the minister Said Lashkar withheld all allowances due 
to his troops with a view to breaking up the force. Bussy 
rose from his bed and marched straight to Aurangabad, where 
tho Court was, and obtained a cession of four provinces (after- 
wards known as the Northern Circars) for the pay of his oorps. 
The following year his astonishing military success at the siege 
of 8a va no re inflamed the old resentmont against him, and in 
1756 Bussy and his troops were peremptorily dismissed from 
service. The Nizam had meantime applied to the English for 
assistance to drive out the French and the request was about 
to be granted, when tho news of the capture of Calcutta divorted 
every British soldier noithward. Bussy, after staving off an 
attack from Salabat Jung, regained all his old authority. He 
had been seven years founding the interest of his nation in the 
Deccan, when Lally's advent destroyed his power. He was re- 
called from hjs territories to carry out Lally's views and opera- 
tions further south, in 1758. Two years lator he was captured 
at Wandewash by Coote, but liberated in consideration of his 
generous treatment to English prisoners. After an absence of 
twenty -three years ho returned to Pondicherry as Governor in 
1783, but so many years of sloth and luxury had impaired hjs 
facultios, and with the treaty of Versailles all military opera- 
tions ceased. It was during his sojourn in France that Orme 
made his acquaintance. To quoto his words, 44 the only man of 
distinguished capacity who served under Dupleix was M. Bussy, 
and his conduct to this officer showed that he knew the value of 
merit, and was capable of employing it to the utmost advantage, 
for although M. Bussy had, by his expedition to the northward, 
acquired much reputation and a great fortune, he beheld his 
successes without the least envy, and implicitly followed his 
advice in all affairs of which M. Bussy, by his situation, might 
be a better judge than himself. 0 

Bussy, when in France, married a niece of the Due do Cho/seul. 
He died on January 17th, 1785 [lio], in the evening, as he war 
playing at cards. Bar r as in his memoirs draws a \erj 
uncomplimentary picture of him after he returned to India to 
his old age. 

Anquetil de Perron refers to the death of Bussy on p. 
( Historiqne et Geographique de L'Inde Vol. III. 








(2) (3) (4) 


897 loth July Andr:6 Boyelleau. 

898 4th Oct. Louis Prosper 

1793. LuBrN de Cher- 


899 25th Oct. Jacques Law de 

1793. Clapernon. 

900 13th Sept. Prosper de Cher- 
1798. MONT. 

901 25th Oct. Pauline Djckjean 


902 30th June Simon LagrenSe 

1800. de Mezi£re. 

903 4th Dec. Joseph Theroeslin 
1809 de Chateaufur. 

Ici repose Andr£ Boyelleau ancien doyen du conseil superieur 
ot second do Pondichery, n6 le 12 Juillet 1712 et mort le 
15 Juillet 1788. Requiescat in pace. 

Boyelleau was acting Governor of Pondi cherry in 1766 for Jean- 
Law de Lauriston, a son of the financier, after whom a street is 
still named in Pondicheny. 

Louis Prosper Lubin de Chermont mort le 4 8bre 1793, 
ag6 de 18 mois 20 jours,fils d'un pere et d'une mere qui le 
plouroront toujours. 
Deaths head above. 

Ici repose J acques Law de Clapernon, mort le 25 Octobro 
1793, age de 21 mois fils do Jules Law de Clapernon, 
capitaine de Cavalerie, ecuyer du Roy. S&chez vos larmes, 
6 mes bons parents, jo suis heureux. 

Cygit le general Prosper de Chermont commandant de tous 
les etablissemens francais on 1793. Son merite seul l'eleva 
a ce poste eminent. 11 poss da au supremo degre* los quali- 
tes do Thommo g^neroux sonsible et bon. II mourut 
gene>alement regrett6 le 13 erne Septembro 1798. DL FP 
Tribut d'hommage a sa mSmoire. 

His protrait hangs in the Hdtel du Gouvernement. 
A Prosper H. de Chermont married Gottelier. He was a cousin of 
General de Chermont. They had a daughter and a son also 
called Prospor. 

Son of Joseph Aloxandor born 1695 tu6 1748 married Marie 
Anne Verla (Dominique Pros per de Chermont born 1741 mar- 
ried Mol. de Villeaers Nastorio). 

Joseph Alexander was son of Alexandre born 1654 and died in 
1727. He marriod Marie Jeanne Tillier. His father Antoine 
married in 1646 Elizabeth Noble t and his father Francois de 
Chermont married in 1592 Maiio Lucy. 

Anne Magdelaine Adelaide Supron nee de Chermont le 16 Decembre 
1794 deced^e le 4 December 1833 vivement regrettoe par sa 

Cygit Pauline Elizabeth Josephine Dekjean nee le 2 
Juin 1798, morto lo 25 8bre 1799. 

Deaths head above, cross bonee below. 

Cigyt Simon LaorenIse de Mezi^re ci devant second des 
etablissements francais dans l'lnde, mort lo 30 Juin 1800, 
ag6 de 70 ans. Administrateur 6clair6, juge integre, epoux 
sensible et ami sincere, il pr&tiqua pendant lo couredesa 
vie toutos les vertus qui earactSrisent le citoyen utile et 
l'homme de bion. Un de profundis. (Atop Scull and cross 
bones. ) 

Cygit Joseph Theroeslin de Chateaufur, ne a Rennes, 
decede le 4 Dec. 1809 age de 58 ans. Sa douceur, son 
esprit ont fait Tagrement de sa society ; ses talents, son 
zele, ses services lui ont obtenu de sa patrie des r^compen 
. ses honorables ; son travail, sa sage prudence, son integrity f 
lui ont merits la confiance des Strangers et de ses concitoy- 
ens Sa beinfaisance, son humanity lui ont attire les bene- 
dictions du pauvre et de Torphelin, Ami sincere, tendre 
epoux, parent genereux, ce monument a 6te erig6 par la 
tendrosse de son epouse eplor6e dont il a fait le bonheur 
pendant le cours d'une union de 23 ans. 
Huge slab on ground, skull and cross bones on top. 





Date* Name. Inter iption. 

(2) (3) (4) 


904 30th Sept. Makib Gabriel 
1816. Volny de Vis- 





26th Jan. 

20th May 

30th April 


Gabriel Thirat 

Benoit Mottbt de 
La Fontaine. 



1 st Jan. 

4th April 

Mlle Dulaurens. 

Joseph Pierre de 

Ici repose Marie Gabriel Volny be Visdelou, Comte de 
Bonamour, n6 a l'lsle de France le 25 Novembre 1815 d6c&16 
a Pondichery le 30 Soptembre 1816. 

Evidently a relation of MonReigneur Visdelou, S.J., Bishop of 
Claudiopolis and Vicar Apostolic in China, who died at Pondi- 
eherry November 11th, 1737. His funeral oration was pro- 
nounced by tho Capuchin P. Norbert do Bar-lo-Duc, inissionaire 

Ici repose Auuustin Janvier Millon, fils de A Be A ne Millon 
de Verneuil et de J n L e,,e Monneron, son epouse, ne le 26 
Janv. 1818, mort le m6mo jour. R. D.E.I). 

On May 1st, 1792, MM. Monneron and Boy lie were appointed 
deputies of French India to the assembled nationale at Paris. 

Ici repose Gabriel Jean Charles Marie Thirat, re le 25 
Avril 1785, d6cede le 20 Mai 1818. Aim6 et Regrette* De aa 
famille infortunee. 

Cigit Benoit Mottet de La Fontaine, ancien commissaire 
ordonnateur des (Hablissemens francais dans l'lndo et 
president du conseil superieur de Pondichery, ne a Compiegne, 
departement de TOise le 4 Juin 1745 et d6c6d6 le 30 Avril 
1820. un de profundus. 

Armorial bearings atop 3 stars, an inverted triangle, thistles, orown 

Hie daughter married in 1816 Sir Henry Russell, 2nd Bart, and 
Resident at Hyderabad. She died January 3 let 1872. In 
1809 another Miss Victorine Mottet married Captain J. 
Doveton, 7th N. C. (See No. 405.) 

A De Fontaine was doctor of physio from Pondieherry 1780 — E.I. 

Kalendar for 1791. 
A Monsieur J. Berchon de Fontaine married Madam Briois widow 

of the late Monsieur Briois on March 17,1816 at Chandranagore. 
(Asiatic Journal, October 1816). 

Cigit Antoinette Dulaurens, fille de Mr. Dulaurens, Ch er de 
St. Louis et chef de bataillon, nee le 20 Nbre 1819 d6c6dee 
le ler. Jer. 1821. 

Cigit Messire Joseph Pierre Chevalier de Bausset, chevalier 
de l'ordre royale et militaire de St. Louis, Grand Voyer de 
Pondichery, ne en cette ville le 29 Deo bre . 1744 et decede 
le 4 Avril 1823. de profundis. 

His wife Catherino died October 13th, 1827, aged 87. The Baus- 
set, appointed peace commissioner at Sadraa in 1753, must have 
been his father. 





11th Jan. 

12th April 

5th Dec. 

Bridget Lebon Hie jacet domina Biroitta Lebon Mallet, obiit XI Jan. 
Mallet. MDCCLXX. 

Marie Lerrid* Cy git Mademoiselle Marie Joseph Louise LerridiS, neo a 

Pondichery le XXX May MDCCLXVI d^cedee a Karikal le 

Francois Debois- Hie jacet Francisous Deboistel natus iiii 8 bris MDCCLXXII 
tel. obiit V Xbris MDCCLXXIII. 

Tombstones outside the south wall of the Parish Church. M. de 
Boistel commanded Karikal in 1778 and was one of tho«e besieged 
that year in Pondieherry. 








22nd Oct. 



Madeleine de La 




Hie iaoet roaurreetionem expeotahs domina MagdaleNa 
Barbara Lebon de Beausano nobilis Rigoberti Cliquet 
De La Motte uxor dilectissima, religione pariter ac pietate et 
eximia mentis dulcedine praeclare dotata. Nata fuit Pon- 
ticeriis Ao Domini 1744, mensis Septembris vigesima quinta 
die obiit hie Ao 1768 duodecima die Octobris. O tu qui 
legis funde preces et memorare novissima tua. 

Slab let into the outer wall of the church. (St. Anne.) 











13th Mar. 


Casper Conrad Hier onder legt begraven D.'Heer Casper Coenraad Smith 
Smith. van Hamburg in syn E.^. leven boekhouder en eerste Resident 

over's Comr. Handel alhier, en in dit Jammerdal geleeft 
53 iaaren 2 maanden en 16 daagen ; syn Es. Silvere Bruyloft 
gehouden op den 16de Jannuary en in do Hoore ontslapen 
den 13de Maart Ao 1763. 

14 Here lies buried Mr. Casper Conrad Smith of Hamburg in his life- 
time book-keeper and first resident over the commercial factory 
here, who lived in this valo of tears 53 years 2 months and 16 
days, and held his silver wedding on the 16bh January, and fell 
asleep in the Lord 13th March 1763." 
A huge granito slab 9 feet by 3i lying at the entrance to St. Mary'g 
Church, and removed hero from an adjoining graveyard. It is 
now used as a doorstep. The ground whero the stone lies was 
registered previous to the last revenue settlement in tho name 
of a Dutch firm of merchants. Thore are still ruins of old 
Dutch fortifications at the Capo. " Comorin " is a Portuguese 
corruption of Kanya Kumari, tho virgin goddess Durga, whose 
white temple crowns tho extremity of tho peninsula. It is one 
of tho five renowned bathing places of India. 


14th Sept. 

John Eustace De 

916 Juno 1777. 

Eustace Benedict 
De Lannoy. 

16th Mar. 

Peter Flory 

918 11th Sept. Margarita 
1782. Lannoy. 



Sta et attende pie Christiane et viator. Hie iacet intrepidus 
et fortis miles dux raiiitum regni Travancoronsis Joannes 
Eustachius De Lannoy natus anno domini MDCCXXXXV 
die Mercurii mensis August i mcrtaliter vulneratus in ex- 
pugnatione arcis Calcatas regni Madurensis, ipso vulnere 
obiit anno domini MDCCLXV die Sabbatti XIV mens© 
Septembris ab omnibus sanctao Romanae occlesiae sacramen- 
tis munitus. Valeet pro salute oius animae sicut Christiana 
charitas exigit, omnipo ten tern orare non deseras. Requies- 
cat in pace. Amen. 

Siste viator. Hie iacet Eustachius Benedictus De Lannoy 
qui tanquam dux generalis militiae Travancotidis praefuit 
ac per annos XXXVII ferme summa fidelitate regi inserviit 
cui omnia regna ex Caincolam usque ad Cochin vi armorum 
ac terrore subiecit, vixit annos LXN menses V et mortuus 
est die Juni MDCCLXXVJ1. Requiescat in pace. 

An inscription in Tamil follows. Over the coat of arms are tho 
mottoes : " Hoc signum orit in coelo cum dominus ad judioan- 
dum vonorit " and *' Nos autem gloriari oportet in oruco." 

Siste viator. Hie iacet Petrus Flory, qui fuit legatus militiae 
Travancorensis huius arcis ac per annos 36 ferme summa 
fidelitate regi servivit. Vixit 55 annos et munitus sacra- 
mentissanctae Romanae ecclesiae mortuus est die 16 Martii 
anno domini 1780. Requiescat in pace. 

Epitaphium. Hie iacet in tumulo domina Margarita De 
Lannoy praeclarissimi ac invictissimi ducis Benedicti 
Eustachii De Lannoy fidelissima coniux, ob continuas lar- 
gasque eieemosynas ab omnibus Egenorum Mater merito 
appellata ob caeteras virtutes aeternae memoriae digna obiit 
XI Septembris MDCCLXXX1I. Requiescat in pace. 

Delaunoy, known as Valiya Kappithan or the " great Captain/' 
was a Flemish soldier of fortune in the service of Martanda 
Varma. (Valia (Mal)-great ; c.f. Valiya Rajah or Tambiran). 
He built the famous Travanoore. 

vol. i — 24 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (3) (4) 

UDAYAGIRI — cont. 

linen which were takon by 'lippoo in 1790 and also the fort of 
Udayagiri, the walls of which enclose a hill, 38 miles south east 
of Trevandrum. He is still remembered among the natives 
under tho name '* Istach,'* a corruption of Eustache. 
De Lannoy lios buried in the ruined Chapel of the Udayagiri Fort 
in South Travancore. " Lanoy " was a soldier, probably a 
sergeant under tho Dutch at Cochin or Quilon, he deserted in 
1740 to Travancoro. He was later appointed Commander in 
Chief of Martanda Varma's disciplined forces said to have 
amounted to 50,000 men and served that Government for 37 
years, died at the age of 62 while giving tho finishing touches to 
the famous Travancoro Linos which chocked Haider Ali and 

Tho Right Worshipful Adriaan Moons while deprecating the 
desertion of De Lannoy and one Duyvenschot, considered 
it was duo to their inability to rise to higher rank than Ser- 
geant and blamed the system for depriving them of the services 
of good men and throwing them into arms of their opponents — 
(Dutch Records by A. Galletti, Rev. A. J. Van Dor Burg & 
Rovd. P. Groot, pages 25 and 236). 
Ormo in Vol. I, p. 400, under date 1755 writes ** With tho assistance 
of a French Officer named Launoy the King (of Travancore) 
had disciplined in the method of European infantry a body of 
10,000 nairs." 

*' With their right flank thoroughly protected by this work (The 
Travancoro Lines) the Travancoreans in 1762 launched them, 
selves under their General Eustachius Benedictus do Lannoy 
in three divisions on the Zamorin's garrisons, extending in a 
long weak line into Cochin Territory at Cranganore, Paroor and 
Verapoly. The defeat of the Zamorin was rapidly achieved 
and his troops wero completely and finally driven from Cochin 

The name D'Lonnoi, the great Dutch Commander, who organizod 
and disciplined tho Travancore Army and fought with it against 
the ancient Rajahs and Chiefs of the Pandyan Kingdoms and 
won distinction for Travancoro is a household word in Travan- 
core, and it must be addod that the first attempt at the forma- 
tion of a fighting force with Western arms of warfare was his. 
Though a Dutchman by birth and education, after he took 
service under the Travancoro Rajah he worked hard and well 
to keep up the prostige of Travancore and it was clue to him 
that Travancore was saved on many an occasion from foreign 


919 20th Oct. Elizabeth Flory. Riste viator. Hie iacet Elizabeth Flory illustrissimi ac 

1792. invietissimi tribuni militum Claudii Flory eonsors, Christians 

vixit 33 annos obi it que die 26 Octobris anno domini 


920 28th Oct. Jose Doncaud Aqui iaz Monsieur Jose Doncaud da naoao Franceza capitao 

1795. Enginheiro que foi no servico de sua majestade el Rei de Tra- 

vancor, viveu sujeito a santa egreja catholica romana ate a 
edade de 47 annos e morreo aos 28 de outubro de 1795. 


921 31st Dec. Manoel Bernardes Jaznestasepultura Manoel BkrnardesDai^eida, of undador 

1 804. Dalmeida. desta igreja, capitao de mar e guerra, director que foi por sua 

majestade fidelissima e feitor de Alape por el rey Travancor. 
Viveo 69 annos, faleceo aos 31 de Dezembro de 1804. 

44 Manoel Bernard Dalmeida, the founder of this church, captain 
by sea and by war, a post which he obtained from his most 
faithful majesty (the King of Portugal) and governor of Alleppey 
for thd King of Travancore, 
On 16 April 1815 at Tranquebar Captain J. D 'Almeida, country 
service died. On 16 January 1815, at Tranquebar, Mrs. J. M 
Gantz, wife of Captain D'Almeida died. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


922 11th June John Philip Wlh- Sacred to the memory of Major J. P. Winfibld of the 
1813. field. 2nd Batt., 11th Regt., who died near this place at 

Arungoulur, Quilon on the 11th of June 1813, aged 32 years. 
Never was a purer or more exalted mind that which onoe 
animated the dust that sleeps below, nor were the propensities 
ho inherited from nature enfeebled by inaction or wasted by 
injudicious effort. He was a living spring of beneficence to 
all around him and feelings of esteem and regard were be- 
come inseparably associated with his name. In the enjoy- 
ment of honourably earned reputation and whilst fondly 
exulting in those newly formed ties which promised domestic 
bliss to his future years he sank into an untimely tomb. 
The officers of the corps which he commanded erected 
this monument as a faint tribute to his public and private 
worth and as a mark of their unavailing sorrow for his 
irreparable loss. 

He married at Quilon, March 2nd, 1812, a daughter of Gen. Hall 
(No. 2739) commanding the Travanoore Subsidiary Foroe). 

VOL. I — 241 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


923 7th Mar. Wiluam Nugent [Interred the remains of Lieutenant W. N. Conan of the 

1791 . Conan. Madras Artillery, who died in storming the pettah of Banga- 

lore, March 7th, 1791.] 

924 7th Mar. Jekkmiah Delany. [To the memory of Captain Jeremiah Delany, of His Majesty's 

1791. 36th Regiment, who gallantly fell in storming the pettah 

of Bangalore, March 7th, 1791.] 

925 18th Mar. John Slipper .. [Sacred to the memory of Captain John Slipper, who fell in the 

1791. service of his country, 18th March 179 ; ..] 

926 25th Mar. Nathaniel Dawes. [Sacred to the memory of Captain Nathaniel Dawes, Corn- 

1791. mtmdant of the fouifch battalion of N.J., who died March 

25th, 1791.] 

Urquhart in Vol. II page 44 gives tho date as 26th March 179J. 

927 24th Oct. James Smith . . [To the memory of Captain James Smith of the Bengal Artillery 

1791. who died October 24th, 1791, aged 33.] 

928 31st Dec. Lieut. -Col. John [Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Gratton , Quar- 

1791. Gratton. termaster-General of His Majesty's Forces in India, who died 

31st Docember 1791.] 

1)29 20th Fob. James Williamson. [Captain James Williamson of the first battalion of Bengal 

1792. Volunteers, and Commandant of Bangalore, died February 

20th, 1792. His brother, and the other officers of the corps, 
with equal and joint zeal, erect this monument to his 

The above-mentioned tombs have all been swept away. Dawes 
and Williamson are mentioned by Urquhart, and the seven 
inscriptions (with an engraving of tho " elegant " monumonts 
that eontainod them) are recorded in Robert Home's " Select 
Views of Mysore," 1794, published by Bowyor. In their place 
stands a modern cenotaph erected by the Mysore Government 
at the suggestion of Major Vibart, K.E. Tho inscription runs 
as follows : " East Face : Sacred to tho memory of those 
Officers and soldiers who gallantly fell at the siege and died in 
Bangalore in the war of 1791 and 1792. South Face : To the 
memory of the Officers who fell at the taking of Bangalore . 
Colonel Moorhouse, Madras Artillery, killed at storming of 
Pettah, 7th March, 1791. Captain Jeremiah Delany, H.M., 
36th Regiment, killod at storming of Pettah, 7th March, 1791. 
Lieutenant Conan, Madras Artillery, killed at storming of 
Pettah, 7th March, 1791. Captain John Slipper, Madras Artil- 
lery, fell 18th March, 1791 . Captain Nathaniel Dawes, Comman- 
dant, 4th N.I., died 25th March, 1791. Captain James Smith, 
Bengal Artillery, aged 33, died 24th October 1791. Lieutenant 
Colonol Gratton. Quartormaster-Gonoral, H.M. Forces, died 
31st December, 1791. Captain James Williamson, 1st Bengal 
Volunteers, Commandant of Bangalore, died 20th February 
1792. Lieutenant Jamos Wellwood, 2nd Native Cavalry, died 
5th April, 1791. Lieutenant Wellwood. Quartermaster of the 
3rd Regiment, Native Cavalry, died in camp in the month of 
July 1790. Captain Elias Terrot, 52nd Regiment, died 16th 
April 1791. Officers wounded 11. North Face : In memory 
of those who fell in campaigns 1791 and 1 792. Battle of Ar*kera> 
\4th May, 1791. -Lieutenant Edward Brooke, H.M. 76th; 
Cornet J. Patterson, 19th Dragoons ; Ensign Charles Ross, 
13th Bengal N.I. Officers wounded 18. Ryacottah, 20th July 
1791. — Lieutenant Alex. Cree, Madras Engineers. Nundidroog. 
October, 1791.— Officers wounded 3. Kristnagherry, November, 
1791. — Lieutenant Forbes, H.M. 74th; Lieutenant Lamont, 
H.M. 74th. Officers wounded 5. Madagherry, 2ftih October > 
1791. — Officers wounded 3. Oumtmcondah, November, 1791. — 
Officers wounded 1. Shimoga, 25th December, 1791. — Lieute- 
nant Ross, Brigade-Major. Officers wounded 5. Assault of 



Serial Date Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Tippoo's Lines and Island of Seringapatam, 6th and 1th February 
1792. — Lieutenant Patrick Stuart, Bengal Enginoers ; Lieute- 
nant Robertson, H.M. 73rd ; Ensign Smith, H.M. 36th ; Lieute- 
nant Jones, H.M. 76th ; Lieutenant A. Buehan, Bongal Artil- 
lery ; Lieutenant Hutchinson, H.M. 52nd; Captain Sibbald, 
H.M. 71st ; Lieutenant Bayne, H.M. 71st ; Lieutenant J. Arch- 
deacon, 14th Bengal N.I. ; Captain Mackenzie, H.M. 72nd. 
Officers wounded 2(3. Engagement before Seringapatam, 22nd 
February 1792.- -Officers wounded 5. Total loss in campaign, 
killed 431, wounded 1,366, missing 56, total 1,853. Of whom 
84 were officers, horses disabled 325. West Face : In memory 
of those who fell in campaign of 1799. Action at Malaoelly.— 
Officers wounded 3. Major Colin Campbell, 1st M.N.I. ; Lieut. 
Goo. Nixon, H.M. 12th; Lieut. T. Kails, H.M. 12th; Lieut. 
Fitzgerald, H.M. 33rd ; Lieut. YV. Macrodie, Bombay ArtilWy ; 
Capt. Alex. Torriano, Bombay Artillery ; Dr. Glasser, Hegt. 
De Mouron ; Lieut. J. Fish, 3rd M.N.I. ; Capt. Chas. J. Moaros, 
2nd Bombay N.I. ; Capt. Hay, Scotch Brigade ; Lieut. Irvine, 
H.M. 74th ; Lieut. -Col. Montague, Bengal Artillery ; Lieut. 
Cooksloy, Madras Art illery ; Capt. Cosby, Staff. Siege of Serin* 
gapatarn f 4J/i April to 4th May. ("apt. J. .Jourdan, Madras 
Artillery ; Lieut. Lalor, H.M. 73rd ; Lieut. Farquhar, H.M. 
74th ; Lieut. Prondergost , H.M. 74th ; Lieut. Shaw, H.M. 
74th; Liout. Mathor, H.M. 75th; Capt. Owen, H.M. 77th; 
Lieut. Mathoy, Regiment DoMeuron; Liout. M. H. Cormick, 
Madras Pionoers. Officers wounded 43. Total loss in cam- 
paign- killed 307, wounded 1,092, missing 128, total, 1,527. 
Of whom 70 were Officers." 

Bombay casualties — At Sedasur 6 March 1799. Capt. Win. Sholl, 
2nd Batt.,*2nd Regt. and Capt. Sam. Thompson 2nd Batt. 4th 
N.I. and on 17 March 1799, Capt James Gilkio 1st Batt., 4th 

Lieut. Eyro of H.M. 36th Regt. It must be recollocted that he 
was the first who entered the wicket of the Pettah at the head 
of a flank company where he received a severe wound in the 
head at the very spot where Col. Moorhouso fell. He died at 
Madras on Friday the 8th June 1792. 

9.K) 20th Jan. Clement Delves This monument was erected by the subscription of his friends 
1845. Hill. and comrades in the Madras Presidency and by the officers 

of the Royal Horse Guard* in testimony of their love for his 
personal character. Modest and unassuming in mind and 
deportment and utterly careless to advance himself, in 
serving his country, his friends and every good cause, he was 
full of zeal and perseverance. In the campaigns of the 
Peninsula, whilst fighting under the command of his brother 
Lord Hill, he was amply satisfied with contributing to his 
glory, without seeking although deserving to share in his 
honours. He was born at Prees in Shropshire on the 6th of 
December 1781, died at the falls of Guersoppa on 20th 
January and was buried at Honawar 22nd January 1845, 
having been in command in Mysore from 20th November 

Half length statue by Macdowoll, K. A. 

Tall column at Honawar 80 foot high (M.M. July 11, 1813). Thii 
column is erected by the 14th Madras Native Infantry. A 
guard of which Regt. in Kscorting to their final earthly Resting 
place the remains of Major General Clement Hill had the sad 
Duty of paying the last Honours, to one who after a long and 
active military life won the love of every officer and man with 
whom he served. He died at the falls of Gairsoppah on the 
20th of January 1 845 in the 62nd yoar of his age while command- 
ing the Mysore Division. 



Serial D»t«. N»me. Insoription. 


(1) (2) (3) W> 


931 8th Feb. Gborob Kino New- Captain G. K. Newberry, 8th L.C., who was killed while 
1858. berry. leading the Mysore Horse in a charge against the rebels at 



932 April 1808 Joseph Diokson [In the compound of St. Mark's Church Bangalore is a 

pyramidal obelisk.] 

" Sacred to the memory of Major Joseph Dickson 9th 
Itegt. N.T, died April 18o8, aged 46. Beloved 

933 8th Feb. Sir Walter Scott, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Walter Scott, Bart., of Abbotsford House, 

1847. Bart. and of the 14th Hussars, who died at sea on the 8th February 

1847, aged 45. 

Walter Scott the poot (1771-1832) married, December 24th, 1797, 
Margaret Charlotto (d. May 14th, 1826), sister of Charles Car- 
penter, M.C.S. (No. 2315). The deceased was his eldest eon, 
born October 28th, 1801, and married, February 3rd, 1825, 
to Jane, daughter of John Jobson of Lochore, oo. Fife. He 
died without issue on board the Wellesley oft the Cape, 
when the baronetcy became extinct. Walter Scott's other 
son Charles, godson ol Charles Carpenter, was educated 
at B.N.C., Oxford, and became attache" to the British 
embassy at Teheran, where he died unmarried October 
28th, 1841. It is interesting to note in this connection 
that the second son of Dickens, Walter Landor, died in Calcutta 
December 31st, 1863, of Haematemesis, a cadet on the Bengal 
establishment. On the new year's Day 1864 he was buried in 
the military Cemetry Bhowanipore. The Burial Register 
gives his age as 24 but according to Forster's "Life of Charles 
Dickens" he was within a month of completing his twenty third 
year, and had been doing duty with the 42nd Highlanders. 
Dickens' sons, all had literary names ; Alfred Tennyson (in 
Australia), Edward Bulwer Lytton (also in Australia), Henry 
Fielding, K. C, and Sidney Smith (in the navy; died at sea). 
Mr. Henry Fielding Dickens, K. C, is the 6th son of the famous 
novelist, and tho latter at first thought of naming him Oliver 
Goldsmith. Dickens certainly paid tribute to literature in the 
names of sons. One was named Walter Landor, another Francis 
Jeffrey, third Alfred Tennyson, a fourth Sydney Smith Haldi- 
mand and a fifth Edward Bulwer Lytton. Henry Fielding was 
something of a favourite with his father who was particularly 
ploased when he gained a scholarship at Cambridge. Mr. Dick- 
ons, K. C, has a son who is a barrister. Edward Bulwer Lytton 
also was in Calcutta sometime. He died at Sydney at 51, after 
* representing Wilcannia, in the New South Wales Parliament for 

six years. Alfred Tennyson also settled in Australia. Sidney 
Smith enterod the navy and at 20 was buried at Sea. Francis 
Jeffery joined the north-west mounted police. Charles and 
Henry Fielding remained in their native land. 


934 1st Nov. John Wheelbr John Wheeler Cleveland, Senior General in Her Majesty's 
1883. Cleveland. Indian Army, who after a service of 75 years, during which 

he took part in the first Burmese war and afterwards held all 
the highest commands in the Madras Presidency, died at 
Bangalore on the 1st November 1883 in his 92nd year. 

He joined the Madras Army as a Cadet in 1807, Ensign Sept. 
29, 1808, Lieut. 17th Nov. 1810, Capt. Nov. 13, 1823, 
Major April 5, 1 831 and Lieutenant Colonel in May 11,1 836. 

The name of his father is Cleveland, John. He had a daughter 
born on 31st July 1816. (Asiatic Journal : February 1816). 




Date. Name. Inscription. 

(2) (3) <<) 


(This cemotery was dosed by order of Government in 1868.) 

A complete list of the inscriptions in this cemetery was drawn up in 1893 by Rev. H. A. Williams, Chaplain of Holy 
Trinity and published in the " Bangalore Parish Magazine,'* 1893-4. 





24th Apr. 


Lamb William Lamb Mayer, Merchant. 

7th June 

Michael Smith 

22 Aug. 

27th June 

Ed. Belungham 

William Dowse . . 


20th April 

Mary Farrell 

940 4th Nov. John Wilson 

941 19th April De la Donesfe 

942 1820-27 

943 1821-36 

John Doherty, 
John Pott, 
W. A. Brown, 
F. Grove. 

D. Macgreoor, 
E. T. Gillespie. 

(Row 24, No. 15.) 

Michael Smith, Lieut. 1st Battalion 3rd Regiment Native 
Infantry, son of Isaac Smith, London. 
(Row 24, No, 14.) 

Ed. Bellinoham Kennah Paymaster, 25th Light Dragoons. 

(Row 24, No. 11.) 

William Dowse, Colonel, 5th M.I., who when proceeding to 
assume the command of the Travancoie subsidiary force, for 
which he had been selected by the confidence of Government 
sank under ill-health contracted whilst successfully employed 
at the head of a division of the army in effecting an adjust* 
ment of the claims of the Poonah State with other tributary 
jagherdars. In him the service has lost an able and zealous 
officer, society one of its best and most kindly valued mem* 
bers. Obiit 1814. 

Hie dormit cum Sanctis Maria Farrell Gordon, cui morum. 
dulcedo ot pietas erga patrem nullam invenient parem, 
ab omnibus amata,dolcnda, hie iramatura obiit, setatis sere 20. 
(Row 24, No. 13). 

Youngest daughter of Major J. Gordon, 22nd Dragoons, who 
died at the General Hospital, Madras, October 17th of the 
same year. 

Her eldest sister Elizabeth Eleanor Gordon, married 14 December 
1813 at Arcot, Captain Trewman, 22nd N.I., Quartermaster 
Brigade Centre Division of the Army. 

This tomb protects the remains of John Wilson, private 
H.M.'s 84th Regt. Urged unhappily to the commission 
of the awful crime of mutiny he suffered the last melancholy 
sentence of the law with manly fortitude and with the 
hopes and consolations of a Christian. Aetat 25. 

A groundless tradition goes that he was shot for refusing his tot of 

In the Parish magazine for Aug. 1893, pp. 14-19, is printed the 
true account of Wilson's fate from the general orders. 

Lieut. Col. de la Donespe 69 F. Bangalore. 19th April 1820. 

Major John Doherty, 13th Dragoons, 12th June 1820 ; 
Lieut. John Pott, 31st Jan. 1822 ; Lieut. W. A. Brown, 
4th November 1822 ; F. Grove, Captain, 6th May 1827. 

Assistant Surgeon D. Macoregor, 13th Dragoons, 16th Sep- 
tember 1821, and Major Edward Taylor Gillespie, 26th 
November 1836. 

Two imposing columns 45 feet high, standing opposite the entrance 
to the cemetery. 

A base 10 feet square and 8 feet high supports a fluted pilla* 
about 30 feet high. This is surmounted by a square capital 
which holds an urn. The whole height is about 45 feet. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription. 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


944 4th June Hugh Montgomery. Hugh Montgomery, Major in the Madras Artillery and for 

1852. many years Superintendent of a Division in Mysore, who 

after having greatly distinguished himself at the capture 
of Rangoon on the 12th and 14th of April 1852, died at 
Calcutta on the 4th June 1852. 

945 20th July Jane Brett .. Jane Hannah wife of Harry Brett, M.C.S. 


Brott married, December 15th, 1834, Jane, second daughter of 
Charles Roberts, M.C.S. (No. 1147). When Collector of Salem he 
built the Hosur bungalow, which is variously known as " Brett's 
Folly " and 44 Kenilworth Castle." It is supposed to have cost 
somothing like one lac and three-quarters : but Mr. Brett kept 
no accounts after the expenditure exceeded one lac. The cost of 
the chunam alone was Rs. 1 7,000. In 1 875 the building was sold 
by Mr. Brett to Government for Rs. 10,000. 

946 16th May Robert Nicholas Robert Nicholas Faunce, Major-General, after serving 

I860. Faunce. his country well and faithfully for 44 years, was drowned 

by the foundering of the steamer Cheduba in a cyclone 
in the Bay of Bengal on the 16th May 1869 in the 64th year 
of his age. 


947 13th Nov. William Baillie . . To the memory of Colonel William Baillie who, with a 

1782. detachment of British troops under his command, after 

a noble and most gallant resistance to a superior force of 
the enemy on the plains of Periambaucum was ultimately 
compelled to surrender to the united armies of Hyder Ally 
and Tippoo Sultaun on the 10th day of September 1780 
and died in the fortress of Seringapatam on the 13th day 
of November 1782. This monument is erected and inscribed 
by his nephew John Baillie, Lieut. -Colonel on the estab- 
lishment of Bengal and Resident at the Court of Lucknow 
A. D. 1816. 

Monument just outside the mausoleum of Hyder and Tippoo. 
Periambaucum (see No. 1454), the scene of the most grievous 
disaster that has as yet befallen the British arms in India, is 
15 miles north-east of Conjeoveram. The best account of 
Baillic's defeat is that given by the Hon. John Lindsay, who was 
himself captured, there in the 44 Lives of the Lindsays," volume 
III, page 255. The younger Lally, Pimoran and tho other 
French officers serving with Hyder prevented much indiscrimi- 
nate slaughter. The walls of the Darya Daulat Bagh (formerly 
Tippoo's favourite garden and subsequently the residence of the 
Duke of Wellingtor) are covered with grotesque fresco paintings 
of the battle. Hickey's "Gazette" of October 14th, 1780, 

gives the following return of officers killed, wounded and taken: 

41 Killed Lieut. -Colonel Fletcher, Capts. Phillips, Ferrier» 
Nixon, Powell, Lieutenants & Ens. Pioler (Samuel Pictat), 
Wilson Sen'r (a Surgeon), Wilson Jun'r, Bowser, Wado, 
Bergirr, Stringer, Shodden, Wood, Clark, Dawes, Cotton, 
Boswell, Mouneriet (?Monteith), Curtis, Maconackie, Drirjg, 
Nash, Fleming, Mackenzie, Gunn (?Gusin), Gallaway, Maclin, 
Lombard, Dick, Magen, Marshall, Macleod, Rogers & Frank. 
Prisoners, Col. Baily wounded, Capts. Baird, 73d. ; do. Lucas 
do. (brother to the celebrated patriot of the name, according 
to Urquhart), Jones, Art., do. Grant do., do., Wragg. Lieuts* 
Lindsay 73rd. wounded, Melvil do., do. Mufell (? Moncraft), 
Massey do. wounded, Camble, do. Frazer, Mo'Neal, Read 
Knox, wounded, Smith, Art., do. Dalrymple do., do. 
Fevering (Hemming?) do. Halliburton do. Cox, Art. 
do. Forbes, wounded, Moore do. Jones do. Mc'Killister do. 
Gordon do. Lang do. Mackey do. White, Corner. Cadets. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (*) 


Bailliegen. wounded Baiilie Jun. Butler, do. Chase do. Ensigns 
Forbes, Cuthbcrt, do. Hodges, Gorey, wounded, Hope d<v 
Nabob's Officers, Capts. Rumley, wounded Wemyss, do. 
Gowdey, Surgoons, Doct. wounded Camble do. Ogilvie, and 
all are sent to Seringapatnam, except. Col. Bayley. A list 
of the privatos not yet come in but supposed our loss kill'd, 
wounded and taken prisoners 700 Europeans and 5,000 
sepoys. 13 pieces of cannon, left by Monro 4 guns, 124 
pounders, 6 Royals, 2 Cohorns, besides all the Camp and Stores. 
Hyder is gone to Areat." Urquhart gives details of the officers 
who died in captivity. Some perished at Arnee, among 
them Lieutenant Cotton " dropped down dead as he reached 
the prison door," September 16th, 1780 ; the majority died at 

let Madras Europeans killed. 

Col. Fletcher, Cap. Phillips, Dr. Wilson, Lieut. Wade, Ensigns 
Clarke and Galway. 

Wounded. — Col. Baiilie, Capt. Monteith, Lieuts. Massey, Bow* »r, 
Halliburton, Hope, Nash, Baiilie, Turing. 

Died ofwound8. — Captain Ferrier, Lieut. Knox. 

Prisoners. — Lieuts. McNeill,Gorio, Latham, Capt. Wrag & Lieut* 

Urquhart, Vol, II 9 P. 51. — Lieut. Col. Fletchor. Ensign Burgie/, 
Commissary. Surgeon Wilson. 

73rd Regiment. — Lieut. Gusin, Grenadier Coy. Lieut. Mackenzie. 
Mr. Forbes Volunteer. 

Company's Artillery. — Mr. Mirton. Mr. Monie, Condr. 

Capt. Phillip* s European Grenadiers. — Capt. Phillips. Ensign 

Capt. Ferrier's European Grenadiers. — Lieut. Wade. 

Two Cos. European Infantry. — Ensign Galway. 

Five Cos. of Sepoy Grenadiers. — Ensign Wood. Ensign Clarke. 
Ensign Sneddon. 

1st Carnatic Batt. — Ensign Maclean. Ensign Lombard. 

2nd Circar Batl. — Capt. Powell. Ensign Curtis.J Ensigns Hem- 
ming. Dawes. Wynn. 

2nd Carnatic Bait. — Capt. Geo. Nixon. Ensign Boswell. Rogers. 

Six Companies of the 1th Carnatic Batt. — Ensigns Gahagan. 

Marshall. Macleod. 
Died in prison or poisoned. — Lieut. Wemyss died on 1 3th Sept. 
1780. Capt. Ferrier died at Scdloro 16th Sept. 1780. Ensign 
Stewart killed in engagement between Braithwaite's detach, 
ment and Tippoo 18th Feb. 1782. 

Arnee Prison. — Lieut. Cotton 16 Sept. 1780. Dr. Campbell 
16th Sept. 1780. Mr. John Baiilie Cadet died 20 Sept. 1780. 
Ensign Dick died 20 Sept. 1780. Liout. Cox died 29 Sept. 
1780. Lieut. Knox died Jan. 1781. 

In Seringapatam prison.— Lieut. Lind 14 April 1782. Capt. 
Lucas brother to the celebrated patriot of the name in 
England died on 5th July 1782 at half past 8 p.m., the 
Captain's death was bitterly lamented by the whole prison 
— he was distinguished by good nature, talents as well at 
acquired accomplishments. In his manners he was un- 
assuming and engaging and his cheerfulness and vivacity of hi* 
temper which was expressed in lively songs and facetious 
sallies, scattored frequent rays of mirth in the gloomy prison. 
Mr. Hope cadet died 7 July 1782. Lt. Col. Baiilie died 
13 Nov. 1782. Lt. Maconochie died 9 April 1782. Capt. 
Rumley, Liouts. Frazer Ac Sampson in Mysore prison. Lieut. 

VOL. 1—25 



Serial Date. Nam©. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Buller died 6 p.m. 8 Nov. 1783. Lieut. Matthias, brother of 
Geiil. Matthias Bombay Establishment and Lieut. Weldon : 
March 1784 10 p.m. at Bednur, carried to jungle and cut to 

Chittledroog prison. — Lieut. Clements Bom. Est. 14 May 1783. 
Lieut. Waugh 10 May 1783. Ensign Cadojan 16 May 1783. 
Dr. Carmichael Bo. Estt. 5 Nov. 1783. Mr. Browne Quarter- 
master 10 Regt. in the year 1783. Lieut. William Patterson 
102 Regt. 20 June 1783. Lieut. Anchialeeh of Coy. Troops 
11 Jan. 1783. Ensign Batoman Bom. Est. died in 1783. 
Lieut. Drew Bom. Est. 3rd Jan. 1784. Ensign Hugh Moore 
of 8th Regt. 10th Jan. 1783. 

The late Lieutenant-Colonel John Baillie entfcrod the servico 
of the Honourable the East India Company in the year 1790, 
and arrived in India in 1791. He applied himuelf with great 
diligence to the study of the learned languages of the East ; 
as a proof of which it may bo mentioned, that in the year 1797 
at the desire of the Governor-General (Sir John Shore) he 
undertook the translation from the Arabic of a copious digest 
of Muhammadan law t so arranged as to comprise the whole of 
the Imamea code, as applicable to secular matters. This work 
it was originally contemplated would extend to four volumes in 
quarto but of these the first only was ever published, and that 
without the preliminary discourse or table of contents. It 
comprehends only the laws of commercial transactions. 

On the establishment of the College of Fort William, Colonel 
Baillie was appointed professor of tho Arabic and Persian 
languages of Muhammadan law, a post which ho filled with 
high credit until the year 1807, when he was appointed resi- 
dent at the Court of the Nawab Vizir of Oude, in place of 
Colonel Collins. During the period of his professorship, Colonel 
Baillie was twice called into active service as political agent 
to the Governor-General in Bundelkhund, and for the zeal 
and ability displayed by him in this capacity he was honoured 
with the public thanks of tho Government. In the year 1 801 
he published a series of sixty fables, elucidatory of tho first part 
of his course of lectures at the College on the inflexions of 
Arabic Grammar, namely the Miut Amil ; Shurhu Miut 
Amil ; Misbah ; Hedayet un Nuhvi ; and the Kafeea of 
Ebn Hajeb. In consequence of his employment in Bundel- 
khund, the work was not completed and indeed all further 
literary exertion appears to have been put a stop to by his 
appointment to Lucknow, where he remained till 1815. In 
1 818 he retired from the service and in 1823 succeeded the late 
Mr. Cotton as a Director of tho East India Company. Colonel 
Baillie was a native of Inverness, and represented that district 
of burghs in Parliament. 

On April 20, 1833 at his house in Devonshire Place Col. John 
Baillie in his 61st year died. He was M.P. for Inverness 
and succeeded John Cotton as a Director of the Company in 

In Calcutta, Jan. 30, 1766 Hugh Baillie married Anna Pierre, 


948 2t»th April Lewis Irwin ♦ . Here lie the remains of Lieut. Lewis Trwin, His Majesty's 
]799» 74th Rtfgt ., who was killed near this, the night of the 26th 

April 1799, aged 27 years. Erected by his brothers. 

Tomb in a little garden below the road, opposite the signpost, 
marked "Wallace's Post 1799. " His brothers were pre- 
sumably Lieutenant William Irwin of the Scotch Brigade and 
Ensign Charles Irwin of the 33rd Foot. 








8th May 




10th Sept. 

(3) (4) 


Edward Montague. Col. Edward Montague, commanding the Bengal Artillery, 
obiit the 8th May 1799 aetat 47. 

He married Barbara Fleetwood at Masulipatam 17th May 1792. 
There is an account of his life in the Asiatic Annual Register 
for 1 799 (characters p. 62-65). The year of his age is there given as 
45. He was 4th son of the late Admiral Montague and brother 
to the Vice Admiral of that name and the late Captain James 
Montague who commanded the Montague and was killed on the 
glorious first of June. Ho left a widow & 3 orphans the 
youngest of whom was born a fortnight before his death. He 
lost an arm on the 1st of May. 


John Grimston . . To of Lieut. -Col. John Grimston. This monument was 

erectrd as a tribute of their affection and esteem by his 
brother officers of the 84th Regiment Foot. Ho departed 
this life on the 10th of Septembor 1801. 



5th April to 
4th May 

George Nixon 
Thomas Falla. 
James Allen. 
Walter Gahan. 
Lewis Irwin. 
James Farquhar. 
James Prendergast. 
Vesey Hill. 
Henry Shawe. 

This monument was erected by the officers of His Majesty's 
12th and 74th Regts. to the memory of the undermentioned 
who were killed or died during the siege of Seringapatam : 
H.M. 12th Foot- 
Lieut. Geo. Nixov, killed 5th April 1799. 
Lieut. Thos. Falla, killed 6th April 1799. 
Major Jas. Allen, died in the 22nd April 1799. 
Lieut. Wal. Gahan, died the 7th May 1799. 
H.M. 74th Foot- 
Lieut. Lewis Irwin, killed 26th April 1799. 
Lieut. James Farquhar, killed 4th May 1799. 
Lieut. Jas. Prendergast, killed 4th May 1799. 
Lieut. Vesey Hill, killed 4th May 1799. 
Lieut. Henry Shawe, killed 4th May 1799. 
Obelisk about 40 feet high. Hill was in the Forlorn Hope. 
Died at Colombo (about April 1804) Lieut. George Nixon late of the 
19th Foot eldest son of George Nixon, Esq., of the county 
of Dublin who lost another brother an officer in the same Regt. 
on his way in a detachment from Ceylon to Seringapatam to 
join the Regiment. 

Urquhart, Vol. I, p. 23. The following are the names of the officers 
who contributed by their glorious fall to the capture of the 
capital of Mysoro : — 

Captain Owenfson] of H.M. 77th Regt. Flank Company. Lieut. 
Mather. H.M. 75th, Lieut. Lator of H.M. 73rd Regt. Lieut. 
Farquhar 74. Lieut. Prendergast of do. do. Lieut. Hill. 
Lieut. Shawe. Captain Cormick of the Pioneers. 
Ther* is a mural tablet in St. Sampson's Church, Guernsey, the 
inscription on which is in French, the English translation of 
the latter and more interesting part of which is as follows : — 
This monument is erected to their memory and also to that of 
their eldest son Thomas Falla Lieutenant of the 12th Regi- 
ment who died at the siege of Seringapatam, April 6th 1799, 
aged 18 years six months twenty-five days, as the result of 
a wound of a solid cannon ball weighing twenty -six pounds 
which had lodged between the two*bonos of one of his thighs . 
The said wound having become considerably inflamed, the 
surgeon of the regiment, after he had examined the injury, 
was unaware that the ball was enclosed in it and it was only 
after his death which took place six hours alter the event 
that it was extracted, to the surprise of the whole army. 

vol. i — 25a 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


952 5th April Colin Campbell . . Major Colin Campbell who fell in the attack on the outposts 

1799 # of Soringapatam, 5th April 1799, aged 39 years. 

Elegy on his death in Urquhart, Vol. II, p. 29. 

953 5th April Robert Fitzgerald. Near this place lies the body of Lieut. Fitzgerald, of H.M.s 

1799 . 33rd Regt. who fell at the attack of Sultanpet Tope on the 

night of the 5th April 1799, aged 21 years. Universally 
regretted by the officers of the corps. They have raised this 
monument to his memory. 

On the banks of the Vijayanadi channel. 

954 3rd May Henry Smith Cosby. Captain Henry Smith Cosby, killed in the trenches, 3rd 

1799. May 1799. Aged 30 years. 

Near mile 82 J on Bangalore Cannanore Road. 

The first and tho third tombs arc at the 3rd and 4th furlongs of the 
82nd mile. The second is opposite the 80th milestone, at the 6| 
mile Vijayanadi channel, lower bank. Captain H. M. Cosby was 
in the Engineers (see No. 1235). The 33rd was Colonel Welles- 
ley's regiment. Other officers killed at Soringapatam were 
Lieutenant Thomas Cookesloy (see No. 1388) of the \et Batta- 
lion, Madras Artillery, on the 2nd May and Captain John Jourdan 
of the 2nd Battalion, on tho 4th May, Captain A. Toriano and 
Lieutenant Wm. Macready, of the Bombay Artillery, both on the 
18th April ; Lioutonant J. Lator of the 73rd Foot, Lieutenants 
Tl. Mather and Turner of the 75th Foot, both on the 4th May ; 
Lieutenants Barclay and W. Grant of the 77th Foot (Mr. Grant 
was killed at- the siege of Soringapatam by lightning) on the 
evening of tho 5th May, and Captain Joseph Owen, on the 4th 
May ; Captain G. Hay of tho Scotch Brigade, on tho 26th April ; 
Captain M, H. Connick of tho Madras Pioneers on the 4th May, 
and Lioutonant John Fish of the 1st M.N.I, on the 20th April. 

Lieut. James Bruce died at Soringapatam 4th April 1 799. 

Liout. Joseph Maynard died at Soringapatam 14 April 1709, 9th 

Lieut Robert Barclay Junior died at Soringapatam 5th May 1709. 


<Jf)5 9th Nov. Josiah Webbe . . Erected to the memory of Josiah Webbe, Esq., by Purnaiya, 
1S04. Pewan, as a tribute of veneration and respect for splendid 

talents, unsullied purity and eminent public viitue. 

Locally named Rana Khambha or "War Pillar" because it 
was the scene of a skirmish between the Mysore troops and 
the mutinous Company's Regiments at Soringapatam in 1809 
(see Colonel Malleson's monograph, " Seringapatam, Past 
and Present "). Josiah Webbe has a monument in St. Mary's 
Church, Fort St. George (No. 403). 


956 10th Nov. John Jacob Wil- John Jacob William, son of ("apt. J. T. Bar of H.M. Regiment 

1801. liam Bar. de Meuron, aged 4 years. 

957 22nd Sept. John Reynolds . . John Reynolds, Paymaster of H.M. Regiment do Meuron, 

1802. aged XXXTV years and 11 days. Erected by an intimate 


958 1st Nov. Jean Francois J. F. Mayer, late a Captain in H.M.'s Meuron \s Regiment, 

1802. Mayer. who died sincerely regretted in his 43rd year. 

959 28th Nov. Francois Piachaud Francois Piachaud, late a Major in H.M. Regiment de Meuron, 

1802. aged 40 years. Erected to his memory by his disconsolate 


He had a son born at Seringapatam April 1801. 
His descendant* are planters in Ceylon. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


060 6th Nov. Charles Bugnon. Charles Btjgnon of H.M. Regiment dc Meuron who died 6th 

1803. Novomber 1803 aged 40 years. Erected by the officers of 

the Corps. 

A native of Vic, near Nyon. Ho was drowned. 
1)61 1st Jan. Simon Dalrymple. Lieut. Col. Simon Dalrymple, 1st Batt. 14th Kegt., aged 

1804. 44 years. 

962 23rd Sept. Henry David De H. De Meuron, Lieut. -Colonel in HL.M. Regiment de Meuron, 

1804. Meuron. who departed this life 23rd September 1804 aged 52 years. 

The following is a list of the officers of the Regiment de Meuron 
between 1799 and 1806, when it loft India: — Colonel 
Commandant Pierro Frederick, Comto do Meuron ; Lieutenant- 
Colonels J. P. de Meuron Bullot (d. October 20th, 1803, soe No. 
260) and Henry David de Meuron ; Majors Piurre Lardy (led 
the grenadier company at the storm of Seringapatam and 
commanded tho regiment from 1803 to 1812) and Francois 
Piachaud (d. December [?] 28th, 1802); Captains Louis Guy 
Bernard, Isaac de Muuron de Roohat (d. May 24th, ' 1800, see 
No. 245) Antony Conrad Zweifel (married de Mouron Bullot's 
widow September 28th, 1804), Joan F. Mayer (d. No\ombcr 
1st, 1802), Pfcrre Joseph Donzel (Major Donjoll died 2nd 
March 1821), Francois Louis Senn (died in Ceylon Soptember 
1814), J. George Gradman (d. at Velloro, May 21st, 1799); 
Captain Lieutenant Jean Thomas Bar; Lieutenants Nicholas 
Julio de Bergeon (d. at Pondioherry August 7th, 1831), Henri 
F. de Mouron Bayard, Elias F. YVoolft (d. at Shulaveram, 
September 1801), J. J. Bolle (? d. at Chingleput, Juno 1803, 
name given as de Bordos), Henry Louis do la Harpe, Henride 
Mouron d'Orbe, J. Frodk. de Montmollin, Pierre David Guisant* 
C. do Meuron Tribolet, Elias Merekel, Charles Bugnon (d» 
November 6th, 1803), Louis do Fury (d- March 1801), Alexandre 
Dardel Charles Philippe de Bosset (promoted in tho King's 
German Legion), Charles Meuron do Boaurogard, B. Joseph de 
Muller Baron do Friedbourg, Jean Jacques Gachter, Charles 
Emman uel de May d'Uzisdorff, Louis de Bosset d'Oberurff, 
Joan B. Gachter, Abraham Louis Peter, Alexandre Lequin 
(cashiered January 1802), Frodoriclc Matt hey f J. P. Samuel 
Faucho, H. Amed6e de May d'Oron, C. Samuel Wittel (arrested 
by Napoleon in Paris in 1807 and shot as a npy), Charles 
Pillichody, Charles do Rhamm (died 8 March 1821), Antoine 
Courant, Charles L. do Mouron d'Yvernois, D. Frederick de 
Saiidoz, F. Louis de Mouron Renaud, Protais d'Odot d'Orson* 
nens, Guillaume de Courten, Frederick de Cassolli (resigned July 
1804), Louis Xavier de Lentzbourg, Fridolin de Freuller, Juste 
do Corsy, Louis Pillichody, Andre Sprecher de Boruegg, 
Florian Sprochcr de Beruegg, Samuel de Meuron, F. L. Bour- 
geois. Surgeons Charles P. Caudmont, W. Wybrow, John 
Franke, John Smaason (d. September 31st, 1803, sco No. 1137), 
A. Ludwig Winter. Chaplains A. L. Broguet, Jean L. du 
Pasquier, C. W. Gericke (No. 401, temporarily). Quarter- 
master C. Joseph Zehnpfermig. 
In 1885 H. Wolfrath et cie of Nouch&tol printed, an 14 Essai hig- 
torique sur le Rogiment suisse de Meuron publie par le petit 
neveu du general de Meuron, colonel propridtaire du regiment, 
d' apres los documents les plus importants trouvos dans les 
papiors de famille." This work was reviewed by General 
F. W. Tyrrell in the *' Madras Mail" of August 29th, 1896 
Only fifty copies of the book were struck off. One is in the 
library of M. Albert de Montet of Chardonne near Vevey, late 
an officer of Austrian Dragoons and a well-known writer on 
military history. He possesses the original copy of the author, 
Theodore de Meuron, 144 pages grand in octavo embellished 
with notes, drawings and photographs added by the compiler 
(now deceased) subsequent to the publication of the work. 
The regiment was originally raised at Neuchatel in 1781 by Char- 
les Daniel, Comte de Meuron (d. 1806), who entered a Swiss 
regiment of marines in the French service* went through the 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


Seven Years' War, and was present in several sea-fights agaiast 
the English in West Indian and American waters. The regi. 
ment's first masters were the Dutch East India Company, 
under whom they served at the Cape and in Ceylon. They 
then crossed bayonets with the English at the French defenoe 
of Cuddaloro in 1782. Among the garrison of that little 
town was a young Sergeant, named Bernadotte, the future 
Marshal of the Empire and King of Sweden and Norway (see No. 
1206). In 1795, we find de Meuron and his men once more in 
Ceylon, and, on the conquest of the island by the English, they 
transferred thoir allegiance without difficulty to the British 
Crown. Colonel do Meuron becamo Brigadior-General in 
command of the troops in Ceylon, and hia officers wore ranked 
with officers of the King's service. In the following year the 
rogiment was transferred to the Madras establishment, and 
after being in garrison successively at Poonamallee, Arnee and 
Vellore, took part in the operations beforo Soringapatam, 
where it was brigaded with the 33rd and 73rd Foot under Co- 
lonel (afterwards Sir Arthur) Wellesley. A journal kept by 
Lieutenant Charlos de Meuron Tribolefc gives a graphic account 
of the campaign. The grenadier and light companies formed 
part of the storming column and lost 16 killed, including Lieu-, 
tenant A. Mat they and Assistant Surgeon Lesser, and 60 wounded 
including Captains Piachaud and Lardy. A descriptive pa- 
norama of the assault was exhibited in London at the Lyceum 
in which Captain Lardy, the leader of the forlorn hope, figures 
prominently. An engraving of this curious picture may be 
seen in the library of the Maharaja of Durbhunga. After 
tho fall of the fortress the regiment was stationed on the Island 
and subsequently at French Rocks, 7 miles away. On Feb- 
ruary 10th, 1806, it left Fort St. George for Europe, and, after 
successively garrisoning the Isle of Wight, Guernsey, Sicily, 
and Malta, found its way to Canada, where it was finally 
disbanded tho year after Waterloo, consequent upon the reduc- 
tion of the English army to a peace footing. Eighteen mem- 
bers of the do Meuron family had held commissions in its ranks 
during tho thirty-five years of its history. The Colonel com- 
manding was always a de Meuron, and the Lieu tenant -Colonel 
generally ono. Yorck, the Prussian General, who gained some 
celebrity in the Napoleonie wars, completed his apprenticeship 
to arms in this polyglot body, which at the time of its breaking 
up in 1816 was composed of members of almost evory natio- 
nality in Europe. 

963 18th Mar. Philipp Schneider. Philipp Schneider, private in H.M. Regiment do Meuron, 

1805. aged 46 years. 

Not far from this is a stone with the inscription " Naizer Rettan, 
girl, native of Tallenga, deceased 1st December 1803, aged 
23 years, by hor good friend H. Mievillo, Quartermaster-Ser- 
geant of tho Regiment de Meuron." 

964 26th Jan. Peter Dallas Lieut.-Col. Peter Dallas late Commander of tho 10th N.I., 

1806. aged 46 years. 

Commandant of the 1st Battalion 10th Regiment of Native In- 
fantry and the garrison of Chittledroog. 

He fought at Seringapatam, and according to Urquhart was, during 
a period of 27 years spent in active servioe " truly deserving 
of the soldier's laurel which bedecked his brow." 

965 Jan. 8 Chas. Rist . • •» Lieut. Chas. Rist H.M. 12th Regiment (tomb extant). 


966 Mar. 9 John Radcliffe John Radoliffb 12th Regiment. 









(3) W 


2nd June Olympia Cookburn. 







21st July Robert Barclay 

19th Aug. Hugh Buchan . . . 

25th May Walter Shairpb 

2nd July Beilby Hodgson 

26th June William Orrock . . 

5th April John Gulston 
1812. Hill. 

9th May A. F. Webber . . 

16th Dec. Edward Thomas 

1813. Gomondb. 

19th April Caroline Sec tt 

Miss Olympia Cockburn, bom at Madras 9th July 1806, died 
at Mysore 2nd June 1807. 

Daughter of Alexander Cockburn, of the firm of Harington, 
Cockburn and Harington, who married Miss Olympia Campbell, 
January 10th, 1804 (boo No*. 205 and 413). Their son Alex- 
ander Thomas Cockburn succeeded under a spooial remainder 
to the Baronetcy conferred upon his maternal grandfather 
and assumed the surname of Campbell after that of Cockburn. 

" Cockburn, Alexander brother of Thomas Cockburn, Esq,, from 
England 1786 " (E. I. Kalondar for 1791). The firm was in 
1801 Harington, Burnaby and Cockburn. Munro dealt with 
them. Thomas Cockburn married Miss Henrietta Colebrooke 
November 10, 1789. The 3 Miss Burnabys married as follows ; 
Charlotte to Josias Du Pre Porchior November 1, 1787. Geor- 
giana Grace to James Chamier October 1, 1785. Harriet Emma 
to John Richardson, Lt. Col., Doc. 7. 1793. The Harringtons 
married : Thomas to Miss Jemima Douglas August 25, 1799, 
William to Miss Ann Collet November 10, 1793 (No. 543). 

[At Seringapatam of a fever and bowel complaint Capt. 
Robert Barclay of 2nd Battalion 9th Native Infantry and 
to the 1st Battalion of Pioneers] (Gentleman's Magazine). 

Lieut. -Col. Hugh Buchan of the 2nd Batt. 22nd N.I. 

Capt. Walter Shairpb of the Coast Artillery, aged 28 years. 
Erected by his affectionate brother. 

Beilby Hodgson, Esq., of the Bombay Civil Service. 

Third Judge of the Provincial Court of Appeal ami Circuit for the 
Wostern Division. 

Lieut. -CoJ. William Orrock, aged 52 years, commanding 
the 2nd Batt. 6th N.l. 

He married Mrs. A. Stephenson, August 1806 at Bombay. 

Col. J. 0. Hill of 1st Batt. 13th Regt. 

Miss Mary Boswell Parkinson daughter of Bonwell Parkinson 
and grand -daughter of Colonel J. G. Hill, married on November 
2, 1816 at Madras, Lieut. George Milaom 1st Batt. 19 N. 1. 
(Asiatic Journal, June 1817). 

Alexander Frederic the infant son of Lieut. -Col. Henry 
and Lucie Webber, aged 8 months and 27 days. 
See No. 2275. 

Edward Thomas Gomonde, late Register and Assistant 
Collector in Seringapatam. 
See No. 1394. 

Sacred to the memory of Caroline Isabella Scott and 
infant child. She was the wife of Colonel J. G. Scott, Com- 
mandant of Seringapatam and died in child-bed 19th April 
(? March) 1817. Her amiable and accomplished manners 
rendered her respected and esteemed by all who knew her 
and her premature death was regretted by her more inti- 
mate friends. 

Madras Almanac 1818— 19th March 1817— At Seringapatam, 
the Lady of Colonel Scott , Commandant of that station. 

April (T March) 14, 1817. At Seringapatam, the Lady of Colonel 
Scott Commandant at that station, of a still-born son. 

James George Scott Madras artillery died January I, 1833 in 
London a Major General. He joined the artillery in 1781. He 
was a passenger home by the Lord Melville October 13, 1817. 








(2) (3) (4) 


977 25th Nov. Jambs Howell 
1818. Jones. 

978 8fch July Paul Poooenpohl. 


7th Doc. 

Mary Christina 


3 1st May 



Colonel Scott was placed in charge of the gun carriage works ir t 
1800 and afterwards commanded the station. He is mentioned 
by Lord Valentia in 1804 as " Captain Scott, who had just 
exerted himself with the highest credit to ostablish that manu- 
factory." His bungalow stands on the banks of the Can very 
not far from the English cemetery, and is kopt up almost 
in the same state as when he loft it in 1817 after the loss of his 
wife and daughters. The story of thi« deserted house has 
formed the subject of a poem in the well-known u Lays of !nd " 
by Aliph Cheem (Captain Yeldham*. 
" There stands on the isle of Seringapatam, 
By the Cauvery, eddying fast, 
A bungalow lonely. 
And tenanted only 
By memories of the past. 
It has stood, as though under a curse or spell, 
Untouched since the year that Tippoo fell. 
The mouldering rooms are now as they stood 
Near eighty years ago ; 
The piano is there, 
And table and chair, 
And the carpet, rotting slow, 
And the beds whereon the corpses lay, 
And the curtains half time-mawed away/* 

Scott was a fellow officer with Wellington and fought with him 
in India. Tho bungalow has lately had several articles of the 
furniture taken out and has been cleaned up. The tradition is 
that Col. Scott eamo back to find his wife and 2 daughters 
dead of Cholera and throw himsolf into the river from the steps 
of his house. The truth is his wife died in childbed and Seott 
died in London in 1833. Wollosley was only prevented from 
going to Egypt as 2nd in command of Baird expedition by 
an attack of itch (Kalji). Ho was detained at Bombay and 
tho boat sailed without him. It was lost at sea with ail on 
board. The story is told in G. W. Forrest's Sepoy Generals 
and in Major Price. In both books is to be found the story 
of the British Officer who cut off one of Tippoo's moustaches. 
2 ladies in Surroy havo tho moustache preserved in a piece of 
rod sash which Tippoo woro. 

J. H. Jones, Esq., of tho Madras Medical Service, who fell a 
sacrifice to a conscientious discharge of duty during the 
prevailing epidemic. 

He was one of tho heroes of the Vellore mutiny. 

Capt. Paul Poggenpohl of the Horso Coast Artillery, aged 
30 years. 

Mary Christina, wife of James Archibald Casmajor, Esq., 
died on the 7th December 1821, aged 29 years. 

Undorneath this stone doth lie 
As much virtue as oould die 
Whioh when alive did vigour give 
To as much boauty as could live. 

J. A. Casamajor, C. S. married, January 15th, 1814, the daughter 
of Colonel Thomas Patterson, late of the 22nd Dragoons. He 
was afterwards Resident at Mysore and at Travancoro and 
Cochin : diod October 25, 1865. (See Nos. 119 and 405). 

Capt. Jonathan Moorhouse, Superintendent of the Gun 
Carriage Factory, aetat. 40, having served the Honourable 
Company zealously and faithfully upwards of 22 years. 

The largost monument in the cemetery. 







Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 





16th April 

11th Jan. 

9th April 

Peter Gordon 

T. Y. B. Kbnnan 

Hugh Lord 


30th Nov. 



Lieut. Peter Gordon of 1st Batt. 11th N.I., son of James 
Gordon Esq., of Littlefolla, Aberdeenshire. By his brother 
Capt. Robert Gordon of 20th N.I. 1st Batt. 

Thomas Ynyr Burgess Kbnnan, Captain of Artillery, aged 
33 years. Erected by his wife Elizabeth Konnan. 
He married, September 15th, 1821, the daughter of Major Henry 

Hugh Lord, Esq., Madras Civil Service, who died at the 
Mysoro Residency, aged 48 years. 

First monument as you enter the cemetery. Judge of Nelloro. 
First Judge of the Provincial Court, Northorn Division. He 
married Miss Lucy Gahugan, March 8th, 1806 (soo No. 1061). She 
had a daughter born on January 5, 1816. (Asiatic Journal, 
July 1817.) 


Captain William Way Baker, 32nd Regt., M.N.I., third son 
of Robert Baker, Montague Place London, who died of 
cholera, aged 30 years leaving an afflicted widow and five 
children. This monument is erected by his brother officers 
in token of their regard for his memory. 

In the compound of the Oversoor's Lodge. 





14th Mar. 

7th May 

John James Tem- 

Alexander Watson. 

Here lies J. J. Temple, Lieutenant, 2nd Rogiment Madras 
Cavalry. Died 14th March 1800. 

Soo Asiatic Annual Register for 1800. 

Major Alexander Watson, 1st Native Cavalry died at Sera 7 
May 1800. 


30th April 


Onslow Grose . . Onslow Grose, Esq., Captain of the Pioneers killod on the 

30th April 1800. 

Arekore village is in Manjabad taluq. 

Asiatic Annual Register 1801 : 4 Lately Jo the Westward Captain 
Onslow Groce of the Pioneers'. 

Blakiston's military Adventures undor Wellington, p. 76. " The 
son of Grose the antiquary whose talents he inherited. He 
was remarkable for wit and humour and his memory is still 
cherished by all lovers of fun who know him." 

8th July John Henry Sal- Lieut. John Henry Salter of the Madras Artillery aged 
1831. ter. 22 years. This monument is erected to his memory by 

his brother officers. 

Begur village is in Nelamangala taluq. 


30th April 



Elliott George Elliott Cotton, Captain 50th Regiment M.N.I. , 
died of cholera at this place while marching with his regiment 
from Seounderabad to Bangalore. Agod 36 years. 

Tomb at the 6th furlong r>8th mile of Bangalore — Bellary road 
in Bagepalli taluq. Son of Joseph Cotton of China service; 
born 1822 ; his first wife the mother of two daughters and a 
gon having predeceased him. His wife Eliza died at Palla- 
varam 23rd June 1854 agod 35 years. His father Joseph 
born 1st November, 1780, married in 1807 Anne Maria daughter 
of Col. Lane Governor of St. Helena. His grand parents wer« 
Joseph Cotton (1745— 1825) and Sarah Harrison (1751-1818) 
married 20th January 1779, They had 10 children. 

vol. I — 26 



Serial Date. Name* Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


990 8th Doc James Clbmons Major James Clbmons, 9th N.I., who died in camp at Banawax, 

1833. aged 42 years, 

Banawar village is in Arsikere taluq. 


991 4th June Shiply Ashton Shiply Ashton Warneb, eldest son of Charles William Warner, 
1849. Warner' Esq., Attorney-General of Trinidad, who died at Belikere 

on the way to join his regiment in the 18th year of his age. 






991(a) 30th April 



Marie Franooise 


(b) 3rd March 

Jean Adrian 



Cygit le oorps do Marie Francoise d'Atanxz epouse de Monsieur 
Joseph Cammiado, officier au service du Nabob d6cedee* le 
30 Avril 1787, apres dix ana de mariage. [husleats hoss 
courts ?] pour son 6poux. La mort implaoablo et sauvage 
vint Tenlever dans son courroux. Dieu veuille avoir son 

One Paul Cammiade entered the French army and served in Napo* 
lean's Italian Campaign : he died and is buried at Pondiohery. 
Died without issue. 

, Cigit aimable Jean Adrian Fils do Marie Castain, epoux de 
Jean Castain, lieut. col. Chevalier de l'ordro militaire de S 1 . 
Louis dec6d6 le 3 mars 1798, age* de dix ans neuf mois. Hio 
dacet aimable Jean Castain. 

992 25th Mar. Monsieur 
1798. Raymond. 

J. R. 

A lofty granite obelisk, without name or date, and these two 
letters only, standing at the end of a terrace, 180 feet long by 
85 broad, on an eminence known as Myseram Tekedy or 
Monsieur Raymond's Hill, 3£ miles from Hyderabad. At the 
south of the platform is an edifioe like a Grecian temple in 
which are kept the lamps and other articles used to decorate 
the tomb. Rude crosses in rod are painted on the basement cf 
the platform, which commands a fine view of the surrounding 
country. The tomb is described in Warren's '* I'lnde Aoglaise '* 
(1843), and Durmsteter's Letters sur I'lnde (1888), p. 349. 

His tomb lies on a hill near Usmangarh on the way to Sururnagar. 
It consists of a granite obelisk 23 feet high standing in the centre 
of an oblong platform. No inscription but simply the letters 
J. R. The tomb is worshipped by both Hindus and Maho- 
medans by the former as Musa Ram and the latter Musa 

Michel Joaohim Marie Raymond was born at Serignae on the 
25th September 1755. His father was a merchant, and in 
January 1775 the son set out from Lorient to Pondioherry with 
the intention of starting a corresponding house in India, but 
soon abandoned trade for the more exciting profession of arms 
and entered a oorps in the service of Tippoo commanded by the 
Chevalier do Lasse. In 1783 he became Bussy's Aide-de-Camp, 
and on the lattor's death two years later succeeded the younger 
Lally (see No. 1794) as commandant of the French cavalry, 
which Nizam Ali had taken over from his brother Basalat Jung 
and lent to Hyder for his Carnatic campaigns. Raymond 
gradually altered the composition of this force to an army 
oorps of twonty sepoy battalions officered by Europeans and 
maintained by the revenues of an entire jaghire. His death 
ocourred suddenly at the zenith of his fame, poisoned by his 
enemies at the Court of the Nizam, when he was at the head 
of 15,000 disciplined troops, with numerous magazines and 
gun foundries, one of which not unlike an immense racket 
court still stands near the Chudderghaut Residonoy. Raymond 
used to make his own guns and construct the foundries, the 
most well-known being called Top-ka-Sancha near Fatah 
Mai dan. The French gardens in which Raymond and hi* 
officers resided and close to which the troop lines are situated 
are about only a mile from the hill where his tomb is. These are 
now held in Jaghir by some Nawab. His suooesYor Jean Henri 
Piron (born at Huningue, March 25th, 1763, died at Chander- 
nagore October 21st, 1807) was a man of little ability and six 

VOL. I — 26a 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) <2' (3) (4) 


months later Jamee Achilles Kirkpatrick, the British Resident, 
was able to oxecuto a treaty with the Nizam under the terms 
of which the entire foreign contingent was to be disbanded. 
On October 20th, 1798, 14.000 men and 124 officers laid down 
their arms to a force of British troops under Colonel Roberts, 
John Malcolm, Assistant Resident, and Kirkpatrick ; and the 
celebrated French corps of Hyderabad passed into a tradition. 
The name of Monsieur Raymond is still kept up in the Mysoram 
Regiment of irregulars, and on every anniversary of Raymond's 
death the tomb and platform are brilliantly illuminated and 
a grand fair held, which is largely attended. Salutes are fired 
by the Irregular troops, many of whom are descendants of Musa 
Rahim's famous fifteen thousand. *' No European of mark 
who preceded him," writes Colonel Malleson, " and no European 
of mark who followed him in India, ever succeeded in gaining 
to such an extent the love, the esteem, the admiration of the 
natives of the country." 

It was Colonel Hyndraan, who disarmed Raymond's forces at 
the Nizam's Court in 1802. Henry Hyndman cadet 1769, 
Col. 1802. Died on board the Lord Eldon Nov. 4, 1803 on 
his passage home. 

993 17th July Michael Finglass. Here is deposited the body of Michael Finglass Colonel 

1800, of H. H. the Nizam's service, who departed this life tho 

17th July in tho year of our Lord 1800 and in the 37th 
year of his age. 

994 26th Nov. Ann Jenkins . . Here lie the remains of Ann Jane Elizabeth Jenkins, aged 

1809. 21 years 6 months ; also of her infant son who died shortly 

after his birth. 

This with two other nameless slabs lies below tho platform on 
which Raymond is buried. It is erroneously described by the 
caretaker in charge as the grave of Raymond's bobbachee. 

994(a) 29th March Fonseca .. .. A qui gica sepultado Capitao Fonseca que sendo daide* de 19 

1815. anos e 7 mejea falleceo aos 29 de Marco de 1815 na mua 

quart a fara pelas 3 horas de tarde. 

994 (b) 1856 .. Joaquim Dossantos. Foi Costmida esta porta or capitao Joaquim Dossantos no 

Dezembri do 1853. 

In memory of Joaquim Dossantos Knight of the Portuguese 
Order of Nossa Senhora da Con can ao d Villa Vicosa who quit- 
ted his country for political motives and entered in His 
Excellency the Nawab Ameer- oo-Khub tee's service through the 
intervention of the British Resident Mr. H. Russell ; born 1797; 
died 1866 — 41 years service. 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


(At the back of the Residency, adjoining the site of Kirkpa trick's Rang Mahal.) 

995 22nd Oct. Frances Sydenham. Frances Sydenham obiit 22 October A.D. 1807, aetat 31. 

From thee, Great God, we spring, 
To thee we tend, 
Path Motive Guide, Original 
and Friend. G. Smith Set. 

H^r husband Thomas Sydenham, natus circa, 1780, was second 
son of Colonel W. Sydenham (No. 1366). After serving in the 
Mysoro war as Captain of Guides, he was nominated Secretary 
to tho residency of Hyderabad. He returned to England in 
1802 and studied at Christ Church under Dean Jackson. In 
1804 he again sailed for the cast and was appointed first to the 
charge of the residency in Persia and then (1806) to that of 
Hyderabad. Resigning this office in 1810 he proceeded to 
England, was sent by Lord Wellesley on a confidential mission 
to the Peninsula, and became charge* d* affaires at Lisbon. In 
1812 ho joined tho Earl of Wellington in camp, and served with 
him as a volunteer in the campaign of that year. He then 
repaired to the headquarters of the Russian army and took 
part, in the company of his friend Count Woronzov, in the 
battles of 1814. His gallantry at Craon procured him the crosi 
of St. Georgo from the hands of the Emperor Alexander, while 
Bornadotte presented him with the Swedish insignia of the 
Sword. On the conclusion of peace, Sydenham was appointed 
British envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at 
Lisbon, but his career was cut short by an incurable illness at 
Geneva, August 28th, 1816. 

There is a portrait of Sydenham in the Faluknama palace. He did 
not matriculate. 

For a brief biographical Memoir of Thomas Sydenham, see 
Asiatic Journal: Dec. 1816. 

096 20th Aug. William John This monument was erected by the officers of the Russell 
1815. Darby. Brigade in memory of their comrade Lieut. William 

John Darby, who in an attack within the city of Hyderabad 
on the 20th of August 1815 fell at the head of a column 
as he was gallantly cheering on his granadiers to the charge. 
This obelisk originally stood near the present lawn tennis court. 

997 14th Sept. C. R. F. M. Grant. Charles Russell Falkland Murray Grant, the only child 
]817. of Lieut. Charles St. John Grant of the Resident's Escort, 

who died on the 14th Sept. 1817, aged 10 months and 19 

Madras Almanac 1818 gives 14 Aug. 1817 as the date of his death. 

Grant married Miss Mary Stoddard, December 12th, 1812. 
On 24th July 1813, at the Residency the lady of Ensign Chag. 

St. John Grant, attached to the Escort was in consequence of 

a fall prematurely delivered of a daughter who diod shortly 

after her birth. 

16th Oct. ANNE RUSSELL Anne, the infant daughter of Henry Russell, who died the 

] 818. 16th Oct. 1818, aged 3 months and 4 days. 

Sir Henry Rutteli, second baronet (1783-1852), was Resident at 
Hyderabad in 1808 and again from April 1811 to December 
1820. Ho married firstly Jape Amelia (No. 405) daughter of 
J. H. Casamajor, Member of Council at Fort. St. Georgo. who 
died at Madras, Docember, 29th, 1808 : and secondly on 
November 13th, 1816, Marie Clotilde, daughter of Benoit 
Mottet de la Fontaine (No. 907), who survived him until 
1872. Their eldest son, Henry (b. 1819) died at Cairo in 1847. 
The second son and third baronet. Charles (1826-1883) was a 
Lieutenant-Colonel in the Grenadier Guards and one of the 
flist recipients of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Crimea . 



Serial D»te. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) W < 4 > 


He was ft Member of Parliament from 1865-68 and again from 
1874-83. Sir George Russell, the third son and fourth 
baronet, was a County Court Judge from 1874 to 1885, and 
subsequently M. P. for Wokingham. He died in 1898, and the 
present baronet is his son. 
The first baronet, Sir Henry Russell (1751-1836), had been 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Fort William from 1807- 
1813. He was knighted in 1797 on his appointment to be a 
Puisne Judge at Calcutta, and was* croatod a baronet on Decem- 
ber 10th, 1812. He married as his second wife Anna Barbara, 
youngest daughter of Sir Charles Whitworth and siater of Earl 
Whitworth the British Ambassador at Paris, who was publicly 
insulted by Napoleon after the peace of Amiens. Ho had a 
family of six sons and fivo daughters. Three of his sons entered 
tho Company's service. Henry the second baronet ; Charles 
who became M. P. for Reading after leaving India and died in 
1856; and Francis Whitworth, who became Salt Agent at 
Chittagong and died there on March 25th, 1852, in the forty, 
fourth year of his service. The Chief Justice named his youngosfc 
daughter Rose Aylmer, in memory of his niece, Landor's early 
love, who died at his house in Calcutta in 1800. 

999 17th June Geobgb Rumbold. George Rumbold, Esq., who died on tho 17th day of June 
1820. 1820, infinitely boloved, aged 26 years. 

The Rumbolds furnish an apt illustration of Kipling's saying that 
certain families find their way to India generation after genera- 
tion, as dolphins follow in line across the open sea. William 
Rumbold, of the Company's service, who was buried at Fulham 
on September 15th, 1728, became the father of two sons, Henry 
and William. Henry was Secretary to tho Council at Fort 
William and died in Bengal, September 1st, 1743. He marriod 
Sarah Basnet at Fort St. George, August 17th, 1731. William 
rose to bo second at Tellicherry and died in 1 745. Of his three 
sons, William, the eldest, entered the Company's military 
service and died at Fort St. David on August 1st, 1757, m his 
twenty-eighth year : and the second, Henry, died at sea at an 
early age. Orme has a letter from Lt. Wm. Rumbold dated 
Camp near Madura 22 May 1757 describing the state of affair* 
at Madura (Hill, p. 109). " Tho follg. havo died on the Coast: 
Lieutenants William Rumbold and John Keith and Cadet Daniel 
Anthony Montach." Pigot's despatch to Directors Nov. 15, 

Thomas Rumbold, the youngest (1736-1791), is erroneously said 
to have begun life as a boots at Arthur's, fashionable gaming 
house in St. James' or as a tide-waiter at the London Docks. 
In 1752 ho entered tho Company's service as a Writer, but 
boforo long exohangod the civil for the military profession, as 
Clive had done. After serving under Lawrenco in the operations 
round Trichinopoly in 1754, he accompanied Clive to Bengal 
in 1756, and for his gallantry at tho siege of Calcutta receivod 
a captain's commission. He was Clive's Aide-do-Camp at the 
battle of Plassey and was severely wounded. Permission wag 
given to him to revert to the civil sorvioe, and in December 
1760, he was third at Chittagong. Subsequently he became 
Chief at Patna and from 1766 to 1769 was a Member of Council 
af Fort William. Ho had now made his fortune and returned 
to England. On November 26th, 1770, he took his seat in the 
House of Commons as member for New Shoreham. Seven 
3'ears later he was appointed to succeed Lord Pigot as Governor 
of Fort St. George whore he landed on February 8th, 1778. 
In the following Ootober, Pondicherry capitulated to Sir Hector 
Munro, and Rumbold wag created a baronet on March 23xd, 
1779. On April 6th, 1780, he resigned his governorship and sailed 
for England. On his arrival, he was held responsible for Hyder's 
invasion of the Carnatio and dismissed the service of the Com* 
pany by the directors. The parliamentary enquiry which 
ensued proved abortive : and Rumbold continued to sit in the 
House and play the part of a nabob until his death on November 









(3) (4) 


11th, 1791. He was twice married, but left his estates to his 
children by his second wife, who was a daughter of Edmund 
Law, Bishop of Carlisle. His eldest son by his first wife, William 
Richard (1760-1786), was Aide-de-camp to Sir Hector Munro 
at the siege of Fondicherry and carried home the despatches 
and the colours of the fortress for presentation to the King. The 
second baronet, Sir George Berriman Rumbold (1764-1807), 
was so named after his mother, Frances Berriman, who had 
married Thomas Rumbold at Madras on June 22nd, 1756. She 
died at Calcutta in childbirth, August 22nd, 1764, nged 26. Her 
parents James Borriman and Frances Aspinwall were married 
at Fort. St. George, October 9th, 1736. G. B. Rumbold was 
born at Fort William on August 17th, 1764, and while Minister 
Resident at Hamburg in 1804, was seized by order of the 
French Government and conveyed as a prisoner to the Temple 
in Paris. Ho died at Memel in 1807. Two of his sons joined 
tho banking house of Palmer & Co., and are buried at Hydera- 
bad : George, the second, who is hero commemorated, and 
William, the oldest, who sueceodod his father in the baronetcy 
and died in 1833. 
The Asiatic Journal (March 1834 — p. 150 of Asiatic Intelli- 
gence) observes : 
" We are sorry to announce the death of Sir William Rumbold, 
at Hyderabad, by an attack of apoplexy, in bed, on tho night 
of the 23rd August. 
" The name of Sir William Rumbold has-been a good deal before 
the public, both here and in England, in consequence of his 
connexion with the firm of Palmer and Co. of Hyderabad. His 
retirement from that firm, previously to its ruin, was not a 
voluntary act, being in consequence of an order from govern- 
ment, withdrawing his license to reside and carry on business 
in the territories of the Nizam. But although he thereby 
escaped the responsibilities of the failure, he never ceased to 
protect the interests of his late partners and their constitutors 
with the warm and active advocacy of his talents and influence 
at home. After an absence from India of several years, he 
returned in 1829 with almost unlimitod powers from the creditor! 
in England, and with the sanction of tho Court of Directors, 
to aid in prosecuting large claims exceeding the amount of the 
unpaid debts of the house and considered desperate only under 
the adverse influence of the British authorities. Actions were 
brought in consequence in the Nizam's courts, and judgment! 
were obtained ; but the sinister (though erroneous) impression 
of government hostility still remained and the parties, being men 
high in office, continued to set the trustees of the house at defi- 
ance. The laws of the country were powerless against a despotic 
minister and relations. Tho vigilance of Sir William Rumbold 
did not fail to apprize the Board of Control of the true situation 
in which he found himself under tho deceptive protection 
afforded him ; and at length tho head of that Board, as it ii 
well known by the published proceedings in the matter of the 
Mandamus, against the opinion of a small majority in the Court 
of Directors took up the case of the Hyderabad House as a 
case of British claims upon a foreign power in which under 
the peculiar circumstances of foreign interference, the govern- 
ment stood compromised to something more than a nominal 
protection. It is understood, that, not long since, instructions 
to this effect were received in Calcutta, and that they have been 
acted upon by the transmission of corresponding instructions 
to the Resident at Hyderabad. We have also heard* that, in 
consequence thereof, sanguine expectations are now entertained, 
that very large sums will be recovered for the benefit of the 
estate. These hopos and tho favourable position of things on 
which they are founded would not have existed but for the 
energy and talents and indefatigable zeal of Sir William 
Rumbold, who had the tact to engage the attention of the real 
rulers of India, and to enable them to see through the mystifica- 
tion of a very complicated affair." 








(3) (*) 



15th Dec. 

John Elmore 

1001 14th Nov. Fleming Kelso 

1002 14th July Eliza and Charlot- 
1827. te Carleton. 

1003 20th Nov. J. A. C. Kerr 


24th Aug. 

Sir William Rum- 
bold, Bart. 

Rumbold Koto in Chudderghaut still preserves their name. With 
the death of William, the link which had bound the family to 
India for more than a century was snapped. Sir William 
Rumbold, third baronet, was born on May 22nd, 1787, and 
married at Castle Donington on July 13th, 1809, Henrietta 
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Boothby, Lord 
Raincliffo (No. 2258). Four of his sons succeeded to the 
baronetcy in turn : and the baronot, Sir Horaco Rumbold, 
G.C.B., G.C.M.G., British Ambassador at Vienna, is his fifth 

44 During the reign of Nizam Nasir ud Doulah were constructed 
two large houses oik? named Rumbold's Kothe and the other 
Pertoroji's Kothe. R. K. was the house of Sir Wm. Rumbold 
who was a partner in the firm of Palmer & Co. He was a 
grandson of the famous Governor of Madras and came to India, 
wit h a fortune of £8000 during the viceroyalty of Lord Hastings 
having married a ward of that noble man's. He subsequently 
joined the firm of Palmer & Co. and remained a partner till 
its failure. Sir W. R. died here in 1833. The building is now an 
annexe of the King Kothe. Pertomji's Kothe is a large building 
standing well back from the main road erected on an immense 
stone basement. The erection alone of the engineering [?] works 
which surrounded the grounds is said to have cost a lac of 
rupers. The house was built by the famous Parsi bankers Per* 
tomji & Co., who collected the revenues of Borur. They suc- 
ceeded Puran Mai in 1839. In 1845 Pertomji was compelled 
to give, up his districts. The Kothi is now named as Mohsin- 
ul-mulk's Kothe and was purchased by Nawab Mohsin-ul-mulk 
for a lac of rupees." 

Lieut. John Elmore of II. M.'s 72nd Regt. of Foot whoso 
amiable qualities and distinguished virtues conciliated 
the esteem of all to whom he was known and whose death, 
which took place, at Hyderabad on the 15th of December 
1823 in the 28th year of his age has left on the mind of his 
connexions and friends a deep and lasting impression of 

Erected by the officers of H. M.\s 13th Light Dragoons to the 
memory of their much valued and esteemed brother officer, 
Lieut. Fleming Kelso second son of Col. Kelso, Dankeith, 
Ayrshire, who departed this life on the 14th November 
1825 at the Residency of Hyderabad, aged 30 years. 

Charlotte Louisa, infant daughter of Capt. H. P. Carleton, 
born 4th April, died 14th of July 1827, and Eliza his wife 
aged 2() years. 

J. A. C. Kerr, wife of Lieut. James Kerr, M. E. Regiment, 
aged 25 years 9 months and 20 days, and Jesse Erskine, 
his fourth daughter who died 4th August 1833, aged 1 year, 
1 month and 4 days. 

On Ma> 10th, 1 826, Lieutenant Kerr married the only daughter 
of Mr. A. Alexander, master attendant of Masulipatam. On 
Feb. 2, 1807, the lady of Richard Alexander gave birth to a 
daughter at Masulipatam. 
On 1815, May 7, W. D. Kerr, Esq., married Miss C. Palmer. Rev. 
Richard Hall Kerr married Miss Elizabeth Falconar Aug. 16, 

Sir William Rumbold, Bart, Died 24th August 1833 aged 
45 years. 

Partner in William Palmer & Co. George Lambe, another partner, 
died April 9th, 1828. Trotter's " History of India" give* 
the following account of its influence : — 








(3) (4) 


44 The only cloud upon the lator years (1820-23) of the Marquess 
of Hastings' rule in India was caused by the embarrassed state 
of the Nizam's affairs. The groat banking firm of Palmer 
& Co. had become a power at Hyderabad, a power which 
Sir Charlos Metcalfe the Resident (1820-25) pronounced so 
dangerous that Lord Hastings was compelled to step in bet- 
ween the impoverished Nizam and his creditors. The claims 
of tho former to a yearly tribute for the Northorn Circars 
were wiped out for ever by tho payment of a largo sum down, 
most of which went to extinguish tho loans due to the English 
bankers. A year afterwards tho house of Palmer & Co. 
stopped payment. On the Governor-General's roturn to 
England in 1823, the Court of Proprietors passed a vote of 
virtual censure upon him for his conduct in the affairs of 
Palmer & Co. which was only softenod by his acquittal of any 
corrupt intent. It was not until his death in 1827 that the 
India Houso made him some amends by voting £20,000 to his 


31st Dec. 

Eliza Mary Lee 



15th Juno 

6th April 

John Cameron 

Frances Cameron 

10^8 10th May Edward Palmer. 

1009 4th June Louisa Anne Stra- 

1845. CHEY. 

1010 27th Feb. Eric Sutherland. 


1011 18th Dec. Sarah Coleman 


1012 29th Dec. Richard Brice 


VOL. 1—27 

Eliza Mary Lee, wife of Capt. George Lee, 8th M.N.I. , born 
30th Deo. 1805. 

Captain Lee, youngest son of Thomas Haokett Lee of Ebford 
House near Exeter, married, January 1826, a daughter of 
Hastings Palmer. 

Major John Cameron, 52nd M.L, who died while officiating 
as Resident at the Court of the Nizam, aged 50 years. 

Frances Cameron, fourth daughter of Capt. Duncan Archi- 
bald Malcolm, 3rd Rogt., Bombay N.I., and Caroline Char- 
lotte his wife born 7th April 1837. 

Edward Palmer, born 20th March 1811. 

Louisa Anne the beloved and only child of Lieut. William 
Strachey and Rosamond his wife, aged 2 years. 

Eric Sutherland, Lieut. Colonel Bengal Army, who after 
serving the Nizam's Government in various important 
situations for the space of 20 years was appointed Military 
Secretary to the Resident, in which capacity he was dis- 
tinguished by a zealous, upright and assiduous discharge 
of his public duties. His career was terminated after an 
illness of a few days' duration to the unfeigned grief of a 
numerous body of friends, European and Native, among 
every description of whom by his kindly and generous 
nature and by the exercise of many public and private 
virtues, he has conciliated the highest respect and esteem 
and who have erected this monument commemorative of 
their affectionate regard and as a testimony to those excel- 
lencies in his character, which tho> desire to see recorded. 
He died on the 27th of Feb. 1840, aged 48 year*. 

Mrs. Sarah Coleman born 14th Aug. 1804. 

Richard, son of Capt. E. Brice, Horse Brigade, aged one 

Colonel Edward Brice, C.B., died in London, June 8th, 1868, 
aged 59. 



Mai Date. Name. Inscription. 

(2) 0) W 


1013 30tb Deo. G. A. Bushby . . Ceorge Alexander Bushby, of the B.C.S., British Resident 

185Q # at the Court of H.H. the Nizam, who died at Bolarum in the 

57th year of his age. This tomb and a mural tablet in the 
Church at Bolarum have been erected by a large circle of 

Soo Nos. 1149, 1346 and 1619. Ho is described on his tablet in 
Bolarum Church as " a pupil and valued friend of the late Lord 
Metcalfe. " [yoar 1817.] 

1014 7th Nov. Hastings Palmer. Hastings Palmer, who died on the 7th November in his 

1360. 77th yoar. He was kind, gentle, benevolent and humane. 

He lived in peace with all men and died as he had lived 
tranquilly and in full reliance upon the mercies of his Saviour. 
Son of General William Palmer (1760-1816), who was Warren 
Hastings' Military Secretary. His father married a Princess of 
Delhi, and after serving as Resident at Lucknow, at 
Sindhia's Court and at Poona died at Berhampore, May 20th, 
1816, when in command of Monghyr. 
Asiatic Journal of December 1817 records that one Mr. H. Palmer 
was married to Miss Isabella Williams on 28th March 1817. 

1015 22nd June George Napier George Napier, son of J. B. Fleming, M.D., Residency 

1862. Fleming. Surgeon, aged one year. 

James Boyd Fleming Asst. Surgeon, 17th April 1846. 
On March 1, 1821 died of smallpox near Aurangabad where lie was 
serving as Lieutenant of Artillery and Adjutant in the army of the 
Nizam Ensign Thomas Fleming of 10th N.I. Bengal, son of the 
Rev. Dr. Fleming one of the ministers of this city (Edinburgh). 
Richard Fleming, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service died November 
1 , 1 807. At sea, on board the H .M. ship Culloden David Fleming, 
Esq., Surgeon, died October 23, 1807. (F. Fleming Surgeon 
retired 15 May 1850), 

1016 8th Mar. Ettie Elizabeth Ettie Elizabeth, daughter of Ceorge and Henrietta Yule. 
1864. Yule. Born Oct. 28th, 1853. 

Sir George Udny Yule, K.C.S.I., C.B. (1813-86), was Resident at 
Hydorabad from 1863 to 1867. It was during his tenure of 
office that Kirkpa trick's Rang Mahal was pulled down. In 
April 1861, ho had officiated as Chief Commissioner of Oudh, and 
from May 1867 to January 1868, he was a member of the Gover- 
nor-General's Council. During the Mutiny he was Commissioner 
of the Bhagalpur division in Lower Bengal, and received the C.B, 
for his services. He was as famous as a shikari as he was distin- 
guished as an administrator. Of his two brothers, Robert Yule, 
the second (1817-67), fell while leading his regiment, the 9th 
Lancers, in a gallant action before Delhi. The youngest was the 
well-known Sir Henry Yule (1820-1889), geographer and editor 
of " Marco Polo's Travels " and of the " Diary of Sir William 
Hedges for the Hakluyt Society." He was created a C.B. in 
1 862 and appointed a member of the Secretary of State's Council. 
On his retirement in the year of his death (1889), he was made 
K. C.S.I. His first appointment on joining the Bengal Engineers 
in 1840 was among the Khasiae, who inhabit the hills in the midst 
of which Shillong now stands, and his account of their quaint 
manners and customs and of the megalithic monuments in their 
country was his first piece of literary research. The father of the 
Yules was a Major in the East India Company's Service, William 
Yule (1764—1839) who was himself an orientalist of some 
reputation and whose valuable collection of Persian and Arabic 
manuscripts was presented by his sons to the British Museum. 

1017 10th May Arthur Austin Arthur Austin Roberts, C.B., C.S.I., of the Bengal Civil 
1868. Roberts. Fervice, Resident at Hyderabad, who after a faithful and 

eminent career of 31 years in the North-West Provinces of 
India and the Punjab died at this place after a brief tenure 



g^ia) Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) < 4 > 


of office of two months. Born tho 12th May 1818. Dedi- 
cated by his sorrowing widow and children to the memory 
of him whose loss is to them irreparable and whose public 
and private worth has been recognised and perpetuated 
at Lahore. 

In raoraory of Arthur Austin Roberts, C.B., C.S.I., who after a 
career of upwards of 30 years in the civil servico of India during 
which he held tho high posts of Financial Commissioner of tho 
Funjab, Judge of the High Court, Lahore, member of the 
Legislative Council of India, Resident at the Court of the 
Nizam, died at Hyderabad on the 10th day of May 1868, aged 
49. This tablet is erected by friends, who worked with him 
and eagorly venerated his wisdom, generosity and justice. 
Quicquid in illo amavairus, quicquid muratr sumus m anet 
munsurungire est. 

Roberts was a Punjab Civilian who came out to India in 1837 
and was promoted from the Financial Commissionorship to a 
Judgeship of the Chief Court in 1866. As Financial Commis- 
sioner ho wrote a famous report on Sir John's Lawrence's 
"Sua si bona norint '* circular. 


1018 20th Nov. William Palmer. This monument contains the remains of William Palmer, who 
18 q 7 died on 20th Nov. 1867 in his 87th year. He had been a 

resident of Hyderabad for nearly 70 years, where he was 
prominently known, and his memory requires no reoord. 
But he desires anxiously that the goodness of Hester Palmer, 
his wife, towards him, who survived him, should be known 
by this, record drawn up on his deathbed. She was hia 
comfort for the last 20 years of his life, which was involved 
generally in distress and difficulties. Her strong mind and 
good sense supported himself during his sickness, and contri- 
buted to prolong his life, and her private moans were 
employed to maintain him in ease and comfort when he was 
penniless, as indeed they were subsequently to educate some 
of his grandchildren whom she has loved, though not con- 
ned ed by blo« d with them, as if they were her own, and 
which she continues to do. May the blessing of Almighty 
and Most Merciful (Jod be with her and her grandchildren 
and us ail I 

" King " Palmer, son of Gen. Wm. Palmer, founded the great 
banking house which bore his name. He married, May 15th, 
1848, Hester n6o Sharp, tho widow of Cornelius Dosormeaux, 
Surgoon. She was born Soptember 1st, 1817, and died Sep- 
tember 6th, 1877. Palmer established his house at Hyderabad 
in 1814, and shortly afterwards offered to relieve tho Nizam's 
Government of tho financial burden of the contingent required 
to keep the peace of India during the Pindari War, by lending 
it 2 J lacs a month for two years, the security being an assignment 
of the land revenue of the dominions and the rate of interest 
18 per cent. This was agreed to by the Prime Minister Chandu 
Lall and sanctioned by the Marquis of Hastings, then Governor- 
General. Three years later Sir W. Rumbold joined the firm, 
which in 1820 advanced a loan of 60 lacs to Chandu Lall. In 
1840 Mr. Palmer, then the only surviving partner, formulated 
an exhaustive memorandum of reforms in the Hyderabad 
administration, which testifies to his abilities as a statesman 
as well as a financier. Evil days eventually overtook him 
and at the time of his death pecuniary difficulties obscured the 
horizon. His daughter Mary by a previous marriage became the 
wife, on August 25th, 1831, of Meadows Taylor, the distin- 
guished writer of Anglo-Indian Novels, who died in 1876. She 
died at a place called Lingusur on September 20, 1844. 

VOL. I— 27a 










1 01 9 Feb. 1799. Simpson 


3rd Deo. 

9th Dec. 


Patrick MoGill 

James Daijiymple 




22nd Dec. 

22nd July 

10th June 

[Oct. ? ] 


H. Eliz. Scholten. 
J. Spencer Blof- 

General William Palmer was Private Secretary to Warren Hastings 
and he married a Moslem Princess. His second son John 
Palmer was the merchant prince of Calcutta. His daughter 
Mary Ann married in 1814 at Calcutta H.W. Hobhouse B.CS., 
whoso son was Sir C. P. Hobhouse, Bart. The latter's son 
Mr. Charles Hobhouse waB Under Secretary of State for India 
in 1907. On 27 November 1822 at Chicacoleby P. R. Cazalat, 
Esq., Magistrate, C. Dosormeaux, Esq., Assistant Surgeon, Garri- 
son and Zilla of Chicacole, was married to Miss Matilda Colling. 
Hastings Little Palmer, Lt., 22nd M.N.I., died 31st July 1862, 
aged 26 years 10 months and 26 days. On November 26, 1807, 
Captain William Henry Clarke married Miss Frances Palmer. 
Hester Palmer born 1st September 1817, died 6th September 

Lieu tenant. General William Palmer died at Berhampore on 20 
May, 1816. Government of India issued a general order, dated 
Fort William, May 24, 1816, eulogising his services and ordering 
76 minute guns to be fired, corresponding to his age. (Asiatic 
Journal, January 1817.) 


Lately near Hydorabad Major Simpson late an officer in the 
service of H.H. the Nizam and formerly Baggage Master to 
the British Army on the Continent under the command of 
the Duke of York. 
Lieutenant Patrtck McGtll of the 3rd Regiment, Native 

Cavalry, aged 26 years. 
Lieutenant -Colonel James Dalrymple, who commanded the 
Hon. the E.T. Company's forces serving with His Highness 
the Nizam, and died at Hyderabad on the 9th Dec. 1800, 
prematurely closing a life of active distinguished and honour- 
able service in the 44th year of his age. This monument 
has been erected by the officers who served undor his com- 
mand and by the gentlemen of the British Residency at 
Hyderabad to record their admiration of his professional 
talents, thoir high estimation of his public character and 
their sincere and affectionate regard for his many amiable 
and endearing private virtues. 

This is a square granite tomb raised on steps and surmounted 
by an obelisk. The roverse side bears a Persian inscription. 
J. A. Kirkputrick, the Resident, officiated at hia funeral. 
• Road with groat energy and feeling.* 
Urquhart, Volume 1, page 162, has " Tuesday 9th December 1800 
after a short but painful illness "--No epitaph. 

H. Eliz. Scholten. 
Captain J. S. Blofeld, aged 28 years. 

Of the 5th N. I. 

John Henry Des- 



19th June 

Harriet Dalrymple Harriet Dalrymple, born 20th May 1802, died 22nd July 


John Henry Desborough, son of Lawrenco and Anne Des- 
borough of Huntingdon in England, Captain in the 11th 
Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, in the Hon. Company's 
Service, who died in June 1804, at Baulapoor in Berar on 
his way to Hydrabad frr m Scindia's camp where he com- 
manded the Resident's Mr. Webb's escort, aged 29 years. 
Died on his route from Burrampore (reported to have died on the 
6th day of the moon). 

Jn. William Jn. William Cannen, died 19th June 1806, aged 1 year and 
Cawnen. 28 days. 



19th Nov. 

31st March 


Name. Inscription. 
(3) (4) 

Mrs. John Blair . 

A. H. Davidson 

15th Sop. 

17th Oct. 



Sir Augustus Floy- 

21st Juno Pringle Fraser 

25th April Eliza McLeish 

4th Oct. J. H. Cotton 

17th Aug. Elizabeth and 

1862 and Charles Cherry. 
14th Mar. 

Mrs. John Blair who died 19th November 1806 in tho 20tn 
year of her age. 

In memory of Captain A. H. Davidson who died 31st of March 
1812, aged 31 years. Krected by his brother officers of tho 
4th Regiment of Madras Cavalry. 

Square inonumont on a ^pediment surmounted by a column 
standing on a hill opposite St. George Church. (See No. 

To the memory of Adelaide Macaulay, born 25th July 1816, 
died 15th September 1817. 

Col. Sir Augustus Floyer, K.C.B., of the 3rd Regiment of 
Cavalry of the Hon* bio Company's Army on tho establish- 
ment of Fort. St, Goorgo, who after serving his country in 
India for 35 years and acting in all tho principal campaigns 
during that period died in command of the troops at Hydera- 
bad on the 17th October 1818, aged 52 years. This monu- 
ment was erected by his friends as a mark of their respect 
and affection. 

His youngest son George Moubray Floyer, Lieutenant, 2nd M.L.C., 
died at Socunderabad, December 2.'ird, 1827, nged 26 years 
and 6 months and is buriod besido his fathor. 

Luke Hautewille Sterling married Miss Mary Floyer, January 27, 

At Hyderabad Captain Pringle Fraser, 7th Regiment N.I. 
aged 83 years, eldest son of the lato Rev. John Fraser, 
Libberton Lanarkshire. 

Eliza Elliott McLeish, daughter of Conductor Elliott, 
also the wife of musician McLeish, 4th K.O. Regt. Born 
23rd June 1829, married 17th May 1842 and cut down liko 
a flower at the age of J 3 years 10 months and 2 days. 

In the Lancers' Cemetery. This record of a child-marriage is very 
remarkable. A Mary Ann McLeish died at Bangalore, 21st 
July 1863. Agrain Cemetery, Row 14, No. 11. 

Sacred to the memory of J. H. Cotton, Esq., Lieut, of the 12th 
Lancers who was accidentally killed by a fall from his horse 
on tho 4th October 1857 at Trimulgherry, aged 23. Erected 
by his brother officers. 

Elizabeth Annk, wife of C>l. P. T. Cherry, 2nd M.L.C. 
Diod at Bowdenpiily, 17th August 1802. Captain C. ST. 
Cherry, 2nd M.L.C., died 14th March 1864. 

In 1831 Peter Thomas Cherry, only son of Peter Cherry, M.C.S. 
(see No. 1053), married Elizabeth Elerg, a step-daughter of Sir 
Charles Napier and daughter of Lieutenant Elers, R.N. These 
are his wife and eldest son. General Cherry died at Hay ward's 
Heath, September 3rd, 1888, aged 79. Hib youngest daughter 
Mary Louisa married in 1873 George Aberigh«Mackay (d. 1880), 
author of the well-known " Twenty-one days in India, bein'r 
the tour of Sir Ali Baba, K.C.B." 



Serial Date. Name. Inscription, 


(1) (2) (3) (4) 


1035 1802 . . James Achilles This we II dug and facod by Major James Achilles Kirkptfriek , 

Kirkpatrick's Resident. Anno Domini 1802. 


\j^^r J****) {J fa 

Tho inscription in Persian may bo translated as follows : — 

" Tliis new well was dug and faced by Major James Achillea 
Kirkpatrick Bahadur, Hushmat Jung, the Vakil of tho 
Honourable English Company, 1802." This well was filled 
up in the tirno of Sir Trevor Chichele Plowden, and the slab 
is lying abandoned under a treo near the office of the P.W.D. 
Supervisor to the Residoncy, 

1036 1804 .. James Achilles This well dug and faced by Majur James Achilles Kirkpatrick, 

Kirkpatrick's Resident at Hyderabad, for the use both of passengers and 

Well. of the neighbouring fruit garden and deer paddock. 1804. 

j)ji*> ^j^a^s: J&j** Ji>^ <j^*i»!>- il£jjJ\j t t— S j> 

* O ^ f r f ^ 

The Persian inscription may be translated : " This well waa dug 
and facod by Major James Achilles Kirkpatrick, Hushmat 
Jung, Vakil of the British Government, the Honourable English 
Company Bahadur, for quenching the thirst of passengers and 
watering the fruit garden and deer paddock, 1804 A.D., 1219 
A.H." This slab is fixed above the well known as Putli Bowroo 
overlooking the City Road running past the Residoncy. 

James Achilles Kirkpatrick, born August 28th, 1764, was the 
second son of Captain James Kirkpatrick of the Madras Cavalry 
and his wife Katharine, n6e Munro. His parents wero married 
at Madras, March 14th, 1 762, and tho mother died January 
27th, 1766, agod 22. There is a tablet to her memory on the 
oast wall of Bombay Cathedral. James Achilles, who was 
educated at Eton, entered the Madras Army, October 18th 
1780. He was invalided home within ten years, but returned 
in time to serve in tho socond Mysore campaign. In 1793 ho 
commanded Vizianagi am, and from there was appointed Persian 
Translator with the force serving under the Nizam. The death 
of Lieutenant William Stewart promoted him to be Assistant 
to his younger brother William, Resident at Hyderabad. Early 
in 1797 William was compollod to proceod to the Capo for his 
health, and James Achilles became Resident. He held the 
poet for nine years and in that time negotiated three important 
troatios ; by tho most important of which a British subsidiary 
force was to replace Raymond's French contingent. Kirk- 
patrick was an extraordinary instance of an orientalised English- 
man. His most famous feat was his marriage in 1800 to 
Khair-un-nissa Begum, granddaughter of Akil-ud-DowJah, 
Buxey or Paymaster to the British Subsidiary Force. This 
exploit was made tho subject of calumnious reports to Calcutta 
by Kirkpatrick's enemies, and Lord Wellesley had a searching 
enquiry held, the result of which was to completely exonerate 
Kirkpatrick from blame. Two children were born to him, and 
these two wells commemorate their births. Catherine Aurora 
Kirkpatrick, the daughter, married Captain James Winglo* 











Phillipps of the 7th Hussars, and died March 2nd, 1889, at the 
villa Sorrento Torquay. She is the " Kitty Kirkpatrick " of 
Carlyle's Reminiscences and according to some the Blumine of 
his Sartor Resartus. (Vide articles in the Nineteenth Century 
for September 1892 by George Strachey and in Blackwood's 
"Magazine" for July 1893 by Sir Edward Strachey.) Her 
brother William George died young, leaving a widow and three 
daughters. Chinnery'B portrait of the two children in Eastern 
dress is now at Torquay in Mr. Paul Phillipps' house. It was 
formerly kept in the Rang Mahal or Zenana at the back of the 
Chudderghaut Residency, which Kirkpatrick built for his Indian 
princess. This building fell into disrepair and was finally 
pulled down by Sir George Yule's in the sixties. The old 
Residency gardener can however recall it (1901), and in Sir 
Salar Jung's Art Gallery is what appears to be a picture of the 
place. In the same collection is a portrait of James Achilles. 
His vernacular name was Hushmat Jung " The Magnificent in 
Battle," a title given him by the Nizam ; and outside the 
principal gate of the Residency is a small grain bazaar still 
known as Hushmat Ganj. 



Accaner, Julio Adolaide Louis 
Adam, see Boileau 

Adams, George 

Adams, T[homas] J[ohn] 
Addison, Gulston 
Addison, Lancelot 
Aftbnso, Caspar 
Aislabie, <lohn 

Alford, Elizabeth 

Alford, Elizabeth 

Alford, Robert 

Allan, Lt. James 

Allen, Maj. James 

Alouor, Joan 

Amos, Francina Cornelia 

Anderson, Jamos 

Anderson, James 

Angelo, Francos Maria 

Annesley, Catherine Jan© 

Ansel 1, ftee Lushington 

Arbuthnot, Adolphine Eliza Maclood 

Arbuthnot, Caroline 

Ardlriy, {Samuel 

Armstrong, Joseph Evans 

Artur, Joanne Julienno Michael 

Ashe, Robert William D'Estcourt . . 

Atkinson, Charles 

Atkinson, Robort 

Atkinson, Lt.-Coi. W[illiarn] H[enry] 

Aubone, Capt. Thomas 

Auger, John 

Awdry, Maj. Ambrose 

Ay ling, Emmine 

Baboom, Michael Joannos 
Baillie, Col. William 
Bain, Alexander 
Bainbrigge, William 
Baker, Elizabeth 
Baker, George 
Baker, Joseph 

Baker, Capt. William Way . . 

Balmain, George 

Balmain, John 

Bamford, Lt. E ( ) J ( ) 

Bar, John Jacob William 

Barbuda, Andre Cardoso Maria 

Barclay, Capt. Robert 

Barker, Anne 

Barker, Benjamin 

Barker, Domingas 

Barker, Francis 

Barker, Francis 

Barker, Francis 

Barker, John 

Barker, John 

Barker, John 

Barker, Mary 

Barker, Natlianiel 

Barker, Robert 

Barker, Timothy 

de Barnaval, Antony Coyle . . 

Barn field, Elizabeth 

Barozo, Therezia da Silva 

Barret, Mrs. ( ) 

Barret, Col. Thomas 

Barreto, Christina 

Barrow, Capt. Francis Octaviua 

Barry, Stephen 

Batch, Joseph 

Batloy, John 

de Bausset, ( ) 

de Bausset, Joseph Pierre 

de Bausset, Marie Emilie 

Bayet, Francois Michael Louis 

Bayet, Marie Therese 

VOL. 1—28 


French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mm! rats . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Fronch India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madias . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 


Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Mysore State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Mysore Stato 

Madras . , 

Mysore State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
Madras . . 

Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
French India 
French India 
French India 
French India 
French India 



1793 . 

1782 . 
1852 . 

1783 . 
1652 . 
1799 . 
1789 . 
1839 . 
1807 . 
1811 . 
1854 . 

1801 . 
1597 . 
1807 . 
N.D. . 
N.D. . 
1719 . 
N.D. . 
N.D. . , 
N.D. ., 
1707 ., 
N.D. .. 
N.D. .. 
N.D. . . 
N.D. .. 
N.D. .. 

1825 . . 
1695 . . 
1824 .. 

1802 . . 
1728 . . 
1859 [?] 
1719 .. 
1814 .. 
1823 .. 
1846 .. 
1799 . . 
1799 [?] 

1 56 


























Beadle, Mario Adelaide Dayot 
Board, John 

de Boausang, Magdalona Barbara Lebon 

Beizor, ttce Croke 

Boll, Margaret Affleck Thumson 

do Borgoon, Nicholas . . 

Benningham, J ( ) . . 

Best, John 

Best, ('apt. Samuel 
Botfc, Francis . . 
Bidon, Capt. Christophor 
Bildorbeek, Charles 
Binny, John 

Black, ('apt. William 

Blair, Mih. .John 
Blair, Maj. Patrick George 
Blin, Vendition Guillaume Marie 
Bloleld, Capt. J ( ) Spencer 
Blunt, Charles William 

Blunt, William 

Blyth, Margaret 

Boileau, Amelia 

Bonnairo, Jean Elio Lalang „. 

Boone, Jane 

do la Horde, Genevidve Marie Anges 
Hose, Eliza 

Bone her, Joseph Bernard 
Boumlhon, Julio 
Boutel, David 
Boutel, Rose 

Boutilowor, Samuel Peach 
Box, Isabella 
Boyd, Hugh 
Boyelleau, Andre 

Boyelleau, Jeanne Julienno Michttd 
Boy ton, Capt. James 
Brabourn, Deborah 
Brabourn, John 

Branson, Lt.-Col. J[ames] H[enry] Spring 

Branson, Koddy 

Breithaupt, Elizabeth 

Brett, .lane Hannah 

Brice, Richard 

Bridges, Isabella 

Broad foot, Maj. George 

Brodio, James 

Bromley, we Nuthall 

Brooke, Arthur 

Brooke. William 

Brooks, Edward 

Broucke, Marie 

Broun, Alexander Noble 

Brown, Ebonozer 

Brown, Lt. Robert 

Brown, Samuel 

Brown, Samuel 

Brown, Lt. W( ) A( ) 

Browne, Richard 

Browne, Thomas Aimesly 

Bruce, Charles Andrew 

Br iinton, Lt. James Gordon 

Bryan, W( ) 

Buchan, Lt.-Col. Hugh 
Bugnon, Charles 
Bulkloy, Edward 
Bulkley, John 

Bullot, Col. Jean Pierre de Mouron 

Bulman, Sophia 

Burgoyne, Maj.-Gcnl. Sir John 

Burniston, Carolina 

Burrowes, Mary 

Bushby, (ieorgo Alexander 

de Bussy, Charles Joseph 

Butler. #ee Mannen 

Byrne, Henry . . 

B — cont. 

Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
French India 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
French India 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
French India 
French India 
French India 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Fort Marlborough 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 


1857 [?] 
1834 [?] 
1857 [?] 

Cachard, Marie Anne . . 
Caetano, Bernardo de Santo 
Caldwell, Rev. Robert 
C.dh James 
Cameron, Daniel 
Cameron, Maj. John 
Cameron, Neville Somerville 
Carnmiade, Marie 
Cammiade, Marie Francoise . . 
Campbell, Genl. Sir Alexander 
Campbell, Lt. Charles 

French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 






Campbell, Maj. Colin 

Campbell, Capt. J ohn 

Campbell, Neil [McNeil ?] 

Campbell, Olympia Elizabeth 
Campbell, Olympia [Elizabeth] 
Camion, Jn. William .. 
Capper, Elizabeth 

Card, Robert 

Cardale, W( ) T( ) 

Carleton, Charlotte Louisa 

Carloton, Eliza 

Carlton, Lt.-Col. the Hon. Christopher 
Carinichail, Jane Theophila 

Carr, Maj. Mark William 

Carvalho, see Smith 

Carvalho, John 

Carver, Robert 
Casamaijor, see Russell 
Casamayor, Noah 

Casclli, Potronille 

Casimiro, James Alexander . . 
Casmajor, Mary Christina 
de Casselli, Paul Frederick . . 
Cassin, Mary Anno 
Castain, Jean Adrian 
de Castro, Maria 
Catchathoor, ( ) 
Challon, Susanna Maria 
Chalmers, James 

do Chambery, Henri Paul Marietta 
de Chambery, Louise Annande 
Chamier, Arme Antoinette Evelina 
de Chaos, Jorge Pereira 
Chappatte, Auguste 

Chardih, Daniel 

de Chateaufur, .Joseph Thereeslin 
de Chaugy, Cathorine Jeanno 
Chavorymootoo, Elizabeth 
de Chermont, Louis Prosper Lubin 

de Chermont, Prosper 

Cherry, Capt. Cliarles 

Cherry, Elizabeth Anne 

Cherry, John William 

Chinnery, John 
Chipperfiold, William Nathan 
Christonau, Diana C( ) J( ) 
de Clapornon, Jacques Law 
Clarko, Sydenham Charles 
Clarke, Thomas 
Clemons, Maj. James 
Cloveland, Genl. John Wheeler 
Clogstoun, Horbert Froderick 
Close, Maj. -Genl. Sir Barry 
Coakor, Lt.-Col. William Henry 

Cobon, Adolphe 

Cochrane, John 
Cockburn, Alexander 

Cockburn, Olympia 

de Cois, Salvadore 
Colbeck, Clarence Harry 
Colbeck, Emma 

Colobrook, Col. James 

Colefax, Thomas 

Coleman, Sarah 
Collins, aee Vaughan 

Collins, Maj. -Genl. Edward 

Collins, Louisa 

Conan, Lt. William Nugent 

Conolly, Henry Valentine 

Conry, Lt.-Col. Edmund 

Consott, Thomas 

Constantinus. Joannes 

Conway, see Poole 

Conway, Adj. -Genl. Thomas Henry Somerset 

Cook, Lt. Phillip 

Cook, Lt. Walter 

Cooke, Francis 

Coombs, Lt.-Col. John Monckton 
Cooper, Sir George 

Cooper, Leonard 

Cornet, Barthelemy 

Cornet, Charles 

Cornet, Emile 

Cornet, Etienne Mathurin 

Cornet, Je 

Cornet, Marie Francoise 

Cornish, John 

Cornwallis, Lord 

VOL, I— 28a 

C — cont. 
. MyHoro State 
. Madras 

Madras . . 
. Madras 
. Madras . . 

Hydciuhud State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Hyderabad State 
. Hyderabad State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. Mad ran . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 

French India 

French India 
. Mysore State 
. French India 
. Madras . . 

Hyderabad State 


Madras . . 
. Madras 
. Madras 
. French India 

French India 
. Madras . . 


French India 


French India 

French India 


French India 

French India 

Hyderabad State 

Hyderabad State 





French India 



Mysore State 

Mysore State 




French India 



Mysore State 






Hyderabad State 




Mysore State 













French India 

French India 

French India 

French India 

French India 

French India 

Madras . . 



. 1790 . 

. 1800 . 

. nm . 

. 1794 . 

. 1794 . 

. 1806 . 

. 1795 . 

. 1799 . 

1 855 . 

1827 . 
. 1827 . 

1800 . 

1860 . 

1871 . 

1765 . 

1733 . 

. 1845 . 

1808 ., 
1746 . 
1789 . 

1816 . 
1821 . 

1817 . 
1799 . 
1798 . , 
1637 . 
1835 . 
1843 . , 

1821 . 
1825 . , 
1825 . 
1837 . 

1593 . . 

1822 . 
1709 . . 

1809 . , 
1787 . , 
1839 . . 
1793 . . 
1798 . . 
1864 . . 
1862 . . 
1866 . . 
1873 . . 

1823 . . 
1793 . . 

1828 .. 
1683 . . 
1833 . . 
1895 . . 
1813 .. 
1892 .. 

1824 [?] 
1808 .. 

1807 . . 
1642 . . 

1858 . . 

1859 .. 
1752 . . 
1855 .. 

1810 .. 

1808 . . 
1791 .. 
1855 . . 
1730 .. 
1727 . . 

1851 . . 
1837 . . 
1824 [?] 

1852 . . 
1833 .. 
1821 .. 
1852 . . 
1816 . . 
1871 .. 
1885 . . 
1760 . . 
1901 . . 
1787 . . 
1664 . . 
1805 . . 







Corrie, Rev. Daniel 

Corrie, Rev. Daniol 

Corrie, Elizabeth 

Cosby, Capt. Henry Smith . 

Cosby, Capt. Phillips . . 

Cosby, William Joshua 

Cotterell, John 

Cotton, Capt. George Elliott 

Cotton, Lt. J{ ) H( ) 

Cotton, Lt. William Forbes . . 

Coulon, Peter . . 

Coxo, Edward 

Cradock, Thomas 

Crawford, see Plumb 

Crawford, Henry 

Crawford, P( ) 

Croke, Edward 

Croke, Isabella A( } . . 

Cuddy, .James 

dimming, Alice 

dimming, George 

dimming, George Vanburgh 

Cursham, Capt. J( ) 


C — cont. 

Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . : 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 





Dabreu, Antonio 
Dallas, Lt.-Col. Petor 

Dallas, Lt. William 

Dalmahoy, Harriet 
Dalmeida, Manuel Bornardes 
Dalrymple, Elija 
Dairy mplo, Harriet 
Dalrymple, Lt.-Col. James 
Dalrymple, Lt.-Col. Samuel 
Dalrymple, Lt.-Col. Simon 
Daly, Lt. Henry 
Daly, James 
Daly, John 

Daniell, Murray Pattison 
Darby, Lt. William John 
Dare, John William 
Darrah, Rev. Frederic James 
David, Kavork 

Davidson, Capt. Alexander] H[ector] 

Davies, Lt. Thomas 

Davie, Rev. Morgan 

Davie, Thomas 

Davy, Henry . . 

DaweH, Capt. Nathaniel 

Dawson, W T iilinm 

Dayot, Petronille do Meuron 

Dealtry, Rev. Thomas 

Dealtry, Rev. Thomas 

Dohoistel, Francois 

Declamay, Francois Magounnean 

Dekjean, Pauline Elizabeth Josephine 

Pelany, Capt. Jeremiah 

Delarche, Henri Alexandre . . 

Delasalle, Isidor 

Dent, Harriot 

Dent, John 

Dent, Mary 

Desborough, Capt. John Henry 

Desmarets, Anne 

Dexter, Capt. Christopher 

Dhormant, Elie 

Dias, Sir Antonio Constancio 

Dick, Maj.-Gcnl. Sir Robert Henry 

Dickson, Maj. Joseph 

Diego, ( ) 

d'Dieliemonr, Adelaide 

Dighton, John 

Doherty, Maj. John 

Doncaud, Jose 

de la Donespo, Lt.-Col. ( ) 

Dormond, Barbara 

de Dorpero, see Torriano 

Doasantos, Joaquim 

Douzou, Paul . . 

Doveton, Lt.-Genl. Sir John . . 

Doveton, Col. John Holroyd 

Drake, C { ) V? ^ > 3 ( } 
Drake, William Hobbs 
jDrever, Lt.-Col. James 
Prever, Col. William Scott 

Madras . . 
Mysore {State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Travancoro State 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Ma-dras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madrns . . 
Mysore State 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
French India 
French India 
Mysore State 
French India 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Hyderabad State 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Mysore 8 tote 
Travancore State 
Mysore State 
Hyderabad State 
French India 
Madras . . 

French India 

^yeoTe State 
Madras , . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 

1605 . 

1806 . 

1 853 . 
1828 . 
1804 . 

1811 . 
1804 . 
1800 . 

1821 . 
1804 . 

1854 . 
1800 . 

1807 . 
1849 . 
1815 . 
1838 . 
1837 . 
N.D. . 

1812 . 
1818 . 

1822 . 
1788 . , 
1720 . 
1701 . , 
1811 .. 
1861 .. 
1861 .. 
1773 .. 
1807 .. 
1799 .. 
1791 .. 

1807 .. 
1825 .. 
1796 . . 

1 845 . . 
1782 .. 
1795 .. 
1834 [?] 
1785 .. 

1846 .. 

1808 .. 
1501 [?] 
1824 .. 
1811 .. 
1820 .. 
1795 . . 
1820 . . 
1741 .. 
1856 . . 
1829 . . 

1847 . . 

\m . 

1856 . 

1803 . 

1842 . 

1883 . 




















Name. District Year. Page. 
D — cont. 

Drury, Lt.-Col. Charles Harison Madras 1870 .. 113 

Dubrie, Marie Jeaune French India 1812 . . .. 176 

Dudgeon, Col. Francis Madras 1860 . . . . 139 

Duff, Anne Madras 1776 . . 29 

Dulaurens, Antoinette French India 1821 . . . . 183 

Duncan, John Madras 1819 . . 66 

Duprat, Vital French India 1809 .. 176 

Duprey, Lucy Madras 1807 . . . . 136 

Dupuy, Marie Rose French India 1795 . . . . 174 

Durhono, Marie Hose French India 1795 . . . . 174 

Durmont, Marie Jeanne .. French India 1785 .. 173 

Durrand, Janette French India 1831 . . .. 172 

Dury, Vice* Admiral William O'Brien Madras 1811 .. .. 78 


Edwards, T( ) Madras 1857 [?] .. 70 

Eidingtoun, Catherine Madras 1788 . . . . 35 

Elder, Maj.-Genl. Sir George Madras 1836 .. .. 125 

Elliot, see Kindersley Madras 1831 . . .. 101 

Elliot, see Orr Madras 1833 .. .. 103 

Elliot, Alexander Borar 1779.. .. Hi 8 

Elliot, Capt. Charles Morgan Madras 1852 . . .. 109 

Elliot, Capt. George Madras 1815 . . 63 

Elliot, Margaret Madras 1819 .. .. 81 

Elliott, Richard Madras 1696 . . . . 8 

Ellis, Eliza French India 1848 . . . . 173 

Ellis, Francis Madras 1704 .. .. 10 

Ellis, Honry Louis Augustus Madras 1852 . . .. 69 

Elmore, Lt. John Hn derabad State . . . . 1823 . . . . 208 

El wes, Rev. William Weston Madras 1901 .. .. 110 

da Encarnacao, Antonio Madras 1752 . . .. ]52 

English, Mrs. ( ) French India 1811 .. .. 170 

English, Richard Madras 1729 .. .. 18 

d'Entremont, Charles Fause .. .. .. .. French India 1822 . . .. 177 

d'Entroinont, Mario Francoiso French India 1820 . . .. 177 

d'Espinaul, Achelle Honore Guryot French India 1825 . . . . 178 


Fabricius, John Philip Madras . . 

Faciolle, Auguste French India 

Fairney, Amelia Madras . . 

Fairney, John . . . . ' Madras . . 

Fairt lough, Capt. William Barber Madras . . 

Falconer, see Miles Madras . . 

Falla, Lt. Thomas Mysore State 

do Faria, Joao Lopez Madras . . 

Farquhar, Lt. James Mynore State 

Fatio, Ellis John French India 

Faunce, Maj.-Gonl. Robert Nicholas Mysore State 

Fauquier, Edward Madras . . 

Faure, Theodore Angeline French India 

Fawcett, George William Madras . . 

Foaron, see Sorlo Madras . . 

Feilde, James Madras . . 

Fenn, Rev. David Madras . . 

Fonnelly, John Madras .. 

Fennelly, Stephen Madras .. 

Fenwick, Lt.-Col. Percival Madras . . 

Ferguson, Elizabeth French India 

Filatriau,M( ) A( ) Francois French India 

Finglass, Michael Hyderabad State 

Fitzgerald, Lt. Robert Mysore State 

Fleetwood, Edward . . . . Madras . . 

Fleetwood, Margery Madras . . 

Fleming, David ~. Madras .. 

Fleming, George Napier Hyderabad State 

Fleming, Richard Madras 

Flory, Elizabeth . . . . . . . . . . . . Travancoro State 

Flory,' Peter Travancoro State 

Floyer, Sir Augustus Hyderabad State 

Fonseca, ( ) • • Hyderabad State 

Fonseca, Simon Madras . . 

de la Fontaine, Benoit Mottet French India 

Foote, Charles Madras .. 

Foquet, Ann . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . 

Forbes, Lt. B[enjamin] J[ohn] Madras 

Forbes, Capt. John . . . . . . . . . . . . French India 

Ford, Capt. Edmund Madras 

la Forgue, Simon French India . 

laForgue,Thomasia[!] .. French India . 

Forsyth, Lt. James Madras .. 

Foster, Herbert William Madras .. 

Foulis, Capt. Alexander Madras .. 

Fourbeck, Adrian Madras .. 

Fowke. Anne Madras 

1791 .. 
1827 .. 
1797 . . 
1784 .. 
1837 [?] 
1824 . . 
1799 . . 
1698 .. 

1799 .. 
1812 .. 

1869 .. 
1836 . . 

1817 .. 
1891 . . 
1846 . . 
1745 .. 
1878 .. 
1868 .. 
1880 .. 
1863 .. 
1797 .. 
1814 .. 

1800 . . 
1799 . . 
1712 .. 
1712 .. 
1807 . . 
1862 . . 
1807 . . 

1792 . . 
1780 . . 

1818 .. 

1870 . . 
1820 . . 
1811 .. 

1791 .. 

1792 .. 
1806 . . 
1842 . . 
1895 . . 
1796 . . 
1783 . . 
1734 .. 

















Name. District. Year. page. 

F — cont. 

Fowke, Randall Madras 1745 . . . . 22 

Fox croft, Nathaniol . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1670 . . . . 2 

Francis (alias Muthu Nayakar) . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1751 . . . , 144 

Franck, Susanna Madras 1802 . . . . 135 

Franco, Solomon Madras 1763 . . . . 164 

Franklin, Catherine Elizabeth . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1824 . . . . 121 

Franklin, Sir Willingham . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1824 . . ! .' 121 

Eraser, ('apt. lYinglo Hyderabad State .. . . 1820 . . . . 213 

Fratsor, Thomas Madras 1823 . . . . 121 

Freeman, Robert . Madras 1689 [?] .. 6 

Frooso, Col. John William . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1824 . . . . 99 

Froitas, Sousa Madras 1593 [?] . . 150 

French, Capt. Andrew Madras 1824 [?] .. 100 

de Fries, Adrian Madras 1827 . . 157 

do Fries, Daniel Madras 1800 . . . . 153 

de Fries, Frances Madras 1788 . . . . 156 

de Fries, John Madras 1796 .. .. 156 

de Fries, Marie Julie Adelaide . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1811 . . . . 156 

do Fries, Thoodora Madras .. .. . . . . 1812 . . . . 156 

Frith, Lt. Col. James Henry Madras 1839 .. 127 

Fullagar, John Madras 1727 . . . . 21 

Fullerton, Capt. Alexander .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1723 .. 19 

Fullerton, Charles . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . * . 1824 . . . . 122 

de Gaohter, Louise 
Gahagan, Theodore Emilius 
Gah an, Lt. Walter 
Gallyot, Charlotte 
Gain bier, Cornish 
Gambui, Francoiso Gossin 
Garden, Col. Robert 
Garland, E( ) 
Garrard, Lt. William . . 
Garrard, Lt.-Col. William 
Garrow, Joseph 
G arrow, William 
Gell, Rev. Frederick . . 
Goll, John Franklin . . 
Goricke, Rev. Christian William 
Gestin, J( ) 

Gibbons, Rev. Adam Tate 
Gibson, see Ileaton 
Gillespie, Edward Taylor 
Gillon, Mary 
Gilmore, Henry Charles 
Glogstoun, Horlwrt Frederic 
Glover, Lt. Frederick Guy Eaton 
Glover, Capt. Rober t Coke . . 
Gomonde, Edward Thomas . 
Goodwin, Mary 
Gooldon, John 

Gordon, Lt. Harry James Grant 

Gordon, Jolui 

Gordon, Maj. Sir John 

Gordon, Maria Farrell 

Gordon, Lt. Peter 

Gordon, Lt.-Col. Robert 

Gordon, Maj. Thomas 

Gordon, William 

Gostlin, Elizabeth 

Gould, Michael 

Goulding, Jolin 

Grace, Lt. Richard 

Graham, John 

Grant, Capt. Allan 

Grant, Cecilia 

Grant, Charles Russell Falkland Murray 

Grant, Walter 

Gratton, Lt.-Col. John 

Gray, ThomaB 

Groon, Maria 

Groen, Capt. Samuel . . 

Green, Thomas 

Greenhill, Caroline 

Groenhill, Henry 

Greentree, Thomas 

Gregorio, Joaquim 

Griffin, Frances 
Criffin, Mary 
Griffin, William 
Griffith, William 
Griffiths, Charles 
Griffiths, Eliza 
Griffiths, Martha 
Griffiths, Mary Anna . . 

French India 
Mm Iras . . 
Mysore State 
French India 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madias . . 
Madras . . 
French India . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Mysoro State 
French India 
Hyderabad State 
Mysore State 
Madras .. 

1880 . . 


1864 . . 


1799 . . 


1800 . . 


1799 . . 


1815 .. 


1810 .. 


1857 [?] 


1836 . . 


1836 . . 


1792 . . 


1815 . . 


1902 . . 


1884 . . 


1803 . . 


1809 . . 


1822 .. 


1701 . . 


1836 . . 


1806 . . 




1895 . . 


1864 . . 


1864 .. 


1813 .. 


1742 . . 


1834 . . 


1860 .. 


1802 . . 


1835 . . 


1815 .. 


1824 . . 


1853 . . 


1798 . . 


1793 . . 




1888 . . 


1738 . . 


1858 . . 


1808 . . 


1804 . . 


1814 . . 


1817 . . 


1807 . . 


1791 .. 


1692 . . 


1811 .. 


1818 .. 


1806 . . 


1792 . . 


1658 . . 


1840 .. 


1790 . . 


1767 . . 


1720 . . 


1722 . . 


1845 . . 


1768 . . 


1805 . . 


1809 . . 


1809 . . 

• • 





Griffiths, Rebecca 
Grimstone, Lt.-Col. John 

Grose, James 

Groso, Capt. Onslow 
Grovo, Capt. F( ) 
Guerre, Marie Charlotte 
Guidamour. J( ) M( ) 
Gunthorpo, Maj. James Athil 
Guthrie, Col. Thomas Key . . 
Gwillim. Elizaboth. Lady Qwillim 



Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Mysore State 
Mysore State 
French India 
French Jndia 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 



J 15 




Haines, Job 
Hali bin ton, John 
Hall, Lt.-Col. Georgo . . 
Hall, Joseph Hamilton 
Halls. Sarah 
Halls, Rev. Thomas . . 
Hamilton, Robert Kerr 
Hanbury, John 

Harding, Herbert Olive Denman 
Han lingo, George 
Hardy man, Isabella Matilda 
Harington, William . . 
Harper, Lt.-Col. Humphrey 
Harris, see Griffin 
Harris, Maj . Frederick 
Harris, Henry 
Harris, Henry Moore . . 
Harris, Michael Jolm . . 
Harrison, John [William ?] 
Hart, see Jennings . • 
Hart, Elizabeth 

Hartwell. Rev. Thomas Francis 

Harvey, Robert 

Haslewood, Lydia 

Hastings, Francis 

de Havilland, Elizabeth 

Hawkey. Charles 

Hay, Rev. John 

Hay, Capt. John William M( 

Hay, Capt. Patrick . . 

Heaney, John Samuel 

Hoathfleld. John 

Heaton, Jane 

Heaton, Capt. Samuol 

Heber, Reginald 

Hecquot, Jeanne 

Hecquet. Mario Adelaide 
Hoidomauz, Baron 
Henderson, John 
Henderson, Robert 
Henry, Charles Edward 
Heron, Capt. George . . 
Heydinger, Philip L( ) 
Hey wood. Edmund Culling . 
Hickey, Rev. William 
Higginson, Charles Harwood 
Higginson, Richard . . 
Hill, Clement Delves . . 
Hill, Col. John 
Hill, Col. John Gulston 
Hill. Lt. Thomas 
Hill, Lt. Vesey 
Hobart, John 
Hobart, Margaretta, Baroness Hobart 
Hobart, Vere Henry, Lord Hobart 
Hoddle, Capt. James 
Hodgson, Beilby 
Hodgson, Henry 
Home. Lt. the Hon. William Montagu 
Homoet, Albert 

Hood, Vice- Admiral Sir Samuel 
Hope, Anne 
Hope, Caroline 
Hopo, Ellon 

Hope, Capt. Frederick Harry 

Hope, Kezia 

Hope, Kezia 

Hope, William 
Hopkins, Charles 
Home, Lt.-Col. Philip Dassie 
Horsley, Ralph 
Houbert, Marie Caroline 
Houstone, George 
Hovanjan, ( ) 
Hovenden, see Maclean 


Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
. French India 

Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
• Madras . . 
. Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. Madras . . 

. Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 
. Madras . . 

Madras . . 
. French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madias . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Mysore Stato 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 




















1814 , 

1809 . 






H — cont. 

Howell, Capt. Thomas Madras 

Hudson, Richard Madras 

Hughes, Michael Madras 

Hughos, Lt. Pierce Nixon Madras 

Hunter, B( ) Madras 

Hunter, Dorothea Sophia . . . . . . . . . . Madras 

Hurdis, Catherine Madras 

Hurdis, Thomas Bowyer . . . . . . . . . . Madras 

Hynmors, Joseph .. .. Madras 


1824 [T] 

1705 . . 

1807 . . 
1792 .. 
1821 .. 
1796 .. 
1809 . . 

1808 . . 
1680 . . 




Inrpett, Col. John 

Innian, Henry 

Lines, Lt.-Col. James 

lnverarity, *ee Nieholls 

Invorarity, Lt. James 

Irwin, Lt. Lewis 

Irwin, Lt. Lewis 

Isacke, Margaret 

Igacko, Philippina Froderica 

Isacke, Sarah 

Isacke, Maj. William Bazett 

Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Mysore State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 




Jackson, Joanna Eleanor 
James, Anne 

Jean, Madlee Marie . . * 
Jebb, Froderick William 
Johb, Richard 
Jenkins, ( ) 

Jenkins, Ann Jano Elizabeth 
Jenkins, Samuel Groonway Lowden 
Jennings, Elizabeth 
Jeromiah, Mary 
Jervis, Lt. S( ) 

Jodroll, Sir Paul 

John, Hovan 

Johns, Caroline 

Johnson, Joanna 

Johnson, Samuel Higgins 

Johnston, Lt.-Col. Jolui 

Johnston, Capt. William Montague 

Jollie, Rov. James 

Jollio, Jamos Martin 

Jollie, John Hart 

Jones, see hlliot 

Jonos, James Howell 

Jonet, Mario Henrietto 

Joseph, Emmanuel a Jesu Maria 

Joseph, Fraiu isque 

Joyce, Capt. Alfred 

Kayo, Charles Turton 
Keblo, George Gilbert 
Keighly, Maj. Homy Peach 
Kelly, Maj. Georgo Abraham] 

Kolso, Lt. Fleming 

Kexneys, Anne 

Kennah, Ed. Bollingham 

Konnan, Capt. Thomas Ynyr Burgess 

Kennedy, Lt.-Col John 

Kennedy, Sarah 

Kerr, Alexander 

Kerr,J( ) A( ) C( ) .. 

Kerr, Jesso Erskine 

Kerr, Lydia 

Kerr, Rev. Richard Hall 
Kerr, William Louis . . 
Keruzie. Marie Rose 

Kindorsley, Emma 

Kindorsley. Jane Cairness 
King, John Anderson 
King, Rol>ert . . 
King.Lt.T( )P( ) 
Kirk, aee Pr ingle 

LaClocho, Maria 

de Lafase, Joan Louis 

Laffan, Edward Sidney 

Lafoyna, Thomas Toussaint . . 

Lagosse, Henri 

Lalonde, Lt.-Genl. Carey 

de Lalande, Hyacintho Marie 


.. 1761 .. 

French India 

. . 1795 . . 

French India 

. . 1804 . . 


.. 1880 .. 


. . 1820 . . 

Hyderabad State 

. . 1809 [?] 

Hyderabad State 

. . 1809 . . 


. . 1856 . . 


.. 1719 .. 


. . 1787 . . 


.. 1854 .. 


. . 1803 . . 


. . 1764 . . 


. . 1807 . . 


. . 1810 . . 


. . 1834 [?] 


. . 1854 . . 


.. 1859 .. 


. . 1889 . . 


. . 1834 . . 


. . 1829 . . 

Mysore State 

.. 1818 .. 

French India 

. . 1832 . . 


.. 1800 .. 

French India 

1875 . . 


. . 1856 . . 



. . 1846 . . 


.. 1811 .. 


. . 1837 . . 


.. 1818 .. 

Hyderabad State 

. . 1825 . . 


.. 1721 .. 

Mysore State 

.. 1810 .. 

Mysore State 

.. 1827 .. 


. . 1785 . . 


. . 1793 . . 


. . 1800 . . 

Hyderabad State 

. . 1832 . . 

Hyderabad State 

.. 1833 .. 


. . 1800 . . 


. . 1808 . . 


.. 1800 .. 

French India 

. . 1795 . . 


. . 1875 . . 


.. 1831 .. 


. . 1807 . . 


. . 1723 . . 



. . 1897 . . 


.. 1712 .. 

French India 

. . 1824 . . 


.. 1891 .. 

. . 1832 . . 

French Tndia 

. . 1832 . . 

. . 1824 . . 

• • 








do Lalando, Marie Louise 

Lamont, Jolin Mackenzie 

Lane, Thomas Moore 

Lane, Thomas Moore 

Lane, William 

Lang, Maj.-Oenl. Ross 

Langley, Maj. Lionel . . . . 

de Lannoy, Eustace Benedict 

de Lannoy, John Eustace 

de Lannoy, Margarita 

Largo, Petor 

du Laurens, Antoinette 

Laurie, see Dalmahoy 

Lawford, Lt. Frederick Alexander 

Lawrence, John 

Laws on, Marmaduke Alexander 

Leal, Elizabeth 

Loul, Elizabeth Maria 

Lecky, Squire 

Lecot, see Arbuthnot 

Lee, Eliza Mary 

Leembruggon, (Joramsoemee 

Lefaucheur, Jeanne Julienne Michael 

Logg, Hannah 

Leguem, Marie Anne . . 

Leith, Maj. -Gen 1. James 

Lemay, Atys [?] 

Lemay, Gaspar Pierre 

Lerrid6, Antoine Joseph 

Lerridgf Mario Joseph Louise 

Leslie, Rev. Richard 

Leslie, Rev. Richard . . 

Lovinge. Sir Vero Henry 

Lewcock, Humphry William 

Lewis, Louisa 

Lewis, Louisa 

Lewis, Louisa . . 

Lewis, Lt.-Col. William 

Leyeester, Ralph W( ) H( ) 

Lioll, Richard 

Light, William Stmtton Dundas 
Lightfoot, see Wrighte 
Lincoln, Charles 
de Linhares, Maria 
Linton, Henry 

Lisboa, Francisco Marques DeSouza 

Lister, Joseph 

Little, Archibald 

Locke, Lt. James 

Lodwick, Elizabeth 

Long, Charles 

Lord, Hugh 

do Lomaes, Marie Louise 
Lott, see Alford 
Lucas, Anne 
Lucas, Colly Lyon 
Lucas, Dorothy 
Lucas, Thomas 
Lushington, Catherine 
Lushington, James Stephen 
Lys, see Elliot and Orr 

Maali, Nazaar 

Macally, Christina Paulina . . 
McAlpin. Capt. W( ) B( ) 
Macaulay, Adelaide 
Macaulay, Kenneth 
MacCartie. Charles Falkner . . 
McCleverty, Anne MacGildowney . 
McCurdy, Lt.-Col. Edward Archdall 
Macdonald, Forbes Ross 
Macdonald, James 
McDonell, Aeneas Ranald 
McDouall, John 

McDowoll, Maj.-Genl. Sir Andrew . 

McGill, Lt. Patrick 

McGoun, Thomas 

Macintosh, Angus 

M'Intosh, John 

Macintosh, Capt. Phineas 

Mack, John . . ... 

Mackenzie, George 

Mackenzie, Lt.-Col. the Hon. George 

Mackenzie, Grizell 

Mackenzie, Maj. James 

VOL. 1—29 

District. Year. P*«e. 

L — cont. 

French India 












Madras . . 



Madras . , 






Travancore State 



Travaneore State 



Travancore State 



Madras . . 

1 lid t 


French India . . 






.Madras . . • . 




17*2 1 



1 Qt\u 

. . i8yo . . 






. . 1700 


French India 

1 807 



. . 1 858 . . 


Hy dors bad State • 

• . . IJS.i.) . . 



. . 1833 . . 


French India 

1 /o I 



1 / 1 / 


French India 

1792 . . 



. . J 820 , . 


French India 

181 J) 


French India 



French India . . 

1 TO i 


French India 

l 1 i £ 



. . 1804 



1 804 



. . 1 885 , , 





1 /u / 



1 Hi\H 
I iV I 



1 707 








Madras . . . . 

I / 



• • 1817 



1704 . . 



1787 . . 



1501 [?] 



1 800 









180 4 









.. 1720 .. 


Mysore State 

1825) .. 


French India 

.. 1825 .. 



. . J U9 / . . 



. . N.D. . . 



.. 1797 .. 



. . 1685 . . 



.. N.D. .. 



.. 1861 .. 



. . 1832 . . 



.. 1833 .. 





French India 

1 822 . . 


Madras . . 



1] 1 1. lei.— . A. _ 

Hyderabad State 







1 899 









1 799 













. . . J ool . . 


Hyderabad State 

1800 .. 



1868 .. 



.. 1788 .. 



.. 1805 .. 



.. 1791 .. 



.. 1832 .. 


Madras . . ... 

.. 1787 .. 



.. 1787 .. 



1780 .. 


.. 1781 




Name. District. Year. Page. 

M — cont. 

Maclean, Eliza Madras 1836 . . . . 103 

Maclean, Lt.-Col. Thomas Madras 1840 . . . . 105 

McLoish, Eliza Elliott Hyderabad State .. .. 1843 .. .. 213 

Macleod, John Arthur French India 1827 .. .. 174 

McNeill, Col. Malcolm Madras 1852 .. 92 

MacpheiHon, Lt.-Genl. Sir Herbert Taylor . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1886 . . . . 96 

Macrae, William Madras 1885 . . . . 139 

McTaggarr, Charlotte Madras 1850 .. .. 109 

MeTaggart, William Madras 1819 .. .. 66 

MeTaggart, William Madras 1850 . . . . 109 

McWatters, George Madras 1891 .. 131 

Madera, Cosmo Lourenco .. .. .. .. MadraH .. .. .. 1703 .. .. 158 

Madge, Thomas Madras 1773 . . . . 29 

Mnggrcgor, D( ) Mysore State 1821 .. 191 

de Mainville, Gilles Philippe Penmarch .. French India .. .. .. 1813 .. .. 176 

Mainwaring, Thomas . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1829 . . . . 68 

de Maisonncuve, Louis Siinonet . . . . . . . . French India . . . . . . 1825 . . . . 178 

Maissel, Francoiso Catherine Marie Goorgotto . . . . French India . . . . . . 1809 . . . . 176 

Maitland, Richard William Madras 1833 . . . . 124 

Malcolm, Frances Cameron .. .. .. Hyderabad State .. .. 1839 .. 209 

Malcolm, Thomas Madras 1809 . . . . 60 

Mallet, Bridget Lcbon French India 1770 .. .. 183 

Man, Capt. Peter Bruels Madras 1811.. .. 61 

Mannen, Eliza MadraH 1797 .. .. 44 

Marchand, Francis Kemy Tegard .. .. .. .. French I ndia .. .. 1804 .. 175 

Marcilly, Nicolas Antoine .. .. .. .. .. French India .. .. .. 1812 .. .. 176 

Marotto, Gabriol Madras 1779 .. .. 152 

Marques, Francisco . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1687 . . . . 5 

Marshall, Dorothy Madras 1701 .. 10 

Martin, G( ) Madras 1857 T?] .. 70 

Martinho, Coja Madras 1501 [?) .. 150 

Maubert, John Madras 1721 . . . . 18 

Max tone, Charles Madras 1 809 . . . . 58 

Maxwell, Hugh Madras 1791 .. .. 38 

Mayer, Jean Francois .. .. .. .. .. Mysore State .. .. .. 1802 .. 196 

Mayer, William Lamb Mysore State 1810 .. .. 191 

Mein, Nichol Madras 1804 .. .. 52 

van Meirop, K( ) Isaac Madras 1791 . . . . 37 

Melicquc, Francisea Madras 1720 .. 17 

Mellish, ^ Alford Madras 1682 .. .. 3 

Mendcs, Maria Madras 1734 .. .. 23 

Menington, tJohn .. .. .. Fort Marlborough .. .. 1789 .. 168 

Menzies, Lt. Robert French India 1796 .. .. 169 

do MeuTon, Lt.-Col. Henry David . . . . . . . . Mysore State . . . . . . 1804 . . . . 197 

de Meuron, Mary Madras 1805 .. .. 54 

deMeuion, M( ) T( ) Madias 1882 .. .. 54 

de Meuron, Petronille French India 1789 [?] .. 179 

de Mew on de Rochat, Isaac Madras 1800 .. 48 

Meverell, Ann Madras 1689 . . . . 6 

Mtverell, Maiy Madras 1689 .. 6 

de Mcziere, Simon Lagrcnec . . .. .. .. .. French India .. .. .. 1800 .. .. 182 

Michell, Edward Madras 1741 .. .. 24 

Midon, Bernard Madras 1689 . . . . 6 

de Mierre, Ferdinand . . .. . • Madras .. .. . . .. 1821 .. .. 98 

Miles, Catherine Madras 1824 .. .. 121 

Milford, Robert Madras 1790 .. .. 37 

Mill, Lt.-Col. Charles Madras 1834 .. 86 

Mitchell, John Madras 1834 .. .. 125 

Mitchell, William Somerville .. .. .. .. Madras 1819 .. 66 

Moilliot, J( ) L( ) French India 1828 .. 172 

Molony, Frederick Beresford Madras 1868 . . . . 129 

Monisse, Francis Madras 1810 .. 61 

Montague, Col. Edward Mysore State 1799 .. 195 

Monteith, William Elphinstono Madras 1 84 1 .. 88 

Montgomerio, Lt.. Col. Patrick Madras 1886 .. 96 

Montgomery, Lt.-Col. Hugh Madras 1792 .. .. 39 

Montgomery, Maj. Hugh Mysore State 1852 . . . . 192 

Moorat, Edward Alfred Emile Madras 1822 .. 146 

Moorat, Edward Samuel Madras 1837 . . .. 147 

Moorat, Samuel Mucartish Madras 1816 . . . . 146 

Moore, Mark Madras 1835 . . .. 68 

Moorhouse, Jonathan Mysore State .. .. 1823 .. 200 

Moorhouse, Joseph Madras 1791 .. 73 

Moral) t. Lt.-Col. James Law Lushington Madras 1886 . . . . 96 

More, O'SuIlivan, me Sullivan, Philip Madias 1793 .. .. 40 

Morehcad, William Ambrose Madras 1863 .. .. 112 

do Morgan, Lt.-Col. John Madras 1816 .. 64 

Morphett, Capt. Mars Madras 1860 .. 142 

Morris, Catherine Eliza Madras 1832 .. 124 

Morrison, Alexander Madras 1805 . . . . 64 

Morrison. Rev. John D( ) Madras 1885 .. .. 140 

Morse, Nicholas Madras 1772 .. .. 28 

Morshead, see Campbell Madras 1794 . . .. 41 

Mobs, George Robert Madras 1809 .. 57 

da Mot a, Luis Madras 1603 . . . . 150 

de la Motte, Magdalena Barbara Lebon French India 1768 .. 184 

Moueley, John Madras 1819 .. 98 



Name. Dlatrict. i r ear, Pag© 

M — corU. 

Mudge, Emma Christian ## ... Madras 1859 Ill 

Mudie, David .. .. .. . . .. Kronen India 1807 .. 17U 

Munro, Frances Mary . . .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. . . . , . . 1771 .. .. 28 

Munro, James . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . , 1797 . . . . 44 

Munro. Maj.^Gonl. Sir Thomas Madras 1827 .. .. 85 

Muriell, Lucy Madras 1 755 . . . . 26 

Murray, Charles . . . . . . . . . . . . Fort Marlborough . . . . 1808 . . . . 168 

Murray, Daniel Mclver . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . 1882 . . . . 140 

Murray, David .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. . . .. 1732 .. .. 22 

Muthu Nayakar Madras 1751 . . .. 144 


Nattes, Lt. John William Madras 1818.. 81 

Neale, Mary Anne . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1808 . . . . 57 

Ness, Lt. G( ) T( ) French India 1818 .. .. 171 

Newberry, Capt. Goorgo King .. .. Mysore Sta to .. .. 1858 .. .. 190 

Newcome, Honry .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1797 .. .. 44 

Newlyn, Maj. William Rouse .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1803 .. .. Ill 

Nicholas, Maj. Henry James .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1801 .. .. Ill 

Nicholas, Maj. James .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1803 .. .. Ill 

Nicholls. Anne Lilly Madras 1837 . . .. 87 

Nicks, Catharine .. .. .. .. .. . . Madras .. .. .. . . N. D. . . .. 13 

Nicks, Catherine Madias 1709 . . . . 13 

Nicks, Isabolla . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . N. D. . . . . 13 

Nicks, John . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . ..1711.. . . 13 

Nicks, John Madras N.D 13 

Nicks, Mary Madras N.D 13 

Nicks. Sibolla Madras N.D 13 

Nixon, Lt. George Mysore Stato 1799 . . . . 195 

Noble, Lt.-Col. John Madras 1827 . . . . 122 

Norton, Sir John David Madras 1843 .. 106 

Nuthall, ( ) Madras 1796 . . .. 45 

Nuthall, Eleanor Madras 1797 . . . . 45 


Oadliam, Catesby Madras 1723 . . .. 18 

Oadham, Matthew Madras 1725 .. .. 18 

Oakley, Alfred John Cooper Madras 1899 .. .. 131 

Oates, Titus Madras 1723 .. .. 19 

O'Coimt ll, Capt. Gieadowe Madias 1842 . . . . 88 

Oosingor, Elizabeth Henriette Wilhelmine .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1893 .. .. 141 

Oflbrd, R ( ) Madras 1857 [?1 . . 70 

Olivor, Sophia Elizabeth Madras 1810 .. .. 60 

Oram, Charles Madras 1798 . . . . 46 

Ord, Arthur Burrell Madras 1892 . . . . 131 

Orr, Mary Madras 1833 . . . . 103 

Orrock, Lt.-Col. William Mysore State 1810 .. . , 199 

O'Sullivan, Patrick Madras 1887 . . .. 131 

Ottloy, Coghill Glendower Madras 1889 . . .. 140 

Ottley, Thomas Madras 1888 .. 140 


do Paiva, Isabel Madras 1501 [?] . . 150 

de Paiva. Jaques .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1087 .. .. 163 

Pall iser, Capt. John Augustine .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1864 .. .. 71 

Palliser, Capt. John Augustine . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1864 . . . . 95 

Palmer, Edward Hyderabad State .. .. 1844 .. 209 

Palmer, Hastings Hyderabad Stato I860 .. .. 210 

Palmer, John Madras 1761 .. .. 26 

Palmer, William Hyderabad State .. .. 1867 .. 211 

Parham, Mary .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1701 .. ., 9 

Paris, Elizabeth French India 1792 . . . . 169 

Parisot, Mario Pierre . . . . . . . . . . . . French India . . . . . . 1830 . . . . 178 

Parr. Thomas Fort Marlborough 1807 .. 168 

Parry, William Madras 1824 . . .. 100 

Parson, Jean Baptist© Carlez .. .. .. .. French India .. .. 1832 .. .. 179 

Pa ske, Capt. Isaac Madras 1810 . . .. 60 

Pasley, Gilbert Madras 1781 . . . . 31 

Pasley, Susan Hannah .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1782 .. .. 31 

Pater, George Frederick Madras 1874 .. .. 113 

Pater. Lt.-Genl. John Madras 1817 .. 65 

Patterson, Capt. Alexander . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1785 . . . . 33 

Patterson, Mary Madras 1838 127 

Pattullo, Capt. Archibald Erskine Madras 1824 .. .. 122 

Pearson. Battson Madras 1 697 . . . . 9 

Podder, Capt. William Madras 1834 T?] .. 86 

Polling, set Bulman . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras , . . . . . 1788 . . . . 34 

Polling, Elizabeth Madras 1776 .. .. 133 

Polling, Thomas Madras 1798 . . .. 135 

Pentea do, Antonio Madras 1501 [?] .. 150 

Pepper, Lt.-Col. Hercules Henry Madras 1826 .. .. 84 

Pepper, John Wemyss .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1810 .. 60 

Pereira, Francisco Mondes . . . . . . Madras . . . . . * 1696 . . . . 151 

Pernon, Eugene French India 1807 . . 175 

VOL. I — 29a 



Name. District. Yetr. 

P — cont. 

du Perron, Francoise Catherine Marie Georgette.. .. French India .. .. .. 1809 .. 

Pory, see Smith . . .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1722 .. 

IV tors, Cap t. Thomas .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1798 .. 

l'otru8, Muiio Charlotte Chancard .. .. .. . . French India .. .. 1806 .. 

Patrus, Paulufl . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1814 . . 

Peyton, Elizabeth .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1811 .. 

Piaehaud, Francois .. .. .. .. .. Mysore State .. .. . . 1802 .. 

Picllow, Alexander .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1825 .. 

Piellow, Aurora .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1843 

Piollow, Elizabeth .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1828 

Piollow, Elizabeth Madras 1838 . . 

Pigot, Lord George, Lord Pigot . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1777 

Pimentel, Maria Arabella de Souza . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1637 

do Pimentel, Vasco Fernandez . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1637 

Pinheiro, Joseph .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1744 

Pinkney, Francis Wingravo Madras 1862 . . 

Pitman, Capt. Gibbon Charles George . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1798 \ . 

Pitt, Alfred Thomas Madras . . 1895 

Plumb, Ann Madras 1739 . . 

Plumb, Thomas Madras 1712 

Pluml , Violanto Madras 1714 , . 

Poch^nt, Joseph French India 1813 . . 

Pogt>enpohl, Capt, Paul Mysore State 1821 

Pogson, Norman Robert . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1891 

Toirier. wee Lewis Madras . . . . 1707 . . 

Poirier, »r* Parham . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1701 

Poirier, Capt. Gabriel .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1716 . . 

Poirier, Lucy Madras . . 1712 .. 

Pollard, T. ( ) French India 1800 .. 

Ponton, Andrew Madras 1795 

Poole, Anno Jemima Clarissa . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1851 

Popham, Anna Madras . . 1787 !! 

Popham, Stephen .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1795 

Popham, Weekes Madras 1787 . . 

Popham, William Madras 1786 ! . 

Pott, Lt. John Mysore State 1822 . . 

Powell, Rev . Walter Posthumus . . . . . . Madras . . . . 1 853 

Powney, George Madras .. .. . . . .1732 

Powney, James .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1734 *. 

Powney, John Madras . . 1740 \[ 

Powney, Joseph Madras 1725 

Prendergast, Catherine Jane . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1 839 

Prendergast, Lt. James . . . . . . . . Mysore State . . . . . . 1799 " " 

Pringle, Arthur Torrens .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. . . 1904 

Pringle, Elsie .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. . . 1897 . . 

Proby, Catherino Madras N.D. . . 

Proby, Elizabeth . . .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. . . n'.D*. . .1 

Prudhomme, Edmond Nemours .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. . . . . 1890 

Pruen, Ashmead William .. .. . . Madras .. .. .. . . 1839 

Pye, Eleanor Madras .. .. . ] !! 1743 .] 



RadclifTo, John Mysore State 1807 

Raikos, Capt. Richard William .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. . . 1859 . , 

Raikes, Capt. Richard William . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1859 

Ralph, Lt. Benjamin .. .. Madras .. .. . . . . 1795 '[ 

Ram, George Andrew Madras . ! 1801 

Ramsay, Henry William Fort Marlborough .. . . 1806 

Ramsay, James French India 1775 

Ramsay, James . .. .. .. .. Madras .. 1795 [ 

Randall. Capt. John . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1824 [{] 

Rannie, James .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1800 

Ravenshaw, ('apt. W( ) .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. . . 1825 

Raymond, | Michel Joachim Marie] Hyderabad State .. . . 1798 

Read, Lt. -Col. William .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. . ' 1827 

Reilly, Jane Madras . . 1811 !! 

Reilly, John .. .. .. . . .. Madras .. .. .. 18J0 

Reis, Fre Caspar Dos . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1740 " * 

Reneaux, Etienne Marie . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . , 1823 

Reynaud. Andre . . . . . . . . French India . . \ . . . 1794 ' ' 

Reynolds, John . . . . . . . . . . . . Mysore State . . . . . . 1802 

Ribeiro, Simon .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. *. 1006 . . 

Richardson, Gilbert Geddes .. .. Madras .. . . 1805 

Richardson. Lt. -Col. J ame* .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 185*6 

Rist. Lt. Chas. .. .. .. ., .. .. Mypore State .. .. , \ 1807 

Roberts, Arthur Austin Hyderabad State .'. 1868 

Roberts, Lt. Walter Malcolm .. .. Madras .. .. 18«7 

Robson, Christopher .. .. .. .. .. . . Madras .. .. \ . \\ 1719 1 

Robson, Thomas .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. \ , 1720 

Rochfort, Maj. Cowper Madras . . 1847 

Rodgers, Ma j. James Madras \ \ 1800 

Roe, Samuel Crozier .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. . . \\ jr/jj 

Roebuck. William Madras .. '. . \ . \ \ 180] 

Rotrers, T[homas] K[ing] Madras . .1884 

Rogers, Capt. William [John ?] . . . . . . , . Madras . . . . . . . . 1763 

Roleston, Capt. Francis . . Madras . . . . \ \ . . ngQ 




Romadier. Evelina . . 

Ronchez, Mane 

da Rosa. Pedro Dias . . 

Ross, Andrew 

Ross, Charles Robert . . 

Ross, Capt. John Maitland ., 

Roth. Lt. John 

Rot tier. Clara Elizabeth 

Rot tier. Kev. John 

Rous, Francis 

Roxburgh, William 

de Rozario, Aurore 

Rumbold, George 

Rum bold, Sir William 

Rundall. Capt. John William 

Rush, Francis . . 

Russel, Daniel 

Russell, Anne 

Russell, James Erskino 

Russell, Jane Amelia . . 

Ryves, Capt. Joseph Gore 

R— con*. 

French India 
French Jndia 
Madras . . 
Madias . . 
French India 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
French India 
Hyderabad State 
H>derabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 

Hyderabad State 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 
Madras . . 


1826 .. 
1812 .. 
1501 [Y] 
175)7 .. 

isia .. 

1839 .. 

1790 .. 

1827 . . 
1830 .. 
1738 .. 

1827 .. 

1820 . . 

1833 . . 

18f>2 . . 

1730 .. 

1787 .. 

1818 .. 

lSh(> . . 
1808 . . 

1871 .. 


de Sa, Paulo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1715 . . 156 

Saban, Peter Luder .. .. .. .. . . Madias . . .. .. 1719 . . . . 17 

Sacajoo, Francois Marie Macloire Dohibay .. .. French India .. .. 1831 17^ 

de St. Paul, Catherine Jeanne Augustine . . . . French Jndia . . . . . . 1787 . . . . 174 

St. Paul, John .. .. Madras 1804 . . . . 54 

St. Paul, Marie Mourner French India 1834 .. .. 179 

Salaberry, Charles .. .. .. .. .. French India .. .. . . 1831 . . .. 179 

Salmon, Charles .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1801 94 

Salomons, Abraham .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1715 .. 104 

Salter, John Henry Mysore State 1S31 .. 201 

Sard o, Isaac A ben dana .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1709 .. 1113 

Satur, Sarquis . . .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1821 .. .. 161 

Savage, Francis Archibald .. .. .. . , .. Madras .. .. .. 1831 .. 124 

Savage, George .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1787 ., 34 

Scarlett, Katherine .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1085 .. .. 4 

Scattergood, John .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. N.D. .. .. 12 

Schlegel, Lt. W( ) Madras 1789 ,. .. 37 

Schlutter, Capt. ( ) Madras 1791 . . . . 37 

Schneider, Philipp Mysore State 1805 .. .. 198 

Scholten, H( ) Eliz Hyderabad Stato .. .. 1802 .. 212 

Scott, Andrew .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1825 .. 122 

Scott, Capt. C( ) Madras 1858 .. .. 04 

Scott, Caroline Isabella .. .. .. .. Mysore State .. .. .. 1817 .. .. 199 

Scott, Lt. Col. Sir Walter .. .. .. .. Mysore State .. .. .. 1847 .. .. 190 

Scolder, sea Bcsc . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1795 . . 43 

Scrimshaw, t*ee Dormond .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1704 .. 26 

Sea ton, nee Legg .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1717 16 

Seaton, Anne .. .. .. . . Madras .. .. .. . . 1091 .. 7 

Seaton, Elibu .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1091 .. .. 7 

Seaton, Frances .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1092 .. .. 7 

Seaton, Hannah .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1710 .. .. 13 

Seeker, Henry Elwes . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1792 . . . . 39 

Seguin, Augustus . . . . . . . . . . . . French India . . . . . . 1832 . . . . 172 

Seguin, Marie Francoise . . . . . . . . . . French India . . . . . . 1832 . . . . 172 

Seguin, William Blackburao .. .. .. .. French India . . 1811 .. .. 176 

de Sequeira, Ruivas .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1557 .. .. 150 

Serle, Charlotte Anne Beaumont .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1840 .. .. 109 

Serle, William Ambrose Madras 1800 .. Ill 

Sewell, Henry Madras 1800 48 

Sewcll, Capt. Thorna-a Madras 1830 104 

Shah riman, Isaac .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1734 .. 23 

Shairpe, Capt. Walter Mysore State 1809 199 

Shameer, Anna .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1705 101 

Shameer. Eleazar .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1787 101 

Shameer Sultan Madras 1797 .. 101 

Sharp, John .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1795 .. .. 43 

Shawe, Lt . Henry .. .. .. .. .. .. Mv so re State .. .. 1799 .. .. 195 

Shelley, Eliza .. French India 1834 . . 172 

Shepherd. Henry Madras 1885 140 

Shepherd, Mrs. Joice Madras 1807 .. 56 

Sheppard, Samuel Attwood .. .. .. .. . . Madras .. .. .. 1811 .. 61 

Sherard, Geo. Phillip Brudenell Madras 1880 .. .. 95 

Sherman, John William .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1806 .. .. 71 

ShirrefT, Lt.-Col. William Madras 1802 .. 51 

Shortland, Lt. T( ) Henry Vincent Madras 1854 .. .. 93 

Shortland, Lt. T( ) Henry Vincent Madras 1854 . . 141 

Shumavon, Arratoon . . .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1824 .. 162 

daSilva, Joze Madras 1696 .. .. 158 

Sim, Lt. William Hastings Madras 1875 .. 142 

Simpson, Maj. ( ) Hyderabad State . . . . 1799 . . , . 212 

Simpson, Anne Madras 1824 .. 136 

fiimpaon, M( ) Madras 1854 .. 100 



Sinan, Joaimos 
SkiiLglo* Martha 
Skinglo, Sarah 
Sladrn, Kmma 

SJadon, Louise Aim6o Lestarehe 

Sladon, Uamsay 

Slipper, ('apt. John 

Small, John 

Smart, Lt.-Col. Charles 

Smart, Joseph 

Smith, Caspar Conrad 

Smith, Elizabeth 

Smith, Henry 

Smith, Col. Honry Francis 

Smith, J( ) 

Smith, Capt. Jamos 

Smith, John Stanley 

Smith, Capt. Joshua 

Smith, Judith 

Smith, M( ) J( ) 1£( ) 

Smith, Lt. Miohaol 

Smith, Richard 

Smith, Col. Richard Baird 

Smith, William 

Smythe, Lt.-Col. Edward D( ) Lloyd 

Soamo, Lt. Honry J. R. 

Soaros, Antonio da Cunha 

de Souza, l^nacio Forroira 

do Souza, Mariana 

Sponoo, Lt. John 

Spons, Francos 

Spons, Francos 

Spottiswood [Spottorwood], Allan . . 
Stedman, Capt. J[ohnJ C[aiabridgo] 
Stool, Klizaboth Margaret 
Stevens, John 
Stevonson,, Robert 
Stoakos, Potor 

Stono, Lt. Honry Brassington 
Stono, .John Trottoro . . 
Storoy, John . . 
Story, 0(H)rge Monro Askoll . . 
Straehun, Lt.-Col. ( ) 
Straohey, Louisa Anne 
Stringer. Elizabeth 
Stringer, Lt. (Soorgo 
Stringer, Jamos 

Stuart, A( ) E( ) 

Stuart, Lt. John 
Stuart, Robert Hunter 

Stubbing, VV( ) 

Stubs, Anno 
8ty Ionian, Diana 
Sulivan, Henry Boyle. . 
Sullivan, Capt. I'hilip 
Suryahootamaroya. Elizabeth 
Sutherland, Lt.-Col. Eric 
Swartz, Rev. Frederick Christian 
Swynl'on. Coorgo 
Hydonham, Frances . . 
Sydenham, Maj.-Genl. William 
<la Sylva, Narciza Ignacia 

TaiUaiit; J( ) C ( ) 

Tainter, Charles 

Taylor, sec McTaggart 

Taylor. Lt. Jamos Marriott . . 

Taylor,' Thomas Arthur 

Taylor, Thomas Rumbold 

Teixera. Anna da Cunha 

Temple, Lt.-Col. John 

Temple, Lt. John .lames 

Thackury. Frances 

Thacker, Mary 

Thowles, Lt. Charles 

Thirat, Gabriel Jean Charles Mario . 

Thomas. Saint 

Thomas. Thomas Jamos Wolforstan 
Thompson, Turoline 
Thompson, Christopher Anstey 
Thompson, George 
Thompson. William 
Thursby, see Chamier 

Tillart, ( ) 

Timothy, Lazarus 



S — cont. 

Mud rn.n 

1 7fi7 

• • inu 

IVl ad ras 


1 A 

• • 1** 



14 ras 



Frnni'h Indin. 

A 1 V-'X k\ 1 I XIX VX 1 . , 


1 70 




Mysore State • 


1 WW 

. • loo 







1v1 11 i 1 Fll «2 

XTXlXlXLUfn . . s . 

1 7 1 ft 
• • it 1U . . 

1 A 

. • in 

1 rn.\. T n.iif »/ 1 ft\ SJf I*. f. f\ 


1 w^ 

lvlii 1 1 rn a 

1 7fl*v 

1 ^9 

M ivi 1 rn a 

XTX1*H I f*o . . . . 

* * 

1 70rt 

• • 44 

Fri>iii*h TrwliH. 

X ItJllL.lI X 1 I\X X 14 # 9 

* * 


1 7*7 

a a 1 1 Zl 

Mud ras 

• • 

. , i oo ♦ |_ • J 


• . i\J 

x/hinri"* SIf. 
xtx y nvji i j vcii \aj . . 

• • 

1 7ft 1 


IVl ad ras 


. . o^ 

TVTiM \ rn u 

xtxijaxi tin . . m t 

1 7Q'l 

a . 

Ivl t\ rl rn a 

1 7 •> '> 

1 w 




Mysore Stato 

1 810 

1 Q1 

1V1 ad ras . 

* * 


l *\ 

lVl nil fit u 

a . 1 <lO 1 . . 

. . / O 

1V1 n i i rn s4 

XTIdtll 11,1") . . . , 

1 7 0 r> 

1 tt 




. . Oo 


1 Will 


AT nrl rn a 

* * 

. . 1 OOl L ; j 

l fiO 

TVIiii Ir>iw 

ii cin . . # 9 

• • 

1 7 9K 

M 1 1 1\ r j w 

1 nWM 

* . JOo 

ri'tv^nr' Ii 1 tii liti 

1 IV II 11 11 1 lit . . 

1 W07 

a a J OO 4 a . 


\(hi 1 T'H <a 


. a 4t> 


1 798 

4 ft 

M ii i \ t'ii a 

IT i # |»i 1 1 I . , . . 

. . 1 oUi) . . 

. . 04: 

nil »x< 1 t'ii u 

• • lOZl) . a 


. . xZo 

\| n.1 1 m n 

xticv^ji LKti . . . . 

• • 

1 UI.U 

. . OO 

IV 1 >> < l r'lxu 

XT 1 iV K.I L Cv2) • • « 9 

1 W91 

. • O / 

lVladras • . 

1 7ki 

• . 1 < Oil . . 


. > 

1V1 n i ■ r*ii o 

H1JH 1 1 1 is . . . . 

• • 

. . IVfl.) . . 

. . lit) 

IvTiifl t'ii U 

1TI cl'« 1 1 tl'O . . . . 

1 7WQ 

. . oo 

Ivl ii 1 1 rn hi 

• • 

1 7ftft 

1 OA 

Iwl 1X1 1 Pi 1 14 

XTlMrl 1 | i I M . . a a 

• * 

1 ftr.A 

. . J Odl . . 

1 AU 

liytlerabad State 

1 845 


\1 ivi 1 i a n a 

JTXf M 1 1 1 . • a • 

• • 

1 7 W-l 

\1 fl 1 1 CD u 

ATI f 1>1 1 | fl>0 t . . . 

* • 


lVTllll I'OM 

XTltivH 1"'W .a • . 

* * 

1 7W7 
. . 1 1 O 1 

ATnii rn .j 

XTXf1r\ J 1 (in . . . • 

l wm. 

Ivl n t\ t'ii hi 

XTI l\\ J I UK a a . . 

1 7 WW 


Ivl ii i \ rn u 

* ■ 

1 W9ll 



* * 

1 u r. 7 r « j 

IVl CW \ t»i| hi 

• • 

1 / Ul 


IvTftXf 1 T a i4 hi 

x»J »Ll I U<H . . . . 

• • 

. . J OOO . . 


lVTiu \ rn a 

XTXtlAl 1 IXti . . . . 



. . 1793 . . 



. . 1 839 . . 


Hyderabad State 

1846 .. 


l\ 1 ii i 1 r*n a 

1 7ftW 



.. 1750 .. 


Hyderabad Stato 

.. 1807 .. 



. . 1801 . . 



.. 1742 .. 



rTrAfinli Inrlin 

x i nn ii li hi in . , 

• • 

. . ioZZ . . 


Ivf nil mo 

XTlllllllVO . . « a 

• * 

1 fi07 


1V1 nr\ rn a 

• • 

. a 18JW . . 


Al ml rn a 

XT ICXVI 1 It'll • • . . 

• • 


Ivl fl 1 1 rii a 

XTllHll HS a a . , 

1893 . . 


. a J MJ4 . . 


. a 1 t > VI O . . 


[V | > | / 1 *ti . o 

It 1 titl I as . . , , 

l cii;n 


TVT\*cii"\r^ ^l^fi^rf^ 

XTl^ Will r Lit 1<U . . 


IVItKl I tin . . . . 

• • 

. . 1 oOU . . 


IvT n c\ r n ci 

JTI l\\ 1 I IltS . . . . 

J o41 


IvT n a*~f r §4 ca 

xi 84 . . 


I 1 Vl II 11 IIUIIU . . 

Join , , 


Ivl n rl rn a 

XTllMIItVS . . * . 

* * 

08 [?] 





French India 

.. 1818 .". 

. 171 


. . 1831 .. 



1804 .. 



. . 1852 



. . 1837 .. 


French Tndia 

. . 1799 .. 



1691 .. 





Toller, Sir Sarrruel 

Torrens, Lt.-Genl. Francis 

de Torres, Peter 

Torriano, George . ., Susanna Catharina 

Toscana, Marto 

Touch, Lt. William 

de Touffrevillo, Pierre Adrian le Roux 

Trenchfleld, .Judith 

Trenchtield, Robert 

Trenchfield, Thomas 

Trotter, Capt. John Spottisw oode . . 

Troyer, Joseph Guillaume Antome . . 

Tutloch, Maj. George Alexander 

Tully, Thomas 

Turing, Maj. Robert 

Turner, John 

Turner, Mario Desiree Sauvagere 
Tumour, Harriet Sophia 
Turnour, Marie Emilie 
Turnour, Mary 

Turton, John 

Tyler. George Peter 

Uhthoff, Edward 
de Uielt, Charles Edouard 
Ure, William Henry . . 
Urquhart, Capt. John 
Urquhart, William 
Uscan, Petrus 

Vaughan, Cecilia 

de Verneuil, Augustin Janvier Millon 

de Vidabua, Joam 

Violette, Marie Josephine 

do Visdelou, Marie Gabriel Volny 

de Vismes, Raoul Guy Richard 

Wade, Lt. William 

Wahab, Maj.-Genl. George . . 

Wales, Mary 

Wales, Samuel 

Wales, Samuel 

WnleFS. Charity 

Walker, Anna Louisa 

Walker, Lt.-Col. James 

Walker, Col. Patrick 

Walker. Robert Henry 
Wallace, John 

Wallace, Lt. John 

Wallace [Wallis], Thomas 
Wall bank, Hugh Norton 
Walsh, Joseph 
Ward, see Marshall 
Ward, Sir Henry George 
Ware, Thomas Stephen 
Warlow, Gcorgo 
Warner, Shiply Ash ton 
Warre, Anne 
Warro, William 
do Warren, Jean Baptisto 
Watson, Maj. Alexander 
Watson, Ann 
Watson, Edward Yorbury 
Watson, Lt. Stamford 
Watt, Capt. James 
Watts, Louisa 

Wavell, David 

Wavell, Emma 

W T avell, Thomas 

Webb, Nathaniel 

Webbe, Josiah 

Webbe, Josiah 

Webber, Alexander Frederic 

Wendey, France* 

West, .fames . . 

West. Lt.-Genl. Richard 

Wegtcott, Anne 

Westcott, George 

Whannel), Col. Peter 

Wheeler, J ames 

Whistler, Maj . Godfrey Webater . . 

White, Charlotte 

White, David Emanuel Starkenburgh 




T — conU 

Madras « . 



Madras . . 


> • oo 

Madras . . . 



Madras . . 


9 A. 


1 74. 1 



1501 [?] 

l An 



» . M'kU 

French India 



Madras , 




1 099 





.. 1824 [?J* 

J 00 

Madi as 

.. 1811 






.. 1727 . . 



1801 .. 



. . 1722 . . 


French India 

. . 1 823 . . 


French India 

. . 1813 . . 


French India 

.. 1840 .. 


French India 

.. 1813 .. 



.. 1720 .. 



.. 1822 .. 


French India 

.. 1833 .. 



1802 .. 



. . 1 805 . . 



.. 1821 .. 



.. 1751 .. 




.. 1810 .. 


French India 




.. 1013 .. 


French India 

. . 1 809 . . 


. French India 

.. 1810 .. 


French India 

. . 1901 . . 



Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . ' 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madrns . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
Mysore State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
French India 
Mysore State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 
Mysore State 
Mysore State 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

Madras . . 

1 808 
1 800 
1 830 
180 1 








Name. District. Year. Page. 

W — cont. 

Whittf. Elizabeth Susanna .. .. Madras 1838 .. .. 68 

White, Kev. Frederick Madras 1816 .. 64 

White, Maj. Henry Madras 1835 .. .. 125 

White, Mario Joanne .. .. .. .. .. .. French India .. 1785 .. . . 173 

Whitotord, lA. George- .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. 1790 .. .. 37 

Whitlio, Capt. William French India 1800 .. .. 170 

WhiMiaU. »c* C2rer>rihill .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1792 .. .. 40 

Whittatl. Richard .. Madras .. 1792 .. 39 

Whittingham, .Lt.-Oeol. Sir Samuel Ford .. .. .. Mai Iras .. .. 1841 .. .. 87 

Whittington, William .. .. Madras 1806 .. .. 55 

Wigmore, Thomas . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1708 . . . . 12 

Williams, Capt. Anthony . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1691 . . . . 7 

Williams, Doring Madras 1866 129 

Williams. John Alexander Somerset .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1812 .. .. 63 

Williams. Capt. Richard .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1725 .. .. 20 

Williamson, Capt. James .. . . .. .. .. Mysore State .. .. .. 1792 .. .. 188 

Willison. Capt. David .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1789 .. .. 36 

Wilson. John . . . . . . . . . . . . M>soro State . . . . . . 1815 . . . . 191 

Wilson. Capt. Robert Scott .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. IK32 86 

Wilson. Capt. William Madras IS34 T?J .. 86 

W infield, Maj. John Philip .. .. .. .. .. Travancore State .. .. 1813 .. .. 187 

Wood. Capt. Charles . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1782 . . . . 32 

Wood Edward . . . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . . . 1821 . . . . 121 

Wood, L,t.-Col. John .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1774 .. 29 

Woodall, Basil .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1802 .. .. 51 

Woodall, Maj. Thomas .. Madras .. .. 1802 .. .. 51 

Woo ley, James .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1789 .. .. 36 

Wright, William Sydney . . . . Madras . . 1860 . . . . 141 

Wright**. Frances .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1700 .. .. 10 

W righto, Frances .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1701 .. 10 

W righto, Robert Madras .. .. .. 1709 .. .. 12 

Wylio, John Madras 1852 . . . . 138 

Wyneh, Harry . . . . . . . . . . . . Mac Iras . . . . . . . . 1754 . . . . 25 

Wynch, Sophia .. .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1754 .. .. 25 


Yale, Elihu Madras 1688 .. .. 5 

Yarde, Henry H ugh .. .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. .. 1884 .. .. 140 

Yeldham, Richard Madras 1820 119 

Young, Ann Anderson . . . . . . . . . . Madras . . . . . . 1810 . . . . 60 

Young, Capt. Arot as Sutherland .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1834 [?] .. 86 

Young, L,t.-Col. Charles Wallace .. .. .. .. Madras .. .. .. 1809 .. . . 71 

Yulo. Ettto Elizabeth .. .. .. .. Hyderabad State .. .. 1864 .. 210 


Zseherpel, Christina 
Zscherpel, J[ohn] Frederick] 


1808 ^ 136 

1819 „ 136 





A — con* . 

Abbott, William 


A f .l*U"Ll~l 11 vj Af '» niirkl 

1 n r 


Abcndana, Mrs. . . 


A t.horf ffcii fV/lv 

J LI J 11, iVI 1 . . . 

1 UD 

Aborigh-Mac'tay, George 


A f.l/ITluAll T<P1 i 't «j 1 li 

xA.tJivi ii>kOii, xviiiAcifiierii 

1 4 

Adam, Sir F. . . 

1 03 

\ f" \z \ 1 1 unn T^ 1 1 1 t» l-vr* f- 1 » 
xA.l»JvHlH*JIl, XljAIZciOeUIl 

1 4 

Adam, Hon. William 


A UlyK lev I IAA , LiUlU . . 

O I 

Add *rlov, Margaret 


iv\ iiii^, on vviinam r>ociv 

Add 5i*l ^y, Thomas . . 


Add son, Gulston 

1 2 


Ad.iett, Capt. Joseph 


Baboo m, 11. R. 


d ; Agavallv', Sarkies 


Haboom, Marcar *Johannes 


Agnew, Vans 


Raeou »J . 

1 50 

Aislabie, Will. 

1 2 

Baddelev, Mrs. Marv 


A kil-ud-l)owlah . . 


Ba'^gs, Oiana 

1 7 

d^ Albergaria, Lopo Soares 


Bairshaw. John 

1 29 

Alexander, .Emperor 


Baillie, Lt. 


Alexander A 


Raillie' Hugh 


Alexander R.iehard 


Baillie Jane 

1 1 s 

Alfonso 1 


Baillie «7ohu 

1 93 

A lFo rd , 1 len r v « 


Baillie, Lt.-Col. John 

192 19 1 

Alford, Robert . . 


Bailliesen, Mr. 


Ali Pasha 


Bainbridgc*, Arthur 

Allan, Capt. . . 


William Henrv . . 


Allan, Hel'Mi . . 


Bainbriggc*, William 


Allan, T. 


Raird, ( 1 apt. 


1' Allemand Mary Franco** 


Baird, (Jenl. 

1 79 

Allen Rev Or 


Baj i Rao 



Baker Aaron 


r 1 * Almeida Mjn A W ( Janf y 


RakfM* A;i-7*<>)1 



Baker Rev Aaron 


Ambrose, Elizabeth 

1 1 4 

Bakei', Ann . . 


Amo«< Amlrvw 



Ainna . Tri m f*«s 



A t~ir»li i h.1 r»r» li 1 if". 


20 1 

T-i >i f» ' 1 1 1 > n i •> 



A nrl '>t*«/^h .7 A. * 1 * 1^1 i '✓Ji.Iir* t, 11 


"Rfilflwin \Ti* 

ill llX . 1 nwJI , XVC V . U U 1 1 It 


L><4/ 1 H f U.x , fj villi . . 


Anderson, Rev. William 


Balmain, ( -aroline Elizabeth 


Andrews, Josiah 


Balmain, Lt. Ele teller Norton 


Angelo, Anthony Edward 

156, 157 

Balmain, John 


Angelo, Henry 


Banks, Thomas 


Angelo, Henry 


Bar, Oapt. Lieut. 

Angelo, Mary Theodora 


Jean Thomas 

190, 197 

Angus, Will. . . 


Barclay, Lt. 


Annesley, James 


Barclay, Lt. Robert (Junior) 


Ansell, Miss 


Barker, Catherine . . 

5, 13 

Arathoon, Hosanna 


Barlow, Sir George 

55, 81 

Arbuthnot, Sir A. J. 


Barlow, Sara Ann . . 

Arbuthnot, Sir Charles G. 


Barnadotto [Berna- 

Arbuthnot, George 

56, 62 

dotte] (Serjt.) 

198, 205 

Arbuthnot, Capt. J. R. 


de Barnaval [Barne- 

Arbuthnot, William 


wall], Francis 

19, 156 

Archd Bacon, Lt. J. . . 


Barneval, Antony . . 


Ardley, Robert Alexander 


Barneval, Claud 


Argery, Alexander . . 


Barneval, 5^ohn 


Ashby, Elizabeth 


Barnfield, Mrs. Ann 


Aspinwall, Frances 


Barret, Samuel 


* This is an index to names found in the notes under inscriptions. 
VOL. I. 30 



B — cont. 

Barreto, Luis de Medeiro 


(viae do Medeiro). 

Barrett, James 


Barretto, Antonio Monoz 

1 55 

Barretto, Francis 

1 55 

Barretto, Joseph 


Barretto, Louis 


Barretto, Manuel lellez 


Basalat Jung 


Basnet, Sarah 


Bateman, Ensign . . 
Batty, Philadelphia 



de Bausset, (Catherine 


de Bausset, Due 


de Bausset, Maria 



Bayard, Lt. Henri 

~t l 1 ^ VI 

r . de Men rim 

1 97 

Bay ley, Capt. 

J 38 

Bay ley, William Henry 


Bayne, Lt. 

1 S9 

Beard, Charles 

] I 

Beard, John 


Beard, Mary 


de Beauregard, Lt. 

Charles Meuron . . 


Bell, Dr. Andrew 

74, 90, 91 

Bell, Henrietta 


Bell, Lt. Robert 


Bellow, Miss 


Bellingham, Capt. John 


Benheld, Paul 


Benjamin, John 


Bonn, Sir John 

Benson, Sir Halph . . 


Betitmek, Lord William 

NS, 145 

Benyon, Richard 

J 5 

Berg, Mrs. Christiana 


Bergeon, Jacquehna 



de Bergeon, lit. 

Nicholas Julie 


Bergier, Mr. 


do Bergin, Anna 

Henrietta Lilie 


de Bergin, Capt. M. 


Bernard, Capt. Louis Cuy 
Berriman, Frances . . 



Berriman, James 


Bertram, Opt. 


de Beruegg, Lt. 

Andre Sprecher . . 


de Beruegg, Lt. Flo- 

nan Sprecher 


Bett, Ann 


Bett, Elizabeth 


r > a. a. t 

Bett, James 


Bett, James 


Bewicke, Jano 


Bewley, Harriet 


Bewley, Thomas 


Beylie, Moris. 


Biekerton, Sir R. 

# 73 

Bilderbeek, Miss 



B — cont. 

Bilderbeek, Emmanuel 


DM ]„ I „ 1 T 1 TI 

Bilderbeek, Joseph John 


Bilderbeek, Mary 


Binny, Charles 


1)1,,' rA_ 

Blair, Dr. 

1 1 8 

Ill' I T * _ J_ 

Blair, Harriet 

1 18 

m • (it 

Bun, Mr. 


Blin, H K . L ( . Vendition 


Blm, Iherese 


Blunt, Anna Maria 


I > 1 J. 1 1 • / 1 XA7 

Blunt, Sir C. W. 


Blunt, Lydia 


1> umt, William . . 


Blunt, Sir William 


Boddam, Charles (senior) 


Boddam, Frances . . 


Bodkm, P. . . 


les Bois, M. do C natean 


Loisdaune, Rev. Andre 


Boisdaune, Augusta 


do Boistel, M. 

1 k;* 

i > 1 1 r i t r 

Bollc, Lt. J.J. 


B on a v r e nt u ra , Padre 


Bontes, ( orneha Pranceca 


Bonwyn, Mrs. 


Boone, C harles 

11, 12 

T"> j 1 I ii * j j 

Boot h by , H enrietta 

Elizabeth . . 


Booth by, 1 nomas . . 


Borey, Rev. Fere 

1 80 

Borton, John 


Bosc, Miss 


Bosc, Aliss 


Bosc, Km ma 


Bosc, Ma j. Paul 

43, 128 

Boscawen, Adml. 

132, 133 

do Bosset, Lt. Char- 

les Philippe 


Bostock, H . L. 


Bos took, Harry Sou da- 



Bosw al, Dr. . . 


Boswcll, Ensign 

192, 193 

Bouchior, Lt. 


la Bourdonnais 

19, 28, 132, 181 

Bourge ois, Lt. F. L. 


Bourke, Edmund 


Bouirilhon, Bernard 


Bouirilhon, PJizabeth 


Bovingh, J. (3. 


Bowridgc, Elizabeth 


Bow ridge, William . . 


Bowst r, Lt. . . 

192, 193 

Bowser, Sir Thomas 


Box. John Charles Wilkms 


Boyd, Maria Rosalia 


J>o\ le, J . ti. 


Brabourn, John 


Branfill, Benjamin . . 

38, 40 

Breguet, Rev. A. L. 


Breithaupt, Christopher 


Breithaupt, Eliza . . 


Breithaupt, John Christian 


Brereton, C. 




B — cont. 
Brereton, Elizabeth 
Brereton, Richard . . 
Brett, Harry 

Bretton, Leonard . . 

Brice, Maj. 

Brice, Col. Edward . . 

Bridges, Catherine . . 

Bridges, Diana 

Bridges, Maria 

Bridges, Robert 

Bridges, Capt. Thomas 

Bright, Ann 

Briois, Mons. 

Briois, Madam 

Broadfoot, Capt. 

Broadfoot, Maj. William 

Brodie, Isabella 

Brodie, James 

Brodie. James 

Brodie, Louisa 

Brodie, Mrs. Margaret 

Brodie, William Douglas 

Brooke, Catherine . . 

Brooke, Lt. Edward 

Brooke, William Augustus 

Brown, Anne 

Brown, Elizabeth . . 

Brown, James Cowley 

Brown, Mrs. Jane . . 

Browne, Mr. 

Browno, Maj. George 

Browne, Lt, T. 

Bruoe, Hon. Charles 

Bruce, Capt. 1). 
Bruce, Lt. James . . 
Bruoe, R. W. 
Brulon, Mons. 
Brydie, Anne 
Buehan, Jit. A. 
Buchannan, Dr. Claudius 
Bugnon, Lt. Charles 
Bulkley, Edward . . 

Buller, Lt 

Buller, Sir Anthony 
Bullot, Lt.-Col. J. P. 

de Meuron 
Bulman, Job 
Bulman, John 
Bulman, Capt. Thomas 
Burgier, Ensign 
Burgoyne, Sir John 
Burke, Edmund 
Burn, Robert 
Burnaby, Charlotte 
Burnaby, Georgiana Grace 
Burnaby, Harriet Emma 
Burrell, Samuel 
Burrowes, Sarah 
Burton, Maj.-Genl. 
Busteed, Lt. 
Butler, Mr. 
Byrne, Mr. 
Byrne, Ann 

vol. i.— 30a 



50, 122 
50, 122 

. 196 




34, 135 







B— cont, 
Byrne, George Grey 
Byrne, Rev. H. Barnes 
Byrne, Rev. John Rice 
Byron, Lord 


Cachard, Gabriel 
Cachard, Jean 
Cachard, John 
Cachard, Pierre 
Cachart, Anne Eleanora 
Cadojan, Ensign 
Cairay, Mons. 
Caldwell, Sir James 

Lilly man 
Call, Jewel 
Call, Sir John 
Gamble, Mr. 
Gamble. Lt. . . 
Cameron, Charles Hay 
Cammeade, Aime . . 
Cammiade, Joseph . . 
Cammiade, Paul . . 
Campbell, Dr. 
Campbell, Lt. 
Campbell, Capt. Alexander 
Campbell, Sir Archibald 
Campbell, Col. Charles 
Campbell, Hon. Charles 
Campbell, Charles Collins 
Campbell, Charlotte 
Campbeil, Charlotte 
Campbell, Maj. Colin 
Campbeil, Donald .. 
Campbell, Kmily 
Campbell, Lord Frederick 
Campbell, Harriet . . 
Campbell, Isabella 

Campbell, Capt. James 
Campbell, Jane 
Campbell, Johanna 

Maria [Mary] 
Campbell, Margaret 

Campbell, Olympia. . 
Campbell, Richard .. 
Campbell, Robert . . 
Capper, Col. 
Capper, Elizabeth . . 
Capper, Frank 
Card, John 
Cardozo, Benjamin.. 
Carew, Dr. Patrick 

Carleton, Eliza 
Carleton, Guy 
Carleton, Capt. H. P. 
Carleton, Mary 
Carlton, Arthur 
Carmichaei, Dr. 
Carmichael, David 

Carpenter, Charles . • 





37, 68 




84, 199 

35, 73 





80, 190 




C — cont. 

Car pe 1 1 1 e r , Marg are t 


i t\f\ 

J !M) 

Carr, Mary Catherine 


i i . 1 A rill. „ 

Carr, Dr. lhomas . . 

Carstairs, Peter 


<le Carvalho, Alexander 


(ie •oai Vcwno, 2A.ULoiu«t 

1 o 

Carvalho, Augustus. . 


<le Carvalho, Catherine 


Carvalho, Elizabeth 


1 «)w 

•oary aiiio, ivifwy . . 

Cary, Richard 

1 3 

Caryl, Mary . . 

i r> 

Casamaijor, J. ff . 


Casamaijor, Noah . . 


Casamajor, James Arehibald 


Casamayor, James Henry 

Casamayor f Casa major ], 

Jane Amelia 

2o, 205 

Casa mire, ( 1 harles 


Casimire, Mary 


<le Casselli, Lt. Fre- 



Castain, Jean . . 


do Castro, Mr. 


Cator, William 


Caudmont, Charles P. 


Lazalet, ±\ ft. 

57, 212 

v^nauon, lh.-'ooi. 

Thomas Burnard 


Chalmers, George . . 

Chalmers, Sir Thomas 


Chambers, Lt. 


Chambers, David . . 


Chambers, William.. 


Chamier, George 

l*itz William 


Chamier, Henry 


Chamier, James 


I'handu Lall 


Chapman, Henry 


Chardin, Antoine 


Chardm, Charlotte . . 


Chardin, Daniel 

11, 12 

Chardin, Guillaume 


Chardin, Jane 


Chardin, Sir John 

11, 12 

Chardin, Maiy 

1 1 

Charles, Jane 


Charleton, Florentia 


Charlton, Isabella . . 


Charnock, rJ iza be tn 


Charnock, Job 

9, 11, 16 

Charnock, Katherine 


Charnook, Mary 


\_jiase, jxlt. 

i a*) 

Chase, Rebecca 


Chase, Richard 


Chauvel, Capt. J. E. 


de Chermont, Anne 

Magdelaine Ade- 

laide Supron 


de Chermont, Antoine 



C — cortf. 

<io viitJi uioiii/, i? raiiuoio 

1 OA 

de ^iieiiiioiii/, «Josepji 

A 1 1> v n riMftr 

xiicJAtiiiuiur . • . . 



cie Vyjiermonu, x rosper 


de Chermont, Prosper rl. 


I 'lieriy, /viexaiider mgns 

1 29 

unorry, v*. i?. 

1 29 

Cherry, Ceorgo Frederick 


Cherry, John Hector 


Cherry, John Hector 


L^noriy, »j. w. 

127, 129 

Cherry, Mfiry Louisa 


rMiot>r\; | tot* 

\yiit/riy, x tJLtJi . . 

i^neiiy, vvoi. jrc5ti.'r . . 

1 Oil 

1 l y J 

v_/iiciiy, vui. l owl j nomas 

Zl .> 

v_^nesiiyiu, i.v<i2jli. . . 


L/Niici, rjiizaDeiin . . 

v^niioiers, nugn i.^umng 

"Rn.rdlft v 

Chinnerv, KHzabeth 


Chinnery, Frances Hughes 


CHiinnerv, George 

- ***** j y o 


Chinnerv, Mrs. John 


Chinnery, John Eustace 

Chinnery, Matilda . . 


Chinnery, Matilda . . 


Chinnery, William . . 


Chisholm, Capt. . . 


do Choiseul, Due . . 


Christenim Henrv 
Churchill, Frances . . 

O / 


Clapernon, Pauline Law 

1 7^ 

Clarke, Ensign . . 

1 0 4 > 10*^ 

1 *J «- , 1 *> 

Clarke, Elizabeth , . 



Clarke Lt -Cenl Tredwav 

uv, 1 — O 

Clarke, Capt. William Henry 


Class, Jane 


Clements, Lt. 


do L/ienci, Non joiiii 


Cleveland, John 


Cli flora, 1 nomas 


L> lit toil, Jimza . . 


Clive, Robert 

102, 133, 
161, 206 

^iose, lvir. • . . , 


Clotilde Marie 


/ O 

Clondhervev John 

Coates Mr 

Cobb, Mary . . 


lt>0, loo 

Cobbe Richard 


Cobham, Anne 


von Cochorn, Adrian 



von Cochorn, Adriana 



von Cochorn, Baron 



v.Aicjiraiie, ciaiieu . . 


Cockburn, Alexander 

42, 45, 84, 

Cockburn, Alexander 



Cockburh, Eliza 





C — cont. 

To IT) PA 

7 1 

VyUthUUXJi, \ jiy i ii jjiit 

A O 

4 J 

( 1 rvr» IrVinTMi i^H \ttvi mtci 

V^'l/C'ivUllI Jl , V/l V III I J1<1) 

Cockburn, Thomas 

i •> 

Cockell Mr 

1 ^J. 

fYiffcpll Williiim 

J o«* 

fVJhftpk Lt -Cnl H 

1 f f\ 

( *n\(±\\T , f \(\\zf> ATtQ T-Til T'Tlott A 
V ML vM t rVv' , 1 n. 1 Icli llUllvj 

O I 

( Vwlf^liTfif *l*f» i-T^nvipttn 

\ yl.>lC5 U JL l_MJl\ n , 1 It 1 1 J 1 vv V Ucl» 

I \J »1 

rvdlftt Ann 

L'UlIOv) /Ail II • • • . 

I' ^rvlloi". .Tr»QAiiiS 

« 17 

r>, 1 / 

f\\llin<5 Ensicrn 

1 fifi 
1 vMi 

Collins Col 

1 04. 

rVdliriQ l\t -f Yd 

/ 1> 

PYd litis A1is<* Matilda. 

\ w 

1 WSi 
1 oo 

( Vvnrdlv Cji nt ATthiiT* 

Conolly, Capt. Edward 



Conolly, Capt. John 



Conolly, Valentine . . 


( 'onsett, Catherine . . 


Consett, Elizabeth . . 


Consett, Henry 


r^nnwflv Cfl.lit 

\_.kjhw fi>y j \.'(ii^jv, m . 


VyOriWiiy, i'\JIIIW . . 

o • 

( i r\x\ wt mr Ann** .lf»mimn 
v. ijj 1 w «< y , xAJiiitj *j c/iii i iiict 

87 02 

YVinwoir fY»l T T-T SJ 

i^onway, v 01. j . xi. o. 

i ^ooKe, v»iace . . 

1 ^ 

i »l 

v-OOKesiey, j^u. aiiijiiicas 

1 SO 1 Oft 

ivOOte, r>ir r^yro . . 

f'Arvlnaf All K* 

\ opiesuoii, r. 

7^ 1 J^l 

1 ">1 

J — ' L 

l onniCK, Ajv. ivi. j i . 

1 OCT, J 0*ty 1 »/\J 

cornet), ivuie. . . 


f~ 1 nrn#»t "Vpndi tieil 


Pnrniflh Adinirfl.l 

v AJI ilinii , /a. in in j c*>a • . 


fYvrnwrtll Hunt Hfini'V 

v'UI UWuiU, V.yflJ-Ji'* liujix y 


'/ ^rv¥»tnvQ 1 1 1 o T ,nrn 
vOniWcinio, JLjtJH.1 . . 

92, 167 

v.'Orne, ivii?>. ij<xi\ikji 


Corrie, Emily . . 

(ie i^orsy, i^l. ♦jusio 

1 97 

Cosby, Capt. . . 


n AO u ir n Q1 ,f T-J AT 


^osoy, iviaj. ivi. 


Oosoy, i^apt. ivionoague 

171 174 

L08ni6 »ie Vjrien, v^apu<-iiiii 


i^ottie, iTiijsfs . . 



192, 193 

vvOtoon, x'jiiza . . 


L/Otton, ji(mii} r 


ijotton, v^oi. riugn wuveicy 


Cotton, John 

70 84 8f> 

v^otton, tioiin 


Cotton, Joseph • . 


C\cA.t.f\T\ Josenh • • 


Cotton, J. J. 


Cotton, J. S. 


Cotton, Richard Thomas 


Cotton, Lt. William 


Coulon, Mons. 


Coulon, Amelia 


Coultman, Maj. 



C — cont. 

Coultman, Ann . . 128 

Courant, Lt. Antoine 197 

de Courten, Lt. Guillaume 197 

Co *> Lt 192, 193 

( i °y> Ml ' 193 

Crabby, 8oi)liia 109 

Cradock, Capt. 15 

Cradock, Christopher 15 
Cradock, Florentia . . 15, 16, 26 

Crawley, Ambrose . . 58 

Cree, Lt. Alex. 188 

Croke, Archbishop 149 

Croke t Edward . . 25 

Croke, Ceorge . . 15 

Choke, Margery . . 33 

de Cruz, M. . . 177 

Cullen, Margaret Frederica 63 

dimming, William 47 

Cunningham, Lt. J. . . 136 

Curtis, Mr. .... ]92 

Curtis, Ensign . . 193 

Cuthbert, Ensign . . 193 

Cuthbert, Alexander 49 


Dalmahoy, James 123 

Dalrymple, Lt. . . 192 

Dalrymple, Lady .. 119 

Dalrymple, Caroline Lucy 87 

Dalrymple, How . . 119 

Dalrymple, James .. 119 

Dalrymple, Kirby . . 119 

Da Iry m pie , Marth a 119 

Dalrymple, Martin . . 87 

Daly, Matthew . . 48 

Dardel, Lt. Alexandre 1 97 

Dare, Mr 126 

Dare, Hastings . . 126 

Dai^e, Mrs. Melian . . 126 

Darrah, Ann . . 143 

Darrah, Harriet .. 143 

Dash wood, Hannah 3i 

Davidson, Maj. . . 51 

Davidson, William 51 
Dawes, Ensign 192, 193 

Dawes, Capt. Nathaniel 188 

Dawkes, Honora . . 30, 46 

Dawkes, Mary . . 30 

Daws, Elizabeth . . 35 

Dawson, Ceorge . . 39 

Dawson, Jane . . 39 

Dawson, Sophia . . 39 

Dayot, Mr 179 

Dealtry, Lucy Ceci- 
lia Jane 112,129 

Dealtry , Lucy H ealey 112 

Dealtry , Thorn as . . 112 

Dean, Frances . . 60 

Dcane, Rev. H. . . 140 

Delany, Capt. Jeremiah 188 

Delasalle, lsidor . . 173 

Delaval, Capt. . . 166 

Delirta, Capt. . . 173 




D — cont. 

Dent, Cotton Bowcrbank 32, 135 

Dent , Sir Digby . . 40 

Dent, Edwaid . . 32 

Dent, Eliza .... 40 

Dent, Eliza Frances 32 

Dent, Elizabeth . . 40 
Dent, John . . . . 32, 138 

Dent, Thomas . . 32 

Desborough, Anno . . 212 

Desborough, Lawrence 212 

DeSena, Edward . . 1 23 

Desjardins, Adelaide, 134 
Dosornicaux, Cornelius 211, 212 

Deveriuue, Peter . . 53 
Diek, Ensign . . 102, 103 

Dick, William .. 108 

Dickens, Alfred Tennyson 100 
Dickens, Edward 

Bulwer Lytton . . 190 

Dickens, Francis Jeffrey 100 

Dickens, Henry Fielding 100 
Dickens, Sidney 

Smith Haldimand 100 

Dickons, Walter Landor 100 

Dieurstedt, Elizabeth DU 

Dig by, Kenelm . . 40 

Dighton, John . . 52 

Dighton, Lt. John . . 52 

Dillingham, Mrs. . . 00 

Dkcsne, Le Cher . . 100 

Dodson, Elizabeth . . 04 

Dodson, James . . 04 

Dodson, John . . 64 

Dodwell, Mr. . . 102 

Domingo, L. . . 163 

Donnell, Mr. .. 160 

Donzel, Pierre Joseph 107 

Dormond, Frances May 20 

Dormond, John .. 20 

Dorrington, Humphrey 145 

Douglas, Jemima 199 

Doveton, Edward . . 91 

Doveton, Frederick 89 

Doveton, Capt. Gabriel 91, 92 

Doveton, Henry Bazett 91 

Doveton, John . . 00, 01 

Doveton, Capt. J. . . 183 

Doveton, Sir John (Junior) 90 

Doveton, John Holroyd 91 

Doveton, Sir Michael 90 

Doveton, Sir William 90 

Doveton, Sir William Webber 00 

Draper, Genl. .. 69 

Draper, Mrs. Eliza . . 64 

Draper, Sir William 166 

Drew, Lt 194 

Dring, Mr 1^2 

Druinmond, A. J. . . 57 

Dubois, Eliza . . 67 
Dubois, Jean Antoine 147, 148 

Ducluseau, Mons. .. 175 

Duff, Grant .... 96 

Duff, Lady Margaret 50 

Duff, Maj.-Genl. Patrick 29 


D — cont. 

Duff, William . . 24 

Duke, Josias . . 49 

Duncan, Mrs. . . 65 

Duncan, Dr. A. . . 138 

Duncan, Miss E. 65 

Duncan, John . . 65 

Duncan, Margaret . . 138 

Duncan, Susan . . 138 

Duncan, W. . . 65 

Dundas, Henry . . 108 

Dupleix, Mons. . . 181 
Dupleix, Jeanne . . 19, 156 

Durand, Mons. , . 175 


Maharaja of 198 

Duyvenschot, Mons. 186 


Eagar, Ensign . . 81 

Eckford, Lt.-Genl. J. 96 

Eckford, Maria . . 96 

Eddington, Capt. James 35 

Eddington, John . . 35 

Eden, Eleanor . . 74 

Eden, Emily . . 74 

Edmonds, Sarah . . 67 

Eidingtoun, Col. . . 35 

Eillay, Mary . . 121 

Elers, Lt. . . . . 213 

Elers, Elizabeth . . 213 

Elgin, Lord . . . . 162 

Ellerker, Charlotte . . 35 

Ellerker, Susannah . . 35 

Elliot, Caroline . . 82 

Elliot, Charles . . 82 

Elliot, Sir Charles . . 63 

Elliot, Edward Francis 63, 81 

Elliot, Eleanor . . 81 

Elliot, Emma . . 82 

Elliot, George . . 39 

Elliot, Genl. George 82 

Elliot, Gilbert . . 82 

Elliot, Gilbert . . $2 
Elliot, Sir Gilbert . . 81, 168 

Elliot, Harriet Agnes 82 

Elliot, Henry . . 31 

Elliot, Sir Henry . . 1 109 

Elliot, Hugh . . 03 
Elliot, Capt. Hugh 

Maximilian . . 82, 103 

Elliot, Isabella . . 81 

Elliot, Margaret . . 03 

Elliot, Thomas Frederick 82 

Elliot, Sir Walter . . 82 

Elliott, Mr 213 

Elliott, Charles Haig 172 

Elliott, Richard . . 5 

Ellis, Adeline Virginie 173 

Ellis, Francis . . 5 

Ellis, George Henry 173 

Eljjhinstono, Mountstuart 79 

Elwick, Nathaniel . . 18 

Empson, Elizabeth 3 


E — cont. 
Empson, Mathcw . . 
English, Frances 
English, Lt.-Col. John 
English, Mary 
English, Richard 
Ephraim do Ncvers, 

Capuchin . . 
d'Erff, Chevalier 
d'Erfi", Adelaide 
d'Efff, Rose 
d'Espinas, Mons. 

Jacques Duval 
Esprit de Tours, 

Ettrick, Anthony . . 
Evans, Mr. 
Evans, Rev. John . . 
Evin, Marie Antoinette 
Ewart, Catherine Alexia 
Ewart, John 
Ewing, Robert 

Eyre, Lt 

Eyre, Sir Charles . . 







>, 8, 9 


5, 11 

Falc o na r , A le x ander 


Falconar, Miss Elizabeth 

143, 208 

Falconer, Dr. 


Fallowfield, E. W. 


Falls, Lt. T. 


Farmer, Elizabeth . . 


Farmer, Richard 


Farquhar, Lt. 


Farquhar, Robert . . 


Fauche, Lt. J. P. Samuel 


Fauquier, William . . 


Fearon, Maj.-Genl. 


Federotr, Peter 


Fenn, J oseph 


Ferguson, Miss 


Ferguson, Harriett 


Ferguson, Miss M. 


Ferrier, Capt. 

192, 193 

Festing, Lt. John 0. 


Festing, Mrs. Mary Borien 


Field, John 


Fielding, Eleanor . . 


Figueroa, Francisco 



Firdcy, Catherine Anne 


Fish, Lt. J 

189, 196 

Fitzgerald, Lt. 


Fitzgerald, Miss 


Fleetwood, Barbara 


Fleetwood, Margery 


Fleetwood, Mary . . 


Fleetwood, Robert. . 

6, 15 

Fleming, Mr. 


Fleming, Rev. Dr. . . 


Fleming, David 


Fleming, F 


Fleming, James Boyd 


Fleming, Richard . . 


Fleming, Thomas . . 
Fleming, W. H. 
Fletcher, Col. 
Fletcher, Sir Robert 
Floyd, Col. 
Floyer, Charles 
Floyer, George 

Floyer, Miss Mary 
Floyer, Rebecca 
Fonseca, John 
Fonseca, Simon 
de Fontaine, Mons. 
de la Fontaine, Benoit 

de Fontaine, J. Bciohon 
de la Font: ine, Marie 

Foote, John 
Foquot, John 
Forbes, Ensign 
Forbes, Lt. . . 

Forbes, Lt.-Cenl. Gordon 
Forbes, Lt. Richard Gordon 

Fordo, Col 

Fordyce, Mr. 
Forster, Sir W. F. . . 
Foster. Lt. B. 
Forsyth, Rev. N. . . 
Four beck, Adrian . . 
Fowke, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Fowko, Joseph 
Fowke, Margaret 
Fox croft, George 

Franck, Anthony Frederick 
Franek, Eliza 
Franck, James 
Franco, Mr. 
Franco, Abraham . . 
Franco, Jacob 

Frank, Mi 

Franke, John 
Franklin, Eleanor . . 
Franklin, Sir John . . 

Franklin, Willingham 
Franks, Aaron 
Franks, Abraham . . 
Eraser, Col. Charles 
Eraser, Elizabeth . . 
Frascr, Harriet 
Fraser, Harriet 
Eraser, Maj.-Genl. J. S. 
Fraser, Rev. John . . 
Fraser, Thomas 
Frazor, Lt. . . 

Frazer, Col 

Frazor, Eliza Law . . 
Freeman, John 
Freeman, Polly Hill 
Freeman, Robert . . 
Freer, Eliza 
Freese, Arthur 
Freese, Charles Robert 




F — cont. 

Freese, George 


do Freuller, Lt. Fridolin 


do Fries, Henry 


de Fries, John 

49, 145 

d<"* Frio*-* ljf»vv r i< 

150, 157 

do Fries, Theodora Jane 

' 157 

de Fries, Thomas 


Fryer, Lt. . . 


Full agar, Rebecca . . 


Fullerton, Charles . . 



Cachter, Lt. Jean B. 


Cachter, Lt. .(can Jacques 

179, 197 

Caebele, M. Li. 


( *ahagan, Knsign 


Cahagan, Lucy 


Cahagan, Thomas . . 

7 I 

Galanus, Demetrius 


Calway [Callaway |, Ensign 

192, 19:* 


Cambui, C. 


Gardner, Allan Hyde 


C arrow, rCdward 


C arrow, (Jeorge 


G arrow, Joseph 


Garrow, Thcodosia 


G arrow, William 


Gaudart, M. F. 


Geo, Anna . . 


(loll, Miss 

1 30 

Cell, Dr. Frederick . . 


Cell, John Philip 


Cell, Philip 


Gellibrand, Thomas 


Cent, Col 


Cerbinis, M. L. 


Cericke, Rev. C. VV. 

132-134, 197 

Gericke, Dorothea Sophia 


Cericke, George Frederick 


Cholam Ally 


Gibson, Capt. Thomas 


Gilkie, ('apt. James 


Cillon, William 


Classer, Dr. 


(dog ley, William , . 


(Mover, Maj. 


Clover, Thomas 


Goddard, Jane 


Godley, Maj. William 


Goothart, Anna Petronella 


Goldingham, John . . 


Goldsborough, Sir John 


Gomond, Capt. Richard 


Goodman, Elizabeth 


Gordon, Lt. . . 


Gordon, Maj. A. 


Gordon, Edward 


Gordon, Elizabeth Eleanor 


Gordon , Isabella 


Gordon, James 


Gordon, Mrs. L. A. A. 


Gordon, Robert 



G — cont. 

Gordon, Sir William 


Corey, Ensign 


Gorie, Lt. 


oosung, AJina Maria Hilizaoetli 


Gosling, Maj.-Genl. 

Henry Chas. 


Gostlin, Armiger 

6, 7 

Gostlin, Simon 


Gostlin, Styleman . . 


Gosthng, Francis 


Gowdey, ('apt. 


(.J race, Frances 


Grace, Sir William . . 


Cradman [( rardmanj. 

Capt. J. (Jeorge . . 

48, 197 

Grant, v apt. 


Grant, Lt. 


Grant, Lt. ( harlcs St. John 


Grant, Hugh 


(J rant, Sir James 


Grant, nir 1 atnek . . 


Grant, V\ . 


t 1 A. A, 14- 1 <^ 1 

Gratton, Lt.-( ol. 


Gray, Frances 


( Jreen, John 


Greenhill, Joseph 

40, 45 

Greenslatc, Samuel 


Grcentree, Jane E. Maria 


Gregory, Miss 


Grey, Charles 


Grey, Sir (Jeorge 


Griffin, John 


Griffin, Thomas 


y j •/vail 1 1 • Si 

Griffiths, Julius Caesar 


Griffiths, Mrs. Martha 


Griffiths, Rebecca . . 


Griffiths, Thomas . . 


van Crolls, Johanna Elizabeth 


Guerre, Louis 


Guest, Charlotte Eliza 


Guisant, Lt. Pierre David 


Gurney, William 


Cusin |Cunn], Lt. . . 

192, 193 

Gwillim, Sir Henry 


Cylford, William * . . 

8, 11 


Haig. J 


Haines, Lhzabeth . . 


Haines, John 


Hall, Cenl 


Hall, Maj. 


Hall, Adelaide 


TTlt I J. T OA. A. 

Hall, Lt. James Stuart 


Hall, John 


Hall, Margaret 


Hall, Marianne 


Halliburton, Lt. 

192, 193 

Hamilton, T. A. 


Hammond, Lt. John 


Hardinge, George Nicholas 


Hardwicke, Lt. 




H cont. 

A. J\%jt Hi 

jriaruyraaai, jljo uy . „ 


Hardyman, Sancta 


xxaruyman, x nomas 

ft 4 


Jtiare, rLarrieu . . 

Hare, Dr. James 


rtaringuon, i\nne . . 

Harland, Sir Robert 


de la Harpe, Lt. Henry Louis 


Harper, Rev. H. 


Harrington, Thomas 
Harrington, William 



Harris, Genl. 


Harris, Anne Elizabeth 


Harris, Charles Lind 


Kar is, Lt.-Genl. Charles Shuter 120 

Harris, E. B. 


Harris, Enima Jane 


Harris, Lord C George 

67, 82, 102 

Harris G A 


Harris H. N. 


Harrison, Govr. 


Harrison, Sarah . . 


UnvHwinn Wi Ilium 


Hart, Elizabeth 

12, 13 

H:irt, IVTn.i Geo 


Hart, Mary . . 

18, 29 

Hartley, Aguida Pereyra 


Hartley, Christopher 


1 1 cvi uu y , .ivtvi i hi • • 


ITn«lftwond Catherine 


T-Tji silowond Joseoh 


Tf M.sti ncs Mrs . . 


1 1 'wt.i ncr< Sir E<i ward 

J 1 tl»W till IhL FS , k'l I W-jy L *> CVI. » *- 


Hastincrsi John . . 


14 n vif",iTKT<4 lYTarmiis* of 

1 1 Clio Cl lllfc^O ( 1»J_CV 1 V J I* lo \'L 

208, 209, 211 

Hastincs Warren . . 

49, 212 

Hathaway, Susanna Frances 


de Haviuand, Maj. . . 

97, 137 

de Haviuand, Sir Peter 

1 17 

de Havilland, Maj. T. h. 


Hay, Sir Adam 


Hay, Dorothea . . 


Hay, g 


Hay, Capt. G. 

189, 196 

Heal, John . . 


Heathfield, Margery 

5, 6 

Hebor, Rev. 


Hedges, Mr. 

9, 11 

Hedges, Sir William 


Hemming, Fevering 

192, 193 

Henderson, Mrs. Grace 


Herbert, Mrs. Susanna 


Heriot, Robert 


Heron, Mary 


Herve, Mons. 


Higgins, Mary 


Higginson, Deborah . . 


Higginson, Nathaniel 


Hiller, Barbary 


Hilton, John Woodbridge 


Hislop, Emma Eleanor 



Hislop, Sir Thomas 

82, 125 

Hobart, Lord 


VOL. I. 31 


H — cant. 

Hobart Pasha, Admiral 


Hobhouse, Charles . . 


Hobhouso, Sir C. P. 


Hobhouse, H. W. 


Hodgas, Ensign 


Hodson, Lt. Goorge 


Holborn, Lt. 


Holcombo [Holcomb], Mrs. 

22, 152 

Holland, W. J. 


Hollier, Ann 


Holme, John 


Holt, Elizabeth 


Home, John 


Home, Robert 


Hood, Lord . . 


Hood, Capt. Alexander 


Hope, Cadet 


Hope, Capt. 


Hope, Ensign 

. 193 

Hope, Lt. 


T T T X 1 

Hope, 1 redone 


Hope, Henry 


Hope, Johanna 


Hope, Lucy 


Hope, Mary Anne . . 


Hopkins, Lt. 


Hordle, Ann 


Horler, Ensign 


Home, Genl. Mathew 


Horsley, William Dowdoswcll 


Hovonden, Col. 


de Hovendcii, Roger 


Hovenden, Rev. Walter 


How, Mrs. Eleanor 


How, Sarali 


How, William 


Huddlestone, Mr. 


Hudleston, William 


Hugh, William 


Hughes, Sir Edward 


Humphrys, Samuel 


Hunter, John 

76, 134 

Hunter, William 


Hutchinson, Lt. 


Hutteman, Sophia . . 


Hutton, Marianne Henrv 


Hyder AU . . . . 1S6, 192, 203 

Hyndman, Col. Henry 


Hynmers, Catherine 



Innes [Innis], Anno . . 


Innes, George 


Innes, Maj -Genl. James (Junior) 


Innes [Innis], Capt. John 

51, 52, 69 

Inverarity, Capt. David 


Ireton, Bridget 


Treton, Henry 


Irvine, Lt. 


Irwin, Anna 


Irwin, Charles 


Irwin, Capt. Thomas 


Irwin, Lt. William . . 


Isaac, Epliraim 


Isack, Lt.-Col. 




I — cant. 

Jsack, Elizabeth 
Isacko, Clarissa 
Tsacke, Lt. F. 
Ives, Thomas 


Jackson, Dean 

Jackson, William 

Jacob, Lt. Vickers - 

Jacobs, Elizabeth . . 

Jacques de Bourges, Capuchin 

Jebb, John 

Jebb, Joshua 

Jebb, Marianne 

Jebb, Sir Richard . . 

Jebb, Samuel 

Jennings, William . . 

Jobson, Jane 

Jobson, John 

Jodrell, Paul 

Jodrell, Paulina 

Jodrell, Richard Paul 

John, Dr. 

John, Vicars 

Johnson, Begum 

Johnson, Elizabeth 

Johnson, Capt. James 

Johnson, Mary 

Johnstone, Capt. 

Johnstone, James . . 

Jollie, James 

Jones, Capt. 

Jones, Lt. 

Jones, Margaret 

Jones, Margaret 

Jones, Samuel 

Jourdan, Capt. John 

de Joyense, Capt. . . 

Judis, Henry 

Julian, Moses 


Kayes, Emily Kindorsley 
Keble, Anne. . 
Kechivo, A. M. 
Keighley, Lt. 
Keighley, James English 
Keighly, Sarah 
Keith, Lt. John 

Kelso, Col 

Kennaway, Capt. . . 

Kennedy, Capt. 

Kennedy, Antonietta 

Kennedy, J. R. 

de Kerjean, de Beylio 

Kerr, Claudius Augustus 

Kerr, Capt. Geo. 

Kerr, Lt. James 

Kerr, Rev. Richard Hall 

Kerr, W. D. 

Keryack, Michsol . . 

Khair-ua-Nissa Begum 

Kindersley, Henrietta 

Louisa Aurora 
Kindersley, John Robert 
Kindersley, Nathaniel Edward 
Kindersley, Nathaniel William 
King, John 

Kinneir, Lt.-Col. Maodonald 
Kirk, Sir John 

Kirkpatriek, Catherine Aurora 







K — cont. 

Kirkpatriek, Capt. James 
Kirkpatriek, Maj . 

James Achilles • . 119, 

Kirkpatriek, Katharine 

Kirkjiatriok, William 

Kirkpatriek, William George 

Knox, Lt. 

Knutall, Capt. 

Kohlhoff*, Rev. 

von Krauth, Charlotte 

28, 214 







Laboullee, Mons. 



de Laet, Jean 



LafTan, Rev. R. S. de Courcy. 


13, 16 

Lagrenee, Mons. 



Laird, John . . 



Lalande, Mons. 



Lally, Count 



Lam he, George 



Lamont, Lt. 



Lane, Col. 



Lane, Anne Maria . . 



Lang, Lt. 



Lang, Col. Ross 

73, 121, 135 


Lang, Maj.-Genl. Ross 



Langhorne, Sir William 

2, 4 


Langley, Sir G. C. 



de Lannoy, Eustache 

185, 186 


Lardy, Maj. Pierre . . 

197, 198 


Large, Peter 


189, 192 

de Lasso, Chevalier. . 



Latham, Lt. 



I^aToor, Ensign 



Lator [LalorJ, Lt. J. 

189, 195, 196 

189, 196 

Laurent d'Angouleine, 





Laurie, Rev. Archibald 



Lautour, Elizabeth 


Lautour, Francis 


Lautour, James 



Lautour, Joseph 



Law, Edmund 



Law, Frances 



Law, Jean 



Lawford, Edward . . 



Lawrence, Rowden 



Lawrence, Stringer 

54, 206 


Law son, Sir Charles 



Lawson, Rev. J. 



Lax, Margaret 



Lax, Rev. William . . 



Leal, Anne 



Leal, Constancia 



Leal, Mrs. Mary 



Leal, Mrs. Michaela 



Leal, Philadelphia . . 



Leal, Philip 



Leatham, John 



Lecot, E. 



Lee, Capt. George . . 


Lee, Thomas Hackett 



Leeke, Rev. William 



Leembruggen, Henricus 
Leembruggen , Robertus 


36, 101 





Le Grand, Lt. 



de Lentzbourg, Lt. 


Louis Xavier 



Leopold I 



L — cont. 

de Lcpine, Mons. . . 
Lequin, Lt. Alexandre 

Leslie, Rev 

Leslie, James 
Leslie, Jos. . . 
rle L'Etang [Lehmgl, Mr. 
de L'Etang, Adeline 
de L'Etang, Antoine 
Lewcock, Elizabeth. . 
Lewcock, Hannah . . 
Lewcoek, Humphrey 
Levvcock, William . . 
Lewis, George 
Leyecstcr, Ralph . . 
Leyeester, William . . 
Light, Col. Alexander 

Light, Francis 
Light, »Sir Henry 
Light, Hester Eleanora 
Light, Lucretia 
Light, William 

Lind, Lt 

Lind, Francis* 
Lindsay, Lt. 
Lindsay, Hon. John 
de Linhares, Maria . . 
Lister, Joseph 
Lloyd, Jane 
Locke, John 
Lock hart , Ann 
Lockhart, Mrs. Catherine 
Lockhart, 8amuel . . 
l^odwick, John 
Lodwick, Oenl. Peter 
Lodwick, R. W. 
Lombard, Ensign . . 

Long, Capt. 

Long, Charles 

Long, Mary Ann 

Lonstor, Dorothea Elizabeth 

Loiing, Rev. H. L. . . 

Lucas, Capt. 

Lucas. Barbaro 

Lucas, Thomas 

de Luders, Henrietta 

Lugard, Rev. F. G. . . 

Lushington, Charles 

Lushington, Charles May 

Lushington, Charlotte 

Lushington, Franklyn 

Lushington, Henry.. 

Lushington, James Law 

Lushington, Mary . . 

Lushington, Stephen 

Lushington, Stephen Rumbold 

Lushington, Thomas Davies 

Lux, Elizabeth 

Lys, George 


ile la Mabonaj', Maria Rheta 
Macartney, Lord 
Macartoom, Simon . . 
Maoaulay, Lord 
Macaulay, Dr. Kenneth 
Maeaulay, Selina . . 
Macauley, Alexander 
McCleverty, Genl. W. A. 
McDonell, A. R. 

vol. i—32 






, 77 



1 7 »"» 
I i »» 
































, 193 




, 121 













41, 52 
127, 129 

M — cont. 

McDonell, Helen . . 
McDonell, Juliana Charlotte 
MaeDouah\ Lt.-Col. Sutherland 
McGoun, Mary Elizabeth 
McGuire, Capt. 
Mclver, Alick 
Mclver, Catherine Mary 
Mclver, Eliza Mary 
Maclver, John 
Mclver, Sir Lewis . . 
Mackay, George 
Mackay, George Aberigh 
Mackenzie, Capt. 
Mackenzie, Lt. 
Mackenzie, Col. Alexander 
Mackenzie, Daniel . . 
Mackey, Lt. 
McKiliister, Lt. 
Mackintosh, Campbell 
Mackintosh, Margaret 
Mackrith [Macrottth], Hannah 
Maclean [Maclin], Ensign 
Maclean, John 
McLean, Laughlin . . 
Maclean, Lt.-Col. Thomas. 
McLeish, Mr. 
McLeisli, Mary Ann 
Macleod, Ensign 
Macleod, Lord 
MacMahon, Ensign . . 
McNeill [MoNealJ, Lt. 
McNeill, Capt. Malcolm 
Maconaekie [Maconochic], Lt. 

Maepheivou , Maria 
Elizabeth Henrietta 

Macredie ( Mac ready], Lt.Win. 

Macrith, Thomas 

McTaggart, William 

M'Tavish, Mary 

Madge, Capt. E. H. 

Maesfon, Ann 

Magen, Mr. . . 

Magrath, Catherine. . 

Magrath, John 

Mahomed An 

de Mainville, Madame 

de Maisonneuve, Mons. 

Maissin, Heloisc 

Maitland, Richard Arthur 

Malcolm, Caroline Charlotte 

Malcolm, Sir Charles 

Malcolm, Capt. Duncan 

Malcolm, Georgo 

Malcolm, John 

Malcolm, Maj.-Genl. 
Sir John 

Malcolm, Sir Pulteney 

Malkin, Rev. W. . . 

Malleson, Col. 

Mansell, Margaret . . 

Manucci, Nicolao . . 

Mareello, Padre 

Marcilly, Anne Lorenza 

Marshall, Ensign 

Marshall, Thomas . . 

Martanda Varma . . 

Maskelyno, Edmund 

Maskelyne, Elizabeth 

71, 113 
71, 113 
71, 113 
192, 193 




, 10 
192, 193 
192, 193 

192, 193 

189, 190 

59, 126- 


31, 42, 60, 
84, 89 

192, 193 

185, 186 





M — cont. 

Mas koly no, Margaret 




1 U2, 


Mas to r , S 1 re y us !i am 

5, 12 


Liiatuei, ajIi. iv. . . 

180, 11)5, 


JVlai/Tiiov 1 iviauievj, 

1 jZ. V I CHOI IC k 


IMai 111 las, IrOll!. 


1 04 

Mail* to, ^>iaj . 


Mail it, tve V . Kj. 

1 1/5 

TA/T <> i.lf l^ 1 ; r» n 

iviaiiii', i^iiza . . 


M aun ~>oi i ali . . . 


M)*\ I til It , * tOJOIIILt . . 


i\ia\i'Oiio, iii it ii »iaut* 


Maxtono, Leonora (. harlotte 


IVTaxtoiLo, Sophia . . 


1 22 

Mayor, ('apt. Joan P. 


IVTaycr, John Raptista 

1 oi 

Maynard. Lt. Joseph 

1 (Hi 

IVlavne, Capt. John. . 

1 47 

Mcado w's. Sir VV . 


Moaros, Capt. ( 'lias. J. 
Medard, Padre . . 

1 SO 

J 44 

de Medeiro, Antonia Carvalho 


Mein, A. 


Weill, Aliin 


Mel i quo, Praneisca . . 


JMollin, Jiirtik Win. . . 

1 00 

Mellin, Jjooaoi'ji Certruda 

1 09 

Mellish, i^nza belli . . 


tit. l r 4 
MoiVll, Lt. 

1 02 

Mendes, A brali am . . 


\Tr»ll #!rv>^ 1 1/ nil i t"l I/O 

lML l It It 'S } \-/*J 1 1 1 1 1 IfZ,* ' » • 


Menzies. Sir John . . 


Morokol, Lt. Elias . . 


Mori gin, J ano . . 


Metcalfe, Sir Charles 

, 200 

de la Metrk\ Catherine 


do Meuron, Charles Daniel 


tie JVJeuron, l of. M. Lt. 

%) * ) 


do Meuron, Louise . . 


do Meuron, Petronilio 


de M'Hiron, Col. 

Pierre Frederick . . 


do Meuron, Regiment 

of — H i story oi 



llO lVlOUlOll, oailllll l 

1 07 

do MtMivon, r rhooiiorc 


de Meuron Bayard, 
Lt. rlem y v . 

1 07 

Meuron do Beaurc- 

gartt, \jt. v.yiiaries 


do Meuron J^ullot, 

.Lt.-Col. J. IT. 


de Meuron d*Orbe, 

Lt. Henry 

1 97 

Meuron Ivonaud, 

Lt. IP. 3-iOuis . . 

1 Q7 

de Meuron de 

Koch at, C>apt. Isaac 

JL %J 4 

de Meuron LriooJet, 

Lt. Charles 

1 07 

X\f 4 

de Meuron d'Yvernois, 

Lt. Cnarles L. 


\r«»v'4^rt»ll Klizahoth . . 


Meveroll, John 

6, 10 

Meverell, Samuel 


Michgel, Lt. 


Michel Ange de 

Bourges, Capuchin 



lVf mti t 

ATA \j\sll.v. 

Mieliell, rlonry Chicnely 

Mich el J, Mrs. Henry 

( 1 hi col y 


i\l HlllIOTOll, KCV, . . 

w 1 

0 1 


Middloton, rsathanicl 


Mioville, rl. . . 

1 11W 

J >fo 

Mutord, Anne Charlotte 

• » *~ 
. ) t 

iviillor, I Elizabeth. . . 

»> •» 

'} 'J 

MiIlint;oliamp, Ho v. 

7 ± 

Milsoni, Jjt. (Joorge . . 

1 nn 

Mirin, Ann 


iMirtou. Mi . . . 

1 n*l 
1 .7. > 

Mitehel, Thomas . . 

.MitciK»ll, fJonii . . 

*"> 1 

Mitlor<l. John 

Moons, Rev. Adriaan 

1 so 

l\1/\kw' ill 111 mull' ^ T «i'«^ 1 , 

i\i «)n^m-ui-iiiuiiv, 4M aw a 0 


Monekton, Hon. Kdw. 

* •» 

Monerali |Mute!LJ, Lt. 

1 <r» 

Monie, Mr. 


Monneron, Alons. . . 


1 V* 
1 O.J 

Montaeli, Daniel Anthony 

— Of) 

Montague, Adml. 

A > 

Montague, l^t.-Col. . . 

1 W<1 

Montague, Kdward 

1 '•> 
J — 

Montague, Capt. James 


do Monte, John 

1 «>.S 

1 i\ 1 .^i_„ AT 

de Monte, Mariana . . 

JMonteith L^louneriet], Capt. 


lvionieiTn, i_oi. vv. 

ae ^.>i oilier, /vioeri/ . . 

1 < 1^ 

1 '7 4 

cle Montmollin, Lt. »l. Irodk. 

1 f^T 
I if I 

Moor, Mary 


Moorat, »]ohn Samuel 

1 17 

Moore, (-apt-. . . 

J t)*> 

Moore, ( George . . 

Monro, Hugh . . 

1 U9 

1 <i 1 

Moor house, Col. 


1 Qfi 
1 o'J 

la Morandierc, Mons. 

Moranwiek, Lt. 

A t ) ' » 

More, *) . 

1 (50 

no A*ioigan, /\uiiu . . 


, r>9 

de Morgan, Capt. Augustus 


de Morgan, Christina 


fie Morgan ("'ant .Tolm 


, 51 

de -Morgan, Sara . . 


de Mx>rgan, Susannah 


, 08 

Morphett, Mary Ann Charlotte 

1 1 *> 
14 1 

Morphy, b ranees 


Morris, Ceorge James 

1 -4 

Morrow, Lucy 


Morse, Anna h ranees 

Morse, Daniel 

Morse, Km ilia 


Morse, Nicholas . . 

1 r: 

1 .»o 

Morse, mcholas 

_ 0 

Morse, Sara . . 


Morshead, Mirs 


Mors head . Sir J ohn 


Moserop, Mrs. . . 


A/T IV T _ 

Moses, Marcus 

1 «iJ. 
A f >** 

Mottet, Capt. Adolphe 

1 7 <i 

Mottet, Victorine 

J o«> 

Mousley, Rev. Mr. . . 


M^ousloy. John . . 


Moutet, Mons. 


Mudgo, John WilUam 


Muir, Capt. 


de Muller, Lt. B. Joseph 


Munro, Andrew 





JVI — cont, 

Munro, Catherine . . 35 
Munro, Sir Hector ... 200, 207 

Munro, John Collins 85 

Munro, Katharine . . 28 

Munro, Margaretto Aurora 28 

Munro, Robert Duncan 28 
Munro, Sir Thomas . . 80, 117, 121) 

Murphy, Dr. . . 112 

Murray, Mr. . . 102 

Musa kahim . . 203 

Musa Ram . . 203 

Musgrave, Genl. . . 74 

MuzafTcr Jung .. 181 

Myers, Mr. . . . . 175 

Myers, Elizabeth . . 1 20 

Myers, William . . 120 


Napier, Sir Charles.. 113, 213 

Napier, Col. J. .. 07 

Napier, Sir William. . 88 

Nash, Lt 102, 193 

Nasir ud Doulah, Nizam 208 

Nazar Jacob Jan, Coja 101 

Neale, Harriot . . 32 

Neill, Mr 108 

Nowbolt, Sir John . . OS 

Nicholls, Henry James 87 

Nicks, Ann .... 10 

Nicks, Betty . . 13 

Nicks, Jane .... 13 

Nicks, Katherine . . 5, 0 

Nicks, Ursa .... 13 
Nixon, Capt. Ceo. .. 192, 103 

Nixon, Lt. Ceo. . . 180 

Xoblet, Elizabeth . . 182 

Nurbert. P 183 

Xorris, Hugh . . 45 

North, Dudley . . 3 

North, Dudlev Long 3 

Northey, Elizabeth . . 11 
Norton', Eardley . . 127, 140 

Norton, John Bruce 100 

Nuthall, John Alexander 45 

Nuthall, Lt. Thomas 45 

Oadham, Catesby .. 


Oakley, Lady 


Oakley, Sir Charles. . 

73, 01 

Oakley, John Jeffries 


Oates, Christopher . . 


Oates, Samuel 


Oates [Oats], Capt. Thomas 10, 

121, 135 

Oats, Mrs. Ann 


d'Oborurff, Lt. Louis de t 


O'Connell, Bridget Margaret 


O'Connor, Dr. 


Octavie, Marie 


Odyk, Susanna Tsabella 


Ogilvio, Mr. 


Ogilvie, Capt. Duncan 


Ogilvie, Mrs. Jane . . 


Ogilvie, Thomas Elliot 


Oliver, Catherine 


Oliver, Col. James . . 


Oliver, William Charles 


d'Orbe, Lt. Henri de Meuron 


Ord, Ralph 

10, 11 

Ord, Tryphena 

5, 8 

Ormathwaite, Lord . . 


Orme, Mr. 



Orme, Robert 

d Oron, Lt. R. Am.'dee de Mav 
Orr, Lt.-Col. Alexander 
Orr, Elizabeth 

d'Orsonnens, Lt. Protais d'Odet 

Osborne, John 

O'Suliivau, Philip . . 

Oswell, Cotton 

Oswell, William Cotton 

Ottley, Henrietta . . 

Ottley, \V. You nor . m 

Owen, Elizabeth 

Owen. Capt. Joseph 

Owen, .Martha 

Owenson, Capt. 

Oxc( len, Henry 


Paezold, Rev. Charles William 

Paine, Judith 

Pa lk, Lawrence 

Palk, Martha 

Palk, Robert 

Palk, Thomas 

Pal la t i a no , I) i a ma n t i na 

Palmer, Miss C. 

Palmer, Klisal 

Palmer, Miss I'Yances 

Palmer. H 

Palmer, Hastings 

Palmer, Lt. Hastings Little 

Palmer, Hester 

Palmer, John 

Palmer, Maria 

Palmer, Mary 

Palmer, Mary Ann . . 

Palmer, Sir Ralph . . 

Palmer, Oenl. William 

Paolino das Rartolomeo, Friar 

Paris, K. A 

Paris, Lt. John 

Parisot, Pierre 

Parkinson, Boswell 

Parkinson. Mary Roswell 

Parry, Edward 

Parry, Ooorge 

Parry, Thomas 

Parsons, William 

Pasley, Charles 

Pasley, Rliza 
Pasley, Ceorge 
Pasley r , Margaret 

Pasley, Sir Thomas 
du Pasquier, Jean L. 

Pater, Oonl. 
Pater, Sapphora 
Patterson, J. 

Patterson, Lt.-Col. John 

Patterson, Col. Thomas 

Patterson, Lt. William 

Pattle, James 

Pattle, Julia Margaret 

Pattullo, Capt. 

Pattullo, John 

Pavia [PaivaJ, Hieronima 

[Hieronyma] 5, 13, 

Payne, George — 
Peach, Capt. Henry Edmund 
Peach, Joseph 
Peach, Sarah 
Peachie, Jeremiah . . 




189, 190 


26, 27 
33, 133 
211, 212 

150, 163 

vox. i — 32a 




P — cont. 

Pearce, Thomas . . 

Feel, Laay 


Peers, Charles . . 


Peggy, Mary Ann . . 

vf »> 

Pel ung, i\. 


X einng, 2\meiia . . 

121, 135 

X oiling, Ann . . 

19 135 

I 1 1 1 ri f r tf" *a i" lir^vi Tift 

X ©Ulllg, v^atllUI JLIlcJ . . 


X eiiing, cjiizaDeLii . . 


x^eiinig, -CiiizaDei/ii . . 


X oiling, iviary . . 

32 135 

Celling, Sarah . . 


Pelling, Sophia . . 

JL t>«J 

xelling, x nomas . . iu, 

xcij 191 lir. 

*t J, 1 — < 1 , 1 **«J 

X elling, x nomas . . 


Polling, Victorimha 


iromDort-ori, v^ecn iviaiy 


Pemborton, Rev. Thomas 

sx l *>l 

X enoer, uames x>ct 11110 


von Pontz, Capt. D. A. 


Pereira, Menaso Lopas 

1 74. 

de Perron, Anquetil 

Peter, Lt. Abraham Louis 

1 07 


Peters, Magdalena . . 

1 35 

X^OLlT}, IVIOIIS. . . 


Iretrjo, lvn . . . 


x oLiie, •jonii . . 


xetrie, lion. w. 

1 V4. 

x <*i*x. 

Peyton, rjiizaoetii . . 


x eyioii, iviaiy . . 



Peyton, Wynne . . 


Phi limns Cant. James 



Phillins Cant. 

192, 193 

Phillips, Mary 



1 > i — 11..,., 1V^-»» 

Piellovv, ivii . . . 


1 t *1 1 / i \i r I-Tt** i vi t • t vi 

I H HOW , r I cHH lo . . 

1 60 

Pierre, Anna . . 


131.-^.4 I / k i»/l 1Q 

1 igot, XrfOi <i . . . . **J> ''-'5 

S 1 1 64 fc >06 

i > igot, ( 1 a]>t. C^harles 


I IgOb, r:iailCvTr5 . . 


Pigot, r>ir Kngli 

Pi got, Leoiuxra . . 


Pigot, Richard . . 

7 fc > 71 

Pigot, Robert . . 

7 •> 71 

Pigot, nopnia . . 


Pilavonie, Mons. 

A « *J 

Pun choc iy, l-*t. L Hailes 

1 <17 

A *J 4 

Pillichociy, \A>. l^ouis 

1 Q7 

Pimoran, Mons. 

A *J & 

Pine, Mrs. Christian 


Piron, Jean Henri . . 


Pitman, Lt. Frederic Cabbo 


Pitman, Honora . . 


Pitt, Ceorge Morton 

Pitt, John 

7 11 

Pitt, Thomas 

17 1 2 

11 1 t\S 1 fi^ 

L lTTlliaii, v,tkpu. xniiij' 

30, 45, 46 

1 _ _ 111,,.,.,, ,| TV/1 O 1 

(In X lessi^, lviaj. . . 


Plowaen, feu xrevor v nicncio 


Plumridge, on J . rl. 

Poo, rwotH^it waiier 

1 20 

A ^» w 

Pogose, Khojah 


Pogson, Tsis 


Pohle, Mrs. . . 


Pohle, Rev. Christian 

132, 136, 142 

Pohle, Vida 



P — cont. 

Poirier, Capt. . . 9 

Poirior, Gabriel . . 15 

Poirier, Mary . . 15 

Pollick, Philippina Fredcrica 40 

des Pommare, Miss 64 

Poole, Lt.-Col. Mathew 87, 92 

Popham, Miss . . 43 

Popham, Sir Home 43 

Popham, Capt. John 34 

Popham, Joseph . . 43 

Popham, Louisa Mary 34 

Poreher, Mr. . . 161 

Porehier, Josias Du Pre J 99 

de Porte, Mr. . . 163 

Port man, Richard . . 5, 9 

Powell, Capt. .. 192, 193 

Powell, Rev. Walter 93 

Povvney, Geo. . . 171 

Powney, Rebecca . . 25, 78 

Powney, Richard . . 20 

Powney, Thomas . . 20, 4!) 

Powys, Lt. P. A. S. 142 

Prager, Lyon . . is 

Pratt, Benjamin .. 135 

Prendergast, Lt. J S9 

Prcndergast, Lt.-Col. 87 

Prendergast, Guy Lushington 87 

Prendergast, Thos. . . 87 

Prime, Amelia . . 50 

Prince, Richaid . . 161 

Pringle, J. W. . . 1 :i 1 

Proby, Charles . . 4 

Proby, Edit ha . . 4 

Proby, John . . 4 

Proby, Sir Peter . . 4 

Proby, William . . 4 ; s 

Purnaiya . . . . 77, 190 

du Pury, Lt. Louis. . 197 

du Puy, Henry .. 13^ 174 

de Puy, James . . 174 

du Puy, Mrs. Lucy 174 

Py croft, Sir Thomas r,0 

Pye, Ann . . . . 25, 58 


de Quincey, Florence 70 

Ramsay, James . . \ 

Randall, John .. joo 

Raphael, Anna [Anne] 14G, 147 

Raphael, Edward . . 140, 147 

Read, Lt. . . . . 190 
Read, John . . . . 

Read, Miss M. . . 1;$^ 
Renaud, Lt. F. Louis 

do Meuron . . 197 
Rent? d' Angouleiuo, 

Capuchin.. ... 144 

Roshid Pasha . . 79 

Reynaud, Andrew . . 173 

Reynaud, Anna [Ann] 17;^ 174 
Reynaud, Anne 

Kevenguen . . J74 

Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth 35 

Reynolds, Georgo . . 3/5 

de Rhamm, Lt. Charles 197 

du Rhone, Marie . . 174 

Ribeira, Sebastiana . 17 

Ribiera, Dominga . . 11 

Richards, Miss . . 50 




R — cont. 

Richards, Eliza . . 72 

Richards, Goddard 72 

Richardson, Edward 92 

Richardson, Elizabeth 21 

Richardson, Lt.-Col. John 199 

Rich bell, Lt. . . 100 

Ricketts, Anno . . 138 

Ricketts, Emily Jane 107, 138 

Ricketts, G. G. 107, 138 

Ricketts, Louisa . . 138 

Ricketts, Mary . . 138 

Riviere, Mrs. L. C. . . 175 

Riviere, Samuel James 175 

Roach, Lt. James . . 10 

Roberts, Col. . . 204 

Roberts, Charles .. 192 

Roberts, Sir Frederick 96 

Roberts, Jane . . 11)2 

Robertson, Lt. . . 189 

Robertson, Eliza . . 140 

Robertson, J. . . 140 

Robinson, Lt. . . 100 

Robinson, Arabella (55 
do Rochat, Oapt. Isaac 

do Meuron . . 197 

Rodger s, Mary . . 48 
Roebuck, Benjamin 45, 49, 90 

Roebuck, Ebenezer 49 

Roebuck, Dr. John 49 

Rogers, Ensign . . 192, 193 

Rolliston, Arthur . . 30 

do Kosana, Mary . . 135 

Ross, Lt 188 

Ross, A 49 

Ross, A TO 

Ross, Charles . . 188 

Ross, John .... 22 
Ross, Lt .-Col. Patrick 45, 80, 145 

Ross, William . . 33, 4 9 

Roston, Lt. . . . . 160 

Rottler, Dr. . . 100 

Rous, Margaret . . .20 

Rouse, Sir William. 23, 20 

Rowley, J. . . . . 59 

Rumbold, George . . 207 
Rum bold, Sir George 

Berriman 207 

Rumbold, Henry . . 200 

Rumbold, Henry . . 206 

Rumbold, Sir Horace 208 
Rumbold, Sir Thomas 121, 2<>0, 207 

Rumbold, William . . 200 

Rumbold, William . . 200 

Rumbold, Lt. William 200 
Rumbold, Sir William 207, 208, 211 

Rumbold, William Richard 207 

Rumley, Capt. 193 

Rundall, Lt. Charles 92 

Russel, Claud . . 73 

Russel, Eliza . . 58 

Russell, Lord . . 148 

Russell, Charles . . 200 

Russell, Dr. Charles 148 

Russell, Lt.-Col. Sir Charles 205 

Russell, Frances . . 8 

Russell, Francis Whitworth 50, 200 

Russell, Sir George 200 

Russell, George Edward 80, 81 

Russell, Sir Henry . . 78, 206 

Russell, Sir Henry . . 25, 78, 183, 204, 205, 



R — cont. 

Russell, Admiral John 71 
Russell, Rose Aylmer 78, 200 


Said Lashkar . . 1 8 1 

da St. Germain, Renault 109 

St. Hilaire, Anno „ . 22 

St. Maur, A. Bedier et Veminao 180 

St. Paul, Mary . . 54 

St. Paul, Peter . . 54 

Salabat Jung . . isi 

Salomons, Abraham 104 

Salomons, David . . i<>4 

Salomons, Solomon 104 

Sampson, Lt. . . 103 

Sampson, Thomas . . no 

Sandoz, Lt. D. Frederick 197 

Sarquis, Catherine . . ioi 

Satoor, Susanna . . 102 

do Saumarez, Elizabeth 117 

Saunders, Thomas . . 72 

Snuvagere, Theresia 172 
de la Sauvajere, Ro^e Marie 

Petronille 172 

Sayon, Vincent . . 8 

Scarlett, John 4 

Scarlett, Katherino 5 

Schaak, Mr. . . 137 

de Schonamille, Francois Coincide 20 

Schonimelle, Mr. . . 20 

Schreber, Christian Daniel 137 

Schultze, Rev. Benjamin 21 

Scott, Catharine Elizabeth 55 

Scott, Charles 190 

Scott, Capt. Hugli . . 120 
Scott, Col. James George 199, 200 
Scott, Sir Walter . . 80, 190 

Scolder, Capt. Robert 43 
S c v i m s h a w [ S cr i m s o ur ] , 

Capt. John 20 

Scale, Sir John Henry 51 

Seaton, Ann . . 5 

Seaton, Elihu . . 7 
Seaton, Capt. Francis 7, 13, 10 

Seaton, Hannah . . 13 

Seaton, Mary . . 13 

Senn. Capt. Francois Louis 197 

Serfojee Rajah . . 70 

Serle, Wihiam Ambrose 109 

Seth, Mrs. Anna . . 101 

Seton, Sir Alexander 72 
Severini, Father .. 132, 150 

Sewell, Isabella . . 48 

Shakes pear, William Oliver 58 

Shanklin, Elizabeth 143 

Shaw, Lt 189 

Shaw, J. . . 171 

Shawmeer, Aratoon Jacob 101 

Shawmeer, Eleazar 101 

Shawmeer, Johanness 101 
Sheddon I Sneddon], Ensign 192, 193 

Sheperd, Lvddy . . 30 

Sheppard, G. A. .. 124 

Sherman, Bezaleel . . 7 1 

Sherman, Margaret 71 

Shirras, Findlay . . 131 

Shobrooke, Jane . . 50 

Sholl, Capt. Wm. . . 189 

Shore, Sir John .. 194 

Shortland, Von. Archdeacon 141 

Shortland, EstelJe . . 141 




S — cont. 

Showci's, Capt. Charles Lionel 

Showers, Capt. Samuel 

oionalfl, i cipr. . . 

OlI/JOA , J-Jl'.-V.viJI. V_>ll«fcl It S VV . 


i i" f II r.#kni»j*"L ^f r"i f~\fV"ivrl 
Oli'lCN , I jill I II X lllScti O IAI piO 1 l «. 

1 14 

Sice, Pierre 

r\ • i ^viTa^O 1— I t\ t 1 1' \7 T-?/w:wI 

\it\t till \ <it, i it my i ^t e< i 

<^;»>i t n 
oi m , *} . 1 ) . 

Oil HOC IIS, £\ 1 1 L I lOll V . . 

1 7 1 

Ssiiiiiwr^ii VVi 1 Ii itrvi 

► _> 1 II 1 1 lr>\ fx 1 , TV 1 I . . 

I 34 

Sk ingle. I'iiohai'd . . 

1 4 

1 71 

S laden, Sir Edward Bosc 

1 7 0 

S laden, Ramsay . . 

1 70 

Slipper, Capt. John 

1 w u 

► !> 1 1 lcbitSfl i , tJOllIl . . 

1 07 

Smalley, HI (I ward . . 

1 oo 

1 .>?> 

Smart, James . . 


Smart, Jane . . 


Smart, Jonathan . . 

J o 

Smart, Sophia . . 

Smart, Wood . . 

1 o 

u.e oil in no it, ^uovauei 

omiinori, iviaiia . . 

omitii, ivii . 

.L » If 9 

Smith, Ensign . . 

1 ^(k 1 0-> 

Smith, Genl. . . 

OLf, JfO 

Smith, diaries . . 

Smith, Culling . . 

1 rc»> 

Olllll/ll, **OOIge . . 

J^iii i +■ ii (^n.tii~ .TiXiiitm 
oJ ill Hi y i.'«[Ji'. o ctiiivn 

x or* 

n i ti - 1 i~l Vl 1 1 


Smith, John . . 

I) ;l 

Smith, Thomas . . 

Smyth, Diana Louisa 

7< I 

oinv bii, v_^apr». i>x. vv . v^ai miciiatJi 

t ) <> 

omyin, ivev. xv. 

OOcfcll, V,'<H;I It 1 1 111' . • 


So mors 1 , Lord . . 

1 *\ 

Sowle, JYTary . . 


Sowle, Sarah . . 


do Spangenborg, Maj. 

7 1 

Spencer, Rt^v. Bishop 

I U), 1 + 1 

Spring, Kev. F. . . 

otaTtorfi, v a]> i'. . . 


otedman, «ioainiii» . . 

otcfiman, i-^b.-v^oi, «joiui \jtiuiii*i 

Si J. 

otociman, oo[)iiia onaiioiuo 


n I'l l 1 1 1 1 till 1 , 1»X 1 >> . TTlllICllIll 


Ol'Cv I , lit.-V<L III. KJll 

Soudamore . . 

l *:•> 

otocio, IjI'.-v. ot. . . 

otOPie, l-i. »J . HI'. L.TCl>IgO 

1 9*1 

Stephens, Jolm . . 

1 A 1 

om.* pile lis, ^>i<biy *J . 

I vl L 

r>t ephenson, Alls. ^v. 

1 GO 

oterlmg, l^iike jiaiiiiOwiiio 

1 *i 

Stevens, (Jeorge . . 


vMPWlbld, \ .'rtlil 11. 1 1 I U* 

1 *t ^ 

otewait, ^ a])t . . . 

X oo 

W 4 nti'ii vf 1*4* f r 1 1 

OlO V\ ai I' , J2ji 1^1*1,11 • • 


otewait, i^i . \ v 1 1 in*! 1 1 

»> 1 A 

StiJeman, Ann . . 


Stilgoe, l^lizahetli . . 

otilgoe, z»aciiai uiii . , 

n 1 o 

■fiT'liiiff I . H 

r> li ni i i£i , ii, . . 

7 1 

Stirling, Nancy 


Stockdale, Mrs. 


Stcekdalo, T. R. 


Stoddard, Mary 


Stoddart, Col. 



S — cont. 

Stone, John Maxwell 36 

Storey, Ann . . 50 

Strac hey, Sir Edward 215 

Strachey, George . . 215 

Strachey, Lt. William 209 

Strahan, Capt. . . 166 

Strange, Sir Thomas 50 

Strange, Sir T. A. . . 50 

Stratton, Anne . . 65 

Stratton, Oeorgo . . 64 

Stratton, George . . 65 

Stratton, William . . 65 

StTeet, Rev. J. C. . . 142 

Stringer, Mr. . . 192 

Stringer, Elizabeth . . 33 

Stringer, James . . 133 

Stringer, James {Junior) 33 
Stringer, Mary Penelope 33, 133 

Stuart, Anne . . 52 

Stuart, Col. James . . 72, 73 

Stuart, Lt.-Genl. James 52, 70 

Stuart, John . . 52 

Stuart, Sir John . . 45 

Stuart, Margaret . . 61 

Stuart, Mary . . 99 

Stuart. Lit. Patrick 189 

Stubs, Elizabeth . . 10 

Stubs, John . . 10 

Stubs, Thomas . . 10 

Style man, Elizabeth 5 

Sty lemau, John . . 5 

Sty leman, John . . 6 

Suarez, Admiral Lopez 155 

Sulivan, Margaret . . 39 

Sullivan, Benjamin 40 

Sullivan, Sir Benjamin 32, 40 

Sullivan, el oh 11 . . 40 

Sullivan, Richard Joseph 40 

Sullivan, see also O'Sullivan 40 

Sultan David, Coja 161 

Swartz, Christian Frederick 29 

Swinburne, Sir John 94 

Sydenham, Amelia 50 

Sydenham, Catharine 50 
Sydenham, Lucy Dorothea Pyo 50, 123 

Sydenham, Mary Ann 103 

Sydenham, Sarah . . 50 
Sydenham, Capt. Thomas 50, 172, 205 

Sydenham, Col. W. 205 


Tanjore, Riijah of (see also 

Serfojee Raja). " 72 

Tanner, Kanna Maria 47 

Tanner, T. I. 26 
Tasweli, George . . 35, 46, 49 

Taylor, Col. Aid well 37 

Taylor, Catharine . . 49 

Taylor, Mary . . 49 

Taylor, Meadows . . 211 

Taylor, William Raynsford 109 

Taynton, Lt.-Col. . . 71 

Taynton, Agnes . . 71 

Temple, Col. . . 71 

Temple, Dr. Frederick 113 

Temple, Maj. Oetavius 113 

Terrot, Capt. Elias 188 

Thackary, T. . . 48 

Thacker, James . . 136 

Thackeray, St. John 85 

Thevenant, Capt. . . 169- 




T — cont. 

Thivoni, Capt. 

1 no 

T^ll /Mil «1 CJ ^ Si f V» A 111 H A 

.LXlOlllorS, V. f»l/Ilt/I J Jit) 

r- r-j 

^Pli i"»m iJ CI i ^Islymyi rl ii. 
X- llKJI 1 lc*?5 , V^lwllJlUc* . . 

IhoiVlAS Thomas 


'Phornfw Sit William 


r PVi<^iYij"L<a rlo P<"ii t,i ovci "FVi f",lir>T» 

I LIKJ llli-itZy v 1. V ' .1. WL'l i5j J. 1 Cl'l'J lv-X 

Thnniainn T^ov I'll f > iyi n.c: 

7 144. 

/ , JL "T 

1 2(5 

r 1 ^li i-vi-ii T A CHIT! \ >Y1 <i t 1 14. 

JL IlOIIl pSVJJl, ^AHltrll<* 

1 \Jt> 

T'lirkm iicirMl V 
1. J iuih yj 1 1 , J.- • • • 

1 *V6 

r P h O t >"» 11 <40 T1 E 1 1 r / fl. 

3 00 

' 1^1* f~*ii"» 1 ihs^"wi / 1 » » r r 
I IlUI J 1 1 JSOJ I , \ ILUI J^H . . 

l :u> 

J IlOllipsOIl, V.*e(>lgO iNtiSUll'U 

1 »>4- 

' FMi i v"» I've? i l l^of T'/'iiinll'i A Hno no 
I. JlOlIl I )S<-JJ 1 , J rUUIH JJcfc ilUI J <J>11<1» 

1 t>'J 

l nompsoii ^ v^api*. r>aui 

1 oil 

L ijOIIi pSOIl, rM\OinJlgLOIl 

1 7 1 

'"Plwuii ii*.*" ill \\/ 
JL 1 1 V /111 1 l>M H 1 . vv • • • 


I JlOl Jl Jllll, V^UCllJei u . . 

1 U<) 

TKnrcliir T W 

1 nil i soy, »J . V v . 

1 Vt) 

r Pi/-»Vr<il1 l?ir»lir»Tvl 

.LlCJvOll, xxlCJiaTd . . 


I llliei, iVIrtlJO fjt tillllO 

J o — 

i jppu r> ui win . . 

01 111) 

121* ISO 11)2, 

in** oon ">r'*i 

A.JO, -iiJVJ, — <\.t> 

r l^i ol\i l l»i »■ "T<^1"11T 

ll$L)Xll>.«JOJlJl . . 

J tit/ 

llVitl, alls. . . . . 

xoiiei, j l tiruc r. . . 

1 *>o 

J. O 111 OS, .ALLS. L'lOlli.-Sl (b 

X o 

.1 (1111 11 ilSOll , JCillNl g 11 . . 

1 J>> 

T^/MYITIL' All ATll 1 ( _ £»H 1 11 

LOlil|)SOJl. AltiJ .-^nt?Ill. vv . ±J. 


/^*»»T»^n o 1 #~fcVi ii 

O l J 

' »*»^t»i ii ii g-\ r r r^*"»i»i o Ti s\ i 

J (Jl I 1 <i J 1(J 1 JL Ml 1 c* I IvJ J y 

lOO I Oft 

LOlrlcfcllO, v Jlcil lt*S . . 

r PoT*rifLno KliyM.liotili 

»_ XXI fvj. 1 ^ JL ^ X A ijt* fr^rv-' Ull 

Renouf . . 


Toni ano, Ca ] 1 1 . Jo h ti 8 a l n u e 1 


Torriano, J^ydia 


Torriauo, Natlianiol 


Torriano, Richard ... 


XOllltiJIO, VVlJll<llll XXcilC-lJU.1 u 


^I"* r»*lTl r^ll 4-1 ol /l \'l T> 

Llt?ll(.JUlol(J., All. . . 

1 ft 

r pT*f»il oil friolrl T^T*ifl VP i"i 


r Prevelyan, Sir Charles 

SO, 94, 1 12 

Trewman, Capt. 


Tribolet, J,t. diaries 

de Meuron. 

107, 19S 

Trolloj)e, Anthony . . 


Trol lope , Thcodosia 


X l * >11VJ 1-"^ j J- 11 III (18 XxHWIWllUiJ 


r P"Tf »i ii",l^n f*lc SsjiiYiiiol 

H X \J IX U Kf(\ V. XV | ►_'<:*' I 1 1 uux 


r PTVi\/ , **'r Cfii^f". A iTflir^Tiv 

1 XOydj V_'cl;IJU. ^MIUJ IU11 V 


r Pnr»liP^T. VTnn .Tr*Vin 
1 LIL/IlCL'j 11U11, »JUI1I1 . - 


1 1 1 1 1 cx A fi ii d 
LuJllt?, x\XUlo . . 


T^lllllft ( » C*ClV<T c\ 


Tullie, George 


Tullie, Philip 


Tullie, Capt. Timothy 


Tulloch, Capt. Alexander 


Turing, Lit. . . 


Turing, Frances . . 
Turing, Capt. James 



xunng, *joiin . . 


Turing, Sir John . . 


Turing, Robert . . 


Turner, Lit. 


Turner, L*t. 


Turner, Capt. Alexander 

171, 172 

Turner, Damaris 


Tumour, Anne Emily 



T — cont. 

Tumour, Hon. C. . . 179 

Tumour, CJeorge . . 17.*{ 
Tumour, Hon. George 170, 173 

Tutt, Maj 73 

Tutlco, Edward . . ir> 

Tuttee, Violante 15 

Tweeddalo, Marquis of 90 

Twinning, Thomas . . 161 

Tyler, Sir Charles . . 125 

Tyler, Kdward Francis I2r; 

Tyler, Henry . . 125 

Tyler, William Hardinge 125 

Tvndall, Anne . . 00 

Tyrrell, Genl. F. W. 197 


UhthofT', Mme. 126 

TJhthofT, K. A. . . 120 

Cpfield, Capt. . . 166 

Urban VI 1 1, Popo . . 144 

U re, George . . lis 

Urquhart. James . . 54 

Uscan, Coja . . 132 
l T sean, Coja Petrus 145, 150 
de l T zisdorfl\ Lt. Charles 

Emmanuel do May 197 


Valentin, Lord . . 67, 200 

Vanderwall, B. J. D. 136 

Vansittart, Amelia . . 100 

Vansittart, Anno . . 27 

Vansittart, Catherine Isabella 28 

Vansittart, Henry . . 28 

Vansittart, Nicholas 28 

Vansohsten, Jacoba Elizabeth 172 

Vaslette, Ensign . . 166 

Vatendant, Moiis. . . 169 
Vaughan, Rev. Edward 56, 61, 64, 78 

Verla, Marie Anne . . 182 

Vibart, Maj. 188 
de Vienno, Miss . . 156, 157 

de Vienno, Henry . . 157 

Vigne, Marianna . . 65 

Vinecns, Anne Christine 19 

Vinecns, Jaecjues . . J 9 

Vineens, Jeanne Susanne 19 

\ r inccns. ]\Iarie Hose 19 

Visdelou, Mons. . . 183 

de Vismes, Benjamin 173 

Voy, Helena. ... 27 


Wade. Lt 192, 193 

Wahab, Miss . . 70 

Wah ah, Miss C. . . 57 

Wahab, Catherine . . 57 

Wahab, Mary . . 57 

Walbank. Augustine 27 

Walker, Sir George Townshend 89, 122 

Wallace, diaries .. 39 

Wallace, Charlotte . . 63 

WaJJace, M 39 

Walsh, Mr 1*34 

Walsh, Elizabeth . . 22 

Walsh, Elizabeth . . 22, 23 

Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth 22 

Walsh, Enoch . . 22 

Walters, Charles . . 46 

d'Wangeahaur, Col. 73 

Ward, Sir Henry 112 

Ward, Henry Constantino Evelyn 94 



W — cont. 

Ward, Robert 

Warner, Charles William 

Warner, Mary 

Warre, William 

Warren, JLaciy 

de Warren, Edward 

Warren, Elizabeth . . 

Wasey, Mrs. Hannah 

Wat hen, Jamos 

Watson, Admiral 

Watson, Ann 

Watson, John 

Watson, Lt. 8am 

Watts, William 

Waugh, Lt. 

Wavell. Sarah 

Wa/Jr AH 

Webbe, Mr. 

Weld on, Lt. 

Weller, Anno 

Wellesley, Lord 

We lies ley. Sir Arthur 

Well ton, Elizabeth 
We II wood, Lt. 
Well wood, Lt. James 
Welsh, Col. James . . 
Welsh, Maj. Jamos 
We my 88, Capt. 
Wemyss, Lt. 
Wendey, James 
Wendey, Rev. Thomas 
West, Capt. .fames . . 
West, Mary 
Westcott, Miss 
Westeott, Foss 
Westcott, Frances . . 
Westcott, Capt. Ceorgo 
Westcott, Maria 
Westland, Sir James 
Weston, Robert 
Whaley, Lt. 
Wheeler, Kezia 
White, Miss 

White, Lt 

White, J. S. 
White, Capt. John . . 
White, John Douglas 
White, Jonathan 
White, Joseph 
White, Maria Virginia 
White, Marie Delphine 
White, Robert 
White, Mrs. T. E. . . 
Whitehill, Stephen . . 
Whitlie, Mrs. 
Whitlock, Sir George 
Whittall, Joshua 
Whittall, Mary 
Whitworth, Anna Barbara 
Whitworth, Sir Charles 
Wilkinson, Lt. 


W — cont. 

9^ Wilkinson, Anna . . 43 

<> 0 *> Wilks, Mr 79 

"7 Wilks, Mark . . 35 

1 r> Willcox, John . . 5 

178 Williams, Rev. H. A. 191 

178 Williams, Hariett Sarah 54 

178 Williams, Henry Thomas 54 

l0 \ Williams, Miss Isabella 210 

l 7 i Williamson, Elizabeth Esther 28 

102 133 Williamson, Capt. James 188 

" 30 Willison, G. . . . . 72 

•30 Willock, Mr 58 

30 Willows, Lt. John . . 65 

25 Wilson, Dr 192, 193 

194 Wilson, Mr. (Junior) 192 

7 Wilts, Applica . . 126 

109 Win chelsea, Lt. 166 

135 Wingfield, Capt. . . 166 

194 Winter, A. Ludwig 197 

3 5 Winter, Sir Edward 2, 10 

90 205 214 Withinbrook, Hannah 145 

89 f78 192 Wittel, Lt. C. Samuel 197 

198 200 Wood, Ensign . . 192, 193 

*205 Wood, Rev. Basil . . 29 

".32 Wood, Henry . . 121 

i§g Woodcock, Edward Humphrey 50 

188 Woolff, Lt. Elias F. 197 

Woronzov, Count . . 205 

' 65 Wrag [Wraggl, Caj)t. 192, 193 

193 Wright, Susanna . . 135 

193 Wrighte, Elizabeth 16 

19 Wrighte, Sir Nathaniel 13 

19 Wrighte, Robert . . 10 

69 Wrighte, Thomas . . 10 

100 Wybrow, W. 197 

125 Wylie, Thomas .. 138 

°5 54 58 Wynch, Alexander . . 15, 25, 54 

" ' ' 99 Wynch, Rev. Robert 23, 26 

59 Wynn, Ensign . . 193 
59 X 
131 y 

1 * Yale, Anne .... 3 

r ' Yale, Charles . . 5, 163 

i ln Yal °- KHhu . . . . 3-5, 7, 8, 163 

\™ Yale, Ursula . . 3 

/l Yarde, Maj. Henry 201 

\Vj Yeldham, Capt. . . 200 

Yorck, Cenl. . . 198 

14 ( j Young, C. W. 60 

17Q de Ytta y Salazar, Cecilia 17 

w de Ytta y Sallazar, Don Jeronimo 17 

147 Yule, Sir Ceorge Udny 210 

147 Yule, Sir Henry . . 210 

64 YuJe, Robert . . 210 

147 Yule, William . . 210 

42, 64 d Yvernois, Lt. Charles L. de Meuron 197 


120 Z 

40 Zamorin, the . . 186 

40 Zehnpfennig, C. Joseph * 197 

206 Zenon do Bauge, Capuchin 144 

206 Zscherpel, S. F. 137 

81 Zweifel, Capt. Antony Conrad 197 

L.B.S. National Academy of Administration, Library 
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Author...g J Qfct.Qn*..iT. t . .J.* 

T !; lc "f* i *t..of...i aTOl; i Pt . tcnfl 

Date of Issue 

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3l-7*WM<i LIBRARY 


National Academy of Administration 

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2. An over-due eherge of 25 Paiae par day par 
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